Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 1, 1927 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 1, 1927
Page 6
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r PAGE SIX THE!TOLA DAn.Y RE^ISTfER. TUESDAY IJVDNING, MARCH ji; I ' l\< I 1927. EMPORIAIS CAGE VICTIM Pluml^y oFTrk; City Ip Second; Burger Is Hig^ JVfan for Local J. C. Quintet. SHARKEV-McTiGUE BATTLE THURSDAY I ; i nhn't forgpt the Jack Sharkey— j.Mike Ak'Tlgiie liattle to l)i> an; liouiuekl by tlA- Ri'glsier Tlnirs- ' flay night. At prpsent. Sharkey is ; the fnyorite 2 lo I. That doesn't niean u thinK however, OK Jack • Delauey was a long lavorile in his jhaitle iwith Jim .Maloney. Through an error, it was an- liouncejl in tlie Hegi.sler that tlie fight would he announced Friday Kmporia. Kans.. .Mar. 1. (AP)— night. ; That's all wrong.' The Pittshurg won the baKketbBll title t»Bht wv"l •»« Jinnonnced the nigiit of the Kansas Coiiferente by beat- "t <onU'8 off. 'ing College of Kniporia here ' night :!4 lo "Jl. The Presbyterians [ija.yed without the services ot]- their cii^itai... Ilill' Juengling, star ffirwiirdj wii;; i^.ut on jthe side lines Willi iiuj infected ann. An early leiid lake i by the (!or. lllas wtjs whiiller) lown and Ut half.lime they led 21 lo 17. Kni- jioria criiwied up (j'n them early in the sei 'ond half, slipped buck again on a .•J-gnal barrage and then tieil the count at 20 with ten minutes ii> go. With less than five min- uirs to go ihe {ount was lied again at 2!». Then C. of H. slipped into a oiie {loint lead .'U to .1U but Iteld iL.oinly momentarily. No .sbir could; j be jirickert for i every man foiigh/ like; a demon i and muc-li fouling occurred. The' gymnasium was packed and several iime.H player.s crashed into the crowd. : I The. g-ailie endJF-d the season for PINWEIGHTS BIG PROGRAM SCORERS IN J.C. LEAGUE Five Bouts Billed Will Give (prowd More Than Value Reteiyed at Lcgion^Shbw Tonight. , Tonight at S:ir< the gong will sound uml two fipiiiweiglils'" will step three oiH-nifiiuif rounds in open tlie Anicriciilii I.cgiou boxing rplnweights," Championship of BYGH 4 League to iftuniboldt Five Victory, |{y Garnet! IfK'tr Kiirlin^ton Assijrep Humboldt IliRh School of Kir.'si Championship of I^eajrue-— Teams fMav Wednesday, ; It Pittsburg Cinches Title by Defeating the Emporia Five 34 to 31 in Game Last Night. ; ^ Vohs, Parsons ceiiter. is leading Kcorer in the Kansas jiinioj-jcoilege (onfeivnce with IM points, accord- Pittsburg and assured them of the <" I'-B'""^'-' «<'n'l.iled. which <io title. Th<^ <;orillls wbn iwdve and "otiiiclude games ol t riday lost oife game fir a: .92:! -rating. V"-<ii<.v- Wichltd has lost oiilv one game | Plumley. .Arkansas City center is but plavs one le.4.4 thhn does^ Pitts- running second witli a total of .7:! luirg aiid cannot tie "even by win-' P"inis. while Hell of Cofteyville is ning. i I ' 'hird with . Aci orriiflg io the re(«rds, P.ur- ger i.s leading lohi scorer witii .'iT piiints. lie ranks ei«litli in kague sta'ililings. 1 • The-iabulated records of scoring in the Jeagiie follow; Tin- Kansas univer.sity Jayhawkers i • . FC. added; another victory to their ] VolJs. Parsons .42 Hiring' here last night, defeating 1 ]»iuniiey. Ai k. City Kansas ("Ity .Athleticclub :I2 to 1 Bt,]i_ Coffeyvjlle - 27 2K. Willi K. C. A. C. failing to show ' .McKlvain. Parsons 2!i JAYHAWKERS WIN FROM K. C. A. C. t Kansas Cil.v, .Mar. 1, (Special)— FT. P. in !I4 :! 12 anything until the /inal minute.s of phiy. Peterson. Kansas center, counted • nine points for the. winners, but Tus Ackerman. K. C. A. C. centerj was high point 'man with ten jmlnts. The Kansans were leading 2:! t(i_12 at the lialf. JUNIOR HIGHS BATTLE TODAY .McCoriuick, Ft. Svott._2fi Weller. Ark. City ---2.-. Henjamin. Parsons .24 Burger, lola , . -2;^ In Hecker. lndependeme;-21 11 .•_2."> .21 20 . IS 14 1:5 U •I -12 -I- ; .McMichael. \.\t\i. City , Wogan. F|. 'Scott ' Kaiinard. Coffeyville 'Ober. Ft. SI oil . .'. •;(;roff. lola . Ft; Sci .lt lohi . ... i . • — ^ I Snell. Inile))euilence This afternoon . the local junior , Miller. Coffeyville liigh team; iheels the Chanute juii-.).Mosher. Parsuiiis . iors on'; ;hi' local court. In a pre-:; Ku^jcll. Kansas City vioiis metaling year Chanute j]|oiiston .Ark. city won; The junior, liigh seconds of ; Smith. Ark. Cii.v the two ,>;<-.hoi>l.s meet in the lire- Fi'onk, lola . - ... liininar.v. I • Crandall, Parson.s Wise. Ark. City' Sanders, Independence ..Menzie, lola 1 Holler. Parsons , Davee. Fort Scott SveiHl^oviik. (foi;inerly I-Zkat'-rin- Fitziiatrick. Coffeyville buigl Huiij'ia. March. 1. (-AIM - Stephens. (Jarden City Conimailder Theodiire Vo'koff.liead ; Hoffman. lnde|.vn<lenc< of one (if Admiral Kolchak's regi-/Smay. Parsons inents, WaH senien|Ced today lo heiKastman. Indeiiendeiici Hhot foif alleged \yholesale atroci- Herf agtdnst Ihe supporters of the red; .'irmly ill. liiis. Volkoff is 74 yeaTs'old. it was'declared at the trial (hat : ()0 of his victims were found in a single mine shaft. Pleading for his life' Volkoff's counsel said th;*! the sole reason for his crimes w;r>fj' to.' obfaih revenge for 111*' iri-iztirc of two of his i-ows by men of iheJ red army before the l:ivil WMifaie begaki. , s Hi VOLKOFF BE IS TO EXECUTED Phillips. Ft. Si-oit -._ .Melton, 'lola 10 11 10 11 » 10 I .s s 7 1; 1; r> 4 4 2 show. ' Tlicst might 111- said. :ivi- Uoss Arbiickl Seionil. and Itoss | Arbiickle, Third. It U .said that llie little fellows fling a mean pairi of gloyes. " • And. then come.s a contra^il ivheii ICarl Knock, thi» .Soulhkestern P.elj heavyweight.: steps into tho ; ring Hgiiinsi .Monsieur .X, the wild"ved lifavyweighl who sa.vs he can ttliip hilt Weight in wildcats or in '• Knocks. .After a si.\ round irartey between' these boef-trusis of the squared- I circle. Kid .Maley |aud Snag (!ole are billed to .sle]); si.\ or less rounds on a grudge. Judging from advance notices, at least one of tliem will 1)1' carried- from the ring. i ' ' i * Ip in the semi-Uinduri. Kansas vKld Faster from Chanute and Kid ISurchc.ll of. .Neodeslia will swing ; gloves for eight rounds iin a iirnn- , tier that should kfep Ihe ciyiwjd |«'l>ped up for the Imailf eveiir. ' 1 •Then comes Ihe liiain battle- he- iweeu Johiiiiy \Va|;uer of 'Fort; ti-clt ami Floyd IJowers of Sani ; : Krainer's Kansas j City stable. ' 'Piles*' two gloved gentlemen will inix lor ten roumis. while the- audience decides which i.s really . 7:5 ; deserviiig of ilie title of middle- tit! ; weight cliiini|iiou itf tlie. middle- fi .'i i west. itU .Add to that the; refereeing of ."•7 C.eorge Cox of .Mulberry., ."iG the gentleman who i has won fame iifi . in 'and outside the slate for !iis niasterfiil handling of gentlemen in .".0 the ring and Ihe r«sult should be. such that .Memorial hall will be liackeil tonighl for the Opening^ bout. . . .Aud jlisi lo make a perfect evening 01 »;iitertaitHuent the Hoys Hand will he on ilje joli with an hour of iiiusic to ptijc everyone up ;n reailitiess' for tlui fistic enioiin- tiMs. An.opening ijoncert will be FrumliohU. Mai'lii il.—Special-r-Humboldt, despite the fact that it ha.'i one; ninrc ba.sketball ean)e to i)lay-, hn.s won the ctiampion.shiii ol' il^e UVGH 4 K-fiKuejin the leatriie's fir.'^t year ot*. e.xi.stenco. j j The I lliiihboldt (I)aiu|(ioiisliip' <"ime when: (lariietl ilei'.';i (..i| L'.MV- lliigion. Prior to thai ti:./.' Ilur- lingtoti hail ;i chance oi' lymK lor Ihe cbamiiionship if it win 'iioint (jaruett and Itunilioldi. • The .standings .slimv Uriiiiliiddt • with a pcifei I peicenia;'.!-. in ''tive games, while. IliirliiiKl'in won three and lost two ((.j!i:e> G'lO , per oiil. (i;irii-'lt b'a.><: wu'i llirei- . iHi per liiis liisi and lost a like tiiiiiiber cent, while Vales Cent 1 , six .straight };.i.iiie.-. . If llninboliii ilefeat.-^ liililington at lluiiibohll loiiiorrow iiigiii. Cari liell will advance iuin .1 li.. lor .-iec- ' Olid place. This and ili-- Ian ilia't I Ilnniboldt i.s undefe,il<ii in ieinjne fconlests. should spur l',ui'Iiiigion ' iiiiiV result in lullllll.|l.;t'^ j.-flist upset of the seasiiil. ARK CITY TO INY^liEIOLA FORCONTEST Already Eighteen Teams Are Enrolled for the Big Tournament At Wichita Soon. K lul t- i."' d:y. Whhila. Kan.. .March, 1. (.APi — ghteen teams have already sent their en.lrleH for ibej stale Jiigh Ihool girls' basketball iouriiameni be held This •ector. Il a Local.siAre: Priming for.^^,. Offensive Play of Five Coming Tomorrow Night in Lead , Of. League. lite iro!{pect . in • view of! •Vsaji City from lirsi j |\aiis'asi .iunior College! la basketeeis are pre- • invasion (if the .Ark ' ... ..I..!,. TIVP • of the slate, has' sent in her entry morrow uight. 1 he , I ^^^^ ^..j^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^^ frei'-ihrower of the tournament. On- player from each team elim- innlted before, the senii-linals; will be eligible foi- the free throwing coi redl. The. finals in the contest Willi he staged between halves of th( jlinal game of ihe'^lournanieul. The lirst-eighteen teams to ^nt<r ~ Cheney, Viola. Hose Mill Caldwell. Cunningham. .Maize.' Ha- veii. Sterling. Plains. Cockerill Wilsey. Pretty frairie. Cathedral of Wichita. Conway Springs. Klgin Sl.UIohn. Byers and Lorraine.' 4!) 4.S '41 .'!2 .'!'* :{2 30 2!t 2C The I'lltsbiiPir Tcjichers cnl- leue ipiiiilet':|a->l iiiiilil omi iN tlilnl liiis'ketball clininiiioiioliiii. Tliin;:s looKnl niiuiil.i blue for llie voutheU'^t. KausuN SCIKMII iiiilil fVirhilii iiiiher^it} iip^il . Kiiiporiii Teachers . la^t "eek. Iiieiileiil.ii.liy. .iu>>i iibiiiit that timi'. I'iltsliiirg timU it ilei'eal Ireni llie Sprhiglield TeailirrN 111 a noii-ciini'i-reiice gii iie. The J::l•i^ Sliiirki .v Mil;.> .'^l. Tigiie baille Thursday ii:i ;hT slj .M'-I !M a real f-ne. .i'lie l{i'<;;sler i\|MTt- iim a! .-aiiai !i<iii~.' lor ih-' re- I'lnis. 'r!li-.-iteHi;ij; .-^lijiiKe'.. i)'ii there a're ni.iiiv wli-i i\|ieit a .McTi^ii" '.•n-i.iiy II :s 1 (Hici alil that Wall >lri'ei <.<|iis us lalh •.:t> on llie liiser. lolii jniliiir colleL.'e luiskel- ball iihiyers .iiul 1 oacli kliuKe. I'DilliI ure e\|iec(iin; l|»|a lo fiirii out I'or the lolu-Ark^.)noii< Willi iearing Arka pia'c'e til 'the confer^'iice. I pariiig for 111 City , rew 11 game w':ll In liith si;liiH >l. . SiatijUcs il Cjiy is'defjell^ • r. as fvei;v .Arkair^lss Ci!.y ineii' have coiinted ;iiiu'e tli.ui £.'2 jioiiits during.the sea.-"11. l'li :iiiM \i. jVi' City cen-| tel. is li.igli poinliiian Utr the (|uin-i ^^.,,L li-i. am! ^^ill liiive ti> bi' watched by here Friday and Satur- Kllis Cumniings, Ihe |<;Iares, makes it certiiin :S2-l<-am tournament will be belld. In more than .•52 learns iirie entered somtt'will be eliniihateil their season's records. Among the leums whil;h have al.- retidy entered are Cji^ldwell and Cxickerill. Caldwell was ; state i^h-.impion last year anil fiui.shed lonrlh in the national tournament. Cojckerill was for three years in- tei^state champion and had a record of 47 straight victories until LArma beiit them this season. I'jains High.'considered one of lh4 best teams in Ihe western; part MATIXKKS 2:IMI p. m. Dally Safardny. 1 to. 11 MfiHTS 7:00 .»:(H) p. m. = rio)iie of B'f'ttcr PicturesElite Orchestra Tonijfhf, Ajuain \Vednesday—2, 7 and 9 p. m. Monte Blue and Dorothy Devore —in— "THE MAN UPSTAIRS" Thrills, laughs and niy.stery: a fogs could not dauipi'ii: a woniiiii's test himself .a b.-ro; bow .idvenliire calm; "The .Man rpHlairs." romance that fveii Londoir lif her lover who proves the ":igoiiy ccdumn." in vi;t AKSOP'S I'lAIJLKS—TOPICS Fox Comedy, "Hack to ivr<>ther OF THK DAY pitiyed at the senior dii;ate that .Vrkansas [ling <Ui scoring pow- iie'of llie lirst live will Weller with ul Icieals. •jjoijils. ; Co.icll lia i'mckehrand is pndi- ablv li};iiriiig on winking i >iit a de-' .fen.-" Io stojii tliese scoring^ aces.! Matinees lOc and 20c; NijihlkllOc and 30e Wednesday ni.srht. Boy Scout Nite^Brinff .\'our badges for Free Admission. i .Matinees lOc and"20c; Nisrhts TONIGHT—LAST TIMES 10c and .35c while his forwards couiil wliieli, liiay .iVj jitg' a'vic <'lly junior coli<n!e game row nlciit. il i» no luoi-e lliaii 24 o -22 21 o 20 :! i!i IS 17 17 1.". 14 i:!. 11 11 10 10 ^'iveii on the outside, then the liani! will jilay a ciiiiceri (in Ihe inside it( tlie liall. So not (Wily :!ir or .'!.'! fouiiil .s of exe(i»iiioiial figliiing is ill .store fiir tlie'i.ins }of this vieiniiy but a baud COIICIMI flirowcd in I'lir vooil 1111',-isure. • 1 • • up points : toiy. tojiior. OKLAHOMA WOMAN TO KEEP HER JOB Carlyle School Notes iKiilh AiypligatiX)'- Feb. 2.'..-This Ifiiisiies |tlie si.vth month.of scliool Willi 10o(, attenil- atiee and punctuaMt.vr with the e.\- ceirtion of Cleii ('alter who has out f school a weel^ with an men I that has baffled the diagnosis of tile, attending iJhysicians. We are glad to note I hall il is not considered dangerous, however. rlL'lii thill lola should piick (he . Iiiirli SCIMMII u.tiii and une ihe liiia *|iiinli-t siuae s'niiporl in " llie iiullle nliicli iiiea'ii'i' niilch «o liolli leaiiis. KANSAS PRIMES IfOR DUAL MIOKT l.;iwreiice, K.iMs.. .\l;ir. I, i.M'i • Coacli II. .1. lliiil |<)i' Uie I 'liiversit.N of Kansas is niviji'i; liis irjiek aih- lele.s sliecial lare thi.s we>t| in pre- jljyj : pa ration lor ilie aiiiiiial j imlLor ' ilual. track meit wiiii .Missoui: I'niveisity Saiurilay eveiiing at Kansas City. .Mo. The Kansas ciii- AC;(;IE TOURNEY CLOi^ES TONIGHT Maiiliallan. Kans.. .\Iar. 1. lAP) i 'lii' liiilil iiial| lies for the bo.xers and « r"--t !ei s lentered in llie Kan- -.i.s .s;!:!!). .ALTfiMilliiral colh^e. in- !i;i|iiiirai iciiilf 'sls will, be slaved ^iiiiglil in .\ielfots g.Miiiia.sluin. Tin; riiialisis li'Ki'e.seui the survivors i .f l!ie II.". li.ikers and li;.'! i'-rs vvli'i eiifrreil tlie prejimlnar.v , I cilileSls. ', 'llie wiiiier-j iiC'-aeh event will reci ivi- ;i iiiei|;jl anil points toward iiuiiviilual er I grinip iiitraiiiiiral ; , irophier. EMPORIA TRIMS BETHANY FIVE v.M-y lioorly at tho From i iir'.sent indications three .Americans may win places in the O.vfonl shidl for the uhnual ;race •\yith Cambridge oh the Thimes Hivr c|niirjs-e in : Kugland next month; , Oklahoma. Cil.v. .Mar. 1. fAP)-- Mrs. OJ O. Hammonds, depicted as a feminie "Colonel House" by her political opponents, lias whipped the state senate into line and will continue as , ciinfidential' .oecretar.v to Covernor Henry S. .lohnston. A resolution asking her dismissal was tabled, lute yesterday.. —For prompt results Cla.spified Columns. USD the! oopy because jof Which ho I (annted baelt itf a major league To.r<;fr««h your memory Herb Pruetr Is a southpaw who. about Ave years back, was big sports the ease with Babe Ruth Picked up bi^ the Browns, fresh from the Unlvi-rsity of Missouri. Pruetf. struck Ruth out the very first ilnve the Bamfiino faced him He continued lo do it as long as be stuck in the Atnerican t*agu« • There are some experts who Cu­ eist that; Pjiieii was carried largely Imcacse o' Ills ability lo beat New Voirk and his; habit of slrlk-' j , lug out Babe Ruih| In the plnch.^s i I ». During the season, any time Rlnh was against the nrownsjln a pinch, it was not ai all uncommon lo see Prueit rush from the bench to the box, often without even a chance tj> warm up- •. • • / i Otie veur ftuth faced Prueit tboiit 17 times; and struck out eomething tike .1$ I think he made one hit oltihis delivery a - tome run , ' Now With Phillies ; pBtJETT t^mes back to the ma-1 * lora as it member of the Phila- detphiii Nationals. ' - i ' When the St Louis Browns' a bid for his services.' As Is customa,rv insucli cases, the olub lowest in standing geu first choice, so he was awarded^to Philadelphia Several clubi with pennant chances sought his services In' the draft, so gbing to. the Phillies is pune too good a brealt for Prueit ' • « • Fouiid by Chance T)ALL players arn iifteu dlscov- tired in unusual places and und;*r unusual circumstanced. Priiett's entry Into the American 'League ••o'mes under that beading Scciif Pat Manahan of ih« St Louts Rr<)wi^s.^had been ttppOd off as to tho dhillty of a youngster playing .shorisi<ip for an indepen* ileiit'team in Missouri When 'he g,am« was over Mona- huii.passed up'(he jiiiirtstop but signed Pr .Mr. Kdgar is present date. I Lois Harling is lekiving Carlyli; i for her licune in Jjissouri. • Shd j was running a Star <^ar in the game ihnvnstairs and' all tli£/auto­ mobiles stoi)])ed in tllie mountains and engageii in an orange hunt. We are sorry to lose Lois from the siicoiiil 'Krade. , Carver.s,are moving, over to the Shore piaife and IMI Chambers has bought the property where Car­ ver's' lived in Carlyl^e and Chambers is moving into I'arlyle. Helen Chambers will enroll in grade S Monday. | .Many" thanks to .Mrs. Vezie and Mrs. Itussell who generously furnished their cars to.ilielp take, the orchestra to Cherry tjrove. . The boys, assisted Iby Air. JGilke- | son aiid .Mr. Caldwell burned off the ball ground on .1. II. Henderson's farm. Here's j three cheers j for all ihree of thcni. ; ! Miss Frances Arcl er who was : hurriedly 'carrying a' telephone : message lo .Mrs. Luoi lis last Wetl- nesday night hadi the misfortune to run into a harbeil wire fence aifd cut her i-liiii.vety badly. It was necessary lo' gel .the assistance of a physician to dress the wound. Mr.-i. Bertha Wisner very.kindly gav<' i.soine object lessons to our ' geogrii|riiy classes by displaying I lenions. orange hlos.soms, cottoir .i.inil an armadillo basket made or I ihc entire .shell of :the animal, whiih had been broughl from-Tex; as by her daughter. Mrs. Lane, The Carlyle people! had a very • ' pelasaiit time at Cherfy lirove la^t ' Thursday night. • ' . Claude Caldwell of j Colony was, calling at tli(> .schoolluiiise Thiirs-/ ilay. lie is employed in' llie Colonyi der path Doom bos team .this is le.l season. Charles • l!el h.uiy. Maf. 1. I -Km- 'I'lir'v.i 'PeatliiT^ di-feated i Bethany h.-re l.isi nii;ht'::!l to 2S in a Kan-as, Confereiicei cagf battle. • • I 68 MILE$ per GAL The Kansas te.-iin tlii.s- veari lor I lie ^iiirdi'lr. -A new iiimpdseil 111' i ll,-<pen- .(•Xpee! tile Ivv.i '.••nr 111 foll'uv.-r; I'l cal/:iir« won that iiieet. Co.ii !i lliiir fiiil'Uvili;; ! elitri- s Hav .s. nu.'st pan is elH'ed men. ,The Kansas "l-'oeo'" Frazier ni'iel run as hi the K. »'. A. C ailiioulicetl I lie for the mi 'ct: ."iO yard d.isli--Cr.i.iy. HuNe: and Runiiug. •.\lili| run-- .^arvis. .^aiiicnman. Si'rinjijvr and Fnuicr. r,0 yard Uicli hurdles Dodd iaud (ireiiie 'r. 440 yard dash Cooper. Woods. K:igle;aiid rtitiiiiuir. Till.yard low iiurdles —lloiinilms'. Hays ami .lones. 2 mile run - Frazi'>r and Sarvis. S.So yai'il . run—Souri'iiniaii. jSpvinger an'd Iloweil. ; High jump-r''"'h'rliill and Tlodd. • Shot put —fhornhill. tPole vault -Cash and P.eiison. •Alile—"Cooper, h^mle. P.iir.- ting.. Wood.s. aiiil! Safety First -1 Keep Your Feet And Kody Dry ihervhups: 'lillltlMTS Rain .Siiils Rubber Root* Ralii Coat-i , (•alieriliiies .Slicker-.. Klci --to show yiui at lirices. rea^»naltll' Till rmostatic C(')ntrol !;ives niiraiiiioi s mileage to. Ford ars. imtslriiiping all previous HIaiicke Control a Ini.ide CS niili-H on Kntirely automa- r inshmtly in zero I'revijiit.s cjn-lion. Saves Cuts i'li-pai^ ^lills ."iO per AM) EtinKXE OIBBIEN— —i^n a liixury-loyiiig comedy. Gloria in Pari.s' lali'.^l lij'fath-takinK t-i'fation.s. Gloria fretting (ivr a.s only .sht.' can some "manhandled" comedy .•iiilics of a .slaiitr.i' cast-.sido choru.s K'll- " • • .Also (!oniedy and Newj.s. WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY Lewis Storie/and Doris Kenyon I.l'iiilllhos. i-.i-oriis. Willi For.! reieiilly ii!i. u:;l. lit uas lie. .Siaris mo! we;itlli r. h.lif nil. it-nr. ^Iiistjiiied in 'two minutes. i':iilillac uses rThermostatic Coilp inil nailer Hlamke License. The liiveiiior waiLisj agents who can ni.ik'- friiii *,l."iiM'0 to $:!.n0o.o0 per !i.ii!!ili. aiiiliwill send one Control Free to iiui-iiiliice. Sales guaran- :.ed.* Write ! 'immediately lo ItJamke Auto ^Devices .Co.. Dept. 2i;i;!;-C. 1.".7 K. Kne St., Chicago. ; FOR INSURANCE City and Farm Phone 131 6r 820 Rjiy Invkstment Co. .1tr<. I'ltlllip •«>. Hay lett ; lie bad an dwful time getting Jimmy Burke, then managing the club, to give him a untfnrnt lie looked mora like iti«i score card boy than a ball' player ; Pruett'siace (n the hole was a fadeaway much like the ina Matheu'son used but . delivered; with the left hand: It is * hard ball on (tie arm and he persisted in using it-a great deal No doubt that -explains 'he many tlmes^ be would weaken late in the «ame 11} the iroasi lekguu theyiteil me hank lint Wushingtoij gave him a vacation. 1. .Mrs. tillkcson assls(ed i llsh classes in conipo day. i s birlhduy the Kng- itioii Thiirs- .l!na:ily decided "that he was too • •>« "s**'*! t*!" fadeaway as a threat •light of statjure to stand the strain I ^"•l <l*'V«'oped a pretty good (aai of major leaguj pitclilni;. it Wasi''^" Relia.ble scoutd say he will 10 waive bim out ii, this tfme. • I t-.iui {positive Babe; Ruch bopea jihe Piiciflc .:oast.: he] he makes good In th«']N'ational. H» fio. trouble' the league ^K' / Sent to •j^cbsijH\lii_^or& tliaa ordinary | aure wag potaon lo BIS Bam. ZIEGFIELD Td TONE , DOWN HIS t'OLLIES ' ] .\ew York. Mar. 1. fAPi—Flor- epz Ziegfeld. who glorified Ihe .American girl, i^tinkj! box office aud out of town visitors are to blame for the present "corrupt" condition'of thettheatre. He says I he is ashamed ^^f the revue I liuFiiiess and is going to get "out." '.N'exi^ year's follies' w'ill be more jlike tho 'old fashioiied riiusical jjcqmed.v, with a plot, ^ays Florenz. ;—For prompt results use tbe Ciassilied Columiig^ That Well-Grbomed Efficient It is iiot .so miiclj a mattei of buying- lot? of new ielotlie.s, as of ta <ing g-ood care of tho clotlics you have. R Q g u I a 1- cleaning and; l^i-e.ssin^ is the J ?ecret, , • • , -1" Send Us Something: Kvery Week Our new stock is arriving almost every day. Come in and look it over. ROWDEN'S Kidnapped on her miy to Iter fiRnc'c—Hurled into tli(> Oark .Mediterranean in the arms of the man she haled altove all others—Held captiye oiija wild Isle— Surrounded li.v rude peasants, hall'-niad I tvlth I'enr. EXTRA ADDED VAUDEVILLE CQMEDY DOG CIRCUS— | ' See Kruso, the dojr with a human brain, a.s.sisted by his company <if wire-walkinjjl acrobatic and clown dojrs. "JIMMIE GREEN"— I That little wooden-headed bov wonder—a .scream for! the kiddies from six to sixty,; Also (oinetly and .\<iv4'lty {(eel llatinees. I'lCtiires Only Hh' und iOe;. Siglits, Pieturps and Vuudeville Ilk- and XH- Your Last Tribute The memorial >fou place" on the gralves of you love is the outwjard sign of that which is| in your hoai-t. Let it bejfitting. MONUMENTAli WORKS 301 South Washington, Phone 676 .-il

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