Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on February 4, 1948 · Page 7
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 7

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 4, 1948
Page 7
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THE POSTVILLE HERALD, POSTVILLE, IOWA PAGE SEW 1 l »»t ^n^gK^ltjigfe for your kitchen ' comg jfWfc jhlhlng white cup- "dli BMr ^piUfcnces or streani- d '"ietip |>0jHKl ||i %Bu t many homc- •rs M* aohletlng more kitchen fort ta "0^#;V <>ys. too. iere'» ttrtj ^wx^ing chair in one ier IfoF^tilMrfnioinents when you t to ^cfcfcjl £your breath" or n Da4 'Ont«b )n from farm work \ ead Ul »JnMl ^or get an after- i\ J snack,,Otlhten to the market ** I rU on tht, fcitchen radio. iei«'« thtj^MUh -up sink in a enient «p«t near the back where iH|||unily can clean up out having'fO track through the «. MMty/Jtjfychcns now feature lilt -in clowt |lso near the en- M Where .wraps and work lea can be stored. N*t Mfcoh Honey, if \ou can; make no major i' ar in the kitchen at the pres- i time, BORIC fairly inexpensive li 'I-aaving pieces of equipment "-crvc Ihc purpose, say Iowa • • College home management gup allsts. 'One .{.such household :e is the tap: board table. It's for workroom 01 porch too. jrves: ;aj|Sfcai«ycomfor(able work ce when you wish to sit down Drk in preparing fruit or vege- <( ItValso an excellent aid on ig or canning days, or even AH you have loads of household J reality its a moveable table 33 jnehes high, 24 inches wide 10 inches long; The top of the ymet adds extra work surface when ion t have much counter space le coal range or at your sink. the table movable so Shift it from place to place. Wi table top, and about 25 tb* floor, there is a jfit fine for those yotjfjwant to sit at your Swiice chair and a H|b. COLE Dentist V^'lce Over ClUiens State Bank aW. Myers, M. D « mmm mm _ >.. tHr|Huebncr's TWathenes: Ice 1M-W Residence 188-X . R^F. Schneider !t0 ck. VBtWINABIAN ;DS, '•• Ma. If* Fostvillc, Iowa lave He* ty» tfa ifceatrc Building; ivwtOC rfrr| . Si' an Steele £AT-LAW nethy's Store fSa. -240 •cost. with t ^fi KTI lesau, M.D. $esau, M.D. ifSchutte St Sons 812 and 1 to 5 * afternoons, to 1:30 p. m. r-coM JJHUTTE :HUTTE I ft Embalmers All Occasions Palas P-AT-LAW Ule State Bank .foftfj »SAHL ICTOR Ibernethy's lead 1 «• * ays, Fridays "lap boardy are right for those times when your back is weary and your feet .tired, but there are still many tasks to complete in the kitchen. The movable feature of the "lap board" table makes it handy for those times when you wish to move food and dishes from the kitchen to the dining room or porch, or even out to the yard for lawn picnics. Or, at housecleaning time, it's the logical place to arrange all your, cleaning equipment, and then move it from place to place. Kitchen Scooter. The youngsters may wish they had it for a toy, but the homemade kitchen scooter has a practical pur- oose too. It's a simple device to help you avoid all the heavy lifting which comes your way at frequent intervals. Use it to move heavy loads such as a sack of flour, pail of water, or a basket of wet clothes. On cleaning days it comes in handy for you can kneel on it to scrub or wax the floor. All you have to do is push yourself around instead of getting up and kneeling each time you wish to work on a different part of the floor. Use a rubber sponge pad to kneel on. There's room enough on the scooter to hold a can of wax and cleaning equipment. It's a grand helper for cleaning low cupboard shelves and low wood work. Instructions for all of these kitchen aids will be made available to families visiting the Farm and Home Labor Saving Show now touring the State. The Show is sponsored by the Agricultural Extension Service of the College. HOAX. The FBI has reported that the alleged kidnapping of young John Nelson, Jr., of Villisca was a hoax. Nelson reported that a gun-toting hitchhiker had forced him to drive from Red Oak to Chicago. The FBI learned that Nelson, a parolee from Eldora, invented the kidnap­ ing story to explain his unathorized trip out of the state. WINNER. Shirley Paasch, freshman at the Walnut high school, was a double winner with her entry in the National Western stock show at Denver recently. Shirley's big black Angus steer. "Mysterious," won blue ribbons in both the junior and open classes. 'I FR ANKVILLE | <. - • ; Callie Letchford Passes. . Mrs. Callie Letchford, a daughter of Benjamin and Mary Jane Baily, was born June 22, 1862, at Waukori. In 1884 she was married to George Letchford and their home was on a farm near Fralik- ville. In the early 90's they moved to Estherville, where he operated a grocery store. Since her husband's death, May 20, 1930, she has lived much of the time with her niece, Mrs. Edna Bollman, in whose home she died February 1, after a long illness. She was a member of the Methodist church, the D. A. R., and the Eastern Star. In these organizations she took an active part so long as her health permitted. Being the last of her family, the nearest of kin to survive her are one niece, Mrs. Edna Bollman, and one nephew, Carl Letchford. Other relatives and many friends join in paying tribute to her memory. ' Cheese Company Meeting;. The Frankville Farmers Cheese Factory held their annual meeting Monday afternoon. Harold Koth was elected president, and F. J. Ambrose was reelected vice president, Paul Behn was elected as a new director and Gerhard Haugen was reelected to succeed himself as a director for another three years. Otto Hughes, Lyle Bollman and Alwin Walby are holdover directors. The business was left with the Postville State Bank. In all, 488,550 pounds of cheese was manufactured during 1947. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Elvert were Postville business callers Saturday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Crawford went to La Crosse Saturday on a shopping trip. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Brandt were visitors at the home of Mrs. Tena Headington in Waukon Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. La Verne Cook returned home from Cresco Tuesday, after spending a few days at the Roy Dunning home. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Seim of Decorah were supper guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Crawford Sunday, evening. Funeral services were held at the Community church here Tuesday afternoon for Ralph Moore who passed away Sunday morning fol- "Better" Used Cars If you're in the market for a good late model used carl stop in and sec us today. We have Fords, Chevrolets and other makes. HERE ARE A FEW SPECIALS FOR THIS WEEK: 1946 Ford V-8 Sedan "Super Deluxe." Not car, but looks- like new. Nice light green finish. ONLY $1,595.00 1941 Olds 2-Dr. Sedan—Radio & heater; clean inside; the body is a little rough, but it's yours for $998.00 1939 Ford Deluxe V-8 Tudor- Radio, heater. Not a, bad car, but a little rough. Take it for $595.00 1936 Chevrolet Standard Tudor- Motor is fair; good body & tires. ONLY $350.00 1935 Chevrolet Tudor—Radio and heater. This cars is really clean and in perfect shape all around. All new tires. You can buy it at $450.00 We Buy, Sell or Trade. Open Evenings and Sundays. Jerome H.Lensing FESTINA, IOWA $ 20 ATTENTION FARMERS! Until Further Notice We Will Pay Up To FOR DEAD HORSES and COWS (HIDES MUST BE GOOD) And Your Assurance of— * Prompt Service on AH Small Animals * Free Gifts for Small Animals * Sanitary Removal * 24 Hour Service * Tankage for Sale to Farmers * We Pay All Phone Charges For Prompt Rendering Service, Call ALLAMAKEE COUNTY RENDERING SERVICE Postville—Phone 555 — or — COLE RENDERING SERVICE Waukon, Iowa—Phone 600 LICENSE NO. U lowing a heart attack. The pall bearers were- Olaf, Russett, Charles Ohloif, Earl and Charles Llnder baum, Clarence Green and Michael Thiol. Mrs. George Allen has returned to her home after several weeks care at the home of her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Henry ScKweinefus. Mrs. Lynn Crawford is home again after several weeks care at Postville Hospital.' Her daughter, Mrs. Roger Sampson, of Waterloo, lis caring for her for the present. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Greinus are expecting Paul's mother to arrive soon. The lady is now visiting her daughter in Chicago enroute here. Her husband has been here for some time. Mr. and Mrs. Perlie Cook entertained the- following people for dinner Sunday: Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Linderbaum and Marilyn of Ossian, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Linderbaum and family of Monona, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Wolfe and Jerry, Mr. and Mrs. Roland Peck and family, and Mr. and Mrs. La Verne Cook. Cows getting enough water will produce over six percent more milk and raise butterfat content 12 percent. USE BROILER TO MAKE TOAST TO YOUR LIKING For making toast a large amount ot a time, the broiler of your range can save you labor. It v/ill make toast evenly browned, and in less time, says Naomi Shank, Iowa .State College home management specialist, when the family is extra large or when the meal includes a main dish served on toast. Success in broiler toasting, Miss Shank goes on, depends upon the kind and age of the bread, its position in the broiler compartment, and adjustment of the broiler heat. Bread differs in moisture content depending on its age and kind. Fresh bread makes a soft toast, with a longer toasting time required to drive out the moisture before browning occurs. For soft toast, the bread should be placed on^ top glide position. Lower positions give a harder, drier product. Preheat the broiler compartment for soft, evejnly browned toast. When toasting, the thermostat should'be wide open. If the door is kept partially or wide open, it's easier to watch the bread and avoid overbrowning. For single servings, of • course, Miss Shank points out, it's a saving of file! to use the portable toaster. DEER. At West Union, Mrs. R. F. Estey found a young deer.browsing in her back yard. It remained for several minutes before it became frightened by a passing car arid leaped over the hedge and out of sight. Deer have been seen near West Union but this was believed the first actually to invade the city. GET'S $1000. At Elkader, Harvey Kuehl, 17, was awarded $1,000 by a jury for the loss of an eye. Kuehl lost the eye when he was shoved against the window of a car by the town marshal recently, as the latter attempted to persuade some young men of that community to quiet down and go home. Highest CASH Prices For Your Dead Stock CHARGE ALL CALLS TO US Postville Rendering Co. TELEPHONE NO. 1000 WAUKON—Call Sunderman City Service—Telephone No. 242 McGREGOR—Call Dresden Standard Service—Telephone No. 55-J OSSIAN—Call D-X Service Station—Telephone No. 90 ELGIN—Call D-X Service Station—Telephone No. 2111 MONONA—Call Mr. Ziegler—Telephone No. 208 ROSSVILLE—Call Rossville Loeker Plant SALE The undersigned will sell at Public Auction on the Arthur Schultz farm, one mile north of Postville, on paved highway No. 51, on Sale to start at 12:30 P. M. FEBK1 -A Lunch Stand will be at the Sale. Arthur Schultz Property Having decided to quit farming, I offer for sale all the following good farm mfachinery and equipment: 1939 F-20 TRACTOR, with cold manifold, and high compression, recently overhauled, on rubber, chains, and with road gear; 229 Cultivator, with new sweeps; No. 52 John Deere chisel point Plow, with extra set lays; Oliver 70 Tractor with corn plow, in good shape; Oliver Tractor Plow, 14-in.; a Minneapolis Threshing Machine, 36-62 in. with 150-ft. drive belt, in good shape; 75-ft. Drive Belt; John Deere Letz all-purpose Feed Grinder, also shells corn and threshes soy beans; a 5-passenger Buick Sedan, with 4 new tires; McCormick-Deering 8-ft. Tractor Binder; McCormick-Deering Mower; McCormick-Deering Hay Loader; McCormick- Deering Corn Planter; 4-section Drag; Galloway electric Cream Separator; Hay Rack; Wagon; Cement Mixer; Oscillating Sled; 8-ft. Spring-Tooth Harrow; 550- gallon Water Tank; Hog Dipping Tank; 2 V ^-horse Motors; Forge; Walnut Lumber, 7 years old, all sizes, well seasoned, 1,000 ft. or more; Plow Guides for John Deere, Farmall, Oliver and Allis-Chalmers; Minneapolis-Moline Z Tractor and Cultivator, three years old; Some Household Goods and many other articles. ARTHUR SCHULTZ, Proprietor I500 BUSS Also offered at this time will Be 1500 bushels Good Ear Corn, the property of Mrs. Tom Looney, and located at her former farm east of Postville. Harry Schultz Property Having purchased the Paul Waters place with complete inventory, I will sell the following personal property not needed on this smaller place: 18x36 DWELLING HOUSE Pre -fabricated, will be sold with basement block and all. 25% down day of sale and balance May 1 when possession is given. House to be sold at 2:45 p. m. I also offer Brooder House, 10x12; Chicken Feeders and Nests; Building 28 by 14 by 8 ft.; McCormick Hay Loader; 10 -ft. Disc; 2 3-section Drags, 1 new; 11 -ft. Broadcast Seeder, on rubber; McCormick Cdrn Binder; a McCormick 6-ft. Grain Binder; John Deere 3 -wheel Hay Rake; 6 -ft. Spring Tooth Harrow; McCormick Mower; Sled;' Surge Milking Machine, pump and 3 units; Potato Planter; Stalk Cutter; Rubber-Tired Wagon, and many other articles too numerous to mention. HARRY SCHULTZ, P ropriefcor Terms of Sale will be Cash unless arrangments are made with Clerk before Sale ! EATON WATERS, Auctioneer POSTVILLE STATE BANK, Clerk

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