Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 1, 1927 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 1, 1927
Page 5
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'4^ R«6HT—i. S'POSiB YOC> tHOOQKT X 'O TUESDAY JEVENING. MARCH 1; 1927. BYl!ATt<MC • ©t^ m NEA SEFtVICe INC EAetL< PAGGEiFIVE -finuUc S3 WOMAN—Po^ laluntiry work. ZT^ Xortii Syc^raort) stteet. FINANCIAL MERCHAlkpISE 1 Fa4- JFee4, F ^rtlliiEera BALED TIMOTHY—3 ton.- S. A. Johnsoa ."ouih and 1% mile w ton. $12.00 half mile lest MoraB. CLOVER H.AY—Good, sal?. Phone-985-33. FOR BALEI—»r Will trade lor lolal c:00b PRAIRIE HAiVJ propert>:.; complete auto equip-j peri Wn at barn. J >hii Coylcett-|^ daJll Elsmore. Kans. PlW. 12*6. 1 ment and ienricfS .-itatlon in es^ t ^H8be <I lobatiiin.; Will sacrifice j„ ^ . If sold at fnceT See Murphy at KAFIR COR.V FOPOtR-Forsale. Ellis .MotorTcb.l ;__ ; Beatty Ray.' Phone cks |B«iid!« 891 NICK PRAIRIK H.^V-r Balfld. LeWisv PuWell. milf north-and mile east ;l<i SHARES ST<)CK; -Fpderal Re- of Iron Works. fi sfrvfr LlfR Inm ranire On... ch«*p. U Address "S^oclff jrare Register. -JloTtgages 40 FARM L0Ai »fr4 }tilclE wrrlOB antf reaaonaUe^ rat^ A. J>. Hgw- thorao. a3 9. |Washlngton. Has Cioire Before nc *th Istrikes Garrett Folsom while! bathing at- Ocean Town. N. J. j k is thought at first he is a Ntrokfei victim, bnt investigation -shofl^s ;he has l)ceu stabbed to death jbenoath the water. FolsomV swimmiiis voiripan- i. ns had been Roger Neville, a liUsinW -!S partner; Mrs. Helen Barnaby uan.l Carmelita- Valdon. it IK lestablished that Kolsom^ jiist hiefore; his deafh. had been standitiR next to Ned Barron, knowii an the; lopper kinp. .\naitas1a Fblsom, eccentric ami mn.stcrful sister of the dead man. ajrrives and takes lonimand. At the!-mquest it is leam<vl that' Ih" <let4lht Weapon was a pichaq, sn Oriienial "knife, and that it hitd bwif bougbt on the boardwalk. I • . It in also estahli.-iiicd that one I'royiion Sears i.s a f.-uicior <tf kuires. Kagis,Titus Rlgs-s. an archilcct, to work on the CUKP. Dan'I '.d- ton. Ihi? dead niun 'M iiopliew. rivcs. anil uoiiies the I curious Krencli ilolls in.darrett Folsoin'x roiini. • He beliovcH -lHs uiulc had l )e «>ii hlarkmallinK Hcvcral p-o- Vou 11 never] get at the ant to?" Tite Riggs ou to;-! j check it? I truth! and-why [do .vou I "Whv ilo I want siarsd. . \ ••; •.•You heard' me." : :'I sure did. Well, I want to. os- I len >.ibly for the .«ake 'pt justice, j .\Hd fhaics a hig part of; my reason. Bill alsij because I love the game." •Hounding do '*M a man'.'" •:.r<'.':. if he 's a niurdertT." ••ff," .sa ;d i:«ibin .Scars; tive, "tor miore Iself-coiisclona. but .Madeline was a hitlKr type of attractiveness and Riggs almost i^asped as he ifarned'suddenly to find her smiting at Daii PeUdn.ia') ir with a new intefest in life. | "Good'beaveaii:" tboaght the ap- nr<»hen«<ve bachelor, jiihe musjn'tj fall fa love with blm!" and then iiHigbed at. himtielf for jtbe-flecUftg •whinJ, for the devotiotiiof the Har- rond was the jest- of tbeir merry friends. J I ••Bnt I don't get it.'" he went on with his rumlnatfons.i finding bis participatioi} Wl the" tiillf was not ne<:essiir.v. "There'* r' something Wro:i |E with .MiK»cllne;—sometMns ADVA^CETto IS ClfECKED ON STOCK MARKETS Speculators Fail. in 'Move To Advance Prices by Persistent Profit ' Taking. .\ejv York, Man h 1 (AP>-Ke- Number 1 (Continued from Page 1) | Will Townsiey. editor of the Great Bend Tribune. The oil, gas and minerals gross production tax plan of Wallen. of Labette county was rejectetl by the bouse taxation committee. Thrcpfcnins; clouds i'had .sent inuiiy si:urrying indoiiirs. and the Io«i'ip«- of the Hotel Majusaaca wa- likc a creat caiihlron of color, souiid^iud fragraMcc. Tmler the tall palm.s sat groups of lauhhins. tfhaticring young people: among the ma-ssed flowers stood smiling, happy pleasure- si <lt<r.s: hen; and there sat those j I ulio qiiiefiy listcnod toj (lie .music ' ! ilrif'iiig m troni the i(e.vt | niom i more than honiemekaes:', and it i pralcd • effort^ of speculalois for j can't iMj that a innw sheik to. flirt; the advance to continue the for- Iwltb is^^oinp tol cure It!" (To\B« i'«iilllived) iellae Iwron c»nr«albi|r sonipthlnir hit«>iBe>.s { Uigett U fnnkly paz- z!ed. The senate passed and sent to the house the Hammond bill providing, a life sentence In the .penitentiary for persons convicted a third tinit! in Kansas of a felony charge. Sentence double that received for the i first conviction is provided for second conviction "on a felony charge.. f STAR DISTRICT fMr^. S. St iDckii'sonr Feb. 21.—Mrs. tirl .-s nt'i! I)i,>> pIc aud he and Rlggs dlsniV 'T i .\n^<jllc:i J:".ili-. sdspicSouK doi;umenis in Folsom'a cffeets with tiK; initials of Oroy- ilmi Sears. • '!nijr..i ;s ^etH holir of Sears's son, Kobljrii and runijiid.M liim "f hi< pW'mifc'tu assist in the la.s". ^•|»W On KItli H IP Slorj I T-a tables" were all abont! ihiiUKl! a few bored, weary j niiKht hr- seen, for the iiios 'all Has il£c, lluht and laughljer. I Tit^ RiKKs and yoiiiiK Scar.iJ •lulr'way to v tabic whore K ' sciii'i hlng 'ty<: had at once A\<- .:.lle.l i : Uu^'f riil.-i.sed you ai hoiile. baler. have ; l )«4n '•' missed \ou Where ward movement of jiricps in today^s stock market, were checked liy persistent profit taking and bear j^Uing ba.sed on the belief the market was entitled to at least a "technical- reaction.^' The general trend wan, down ward ihrough- jOut the morning, but by jiirly aft-. i "fnoon upward'tendencies develop-1 lf> ihe hoiise. "The adflitional pay )Cil in some of: the standard Indus-j will increase the prisoners' com—•-•' —• release to AUTOMOTIVE AntoBOfeB« A USEUJ. CAR—1» as depeiidable as the dealer >bo sell* It,—Dodge Sales and Service. Tie best place to bny good, dependable ilsed cars. At present • we have a complete IJne of IxMbj open and closed models, priced | to sell, ElHs Motor Ca. 214 North Waahintcton. USElD FARM ANEl CltTY LOANS—Base rate on fartns. cfty 6%. liong or short tfa^. R. M. Cimsingbain. MONEY TO LOAN—Private and eastern mo ney to loan on farins and city pro lerty. Low ' rate. Terms and payment to saitbor- rrw«r. iSWwarl & Funk. CONi;0LEt'.\t RrG3—Cheaper than; evek Ju?t received a big" sh'ip-.•. meiit. Bryson ^urnfture iStore,, Noijth .Jefferson. • USED FURXITURE-^toves, cream separators, farm macpfucry.- Real bnyb. easyi payments. Curtis Bargain Store. LaHarpe. ' 2XDilS \ND HEATING STOVES— Reznors and furuitt re, good as nevT. !cheap. Kelley I Hotel. INSTKUCTIOy Local Insfruction Classes 4» 11 I Radio Equipment A BARG.A.l.\—Victrolal ditibri:" with records. irftJ & Plumbing Co. GOOD USED CARSf-Latc 1926 Chevrolet, coach; tw.• 192.^ Chev- rolnl .coaches: one lf2',J Chevrolet roadster. These can aiic all in bt^t of condition, li. T 1 Barber Gara-ge, 211 Wcstj;tJ_Phone ,1J3. i O.VKLANfi — DtaleFsP- I'b.NTi.VC' —'i't Oakland landaii seiiaii. fine shape: '24 Ford road^er: '22 Ford coupe, good: 'ISj ^ordj coupe, cheap: '24 Ford doupe. ' balloon tires; '22 Hudson se<ian, goo«l sihape: '23 Chevrolet couiic; '21 ENROLI-—With I the new class at! the lola Business College over Evans Stof-e. i Day and night school. PoWitioins secured; LIVE FOR SALE—Pa years old: pa Seeds, Plants, Flowers STOCK .\iiF|ALFA SEED—Best- .Kajosas grown: home prown| orange Oanc i s^el..i Shannon's Hardware. . Ibos^ for I -Baled, ?70-33. 6» (8A in fine con- K. C. Elec- <S Horwst Cattlew Vehicles 48 K.^I^OTA SEED OATS—.At my farm. .lOr per-bushel. C. O. Bol- liTiger. loia. Kans. r work mares. 11 , r work mules. 7"; K.\NOTA SEED O.iTS—Tested. 50c years.old: tWoj:;-year-old heifers: = bn. at farm. '4-miIo e^t Garlylc. some farm machinery. Sam Pyles, j C. W'. Shadwick.r . Mildred. Kans. I K.ANOTA SEED-Oats. .^.Oc bushel; Albert Roue, .Mrs. Frank BaugnessJ Mrs. Anna Simp- Tlie quarter cent ir day wage increase bills for penitentiary con- cars. Cash, termsjor trade. Ho-i on. A.L.Keown. Phone9 ._-2L: ran. Kans. bart-Stecle Motor Co. ^ trials, notably U. S. Steel common, American Smelting and Radio Corporation. Trading, however, turn- j pensafion payable on tour cents la day. :<nd, faces I)art i5<vn and Mrs. S M DIckersou uui»- -„„ t^e ralh, despite a cd at Mrs. C. L. Dk.kerson-'s Tues-j ..^./j," „f ^.„„ „-,„„ey rate; day afternoon. .MlHse.s Mary Ramsey, Florenci\ Lanlz aud Ionise Dickerson called made »' S 'evii Dickerson 's after »cbool lobin '.s i P'j to l?i per cent. spied Kun>us (ity <;raln. . Kansas City, MiU-. 1. lAI')-- Tuesday. liWheai: recel|rts lul cars; 1 to P-..'Several from here attended the • iiighcr: .No. 2 dark hard $1.;!:)'«./ !(>.\lura sale Wedneflda.v. S. .M. andli.:W: .\o. ::. «i :J2 «il.:^; .V". 2 hard a low- + + + + + + from i "> • I ^ 1+ RKALKSTAXr. TRANSFERS + Issued Daily from Office of • .+ • lola Abstract Co; <• ,+ + •ww.V. L. Dickersoir bough the i)Ower ; *1.32'<:f/l.:!S»-j; -.No. ::. iX-M-^-fc 'l.:!7'if .No. 2 reii 11.:!•>''" I'iPi: No. ht i. teum':5. »L2:.frt.:!l 'ifh'M-: .No. ixed 7t»'ii7nc; 71 *» .No. 'i. >oi»; GraMt Simpson boii„^ ,l,'i<tt "-p'-k. Corn »-.; to .l <.-j<r higher: .Vo. 2 TUh.if :i s|M.i1i' \^h<ii .v<ii( fired i c. c. Upard amlM. L. Wvaver white "Kt7;('i!c: .No. .{. .fi7!i '(/n<-: i)i.f yt.i:i-.-lf. Said yjii had to slay i bcug'it cows at Hie Rasmussen sale; No. 2 yellow 7 ' wliCi Maddy." I : I Twnty-one were out to Sunday i 7Jc: .No 2 mi: ! —rr— j" his was ;in iiiifi>rl>ili;ite remark, jifliool at County Line |ast Sumla.v. ;07'-i'f'""c. •CH.XPTER X.XIXL :ui)l. Uonin should have known brt-' H. A Berg called at j.S. .\l. Dick- Oats, 1 lo 2c higher: No. J white Luosienlatiously. Riggs f.\i-r>'\ uii fhai) lo makt it. | erson^s .Sunday l»ut found Steve had ! 464i 49c: No. :!. Hfr47c. Iheir steps to (he shop where the 'Nladelim- Barron turned on him gone to-Neosho Falls. O. W. Beach lyiwn maize $1.12fz 1.22. antique auctions were hehi. wirh p-uick resentment. and family of Flartforil drovf i j^aflr $106'?^1.17. "Come on." Uobin Sears saiil.; •.•.Nothing of the sort:' she said.lin but'when told the fdlk^ were at i j^j .g ss 'Aftfl-OO. Urawinjir away. •.Viijjel insisted she didn't want to'the Falls ihey drove there. , Barley 71'it7Sci "Wait a ^inime. cant yoii? 1 to our this- nft>-rnoon. It looked: .Mr.s .\nna Siinpson' and sons, j Kan.<as f'lty Close: Wheat: .Mav want to see what theyve ou lo- like rain, she said.': i Grant and-Elmpr, spent Sundayj „hj_ .May. new $1.32V«: Julv d.iy- "nitf l<.^k tike rain, too." .\ngel i with Will Simps6n and family near ; $i .27i .i. •'Oh. all rigiu.' and Kiiliiii lit a said saily. (ietermiiied not. to stir; LaHarpe. ' Corn: .May 7 ."Ui ; July 7.'<i4c: cigaret land showe<I no iutere.^i in up a (lisca«sioa. "We both" wanted i Friend.s of the -Albert Pearson t S (»],t. sl'-c. Uthe winidow erhibitv 1 to r*>st. Vow I'm fit asain and' j'aniilj': one time residenis pf this; " —— - "'i say. Robs, there's "uijar "Ks —l dying to dance. Come along. Rob- heighborhood. wjU lie interested tni Kan-^aw t iti" Li»esfofk. m-an .nichaqs, like the niun was' bin. ' . learn of the marriage of the young- j^^n^as t'irv- Via:- 1 tr-iited killed with.' ; 'I'he two went off toward the est daughter. E!!eanor. to William'gj^gj. j^.i^rtiiin t of Agriculture) and Tite Riggs | Jacobs of Los Anjelef. Calif., on ; 'n^g/ g „,jO: fairlj; :ictive. .^c February 6. Hogs higher, mostly to l.ic lii.'c, to ir.c higher •I I'.on't want to look at ii: come daticing room, along; Jite." • drioiined into the' chair the girl va- -".No. I want to look at it. if you u-;ite'.\. don-l. Humor me." Flirt wj;h .Maddy." slie turned , and'the roods In fair shape 'l, can't think what yoit see to hack lo say to him.^ "She wants;crowd of C. C. C. me lookUt in a mess of old junk." to' so home and the'bad. naughty , present at Mrs. El Loc ... . "Valuable antiques; yon mean crowd she! has with her won't A. W. Payne. .Mrjs. H. Mirkley .and ijgjjts up to 112; 210 to 25u pounds Fu .MDv about that dagger. wa.sni agree. Help us out. .Mr. Riggs. Get daughter. Miss Margue ite. were; jii.4oifill.g5: 250 pounds up $11. lu Periihcron stallions. ol<l-enough has. -Franklin^ Mo- SALEOTl TRi \DE—1926 Foard tour ing; 1924 Ford sedan; 1925 Over land sedan;, 1930 Buluk touring 1926 'Chr.vsler "3S" coupe. "Ross, Arl )iK :kle Oarage, Chrysler .\uto- mobiles- Phi^ne .^6. 222 South St ^SED ~. i JERSEY BULL—i.-. months, regis-; SEEDS—Home grown Red Top. t5c , | «»"•-! tered For information see ' or! I'».; home grown Engli.-^h blue '^•"•-i write H. .1. Denton. Colon.v. Kans .i gra.s.s, lb. See ii.'^ for all kinds ing: ' • , of fielll seeds. Allen County fm- i. Ross. Poultry and Supplies 49! nlement Co. I fielfl plcmept Co. -Choice White Leg- ! Wanted—To Buy M CAP I B-ARGAINS — 1926 Chrysler "TO" roaastcr: 1024 Ford| n;;'^^;,,. coupe: Maxwell sedan; several! BABY CHICKS ,-~^[ horn, from! heaviest, laying strain.' Phone 955 F :5 evenings. Edward ADDINf! MACHI.NK-Want to buy Thursday being a beautiful day ^^^^ Monday's average; .stock pigs ipe a largelstead'v-$11.75i?il2.50: top $12 on ibers were to 160 pounds: dejiirable 170 ijart's. -Mrsllto 190 pounds S11.70frll.,S5: light February 28, 1927. (!<rrit Smith and Mary Caldwell Smith hijt wife to Karl McDonaJd jSmllh. Stnall tract in Reserve 2 .N'o • " l''n East bUnk or river in Humboldt •$1.IMI. ; Anna C. PouLsou and C. 0., her husband to B. W. Curtis and .Mary K. \). Curtis, lots 7 anil S. block i 14 and lot S and W. lo ft .jifrlot '». I.].), k 40. Humboldt, Jl.W. , • Charlotte H. States and G. N.. lur husband, to Jolin F. and I»r- raine Hender.soh. lots 1. 2, 3. block 1. Sunnyside .Add. to tola. $1.00. 1. C. ciirry and Eva Curry his wifv to Samnel Matney and Lil- iai -llatnty his wife, lots 1, 2, 3, 14. 15, Ifi. block 21. Overstreeis ;n< Adxi. t .i (ias C'itv. $1.00. Frank H. Frase and 'wife -Min- :iie E.. .to AUie Crews, lots i. ?,..A. •>. s. in block 10. Taylor's IsL .AiM. to VM9 VMy. Sl.f*0. j EUzabetji E. Simpson, widow of 1.. \\ Simpson to C. -A. Dickinson. Indj 4 ihterest in 0.71 acre on East[ line l4-21-2«/ and being 3092.7 ft. South Of XE. Cor. and 30 ft. wesij. $i .orA Ford ton rings. .Marr Auto Supply . y^Uy CHICKS State Accredited. Co., Puick Dealers. • j j ; Brooders, fijuntains and mash hop- 1925 FORD TOURING—New Jircs. i pers. Custom hatching. Ic per ROfMl idding n»achine. The R. L. Thorn i^Kon Agency. TARP.lULLV-Or PhonH .970F2L wason eovicr; original finish, nice shape. Boyer; egg. We .Motor Co.. 212 S. .left. Rhone 2^-. \ prices on 1926~ SEl)A.N--Ford tit'dor. balloon i . , „^ . fires. 2ini-affic.illv new Firestone the ad Wednesday and Thursday. are having special . hicks and poultry supplies the 4th and ".th. Watch for Rooms Without' Board \ 68 nracticallv new Firestone the ad Wednesday and rnursnay. i_j :— ; 1— ballooni: upholst'ering good: or-; -Sturdy Chl^k llatcr .er .v. 220 West SLEE^fNG imC /M-F^ront expos- .Iginal Hinisb; goo<I mechantolly. street. i ure. HQS W. .facksoiu_Phonc 8S.>, Guaranteed. .McCarthy .Motor Co.. 212 South Wasljington. Phone S!)'?. 1927 PONTLAC COUPE—This car is EGGS—Single com6 Island ', REAlL ESTATE FOR RENT Red,setting egg-s. Phone S6:i-4. j- Hke new'and ^is fully equipped. EOGS-Barred rocks. *::.0.. per "7J7r^MpvT-4 ITobart-^teele .Motor Co. . Mile north LaHarpe.. K. Peet. ; ^l^^!^^^ Apartments an'd Flats it? Sold the very night your fa- her a new sheik or buy her a doll; euest.s. A quill Was quitted on and ther was in here.. Wish it had or something!" i blocks of a wool comfbrt pieced, been :Whi !e he was here. With his The paii went off. laughing, and . Roll call wa.s "Wasbingtonian'" in keen police of anything of the sort, j Riggs gazed after the lovely vision. \ character. A delicious lunch was be might have remembered what; 'How did. I hey know enough to served by Mrs. liockart assisted by th" inan looked like w.i > bought | nam" that girl .Angel?" he .said.: Mrs. Clem Kivett and her daugh- i' •• I " 1 "->u'i Angel FatiJ, of all thiugs." ^ | tors, Mrs. Gay ftendrii and .Miss •But he didn 't,", the hoy almost' "Vesj it just Isuits her."' and; jjiU Lockart. The next meeting Then he went on. earn-; .Madeliile Barron^ looked affection-; will be March Ip at the home of proincd.- cstly. l'Yo:i sec. Tite. dad <ame lately aflor her friend.' "They Roll call win @lli3a: packing sows $10!alu.5o. . Cattle 9.500: calves l.ono; fed steel's, she stock aAd bulla steady; quality of fed steers offered, me-^ dimn to good; heavies scarce: Tcalors and weighty calves steady to 50c lower: stockers and feeders scarce, firm: good heavy steers *ll ..'iO: l ..1!i2 pound Colo- .Mr'. Joe Gregory. Roll call will rados $U,2.'): bulk mit loi'g before that jigger was put i couldn't help ihi''Fair,' of course, j be 'Fttnny StorieK." ; dium weight steer: up and he was up and down the and it was clever to add the other.; - Shapel's machlino. is - threshing ual veal top $12. boardwalk all the rest of the time I Though, as she was christened i kafir corn in •his neighfcterhood "Sheep »,0«X): lui^ibs till he", went home to bed." Angelica—" '' ' | this week. Correll. Pwrris.'Boone. higher; top $14.6: "Ye* if know. I was only wish- "All the siime. tiiey must have and Koown bavi^ finished. shlpmeiits at that IhJrultd Chicago. .March Wheal: .May $1.40% 'o 'A %\.?,Vn to '4: Sept. $131'j. light and mc- $S!?ilo; practi-> with price: to .".i >c several others in'. He might have given us k known,she .was to be called An«?l.; Clifton Dlckerjfon 'herpt-d Will! t ,14.2r.ff<,14..-.0! odd iots sheep steady stif-r" ' . ; ; She ioAks like a doll. Aud by thatiyarner put up feed two da.vs |thi» I best feeders $U .10| "Not he. Dad has an eye foi; I mean no di.--i>aragenienf. The week. "I ' ' good iiiece.s. (but that tin fiiabbir, d'dls of i.iday are ofteii more like- j .Mrs. .lulia Atino has a severe •.ifiiuldn'i rh 'old hlt\t for » riiiniite" like than some hiitniin'Iteihgr." i cold and .MUs. Albert Rose .sat up ^ • Oh rvonie jiow. It wain'i f.n I Rirci li »d no ihoiight [ils. mind ! wlih her WrdncBHay-nlght. Iiiol save jin iiiii-nf to amuse or divert : Several irnm here attended the "Ve: itt was. Dad said so afier-; Madeline, who certainly did look; play, "Deai^on D^bbs" given at liv- ! hiid I ailed "Weedy.•• as ever. perfectly {Grain. 1. (API -Close: July July ,. , .. Corn: .May 7S'*i to '«( ; Hard He kn-w all alioui It. Hiii ^ what Robliij had < ailed "tteedy." | dian ffreek Hchool house- Wednes-: to T;c: Sept. SiJc. l4i "U HiM knows all such things, as ; Beautiful! as ever. I perfectly ' day night. It wait a vnry crmllttible ; Oals: .May 46T »c; ! .luly ' 47ii »c; you ami 1 know jazz ihiisli-." i d reused a.H always, she had a n-w ' performance and! the youngr people isepL ISVac. • , | 'I walvo the palm to ysu In that j look in her eyes..a sort of rest-1 deserve tjie plaud'itM of Ihelrj Rye: .May $l .or,i.i to ."s,; July itiatii r. lUibtii, ; Where. wen .%oii i Icssncss ihiit he had never seen friends. Tlie roiids were frightful! Jl.olH : Sept. 99Sic thai f.iglit?" ,ilure tielore. ,\nd llieii. lo . his and when the mqmbers of th"-caif' •Daniitig Willi AnK'l In 'lie Ma- aniazenienl. she spoke jwith real }Wcnt to practice jii ;'.ac :a, :()h. RisgM. that girl dances pcitistiiiess: j i in the mud mau^ llkr 11. !' "Don't harp on dolls; jTlie werld j tors frozen. cars were Istallcd. tlines and radia- 'Liii'-Ui lhi-tle<h»wn. a wave i>f seems: mad on tin) sul)jej!t!' j .Mr. and Mrs. .lohn Turnct were G«jo. W. .Aunt to C in block 1 Hegs and wMfe Doris, E. Hess, lots 11 and 12. .fohes Add. to lola.' Chester E; Bird and wife, Faye L.. to Elmer H. Gorrell. W. Vz of W. ^ of SE. M of SE. '4 ..36-21-13. Id acres, .jfl.oo. ; ANNOUNCEMENTS Strayed, Lost, Fonad le K.N G I L ISH BULL DOG— I -ost; brin- dlc .l wearuiB collar, name "Jlggs." .\nyoae having information please calliS :!4 or 914W,, GUVSSES-j-Rimless nose glasses Finder please leave at lu case. Kcslster office. Reward. M'ST Thjirsday evening between, lol.n and 'Bayard, a 12-volt Exide lorsigi- liaii^ery. Find'jr idease l'«av'> at tfco. Hiser's Auto Rppair S'loji. lol^.i, and rccehrc reward. ANjjoyNCEMENTO, Strayed* Lest. Found 10 \VR1.S.T Swffs. jo.-jt. n 'ATCH — White gold Ri !»:ard if returned . < hirairo H»p»fi>rk. Chicago. .Mar. 1. .United^ ' JlUSSSJ^tlAJL,- Department of Agriculture)- II OKS j lATTrTfriNCl 20,000; early trade mo.itly li» loj l.'< < /tuv ,x .ivi ^o. A M U OIS l«A the -ca' .gos.Mamcr-winged talry.! "Don 't vou like ithem? 1 That set- guests at W. M. Varncr's Tuesday, hjgher; top $12.2.i: bulk 210 to|300 a_' • 'H.' S it , Htrv Angel's other; .Mrs. Cetia: DlckerBpn Is quite [ ,,.,^„nd butcher.-? $ll .r.0ffrll.9n; bulk •Oh shiil III., girls don't danceliiit of advico an«f find yoiiVsome-j prwrly again. packing sows J10.50@10.75; few niG iSTORAGE SALE — Scheduled - •• • • ' " "pd Mrs.lgood to choice strong weight for \Vednek«la.v. March 2. at Bishop n Mrs., slaughter pigs J11.90TtUni0: | Salet Pavilion has been postponed Hello. Pel-' .Mrs. ESnraa Knowlton av ! 'Margaret Coffey i called on like llial powaday.s. She duntc-s j I HM I V i>ew to flirt With. like—oh. vjeW. like most all of,'em } ton. lome OV'T hero." . „ - . do • Only its -uicer to dance with 1 Laughing at .Ma:lelin. 's sudden! Gena Dickerson] and at A. ^ her tlia'n the others!" i ! start. Riggs motioned D in, Pelton. iKcown's Sunday [afternoon. "Whai time did you turn in ••". who chanced to be pas dug. to a; .Mrs. Anna Sli^psoni and G^nt ".Mv word: Is this an inquiry i chair at their ted table asd nodded}and Elmer Sfmp.son vfefted at w in meeljugl? 'I^oug about one. I gues.s.' to a waiter. j Simpson 's near IUHarpe_ Sunday. -Not ranch later anyway.. We're not; The mail was. an utte • stranger the real thing in-night cli)b work.' "to Jior. -She braced tip and smiledjto move h,ere to the frauK aaug- vou scs. .Madeline wouldn't stand I ciH -iiiallv when he was presented.! ess farniysoon. They haye.been for it iShe's conservative and cor-: .And then t!ie observant Tite saw ' living in .Norton, nounty. : ; . Verden Rose aind family! expect red. fi^si. last, and all he nine.'.' ••-Mishty fine woman. 11. you're not jniuch good; Robbie, as S helper on the great problem.' ".No. a queer lr«k (;cnie into eyes. It passed in a.moment ly that R' doubted i I say. Tite, whyi il. ."r you ' there at a31, ant. he thought after-, ^ i' __i_L_ '.ward, thei-e was crtainlv a sur-j \ ~ ~ \ ; prise of some kind' t^ai •'o.roughi j lOLA HIDE, FUR & Vv OOL ! about that expression, f ^ ' j C0MP4NYJ i Pe'ton appeared to better advan-j Get onr prices on- i '^an RiRfs .had hitherto sfcen ; ' him. and Madeline revived under Peltun.s Mrs. R. -A. -N iKirk spent the -so quick- 1 with Mrs. 4iad been Dorothea. S. .M. Dickersisn. and jchols, Paul' ;and dav Wednesday in>lcif<nitelK heavyweight hogs $11.40^11170; medium $1L35@12.15; light $l|t.70 I . «il2.2.-.: light light $ll .aOft 12.-2.';: I PUBLIC AliCTIO.N—Public Auction packing sows $10.25Tilu.yo;'sltnigh-• every S^urday at 1:00 o'clock at ter pigs $11.4«ft 12.20. 1 Bishop's Sales Pavilion. cattle 9.000: all killing classes! stead • .m h?av: 1 U.1- ^ ^•''''^^ DATES-If ,>-ou ocks: yearlings 512: most | fat J '^'}^^''^}^ ^^y''''}}^^^ steers $9.25fill: she stock active: bulk fat cows $6 'fr .7; heifers 17 .25 1IS ..10; medium bulls JS.GSiffe.aO: vealers $10 .50 'R12 to packers; outsiders $14Ti .l.x ou are employ an auctioneer, write E. E. Hall at Bayard. Kans;. or telephone 6:?2 .j KIncaid. at my expense, .viy referetice is my work in the sale =i. ; , , HUD WHITE MOTOR CO, HUDSON-ESSEX DEALER— , RUK'K. 2 1920 Roadsters, cheap. I noPGE. 1926 ROADSTER. , DODGK. 192.-. Coach, like new. DODGE. 192r> COUPE.. E3SE-X. 2 1926 "six" Coaches. ESSEX. 192:; "four" Cabriolet. ESSEX. 1921 'foiir" Touring. FORD, 2 1925 Tudor Sedaiis. FORD* 2- 1923 COUPES. FORD; 1925* ROADSTER. FORD. Z 1921 TOURLNGS' HUDSON. 1925 CO.ACH. HUDSON. 19'J6 BEOUGHA-M- HUDSO.N. 1921 7-pab8. Sedan. OVERL.VND, 2 1924 TOURINGS. •STUDEBAKER, 1926 standard ! Sedan. | .STUDEBAKER, 1923 special Roadster. We Trade Or Sell On Easy Terms. EGGS--Purfc bred BtUf Roc'ti eggs for settins ."iOc per setting. Phone I 962-::. Chds. .May. EG(r? -For bred R. 1. .Mrs. G. G 'close i ill. rooms, - modern, nook, first floor. Phone mow. ^ Houses for Rent 77 — t'OTT.AGE—For rent, fmir rooms. hatching from piire-• pgrtlv hiodern. Piioue I'TW. Red stock :$•"!: per loi>-; ^ — E-NGLISH High prod cockerels T)ick. LaHarpe. Kaus. HOU3E-f-One acre, -.-^ome frnit. • • Curtis Bargain Stored LaHarpe.'- ftTHTE LEGHOFLN-S— _ L-i — —. icing hens mated vwith ! H0USE -r6 room, partly modem, from' St. John's best Call :it !216 .North First. pedigreed faatings up to 307 eggs.' . . J. Chicks. $li>' hundred; eggs. $5 hun- »»^'S.H.-7-S:x _ dred. delivered. Real mone.v. inak- . Cunningham. ^ ^_ ers. Write JL'. H. Hastings. Thayei-, • j^Qj.gj.,_- ^^^^^ modern.-furnish- Kansas. - : ed. Rc|n.r cheap: 112 3. Third. HIGHEST MARKET— Prices PaWlHOUSEi-S room, 'good ..condition, for cream, eggs and : poulOry., ' „,ortern. garage and gar- Our truck aiid chicken coops .are. -^^^ - p^„^ at your service to pick up poul- j rooin modern. R. -M. try. Barker Produce Co- Pho. 658.; T HREK R00.M HOUSE—Electric • 1 — ~r—; ; light»7 city-^water. located at 50S' LNCUBATOR-3:.0-egg capacity. In-; ggoth Chestnnt. See M. A Schltek. .quire 224 N. Jefferson. _ | . - . . —==•• ^ ^— REAli ESTATE FOR SALt , tarms and Land for Sal« ; 80 ; .NONE BETITER —Start your baby | '! chicks on Thos. Southard Starting ; i and Growing ButtcrmilJc - Chick ;. • Pnddin. for sale at your grocery ; 160 .ACRES—Improved, near lola. • or R. C. McKinney Feed Store. R. .M. Cunningham. PULLETS-rPure bred White Leg' horn piiHets; some roosi^ra. • tlonses for Sale 8( Phone .97Dl!!2. t COTT-AGI-;— -Nice 1 room, on paived street: •QUALITY ^LECTRIC H.ATCHERY.I ^rbucM <;as City, Kans. Custom hatching.; will exchange for utoclt. t Heal Estale; . ::c peregi!or5c per chick. R"»>ylnoi'SH ^..X..^ • chirks, hetvy breed; $12 iper I 'Xi; i .,;,ri, ,iv. 19 S. WASH. PHONE IW: nj^ht breeds. W'.^ pcn IW. ' s. Kir;: Wifit«tf^Lf>«sti >fir~ r.>oiii:<,, liiie condition; p'eierii: f.riceii right. 2,09 .Minesiic'er. F'ho. 662J: 60 Au'lo Acwssorfci, T I TSS , PlwU W; COWS-W:Jiii to buy a few cmd j ff^N." ; •• ---• |. milk fOw.<i good bunch of xheep, i Brown y. iVRECKING— Nash six;; JoneS slxi OldsmoWlc eight. Tlrc«. tised parts, batteries. lola Wrecking Co. i Phone 782. "BUSINESS SERVICE some good brood sows or sboats. C. U. Ken^ Colony. HOUSE ble sar Bosiaess SerricM Oifer«d IS i: WANTED TO Btrr—All kinds cat-{ Rcntbcr tie and bp^s. JJ. C. .Butcher. MBkHANOliiE ri>«>nf inrWern. with J;ii :kst.lK Ilcaliy Co.. over Drug Stor<'. j Five room • modern, oou- ige. good location. JOBS SaburiHin for HnHs 87 Articles for Sala FARMERS ATTENTION .— Plow j-- ^, w-ork of all kinds. Disc harrows | B .4 RGAIN $ i — Trunks, siiarpened. 61 SUBURBAN fJARGAl."s: 112 acre.-? on A. P. highway, adji^ining La- I Marpe. attractive impifovements. . , traveling (ruit.. tdioicest suburban location Blacksmlthins. wood} suit «ses. tents, ^farpan^^^^^^^ ^^ ^„,|„ ^„„^,y_ p^j^^,, ,^ for quick sale. Might take, part- trade. I Also forty acre."?' rich soil, well iniproved. on gravef road, immediate possesiibn; this is a sn:fp. [work and'general'repairing. 3011 and all caimp goods. Henninger^s South St. C- C. McCarty gc. Son. VoTfng-f TmcklBg, Storage Flurniture [Store. GOHR TRANSFER CO.—Packing, storage, fdn^ distance^ hanUnc- ReswmaMe rates. Phone '140. 85,cnU .NK WOOD— For sale; $'2ii6 In timber or :$3.25 delivered. A^ J. Swinford. ! Phone 51S. \__ Baslness and OfBco Eanlpmeat; H FrafcOTloBal Serrfces: Hendei^sbn or 228.i i Realty Co. Phone 6 .TValnled—Real Estate 8.9 SURGERY —Medicine. X-ray. P.. Lenskl. Phones: offiee. 886; residence. 1126W. 28 ; TTPEWRITERS FOR SALE.—itent . at trade.'. 11 Adding machines, any ; HOUSE^Five or si.\ room moderg. Dr.; niake. Ptibllc stenographer,,; no-; within seven blocks OE square; tiry and Imnltigraph work done. | give price and locatioii. P.~ O.. Room 10-11. over Globe Clothiers.- Box 2ri6; lola.-Kans. j : irRF.rKT.E5 AND HIS FRIENDS /uub Op soi»\& NwoRi< iw we POP DIPNT EXPECT PIM TO SAY TttAT! j^, . DOP7BLOAAE7& AAMEAiTVoO BYBLOSSER h POULTRY A>'D EGGS TVe win eoBte after poaltry. ' Ml e„ ini.?« ^' "^^^^Ihnn. fn-' She was beautiful in jnSo.j01do JP^""" opposite way from Aug ssaggg^gggg ; -Ned Barron's Wife his complim,ents aiid seemed al- I mosr gay again.' an almost d. Was • dark. r'WiriSIVA'Nr'Q •MAKK'F'Ti"''^''"''*'*'""^''' browtl-ev-eil. Her , UKUilNWAJT^, O iUAIS.n.lli 1 i jiai^ showed the newest thing in We pay tHe following; nrlcesi , bobs and her clothes were inc-r FancyJBglps Z — P • ••'Pn "ou^. so perfectly did r' -,- doni- , inate them bv her own personal-^ Vivacloiis. yet quiet, charmiijg—: hiring evea-, reserved. \ . Somehow .Riggs found, hiufselrf comparing her to Carmelita Valdon. whom he also admired. ' Bu^ Titus Riggs's admiration of wome'n was entirely sriperficial. .He regarded thpm ,-is pictures.. ni «ri- '. pi^u,s' or otBerwlsey oni>' jaiJB tbey ^ejuedfbis " "' >o. I Eitgrs ——. -L .-.-lso S -o. 2 tms -1. L Tr.e Chpcks and Dinr t-f^— Hens -J He to SpringsU-i.-- „-15e to I8r Yopng 4nd Old Cocks ..I3e Creeii B|des . — ' 6c Horse Hides ....$84)0 J. F. Grennan Produce^ M Vbluoe awr film Co.

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