The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 1, 1927 · Page 4
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 1, 1927
Page 4
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AGE FOUR THE lOL A DAILY REGISTER, TUESDAY EVENING. MARCH 1.1927 CHASl F. WIOVT PoRtofflM «a tklatter. nnUr«d| at the Iota ! - i '8 «cond Clua Talaphon* :J | (PrlyatiB Branch £xchl nge; Conocctlag All -P«partn^ O^riotalfPaper City pr lola. Official' Paper City «r Baaaatt Official Paper Allan j CcOwty. ilenfiber of-^ ] National Editorial A{ / SUBSCRIPTION RATE». By Carclei*'in lola. aad City. LaHarpie 5 .. and Basa«ltt. • i • One vrciek 15 Cents One Mcflth 70 Centa One Tea- ...(7.(0 » BY I^AIl- Oiitalde Allen :ounty • One Teitr .-. X SS .(M> Six Mouths. ..f..U V..»*.60 Three Months ;...U.BO ir in Allen Cciinty One .Teiir ;. »4.0a SIXjMotiths ; Three Ztonths Onel Moath y..uSOe IMeAiUER ASSOCIArEO PRESS: Th* Reslater carries the Assdciated i Press' n>pot-t by tpeci il leased? wins. The Assixdated Press 1: e;ccluSIve1y entitled to' the use for republication of ail news' Idispatcbes ci >ditcd to It or not othtrwise cAdlted (n this paper, and aTsci the local news nubtislied ber^ In.' All rliditt or repub icatlon of {special dispntches herein a|^6 also reseJT*d. liibli; Thought [fhr Today. — - saoilallOB. Kansas Press Aasoci itlon. ' The Kanaas OaUy taague. Audit: Bureau^. of dreulatlen. Press Congress of the World. < Inland Dally Press Association. According «rt)ie KattODftl Bureau o( Rcbqoiulc Kekeai^^ tbe people of America III ,1920ear)ncd IM.UOO;- eoo.00O-;ntB«i y Mllioji itoll ^ra. This is a Jump' o since 1^21, an jncr tasei of 40 per cent in five years. .Even when these i|ol- laYa .ai ^e reduced to tlie purchasjln^ power of 191.7. the .agKregate {increased ' income is found to be'.tC per cen^. C >naiderinK only those amonR UH whs are claasified by the census as 'sainfully occupied; meaning iliore who work for their living, if is Dun^ that i the average income last yearlwasi about $2.00||, and reduced I to ihe Ml.t purchast in^~power it is fMind that the average iierson wprkijag fbr a living receive I about ;one|-qu.arter more for hi.s t^ervices in 193$; than hci ott- t4ineil :)D 19i7. ^nd about 44 pe|r c^t .mote tban be could have re- ceivea in 1909. i| J The Burcaii concludes frpm thes^ NOT THE L15AST OF CHINA'S MANY PRE^RNT RJUf isidicatioDs that 'despite the cou- lovn pave do. Tlijal Sic world miiy J vn jtlic t'atlicr; and us Icnuw tliat 1 the Father mc commaudnlctit, cvcu ao 1 llohn 14:31. - I ! •' K-FEII -r .XUKKlSOlltUSHEl). Ill Huenm a cpi)lradif;tlon ot ovi; Til tcriiH. to Hhy lhat ottp. f <il : iiU >fl lindor -iio iliHt JH lilt! (iliraHc ^ dlrtlj;ian .ii.sua ip talH: ng .about Ihu iM 'oply of the United Jtai^s gcner-^| ally.: WroiiK oaliilg,; riitiicr than pr()itii>i (uou8 drinking, according to ihKs aulliority.. Is wliat is llic mat- 1 r with America tbtljiy. ".Many people belie tiiiiilf that perfect hoa| l^- structure can he lli merely eating 6 may bo over-: irlshcd. But rather noted stantly growing population and tbf relatively; inelastic nature of (hf supply of natural resources, nevf inventions and i^reatcr skill and .organization are 'still enabling the average inhabitant to progress steadily: upwap^ on the scale o( economic weUaec" Of course (here failed to cafnj HH they did in 1921 jmay bo some wlio: mucli in 1926 as or 1917 or 190^ but taking tlinj country Ijy andi large tlic average earnJi^gs last ycai] vfcrc undoubtedly llilglfer. - hot only in actt ^i rigurci hijt iu purciiasing power, than in any proTlous: year of the coiintry'ij liislory. And yet evCi 'y jrc il Billy to |th and bodi- t'ought about ii^tain foods. But jis -it? You woiiijl not try to repair a wire fence with silk thread • nor ^end a silk stockmg with wire, would you? Eachlhilig is good in its place, and tlie same is true ;of ^The humaq lioxly is a com- luachinc dependm^ for its Ute- foodf^, plcx build sclent ng and Ufe-sustaining'powers, ;e tells us. upon many element^ found in foodsj A -ee from the Mmpn uvcuient.'i' of man. If tbeseJ are not all supplied| properly, the the I highest bone .-body cannot work at efficii ncy. . Brain, niuscle, and rervps depend ujpon the blood to fu-hisli them ipalcrials; the ' blood, in turn, is c^pendeht on the food I ut into the stomalbh. To have - a pei -fect l )Ody. we [nhed on'iy to givp ij^ right foods, juilpioualy coin- bined.' Disease germs do not thrive . in a pure blood stream."; ••Ilikltl foods. judl( lously combined;—that is the ileart of the! dietician philosophy.^-A id the beauty of it' is tliat wha*» constitute i risbt foods apd the^ manner id whlclr they mar be Judiciously ]Com• bincd is now ainatteri if such common knowledge that it every good higli Hchool the art is I iught aiid In every neighborhood it' is practiced. ; But ii Is not in cvcr^; family; un- li;ippily.! tlsat the " art is either known pr i>racti6cd, I ind tliat ° is -where the traj;ody oonies In. Thfs wonu.h of America hali'c a , IcJl of l»lg jol)s. but rcHlIy tli yawp gets ii Jumps onto lli cause 11 has country proHjjcrous. now and then some in Congress and Admlnistralioh lic- faiied to make the Tiie tiiirty-jfour millions back \ix suit of the Government, against the minority stockholders of the Ford Motor Company is based upon the plea on lebalf ot the Government tha( wlien' |ttac stockholders made the sale the pri(^ .at which the shares wcirt did not show as much profit a'* actually was made. The defense is tht^t the prdtft upon which tax origina Mrs. P. S. Heath;. (Seorge Wiisoii. Free Castator. Mr. Harris, Chas. Harris and ] B .MeOaniels and Julia. |(!hris Jensen, CrystJi Ray, 'Wilson. Prebton, M. •Mri and -Mrs. |>y. Mr. Hugh MrJ and .Mrs. I and- Loiiis. .Mr. and .Mrs. O. B. Holey, Mr. and |.Mrs. Nick Roush. AValter Johnson, Jfar. uita. Mr. and; Mrs. Ir. iandi Mrs. oria and Ber- iSearcy, Ruth and Chaancy. Airs. Harris?. Thelma and Wilbur. .Mr. and Hillbrant. Mrs. Mead took lie] Mrs^ W. G. - pupils on a hike to the river wl^ere; they en-. marshmallow the: treat im- tbis rather t. .Mrs. Jen- Joyed a wiener and: a roast. They enjoyed mensely.' coming ^ at tiresome, part otjjleal sen acted as chajferone. .Mr. and Mrs. A. iL. Hairington were over night gubsts of their da'ughter, Mrs. IXickhRdush, incidental to; their moving. AVe find only one' ing from Liberty djst A cliange is to be Kennedy farm. family mov- •ict;this year, made on the Funeral ofl .Urs.l Ft was a tou ;hing able testimonial to Kinney.; and rem^ric- Ithej este'erti in which .she was held taiatj the Presbyterian; church} at rSO; yesterday afternoon was ^'cll tilled withitlie friends who had conn to pay t)ieir last tribute to M^s. Cab-oline A. Kinney whose death occurred last Friday. February 2p. as already reported in these {culun ns.; The casket, the pu pit- platform land the railing in .front of. the 'choir loft were Covered \yith a pro- )fore I'atiie. i (Mrs COLONY. Yariier is ^til tion I to tbe co for a bridge- west of ton oeen obtain. Indian Greek W. K. : Fjeh. • 2 carr: OtES Kessdl Buys Welt on <MI Pos.xi .i 'ay totj) .—Mi?s. ing Ihe Wm. peli- LET JJQNES DO IT Jones Efeetnc, :iuty I smmiksioniirs. over Viartih creek. -Map} signWs have in bo h Oaark iiild ownsl ips and Mrs. Vnrlier says] oi iy one .mau- refuised t4 si ^n. Ha said tber 'folks lout that way ; all knjew they ' had |a cress -Martin Creek when they?, setti that commuiiit: • so he thoucht they .<hould be Willi ig to get alpng'iyitb conditions ak i>.' Tbe petiiiion wilt at' the ue.\t imceting commissiowers and o to Garnett be prcsenteil of the county ajaig delegatii^ will to;back- it up. Mr. and Mrs. the past week ters,: .Mrs. Wni Joe Ramsey iu O. R. Stilwe: I CROSS (A. C. S.) Royalty ly was paid was that agreed upon with the Government officials at tiie time. To this the present Gqverninent officials reply that the agreement made by tlie for ner Governinent officials w'as not binding, average American that it certainly wdi on the Jury. Wien taix-'which the Government official with authoHty to » BB upon the n^atter says is righ and (^mmt^n Jus'ubc require that this decision stand. To which tbe itizen will reply (ildjbe if he were a man pays the jsno Joke—(bis is' bum W ^ealheV for March! | ' ' : • * * • .Mush is a.| liealtiinil fdod :itid slipuld be the backbone of oiir daily menu, an ea,stern dietitian teji.s ilib world. Any telephone girl will tell you that, we alrejidy "have a great! plenty. _ * * V «. We saw a man the other d wlio hill "too^nush." o # • • The amateur garduer may The President of the United all tliini:'' cuii'sidcred,' ing oiKtlK-ir familiesj family so tliat po mcmbi I biggc-jt of is the feeii- To ;fc(fd a ir ot it .<>hall , III' ovi-rred nor imdernourishdd,— II taktis a smart woniat^ ijo do that:' To fly safely for 2i ,000 miles, over ihountain ranges, s uro.'^s lakes and rivers a'^d above ininhaliited ts where a fjorccdl de- ave mca iv ce tain n to' craslt and fliime tropica,! forcsl cent would death, and tli and fall over Tliat is whall an open lajbding'field. ,Iiappcncti?to two of tlie army aviators who ihave heeii' Tjarticipaling in the! long *'G;ood W-iU" flight. It seems! aliorc pi a trage< than jcveh a. tat} into' the ocean or, into a- mountain gorf;c or into a I tropical Jungle would have been. :j , ; i In tlic editorial columns of :thc Kmporia Gazette appeai-s tbe following comment following a uuO' tation from, a feminine writer! in tlie Uijiversity Dally Kansan: | "If tlict above quoted ;essayist! Is, H blonde, and not busy two wetkaj from ae.\i Saturday . night, 4''ti ulie kipdlv get In-'touch wifh BOJ 41-1. Emporia? All communlcati((>n) i treated as private andi confidential'.' WJieU-: What n'riot there woiik be in fijiporia—if It were not gen eraijiy known that Young Bill ai well a^. Old Bill sometimes noW wrilett editorials for the OiJzet c! States is authority for the-statement—and no oneF has questioned !the truth of it—that Mexicb is hackling th^ attempt of Sacaaa to be I made, prcitidcnt ot NIcaraRua, even to the extent of si pplying his fol-i lowers with guns that belong to tlie Government of Mexii^o. And yet the crowd which is Uiowllnji "ImperlaJIsin'' because th^ United Staton has rccognit'.ed Diuk and is trying to safogiiHr|l • the lives and liropcrty ot American citizens in Nicaragua, scca °n|thinjt wl^ateTer: to criticise In tjie jcaso; of Mexico. What a curious qiiifk itis in.tite mind thht' caiiiiea HQmc; AmerlcanB always to sidoj against their couti-^ try in any with a foreign power, andi wit It lilcasure do f hehr get out of it? ' We arc sorry to hear of the death of W. Tom Brown, jcditprial writer on the Slate Journil. For^^ a.'goo«l many years the WjHting of. Tpm Brown has given in'dividuality and distinction to the ctiltoria) page of the State .Journal. I The owner, of the Journal is a Ucpulilican. but apparently ho gavej his .chief editorial writer entire freedpin ot opinion for tb.e Journal editorial page has stood for tbe League of Nations and against the protective: tariff, which certainly a|-e not Republican positions. TJie Journal wa^ one of the few papers also that fought the Missouri- river naviga-, tion projects. . Kvldently Tom Brown, although lie was only a salaried man. wrote what he thought. He did good, worlc and his friends will miss him. : i ' something of a.chump but be ca;n alw^ays raise a good crop of Misters. . ! \ - 4: « • . « . ^ Spring will soon be with us. People will do just as much woi'k as they have been doing, this w!in-„ ter.i bvl tjiey {will howl about it| more. \y THK |>AY*.S .NEWS. When House Democrats caucu.s today to perfeci iiarty organization for tiie Seventieth Congress. Representative Finis J. Crarrctt of Tennessee, the prrient floor leader, is e'icpecied to be re-elected,, witliouj opposition. On his jrecorcl of past performances Mr. Gjurrettj may lie counted on to stage a iiiiliiunl figlit on bi'balf of tbe minority, during j tlie next Congress. In point ofl service the rcpiesfrilailvei of Mlic .N'infll Teiincs .sci' (iif«l liit' in now j one qf the vcteraii.f ion ili- Demo-; Krutic side of tin- |lousc.j havlni; j been a inoiubcr (onliiiiionsly for'L'2 years. A nalivO of iTcuiicisce. In-1 ^'Cl I Kiarled upon lii.s career at of IS as editor oi" llic, Weckl papci* iiublisliedin Iii.'i iitiinic|<!oiiniy.!' In ip97 Ixwtiiiic | of :i 1 '^'-'^j^ji high school and, at llio s.nuo tiuK LIBERTY :fCora B. Harris.) Feb. 2>s.—Tlie Cliristian Endeavor of C'arlyle was on time last Sunday evening and gave a demonstration iof its way ot carrying on a meeting. It was a live bunch well trained, and thoughtful. The violin numbers made a special hit, aiid the'quartet was pleasing. We enjoyed jthe e\;ening and hope they did and:will (ioine again. - O. B. Foleyrand his helpers are very busy shi^cking out the corn that was overflowed so badly. Ii is ill rather Ijad shape but better tliau e.xpected under the circumstances. I ; . : I*. S. Heath a,ii<l-Wilson are doing fuse array of beat some of them from; tlj ganizatlon in whicii Had been identified, from the business Illinois of iier son. tifiil flowers, e churchi or- .Mrs. Kinney ome of tl|em a.sspciates' in fijilward, but most of them from personal frlentls who ill tliis way,test feet ion and respect. Rev. il. G. Matbis, I tor Jo 'r tbe church. c( iiieil their af- . I)., tbe pas- nducted the obsequies which be lhtro<iuced by reaiiiiig the followiiig leal slietcb. •Caroline A. .Met brief biolog- lormick was born September 1, 1849. fn .Morgan 1868 she e to Kansas near Piqua Icmy which :iucted pea County, Illinois, moved with her peojv locating upon a farm] She attended the Aca was then being con Geneva and later ^augit school for several years. Inj 1871. she- was married to! Nathan Kinfiey who died in 1SS7. I ".Mrs. K<inney unitei; I^resbjterian church ai 1 linois. .\fter comint to Kansas the nimiiylattended ch)[irch at Neosho Falls iutitil tbfe Liberty Church which moved to Piqua where with tlie Manchester building of w^s' later Islio held her .membership until witl hey family following the death-of lier husband she located in lola in 1 >S9. At that tune she united with tiie Presbj.^- terian church of this cfty of/vhich n a .devoted .•<onie work on their lahd in . i.-'hoe Bend. cleaning up and j "'^f'" she has beti 'strengthening tlie levee. . {and active member. Mr.s. (ihas. Itarris and Mrs. Daw-; ".Mrs. Kipney is ills are the first to report little ' 'hree children. Mis.s Grace, who ehick.s. We heard ot, one party ' "'=Mie a lioiile lor her i lother. .Mrs 4ii 'viveil by Kva Ciimmings. of ilolii .l and Ed ward I.,. |l\inney. "of .ijacksonville She is also ' Survived by who had: pianfed potatoes. .Mr. and .Mr?. Chris Jeusen and . ! the Children diove down to Gales-I'"'n"'^- . , , burgSniidav to spend tbe dar with i """^ brother. Henry H. .MeCorniifk .Mr.-!. Jejifeen"s sivter and family. , "f Y:'"^'* jCenter. Kdnsas. This .Mr. aiijl Mr-s. Jensen wi-re helir-i hrotber and all the surviving.chil ing .Mi-it. Jensen's last Wediie-sday. '.Mr. and -Mrs. .Nick Rousii have parents move : "''i'' ^ number o grandchil dfen. wfi^e pre.sent at fie luneral." Dr. .Matbis. followed |h<} reading \\ n helping 1 Mrs. Rouah*^ j «f'he biography with tie touching folks to kf 't located; at their new "> the high j c lai-acter of lliome iu [I'leaspnl. Vullev district. I Mr.s.: Kinney, her devotion to the wiiirr lit ^ i< u.-fau .. t uitCT/ lliai.1 JIJI.. I---- -1 • .Mr. atji .Mrbi I eurv Miller were I''""'">' and friends and 1 i visitors. : I ,Cliris Jensen's Thurs-'''he church,. Tlien taki id .iy. - ; = . ' ! text a passage from, I i llapliu iiart'ls i .s in tlm neith.'l""s.^ "Th^re Shall Bi' 1 )1 rhoud il er zeal for ig for hi le; Revela- .Vo Night •tlie age j ff'^'^"' new.s -i 'l!"*'"-* 1 1' .''•al M took •jUl' ^bf study ()f law. later lie. wii.-; adMiil t'-d l( bar and has •sin<c pmctircfl Two! t : ycJrr's ij lid-cities fif tlio >-oii le spring witli tin; am icii of •Mardi Cras.. kings XKU ire clio.^eii Iroiii aiil'iiig Ih lijcclrf of Frolie. Here iir^ lionidiy Toii .sMK 'ire an Siiiilli. .Ir.. )uler :5 of thi •le at .Mobile. Ala. til." 'Hi': , . I found i , I L Where t, profe .'isK 'iii in Ihe town of Dresdi-n. • , 5RfKt>iK! Musr GriT SOMe .Tv4iM ij|\c^pi,eMbs! ^alle :;t ;= known rein.'-* ai- the Hawaiian . l.slatirl .N^, ley .V (>:ii( limes grow to ;i f iO feet. sp Bovs! -AST' FiElO MOREAFtER THlS 'M CORW AN' 3 -TTNAG-S A DAV FER 30b MORE DAVS THIS V£AF? liart^ls i.s in the neigh- : ."Thf'' Sh=.ll Bl- I.Vo .\ighi lui giie-Mt (.f his brother. ' T'*"''-'-"''«i"'-<''"^^hed a beliHtifuI and , Chas.'li.iiTis asid sister. Mrs. JUnei »PP''''Pviatf sermon full 'Of trust 'Castator and other relatives. Mr. I hope with which ibp i;hii.stian Hjirris lives \ near- Hutchinson, "ho is inie to bis faith, must look IKJins.. bill foriner'lv lived in ibis "P"" <•<"'"'• ffgi'nilng it as but an vicinltv. iiud ai host of old friends ''icident in the immortal exi.stence uare glad to seeihihv when he makes »he human soul, a mer« past^age i liis folk.s here a visit jifrom one world to another and a Mr. ami Mri LO -V 'I Hillbraht! '"ighier and better hom«-'! silent i-'riday evening witlj .M. W. : Wilson aiid fariiily. Mr. and .Mrs. K. A. Hillbrant were .Sunday gliesis it O. B. Foley's. ! Tlio iMirmers'; I'liion held, its 1! ^iiieeting Friilay. . Three • ; new meiniiers weri,- voted In. Tbe ' I'liioii by ii-siiig some business iiiPtliods i ^f, its iowii, is helping to j : solve some! of Uhe farmers prob- ; li -ni .-i. Dfinft sijiud off. Just come ' lielp a bit.; Tlio members of the , 1 iiioii vc 'ijy kihdly asiced their ! ranillles ill la ••feed." We lielievo • Miey call(!^| j!. af(er tjie shor^ IiUsi- ness meeting. (Jrders were taken ' lor mill St Iff, iioiatoes ahd fertilizer. jireseiit at Farmers • liiioii Fri( ay night wiu-e: Mr. and A «|iiartette consisting iof- .Mrs. Enfield, Mis.s Dalgarno, Afr, Garrison ami'.Mr. Glass, with .Mrs, Cornish at the organ, sang liyiniis tliai had iM -en favoliles with .Mrs. Kinney and tliHH conipletiMl an altogether beautiful and. appropriate service. .\ large niliiiber of friends accompanied the Ciineral paily to the loin i cemetery, where interment was'^iiudc and the i»enedicti.on pro- iiouiji.-ed. 'I'lte i'aslinic .\. C. of .N'cw York City,; which lias Just celebrated its golden jubiic'.-. has developed niiniy atb[<^tes of natioiial fame- during the 'fifty years of its existence. iirday iioon.j 740 feet and What it did dicate that parallels tliei in" Colony .in that took it thr W. C. Jones spent \yith their-'daugii- Gadleinaii dnd .M/s. Garnett. : 1 and Edgar! T. Foster were in \yichita last week attending a sesjiion of the .Mai :oaic grauil lodge; George ; Per^inger, dent,: died Sa services were tian iehureli !S Geiirge Wile; iiig live troitbl Saturday tii agaiii. His; t as crlginatin;' kafir: corn hje: fohn Resie west of towii, day to pickj clean up ihnXv ish filling: tiic .siftnmer. Tlie; stock on the fine a Tierd jol) the state bo|is Opinion in divided on tjh one tinds the ready to cobcjede, tlie wrong. Jeffries .r dri U!se farm ii an ol(l"|resi- urday ami Miiperal (held fronf the tjliris- iinday. ! who iias beeirliav- went back to K. C; cobsult a ' spej-iaiist |i-ouble' is diagnosed friian poison from ds. cattleman iiortli- wctit to K. C. .Mon- |ip enoiiglj i ;atlle;io rough fccd.iiiidl fin- 1- fine pastures {this grow most of their ranch and have ;as Whitefaco cattle as s. . /.' polpny seems to be farm' bill veto and farmers generally veto was oil ling on th^. Kilion jtbwest of - Colony, brou.nht in iinbther gas-well Sat•-— ' 'it was finished 'at good for =4 'million, thougii was to iiv- tihe sand ' probably tijend of the' old tieid Its northwest' swing Mgh Welda. It al.^^o oil possibilities Do your les^ what happei ed opens up''.some speciihition ' as sto ill that teri-itoi-y.! today, no; mattiir yesterday.' 1 WHEN YOUR LIckTS GO loUT OR YOUR- ipiiUMBING. GOESBADJ'^^ Electric and K.C. TliE ILiDIO jSTOBB -ill FOR Y<HI{ t'O.SVEuNJKJfCB WE DEI.IVEK FREE il OLA- klkrAJ* you i^ed a l^iiqi Help Is Needed io Restore Yourlmtfeil StrensiH "Flu." leaves .ihe body weakened and rundown. In such case, a tonic is clearly in Healed. Restore tHe appelile and rid yourself of tliat let-down feeii ig.f "Flu" Is a veiry ener\'atlnsr disease. It leavtffilts victims so weak and Mebllitati d that there i.s as mtich danger from the after-ctrects as from the d setise ilsflf. in oiiicr words, after an attack of thc"nu," vnu need a select ve'tonic to rebuild i>- ^"eicia 8(| tOat you may iiave yon - old-lime strength and energy resi ired. i S S.-S. is uncqiwiicd for restoring sire iglh and vitality..' Y )U owe it to yourself and family 0 give S.S.S. a trial. It helps .NatiJre build up red blood corpiis- cicsl II intfroves the. processes by whiih the body-isinourished, life timfj mail and [-tried and rellabl^- S.S.S. is : from the roots of fresh herbs plants.; and is prepare* in a scientilic v.'riy IQ a modern labora- lory : : I S.5.S. is Stol'f s i.s mjre tj'-'uu;uical. BuAKrt !i wort MAKseY SCISSOR Biu-s-jvjiA^ ooKfr H<M COME paTiUKE MEM AM s>aoY vb 'R £-ni?eo O' PROMTS! . • Of the sevcnteeu men who have i !ie!d t!ie United States lawn tennis I «;hiimpionshi» durinft the forty-six • years that the title has been in c(«ni- petition. fourteen are still' living. S. is sqld r.t .ill (food dnii? in iwiji >iz..s Tiib iart'cr eize MUST GO V Itbegims immediate to take out the Ini- ' f'ammation and redact all Swelling. • ^ l5>o first application' brings Great Rtixtf. tt^U^ Initutlr >ad QakUr Believes Irtitation. , SatSS &^SM^Iow^w ^bmpraTed that PA7X> OnmCSfT tarn fc* tabe» with AttaichB^nt TB^JwIm •wWhwcktBtendliax c«mtai4a Acta mbont VOm which ami* [CnnS COHFAMY, -BeuamC Piaa Stnetc St. Lbidl HK * Tbe .SHpreme\ rourl render^ a decision j against Ibe railroads Inst week lult.HO i^r as wo have observed nbt a rwl-baiting newspaper or Cong-essman'has found it out. If the Court'had decided in favor of the raiisoads ive should have been. hearing a lot about the {irmngle ^bhlMhe corpftrndoris liiive. on ths f^nrts oL,:tbls ..i;ouiiU]r... Pity the poor ralliioa^p!! TJiree hundred and tdxty-foiir days in the year it is to iheir advantage to I are the valti^tlon placed, i^pOB' tielr property- by thel liiteitstatc C Jm- mercc Commission ai> liigh ap po»- sibl^ for upon thie raluatiOQle based the rates they mayrbe. allowed to charge. Gut on the tirirt o: i March it la to thellr ady|iBiasai to have )he valuation plac4>d| upon their properties by the assessors as low D« possible for upon tikat vatua- tioi is based the taxee they are required to pay. The iiaunting fear that the assessoni and the Commission niay get; tpgetlier. and coa- liafe nptea if JeopMSh i tf> {(if evm the strongpst^allfdad 'iieH""" trationj jtboijt 'fhU UmiTi"

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