Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 26, 1972 · Page 20
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 20

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 26, 1972
Page 20
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fe-8 Alton Evening Telegraph Saturday, Angus) 26. 1972 books Prof. Win. McAdams, right, with hunting group that included his 8011, John D., sealer! on right. MacLean examines J. Cook Prof. McAdams profiled By JUDI MOTTAZ "William S. McAdams was an intrepid explorer and s?!t- taught archeologist from the Civil War to the ISflfl's, ami he is an absolutely fascinating man," asserts Northwestern Professor Dr. Stuart Strucvi-r of the subject of a book on which he's working. Dr. Struever, head of tli? Foundation for Illinois Archaeology, tells of the amazing foresight of the early explorer. "I'm fully convinced that in h i s own day William McAdams was considered it bit of a nut." muses Struever regarding McAdams. "From his investigations of the Illinois River Valley, ho came to some startling conclusions which in modern study have proven to lie absolutely correct." The descendants cf McAdams are involved in management of the Telegrapn and its subsidiary corporation, including: Henry il. McAdams, Business Manager; and Peter C. McAdams, Production- Personnel Manager, of 1he Telegraph; and William H. McAdams, general manager of Jersey County Printing Co William McAdams, the archaeologist, was father of the late John D. McAdams, MID-AMERICA I THEATRES BEL*AIR HWY 66 &II 1 Open 7:00 Start DusU NOW SHOWING ADULT WESTERN'S "EL TOPO" (R) "DOC" (R) NO. 8 TONITE "NED KELLY" CAPRI OlO ST IOUIS RD Opi>n 7:00 Start Dusk NOW SHOWING "The Stepmother" (R) 'Chain Gang Women' (R) NO. 8 TONITE "WEEKEND WITH THE BABYSITTER" (R) WANTED 8 HOMES THAT NEED PAINTING ALTON, HX. — Kijrht home owners in this general aivu will be given the opportunity of having the new Sa.v-Kerf Super Steel SidiiiK by l-«'i''l States Steel applied to their homes with optional derura- Uve work at a very low cost. This amazing new protiu.-t has captured the interest ol home owners throughout the I lifted .States who are ii-il up with constant painting and other maintenance coilv It can last for 3D years and provides lull insulation summer and winter, as well as fire protection. Our new product can be used ever every type of home, including frame, concrete OUx h, stucco, etc. It comes in 7 colors and is now going to lie introduced to the Alton market. Vour home can b<- u show place in your vK-i;n!.\ and we will make it \\orrh your while U we can use your home. for appointment please uiilc (including name, address and plume number) to Jar k Johnson, 11 West Third "•!., Alton, 111., biiOU:;, or -all 462-8775. Our representative will cull on you without obligation. who was instrumental in promotion of the Great. Hivcr Road, a section of which is named McAdams Highway A chance trip to the National Archaeological Archives while visiting a friend at the Smithsonian Institute brought Struever in contact with a woman'f member from the Archives. She thought he might oe interested in a copy of a letter written by William McAdams to his friend John Wesley Powell, the discoverer of rhe Grand Canyon. This letter told of McAdams excavation of Indian mounds in Illinois. McAdams letter so intrigued Struever, who nad never heard of the Illinois, pioneer, that he wrote to the Archives and asked for any information they had on Uio early explorer. McAdams was a careful man who corresponded witn other scientists, wrote papers to present at meetings,! made records of his findings. He published a book in 1877 called ANCIENT RACES OK THE MISSISSIPPI VALLEY, His conclusions in the boik were radical for the day but have subsequently proved to IK? accurate. At that time, there was j controversy over whether t!i<> so-called "Mound Builders" were the lost tribes of Israel. The major concern was the origin of the early Illinois Inhabitants. M c A cl a m s steadfastly maintained that the builders of the mounds were not lost tribes of Israel or of any other area. He termed them "an ancient aboriginal race witn origins unknown." Other scientists and popular opinion disagreed, but McAdams would not be swayed. He was also a self-trained zoologist who observed evidence from the mounds and proclaimed that there were no buffalo in the Illinois River Valley in very early times. Of course, everyone knew that could not be correct! Later investigations a gain prove William McAdams right; there were no buffalo in this area until A.D.1500. This early archaeologist's accomplishments were even more amazing when it is realized that he lived at a time when farmers often were not even interested in picking up the artifacts uncovered in their fields during cultivation. Yet, McAdams Vieth *A NORTH SIDE DRIVE IN 466-5995 C 413 W. DELMAR Reg. 1.25 CHICKEN DINNER . . . SAVE 8fie WITH THIS COUPON Limit 1 Per Family 3 PIECES CHICKEN COLE SLAW FRIES - ROLL Louis Vaughn Alice Clunnber- 1. Mrs. 2. Mrs lain 3. M. Frledline 4. Ray Elliott 5. Louis Voss 6. Alice Robinson s~\ onon o Coupon Good Sun., Mon. & Tiles, Aug. 27-29 '000 CLOSED ON MONDAY OUR CHICKEN DINNERS ARE WORTH CROWING ABOUT »»»»*V»\»*^»»\*»\\\\»W»WV Our Menus Include Steak Spaghetti Shrimp Ravioli Chicken Lobster Tails OPEN SUNDAY AT NOON Mid-Town DINING ROOM 7th and Central, Alton, Illinois H3SUSBU8G «OAO AllON. IUINCM5 I K1JJJ CHKhfcA STKAKS UEM I.Vt JJAUAA FOODS SKA FOODS For Carry-Out Orders Mi. 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James Cook became the greatest explorer in the world in the 18th Century when much of the world was both unknown and uncharted and this story of his three voyages tells much about this fascinating man. MacLean's task of writing about the man was complicated because Cook recorded only what he saw and accomplished, not how he felt about his discoveries, his life or himself. Early in the book, MacLean admits that he does not know much about Cook's personal life and devotes his writing only to his feats, but the detail and research by the author manage to open the door on the adventurer. AH of Cook's explorations were made in ships that really were intended only to haul coal, but he manages to explore most of the Pacific, claiming much land for the British empire and, somehow, just missing discovering antarctica. MacLean writes only what he can document and does not offer theories on Cook's personality or motivation. Somehow, however, a picture of the man emerges in this well-told and fast-moving tale. MacLean, author of many best- sellirig novels, proves once again that he is a master storyteller. —Doug Thompson Detailed look V/et/i Alton Area's Finest 2530 STATE N. ALTON 466-9796 SUNDAY—Serving 11-9 SMORGASBORD . . 2 5< Children Under 12 1.28 PRIVATE FACES, PUBLIC PLACES. By Abigail McCarthy. Doubleday. 448 Pages. $8.95. No doubt many readers will .approach this memoir with the idea of learning more about the. author's husband, Eugene McCarthy. True, he. quite naturally plays a major role. But there is much more to the book than that. Mrs. McCarthy is a real personality in her own right. It is an immensely detailed book, and there are times when MID-AMERICA THEATRES) BEST PICTURE • BEST DIRECTOR *„>,«* LCTKUMUCK* MOW. & TUBS.—Special 11-9 — .SMORGASBORD 1 • ••• 75 Ha Dining Room 1048 WASHINGTON AVE UPPER ALTON • Steaks • Chicken • Spaghetti • HOMEMADE RAVIOLI AND PIZZA 'Serving Bar B O Ribs Every Thursday Reservations for Banquets & Parties Carry Out Orders — Phone 465-6281 FREE PARKING IN REAR Open Till 1 juni. 7 Days a Week From Warner Bros. 2nd BIG WEEK! Open 6:30 Shown: 6:45 & 9:05 CAMEO 162? WftSHINGION « DIAL 465 7037 ALTON'S FINEST! Mat. Sun. Open 1:30 Shown: 2:00 • 4:25 6:45-9:10 FILM RATING GUIDE For Parents and Their Children GENERAL AUDIENCES All Ages Admitttd PARENTAL GUIDANCE SUGGESTED Some Material May Not B« Suitable For Pre-Teenager> RESTRICTED Under 17 requires accompanying Parent or Adult Guardian NO ONE UNDER 17 ADMITTED (Age limit may vary in certain area*) Printed as a public service by — ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH OPEN 12:30 ENDS TUES. GRAND HOW! MATINEES 2 DISNEY HITS! CtmhHiUs COOl GRAND Comfortably COOL WILDEY Two runaways and a guardian lion, tOSTIHTHlWUDffOtfSSI — AT — 2:40 6:00 9:15 WALT DISNEY productions' *@»M TECHNICOLOR* Reused by BIKNAVISTA DISIRIBUTION CO. INC. ©19/2 Wall ftsney Ptnlutlioos -PLUS WALT DISNEY production*' "•BAREFOOT EXECUTIVE TECHNICOLOR' Kurt Russell Joe Flynn Sho\vnT:00 4^20 7:33 MID-AMERIC A THE ATRESLULll * * * * * DRIVE-IN Hwy. 66 S 1 11 TR 6-9636 START DUSK • 3 BIG DAYS • SUN.-MON.-TUES TOGETHER CREATED Mrs. McCarthy seems to have total recall of names, places, dates, conversations and events, as far back as when she first met her future husband. • She records the period in which McCarthy suspended their engagement to turn to the novitiate, as she does it without apparent emotion. She tells of their marriage and their interest in the rural life movement; of McCarthy's enthusiasm for the early Americans for Democratic Action and its anti-Communist tone; of how he was drafted into politics; of his campaigns for the House and Senate. Major public figures appear in these pages. The portrait of Lyndon B. Johnson is not flattering, but written with understanding. She records the political rivalry with Hubert H. Humphrey, which did not mar their personal relations. She seems to feel that their uncomfortable contacts with the Kennedy family were largely a matter of a lack of communications and understanding. Mrs. McCarthy makes no claims to political acument. Yet it is obvious as she details -the many political battles that she had a very acute sense of the issues, the strategy, the tactics and the nuances of politics. There are graphic and elaborate descriptions of the famous New Hampshire primary of 1968 and the national convention that year. There are only a few faint hints of the McCarthys' marital problems of the later years— they are separated—and all else is a discreet silence. She gives full praise to her husband's talents and qualities. MILES A. SMITH Associated Press Best sellers Compiles by Piiblisers' Weekly FICTION "Jonathan Livingston Seagull," Bach "Captains And The Kings," Caldwell "The Winds Of War," Wouk "Tht Word," Wallace "My Name Is Asher Lev," Potok NONFICTION "I'm O.K., You're O.K.," Harris "0 Jerusalem!," Collins and Lapierre "Open Marriage," Nina and George O'Neill "The Boys Of Summer," Kahn "George S. Kaufman," Teichmann RT. Ill, ROXANA 254-6746 FREE PARKINGl SPECIAL SUNDAY MATINEE AT 1:30 LOST IN 7HE WILDERNESS! NIGHTLY AT 7:15 ONLY! Two young runaways and a guardian lion ...AN INCREDIBLE ADVMJURt! WALT DISNEY productions' NAPOLEON SAMANTHA •pius- WALT DISNEY'S FEATURETTE "BAREFOOT EXECUTIVE" AT 8:55 ONLY NOW! 3500 COLLEGE AVE.. ALTON 462-4921 OPiN 7 P.M.-STARTS DUSK) is on his way and this time, he's not alone! PLUS 3RD BONUS HIT TONITE ONLY! "CHROME & HOT LEATHER

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