The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on February 6, 1892 · Page 2
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 2

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 6, 1892
Page 2
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Tlw Postville Weekly Reiiew. 'itmttttium, BATDAY, __,B. e. W. K. BTjRDIOX, Editor. fit election Hewitt Geo witness district court Hansel Herman witness district court Hagrincier Rcka witness district court Hart W S witness district coort.. HcfTerman Joseph trustee fees... Ilantey Jno trustee foes Hagcd H O justice fees. Inltred at the postofficc at PoiMllt as »*cond-cla»* tnatler. TARITT TACTICS. AMD now the Cetlar Rapids Republican coma* out in entire new <lre»i. It, !m always boon A good paper bnt Hi beauty it now more apparent lo "tho naked uye" than ever before. May success eontinno to camp round nbont the Republican. WE would ask tho St. Paul Globe | And other brethroti of lb* democratic faith, Who say tllAt it WOttld be ttaalose Hmiey"'jno jr' witness liist'rici to formulate »• entire new tariff law iif r T; ViwiineMdi's'tiicicou'r't: because tho senate would kill It, what \\^ r \? k %^Z^.. 7. heller chance thoy have by Attacking \\^'^'^'SS^'^& 6 wJtncxs district Hartley Chas witnes* court It a nicy jno trustcn torn. Hartley Walt witness court , Howard & Corman cleaning and repairing homes at conn home and jail. district dUtrlci U it woniUrlttl turn* polftmi tba McKtnlay Uw In lectiotti. If any .court. . Howard C rill (011101117161 gnch modified section ihould happen to court tako. In 1890 the democrats went run the g.ttnlLt of lhn .01 ato il i< .uro ilolrUmVnTno'ir "tV c fc'o 's Harmony lnd Dial room rent for election. and political parties tako. In 1890 the < bofore the country on the assumption I to come up mending against the alone I Thov know "««" f"" 1 "n«tec f«s incy know |, ovcr j Dr w tness district ponrl that (ho McKlnley bill was from first to wall of lion. Hnrrl»o» latt a "robber tarifT'that would del- thero Is absolutely no chanco lo change »»««'«i.. witness district co 0 „ poll the country and bankrupt the peo- one jot or tittle of that law while there nV ^^Ur^YoV pie. AUhat lime before tho ..w tar- i* A republiean ..nate or .dmlnl.trA- II&K Msta't^e;,,™, Iff bad gone intocftecl. there was noth- tiorii , mI ,„ b„ consistent on their "u.e- n^n'ottobailiff ; HI.VH«; Ing lo go before the people with except ,„.,, dod u ,,,_„,„ 'ffi^tWltfffig?. theories, yet the.o were ...IB- , bollt thrf tariff during ihl. ....ion of "^''"""^"''".r- clont to scare the people .o tl.Al iu that mngrf „. lt on , proposll , orj ultUii Jiffi "JTJSSZ SK,',^;, year the eongrc... which At that time lb , ol ,„ r , or Springer i.l.a I. absurd. had a smnll republican majority, wa. i • i Howard c o jumbci for poor turned ovt>r It woiihl .com to lb* democrat, by a T|,K Rook ford Register .ay. that the ji r "n?lck V'B ^n«nB c'ommis. tvalorltv of 1*0. 'it that P'>»tville HBVIEW i. thu only republican n^Jd^nboardfor pa'„ P cr::: it ejouty oi ieo. t„ .1,1. miitrruaainnal ilietrlad. that Iron Wm trustee fees such A landslide would bAve »o .mbold- V*\ M congressional tunnel mat Jncoblon M r , otl! i lu „, for poor - 1 - * i-n.i fgnn Johnson S I) witness diilrtcl court Johnson N L room rent for election ,. . . .i . .i ._ ! ,i , i fohtlion Kobt IruMcc fees Hint is that the REVIEW is the only Johnson J S Itcpalrinit furnace favors tho repeal of state-wide prohibition by the preiont legislature. If this cued tho democrats' that when the no congress n.seinbled Ihoy would have come to the front with an entire new | U true it only proro. on. thing, and bill that would not hare left a veslign ot tho McKlnley "tnonslrosltv." Hut republiean paper in the district. The , 0 iron ,0 G™woVk )n "n\;r «rr« 5 oo 4 5° 5 «> 4 30 5 «5 5 2 ,} 8 15 9 00 S 00 5 ;s B 05 8 05 9 00 3 <*> 4 75 1 y a 00 5 V a 00 8 00 S 00 41 00 41 00 ? 7S 6 15 J »5 11 00 9 as «75 6 IS 3 as 33 00 9 as 6 75 6 75 4 50 11 17 10 00 4 Jo ia 17 9 00 4 CO 11 OO It OO 6 00 3 00 11 00 11 00 1 35 6 00 97 00 96 CO » 3t 48 00 I 50 a 34 48 00 1 50 14 50 37 00 4 50 a 45 a 35 14 50 37 00 4 I" a 45 a 35 94 07 9t «7 4a 00 n 43 11 00 4a CO ia 41 11 00 ao *7 ao 47 4 SO 4 30 3 00 It 00 S 00 II 00 as oa as 01 paupers Schellttnldt M R wltntss justice court Shephard Win assistant clerk of election. Scbntte W F witness district court Sadd Frank witness disrrlct court Htoinbsch Lewis trustee fees Smith Jno assistant clerk of election Savstrt Uarollne witness district court Smith Jackaon township clerk... Schwartaholf A* Justice court Sehulre W F constable fees Stllwell II H attorney fees Sweeney ft Haas Ihreshlne; poor farm Strock D insane commissioner.. Stllwell C S Insurance poor farm Thorson Iver trustee fees Torry S D clerk fees Tartt O C assistant clerk ot election Thompson Thos witness district court fuller F W constable fees Tuller F W constable feea Tuller F W constable fees , Uejcm Jno T carina for paupers. Wetael F H township clerk Webrr Wm witness justice court Whalen Patrick trustee fees Williama F attending pauper Weymiller Lewis witness district court Worth Mrs David witness Insane case Walker U It Mrs witness district court Widmeier A J witness district court Winter H D witness district court Wcnis; Joseph witness justice court. Worth Henry witness Insane case Worth Fled witness Insane case Wheeler A F clerk fees Welcrmlllcr Chas witness district court. Walker Tlutn witness district court Water Michael witness district court Williams Andrew olerk fees Woolstrom Lyman witness dis* trict court 3 10 I vt 4 00 4 3" * 95 9 00 760 ia 00 to I 80 ao aa 6 00 35 00 ia as >7 oe 5 » 6 IS 3 I" I ao 4 00 4 30 8 95 8 as 4 50 760 • a 00 60 II ao as 00 ao aa f, 00 35 00 ia 00 17 00 5 00 6 1 4 00 rejectei 4 00 defer'd Webb Henry trustee fees Wittlinger Mas witness district court Witllln^er Max witness grand note the fuels': The democratic caucus otlisrs bsarlng that name are merely ' county for i8». 91 i, 00 ha. rieolilmtto present no tariff bill to prohibition papors, placing that local Kemlie 1 HiJiWeVfoV'p.Jpi'r 'i J 5 Ti .npnrcetlo tho MoKinloy tariff, but only l.suo abovo tho republican party. We KoW'SKilSV '&^i to propose aniomlineute as to a fow are froo to ssy that wo do not. How Ke^TAn'.irew'cicrkfco; articles, on lite two-'old plea that long should we have a republican party K'diard witness district there I. not time to frame, discus, ami if it was to be determined by local Kiiion Jno witnessViiaiVicV coiri enact a complete bill, antl further Hint measures In every state, like problbl- Kci'ity' "i-atrkk°w'ltnc'ss'' district ths senate u.iug republican and the lion in Iowa, the ..aching of English in KeTy'riti'ic'kVr'u'siee 'feev president being al.o opposed to "tariff the .chool., tho pronnncia- K " c " 0, „" M '" r ,iu,rlcl reform." thero would bo no hopo of mentos of tho farmers' alliance in Kin- Ka5 s° r tmma witness tiisuic't * . . , court tunnlne a radical chancre In tho law ne.otn, tno Dakota, aad Kansas, and Kumpf Fiod witness justice court V " _ ... , , Kellly Patrick trustee fees,, anyway! something olse in the other itato.P Kconan"' Did anybody erer hear of such a When the national convention moets "farm, stagger at consistency? Hcr», from and promulgate.. Its platform that i. ^'eig y e, P;, iilm, ,U wHne ,r di.'.rici tbolr standpoint, is an entire nation what decide, republicanism, and i. Ke^nd!,.uppiie,i„r,,auoe being robbed and plundered by an Alone what tho party should be bound Krciitcr Henry supplies poor far Iniquitous tariff. n " J • • •made the peoplu beliovo this thoy (ihe j add to or subtract from that platform I tico fees I Lcppcrt Andrew slock kilted by do >crs poor faun people) had alrnosl wlpod out the thnu a county convention or a town bollerersln McKlnley In congr.s., antl caneu. h... We are either republican, fcgj; j^^.XS 'cou^" placed there a party pledged to immo- on national Issues, asi.e from any of L V n o d m7.. A .. N !.. W . i,n .T... di .' , . ,i ?! diately undo the criminal acts of the thoso ono Idea isms, or we are not Lone HP witues^djstH« court.. uaiH to the full extent of their republicans at all. That U the long Lahcy Dan\vitncss Jtstrict comt 8 11 00 6 75 4 00 13 80 6 75 3 00 7 » 7 *> 70 4 00 8 00 I 75 1 00 4 50 56 00 13 8s 4 50 4 50 IS 00 6 33 3 03 and the short ot it. Tho greater KStandoMcf Lninbom li 11 cleik fees. "crk fees. ? 75 8 30 3 3° 10 83 3 75 bo 31 50 09 1 35 republicaiH Ability. Willi their pledge, it matter other house or of the administratlen. Includi and absorb the greater. This fceus'SjntUiiw'tnos^j'uVi'cncotiri The people hatl not yet had an oppor- is no mor. true In m.thcmatlc. than in tunity to pnss on thusn. But it became politics. briduc.... ... , , . , ., , . , Mooro Martin witness district the imparatire duty of the house, which _ • •> court 1 , , , 1 . 1 , THH SCHMIDT BILL Miner! J II shcriir fees hoarding had been made almost unanimously 1 nmu. prisoners *c ... 4 «, u, democratic on this Issue nlono, lo frame . . ~~ M cfcrk l oV l r?iorHo" ln n " l, "' , " Hud pass a bill whiclt the democratic party approves, and on .._ v eould go before the country ou Ibis year, ''"P 1 * om " minor ameudmoots, is liable Manlo'irj'tm "a'ssVatnnt"cicrk "of •>«»l.«y<IM l«« y.M-« ago, only this lo U anylhing is passed oa tho MciS»i«Bdc>Vk - f« time iliowlni; the people what thoy do ' i( l ,lor (juestlon, it is proper that the MMVIIIOB witnosa district court •* *' J ^1 ti,.. . Moure Martin witness district want instead of showing thorn what P 00 P'e should know Its provisions. court ikey do not want. T » 18 Mlmioipolls Trlbuno giro, the fol- M ™ 1 « a, . < !. , S I..—I.... ...„,....!,, „# ,1.. UIll n,,,,!!!!..,. Mooney Jno trustee feus.. niOtiilieil May A M*Cu publishlnic notice by the democratic caucus. If those are „ for W! r .V r ' ,.','. " Metcalf <., W publisliiuf; notice As tho above bill is now before the -7vi 1, .i, n „ I Iowa legislature, and as II, with per- 1 McNairKht'on wit assistant cicrk WBICIl uiuy " I ot election McNiuigliton W K witness district court. witness district should know The Mlnnotpolls Tribune gives tliv fol Bnt bora is tho rub. It is a groat {"whig synopsis of tho bill as tloal oasler to antagonb.e nxlillng con ditloiu than to defend now ami untried Provision, of the bill II is far less ^^,7 witnes, R ra.,d jury ones; anJ especially so after tko oltl oU jeeUouaolo than the proposition of M " !lon|oIi j " """'""nt clerk of conditions have been testod Just long tll ° ''"raocrattc platform, as according "i»ct...... enough to prove thoir soundness and 10 tll " t lho y^ole of the fSOO would go Invulnerability, as is now tho case wilb to wbilo under this bill the McKlnley law. This is just tho til- ""'J 9m.0D goes to the oouut.v and tho lemma In which our dtimoeratic friends b "l»nce to Ilia corporation. ' in congress IIml themsolves to-day. A little more than a year ago tar'fT Ingls 81 11 8 00 3 75 5 75 5 00 4 50 8 00 7 "0 3 83 7 0° 19 00 6 60 1 60 5 50 8 15 As lt now I stands wo boliovo it i. as fair a lic.use bill a. can bo prei.ntod: Maxwell 11 N witness district court • Modary T C & Son publishing proceedings &c a 4 6 43 Meier August hauling dirt nround court houso 6 00 Medary E V witness district court 3 10 McKco Geo witness district court 3 93 Muilally Kubt assistant clerk of election Manko Win Jr witness district court , L "A .o.cial alectlou uav be htild on Modary F.d I'bailiff district court lion wa. a theory antl an experiment, ,1,,. „„,;.,i.,,. _» ,.».„,i,,,/„„» ,„ Manko Tina witness district court ... . 1 , 0 < l u * ,Uo " 01 , grailtillg or M od„ry K E assistant clerk of and for tho time b.lng an extensive ox- license upon petition of one-fifth of the flection... porlnient to tho party, a. voter, of any city or incorporated town, would nov democratic any radical tihango would now prove 01 of the petition of a oouuty outside of „ J . . ,, , ' cities and incorporated towns, no other disastrous to tho democatlc patty. qUMlIon being voted ou at tho same Honee they daro not now milngonize oleoliou. The license foe cannot be tho MoKinloy law as a wholo, because than WOO a yoar, payable quarter.. >. 1 tt.1 m „.,„..t, ut™i, 'y in »<lvance. and is tobo granted by tho evitlonoo 1* piled mountain high, t j 1(J (||()tl ., ot omiri u » oof ()f t , J and 1. .0 plain that "tho wayfaring o. 00l | mo ial charAoter of the applicant, man though a fool need not orr there- Of this S12i, in oaso it i. granted in a in," to provo that as a whole it.l. the ^ or Incorporated town, goes into , ' ' V». „ ...j u..,.' .„„ the general fund of the county, and the bait tariff law the United Slate, ever ba \» mt lBl0 lll0 g , n , r ,| , u f lU of thB had; and under It prloo. are not higher, municipally. When granted not in but lower thau over boforo, a. any ono eny Incorporated town or city, it will .an demou.trate. Under U comm.reo %ftft*^^%£r& has boon .llmulatod as tiovor before, j a j. „( jjacouiber. Selling to minora, And undor it nil tho industries of the luloxlonted person, or habTlual drunk- oounlrr aro being devolopod as never »rds i. puuishablo by a fine not exceed.„ „ , 111 „ .1,1. »„> lng $100 or Impri.oimienl la the eounty before. All that republican, ask is for ^ nol „ oe „| ing 30 u , y(|i Auy p „/. their opponents to niako a smtare issue again.t the McKlnley law by j>resent­ ing one to their own liking. But Ihl. they daro not and will not do. They will unako a feint of attacking' til. tariff ou wool, tin pinto antl perhaps a fow other things, knowing that thoy are impotent to ohango oua jet or tittle of the prosont law, but thoy will not show thoir hand as thoy promtaod lo do and aa the people demanded that they .hould do when they gave thorn thalr suffrages. The faut is apparent that the leader, know that their position ha. all the time beon a deeeptlou aud a fraud, ami now their ouly salvation is to hedge and evade action until after the next election, at which both president and congress will be elected. The appear a»u- ea indicate that there will b'e a. great a tevelullon next (all as thero WAS two year, ago, but in the opposite direetloa. IT ia stated that It 1. not likely any legislation will be attempted en the liquor question until after the republican atate convention oonvonea, March 17th, and that the republican, in tho house will be govera.d by Ike action of that convention. Thi. would be well enough if a fnir expret.ion of the • party could bo had at that convention, but this i. nol probnblo or hardly possible. That convention will very largoly bo attended by offiolals and those looking for offleo, who have uniformly act-, ed with the prohibitionist., and henoe, as heretofore, the convention i. not likely to express the views ot tho rank and tile of the parly. •I—1— 1 . g» IN a recant speeoh Grov.r Cleveland •aid "tariff reform 1. the only Issue—an taitua great enough to deserve the undivided effort of the democratic party." All very wall, but then Cleveland la not on top now, a very sleep HU1 rising In front of him, The oauoua has .aid no tariff bill' mint be preaanted at tbta ses- «IOD, and we un»*t wait until next win- t*r to find out whether the deueorallo p#.rt;r it in favor of tariff, reform or not, The poalUon U a IHUe h«mHi#ting bnt than it U not tit* flrat time tint party -,|u b»ea*UMtto«*Hi. And •Ml the Xonwrill* Courier-Journal oriat p »U with UM rotrlm uriit'* son Nclllng without a license may be punished by a Ono of not loss'tlinn $100, ner more thau $600, and bv imprison- mont In the county jail nol loss than 10 or more than 150 days. Tho bond is rl.\ed At $2,000. Permits lo sell for modieal, meohanioal aud chomical purposes will bo granted to registered pharmacists without fee, and the penalty for violation le mado a Una of not loss than $10 nor more than $100, or by imprisonment in the county jail not longer than SO days." BOAED OF SUPERVISORS. ALLAMAMCK COUNTY. Regular January Seuion, 1899. Mine.t J 1) sheriff fees, Muttooii 1 11 witness district court Mutioon J B pliysician Insnno enso Mnnko W wiinenfl pr.ind jury.... Mooro Martin wit no 83 dintrict court McNoU Thot WUIIOSB district court Mooro Mlko trustoo fcos Mnlioo Mrs Goo whnoss district court Minurt J 11 sheriff feus boarding prlsoitors Moiur j M committoo work McGruw Mlchool witnass district court McCarty Jatnos domestic animal McDonald Jno trustee Ions McComon fas witness insnno casn Nichols K A witness district court Nichols R A constnblo fuos Nopper Win wltnoss dimrlct court Nolson N A justice foos NQBII C II assistant clerk of election Nachtwey Thco juutlco Iocs...,. Nariiui Peter assistant clerk of otoctlon Nnci.iwey Thuo wood lot pauper Neilnitdur Ac Co supplies for puu- pur Nottpur Wm coroner (cos. O'Brien T 1' juror jusiico court.. Opfyr Simon trustee fees Otto Curl wltnuss coroner's ttv 9 DO 6 21 A tXl 6 21 6 oa to oo 16 20 64 70 6 21 24 00 I 00 S3 33 Q OO » »5 ia 00 6 05 4 to II 80 6 05 J 00 7 ao 7 ao ;o 4 <" B 00 I 75 a 00 4 Jo 56 00 IJ 85 4 50 11 15 0 15 1 05 8 00 5 75 8 iu 5 5» 10 3: 3 75 8<l aa 50 80 1 35 Bl 13 7 00 «Gl Co 5 00 5 75 J 00 i 3 " 8 00 (j 80 3 85 6 80 19 00 4 "0 a Oo 5 5" 8 05 »4« 43 6 00 5 10 5 95 8 w e as I DO 6 S5 Ci 00 10 00 16 ao «4 7" 6 05 Jury- Wint 16 75 31 40 10 00 60 9 00 10 00 8 jo « as 4 5» 3 55 5 95 Co 6 35 i »5 •( »5 5 95 8 a S 10 as 11 75 3 »5 4 as 4 30 a Go 8 as 30 45 a4 35 nter V V witness district court Walker D R constable foes Widrnan J V books otc court bousn Winneslicik Co cost in caso of stato TS I S Kobcy WiRton Minnie witness jnslico court Wooilmansuo H rent for election Youns W 11 trustee Ices ia 15 16 7S 31 40 10 00 6e g 00 l»oo 7 50 6 as 4 30 5 33 3 95 Ce 6 as 3 as 14 »5 5 9S 8 03 9 »5 II 75 5 »5 4 as 4 30 a Co . 8 J 5 }o 4S ao 35 179 70 179 70 Co a 50 Go a 30 II 30 ADDITIONAL LOCAL. —Alfred Colo and wife, of Sherbura, Minn,, aro vi.iting with Uncle I. A. and family. —Miss Anna Letai I. alerklng at Joliu Crosby's and Miss Norn Hiley at Luhman A Sanders 1 . • Regular meeting of Drotherly l,ovo lodgo, A. F. and A. M. next Tuesday evening. Tickets for tho social will bo distributed at that timo, wo bnlieve. 6 75 6 35 J. 11. MEIBB, Ch'ra. 11. FaoEMOii. W. M. KII.LT. CLIIJI. ALLOWED. Falrhank 1' L tenchcr'a cettlS- cate for aupertutondutu 9 Ferris J L witness district court.. Foley Jaa night watchman Froolich H coutmlttee work oil ' brldgea frits Israel witness district court Fitchen Jacob wltnoss district court Frlti L E township clerk Fleming W lt cotistable tees Fryo U witness district court Fttagereld Ud part payment tor poor farm building Fiaber H G Interpreter district court Faroaon Hans witness district court Frlta U Juror Justice court.. Froolich 11 committee work Plnnegan Thos Sr witness Insane caso Gibert John sheep killed by dogs Gaunlu F F constable feea GauultaF F witness district court Grady Daniel witness coroner's court Grady Patrick witness district court..,.,..,.. ; iuqucst. Grady Daniel witness district Grady Daniel witness district court Guider Daniel trustee tees , Groealnger Theo coffin (or pauper , Grady Daniel constable fees,..., Guider VV II witness district court , , Gilchrist W T lamp for truasuror etc.,, Gilchrist W T supplies for poor farm, eto Gaunlts F V conatablo fees Goetllo Ferd witness insane case lisrt W S recording and reporting birth* deaths and marriages B art W S wliness grand jury elpnlnf C G township clerk H anson Guilder trustee feea.,., urley JohnSr witness district Q0urt...*t.v>.,.«..,<. S sriasnson trustee fees..,, endrlefc |( B witness dlstrloi eourt.T.,.^., HendersonDAtrusieo fees..,.. Huawnsenjm IrestM fa.,, , 4 „ HittmSB 0 tfttust.. (Ms, ,...,.„ Cl'md AU'd a 10 6 IJ 9 75 1 1 30 « 15 9 73 4» 07 4 »5 4» 97 4 »3 16 30 4 »3 10 jo in a<] t» aaj 00 t 35 > 35 4 <» 1 00 a6 59 4 00 1 00 *6 59 480 40 00 9 50 5 55 4 80 30 00 9 50 5 55 70 70 4 60 4 80 6 75 1) 00 6 75 . u oo 6 60 ID Bo 6 05 16 80 9 00 > 00 9 00 a 00 4 3° 4 30 6 30 6 ao It I ii 9 96 4 30 • 33 (7 8o » JJ la sj ft 00 07 60 > 35 ja as » 60 6» e oo ft w > 33 11 *> « eo 11 » » »5 % »» hK % •h , St "L. v* - 673 10 30 94 jo 8a 03 l fi 0 00 10 00 8 aj a 60 3 05 7 » 5 00 a 00 4 50 3 00 4 65 19 40 1 on 8 00 60 4 3« 3 50 3 35 0 03 10 00 60 6 05 10 30 5 95 Bt 5° 8a 65 B as 4 5» 111 00 8 03 a .10 3 OS 0 93 •litest O'Nolll Jaa wltnoss district court O'Uriou T F hurso blaukots tor poor farm Otto Car) witness firitnd jury Otto lirueslluo wilnoss gruml jury O'FolllJ II trustee foos Ollff Luclnda witness justice court O'Donnoll Thos wltnoss district court , 6 7s O'Neill Jno township trtisteu 9 00 Ophtom 11 N nsslstunt clerk of election 6 00 Otto Ernestine witness coroner's lni)uest ....... 60 Otto Krnostlno witness district court fi 03 O'Kourko Anita whitewashing Js.ll a 00 O'Conncll Thos trustoo fees 8 00 O'Donnoll Mrs M wltnoss district court 6 7s Onfor tiros supplies for court houso and Jail 13 91 Opfor Dros flour for Mrs Baldwin 1 aj Opfer Uroa auppllea for poor farm 193 6j I'oterson Bngebrot trustoo fees.. 14 00 Perkins Colllsta wltnoss justice court 1 Co Plank Marlon witness dlatrict court ., 6 65 PlattkAona witness district court fi 73 Pacinian J 11 trustoo fuos 31 30 Pratt Mrs liersey wltnoss district comt 7 00 Parker Chas witness justice court 60 Perkins Jast witness Justice court 1 60 Foiry DttvUl juror coroner's inquest 1 50 Plain Jno witness dislr.'ct court.. 4 30 Petersou Peter conatablo foes.... t «j Pltintur Jns witness district court 5 30 Phlllippl Mary witness district court Phlllippl Mary wltnoss grand jury I'rlns Jacob witness district court Paus Louis trustoe fuus 10 as 8 as I af .5 S 35 Puiraer Jus witness district court Pardee Bela wltuesa dlatrict court Perkins Jaa wilnoss district court Perkins Colllsta witness district court a 33 Rice S witness district court 3 Jo Ryan Jno S uuatee fee,..., 7 00 Ruhtngei Christ witness district court Roderick W T trustee tees....... Held Lewis witness district ccurt Raymond I P witness grand jury Robblns F It | postage stamps, less disrrlct court.. Ryan Jno witness district court.. Reed J li wltnoss urend jury Rouster Thos witness district 5 «5 ia 70 « as « 35 1 15 8 55 6 oj 6 75 court., Robbina F II envelopes ar.j stamps for court house JI 55 Sluiouson H equalising ataoss- ment Shaft James sheep killed by (logs Stone Dell witness distriot court Strock D witness district court... Simonson & Peterson black- 1 00 33 00 8 10 smithing poor farm. Sykes Martin truatoe feea., ...... Sohwartihoff Wm constable fees Siinonson Fred wltnoss distriot court ••• • Slllor J B |uror coroner's Inquest Short Wm board for pauper Sunderman trustoo fees....... • • • Struak Henry witness district Sehulse W F c'ons'liVle feel.... StevensU Fwitnsaaiustloscourt "— ' justice court 10 33 9 00 at 10 4 so 3 00 4 65 19 40 1 00 a 00 Co 4 30 3 30 3 33 585 g 00 60 6 35 9 00 5 » 60 3 83 a 00 8 00 6 35 •3 94 i as 195 '3 IJ 00 1 60 0 05 6 03 ai 30 6 80 60 1 60 I 50 {83 3 30 8 as 6 as 9 as 4 50 8 05 S 35 5 35 3 3» 7 00 3 <3 ta ao 8 03 • 33 Z as 0 35 J 93 6 03 t 75 31 53 1 00 aC as 8 03 4 •» 10 35 g 00 17 10 —Horsomcn will consult ihoir own interests by calling at lite lltiviaw office, seeing cuts and gelling price* bofore ordering their bills for 1892. —Wo are pleased to learn that Royal Allen has a $7S a month clerkship In the gcnoral oillces of tho B. C. It. & N. at Cedar Rapids. His Work isshoit hand and typo writing. — C. C. Faber and wifs, oeo Miss Minnie Ruff, who w»r» recently married nl thu bride's lmtuo near Fulton, ar. pleasantly established in their new homo in Lauding. Iowa. Mr. Fabur is in tlie liv- ory btiHiayiH anil i. al.o travoling for th'o Davenport Nursery Co. Miss Ruff was highly .steemtitl by her friends and neighbors, antl it was with nine It re grot thu.v lose liur from their social cir- oles.—Maquoketa S.nlinel. —J. P. Nazetl has purchased of Mrs Jonns the resitlenco and lots west of lho M. E. church known as Ihe Stowe house for $HQ0, and hns also purcliasod the two vacant lots of Mr. Slonsman adjoining this property on the west, fronting to the north on Tilden street, Wo bulioyo this rcsidouco property is the oho.1pe.1t thai has beon sold in Post villo for a longtime. --Owing to tke great amount of sick ncss now prevailing it has boen thought best to discontinue the gospel meetings. On this account lt ha. been Impossible for a great many people to attond who otherwise would liavo boen glad to do so, and perhaps this has been the causa of the meetings not being as successful as hoped for. But this 1. a hard com. raunity to r.aah at best, —J. 11. Burhan. wa. down from Can talln, on Wednesday, with other par- tlos, lo get estijutes on lumber for their now hall, which I. lo be 26x80 loot, one etory, with 14 foot posts, it will bo a proily good hall for sueh town at Ca.lalla, and shows lots < enterprise on the part of the p.opla It 1. to be built iiy a joint .took com pany, with shares plncod at $5.t0 aaoh It 1« Inritlnnhle to those Who Operate Misrhlnory. At n meeting of the locnl engineer, nn interesting pnpor was rend by IL II. Dnntzer. formorly nn en^lneor on tno liending railroad, but now (i contractor in \Vc>tt Philadelphia, soys the Record of that city. Tho pnper ticnlt entirely with the wonderful manner In which engineers on rnllronrls, sto:nn- bonts, nnd tho maulers of mam moth machinery nncevbttn nccuratuiy and instant y when anythlntr goon wrong with the machinery under their control. Strange as it mojr seem, the only To­ llable friend of tho onglneor IM n well- tmincil car. Tho Kroatcr purl of Mr. Ptinwcr's pr.per was filled with itiel- •lettts rolttliiiff to rnllrund v.'ml:. litis (lie really wonilerful Incidents of wiii'h ho treated are taken from tho mammoth pressrooms in which Philadelphia nhounclB. Tito tbunderottfl rumbln and <:li:sh of tho modern preHses, whlrh nre considered tho mont Intrlento inn- chlnes in the world, Is a pien^nnt liirm to tho pt'oastnen, but'let a bolt hei'iimu loose, let a bund slip or a piston or bur tret out of place, nnd thero is a discord in tho plcrwiimt ttmo. Instant :y every man in tho pressroom, no iurl»r what ho niny bo dolnp. rnlhen his h'.ul and tui-ni hit eye In Hi" lilnvMio 1 i<: tho discordant noiso. The pimio.ilar Is locittod in nn in-.lar.l. nad lho pnrllcu'iir part of lho po:i(l«iri>'n <• i\china where the dii.cottJ is b-.-ini; is ti-ncml by tho onr at onro. "1 IK-. same rulo holds good in lho eir iti"- room of tin ocean stunmor. The. in- slnnt any pint of the noUo 00': bccumcii out of o.tlor it C;:!1H in ua- mbtnk.'tblo tones to tho (juint-looki.if.; engineer, who hastens lo prescribn a n rt.-inedy. Mr. iJiint-wr's papor tild of ninny quetr Inei. onls of 1,1.4 expo: i' nro I:H II i-tiltioii'l engineer. Tho initHtor of a locomo'lv') c<:l4 to know his om;lno as mother tlocs iior c'ulld. In tliodnrk- t nljlbt, with tho train dashing a'on.T nt iho rato of forty-live nille^ an hov.r. tho trained cngintsor bears n wl ({'.vt Found which is out of the ordinary. o not only becomes aware o' it by reason of hearing it, but if lie woro enf as a post tho cil^'inlrr wou'd bo comtminliuted to him thrntiglt tho mcfliuin of tho throttle. Ho would fed n slight jar which would indicate r.s clonrly as tho sound that, something Was out ot order, nnd if tho mvvulon urrautetl, a utop would he once nt onco or tho matter would bo attended to nt tho noxt station. Telegraphers work ontlroly by Hound, but, Btrango as lt may Boom, many of thom aro wholly dent to sounds other than thoso of thoir instruments. Any tho cltlof operators In tho ninln office of the Western Union Telo ,'t-uph Company, from ono ond of thoir groat long room, distinguished with nnvor- falllng accuracy which of tho several hundred instruments aro call.11 : I'hiliv- 'olphiii, notwithstanding tho constant din of the other Instrument--. Mora than this, ninny of them can dclcrmino Instantly which operator is bonding on certain circuits with which thoy havo bucomo familiar by long service. THE DEMAND Winter Excureione to Warmer Olimee Kxourslon Tickets to Mexico, Call fornia, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, the Gulf Coast, Texas, Hot Sprlags of Arkansas, and Excelsior Spring of Missouri, now on sale by ngonta of the Chloago, Milwaukee oV St. Paul Railway. Apply for ratea aad other Information to tho noaroat agont, or address Geo. H. Ileafford, General Pas.enge Agent, Chloago, Illinois. -An oxohange tolls how a woman broke her husband of the smoking, habit. Her only condition wa. that alio should be allowed to buy his oigar She ditt so and ho smoked ono olga and never wanted to smoke again. It proved more effectual nnd much cheap er than the Keelev treatment. Th Poetvllle ladies might try the exp.ii ment. It probably would nol cost them more than three cents each. —Our frleixli C. C. Fabor, writes u that the report circulated some time ago thai ho had married a lady nt McGregor was not true, but that he ii now married to a very estl:nable lady from one of the boPt German families residing near Fulton, and "all's well that ends well." Wo have not I'uc.ivod lho paper containing the notice and kence cannot give It. Wo certalu wish our old citlzau s,mt friend tuaoh Joy and prnspnnty In his second mall' uioulttl vouture. 8 ss 8 03 Stevens Peter Stevens Mrs " ourt witneai PI'W! imsK justice S^oM Frink witaeai iran'd Jury!,' Schuls Jno W equtltalng assess..weft StliyVsllOSjilliriefee ,<., S.44 J tt «)(D«SS district courj.. iJklUtfB f Tf'e»sw»a «uppll»i f»f a 00 .6 7J It 00 5 73 6 eo s 10 I 09 a 10 «4i ft DO 6 00 «J S« 1 30 »6 73 It 00 6 73 9 00 S 19 I 00 a 10 $ce U 39 - H. G. Grattim died at hi. homo Ludlow township on Wednesday of Itt.l week, after a long illness, Mr. Oral txn had a marked and striking ohnrao ter, tlrmness, parhapt. predominating He never changed his view, of man or measures. Ho li on* of the very few won wo have over known, who, io early life, embarked in tho newspapor g ^ j bitalnsai aad permaneatly loft the pro- fewion. H« wai an jiontit, mprlfht man.'ftnd mado a Bucoew ot whatever lf« undertook.' t f- 1 \ For our Winter Overcoat*, Fur Good, aad Suit, the past month ha. been unprecedented. Never before since we hava been in business have we been able to show such an Unequalled Line of Stylish Clothing for Men and Boys. 'Ihe reason for the great demand for our Merchandise Is found In the following faets, vis: Our Superior Suits and Oyer coals are always what is olalmed for them concerning Quality, Style, Fit and Finish; our prless are never higher than Is warranletl by their intrinsic worth. We hare linen in business long enough to know that our effort, lo provide Abioltttn Pet fact Ready-Made Clothing Is appreelat'itl by many of the people of this sentlon of country. This shoald he a •tiffloierit Incnnlive toothers who have not ysl farared us with their patronago. We hanrlla KT<tr»llilng worn by Man or Uoj. Honest fiijulvalent for every dollar will be found at our store. In Gloves and Mittens wo knock the staffing out of our ns«l door neighbor. J. U. ORAT. Tin Ci.oTBiaa. 4 :M f. BB .1:99 a. tu. 11:06 a. I .. 6:16 p. 1 .8:46 p. STATIONERY. Don't forgot, whon you want plain or tancy Stationery, that the Review ofHce ia the place to get it cheap. DR. CH. HUNT, TMGOCjNTIST. On and after Sunday, HOT. 19, li9i, trains on the C. M. * St. P. Rj. will leav. Postvllle aa follows. OOIHO BAST. Passengers. No. 1.... No. 4 (night) Freights. No. 7 Way Freight No. 9 Time Freight No. Jl.Tlrae Freight... aoiiff ^i -SJT;, Pas.enger*. No. 1 night 19.10 a. mi. No. J .10:96 a. M. Freight*. No. 10 Chicago Stook 11:05 a. as No. 6 Way 4:10 p. m. Ne. 19 Milwaukee Stock ...If p. a. All Freight trains mentioned, except No. 12, carry passengers when prof ided with proper transportation. No. U between North McGregor and Calsaar G. E. WHIPP, Agaat. B. C. R.&N.R.R. LEAVING AND ARRIVING TIME OF TRAINS. F.J. BECKER, M. D.. HOMEOPATHIC rilVMCUN AND HUItOEOH. Oflloe on Baeond Floor of Parker's Untitling, near I'ostofflee, Postrilte, Iowa. DR. J. S. GREEN, PHTSICIAN 4< SUrtOXOK, Olllco and Residence Southwest par of town. Ail nails promptly aktondad J. SHEPHERD M.D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, V. a. raxstox oiiniKau. OfTlae al resldeneo on Orion sVreet, seeond bouse Mass of Hoy A McN'eil'a Ilardffajo. DANIEL A. JERALD, ZyEerciiant Tailor, Poitville, Iowa. All work ^warranletl i 0 j^ivn satlsfftc- llou. A full lino of tho latest styles n samples. Permanently located In Poslville. Office over Waters di Kicoisy's Hardware Store, Brick Block. jrA.HAVmi.ANDV" Veterinary Surgecn I'OSTVJLI.E, IOWA. Ofll.e first door F.sst ef the Commercial House, Green St., Poslville, Iowa. A fine set of surgical instruments. All necessary medicines kept on hand Thirteen years saccr-saful practice Calls promjrtly answonul Postville Dray'Line P. J. BEUCHEB. Prop. Having purchased theorigina. Poit­ ville Dray Line 1 am prepared lo do all kinds of" draying promptly, carefully and satisfactorily. Good teams, good drays and careful drivers shvays at the service of the public, nl fair prices. All ki ii pa of light or heavy hauling, in town or country promptly done. OBITUARY. SAIAH YATF.S was born near iiEn- chester, Cngland, April 1st, 1818. Site camo to America «nd settled at Rieine, Wisconsin, about I860. Shu was married to .'ohu Lassey about 1863 and camo to Iowa nnd settled in Grand Meadow township, ou the farm on. mile south of Postvillo, where she resided until the death of Mr. Lassey, some twenty-four years ago, since which timo she resided in Poslville until her doalb, which occurred last Sunday, Jan. 31st, 1892, her age being 74 years and ton months. The funeral was hold from the Congregational oburch, of which she had been a momber siuce its organization, on Tuesday afternoon, Rev. C. A. Marshall preaching the fuuoral sermon. Mrs. Lassey was well known to all the oltl settlors of this section, having resided hore for noarly lhtrty-r>ine years. Nobody knew her but to res- pcet and admire her sterling christian character. During all her long resi dence hero she was forward in every good and noblo work, aud was intlofa- tlgnble in her labors for h.r church and all the charities connected therewith. She was a liable antl true woman aud It gives us pleasure, in the ab.euce of any obituary furnished by others, to speak thus respectfully memory of otic who wits tin true friend of the human rnuu. Shu has fought the good light and liujshed tho course. Would that, all humanity might leave behind them when they depart mioh ploasaut memories aud bright hopes for the eternity that awaits us. DIANTIIE HoLLisiBR was born In Manchester, Vermont, Mar. 31st, 1806. Was married to James B. Heyt in 1827 moyed to Bponcer, Mass., iu 1832, where hor husband died. Sho rolarned to her native village with hor daughter in 1844, whore she united wilh the 1st Ceng'l church In 18S4, renewing her relations to the Mew England church at Aurora, 111, where aha had removed with her daughter, Mra. Julia Stone. She' became a member of the Congrega tloual ohuroh lu Poslville, In 1864, con tlatially living In the family of her daughter. Sho was an oarneat and dovoted ehrlsllan and a faithful exam pie. Site dlotl Jan. 31st, 1892, aged 8* year, and 10 months. A nr. —Tho Burlington train from tho south waa about four hours late last night, on account of u broken truck Tho neoident occurred this sldo of West Union. Wm. SHEPHERD, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Insurane* A taint aud Co.luskor, AuthnHzfil to practice In all tho court* of tha fttAtHt, Qfl\«oo*et Icon's atoro, brloli block. VfGBWq^p! ACT H\tvl E INT 3a*XlOjr% HARRIS' ARMNOAlOURI HBRVOTJB BEBIU1T, Bnulo felines., JtVUTSXCAX. 9 PXOAY. TMnoronovf YsAneevueeiN.„ POSTVILLE IOWA. J'RED. N. BEEDY. Granite Cemetery Work, Iron Fences, Curbing Ac. Those inlnncling to purchase Monumental work for future delivery will fin il il to their advantage t > examine M V. Kiddor's Granite Work iu Cemeteries, as he is doing first-class work at as low prices as can oe procured in the country. If he has not called upon you drop him a card at Decorah and he will bo ploused to visit you with Designs and samples of all kintls of Granite, at tho lowest possible prices. M. V. KIDDER, 34m6 Decorah, Iowa. -PHOTOGRAPHER.-:And Dealor in Picture Frames. Postville - Iowa CHURCH DIRECTORT. The Old Reliable Meat Market, JOHN B. HABT, Proprietor. Opposite - Postvllle - State - Bank Nona but tho best meats purchased. Everything In flrst-olast shape. Courteous troatment to all. Prices nhvats the lowest. CENTRAL MEAT MARKET 1 CONGREGATIONAL --Rev. N. L. Bnrton, pas toi. Preaching overy BuntlaT at 10-.SO A. M and 7:30 P M. Babbath Mchool immedUtel; altor morning aorvlce. 1. P. B. C. 12. ineeta every tiundny evening at fi :15. Prayer Meet lng Wednaaday evontnge. MBT110DIST.—Uev. B. '.JS Locltwood, Pa a tot. 1'reaelilng aorvtcea every Sunday at 10:80 A M. ana 7:30 P. M. Babliatta School Immedl ately after morning'airvlce. Tho Kpuorth I.oaX"" every Buntlay evontng at 6 -.00 o'eloek Prayer meotlni overyj Wodnestlay eveklerfa* T:00 o'eloek. Yon ace earnester iawtleVI. DBCORAH UIVISJO*. Time Table in efTeot Nov. 16. 18»1 Passenger going North... 6:10. P M South. 4:J0. " Freight. " North, . . .5:45. P. M J. E. PIKKT Agaat. 1802. Harper's Bazar. ILLUSTRATED. Jlarpcr'i Bfti&r li a journal for tb* homo. It Slvei the Ifctctt iu formation -with tegarti to^jitt^ fushlont, and iti numeroui illuitraMona, InTri*™ ^ (Isafgni, and patUrn-ihect supplera«n*-i inditpaasabU alike to th* home drcuraakor tnrt the profenional xnodist«. lio exp«jio ii fparad to make it* artlslio attractlTcnen of the blghrit order. It* bright atori«t. amutiufj eomtdicR, and thoughtful e*saoi Ratitfy all tattei, and i»* ait page is famous at a budgot of wit and lumor. In it* weekly itittei eTei^thlos i« In- _luded which 1* of interest to women. Th« stri- alfl for 109i will be written by Waiter Betant aud William Black. Mr*. Ollakani will become a contributor. Marion Harland's Timely Talk*. Day In and Day Out," are intended fot matron*, and Helen Uarihtll North will ipecUUy ddruai girl*- T. W. HigPluson In "Women and lien," will pleaie a cultirated audlenoe. HARPER'S PERIODICALS Par Yeari HAKPr.R'BBAZAR... U OO HABPKH'B MAGAZINE 4 09 HARPER'S WEEKLY 4 0» I1AKPK1VS YOUNO PECPI.15 i CO Poatege Free to all subscribers in tlie United btates, Canada and Mexico. Tho Volumes of the Baser begin -with the first number for Jauuary of each year Wben no time is mentioned, subscriptions -willbnglu with tho If umber current at time ofrect-ijit of order. Bound Voluinua of Harper's Basur tor three yeara back, in uout cloth binding, frill Ve aoat by mall, v oatR ge paid, or by express, free of oxpeuse (provided the freight does not exceed one sollar per volun.e), for .7 OS per volnme. Clotb Cases for each volumo, suitable for binding, will bo sont by mail, v^alpahl, otr- —"• rceolpt of $1 OO each. ltomlttances sbouU bo made by Pestoffiee Money Ordor or Draft, te avoid chanee of loss. Newspapers are not to copy this advertisement without ibo express order of llarper ,t Brothers. Address: IlAU-Kn & BnoTUEna. Now York. 3. V. GILSON, Prop. Having purchased the above Market of Sehnler Dros. I propose to keep a fir.t-cla.s Market in every respect. 1 shall aim to ke«p at nil times an assortment of the best meats the country af- i tore fords, and selling ut tko lowest living 1 prices. Having eoiuu to Poslville lo reside I invito a fair share of palronagn, and shall strive to givo satisfaction. POSTVILLE LODGE8- NOBLE LuDGE Ho 51. A. 0. U. W. The Loyal Ancient Ordor of United Workmen meets tho Second and Fourth Saturday ovonings in each month, i tho Mttsonlo Hall over tho Uriok Drug J. W. SHEEHT, XI. W. WM. SHEPHERD, Uecorder. L. STROEBEL & SON, — rnoraiHTona or — Postville Boot and Shoe Store. (4.T ABXITBOXO) t nOLTEB'S OLD STAJ4D.) Have a full line of Hoots, Shoos, Slip- ptiis, Rnbbors and ev.ryllilng kept in a No. 1 general shoe store. Custom work and repairing neatly and promptly done. Every pair warranted. We keep no .noddy. BROTHERLY XOVE LODGE, . No. 204, A. f. tB A. it. Regular meetings on Tuominy oven ing on or bofore tho full of lho moon All brethren In good standing are cor dinlly Invited lo nttontl. E. D. STILEB, W. M WM. MOTT, Seo'y. Consumption Cured. An old physician, rotlrod from prao lice, having had placed in hi. hands by nn Ea8l India mis.Ionary Ihe formnl; of a simple vegetable remedy for th , «peedy and pormav snt euro of Con- I eumpllou, Hronchltis, Catarrh, Asthma land Lung AtTeullons, nlso a positive 'ami radical cure for Nervous Debility R- N. DOUGLASS, Pats. J. r. SMITH, V. P. \ K1 "' Nei'VOlia ConilJtiiillls, nfter luring JAS. MCI'.WEN, Casaiait, I tested its wonderful curative powers in — • I thousands of cases, hits foil il his duly I lo make il known lo his aufferiiig fel i ill CITIZENS STATE BANK, 1 LwTO -<i desire to relieve human sutTcring, I w free of uhnrge, l» all who dosln ia recipe, in Gernmn, Prcnoli, o POSTVILLE, IOWA. PAID UPCAP1TAL, $25,000. Do a General Uatiktng Business, lluy and .till Vorcign Domtislio Ex- ohnnge. Acuounl* of Fnrmors, Merchants nml others received ami ctru fully protected. Interest p.iiil on Time Dopos Its Invesluitiiits miiilo for milslilo pnrliut on fuvorablo invms. send It, Ihl English, witlt full directions for pre , paring mid using. Sent by mail by ! addressing with atitmp, miming ihi reaper. NV. A. NOTES. 8.0 .Power" Honk, Rochester, N. T. 48yl WONDERFUL _?_A.._?e-z _:__!_^ , s 1893. Harper's Weekly. ILLUSTRATED. narper'e Weekly for the enming year will et tiln more attractivo featuroa, moro and flnrr UltlatrAtl^BB, and a greater number of artiolea of live, inbenae Ititoreat than will ho found In any other pi-rlodloal. Among theae latter will ho a aerlea of artlcloe on tho twinty-five greatest ett* tea of tho world, including five hundred illuetr*- llona. The Columbian Exposition, the Army and Xavy, great publlo events, disasters on land and aoa, and the tlolnga ot the colobrated pooplu of tho day will bo desoribed and illustrated In an attractive anil timely manner. Tee Department of Amateur Bport will continue under tho dirootion of Caspar A. Whitney. Tlie beet of mortem writers will contribute snort stories, and Iho most distinguished aitlsta will mako the illuatrationa. The editorial articles ot Mr, George William Cuttla will xomalu aa au especial attraction. HARPER'S PERIODICALS Per Yoar: HAttPEK'S WEEKLY II UtI'HR'H MAGAZINE HUU'EH'H BAZAR HARPER'S YOONU PEOPLE... ...4 00 .. 4 00 .. 4 OO .. 1 00 Poatago Frea to all subscribers In tt» Unite* States, Cauadi aud Mexico. Tho Volumes of tbo Weekly begin with ttao first Number for January of each year. Whea. uo timo U iiioiii'iuned, aubacriptloua will begin' with the Number cursant at thu time ofreeeiijt of order. Bound Yolumia olHarper's W't-ekty for thrra yeaiahitok, lo neat olotu blutllug, will be aeat by mail, postage paid, or by, free of .exponas (provided the freight does uot exaeed one dollar p«r volume), for £7 00 per volumo. Cloth Cases for eseb volume, an liable for binding, will be sent by mall, postpaid, ou recolpt of al 00 each. ltoniittauoeB should be made by Postofflos Money Order or Draft, to avoid chauoo of loss. Newspapers are not to copy tbla advertisement without the express order of Harper A Brothers. Address: HARFBR A BHOTBUIS, Mew York. WAR TH" VOfTOmg*. A AU work doptt ^In tJh*> f It 1 ch«!«_ ,tt_ JeT <vf '.SLES™ Uha 'tin, Wlltfitgltol. kiiir P ui«y«i,' 4 <- The cure. whMi are being etTooted by Drs. Starkey A Palen, 162'JArcli f- >'hiladelphla, Pa., lu Consumplt Catarrh, Neuralgia, Bronchitis, Rheum- alisiu, nod all chroniu disoasea, by thei- Compound Oxygen Trealineut, ar indeed roarveloua. » e e If you are a sufterer from any disease which your physician has failed lo euro, write for information nbont this treatment, antl their book of ;:00 pages, giving rt history of Compound Oxygen, is ninure ami gU'ucts, with numerous estimonlala from oatients. to whom roil way refer for still furthov informa- ilon, will bo promptly seut, without u'largo. »*, • Thin book, aside from its great merit as u mwdicul work, giving, M H does, the result 0/ year. o( study nnd exporj- enqe ,you will (lnd ttvory interesting 9»«l-\ ' 18G2. Harper's Ms* jjazine. ILLUSTRATED. Tho Magazluo will oelebrnte the fourth Centenary ot tno Discovery of America by Its Re- Disouviu-y, throuiih artloles gtviog a more thorough expaattioii Uiau baa hitherto been made ot tueReoont Uupreesdanted Development otOur Country, ami especially In the Ureal West. Particular attention will also be glvea to Dramatic Epteodaa of American History. The Field of tho next European War will be deacrlbed In a Series of Papers on th. Danube 'Tram the DlaaK Forest to UieBleok Bsa," by Poultnoy BlHolowaud F. D. Mlllot, Illustrated by Mr. Millet aud Allied Parsons. Artloles will also bo given on the Qerraaa, Austrian and Italian Armies. Illustrated by T. do Thulstrup. Mrr W. D. Howella will contribute a now novel, "A World of Chunos," ctiaraoterlstloally Amnrlean. Especial promlnenee wilt t • given to Short Stories, which will ho eoiiti-lbuted by T. ». Aldrloh, It. H, Davis, A. Conan Doyle, Margaret Deland. Miss Woolson. and other popular writers- Among the literary features will be Personal Bemlulscenoea of Natnantel HawtUnrne, by his college oloseuiato aud llfo-loug friend, Horatio Bridge, and a Personal Memoir of the Drowufugs by Anne Thackeray Rltebte. HARPER'S PERIODICALS HARPER'S MAGaZIKK, Per Yoar (4 00 HABt'EB'S WEEKLY, " 4 00 HAHPEK'8 BAZAR, " 4 00 UAttl'ER'B YOUNG PEOPLB, " 1« Poititge Free to all suhsirlhers In tbo United ' States, QanadA and Mexico. The Volumes of ths Magaslne begin with the . Numbers for Juue and DoocDiber oteaohyoM. When no time is oposifted, sub»ortptl<me will begin with the Number ourrent at tba time el ... roootpt of oraaf, Bowna Volvme. of Harper's !\A Magasius for three yeara back, tn noat. ojptlj V,m Finding, will bo sent by mall, fiostpald, em s s*fw regetot of M oo par volume. "«-"••«— *— s - blniling, SO coats esoh-by mall "SBilt' m, wltbotit ttteexpt 4dtke«|f BXB»K»"* Banwt'eli;, Rem[tUMe| Jhoujtj ha WSdo y Ordor, or avr" -' fspanen aft. 801 to oops .„„ at th*express ordor of Rawtrji: otaehwe'eoi: UilsadT.i

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