Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on February 11, 1948 · Page 2
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 2

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 11, 1948
Page 2
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FAGE TWO. THE POSTVILLE HERALD, POSTVILLE, IOWA WEDNESDAY, FERBRUARY « State News Letter— (Continued frohi page onci VACANCY. At this Writing the board of control vacancy had not been filled and at least two who have been mentioned for the post reportedly have said they are not interested. They are: Rep. E. J. Morrissey of Valeria, and Dr. John K. Gardner of Lisbon, a former state representative. At least four others are known to be applicants for the job. They are: Mrs. Mary I. Smith of Davenport, truant officer there: Mrs. John Hammill of Britt, widow of the former governor: Mrs. O. H. Albee of Marshalltown. president of the Iowa Council of Republican women, and Rep. C. J. Knickerbocker of Fairfax. This will be one of the most important appointments that Governor Blue will make during his administration. That's because the two members now on the board plan to resign before their terms expire. They are Herbert Hauge of Des Moines and P. F. Hopkins of Mason City. If they follow their present plans, this means the heavy load will fall on the shoulders of the person l named to fill the present vacancy. ing contender. However, he is understood to have told supporters he will not make the race in the event he has major opposition. Others still in the "talk" stage are Rep. Gene S. Poston of Corydon and Senator Leroy S. Mercer of Iowa City. NO TIE I'P. Although Charles R. Fischer, of Onawa, former Iowa insurance commissioner, will be campaign manager for Rep. Wm. S. Beardsley of New Virginia, in his bid for the Republican gubernatorial nomination, there is no tieup between Beardsley and Senator George A. Wilson. That was the word that went out from Des Moines after many questions had been asked, because Fischer once managed one of Senator Wilson's campaigns for governor and is a close friend of the senator. FOOD ADVICE. When Senate Chaplain Peter Marshall opened a session of the United States senate with prayer recently, he said: "When we do not know what to say, keep us quiet." CONTEST. Chances for a contest in the Democratic primary for the gubernatorial post were narrowed when, it was learned recently that A. J. Loveland of Janesville, has announced that he is not considering a candidacy. This leaves Polk County Attorney Carroll O. Switzer as the lead- "Well, no Valentine from Madeline yet. That's a girl for you. Guess I'll go in and calm myself with a glass or so of WATERS' Pasteurized Milk—it's always dependable." For Pure Pasteurized Milk. Cream, Chocolate Drink and Cottage Cheese Call 38-F-G2. JAKE AND WHIT. Since Republican State Chairman Whitney Gillilland and Democratic State Chairman Jake S. More both live in the Seventh district—at Glenwood and Harlan respectively —it has been suggested they could save their parties expense by sharing rides to Des Moines to conduct party business. Bloomfield Township List of Taxpayers (Continued from page 1)" 1st Half Tax Kramer. Ida •. 20.73 Kipp, Mrs Margaret 90.65 Knudsvig. Mrs Peter. 44.42 Kobriger. Frank P 147.31 Kcenig. W C 139.05 Koenig. Fred H 185.09 Koenig, Henry and Clara 60.20 Kahle. Alvin 100.70 Kaufman. Helen B * 7.25 Koenig. Milton 10.00 Knudsvig, Alvin 9.00 Lydon, John 47.89 Limkemann. Gottlieb 41.71 Leubka, Roy 39.54 Livingood. Cecil E 11.15 Linderbaum. Carl 1.85 Linderbaum, Walter 11.57 Linderbaum, Charles 120.68 Linderbaum. Charles 33.72 Leubka. Louis 45.21 Larson. Laura G Kent and John F 2.00... Lenth. Harry J 101.07 Lansing. Henry W 1.99 Larson. Aide and Arlene 11.03 Leubka. Merle 7.80 Linderbaum. Charles Jr 17.34 Miller. Fred J and Huldah. . 53.97 Monroe. A C 6.53 McManus Bros 94.02 Manderfield, Elizabeth 39.58 Marti, Grant J and Lois 7.14 Meyer. Lawrence G - 71.95 Meyer. Lena 3,59 Monroe. Thos "and Ella 18.43 Monroe. Thos - 1.99 Murphy. Wm R 81.67 Meyer. Ed W 60.54 M-.'P.roe. H J 145.95 Martens. Lester & Lily 80.40 Moon. Mrs H Willman 91.12 Meyer. Alvin D 102.03 Mork. Russell R & Howard J 89.64 Meier, Mrs Ida Moore, Ralph and'Max Mundt, J A & Chas Est Moore, Geo Est Mundt, Chas Est Mundt, Lena . ; Manderfield, Alex McMartin, I B..-. : McMartin. Elmer, I B and Jessie Miller. Joseph Miller. Henry F Mcnson. Melvin ... Meyer, F W Meyer. H L Meyer, William L Meyer. W A.: Meeker, Chester Matt, Francis Meyer, Reka et, al Meyer, Damond Martie, Walter Meier. Cloy L Muchow, Joe McMartin, Elmer E Monroe, Reuben Matt, Harold L Monroe, Bernold Manderfield, Ralph Meyer, Ora M Meyer, Victor L Mundt, Verla Mundt, Mrs Minnie McGhee, Eliza -. Monroe, Alvin C Meyer. Orville Nesvik, Lauritz, Est Nesvik. Melvin J Noack, Clay P Nereson and Hendrickson Oxley, Walter Ohloff, ; Chas and Velma Oxley, S C Est Perry. Elma Perry, Chester L Perry, Vernon Putnam, Emma Est Peckham, Geo and W H Peckham. Geo W Est Peckham, W H Peck, August Putnam, Ray Radloff, Henry and Mahalia.. Riha, Albert Reeves, Leo Russell. Earl and Hazel Russell. Francis Riha. John H.: Russett. Mrs Agatha Reckward, Her. and Mabel- Rosa. Elmer Richards, W L Est Ruckdaschel, Walter Remke, Joseph Rawson, Harold Reckward, Wilbur Reckward, Virgil Russett, Olaf Sheggrud, Oliver Est Stendel, Hyless Est Schutte, Fred and. Louie Svendsen, Johannes Schweinefus. Wm Jr Schweinefus, Otto Schroeder. Martha Scheidemantel. Fred Stendel. John Schmitz. Frank and Mabel.... 105.91 8.45 4 .12 23.76 33.40 104.59 21.40 59.41 49.79 4.24 4.15 .31 44.25 49.79 132.77 6.39 7.86 164.93 1.53 29.49 21.69 28.33 16.08 12.90 7.66 32.91 2.98 3.30 7.50 7.50 2.50 10.11 17.50 None 9.70 14.76 95.17 27.12 .31 106.40 141.50 4.14 16.59 43.36 4.01 5.47 3.99 107.55 42.61 3.08 7.50 198.70 38.85 41.62 22.10 50.55 1.99 56.53 24.34 1.23 19.15 98.57 6.02 7.28 5.10 6.39 11.56 21.56 40.32 48.22 96.67 146.99 26.95 56.85 8.99 108.14 98.82 Schultz, Roy 50.71 Schroeder, Henry W Est..... 111.67 Schroeder. Art W 18.36 Schultz, Elmer B 44.13 Schroeder, Art W. 209.01 Solheim, Knute 38.68 Schroeder, Frank .' 4.42 Sand, Nanfrcd et al 3.04 Sphnr, Clifford J and Clara E .31 Sphar, W B 1.23 Swenson. Alois and Hamilton Anna. M 149.90 Schutte. Walter E 53.81 Schutte, A JEst 1.92 Schutte, Helmuth J 66.03 Schutte, Elmer C and Marie.. 48 42 Schutte, Elmer C 21.50 Schroeder. Mrs L H 122.31 Schultz. Henry F Est 6.61 Schultz, Robert L 43.18 Scheffert, Yvo 12.48 Stendel Est 6.48 Schroeder, Sophia 5 94 Schroeder, Willard A 1.68 Sw.enson. Mrs Tillie 4.85 Stavnes. Ole 32.48 Schweinefus. Ervin 18.73 Schroeder, Mrs.. Esther 7.50 Schroeder, Ed C 25.00 Schultz. Norman H 5.50 Schweinefus, Earlan 12 59 Sorenson, Glen 9.35 Schutte, Eugene and Lloyd.... 15.77 Swenson. Alois 9.60 Thiel, Mike 51.19 Tieskotter, Gordon 60.23 Tieskotter, Arnold 56.18 Tieskotter, Ar. and Gordon.. 32.59 Tangen, Tosten 44.32 Timmerman, A F 49.75 Turner, Harold and Ruby 50.63 Tieskotter, Paul 18.77 Uhlenhake, Aloy. S and Flor. 79.14 Uhlenhake, Th W and Chris. 79.26 Vyverberg, M E 16.26 Wagner, Doyle 18.73 Wagner, Leonard 134.58 Wolfe, Myra 23.36 Willman, William 76.65 Wangsness. Kaia 6.84 Zapf, Roine 6.20 Zweibohmer, Felix 8.00 CASTALIA INDEPENDENT. Allen, W M $ 62.28 Bareis. Fred 86.61 Brandt. Walter J .65.28 Bachelder. Ward Harry Mary 157.95 Bachelder. Ward 10.05 Bachelder, Harry 10.10 Eberling, Elmer and Lucille.. 90.92 Finnegan. Mae 114.27 Gilster, Earl 114.40 Monroe, A C 222.28 Monroe. H J 65.2E Meyer, Harold F 114.64 Meyer, Lena - 101.66 Monroe. Thos and Ella 34.16 Monroe, Thos 125.54 Monroe, Thos 173.20 Marsh, C O and Margaret 247.70 Meyer. Damond 89.22 Meyer, H L 156.68 Meyer, W A 117.84 Monroe. Merle 13.93 Meyer, Valder 15.13 Perry. Alma 38.43 Reinhardt, Harvey 0 83.70 Reeves, Mrs Alta 59.26 Richard, W LEst 132 Schweinefus, LaVern and Margaret 1° 8 Schnuelle, Fritz and Irene 148, Schweinefus, Otto 231. Schweinefus, Wm Jr .'. 70. Schroeder, Art W 177. Sphar, W B 289. Schutte, Elmer C 100. Schultz, Roy 34. Schutte, Eldo 25. Schlee, Leonard 26. Timmerman, A F 115. Wander, John G 193. Wander. Phillip C 4. Wander, Geo J 10. FRANKV1LLE NO. 5. Broghammer, Joseph : S 44. Bodensteiner, Joe C 67, Benson, Ole and Emily 2. Brincks, An II and Mathilda 8. Bodensteiner. Chris 7. Broghammer, John L 3. Hageman, Joseph 1. Kipp, Carolina 6. Lee. John 0 39. Lansing, Waller B 61. Larson. Laura G and Kent and John F 1 Meyer, Lawrence G 1 Mundt, Rosa 91 Mundt, Leslie 7 Nesvik, Spencer 5. Rosenbaum, John 6, Riha, Albert Scheidelmantel, Theo 61 Schroeder, Elizabeth 20 Tinip, Edw 58 Tangen, Orlando 14. Tangen, Tosten 29. Tovson, Svenig 1. FRANKVILLE NO. 8 Russell, Gustav and Julia $ 14. DO YOU WANT HIGHER PRICES For Your EGGS? Consumers Want Good Eggs. Quality Conservation Starts on the Farm. Clean Eggs Bring Higher Prices. Market Eggs Often. SELL YOUR EGGS ON GRADE PRICES: 41c 38c 30c Hansen & Matson Co. Temporary quarters back of Phillips 66 Station ] Telephone No. 251 SINCE 1939 WILSON ZEROSAFE FARM FREEZER StctiMal Modil FF-60 WILSON ZEROSAFE ... FIRST AND GREATEST REACH-IN FARM FREEZER ... Available Only Through Authorized Representative of WILSON REFRIGERATION, INC.. DIVISION WILSON CABINET CO. CI7CC F0R EVERV NEED *> I jL'tZ D FROM 15 TO 120 CU. FT. HUNDREDS OF WILSON ZEROSAFE OWNERS HAVE FROZEN AND STORED THEIR OWN FRESH FOODS FOR DAILY.YEAR-ROUND USE... You too can live the Zerosafe fresh- Food Way ... Have better food, more food at less cost, more time for living . . . Banish food- worries and kitchen drudgery . . . Live healthfully . . .' Entertain graciously any number of guests, expected or unexpected. Winter and Summer, ZEROSAFE Fresh Food is always within instant reach in the quantities and the variety you need for every meal. SEE YOUR WJLSON DEALER NOWI LAWRENCE BLOCK Local Dealer Now On Display at Reinhardt-Case Implement Store In Postville Fashion Plate for'48 f f ' Alwo7» accessible i £ *J 5 cubic loo. ri Amono Treeier. m HOME FRE HERS Many satisfied users of the AMANA HOME FREEZERS are reporting to us daily the great satisfaction they are deriving from their installation of this modern convenience. You Will Be Amazed at the Convenience an AMANA HOME FREEZER will provide in your home. - We invite you to call and inspect this greatest invention since the horseless carriage. MEYER'S Four-County Hatchery Telephone No. 234 Postville, Iowa tthlte kldrw-atl tires, as Illustrated, available at extra cost. Tuna m mtm J. TAYLOR, Mutual Nalwark. Mondayt and f r ' aays '" "' Buick takes the bows —with ten sparkling models, a new Vibra-Shiclded ride, sensational Dynaflow Drive, 30-odd new advances The curtain's up — the show is on — and square in the spotlight of public favor is this fashion-plate Buick. This bonnie, brawny beauty is taking bows for the eye-appeal of its ten stunningly-smart models . . . Catching bouquets on the utter brilliance of fli-Poised Fireball power... Getting applause for Safety-Ride rims, pillow-soft tires, all-coil springing — for bodies newly sheltered against disturbing noise — for no less than 30 new features. • And it's w'inning curtain calls on two major advances no other car offers. One is the fabulous new Dynaflow Drive* where there is no gnarshift- nng, even automatically. Vou just step on the gas — and motoring close to magic is yours. Other star feature is the Vibra- Shielded ride. Here for the first time you're shielded against vibration. build-up that brings o„ f ;uigue . Hoc no tiny tremors can harmonize into big ones. Here is living-room comfort and quiet. Your Buick dealer is showine this BUICKS the one and only WITH All TMCSC Ft«TUO£S ion plate that's touched" with fash magic Sec it. Check it for spacious, iiess, forsolid-fcclinssteadin for superlative- finish, f m ;„ fabrics. Then - to get one im at the earliest pos< your order in now. ess, gs and ., into your saratre at the earliest possible date:- get * v '"*-sHittDto not +SAmr.inot *'** * M'-WISIO fftMAU fOWIf *»0«.«« MUWCf * fiOlO TOtQUl-TUIt * QUAOMUX coil sramowe * FUX-ftT OK ffMQS • S °W TOMfNINO MAIN STREET FALB MOTOR COMPANY POSTVILLE, IOWA * SO0N0-S_ . „„ * MOAUnc SPAtK ADVANCf **<*»r MODUS * toor tr wsn»

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