Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 12, 1898 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, December 12, 1898
Page 2
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Cured Boy. «When my son George wa* J4, he was stricken wtth a terrible nervous affliction. Physicians nor medicines helped him. He lost his speech, use of limbs and could hardly swallow food. Before he had finished a bottle of Dr. Miles' Nervine he could talk and eat well, and 5 bottles cured him. Mra. folia O'Oonnot, Willis, TOM*, • J DR. MILES' Restorative Nervine Is told by all druggists on guarantee, . first bottle benefits or money back. Book on heart and nerves sent free. Or. Miles Medical Company, Elkhart, Ind. V. S. NIXON, Architect, and Superintendent Flanil'and Specifications for Work Accurately Furnished, orncs OVER ALTON SAVINGS BANK KS ALL WOMEN J^tHB-TENTOS Of all the p*Jn •ndffckneMfrorn whloh women •uffmr It caused by weakn«n or derangement In the orfine of menitruatlon. Nearly always •when a woman Is not well these organs or* affected. But when thsy arc strong and healthy a woman b very seldom sick. U nature's provision for the regulation of the menstrual function. 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Big monej ...' l-room frame dwelling on Shut . . traot near KdwardiTills Crossing, — story l-room brlok dwelling, oor ith ant •/Incite. M-Mretarm.lmlleiiotithwest of Brighton fwo-story brlok store, No. (11 Belle it. BUtr-aore farm, food brlok dwelling ind •Mjsje OMB. jersey county. fwV-ltory brlok store, No. Ill Belle »t. Two-story l-room frame, slate roof dwelling Jot* Ma Ml sores of land. Booaua for pur 4-room (rame dwelling, oor, Alb; _sts. lots on State street, north ot Bluff si lots OB Dry street, -— l-room frame dwelling, large ban 8V THB TBLBORAPH PRINTING COrtPANV. i (MONDAY EVK., DEO. 12. NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS. For the year ISM we shall charge ths following rates for transient cotloes in our local columns i FIR LINK. Single Insertion.. 10 cents. Three to fire Insertion! 7 cents. Blxr.otwelre Insertions Scents, •ATI* or ADTRRTISINO. Tiuninnrr.—M cents per Inch first Insertion, and Ii cents per Inch for each subsequent Insertion. Upor Inch first month, 81.50 psr Inch eaoh month thereafter. LIOAL ADYMTMIHO H Mr Icoh for the first Insertion, andCOoents oer Inch for eaoh subsequent Insertion, 5OC-OOC-OOO-0 How to Do It. S If you want to root houses or rooms, It you want to soil sty- thing, If yon want to find any lost article, Advertise in the Telegraph. TUB treaty of peace was signed Saturday evening In Paris by the American and Spanish Commissioners. The treaty will now have to be ratified by the United States Senate and the Spanish Oortes. MAYOR HARIUBOH, of Chicago, In a speech against the 60-year extension of franchises for city railways, said the "Allen law was conceived ii sin and born In Iniquity"—that IB, It was pushed through the legislature by money, and votes were purchased by money The Mayor's words are quite severe but there are very few who deny that they are not founded on truth. TUB order Issued May 17,1808, forbidding Sylvester Scovel, the newspaper correspondent, "to go on board naval vessels or to visit naval tta- tions," baa beeii revoked. Scovel stowed himself away on a U. P. vessel entering the harbor of Havana under a flag of truce. He was also excluded from the lines of the army for striking Generaljgbafter at Santiago. This leFwTIfalso be revoked. GIWERAL GARCIA, the Cuban patrk t and soldier, died in Washington, D. 0., on Sunday, after a abort illness from pneumonia. He had come to this country as the bead of the Cuban Commission to confer with the President, but bad been too 111 from bis arrival In Washington to have a conference. There Is widespread and deep regret over the death of the Cuban patriot, who lived long enough to see the Spaniard banished from his loved Itland home, but not long enough to see a home government formed. YESTERDAY, at a meeting ol citizens oi Chicago, the stockholders of the city railways were denounced as criminals and anarchists and "the sworn enemies of society" in that they, as the resolution charged, had bribed the aldermen to^sell the streets of the city for money. The odd feature of the meeting was that ex-Qov. John P. Altgeld was one of the speakers. Altgeld has been known as the friend of anarchists during his entire oillolul life. |IIo pardoned the anarchists from the penitentiary and showed them favors In every possible way. More of his appointees, while Governor, were criminals, boodlers, and the sworn enemies of society, than were found among all the appointees of all the Governors Illinois has had In Its career to date. acres of laud, north Alton.. re farm I' i three miles north of Upper Altai j lots on Hasten street, SOilM each. > frams dwelling, Highland Park. ~ brlok building s.w. oor. ith and Plan boarding bouse, «• Crami {welting ot nt> tt .a*n Berg WHEN tbe question of ratifying the treaty acquiring the territory from which tbe States of Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Kansas and Nebraska, were formed, from the French, known as tbe ''Louisiana territory," Senator White, in tbe Senate Chamber, Nov. 2,1803, said: "We have already territory enough and when I contemplate the evlla that may arise to these States from this Intended incorporation * * * Into tbe Union, I would rather see It given to France, to Spain, or to any other nation of ihe earth, upon the mere condition that no citizen of the United States should ever settle within Its limits, than to see the territory sold for $100,000,000 and we retain the sov erlgnlty. Senator Hoar, Senator Veat, Oarl Schurz, Grover Cleveland and a num- beruf other anti-expansionists, can claim nothing original Ic their oppo • sltlon to the Philippines. Their opposition was outlined nearly one hundred years ago by the "little Americans" of that day—to acquiring the Louisiana territory. UNI CKBAK MOM to • poslUveenw, I/into|l» nortrtlt, JtlsqtUcklr absorbed. N • at DiMcbts or by mall i Maples l DO, by mall. rBBoWlBa.«Vr '^* 00 YEARS' KXFESIfiNOE fiAoi MAUN* DfJIQNB *0. THIS sensational story published by a Camber of newspapers that President MoKlnley favored the sale of the Philippine Islands, turns out to be a canard. President MoKlnley Is not in tbe merchandise business In disposing of property that comes to tbe nation through tbe success of American aim 1 . He will do bis best to solve the question in a way that will be to tbe credit of the nation, and a menus of civlllz • ing tbe inhabitants of our new posses- slous.Tbat a nation which has worked out Irs own destiny as this nation has done, In a century and a quarter, from a few thinly settled states along tbe Atlantic sea coast-, to a population of seventy millions, and the richest ill tbe world, cannot undertake tbe civilizing, enlightenment and government of seven or eight rnllllonn of pirtlally civilize] <people, Is about the smalleit viewttutoan be taken of AraerJos. To--tha credit of ihe world, no one holds this view but tbe Spaa- lards, who have been driven from tbe Palllpplaei, and a numbsr of Americans, who .ride a bobby o.tlled the "government as our fathers gave It to us." A government and a ooustllu tlou that fitted tbe needs of three millions, is not Urge enough to cover a of people rapidly verging to one hundred millions--the wealthiest and {Q9ft progressive na'lon on tbe fuoe (he earth. The constitution is maybe made (aslo tbe re- iu the South) to urtf |U requirements of the growth ' " erful untlon. Denounced at Anarchist*. A big meeting was held In Chicago, yesterday, In Music Hall. Thousands could not get in. There were many Hponkern. Tho stockholders of the GnlcngoOlty railways, weroclen ju<ic 3d an "criminal- 1 and annrchl«t« " and "the »worn enemies of society" In Iho following resolution which was panned hy the, meeting: Itetotnrl, That, Inanmnch as tho beginning nnd end of nil present corruption In the City Council are tho traction companies, the directors and stockholders of theae companies should not he permitted to encapo the odium now directed against vennl public servants, but that they be exposed to condemnation as criminals and anarchists, In that they are organizing corruption and plotting sgalnst the peace and prosperity of Chicago, and inviting consequences as disastrous to this community as any outrages ever devised by the sworn enemies of society. These are certainly severe words. His claimed that the owners of the city railways have corrupted the couu oilmen by offering bribes for their votes. That large sums have been paid to conncllraen by the stockholders of the railway system, and merchandise has been made of tbe aldermanic votes by the stockholders. The allegations appear to he well-founded, for no man would attempt, In the face of the popular indignation now prevailing In Chicago, to vote for the 60-vear franchises for street railways unless he was well paid for it. Hard and Soft Coal. Delivered to any part of Telephone 213. the city. WM. FRIES. Coal. Hard or soft coal at E. J. Lockyer s offloo at quarries. Telephone 1594 Tor Rent. My 7-room house in Mlddletown, Steam beat.-U. 8. Nixon. Card of Thanks. I desire to thank my friends for the kind assistance and sympathy shown me in tbe death of my son James F. Miller, and also tbe Prudential Insurance Co. for tbe prompt payment <. f my claim. SARAH E. MILLKK, 440 east Second st. For Rent A brick store building, a very desirable location for a butcher shop.— Apply to Wm. Sonntag. How to Prevent Pneumonia. At this time of tbo year a cold is very easily contracted, and if loft to run its course without the aid of some reliable cough medicine is liable to result in that dread disease, pneumonia. We know of no better remedy to euro a cough or cold than Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. We have used it quite extensively and it has always given entire (satisfaction.—Ola- gab, Ind. Ter. Chief. This is the only remedy that is known to be a certain preventive of pneumonia. Among the many thou- Bandfl who have used it for colds and la grippe, we have never yet learned of a ^single case having resulted in pneumonia. Persons who have weak lungs or have reason to fear an attack of pneumonia, should Keep the remedy at bond. The 26 and 150 cent sizes for sale by B. Marsh and 8. H. Wyss. For Rent. 5 room dwelling, No. 024 E. Fourth street. Apply to Wm. Sonntat;. Board of Education. ALTON, Dec. fl, 1898. Board met in City Clerk's oflUe at 7 p. m. Present: Messrs. Finke, Neermann, Stowell and Tomllnson, Supt. Haight and the Secretary. Minutes of last meeting were read and approved. Bills amounting to 9396.92 wore read and on motion allowed; excepting that for lights at Lincoln school, none having been used so far this term. Supt. Haight presente I his report of attendance for November, which was accepted for (lie, showing increase over corresponding month of Jasc year, in enrollment of 73 and in at- taudanceH3; tardinesses, 18 less, nnd neither absent nor tardy 173 more. Bond of School Treasurer, Qeo. H. Smiloy, was accepted. Application from Miss Emma Mc- Mihon for substitute teacher was read and placed on file. On motion adjourned. Quo. EMERY, Secretary. Say "No" when a dealer offers you a substitute for Hood's Sarsaparilla. There is nothing "just as good." Get only Hood's. There IB a Class of I eople who are injured by the use of coffee. Recently tbero has been placed in all the grocery stores a new preparation called GRAIN O, made of pure grains, that takes the place of coffee. The most delicate sto.naoh receives it without distress, and but few can toll it from coffee. It does not cost over '., as much. Children may drink U with great benefit. 1Q(< and 25« per package. Try it. Askfor GRA1N-O. O^V.fe» Bears tho Signature of •X- O fS. JC jEL., Tdd Kind You Have Alway A Giant Nerve Builder. The Mystic Life Renewer Is tbe most powerful nerve builder known. It absolutely cures all forms of nervous diseases and weaknesses no matter how aggravated or of how long duration, such as neuralgia, nervous prostration, nervous paroxysms, St. Vitus' dance, palpitation of the heart, physical and mental weakness, debility of old age, eto. Sold by 8. H. Wyss, Druggist, Alton. Nut u t'lliicUclulii fur (lie Muriate* Clipyenni', Wyo., Dec. 12.—Judge Cnivy, L'X-l'nlti'U Kilties Hcnutor, has minmim-i'il Unit lie' will nut be n cuncll- ilult- fur I'li'i-Uon lei the Hnlti'd Kluies Hcnatc 1 at tint next HuHHiun of the I<?K!H- lutui-f. HlH rrtirrim'iit in ivgurcleil an iimtvrliilly linpi'ovlr.B Rvimlur Clurk'n cliaiHTH of iv-rliTtliin. Tho cither avowed riliHlidalcB are John C. Davis, Ottu (inirn, JnclKc M. C. Hrown, Oov- orniir W. A. ItlrlmriJu, C'oUmul J. L. Torrcy and C. W. liurdk'k. l£hcu|iu<! I'rUunur ItuoHpturud. NuwarHjpN. Y., Uer. l:!.—Frank Dean, an iHi'iiped prlttoiUT from tho state prison at Jiuktun, Mlc-h , where lie was nerving a Hfiitc-nci- for hunk burglary, was .ottpturocj here. Juilue Mliownltor l>uu<l. Chicago, Dec. 11'.--Judge John W. Stmwulter of tho United Htittea elreult court IB cloud nt li!» hum', (i'.-l Weuf Cuiih'i'eua utreeL ON THE MOVE. We beop constantly on the move to keep up-to (Into In stock, qmnlltv and price. OurOFJINA and TOY Stocks have been plucked from the creme- de-la-cremo of tho market, and nothing in Alton or Bt. LonlB can compare with them In value for the money. Wo import our foreign goods and buy direct from the factory in this country and in many instances retail our goods at less than wholesale stores ask for them. For the convenience of our many friends we have opened our Toys on the ground floor 317 Belle street, and are now ready ito wait on you and urgently advise all to cowie at once and make their selection. We on ! y ask a small deposit on all goods laid aside until wanted. We have the clerks to wait on you now and give your attention which later on we could pot wnlt on you with satisfaction to ourselves and yourself if we tried ever so hard. Nothing has ever been attempted In the TOY lino on so grand and complete a scale in Alton and we hope you will not wait until the cream of the stock is picked. Come early, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. HOPPE'S CHINA STORE, 110 West 3d tt. TOY STORE, 317 Belle st. How the Cuban Junta Got session of It. Pos- lT WAS SOT STOLEN IX HAVANA. Headache Ts often a warning (but the liver la torpid or iMiiotlvu. Moro serious I roubles inuy follow. For a jiroinpt. t.'.U'lnit euro of HouUuuha uiul all llvor traubluti, take Mood's Pills While they rouso the liver, restore full, mgiilar action of the bowels, I liny it'j not grl|x> or pain, do not U rlluto or lalliuno tlio Internal organs, but have 8 positive tonlo effect. ZlSo, at all druggists or by mall ol 0. iTHuod 4 Co.. toweU, ilaw. Mnn In Chicago Who rlullilft to Hfivo Hi'i-ii u I'arty to ihe Conspiracy Tells All Ahout, Iho Oct'nrroneo-Sayi* a Womnn RllHliartul llui SpaillNh Minister and HI* McrvcimmtH Wfi-w Reported hy n Cuban Who Wailed Upon Him at Ills Ilotol. Chicago, Duo. 12.—After nearly a year, during which a war has Intervened, brought on partially by this one Incident, the sorri-.t of the tlifift of the infamous Uurniy de Lome letter la told. Several stories have been related as to how this was accomplished, but none of them was title. The commonly accepted ni-riiuiit Is that the letter which so denounced and ridiculed President McKlnley was stolen In Havana. Ae- to a man who says he was a party to the conspiracy, this Is not true. The letter was stolen in the United States. The Tacts have not been disclosed before because of 1'ear of prosecution by the postal authorities. But there is now little danger of such action on the part of United States government ollicials, and one of the conspirators lias revealed till. This man Is Kenor Carlos Vlncente do Quesaila y Soearraw, cousin of Secretary Quesada of the Cuban junta, and son of General 1'edro I. Qucnada y Asulnr, who commanded the Cuban forces during a part of tile ton yeais' war for independence. Ills Life In Iho Ciilmn CailHu. Senor yuesada has himself Riven almost his entire life to the Cuban cause. He fought with C.arcla, Gomez, Marti, Castillo, Armas, Lncret and .Maceo, lie- Inff present when Mnfeo was killed. In fact, he was the sm-f;eon who worked over the wounded Maceo in the vain hope of savins the leader's life. He was in almost numberless filibustering expeditions, carried dispatches between the Cuban armies In the Held and the junta in the UnlUd States, and was for a Ions time In the secret service of the Junta In this country. Now his paternal estate is devastated, nothing being left but the bare land. He Is in Chicago, living at 281 Michigan avenue, and picking up a living by teaching Spanish, until he can get back to Cuba. Senor, or Dr. Quesada Is an accomplished scholar, having been finely educated in Spain and the United States. "Therr were many parties to the conspiracy which resulted in the theft of the De Lome letter," he said. "In the first place!, the junta had worked trusted agents Into the employ of the Spanish legation. Kept Well Touted. "These clerks kept us posted on all matters which thty could, but that was not enough. So It uas arranged that a woman was to start up a flirtation with Senor de Lome and endeavor to gain hie confidence. At that time I was In Washington under a fictitious name us a gentleman from Venezuela. My duty was to watch some of the people whom we thought to be our friends and make sure that they did not betray UH, and to sound certain people and enlist them In our cause. The woman selected (o ensnare De Lome was a Miss Millburn. She is very clever and attractive, and Is now In New York. De Lome was attracted on his weak point. He yielded and confided many tilings to her which lie should not. When CanaleJaH came to this country, he was, of course, watched every minute. Through ihe Influence of friends the Junta managed to get a Cuban, as a waiter. Into the hotel where he was stopping. ANttlgfmul to Wait on De l.ollto. "He was supposed to be a Venezuelan, As he spoke Spanish he naturally was assigned to wall on Ue Lome. When the Spanish minister wrote that letter the Junta wn:i promptly informed that a letter, contents unknown, had been written to Canale.lns. The letter reached Its declination al the hotel, but It never got to Canalcjas. The 'Venezuelan' waiter took it out of the package of letters and turned It over to the Junta. The Junta sold that letter to a New York paper. It was turned over on the condition, however, that II should be supposed to have been stolen In Havana, so as to avoid any trouble with the postal authorities. Secretary Day saw it befoie It was pub fished." Dr. Qucsnde Is a firm believer In annexation, In which he Is opposed by bin old confreres In the juntn. I'nlU'il Stall's In Control. "The only Knlvnlion for Cuba now/' he said, "la to have the firm hand of the United Htuteu In control. The Island IB laid waste and a stable government.!•: needed to offer Inducement* io capital. 1 know the people well, and I know that under existing nindltlonv. there would be revolution uftor revolution, Just us In the Houth American and Central American republics. I was H strong advocate of Independence until the Amei'lcunu came,In and won the victory for UK, and President McKlnluy bus shown such a desire to be fair to the inland. If the United Stutes keep* control for thn«j to five, yearn, the Inland will be the Harden of the world Then the people will be ulud to come Into the United HtuttB, HccliiK what Dili country haw done for them," Meny Live* »re Saved A Qnet* 1 Alllnne*. The Versailles (Ky.) Snn tell* thli yarn ot n queer feathered alliance! Mr. Emllitis Motnncy tells of a partridge that took up will) n tnrkny hen nnd brood of young tarkoyn on Mrs Sallle Nenl'a place a short time ago and is etill wilh thorn, roosting with them every ninlit mid fending with the turkeys at tbn kitchen door In the morning. Frpijtif-ntly when tlio family of turdoye gets separated tlio partridge files to the top rail of the fence and whistles "Bob White" until they all get together again. Severn! times tbe partridge has boon driven away from the |urkey«, jast (o BPO what eltf ot it woold have, ancf he has alwnyn returned to them at the flrit opportunity. A n dyne Furniture In HnvBtm. Collectors of antiqne furniture have itrurk n bonanza in Havana. In preparing to return to Spnln army oflloors are placing on the market pieces of fine workmanship and ancient«' pattern, which aro being engerly snapped tip by dealers. A correspondent cites tt hand- soino old walnut wardrobe, with three full length bevol mirrors, valued ui tlfiO, which sold for less than $16, and that is simply one of many examples.— Ciuciunnti Commercial Tribune. "lloirore of the Dcurl" Ruspia is nbont to build »8 torpedo boat destroyers. Evidently the czar wishes to make a respectable showing when his echeino for general disarmament goes into effect.— New York Press. How's This l We offer one hundred dollars re ward for any case of catarrh that can not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.—F. J. Cheney & Co., Props., Toledo, O. We, the undersigned, have known F. J. Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe him perfectly honorable in all business transactions and financially able to carry out any obligations made by their firm. West &Truaz, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo. O.; Waldlng, Klnnan & Marvin, Wholesale Druggist*. Toledo, O. Hall's Catarrh Cure la taken Internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of tbe system. 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One ol the Worst Dlneiges Km-a to Man Is Overcome by Modern ScMiii When the common symptoms of <i<»">J tro " Dies arc neglected the careless nalterer is great dsnger of contracting diabetes or•Bright Slsosse, two of the most terrible alBlotloiui tha hsve been Imposed on mankind. Tho remea for the earliest stages, as well ss the won that will restore the kidneys to so incl hc-sltli, Is Morrow's Kldnoolds. These' jrellow tablets should be taken when the hack aches, o loss of whon headaches, chilliness, loss .. S - OI1 pain In urinating show that the kldnoys arc ou ° f Arecent cane of tho cure of this awful dlscasi by Morrow's Kld-ne-olds is that of Mr. Ausii B. Askew, employed at tho Big Four Frelgh ofBoe, Alton, 111., who says; -rAbont ten year ago I had a severe spoil of Inflammation of th kidneys and I nevor got entirely well. 1 wa troubled constantly with urinary Disorder fro quont discharges attended with a burning sen satlon. I w««i especially troubled at night,har Ing to sot up flve or six times every night, suffered wl*h a lame back all the time, an. somettmeB so bad thst I could not attend to m, work. I-ast kpring 1 was part oularly bad. and my health was completely broken downs I wa particularly bad, and my health »•• pomplote fy broken oowni I read about Morrow's Kfd-no old« and thongnt I would give them a trial, ai they were-weu recommended. 1 took altogeth ertwo bores and was surp.lsed at the good they did me. The/ did not only cure the lam back and urinary disorder, but they built mo u so I felt like a new man. I have enjoyed good health over since, and feel confident they nav cnred me entirely. 1 procured them at 8. II Wyss' drugstore." Kld-ne-olds are Yollow Tablets (not nil's) an cure kidney ailments, nervous-ess, eto. Uyer lax are small red pellets and cure constipation Kld-ne-olds 60 otsj Llverlai X ote at druggists or mailed by John Morrow ft Co., Chemists Springfield, O, Mr. 0. M. 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VMAS AND NEW YEAR RATES—The Bur ^* llngton Route will sell excursion tickets De 24th, 25th, 2ttth3,stand Jan. 1st, and 2nd, t points within a radius of 200 miles at one an one-third fare tor the round trip. Return 1m Jan. 4 '99.—J. B. Thomas, Agent. slourl, Minnesota, Tennessee, Virginia, Wes Virginia and Wisconsin, via Big Four. For In formation and tickets call on O. H. Hamilton Ticket Agent. I he C. & A. R. R. Is arranging a series o Winter Tours at low rates to Cuba, Port Rico and Jamaca via Tampa, Florida. All quar antlne restriction against the Island ot Cub have been raised and the regular lines of 0. ea transportation will i ave their vessels In oor vice at an early dale. Thursday, leaving Alton at 9:SO p. m. runnln via Kansas City, Sa.t Lake City and the Scenl Line. Ferrates, reservations and full pa't'cu lara apply to 0. O. Norrls, Agr., Alton. TO CITY OF MEXICO—Personally Oonducto 1 Excursion—Will be ran by the U. & A. R R. and connections on Thursday, Deo. 15th Special train of Pullman cars through wlthou change with side trips to Guadalajara, Guana juata and Monterey. Round trip rate only $W For particulars and reservations apply tor O O. Norrls, Agent. C HRISTMAS and Now Years excursions, rate i,f one and one-third fare for the round trip, tickets on sale Deo. , nd Jan. 1 and 2, 1899, limited 24, 26, 20, at, 1B98 , ited to return Jan 4, will be made between all St. Louls-Peorl Lino (C. P. & l t. L R. R.) stations. Mlnlmun aeillng rate GOo. Through tickets from andt connecting lines will be sold. Get full partlcu lara from C. P. 4 St. L. agent. The Burlington's Through Car Service—Pal 1 ace Sleepers and Chair Cars (seats free) tc Kansas City, St. Jce, Omaha, Denver, Billings Rook Island, Dubuquo, Cedar Rapids, St. Pau and Minneapolis. Tourist Sleepers to Ran Fran Cisco and toe Angeles, Ca Ifornla, Portland Oregon via Denver and Salt Lake City, ever Wednesday. For rates, routes, eto., call o address J. B. Thomas, Agect. Cor California Tourla s—The Burlington Route 1 has weekly tourist sleeper excursions, per BonaUyoondncted (by a Burlington Route Agent every Wednesday f om St. Louis, and Thurs day (rout Kansas City and St. Joseph to Lo Angeles and San Francisco. The route IP vl Denver, Scenic Colorado, Salt Lake City wit 98 per cent sue shine throughout the year. As your Ticket Agent, J. B. Thomas, for partlou f (MAQBNTA HiBMCN CtvOTtt freed Gown ef fMaoMlu Cloth. Another gown, in whloti tbe bolero jacket (to which Parisians cling in spit* of the steady approach of long coat-like effect*) U ol llaht magenta French olotb, combined with sable trimming and rlob green peao de sole under a guipure woe. Tbe circular wow* a slight fulness at tbe back, and » decided demi-tralo. Tbe front breadth and border of the silk and guipure are outlined by narrow ribbon threaded through tne net which forma an unobtrusive but flu- iabed beading. The skirt Is 4« yards wide. Tbe bodice u trimmed with a horologe ...^.., —..-- _.-„-.,-_ o'mutUui sleeve, fitted to tbe arm by the timely use of Dr. Dell's Pme- I an elbow dart, to treated oorrespoooT- Tar-Honey. When a cold oretjpa up-1 logly. ^e slight fllare at the wrist IB on you, or a ciougb rack* ypur laJDiM. I llr ~ ' no remedy Je «o prompt or effeotedlT f •- SOWN revere of deep green peau de sole are covered with white railed lace, wblob \> itgeto es»p!oy*d ove? vllte al It for the collar and obemlsette. With tbla bodice Is worn a French knotted fichu of *Uk gauze, the ends of wblob pass nnder tbe Jeweled olasp which fastens the bolero, and are eaogbt nnder tbe latter at each side eeam. Tbe proper cut of this gown can be obtained only with tbe nae of tne out paper pattern famished by Harper's Ba*ar. It will require 6- yards of Trench cloth 64 Inches wide to make this costume j also 6 yards of silk, and 4x sards of sable trimming. The tlty of lace required wlirvary lag to the width of tne vajriot; Tbe accompanying hat is n felt, •o- We cordially invite you to call and Inspect Ihe Grandest Assortment of CHRISTMAS GOODS »•' • ! ' >•' ' •. ''•-... We have ever shown. Mexican Hand Drawn Linen. German Spachlet Work. Battenburg Lace Work, Japanese,China hand-painted Opal ware, New "Cyrano" Chains, Pocket Books, Hand Bags, in a greet variety of styles, and »• • Rodgers and Gallet Celebrated French Perfumes In bulk. Peau D'Espagne, Vera, Vjoletta, White Rose and Jicky. Overcoat Time! Is here. The crisp, cold air is lively enough to make you feel its presence. We are. just as well prepared to "OVERCOAT" you,as we have always b- en to "Sun" you Our high-grade Kerseys, Beavers, Chinchillas, etc, for $7.50, $10 and $14. No More, No Less. Are values that double the money would hardly purchase elsewhere.- We have good Coats that are good for you to buy. Low prices eloquent of econom '. H .A.WUTZLEP- ^IHK ^1^1^^ ^^Lr ^iW ^I^I^I^^I^I^I^I^I^I^I^I^I^II^I^I^^^^M.^I^IWI^^^I^^«^«^I» ^i^* The Outfitter. 633 East Second Street TIMES AR[ GETTING HARD. NOW IS THE TIME TO SAVE HONEY. GOING OUT OF SHOE BUSINESS. WANTED! «T«^"r,rr""'"° with 8ma11 feet ' Bize8 2 ^» 3, 8>i npto 5 to call and see what FINE SHOES we are offering at $1.75 a pair. These Shoes are made of the finest Dongola and Genet Kid that formerly eolrt tot 13.60 a pair, but as the sizes are small we are closing them out at $1.75 a pair. Tbia la a chance in a life time. First come, flret served. Oome early to avoid the roab. In addition to this great Bargain we have 758 pairs of Ladies' Higtt Grade Shoes that formerly sold for $2 60 to 8.76 a pair. We are closing them out at $a a pair. All kinds of Men's Fine and Medium Grade Shoes, all styles and widths, going at 6oc on the dollar, at this great sale of irresistible bargains. Also a job lot of Men's and Boys' Fine Russian and Viol Kid Slippers at a sacrifice. This is worth investigating. All kinds of Ladies', Gent's, Misses and Children's Rubber Boots, Over Shoes, 8. A. Overs, Storm and Croquet Rubber?, greatly reduced in prices at this sale. • • PFIEFFER & BAILEY, -** STAR SHOE STORE ,, f THE HOLIDAY oEASON Is at band at Marsh's Drug Store. You will flnd Cigars, Choice Perfumes, Hair and Cloth Bruslie And many other beautiful •nd useful tblngt. J EDUCED Rates to Bouto-rn and Western " resorto now in effect vU tbe C, A A. R. R. and connections. -fomoseekera' Exourslons. — Upon certain '•datciiot October, November and December, he 0. A A. wll sell excursion tickets stgresUy educed rates to points In Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado. Florida, Georgia, Idaho, ndlan Territory, Iowa. Kansas, Kentucky Louisiana. Northern Michigan,Mlnnosots, Mli- Isslppl, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Nortti Carol na. South Dakota, Tennessee, Tei«., U'«h. Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming. The reductions in rates are ot sufficient unport- noe to merit the attention ot prospective ravelf rs. Kor particulars oaU on OT(J. Norrli, PATHFINDKR DEPARTMtNT. Three UOM or UH Dnderthlsheadloft One J»«, U oenui three dajs, w cental one week 9owU| iMltlonalttmM same rate, cash down. Lerl Darts, Solicitor for Compl'ts. MASTBB'S SALE. State of lulaols, eointy of Madison, SB, In tbe Circuit Court, October term, A, D., Albert Wadr, Mary B. Wado, Hamuel Wada and Caroline rf. Wade, Te Henry 0 an aroine . Wade, Te Hen James W. Pennlngton, Jacob Magulro. Charles Mook and Toomas Dlmmock, "a dhanoery. CTOCKHOf-DBRS' MBKTINCtNOTlCB.~8t, --* Louis, Deo. 7, 1803 Tbe annual mootf f stockholders of Sentinel Mining Compi or the election of Directors and the transact: • —i. _.,— i—.— w may oome " *-— e before ft, wU be held_at o tbelroffloe(ho l *l,)% Upper I **w» nrom in. III., on Saturday, January 7, law, rri itliao'olookp. m.-X, H. lilUer, fleoy, FOR SALE. PORBUJ" .'.joedlumsUesaf* r ohe»p. Appir aitble offlue, .Motlarnuke n«Mueiat> 01 ;i ^"tf »' WU *W* M •'WW'*' •«MJ»UQ hVJ'H and best bMier, tor cash I .hand, on DATy 9HX THjpD IDAY OF JANUARY, at thehonrot ten o'clock a. m,, (at the north front door o?tbacity Hall building in the oWof Alton, the following dssorlbed real 'estate, situ- ton and State ot IUI-

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