Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 6, 1965 · Page 17
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 6, 1965
Page 17
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Sy MARIAN INMAN ^ .x May, marks the anniversary of the invention of the safety<pitt. Somewhere in my files, 1 have the record of the" year but could not find it. The d£te is not as important as the invention itself. More things 'have* been held up by the lowly safety'pih thaiuthis .world dreamt of. While every week I* baby week, May 1 to 6 is set aside to celebrate baby's health and happiness. While cleanliness and flood nutrition are important to the child's healthy growth, love and discipline also .play an important part. The time to start is during the cradle and high-chair age, This is »ho time to help thim /develop with gentle but firm discipline, with loving care and some psmaekbottomist. National Family week observance begins the first Sunday in May. Its purpose is to emphasize the contribution of religion to the family, and the contribution of the religious' family to society. Good family life is in the last resort the nation's- most precious asset, -A country cannot go far wrong when its homes and families are upright. It is a comforting and an impressive sight to see young fathers and mothers and all Those who know MINNEAPOLIS Know f MOTOR HOTEL of the little .family, decked.-out in Sunday finery f'ilfMg a'efitifcli For Convenience... For Luxury Accommodations... For Friendliness... For Budget Rates... For Resort- like Atmosphere ... Easily Accessible to All Highways I * 105 Delightful Air- • Conditioned Rooms : and Suites; ' * National Gold Medal Award healed .King-Size Swimming P.ool * Complete, Hotel V Services * 24-HourSwitchboard . * Free TV * Play Area For Children * Baby Sitter Service Children EXCELLENT FOOD — Redwood Dining Room featuring Hearth Charcoal Broiled 'Steaks — Coffee Shop open from 6:00 a.m. 'till Midnight — Cocktail Lounge. Ample Frn Parking In Front Of Your Room SINGLE ROOMS $ 8.50 to $ 9.50 DOUBLE ROOMS $12.50 to $14.00 I undtr 12 FREE En same room with Adults. ire or write lor Reservations - Phone (Area 61?) 588 4665 HOLIDAY MOTOR HOTEL lit Hi K rv Minneapolis 77. Minnesota Minutes '-un' Oownlown -- 15 Minutes Iror Home ol the twins anrl Vikings — 20 Minutes from Int Airport. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••A*** J ENDS WED: • "THE GREAT ESCAPE" I • MAY 5 • Plus "GERONIMO" I *•• ••'.••' • • • •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••.••••A** Thursday Thru Saturday - May 6 - 8 "BUCK NITE" THURSDAY THE WHOLE CARLOAD FOR $1.00 TWO FIRST-RUN FEATURES WithaSlNGtfmao a girl cap have HOPE... Wifha diecaii ha* a ball,. ^ '"5ru5f?iSK»MtioNf m ^mmmwp -• Many time* w« hear the eowment that families too Urge *nd eaitly und, "My dear, how do they dd it?" t If Mmlrtd* mt>f'i itery I re*d of a five-year-old glrl> vi«iti«g 4 htighbar/who *»fc*«J het how many children were in hi^ ^mily, Thi little g\t\ anjwered, Seven, whereupon thi ««ig*1< bdi 1 «b*erv«tl thlif s6 m*Hy childfeH must cost a lot, "Oh, no/' the child replied *«HouOy, "We don't buy them, w« rail* 1 jiist looked across the yard and saw Phil's little faffi' Ijy gathered at'oUtid the 'slipper table. All over America,'fam- iliesi are doing ju'st thesa.Me. Families eating together and, ^ajk- ing over the events of the day. 'ft matters not where a fahiily lives or on what,'if they are united they will meet whatever the challenge to' the^r 'survival and surmount it and air of these iiilited families will spell the survival of our'nation. Speaking of children and. families brings the thought of Mother to our 1 minds and hearts, especially as Mother's Day observant* is : coming up. this observance denotes a Spiritual quality which highlights the standards of ideal rpq- therhood and recognizes the important role of Mother in the home, the community, the nation and the world. Naturallyi. thoughts of our own Mother come to mind and each of us remembers the many special qualities our tyo- ther had or has. My Mother was such a gallant person. Widowed at a young age, with four of us to raise ,she never once let us see her low or discouraged and such moments', must-have bee,n many for her. She gave us love and discipline, she taught us a respect for education, she taught us independence, always to have some wishbone but never to the extent'we let it take over for mackbohe. She set us an examole of neatness of dress, that cleanliness was kin to Godliness, that good grooming bolstered '.bur self respect; that kindness and tact were he1n f ul pot only to our fellow man but also rubbed off on Us."-'"She was patient and understanding with o,ur weaknesses but helped'us use our'mistakes as keen tools to better ourselves. ; :'• "And so in deepest gratitude ••'••'" We lift our hearts today, And iFor'God's blessing e'er to rest On mother dear we pray." . It has been said that May is a month for dreaming. The . rich fulfillment of summer is not yet with us and winter time ^ is past. May dreaming or spring fever (a rose by any other name, would smell as sweet) was upon our school today. The faculty bulletin cautioned the teaching staff and study hall supervisors to make special effort to keep an atmosphere of study discipline, fqr young thoughts are straying and as the end of-, the: school year approaches it seems to be more difficult to stay; settled down./ And,so on, 'Ad Finitum.' . The purpose of their education and training has been to make them.better citizens/better men and women, and better and more, useful members of the human race. We have tried to give them knowledge but this is not enough, the rest they must supply themselves and we can only hope that we have given them an understanding of spiritual values and a strong, substantial purpose in life or they will live in disappointment and despair. '';.'" . , The.lVJay. mpon \s shining down upon the pools of water from yesterday's snowy rain. Lights from homes around tl\e neighborhood •twinkle a welcome. The air is a bit chilly but it is so still I can hear a rabbit munching on my tulips. The light streaming from "my .doorway does not disturb his contented chomping: and while I try to make a noise so he will stop and leave a bit of their beauty for me, provoked as I am at him. stilj I cannot help but admire his silvery whiteness in the May moonlight. There are plenty of violets for both of us, I tell him but he wiggles his ears and goes on eating tulip salad. •'-.-'! Then I looked up at the sky and thanked God for the beautiful world. .The stars shining, my family well and happy and I come in comforted and share my thoughts with you. Goodnight....; ' ' '• .' ,'; ''' ,'. "" . "",'"'.'''' < -'<'' 1 "r»» iJ'»»..''' -Wednesday thru Saturday "None feu* The Bfave" 7:25 • 9:35 -Saturday matinee at 1s30 "S*n^ Fe. Passage" Plus 0 color Cartoons —Sunday "Vou're Never Too Young" 1:30". S:0d - &M "The Caddy" 3:26.$:45< 10:00 —Monday thru Wednesday "You're Never fob Young" 7:30 Only. ••'.'" "The Caddy" 9:20 only. Starting at the Algona Theatre Sunday — TWO OF MARTIN A LEWIS' BEST TOP SPECIAL COMEDY DOUBLE-BILL You'll laugh as you've never laughed before when you see "The Caddy" and "You're Never Too Young," two of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis' funniest comedy hits which have a special double-bill engagement at the Algona Theatre on Sunday. . ' Florida, were Saturday guests at H. D. Benson's. The Oscar Oppeclahls attended parents day at Waldorf college Sunday. The choir had just returned from a tour and gave a concert. Robert Helland is a Sunday thru Wednesday - May 9 -11 TWO ROMANTIC STRANGERS bound together by an ancient secret... toodangenrus to share! , a fwrpritf in mupmwet HAYLEVMILLS EuWALUCH PETER McENERY JOANGREENWOOD IRENE PAPAS pouNEGRi Technicolor* f PLUS SECOND EXCITING FEATURE • ipllMIV V PLM5? COLOR CARTOONS *>s**rv^s**/* l ***s^s~*r*^*^^ lM««NictOpMiM7K)OP,M, KiMin wto 12 FREE Rotfe Monclay. Mrs. Olvifi Maug accompan;- ied Donald Aufe and Mrs. Robi- 2rt Croker, Bode, to the Eightfi district Legion afid Auxiliary conference at Cafholl Saturday and Sunday. ALOONA (lews) ADVANCI"3 f HU,RS6AY, MAY 4, member. His parents, the Clar ence Hollands, and his brother, the Clifford Hellands also attended. Marcia, daughter of the Carlisle Halsruds, had her tenth birthday with a slumber party Friday. Guests were Kim Struthers, Janet Engcr, Vickie King, Brenda Jacobson, Kalhy Wcndt, and Pam Halsrud. The Henry Olsons were Sunday visitors at Wally Underberg's, Ft. Dodge. Mr. Underberg came home Wednesday from Rochester, Minn. He is feeling fine but will not go back to work for six weeks. i The Merle Halsruds attended the 50th wedding open house for the Albert Zcmans at the Methodist church at Humboldt Sunday. Loren Daniel entered Lutheran hospital as a medical patient Monday. Mrs. Roy Knoukson entered Lutheran hospital Sunday for therapy. Mrs. Roy Telford, Mrs. Antone Spcicii and Margaret Holt visited Mrs. H. J. Nielsen at Mrs. Millie Thomas, Ft. Dodge, the Jerry Wehrspanns, Des Moines, and Neil Wehrspann, East Moline, 111., were weekefid guests at the Ra'yniofid W.ehr- spann's. THIS any w«y to givt first •id?.' Dcfin Mf^tiri <ore«» Jerry Ltwii ^o t«t<« torn* mtdicme in this sctn* »»fOjfl "Vop'n N«v«r Too Young," w,hkh optni Sunday •{ th« jklgoha Th,«$tr» along wfth, ••nethfr "Martin 'and Lewis hit, "f« 4-H news MUSCULAR ACHES • PAIMS Take PRUVO tablets when you want temporary relief from minor aches and pains and body stiffness often associated with Arthritis, Rheumatism, Bursitis, Lumbago, Backache and Painful Muscular aches. Lose these discomforts or your money back. At all drug counters. HONSBRUCH DRUG Algona, Iowa • ••*•«»•»••••••••«•••<)••*••****>•«**•*»• **•«••• ENDS SAT. MAY 8 Frank Sinatra 'NONE BUT THE BRAVE" MOTHERS^LW SUNDAY, MAY 9 — Give Her A Movie Treat A FREE LOVING CUP TO THE FIRST 50 MOTHERS ATTENDING THE SHOVV SUNDAY, MAY 9. SUN. Thru WED. MAY 9- 12 ALGON YQMI VUCKY f HTIKTAlNMiNT NUMBER - 295-7171 LOTTS CREEK LASSIES The regular nieetlhg of the Lotts Creek Lassies Was held at St Michael's'hall, April 19, at 7:3Q. 34 members 'answered rpll calj, "A Sketch of My Room," with 11 guests present. Pledges 'were led by Barbara Kollasch and Marilyn Gengler. Maureen .McDonnell and Jackie Detrick were chosen as camp .delegates. Members filled out their project enrollment sheets, Talks were given by Jackie Detri,ck on '''Gbcid Lighting", Ar- lehe Anliker. on "What I Think 9 Home 'Should Be", Marlys Wagner on "The Origin of April Fool's Day'', and Anne Foley on "Virhy tni Proud of My Room". Demonstrations were given by Sharipn Metstger on "How to M|ake a Cleaning Basket" and Jainiet ..prlger, on, "How to Make a' iStorage; Bo^". Committee as- signmen^s were T Maureen McDonnell, Janet Criger, and Colet^e .rCapesiusi Happy Birthday wa? '-sjmg; toK Arlene Anh'ker, Maureen, 'McDonnell, and Linda Hiiller: Kai-0n Fuchsen led recreation. New; • embroidery stit- che|5 : Were ;taught, to the mem- jecS; by the leaders^ Mrs. Joe ^SQhV\ and Mrs. Lawrence iCir|chi;. .Hostesses were Mary Vigflal,'". Marlys Wagnier and ;heir mothers! Reporter is Kathy ALGONA MATINEE ONLY Western Thrills! in "Santa Fe Passage" COLOR CARTOONS ADMISSION 75c CHILDREN 35c They're golfing goofs... looking for the ••• \ misting links I / \\ : •»« 7 Oino's dean of • girl's school. Jarry'i tha class clown. ' / NEVER TOO YOUNG j RAYMOND BURR. iM >, NORMAN TAUROG • Snnwn >, SIDNEY SHELDON 6, l PIJ, tq ES-l.a r>Wt Ct.»«'r, hwn . Cwr, 6, f, h ARIHUR SCHWARTZ <,.,SAMMY CAMN -S[9»l Olsons were Sunday guests at Oelmar Gender's, for Larry Gender's 7th Ktuneth Kees, Clarion, a. win^r »,n o$en Canned Picnics 3 lbs 1. ittttttf•••••*•••••••••• "RRICKis our business" t QOMMfROIAL tflf rtl C9nitrueti9n jQt PU*ttrlng" •» Nf ffff ilfimtttf Cill 5-3721 ProUman IOWA MfitttMtitiitM»it*M» WHOLE FRYERS IDEAL FOR BAR-BE-CUING — 3Lb. Average ABC Ice Cream 1 / 2g ai. 49c HOW ABOUT A cooxotrr STEAKS CHARCOAL • COLD DRINKS t STARTER FLUID • BEER « COLD MEATS EAST END GROCERY CALL 5-376? FQR FREE DELIVERY

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