Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 26, 1972 · Page 15
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 15

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 26, 1972
Page 15
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CAMPUS CLATTE.1 IT IS OUR PATRIOTIC )A'« By Lurry Lewis NOW, IN THE INTEREST OP CONSERVATION, AND TO AVOID' A BROWNOUT,.. today's FUNNY By Bob Weber THE WIZARD OF ID 'B} Parker and Hart AND HOW! I CAU6HT SIX 1N5IDE STRAI6HTS! HAVE ANY LUCK ON VOURFI5HIN6TR1P? TIGER By Bud Blake THE SMITH FAMILY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith JEFP COBB By Peter Hoffman ...GRANNY, IS THAT TODAY'S NEWSPAPERS GOOD!..I CAN'T LEAVE BEFORE I READ MY FAVORITE COMICS! SHOUT KIDS By Frank O'Neal ALL WE DID WAS TALK SHOP. I WEAPP VOU HAP A PATE WITH A PEAL SVVWSER LASTN/SHT. HOWPID/T60? TMAT TUPNED OUT TO Be A, LADY EXECUTIONER. O1.UNCV / '^"' '/„. FROM THAT BEP ~-———'V . Oh- MINI- LAS AMANDA PANDA 'DOES Alton Evening Telegraph Saturday, August. 26, 1972 B-3 By Marcta Course Today's FUNNY Will pay $1.00 for «cch original "funny" uwd. Sendangj to: Toddy'i FUNNY, 1200 Weit Third St., Cleveland, Ohio 44113. tell WHY WE SAY IT WHAT A . TIME. \T IS WHEN THE E>ie> I ( MAMP 19 OM THE. TWELVE )\ AMD THE UTTLB HAND ISONTHETE.N? DAVID CRANE By Winslow Mortimer KEKKY By A. LEOKUM INTERESTING MEN OF MUSIC...FRANZ SCHUBERT Win The New Book of Knowledge (20 volumes). Send your questions, name, age, address to "Tell Me Why!" care of this paper. Include Zip Code. In case of duplicate questions, the author will decide the winner. Franz .Schubert was a musician and composer who wrote more than 600 songs. He was born near Vienna, Austria, in 1797. His father was a musician and began Franz's musicial training at the age of five. Schubert war, accepted as a choir boy in the court chapel and attended classes at the Royal Seminary. His ability as a singer, violinist, and composer won the admiration of his teachers and fellow students. He began writing music when he was only 14 years old. When ne couldn't afford to buy music paper his friends would give it to hijn. At home on holidays he played in the family string quartet and also wrote music for the quartet. Schubert began teaching In his father's school. In one year, 1815. he wrote more than 140 songs. One of these was "Erlking" from the poem by Goethe. Published six years .after it was written, it was considered one of hi» greatest songs. Schubert stopped teaching and began to devote all his time to teaching music and com posing. To Schubert, music was an emotional expression of poetry. This is probably why his short pieces and songs are considered much better than his sonatas or operas. Among -his longer works, the greatest are considered to be his Fifth Symphony in B Flat Major and the Eighth Symphony in B Minor—which everyone knows as the "Unfinished Symphony". Schubert died in 1828. # * * FUN TIME The Chuckle Box Doctor: There's no reason to worry about that habit of talking to yourself. Patient: But doctor, I'm such a bore! f * ¥ Mother: And how did you like church today? Betty: I liked the music, but the commercial was in" long. Bv Ted Shearer INTERESTED IN KOTPAU OR fOOT&iLL PLAYERS PAPER" OUT PUKING rHE FIBT WEEK OF 5CHOJL WE SHOULD HAVE 'V1J?V' AfV)/'T TUF FOOTBALL COUCH. THE GUY...* HEARP HE'S THE GfTEATKT KDTPAU PLA/ER CENTRAL E.VER HAP. P RATHER 6CWETHING NO DIRTY DIGS, HANA.' IFA6IRL CALLS WITH A FLIGHT NUMBER, WHILE I'M OUT,-SET IT RIGHT' "IF A GIRL CALLS".'.. AH-HAf THAT'S TWO/ONE MORE ANP BE READING THE WANT APS, vfll SWEETHEART.'—/! GET IN, JAKE.' fb~ WHEN HE COMES OUT, WE'LL FOLLOW HIM TILL WE FINP A GOOP SPOT FOR. YOUR ACT.' OH, BOSS/ "BUSINESS IN FLORIPA"/..THAT'S A PRETTY TIREP RIVETS By George Sixta LET'S GET,. WITH IT/ LL BE LATE I DINKIER VOU'O THINK HB WAS TRYIN'FOR HENKY fc True Life Adventures "1L" Cop%ii^htO1972 , iV»".'"',. Wjlt Disney Pioductioni '".'^•"•-"' \VorU Right* Reicn-td _„-_. HLJNGKY CROC001LJ5 ^iT^E^ SEES UONS' -PEASTlMca. '&jj? S ?~5?S^-^---'----•'- - "p^HH INVITES H)MSEU=. ^_ ^^" ' W^f«$Rto ^S^*> ~^^ By Sidney Oinarr Your Horoscope HlS T=EATCS.dME ARMOKEt? 'PT^ESESldE 1M-F"KESSES HIS KEi_LJsiTANT HOSTS. ^ >(( '*^* — m. ,t, /JV . -ii. _ :v •. • • • *-]f •If' -~va;pNjs=5i;5 ; ..----5*v *A jyitoi.-.-? ' -A\ »l%«»'-,:4 ifS*'4M^O:,v;-:!' 3 - A LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE The word "table" c'ome.s to us from an Old French wurtl thai goes brick to the Latin word "tabula". This mean; "board"—and that's what tables were made of. * > M A n s w e r to • yesterday's Puv.zle Box: Indianapolis (In D an apple is). Win The New Book of Knowledge Yearbook. Send your riddles, jokes, t;i: ••Kiddies, .lokes; Tell Ale Why!" Give Zip Code. Want Ads CLICK! FORECAST FOR SUNDAY Cancer persons can plan, save and organize. The Cancer woman can be sensuous, moody and shrewd. The Cancer man can direct a business, create an atmosphere and succeed in the restaurant and food industries. Cancer women are bosomy and Cancer men have a tendency to put on weight. Natives of this zodiacal sign know the meaning of money and usually have some put away for that proverbial rainy day. ARIES (March 21 - April 19): Be ready for sudden changes, publicity. Break from tradition is indicated. Unusual interests attract new friends, associates. Stress originality, independence. Get going in new direction. Mate, partner needs attention. TAURUS (April 20 • May 20): Greater freedom can be expected following recent period of restriction. You now are ready to rise to full potential. Accent is on organizational activity, help from behind the- scenes. Trust hunch. GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): Spotlight on affair of heart. Your feelings tend to dominate logic. You try many areas: there is excitement, travel, change and variety. Sagittarian is likely to play key role. Leave details to others. CANCER (June 21 • July 22): Career aspirations receive pu^h in right direction. In person! life, you are surprised by attitude .)! family member. Check facts. Don't presume or take persons for granted. You can learn valuable lessons. l.hO (July 2;i-Aug. 22): Change and travel are ieatured. Gemini and Virgo figure prominently. Accent is on acquiring knowledge in unorthodox manner. Be perceptive. Read between the lilies. Bring forth natural ability to analyze. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Money situation is subject tu Mulder; change. Guard valuables. Seek cooperation from family member. Diplomatic approach is likely to succeed. Act accordingly. Check witli inve.itment counselor. Gather iniormation. LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22) : Take unorthodox course Rely on surprise element. Don't tip your hand. Pisces can aid in keeping secret Let situation untold Don t attempt to lorce issues. Save your best for enc.ire. Be diMiecl Si ORl'lO (Oct. 2:)-Nuv. 21). Obtain valid hint from Libia :nc->- ^age Relay menage Irull: c..lpn- Wlkt :,tatctllenU. FORECAST FOR MONDAY Libra has unique talent for bringing together those who hold opposing views. Although Libra can be a peacemaker, natives of this zodiacal sign can also be fighters for justice. Libra appreciates beauty, often displays artistic and musical talent. Libra is the statesman and Libra also can insist on hard and fast rules. Libra represents marriage, legal agreements, public relations; natives of this sign olten experience difficulty in the kidney area. Libra makes money with Scorpio, love with Aquarius and career advancement with Cancer. Relationships with Aries can be fiery but often lead to marriage. .ite tr lo build ARIES (March 21 • April 19): Accent on possessions, potential for earning. Planning now is of special importance. Consult older family member. Build toward security, shake off tendency to be moody. Rise above petty gossip TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Cycle moves up—take initiative. Socialize. New contacts now can be meaningful. Leo could be involved. Wear bright colors. Accent personality. Take lead. Highlight originality, independence. Trust own judgment. GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): Look behind scene-, for answers. Don't make snap judgments. Visit one confined to home, hospital. You get aid from unexpected source. Deal now with Aquarius and Leo persons. Check details in discreet manner. CANCER (June 21 - July 22): Be ready for change of scenery. Gemini and Virgo are likely to be involved. Accent is on friends, hopes and special desires. Wishes can be fulfilled. Key is to be perceptive and analytical. LliO (July 23-Aug. 22): Ambitions are highlighted. Aim high; realize you do have something of value to offer. Taurus and Libra persons can lend helping hand. Be receptive. Outline ambitions. Speak to one in position of authority. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22):'Gojd lunar aspect noxv coincides with higher education, travel, development of philosophy. Don't force, push or chide others. You gain by elucidating factual information. Quiet refleitiun brings results. LIBRA iSepl. 2:l-Ocl 22! Organize and manage; leave nothing t,i chance. Taking situations, persons ior grained now would be ei- ror Aci.-c.nt i-, on investment procedure Check V.ltil cme \s ho has ino'e esperivnrc Don't let pride SAG I I 1 "ARIL'S (Nov. 22 • DC, -!1): Love ma\ have many relic.- lions. You \\ill find it subtle, pei- hap.-, UlMieult 'a icee;.;m/.e Ke> ;•> tu rule with tide. Young pe:-.on.-, \viil make demand:^, lie You ale due tur moie i c<- n^nit M ai CAPRICORN i Dei'. 22-Ian l'i You can imii v,a> out o! dilc-naila Go Jllci'lK to MIUI I' I L i l .11 ..,.! 131 , native V, '.sire v. .1 • • '..1 111. 1 . , lie i\\ tie ; !e>. I i.iie M 1i.< ; 1(1.11 1. . An 'AC j ' • '.i.l i". .-...i " ill, —.;::,! |" i-ilu. i L'. \'li AK11 s i ' ,i! .'M. •,!,:• - .HI .":.<• hlin-K pmgl c-v M tIRPIO lOci J.I N.i\ 21 l Lie final Hnl.-:mem l-mi^li i iinei than mi;::ilc proiei't-, Ac eenl i^ cm puli- lu lelatli'll-' n:.t; 1 l.c^e, unique I e- iatl uraup-, Patlelli e is ycuil' a!l\ >A.,I i 1 ARM'S ( Nuv 22 Dei . 'Ji) -iLiaul he.ulli hv avoiding ev n em.'-, 1 liei ••• ';, !.•-.•" •. e in vitali- I'. 1 ->e '! ui^'K Sin •, mdi.pv.-nd i a- v l li-c-i! \ i ul; u'.v i; c nun t I ''I! i. I i PI lll> li'lei "l u., L |,.| i;|,||,., i ••>' a: ; • a ;u -.-. iu .iiiniin: 'I ake ,..! !., I..- J.I Ac U) ll \ , !,]"'"', ' ni. i.i.- 1 I. lioc.;i., I .in, ,:i M,'l \KK :• , I a: " I el- !.-., . 1 :.:: . ' I "11 ,. ..•.-• I c i. .-, ar- ia in,-. s: • . ;, .qip. ...i i ..nd | i i .: c .. ' , , P.. ii! M ...|| u. i. d, d ' ' ' ; • '• i ." • :i :. . nual fcdllVSl 'L 'ddlVJ 'I- u J 0 :OOs 'UL 'dillJ JlC-;..' o '9 IHOIIHSVU "f '3Sni £~-^oj:>v ^, - ul l.'l

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