Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 12, 1898 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, December 12, 1898
Page 4
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Business] Men: Let the Telegraph 5how What it Can do to Bring Customers to Your Store and Bigger Balance to Your Bank Account BLOWING UP THE MAINE. . tl d«d not He In the painter'* finer to IBttftM a prettier picture than tbat of • ffn, «rfU> line luscious with tbe of love, half parted in the »mil« - dreattlend. The mind of nappy WO Is * clear end po1I.*h«d mirror, •ben the wits go wandering Into the «d of dream*, reflects the Itnpree. ot inking boors. If tbows Impre*. arc pleasant and painleicand happy, ab* wfll imlle la her ileep. If the Imprea- aMM are tfeoee of a laflertng woman. t/w- Wired with the special ailments to which it* Jetainine organism Is liable, the picture f* Cpolled by the line* of coffering- and de- »JXN(*W«r.. Maladies of this nature unfit a maidenhood and fores- They incapacitate her of life in nay sphere )OW, nurital and social nTBujBea to tbe wonranwbo «U»*Hi(r from *e«da«he*, onQW «nsellon* end weak- la. Dr. Pierce'e Karorlte P«positively, completely, OB (ail- cures troubles of thl» nature. It > heaHfa, itretigtb, vigor to the dt*- wonuuily organ*. It fit* for care- Captain Charles D. Sigsbee's Story of the Explosion. PBAI8E FOB PRIVATE AKTHOHT. He n\* «i« whole nair •» '"•-» Pernttaal ftlsfc — Cctptala 9fii;«hve'< first fMpr*safon %V*« to Order I M**»re Aa-alauf «• Attack Whlrb He Ks»**l«d >V..»H Fnllon the K Vloiloa. . . . , or. "I«p«it about Iwrntjr 4<jIUf WIto and medicine,and It <>Jd not •MCnrt'i worth of cocid. Weconim Df,W«rror-» P«» jrlT« Pre«ripU«o . HMteat Olicoverr' and oxd three botttu of •ach, which cart only •!» dollar.. »«K» «W «btr« TPhe residence of. Ooo. Kfrsoh OB B«U» street) I rooms and bath room; In good repair. „ TO* W-room residence ot B. H. Nichols at Langdon St. lot 701170 feet. A fine location. AflneS-room dwelling (nearly new) wit*bath fOomt Seated by ruroaoe! In Mlddletown. ' tbe One lot ot David Doyle oo Blnfl itreet wHh«-rooabrlck dwelling. *. Tonsor boaestpad containing aboat lag aad sewer; no grading, In T- L/ A floe i-room brick dwelling, > atiaa*. LotUtel»teetinoeHnlt)_,, _„_ Bom Henry street. O A desirable restoenoe on Prospect street w ffooms. Heath wltb tamaoe, Lot « «e«* (tore and dwelling ao< a dweUlofpp uou lot ooraM .«* - A good Inrettmeot. ' ' •" ; <• - onlth (treat near Mr. "'double dwelllnc ot Mr. K. OartWof , r (team with modem i Un WJ ... Jlty Mfg. Co. proper^ on U itreet, r 4 MB Hlghlwid Pirk, each » by (boot AjStroom dwcUlttg on State itreet. Frtoe fgiot I*room dwelling on Beoood street. •o floe lots on Alby itreet; ' "double brlok dwelling, corner TUrt. rs2reeti, one of tbe flnestlocations la waidwelll»» in Upper Auon, good Of ^'SeS^ff^pXV room brisk dwelling on Wimam street. 'fooB? dwelling wltb I good lots onjPlftS t ot Itldge itreet. Prioe. ll.tpo, rooBbrtok dwelling wlthtlote en room dwelling with floe rlrer rturw, hot witer, rOR RENT. The two story brlok dwelling with 8 rooms,on BeMTlew wenne now oooupled by»,|»o*|t^i. About an hoor Ofore tbe hid COTnpl*t«r«l a rppr/rt called for tjy Mr Theodore BooiWttlt, a*»i*tant «icretarj of tbe riaty, on the adriKat/itity of con tinning to place torpedo tabe* on board oroliters and battlonblps. I then wrote » letter borne iu wbich I itrDgglfrd to apologize for having carried in ray pocket for ten months a letter to mr wife from one of her friend* of lou« standing, Tbe cabin me** attendant, Jsim-i Pinokoey, had tjron^ht me aboat ao bonr before a civilian's thin coat, ba- cflDKi of tbe prerailin^ hf;at. I bad taken off my bloaw and vm» wearing tbi» coat for tbe only time daring the craise. In the pocket 1 found tbe unopened and undelivered letter. Pinckney, a li«bt hearted colon-fl man, who spent much of bin spare time In tinging, playing the banjo ind dancing jig*, was for "Wi reanon in an f*p«.'iai;y happy frame of mind that night I'oor fellow! He wat killed, an wax aim good old John R. Bell, the wilorwl cut,in etc ward, who had been in the nary 27 yearn. At tap* ("turn iu n:id keep rjolet"), ten mioutR* after U o'clock, I laid down my pen to limn to il/f note« of the bugle, which wire giiigularly beautiful in tht oppressive mllw'vt of tho night. The marine bugler. Newton, who wai father given to fanciful effects, was evidently doing tii« l*'«t. Dariug hiipaniei tb« eohoe» fioftted back to the ship with dngnlor diKtinctueoe, repeating tbe •trains of tho bugle folly and exactly. A half hour Inter Newfon was dead. I wai inclosing my letter in (In envelope when the explosion came. The im- pMMlon made on different people on board the Mnfno varied somewhat. TO tne in my position, well «ft aud within the miMtatrnri.cre, it wa« a bnrstiug, Irendlug and crashing sonud or roar of immense volnme, largely metalllo in character. It wai followed by n succession of iioary, ominous, metallic sounds, probably canted by the overtorniug of tbe central gnperetrootare and by full- Ing debrit. There were a trembling and lurching motion of tbe vemel, a list to pott aud a movement of subsidence. Tbe electrlo lights, of wbich there were eight in tba cabin where I won sitting, went out. Then there were intense blaokueii and smoke. The situation could not be mistaken. The Maine wa» blown up and linking. For a mom ant the instinct of gelf preservation took charge of me, but this was immediately dominated by tbe habit of command. I went np the inclined deck iuto tbe atarboard cabin, toward the starboard airports, which wore relieved somewhat against the background oi the elcy. Tbo wishes were out and the evenings were largo. My first intention wai an escape through an air port, but tbit wan abandoned in favor of tho more dignified way of making an exit through tbe p&imigeway leading forward through tbe fiuperatruoturo. I groped triy way through tbe cabin Into the passage find along the paHSiigo to tbe outer door. Tbe paswigo turned to thu right near the forward part of tbe auporatructnro. When the turn wni reached, some one ran into mo violently. It waci Private William Anthony, tho orderly at (be cabin door. Ho said something apologetic and reported that tbo ship bad been blown up and wag linking. He wai directed to go ont on tbe quarter deck, and I followed him. Anthony hai been pictured as making an exceedingly formal salute ou that occasion. The dramatic effect of a salute cannot odd to fain heroism. If he had made a era- lota, it could not havo been neon iu the blackness of that compartment. Authony did bJfl whole duty, at great per Regardless of Age. i The kidney* are re»pon»ible for more »fckn*»t, suffering, and death 1 ! than any other organ* of the holy. j A minority of the ill« afflicting p*o- i pie today i« traceable to kidr ey troa- j Mi. It p«rvedc* g}(c!*M«*of uncktf, I 'n »I! climates, ref ardle«« of age, ntx ; or condition. ! The (symptoms of kidney trouble • are aomistable, pnch afl rbenmatism, i neuralgia, •leepleMnew, piin or dull : acb« in the back, a desire to urinate i often day or .nigtit, profu«« or pcan'y • (Oppljr. j Uric acid, or brfck-dott depocit In orint? are »lgn« of c!o(t«ed kidnpys, caoalng poisoned and tfwrrn- filled blood. Homctitne* the heart act* badly, and tube caetn 'waiting of t bo kidney*' are foaudln the urine, which if neglected will recall In Bright'*dis- ea»e, the most dangerous form of kit) ney trouble. All the«o Rymptom* and conditions are promptly removed under the In- fl'jenc« of /Jr. Kilmer's Swamp Koot. It has a world wide reputation for it« wonderful cores of the njcst distressing caaes. No one need be long without It an it Is »o »-ai>y to g«t at any drug store at 50cor9l. Yon can have a sample hot, tie of this wonderful dincovery,Swamp Root, and a book telling all about It, both ^nt to yon absolutely free by mai*. Becdjonr *ddr< sa to Dr. Kilmer A Co, Bingbamton, N. Y. and kindly mention that you rea/) thi-t liberal offer In the TKJ.KOBAPH. f run I.n ''• I ft-' i ! < H*f»f !'•<! fo ountry. I I •-•-.•(• ! t'" to in !h«> ! i hf. >!slne t 1 '. =!•'. r; M. K Your Doctor Knows Tour doctor knows all about foods and medicines. The next time yon aee him, just, aak him what be thlnka of "•An turrrrr . -* 'It}', ad- { 'tyhnlre to CHURCH BOXING CLASS. n»tlc Art to lip Tnufthf In a Jersey (;l)y < hnr.-lj In.lllule. A boxing class bus beeu Mart^d in connection with the lustitule of St Joho'n Episcopal church, Jersey City, ')f wbich the Kev. Dr. E. L fe'toddarri in the rent or. It in announced in St. John'* Bulletin to meet every Friday nipbt. Ten cents will lie charged for each lea- eon. The clans will be instructed by John L. Kirk of Nev? York. Mr. Kirk in a skilled boier and a brother-in-law of the Itev, E S. Forbes, yicwr of the parish, midcr whoee personal direction he itiHtitutu has been placed. Mr. b'orbea believes iu young men learning low to a so th:-.\r fUtD, even though the Oceanian may never arise when they will obliged to put their knowledge into practice He does not believe that tak- ng boxing IKCBOUB will inspire a love 'or prize fighting He wi" permit no public e*bii)itit'C3 by members of the is. The Rev. B. L. Stoddard has decided views on the boxing question. "It is not wor«e than dancing," he said to a reporter, "arid I see no reason why tho young men in the church xhonld not have mi opportunity to learu how to use their fisln When I wan a youug man, I buxed mid fenced and used the broadsword We have bad boxiug gloves in the gymnasium ever since it was started ten year* ago, and the boys have always boxed, bat they huve never before bad in opportunity to lonru to box properly tinder an experienced teacher I believo that it tunke« a fellow more manly to feel that he cuu use his fists if he is forced toil."—New York Sun. '•t fi '<tiiT Infant •'•If. l»Jt thfr ':<!<rr"l |i Mrs. *-r 'it who H« f.'if ,•:t jnKir.; (hat ' '.*• hr* rrrirr'.'-l !-.• th'.-rn < '••! T? •i fro 111' i»t t.' -.. l .J I !' 12 —Kr-hrlam i! rr..-i Kin irate. Us h'vart for h'-re. a.u'<l 67 years all of I, '.-•-. 12 - K- plurality In Th-'H- v..!« f In? ;«'; ;:•--. : ovtjr hi:-: ir- cast last -k- Kutztov, n - mi-ofliclal r'-t's f-xact at To.OT's VOK-S cast Ma-hirv by lirv. la Si ':!', I <. . t'.tzl "f 4J1.141 n ii,:r-r.-:-- of :', p.;. r c ,. nt :;-.>rU.,r, U> (.!".••; whole vote • in n ^rjtfliJnf Shop. P.,.. U-r. 12-Th" main h" Kvit/t'.-Aii Foundry and •f-f. ?70.0'/'i. Ji. contained pitt'r:i«. Tuf'-ka, Ki waft rrtii^j-d t that fJovf-rn'j rail an extra for Dec. 13 t'j tlon. I'-. l'> r I. •; uft.i* I.« tji-lal ore. . U'. — Quite a Btlr thir aniiounci.-mf-nt <!}• haH derldeded to 'in of the le.Kl«!ature '.dtsr railroad leglsla- ,of Ood-Llver Oil with Hypo- phosphites! We are willing , to trust GThia answer. For twenty-five years doctors have prescribed our Emulsion for paleness, weakness, nervous exhaustion, and for all diseases that cause loss in flesh. Its creamy color and its pleasant taste make it especially useful for thin and delicate children. No other preparation of cod- liver oil is like it. Don't lose time and risk your health by taking something unknown and untried. Keep In mind that SCOTT'S EMULSION has stood the test for a quarter of a century. Sac. and ts^o: all dnuxhts. SCOTT* BOWNE, ChramuTNrv York. THE 5F.WH 15 BRIEF. McKfntey. who hax »**n vl*U- PW Tork. has *rriv«! at Wftsh- Mr* In* In IngHHi. WHHarn Booth, fnvr&t of th» Salvation Army, has enu-rwi upon a religious camiiaiffn ir, Zuri'h. Bwl'.ferHU.d. Mpmlx'rn of thp Baptist Primary Worker? for Sunday sihcwls at Milwaukee ha\- Iffun a 'rurati" against Santa Clau* The t'nilfd Plates transport Berlin arrived at Newport N<r»s from San Juan. On the transport were Major General John R. Brooke. hlH staff and the Firs! Kentucky Infantry. Thosr>as F. f>ml<>!, the rhlef floor- keeper at the White House, la the last surviving member of Abraham Lincoln's bodyguard. The steamer I-aurada. the notorious filibuster boat, wan selied and confiscated at Seattle. Wash., for smuggling liquor Into Alaska. Turkish papers were not allowed to print the news uf the assassination of the empress of Austria. They ultnply announced that she had died. Hpaln "has greater mineral resources than any other country in Europe. Including Iron, copper, xlnc. silver, antimony, rjulcksilver, lead, and gypsum. There are In circulation In China at the present time coins beating the name* of emperors who lived 2. CM year? afio. Second Lieutenant Carhonel of General Lee's staff, who Is in Cuba, has re- slKned. Carbonel Is the husband of Kvangellna Clsneros. the Cuban girl iv ho was rescued from a Spanish prison. Many Hcople Cannot Drink cuJTee at night. It spoils their sleep. Yonoan drink GRAIN-O when yon pleaae and sleep like a top. For GRAIN-O does not stimulate; it nourishes, cheers and feeds. Yet it looks and tastes like tbe beat coffee. For nervous personp, young people and children QRAIN-O is a perfect drink. Made from pure grains. Qet a package from yonr grocer today. Try it in place of coffee. 15c and 25c. l i.urt.Martial (nr Captain*. Albany, X. T.. Dec. 12.—A court-rnar- t'al fur the trial of Captain Anthony J. Bleecker and Captain William F. Meeks of the Seventy-first regiment for their criticisms of Major Smith and Captain Whittle of that regiment has been ordered by Governor Black, through Major General Roe, to meet In the Seventy-first's armory Dec. 19. The charges are conduct prejudicial to good order and military discipline, and a violation of that article of the state regulations which forbids criticism of the conduct of superior officers. Chicago Defective Shot. Chicago, Dec. 12.—Detective Philip Green was shot twice and probably fa- .«-.u.y 'r—r-'ied by an Italian known In police circles a» "Dutch." James Owen, a r.egro, and "Dutch" tried to hold up the driver of a coal wagon. Detective Greon saw them and gave chase. "Dutch," after running a few feet turned and fired at the officer twice. Both chots took effect. He then escaped. Continental Tobacco Company. Trenton. N". J.. Dec. 12.—Articles of incorporation of the Continental Tobacco company were filed with the secretary of state in this city. The capital stock is $75.000,000, one-half of which te to be preferred with 7 per cent, non- accumulative dividends, payable quarterly. The company Is authorized to cure leaf tobacco and to manufacture tobacco In all Its forms. The Incorporators are James B. Duke, Pleere Lorillard. Jr., John B. Cobb, llarrlson J. Drummond, Mark Leopold, Frank H. Ray, Herbert L. Terrell, Oliver H. Payne, Thomas Atkinson, James B. Hughes, Paul Brown, Casel Doernhoefer, Grant B. Schley, and Oren Scotten. might J fnu Cnewr I In Upper Alt n, now oooup , Poeieiifoo RlT«n by July 1, RANGE, and LOAN AQGNT W' *" --' •• *•-• - • lOOM II, f. 0. BUILDING. ding lot »»H re ina ~ i on Liberty street ,__.rmi>kiln, for»SOO. * torn 8 mllei south of Brighton, ttWaUon,'one-halt good pMture, \ bargain, • r brick modern dwelling soar t&iSs?®*'"" f TwaUte i ' dwelling t«9xOO Urge lot oo on Oak itreet between tbe .lt. tracks, suitable (or reildenoi, t e oonrenleal BOM* «n aonal riak) at a time when he bava evaded tho danger without tlon, and deierved all tbe commendation that ba received for his act. Hi bung near roe wltb unflagging zeal and watohfnluow that night until tho elilp wag abandoned. I atood for a moment ou the Hlarboard vide of tbe main dock, forward of tbe inperstructiire, looking toward tho immense dark inniw that loomed up umid- Bhips, but could sou nothing distinctly. There I renialund for a few ivcondH in au effort to grucp thoNlluationaud then Miked Anthony for thu truant tiino. lie replied, "The ejcplo»ion took plaao at 8:40, sir." It wan toon ncueKtiiry to retire from the main dt ch, for thut purl of tne ehi|> wan ainklng rapidly. I then Went up ou tho poop deck, iiy this time Lieutenant Cnnnnmidor Wuinwrfghl aud others woro uour me. Kvorybody wai improiserl by the Rolemuity of the disaster, but there wui no excitement apparent. Perfect discipline prevailed. The question bus been asked many tiuiei if I believed tlion tbat tho Maine wai blown up from tbo outside. My wiMWor to thin hat, boon that my first order on reaching the dock wan to post sentries about tho ship. I knew that the Maiuti hud been blown up nud believed that sh« bad beon blown up from the ontlide, therefore I ordered u measure wbiqb wa« Intended to guard ugiiiimt attault. Thero WIIH no ueuil for the order, hot I am writing of first iniproii- (loan. There WH« the nound of many voloei from the sliore, suggest ivo of alifluil.—t'uptnlu Uhurles U. Sigabeo iu Deaoiubor Ooutury NEW CYCLE RECORDS num. Pierce nidps loo Miles In 4 Ifouri IU Mliiiilvs. J3uniB W. Pieroe of Boston rode a record 100 miles on the 12 lap track nt Laiisiugburg, N. Y., the other dny in 4 bourn and 19 mlnuteo. Tbo track ia indoors and 12 lupa to tho rnilo, with exceedingly sharp turns find dangerous banks. Pierce wus uupaced, adding much to the merit of bin wonderful performance. Ho went U5 miles in the first hour with no other riders on the track, and after tbo flrfit hour was hindered somewhat by tho numerous ridera who woro also In training and who at timer) numbered 20, all trying to round the saucer bowl at a frightful clip. Pieroe WBB not out to mako record time, but WUB in tho gauio for training, as he ii preparing for tho six day race at Madison irjquure Garden, Tho Bostoniau is considered ono of tbo dnrk horsex in tho contest. Last Hummer John West, who pot Charley Miller through to victory last December, ploked Pierco as a strong man for tbe coming contest. Miller refused to allow Mr. Worft to care for other than himself, keeping tho Bean Kator out of tho deal which had been all but closed. This rido of Piorco gave his backers assured confidence, and an they kopt tho time soorot It is probably their intention to plncowugors upon tho rider when tho contest oocurti. The above time wan caught uy a privato watch held on Pierce throughout thu rida.—Special Philadelphia Press. ^^V ^^f I**** 1 ^f^RlTfr 3V TO LOAN. Blv New Inulb Wnlvi Whcnl Crop. According to the ofllolul forecast from Byduey, tbe wheat harvest for 1808 Will be 1,000,000 buibuli lu exoem of that of J897. «ud tuoro will bo a sur- piui for export of a, 280,000 buiheU. Tbt Sure La uripp e cure. Tbere ia no me suffering from thU dre»dfnl malady, If you; will only gut tbe right remedy. You are having pnio til through your body, year liver fa out of order, have no appetite, no We o* ambition, have a bad cold, In not are completely uned up. Eleotrlo Bitten Ii the only remedy tbat will give yon prompt and mre relief. Tbey lot directly on your Liver, Btomaon and Kidney*, tone up tbe whole «y«un aad wake you feel like a new being. Tbey are guaranteed to oure or price refunded. For late at B. Mann's drug gtore, only 60^ per bottle. ALltUi Bmine, Of a Btubborn cold, or a [deep-seated b ban be cured for good wltb Dr. '• fine-Tar-Honey. This famous ' en In time, will atop tbe lumptlon and bring the &• P«Wd ob'ek, It. SEEDS FOR PHILIPPINES. Native* «> IIf Rneonraired to liaise Venelnlilo on l.uxin Island. Tlittt tho administration at Washington was fully determined to hold the Philippines au long ago as July 1 ia shown by tho fact that large quantities of vegetable seedx were sent from San Francisco on transports on Juno 30 to Manila. Toimof cauliflower, carrot, lot- tuoe, melon, onion, parsnip, apinaoh, corn, pea and tomato and other soodg wore included in tliis consignment, which WIIH addroNKOd to various military officers in the Philippines. Thu design of the doimrtmont of agriculture, which linn tliiH matter in charge, is to experiment with all common vegetables and nee whether they will flourish In tho hil! country in tho island of Luzon. A largo amount of leed potatoen will soon bo sent to Manila and will bo distributed Iruu among tho natives, who will lie encouraged to grow them for American consumption. Thu only potatoes in Manila uro imported from Hpuin. Uocontly ISO toiiB of fresh vegetables wero landed lit Manila. They were shipped from Bail Frunoioco ou Oct. a» and wero distributed among tho troops as soon an lauded.—.Now York Bun. No Humbug. Foley's Honey and Tar does not claim to perform miracles. 1C does not claim to cure all cases of consumption or asthma, bat it does claim to give comfort and relief it advanced stages of these diseases and to usually cnre early stages. It is certainly worth trying by those afflicted or threatened with these dread diseases. Sold by B. Marsh and 8. H. Wyes. A Word to the Wise is Sufficient. Ely's Cream Balm has completely cured me of catarrh when everything else failed.—Alfred W. Stevens, Caldwell, Ohio. Ely's Cream Balm works like a charm; it has cared me of the most obstinate case ot cold in the bead. I would not be without.—Fred'k Fries, 283 Hart at., Brooklyn, N. Y. A lOc. trial size or the 50c size of Ely's Crenm Balm will be mailed. Kept by druggists. Ely Brothers, 66 Warren at., N. Y. Lost. Many have lost confidence and hope as well as health, because they have been told their Kidney disease was incurable. 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Tbe undersigned hiring been appointed Administrator or tbe estate of DANIEL W. COLLET, lat« of tbe county or Madison and State of Illinois, deceased, hereby glres notice tbat be will appear before tho County Court of Madison county,at tbe Court House, In EdwardSTUle, at the January term, on tbe first Monday In January neit, at wbich time all persons bar- Ing claims against said estate are notified and requested to attend for the purpose of baring tbe same adjusted. All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make Immediate payment to tbe undersigned. Dtted this 19th day ot Nor. A. D., 1898. ENDS JOHNSON, Administrator. CASTOR i A The Kind Ton Have AUray* Botofrht, Aitd which lias been in OM for over SO yearn, has borne the signature of * and has be«n tnado tinder bis personal supervision since it* infancy. Allow no one to deceive yo* in this. 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Allays leals and protects the membrane. Restores the senses of taste and smeil. Pnll size Mots; COLD Hi HEAD passages. Allays pain and Inflammation. Heals and protects the the senses of taste and s. Trial size lOc; at druggist or by man BLY BRO A stubborn cold is easily taken; it sticks to soms people all winter and very often develops into bronchitis or consumption. You should cure a oold g romptly by taking Dr. Ball's Oough yrnp. This celebrated remedy is acknowledged to be most efficient and reliable for all affections of the throat and longs. It cures a cold at once. DrBullfe Cough Syrup Promptly cures Stubborn Colds. Doses are »maM and pleasant to take. Doctors recommend it. Price 15 cu. At all druggists. [)rs. O. and H. Taphorn. PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. OFFICE in M'Pike BuUdmg. BEST TRAINS PANQ SUE, LAUNDRY. Work Caretalfv and Promptly DORA. Aleo beet of Teu and Chlneie NcreMet on hand. 624 Out Secoad 8t. 306 State tt Cor. and and Eaaton (Is, and 171. Pnonea 138' dwl» . BROTHER M Warren Street, N.Y. mills Iht reifiiirtiiuali a/ *vcry drill • mailer, CUT PAPER PATTERNS' T/tfse fritttrtii fvivt bit* prmtounttd " tk* btd and I/if snuflttt" an t/tt tnnrktt. Thty cast 2Sc. WUST, PER PATTERN , .r 9IIBT-COaMJ!TO BOW*, 7i.. tl'e will be fitnstd to lend'you 04 a iftfiat ojfer a TRIAL SUB. 25c. FOUR WEEKS > la the BAZA R ufan riciifl a/Hi nuntf. lddrn< lUKt-HK Jr HUOTIICSK, T*UI*m. V. r. tTI, P. SCHUSSLER.M.D HOMEOPATHIST ud SUROBON OmCalAIIB BISrOVKCB, HOTXL MADIBf • 4 Telephone 100 Granitoid Paving Co. W. &1H. BEISER, Prop's. 813 East Sixth Street. • Alton, III. All Unas ot Granitoid Work: Sidewalks, Km, Flooring, etc.. tone and the beat ouaU- trtFiBaWialand work guaranteed. : Orderr b» auO will reoetre prompt atUntlsD AtTON TTME CARD Chicago ft Alton. On and afternoon Aug. M, 1806, trains will leave Union Depot, Alton, as follows- ; For Chicago,North and East—• 12:83 > mY*8:10 a m, *8:« a m, *10:06 p m. For 8prtngneld-«12:33 a m, «8:10 o>t *8:«7 am, *6:20pm, nO:06p'm , For Peorta-<8r«am,^'10.-05pni. I tbe •Dall, trains (Except Sunday. .Jnt C. 4 A. and Big Pour time table for itween Alton and St. Louis, 1 DTS. E. C. & H. R. Lemen UPPER ALTON, ILL. OFFICE HOURS: 7 to » a.B; 11 to 1,» UI p.m. TELEPHONE 87. /)/?. C. A Narrow Escape. Thankful words written by Mrs. Ada B, Hurt, of Oroton. B. D. "Wua taken with a bad cold which settled on my lungs; oough not In and Dually terminated In OonauinptloD. Four doctors gave me up, saying I could live but a short time. I gave myself up to my savior, determined If 1 could not stay with my friends on earth, to meet my absent ones bbove. My husband was advised to jet l)r. King's New Discovery (or Oonsumpl Ion, Coughs and Colds. I gave It a trial, took In all eight bottles. It lm« cured me, and wank Qod I am saved and now a well and healthy woman," Trial bodies free at IS. Marsh's drug store. Kegular size 00* and f.1. Guaranteed or price refunded. Hoarienen trails On to serious Irritation of the throat, and may end in a racking, rasping oough. Dr. Bell'» Pine-Tar-Honey win quickly clear tbe throat and leave the voice clear and smooth. It is an Infallible remedy for coughs and colds acd all disorders of tfie throat mid Jongs. Good druggists «ell it. 860. Distressing Stomach Disease Permanently cured by the masterly power of South American Nervine Tonic. Invalids need Buffer no longer because this great remedy can cure them all. It la a oure for the whole world of stomach weakness and indi- KeaUou. The cure begins with the flrnt dosii. The relief it brings is mar- voluun and BurprlHlng. It makes no failure; never disappoint)). No matter how long yo& havo Buffered, your cure la certain under tbo use of this jjroat health-giving force. Pleasant and always safe. Bold by 8. H, Wyse. for Hoarseness. Bonj. liigoriion, of Htuton, iml., na> r H: ho had not rpokeu above a whisper for months, anil one bottle of Koloy'a Honey and Tor restored his voice. 11 la uaod very largely by HpeakorH and slngern. Hold by K. ilarth and U. 11. Wyus. Whaido lheChlldreol)rTnfc? Don't give them tea orcofToy. Have you trlud thu IK w food drink called GRAIN O? It in deliolouH arid nour- iuhintc and takes the slaco of coffee. Tha more Grain-O you give the children the more health you distribute through I heir systems. Grain-U la made of pure grains, and when pro- porly pri)|)arti(5 Uuiuu like the oholoe OH of coif to but coats about one- half a» much. All grocurs veil it. 16o HENRY J. KLUNK, me»ol. OatoaBawai li uw. B. ROHLAND, DENTIST, a.B. tallaau ai t to n THTJtO KXKT DISCHARGES OBTAINED IN BANKRUPTCY In Short Tune. Yager & Yager, Attorneys 306 Belle Utreet. Edmund H. Blair. Real Estate and luoraiice Ajent. MONEY TO LOAN. Dithllr- OFFIC'K KK Market (t PUOIIC. „,,„ Alton Ry. * ni'gco. WM ARMSTRONG. Deal trie Ceoieat, Lime and Wall Piaster Between Alton & St. Louis. LT. Alton For St. Louis. s - 'Ar.St'. L ?!!»"> iC*A4ally....;.;.;.• 7'*)4i •!-> s -lRm Otflc* 107 West Second Street tot Or. Wisium«'Indian Pile O'.ntiueu t will cure blind, llluedlinr and Itching Flits. H absorbs the tumors, B!layn the lutblnv at once, aets MM a poultice, ulvca Instant rs- llof. Dr. wllitojos'lndlnu Pile Oint- extol ot inent In prepared for or the private parts, every box Is •rniiiml. By druifBlnUi, Oy mall op re- •ic«. to cvnte anU »1.OO. V 1. Prop*. Cl«»el»i S.F. CONNOR Re«l E»Ute, Iwwruce CoUectlBf Meat. ffloe: Pleeai Building and Loan ALTON. iILL. pt:pYRu?ArpSa8 3 -^ i«?^ ( tf« l 7*nlMiiT%L* < ('"' ^V i tit lUd ud cSSiMuiiunV a «lib UH rtM»g. TaM>V UHftrVM MMav* w for Pneumonia. i)r. J. O. Ulshup, of AKIIOW, Mien., 8»yn: "I huve used Foley's Honey and Tar In tbrue very severe cases of pneumonia the past month with Rood results. Sold by 13. Marsh and 8. B. Wyss. CASTORIA For Infuuti and Children. Tbfl Kind You Have Always Bought •Mur* th* «ign*tare of MADE A MAN OOKJI rornleby|,M THROUGH SERVICE - •rrwiiN— — ST. LOUIS, CHICAGO, KANSAS CITY AND Th* - ^^. ra|Npl|»AL CITIES OF TEXAS, WIQMEI.JUFIFETUEEPHS FREE RECLINING Veterinary Surgeon DR. D. M. MAHER. Qradaate Ontario Vetenlary Collets over The Model store. Offlw COR .THIRD'AND PIA8A BT8 , ALTON ILI' Henry Meyers Butcher and Packer AM ilselw Is Pnet aaJ Salt Mails aal Ur4, u< siiai Uctnw el (Mairs. WfBAnSBGOlU . • ALTON ILI 6<3pm 6 27 pm 8 03 pm 820pm LvStLUS 708 ' ex-Sun !'!•?! r~~*-•---•".. 6 W pm rt^*:-.".:.;-::-W'- Fonr C. ROBT. M. STAMPER. REAL ESTATE, Loan and Insurance Agent, Mi BBLLB STRBBT. Money to Lota ou Improved Properly' RKNTB COLLECTBD, T. M. LONG Civil Engineer and Surveyor Map* Profile! and Bttlmate Purnlihed. log BeJU StrMf, Up «Ulr«. Cv* St. L.—Big Rour. .. »,._ 'will leave "ton depot «7 am, [un only. 1 time table ft» Burlington Route. A& .."foffow. 0 : 04 - U MW. (Buburban servloe) Leave Alton 5 60 am o 710am 800am 10 08 a* DINING STATIONS OHERATKD BY THI COMPANY. Chas A. Strittniatter MMvbaat Tailor. 7*4 IBA5T SBCOND ATRHBT. OeaJttMB wfco »g>JJ^»»« ttnt-olMi, TAILOR MADE CLOTHES, -At MODERATE PRICES, T»0 are lnrtt»4 W OeU M4 MaatUll m* NLiW STOCK OP GOODS •t. Btatlon) ia 8 1WMUU 9 >lnt ' iSto** Une. U«.l.. 0. A at. P. By.)

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