Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on September 23, 1959 · Page 5
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 5

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 23, 1959
Page 5
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> 19 Cases Assigned for Trial— Damages Totaling $177,26108 Asked in Suits Filed for New Court Term Damage suits totalling $177,261.08 have been assigned for trial in the September term of district court scheduled to start here at 10 a.m. Sept. 29, Alfred J. Klocke, clerk of court, reported Wednesday. Grand jurors will open the term one day earlier when they report before Judge F. II. Cooney, Carroll, at 1:30 p.m. Monday. Fifteen of the 19 cases assigned for trial involve either personal injury or property damage or both. The largest damage action involves a suit brought by Everett A. Salyer, Kansas City, Mo., against Floyd Hewlett, Sibley, for $50,329.22 in connection with a car accident on Oct. 19, 1957. The accident happened at a point about three miles south and one-half mile east of Templeton. That case is assigned for trial on Oct. 12. A suit asking $25,000, brought by Vincent Rii-ke, Carroll, against Norbert Hoffman, Carroll, is scheduled for trial Oct. 5. The suit was filed in connection with an auto accident June .10, 1957 about three miles east of Dedluim. Two of the damage suits run over the $21,000 figure. Charlene T. Stork, Carroll, asks $21,949.75 from Shirley M. Deeth, Scranton, in connection with jnjuries and damages sustained in a car a'cci dent July 11, 1958 about four and one-half miles east of here on Highway 30. Lavern Gutc, Carroll, asks $21,663.90 from Robert Hass, Manning, for personal injuries and property damage suffered in a car accident July 28, 1958. A $20,000 suit will be heard in connection with a claim filed by Ronald Mayer, Crawford County, against Roger Hagedorn, Crawford county, as a result of a car accident three-quarters of a mile south of here Feb. 28,. 1958. A $15,450 damage suit is scheduled for trial on Oct. 20 in a case filed by Mrs. Richard Luchlel, Carroll, against Dorothy V. Johnson, Carroll. The accident happened Dec. 26, 1957 at the intersection of Sixth and Main streets in Carroll. The next largest suit was for $10,000 brought by Guy Christian against Donald F. Dilg in connection with a car accident on Dec. 25. 1957 about three and one-half miles east on Highway 30. Other damage suits include two cases brought against Robert Terry, Carroll, in connection with a car accident in Carroll on Feb. 2fi, 1959. One was filed by Dale Heddinger and asks $4,500, and the paradise perfect. . . for the new fall silhouettes SNOOKIE Black or Brown Suede Black-Red-Blue or Briarwood Calf $13.95 & $14.95 ANDERSON £21 SHOES FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY other was filed by Chorlotte Hoff man and asks $500. William G. Davis, Glidden, will bring suit against the Chicago North Western railroad for $1,200 property damages received in a car-train wreck in Glidden Dec. 9, 1958. Elmer D. Wiese, Crawford County, is suing Peter G. Frank, Fort Dodge, for $567.86 in property damages in connection with a car accident June 3, 1955 about four miles west on Highway 30. Mary Schuler, Cass county, has 5 Times Herald, Carroll, la. Wednesday, Sept. 23, 1959 brought suit against Maurice Bell, Glidden, for $466.99 in property damages in connection with a tractor-car accident Oct. 2, 1950 about one and one-half miles east of Glidden on Highway 30. Chris N. Nissen has a $4,123.58 property damage suit against Highway Surfacers of New Hampton scheduled for trial Oct. 12. David Harris, Jefferson, has brought suit for $609.78 against William F. Strieker, Glidden and Francis W. Gregory, Glidden, in connection with property damage resulting from a car-steer accident July 17, 1958 about one mile east of Glidden on Highway 30. Marvin Hcide, Carroll, is suing Ray E. McCoy, Carroll, for $300 in property damages resulting from a car accident in Carroll June 6, 1958. One of the major actions scheduled for trial during the September term is an appeal from a condemnation proceeding. F. R. McCoy, Carroll, asks $40,000 judgment from the Iowa State Highway Commission in connection with condemnation of 2.59 acres of land adjoining Highway 30 near Glidden. The case is scheduled for trail Oct. 5. Irene M. Rettenmaicr, Denison, asks $16,464.01 in a case filed against Gerald J. Rettenmaicr, Carroll. The case is not slated for jury trial and will be assigned following the jury, Mr. Klocke said. James Pudcnz, Carroll, has Food and Nutrition By Mary Macomber Director, Nutrition Service for Iowa Department of Health Distributed by Th» Iowa Dally Press Association M. Macomber MISINFORMATION PREVALENT ABOUT BIOTIN Biotin is a vitamin. Sometimes it is called vitamin H. Biotin is a member of the vitamin B. complex. It is necessary •f?> for growth of plants and animals. There is a growing belief it is import a n t in the body's use of fat. Biotin is produced in healthy humans and animals by bacteria and molds in the intestine. It Is also to be found in all animal flesh, in most vegetables, and in the grain products we eat. Because of this wide distribution in food and because biotin is produced naturally in our intestines, there is little chance of a ! biotin deficiency developing by | dietary means. i Good sources of biotin are found in liver, whole eggs, nuts, including peanuts, dried beans and peas, milk, cereals, yeast and cocoa. Eggs, next to liver and peanuts, arc the best natural source of biotin. In some parts of Iowa, however, I find considerable misinformation and concern about getting enough biotin — a relatively little known I but important vitamin. A manager of a nursing home in Waterloo told us recently that she was not giving eggnogs to patients because she was "afraid of the loss of biotin." She was obviously bewildered about this. Where docs such misinformation come from? I have read several medical journals and have asked some experts in nutrition research to see if I could discover an answer. I think, perhaps, I have discovered a clue. Scientists for 50 years have noted that in animal experiments when raw egg white was used as the exclusive source of protein in the diet the animals developed symptoms. These symptoms were nervousness, dermatitis or infla WO\OLWORTH\S Come to Carroll for Western Iowa's Biggest Band Festival Saturday, Sept. 26 <J££ IOWA'S OWN SCOTTISH HIGHLANDERS SEE W00LWORTH ' S FOR "THRIFTY" PRICES Buy a Plastic Ketchup Dispenser At regular price 19c Get a 3f)c Plastic | _ Mustard Dispenser "C COMBINATION SALE both for J^^Q Buy Beauty Maid Bobby Pins At regular *\ C — price 60-pin card «*C Get another Card lC COMBINATION 0\ M SALE 2 for Buy Swiss Embroidered Handkerchiefs At regular Q 1 ftft price [or ••WW Get a 4th 33c 1- COMBINATION *| f\m SALE .4 for | ^ | Garment Bags Big l;ixl>Ox54 size. Holds 16 suits, dresses. 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It is a. very Rood example of the old adage "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing." It is important for you to remember one thing. When symptoms of "egg white injury" occur it is when raw egg white is the only source of protein in the diet or when egg white furnishes a considerable per cent of total calorics in the clay's diet. This seldom, if ever, happens with the common everyday diet we all try to eat — a nice mixture of cereals, fruit and vegetables, meat and eggs and milk. When a person goes on a toot ol eating a diet of raw eggs in wine, there are lots of things in addition to egg while injury to worry about, I suspect! In one egg per day, which is recommended for children because it is an excellent source of quality protein, iron and vitamin A. the egg white would furnish .6 of one per cent of say 2,500 calories. brought suit against the Ford Mo tor Company for $236.83 for alleged defects in the manufacture of a motor car. The case is scheduled for jury trial Oct. 20. Ten of the cases assigned to the September term involve accounts. They include: Paul Broich, Carroll against Leonard Spaen, Carroll, $127.22; Hcilichcr Brothers against Holley Music Store, Carroll, $205.06; Wcst- inghousc Electric Supply Co. against Robert R. Crotts, Carroll, $929 .01; U. O. Colson Company against Norman Crohn, Carroll, $124.75; Leo Schmitz, Arcadia, against Ward Fisher, Glidden, $689.90; B. D. Fcnchel, Manning against J. C. Edgerton, Manning, $499; Leo Brinkman, Carroll against William Waller, Arcadia, $1,195 .87: Western Outdoor Advertising Company, Omaha, Nebr., against Mabel Brown Winther, Carroll, $735; ,lamcs M. Houlihan, Carroll against George W. Bcr- scheid, Carroll, $83.58; and Marcus Rettenmaicr against Mary Johnson, Breda, $186 .81. Three other cases complete the docket. They involve a juvenile action and a divorce action, not tri­ able to the court, and a claim by Theodore R. 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