Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 10, 1898 · Page 8
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 8

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 10, 1898
Page 8
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H ^ r \ '^ To Business Men: Let the Telegraph Show What it Can do to Bring Customers to Your 5tore and Bigger Balance to Your Bank Account . The Secret of a, woman'* power Is In her complete womanliness, both plw-s- ~ 'and mental. This does not mean perfection of outline nor regularity •of features. It doc* not mean tv!t, nor talents nor accomplishment*. It mean* that physical attract Iveaei* that comes from perfect bedlly condi' tlon and the bright, happy cheerfulness of deposition Which only complete, health can Insure. A woman with a bright eye, clear com- flexion, mantling color in the cheek* and- buoyant elastic step and manner has a; natural Attractiveness that no artificial •fracy cut counterfeit. A woman who is afflicted with the mortl. lying misfortune of a dull, sallow, pimply complexion or that listless movement andi attitude which provokes only disgust and revulsion in the ooponlte sex, ought to avail herself of the purifying, invigorating power, Of Or. Plerce'a Golden Medical Discovery, Which makes a strong, healthy stomach and digestive organism ; purifies the blood and imparts a natural stimulus to the excretory functions ; insures healthy weight, dear akin, bright eyes and the animated •—nner and bearing of perfect health. In Wt»t Virginia. MlM.Anna (jr. R«ane Co., writes: " It Is ' wMI« you after using a few jo 01 fur. rune's 'Favorite Prescription' 1 •Ool4*hMedlcaf Discovery.' add I think _%Tr»ftt»blt-n)rdIclnM for female troubles and Weaknesses. I could hardly go about my Work t had suoh Inward weaknem and cotutant Dlsmr in the womb. It worried me so that I would give out In walking a short distance, I had a bad cough and mvlungi hurt me all the tune. I got very thin, my complexion was bad, and my eyes would get so heavy In tlie evening they seemed stiff In the' lid*. I could hardly monthera. Mauy persons wen alarmed about me, I looked so bad and had such n cough; they wen afraid I would go 'Into consumption. I Alt so badly every day that I had no lifo.aiont me. I used only five bottles In all: t shaJlTiver •peak In prslse of your grand medicines, They are blessings to suffering females. 1 ' Another good thing to have in the house U a vial of D., Floret's Pleasant Pellets. Thay cure biliousness and constipation KXPLOSIflN£POIVDER Three Men Are Killed at the Di> pont Works. ~£',\,m 8IX OTHERS RECEIVE TNJIJIUKS. tirtMBUof K flrst.olssf unr»l ADO* Oompsnlss. FOR SALE. Th« Dr. Hardy property oornor 6th and Alby tti. UrtMtalMeerwlW 2 dwellings. A 4-robm dwelling on Batton itreet bet. 10th and nth sts. Lot &J20 feet, PrtoalVOO. The residence of Qeo. Sittoh on Belle streeti I room* and bath room) In good repair. Ti» 10-room residence of 8. M. Nichols 01 LMfdonat. Lot 70x170 feet. A flne location. Attnes-room dwelling (nearly new) with bath room | heated by furnace; In Mlddletowa, The flne lot ot Drrtd Doyle on Bluff street, wltfi 1-room brlok dwelllnf. The J. M. Tonaor homettead opntalu t» aoreai fine 10 room dwauingifrnlt ol Bone nne lotti on Bluff street wltb t l«| and sewers no gradlnc, In T. L. .A floe 6-room brlok ateam. LotUOxl20feet|l trom Hen Three af Them May Nut Hirnvrr -Prrn Hill and Three Grinding Mill, (lo t'p- A Lilt of tbe men Who Were Rlllnd ntul Injured—fal»l Accident »t an Armour Klovator, In Chicago—Four Workmen OrercomB by OUR nml Two Killed. Wilmington, Del., Dec. 10.—Three men Were killed and eight Injured, three of them probably fatally, tiy the explosion of a press mill and four grinding I'lhills In the Hagley yard of the Dupont .Powder works, a few minutes after 10 O'clock. The dead are: Robert Me- Ilhenny, 4S years old, married, leaves widow nnd four children; John Wright. $0 years old, married; John Moore, 40 years old, married, leaves widow and five children. The seriously Injured are: Thomas McCann, John Mulhcrn, Hamuel Slewart, Thomas Kriox, James McLaugh- lln and Michael Maloney. Of the Injured men. fitcwnrt, .McCann and Mulhern ore In a serious condition. I'liynlolRiii Siimiiioiifcl. Immediately after the explosion the telephones were brought Into service and every Wilmington physician who cou|d be communicated with was summoned, to t.h'. 1 scene of the explosion, to render a|d to the wounded The explosion occurred in the press room of the Htigley, or lower yard work*. A carload of powder that was b:<lng wheeled Into the room was accidentally overturned and the car wheels running Into the loone powder inus.'d a friction that 8et. the powder afire. The explosion quickly followed, all the powdi'r that was In the preps room going off In five successive detonations. The shock ot the explosion shattered windows and damaged "properly In all directions. rELI, TO HIS DKATII. OB* Man Killed nnd oilivn Injured nt an ' Arinuur Ktavutor. Chicago, Dec. 10.—A man, was killed and two men hurl by the collapse of a platform In a bln-of the Armour grain elevator "t)'f at Twenty-second and Morgan streets. While the men were at the top of the bin It suddenly gave way and fell sixty feet with a crash, throwing the workmen to the bottom. The victims were taken away In the police ambulances. L. L. Leach had thf contract to build the bin and employed the men who were thrown <lowri by the accident. The dead man was John Louis Fra- lell of 5928 Morgan street and the Injured men are Sam Larson of 357 West Ohio street nnd John H. Kemperman, 136 W»«hburne avenue.. The two victims taken away alive were almost crushed to death and It was not thought they could live moro than u few hours. It was stated nt the elevator 5hat the accident was the result of their own carelessness. They wero raising tho scaffolding and the platform of It was handled In such a reckless manner, It l» said, that the men hurled themselves below. Regardless of Age. The kidneys ere responsible for more eicknenfl, Buffering, and tloathfi than any other organ« of the body. A majority of the illn nfllictlng people todny la traceable to kidney trouble. It pervades all classes of society, In all climates, regardless of age, sex or condition. The symptoms of kidney trouble are unmmtablo, Hiioh as rheumatism, neuralgia, sleeplessness, pain or dull ache In the back, a desire to urinate often day or (night, profuse or scanty supply. Uric aold, or brick-dost deposit In urine are signs of clogged kidneys, causing poisoned and nerm-filled blood, Sometimes tbe heart acts badly, and tube casts ((wasting of tbe kidneys) are found in the urine, which It neglected will result in Brlght's disease, the most dangerous form of kidney trouble. All these symptoms and conditions are promptly removed under the influence of Dr. Kilmer's Swamp Hoot. It has a world wide reputation for its wonderful cures of the most distressing oases. No one need be long without It as it Is so easy to get at any drug store at OOoorftl. You can have a sample bot B tie of this wonderful discovery,Stvnmp Root, and a book telling all about it, both sent to yon absolutely free by ma!'. Send your address to Dr. Kilmer & Co., BInghamton, N. Y. and kindly mention that you read tbla liberal offer in tbe TEI/EOUAI'II. GAIL BORDEN EAGLE BRAND CONDENSED MILK MAS No £QUAL AS AN INFANT FOOD. ». "INFANT HEAirH"stMT FREE. A'lXAM'A PEACE JTIULKE. i Oth. KcilgllH ttlfl I'rpHttlcnr Budapest, Dec. 10.—Dr. D. d president of the lower house of the Hungarian diet, who formally roslpntvl IJec. 7. but who was requested ti> withdraw liln resignation, has now definitely resigned nfllce. The dcllnltp reslRiia- tlon of Dr. de Kzilnpyl was mad.! throttsli the medium of n letter. In which he adhered to the declarations contained In the previous communication to the lower house, announcing his withdrawal from office. The chamber was densely crowded, and the raiding of the letter was received ivlih cheers by the leftists. IMItmln Miller*' AminclHtloli. Springfield. Dec. 10.—At the annual meeting of the Illinois Sate Millers' association the following o'" lA ra were elected: President, CqloYiei 15. C. Kreld- erm, Jacksonville; secretary and treasurer, C. H. Seybt. St. Louis. There were no recommendations made regarding legislation. Mine* Are Working »t 1'nim. Pana, Dee. 10.—Six more white miners went to work at PenwelPs mine Wednesday, and more of the colored men are arriving dally. Each of the shafts Is now hoisting large quantities of coal. The city Is very quiet. THE MARKETS. Chicago Oruli MS on, lOlotat switch connection wlttf __ Novelty Mfg. Co. pwpsrty on> 1 l£«iot* 0 lB f Highland Park, *«oh 70 by about ' Ajjuroom dwelling on BUM atrea| *A good 8- room dwelling on Second street Prto» uj» »m pMMWtUiM In Uppsj Atwn, good *AfMd Hrt 80x100 feet oe AgoSbrlokiWsUlngwJr - " ot Albert Wads on Bella and finished attic, Data oellar. gas and water, houss. Lot K tact trout, ,^ ^^^ property W*. risk dwelling on WlUlam street. nm dwelling with I good lots onWKJv lt. asst ot Ridge street. PriooM" 900. S room brick dweUlog-.wltb I lotion AgoroomdweUlng with An* river vl«w, •MtM by by hot water. TIM two story brtok dwelling with 8 •eaHrlew »T»nue now oooupjed by J. : dwelling onjri street ww w? ftMRlHWBfe.;^ tenameatt REAL ESTATE, INbURANCE, and LOAN AGENT ROOM H, P. 0. BUILDING. A fine » W* lot M*l« o; Liberty street 1 Franklin, for WOO. 8 miles aoutb ot Brighton, tton, 0ne-b»U good pfttore, duelling ootr lot on} itreet. Mlt . __ Riti tor W8 per month: om rwldenoe on State itreet on jOak street between the r R. B. tracks, mltabl* tor ""MTi'Seet, M , property, oornwta* its., on easy terdi. corn brtok resldenot, i a oonTenliM ' Boiia tod Two Men Killed by Ga». Chicago. Dec. 10.—Pour men were employed to repair the gas main on Vln- connt'8 avenue, near' Forty-first street, i,Tames Casey, the foreman, dropped i Into the pit to attach the bag usually secured to the pipes to receive the escaping gas while, connections are being pyt on. He found that the gas was escaping and called for putty to stop 'tn« leakage. The other men hurried .across the street for It. When they returned their foreman was stretched out In the pit unconscious. One of the KM bags had blown off and the gas was escaping In groat volume, Hayes, Sharpies and Armstrong dropped Into tho hole to rescue him, but were Instantly overcome. When help finally came Armstrong and Sharpies were dead. Aoothar Ilaldwln Hotel Victim. San Francisco, Dec. 10.—Another body has been taken from the ruins of the Baldwin hotel. Wreckers delving In the debris on the Market street Hide turned up a charred moss of flesh which at the morgue was pronounced to be the remains of a.human being. There was.absolutely nothing to Indicate the Identity of the corpse which Is believed t'o be that of a woman. Wonderland Theatre DUuiter, Detroit, Dec. 10.—The coroner'd Investigation of the cause of tho collapse of the roof of the Wonderland theater, by which a dozen lives were lout, returned a verdict to the effect that too heavy a weight was placed upon the roof and placing the responsibility for the disaster upon the firm of John Scott & Co., architects of tho building. The Lelvlgli Coul Dock Fire. Went Superior, Win., Dec. 10.—The Le- ttish coal dork fire IB, If anything, worse, and flames are spreading In both directions Kcnm are entertained that on* Bide of the entire dock will go. The men killed by the slide nre thought to be Tobel I'uulmin, John H. Peterson, «nd H. Olson. Tram p Frozen to Death. New Albany, Ind.. Dec. 10.—The remains of a tramp who, It Is thought. was frozen to death were found In a barn near this city. From n memorandum found In his pocket It Is supposed his name was Thomas H. Seeds of Chicago. Surah Slarka Tliuriie I>eml. Ban Francisco, Dec. 10.—Sarah Starhe Thornef widow of Charles n. Thome, 8r., who died flvc years ago. nnd, like him, well known on the stage. Is dead at the age of 75 years. She was a native of New York, and her first husband wag James Sturke, the tragedian. wltb whom she played In many theaters from New York to Sun Francisco. After Btarke's death the married Thorno, the father of C H. Thome. Jr., the well- known lending inun^JShe will be burled In the Masonic cemetery. tlolil llobtiary at St. Joieph, Mo. 81. Joseph. Mo., Dec. 10.—At 6 o'clock at night • young man, unmasked, entered the clothing store of A. Goldman. taught out the proprietor, placed a revolver to his breast and compelled him to turn over all money In the safe, 150. The robber escaped In the crowd. iiul I'roiluce. Chicago, Pec. 9. Following were the quotation;) on the Board of Trade today: Wheat— Open. High. Low. Close. December ...5 .6214 $ .03% $ .02% I .C.T/t May 64% .6514 .64% .CGVi July 63% .64V4 .03% .G4<,& Corn- December ... .33 .33 .3276 33 May 33% .33% .33% .33% July 34>-4 .34Vi .34 34VJ Oats- May 25% .20 .25% .'.'57s Pork- January !U5 9.17'/, 9.12'/. 9.1713 May 3.37><. a.42',i 9.37M, 0.40 Lard- January 5.05 fi.07',4 5.05 5.05 May 5.22>/ii 6.25 5.Z2V4 5.22MI Produce: Butter — Extra creameries. 20ifi!20% per tb; extra dairies. 18c: fresh packing stock, 110120. Eggs —Frehs stock, 22©22i<,o per doz. Dressed Poultry—Turkeys, SM.5f.iOc per tb; chickens, O4'f6',ic; ducks, fi'ffi'c: geese, Cfi)7c per Ib. Potatoes—Common to choice, 27®34c per hu. Sweet Potatoes—Illinois, 75<ff$1.50 per bbl. Apples—Common to fancy, J2.00ff2.7r, per bbl. Cran- borrles—Wisconsin bell and bugle, $6.00 06.75 per bbl. Chlriljco Llvo .Stock. Chicago, Dec. 9. Hogs—Estimated receipts for the day, 43,000; market fairly active, with prices steady to a shade lower; sales ranged at $2.6503.35 for pigs, $3.2003.40 for light, $3.25@3.30 for rough packing, J3.25®3.42M, for mixed, and $3.30@3.45 for heavy packing and shipping lots. Cattle— Estimated receipts for the day, 3,600; market was rather dull; feeling was weak; quotations ranged at $5.90 ©6.25 Christmas beeves, $5.35®5.80 choice extra steers, $4.70@5.30 good to choice do., $4.60©5.00 for fair to good, <4.20@4.75 common to medium do., $4.00 ©4.45 butchers' steers, $4.10©540 fed western steers, $2.8004.30 feeding steers, $2000400 cows, $2.6004.70 heifers, $2.50 ©4.25 bulls, oxen and stags, $3.8004.30 Texas steers, and $3.50@6.7B veal calves. Sheep and Lambs—Kstlmated receipts for the flay, 7,000; feeling 1 easy: prices without material change; quotations ranged at $3.205114.35 westerns, $2.60® 4.40 natives, and $4.0C(5>5.65 lambs. Kant Uuffiilo Live Stoalt. East Buffalo, N. Y:, Dec. 9. Dunning & Stevens, Live Stock Commission Merchants, East Buffalo, N. Y., quot e as follows: Cattle—Six cars, mostly holdovers; market dull and tending lower for all but choice handy grades: veals lower. $4.2507.00; extra, $7.25. Hogs—Receipts, 65 cars; market opened steady but weakened; Yorkers, $3.3503.40: mixed, $3.40; medium anil heavy, $3.4503.60; pigs, $3.3003.35; roughs, $3.00f*;;.10. Sheep and Lambs— Receipts, 46 cars; market opened steady for lambs, $5.4505.60; but weakened o $5.4005.50; culls to good, $4.0005.:>.>: sheep very dull, $2.0004.25; wethers, eighth to quarter more. HI. Louis drain. St. Louis, Deo. ft. Wheat—Higher No. 2 red caah elevator, GS%r bid; track, 6SV4069V4c; December, GSHic; May, 677fc068c; July, 03%c uskcd; No. 2' hard, 63c. Corn— Kusy; No. 2 cash, 31'/4e; December, 30T4 ®31o; May, 32tte. Oats—Steady; No. 2 cash, 27c; track, 27V4c; December nnd May. 27c; No. 2 white, 29V4@30c. Rye —Nominal; B2c. lln Olrlinitliiii K>|iprlcil to Sur *r* uf n ?linllnr Nnturr. Atlanta, (!«., Her. 1(1. —With the peace Jubilee- still n f»-w days off the executive conitr.ltt' ; : Is n^suiTd of the pri-vcnc" ID-Atlanta en thf 14th or 16th of all their Invitt.l gu.sts. Attorney Oeii'-Titl cJrl^'KF Is the last to strid his ac'C( : piance arul ha^ nodded the committee that be will inne with a party of Now Ji.r.«ey nirn. Including Adjutant General William Stryki-r, Hon. William Hancock, state outriptpiller, and Colonel Ollphanl, Hide to (Jcneral Slryker. In the niMtit'r of disirKiitslu'cI men who have HfTi'pted the Invitation of Atlanta to be present on the "rraMon. it Is lip- llevpd the jul)ll"t' will surpass tho celebrations held reo'iitiy In the nortli and west, and the fact that the treaty o? pr?acc \\lll probably bo signed In a day or so gives to the event an additional Interesting feature In the fact that It will be the first r* al peace Jubilee. General Fltxlim:h I.e.. hns notllled thf? committee that he will be In attendance inn] from tills it i? Inferred that the coinmandi-r of the Seventh corps does not expect to leave .Savannah for Cuba for at least OKC we.-k. The parade of Thm-Miiiy will be the spectacular feature of the celebration. a Inrpe number of organizations from all parts of the south havmi; announced their Intention to be pivs* nt. General Joe Wheeler has expressed his willingness to ride at the head of his old cavalry. The staff nf Grand Marshal West Includes James Hwan am] Hon. Edward A Sunnier of New York, Colonel Henry L. Turner, who commanded the First Illinois ri'KliiK.'nt at the battle of San Juan: Alexander H. Kevell. Hon. C. U. Gordon, postmaster: John J. Uadcnoch, former chief of police, al! of Chicago, and BhiC'tt Lee. son of General Stephen D. Lee. The Indies of Atlanta are taking an active part In the affairs and many receptions hiive been arranged for tho ladies of tin 1 presidential party and other promln-nt v.-onvjn who will be present. The Army and Navy league has sent out a lar.^e number oC Invitations Among the acceptances received is one from Miss Helen Gould. The floral parade set down for the afternoon of the 14th lias assumed large proportions. Apartments for the president and members uf his. party have been reserved at the Klmball. Mrs. Frank Hrnolss of Detroit, Mich., shot and killed her 11-year-old daughter, and then killed herself. Mrs. John AUain committed suicide at Franklin, Ilia., by Jumping Into a well. The person who disturbed tha congregation last Sunday by coughing, is requested to call nnd get a bottle of Foley'a Roney and Tar, whloh always gives relief. Sold by E. Marsh and 8. H. Wyss. . , -_ l_T ^ Kor Kidney Troubles there is nothing better thau Foley't Kidney Cure, everyone who tries it will agree to this. Sold by E. Marsh and 8. H. Wyss. _____ For Pneumonia. Dr. J. 0. Bishop, of Agnew, Mich., says: "I bave used Poley's Honey and Tar in three very severe cases of pneumonia the past month with good results. Sold by E. Marsh and 8. H. Wyss. Mr. 0. M. Dlxon, a well known merchant of Pleasant Eidge, Fulton Co., Pa., has a little girl who is frequently threatened with croup, but when the first symptoms appear, bis wife gives her Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, which always affords prompt relief. The 25 and 50 cent sizes for sale by E. Marsh and 8. H. Wyss. Lost. Many bave lost confidence and hope as well as health, because they have been told their Kidney disease was incurable. Foley's Kidney Oure is a Guaranteed remedy for the discouraged and disconsolate. Sold by E. Marsh and 8. H. Wyss. Hoarseness Leads On to serious irritation of the throat, and may end in a racking, rasping cough. Dr. Bell's Plne-Tar-Honey will quickly clear the throat and leave the voice clear and smooth. It is an infallible remedy for coughs and colds and all disorders of the throat and lungs. Good druggists sell it. 25o. THE KK1VS Iff The directors of the St. Louis anfl Ban Francisco railroad have declared a semi-amml dividend of 2 per cent, on the firm preferred stocks, payable Jan. 6. Tho Missouri Pacific Railroad company. It is announced, has paid Its floating debt of Jl, 300,000 to Russell Sage. The office of The Dally Morning Post at Pcldn, Ills., WAP almost completely destroyed by fire, with a loss of about 15,000. George W. Cullom, aiseri 57, a cousin of Senator Cullom of Illinois and a Well-known pioneer of Hamilton county. O., is dead. Negotiations an 1 In progress for thf erection of a beet-sugar plant at Galesburg, llle. Rev. Dr. Stuart Dodsre of New York has been appointed president of the home missions board of (he Presbyterian church. Charles Martin, employed In the machine shop of the Federal Steel company. Jollet, Ills., was Instantly killed by a bursting emery wheel. Federal Judge Peamnn of Milwaukee has upheld the federal bankruptcy law, declaring the state courts are entirely without Jurisdiction In such proceedings. Driven to despair because he was temporarily out of money. Ira Fltts, traveling representative for the National Collection agency of DCS Moines, la., swallowed morphine at Webster City, la., and died. It Is now believed that William Kent, the murderer of his brother Noble. Is not barricaded in his home near Car- llnvflle, Ills., as was supposed, but has gone south. Margaret Isabel Wolf, wife of John Wolf of Dayton,, O., has sued for divorce. He Is 80 years old and she Is 35. Solomon Wise, a merchant of Ottawa, O., was accidentally shot and killed by A. W. Weller, a bank cashier. Conviction In a Faith Cure Case. Cincinnati, Dec. 10. — Thomas McDowell recently died of typhoid fever while under the care of Harriet O. Evans, a Christian Scientist. She was tried for practicing medicine without a certificate and the Jury brought In a verdict yesterday of guilty. The attorneys for the faith cure defendant at once gave notice of appeal from the police court. Fire at Los Angolca. Cal. IMS Angeles, Cal., Dec. 10. — The flre in the works of the Standard Oil company has burned Itself out, the entire property bslng consumed. The total loss is estimated at (225,000. Rheumatism Cured in a Day "Mystic Core for rheumatism and Neuralgia, radically cores in from 1 to 3 days Its action upon the system is remarkable and mysterious. It removes at once the cause and disease immediately disappears. The first dose greatly benefits, 75 ots. Sold by S. H. Wyss, Druggist, Alton, 111. Texas. The Missouri, Kansas & Texas Kail- way Oo. will sell low rate round trip tickets on Nov. 1, 15, Deo. 8 and 30, with final limit of return to 21 days from date of sale. An excellent opportunity for homeseokers, tourists and investors to view for themselves tbe great resources of tbe State. For further information address John L. Williams, P. and T. Agt , 103 N. Broadway, St. Louis, Mo. RUSSIA' AltSOKtllXft CHINA. E«-Mlnlf>lrr Ilxrrrtt l'te<-« .Tnlnt IIilllili- Aincrlrnn Artlon. Shanghai, Pec. 10.-John Barrett, formerly I'nltcd Htates minister to Slam, has returned here after vlsltlnc I'e.kln and the principal Chinese ports. He says the situation In China Is of the most irltknl nature, and that Manchuria Is no longer Chinese, but Russian territory. He asserts that New- Clnvang, the chief northern port for the movement of American products. Is also practically Russian and liable to be closed any day. The only permanent safeguard to the paramount American nnd Hrltlsh interests, Mr. Darrett snys, Is Immediate and united action by the Interested governments to defend the territory of the Chinese empire, to enforce reforms In tho government, to prevent further cessions of ports and provinces find to Insist upon the "open-door" policy In nil ports of China. Including the spheres of Influence claimed by Russia, ner- mnny and France. Otherwise,-Mr. Barrett contends, the Impending partition of the Chinese empire will seriously curtail the field of trade by disastrously affecting American and British Influence In Asia. lllff Flour Oiiinblnntlon* Cleveland. Dec. 10.—In an Interview here Clement B. Stern of the Atlas Flour mills of Milwaukee stated that he expected the hla Hour combination would lie In operation shortly. The combine will have .a capitalization of $30.0flO.Oi>n A ?yndicate"of English and American capitalists has been negotiating with the owners of the mills looking to the formation of a trust for some time past. Mr. Stern said that the Atlas Flour mills would be Included In the new organization. Jten Saner Pipe Combine. Steubenvllle. O., Dec. 10.—The scheme of F. L. Tuppscott of New York to form a sewer pipe trust having failed, Colonel W. II. Kastland of Toronto has proposed a sales agency combine which Fhnll have the handling of the product of all factories, Including the fixing of prices. It Is likely the organization will be effected before Jan. 1. Manufacturers claim that sharp competition has brought prices down to a ruinously low figure. Proved a Costly Hag. Savannah, Ga., Dec. 10.—In the city court Judge Thomas N. Norwood, former United States senator, fined Private J. E. Moore of battery A. First Maine artillery, $500 or six months oil the chain gang for embracing the wife of a prominent county official on the street while the soldier was drunk. Judge Norwood administered a severe lecture and characterized the conduct ai that of a heathen. CASTORIA For Infants and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bought Hacking COUGH A hacking cough is a grave-yard cough; the sooner you get rid of it the better. Don't wait until it develops into consumption, but use the celebrated Dr. John W. Bull's Cough Syrup at once. It is a wonderful remedy for all throat and lung affections, and will cure a deep-seated cough or cold in a few days. Dr.Bulls Cough Syrup Will cure a Hacking Cough, Doses are small and pleasant to take. Doctors recommend it. Price 25 cts. At all druggists. EromotesDigcslloaChcErful- tiessandRcst.Contalns neither pjnum.Morpuine nor Mineral. NOT NARCOTIC. Apcrfect Remedy for Constipation, Sour Stomach.D.iarrhoea, Worms .Convulsions .Feverishness and Loss OF SLEEP. Toe Simile Signature of NEW VOHK. The Kind Have Always Bought. CASTORIA .. THK OiHTAUB COMPANY. NKW VOHK CITV. iBiirlingtonl Route • BEST TRAINS 0:0 lNe!)raska,Montana,Pu£etSoun[ Bean tbe Signature of HENRY J. KLUNK, Twcnlj lleluw In NuLraika. Denver, Deo. 10.—With a temperature of 19 dogrees below zero Denver was the coldest point In the country, with the single exception of Valentine, Neb., where a record of 20 vvna reported. At Cheyenne. Wyo., It was utie degree warmer than In Denver. The weather la fair, but the Indications are that It will not be much warmer for a day or two, High Water Ht St. Fittonlnirg. 8t. Petersburg, Dec. 10.-The River Neva aiiddenly rose nine feet, Inundating the lower quarters of the city, where communication Is now carried on by boats. The Inhabitants were panlc-BtrlckBn, and tliero was great loss of property. Great loss of life has been reported. The flood IB now lubsldlng. A Little Sniffle, or a stubborn cold, or a deep-seated cough can be cured for good with Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar-Honey. This famous remedy, taken in time, will stop the progress of consumption and bring the color of health to the pallid cheek. Druggiuts sell it. LIU, ind., above a Tbe »ure',L»;unppelCure. There 1> no uie suffering from (big dreadful malady, tf you will only Ret tbe right remedy. You ore having pain all through your body, year liver {a oat of order, have no appetite, no life or ambition, bave a bad cold, In fact are completely used up. Electric BJttora la the only remedy that will give you jpronipt and sure r«l|ef. They aot dlrejBOj on your Liver, Stomach and ^Umeya, tone up tbe wbole ays- tern aoS make you feel like a new being, They are guaranteed to cure or 9 refunded. For aale at K. Marsh's atorc.,only 60<» per bottle. 0«t Dr. Mile*' P»in I'llw. Thankful words written by Mrs. Ada E. Hart, of Qroton, 8. D. "Wag taken with a bad cold which settled on my lungs; cough set in and finally terminated In Consumption. Four doctors gave me up, saying I could live but a short time. I gave myself Up to my savior, determined if I could not stay wltb my friends on earth, to meet my absent oues above. My husband was advised to get Dr. lOug'H New Discovery for Consumption, Doughs and Oulds. I gave It a trial, took lu all elgbt bottles. It bag cured me, and toank God I am aaved and now a well and healthy woman." Trial bodies free at E. Marsh's drug store. Regular size 60? and VI, Guaranteed or price refunded. After bearing aome friends continually praising Ohaajberlaio's Oolio, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, Our- tls Fleck, of Anaheim. California, purchased a bottle of it tor bia own use and 1* now aa euth,uala^lo over its wonderful wprk aa anyone can be. The 26" and 50 cant aizas for aale byi B. Hirta and a. U, Wyu, Distressing Stomach Disease Permanently curod by the masterly power of South American Nervine Tonic. Invalids need suffer no longer because tbla groat remedy can cure them all. It is a oure for the whole world of stomach weakness and indigestion. The cure begins with tbe first dose. The relief it brings is marvelous and surprising. It makes no failure; never disappoints. No matter how long you have suffered, your cure is certain under the use of this great health-giving force, Pleasant and alwaysjafe. Sold by 8. H. Wysa. For Hoarseness. Benj. Ingerson, of Ihuton says: he bad not upoken whisper for mouths, and one bottle of Foley's Honey and Tnr restored his voice, it Is used very largely by xpeakera and singers. Said by E. March and 8. H. Wjss. What do the Children Drink? Don't give them tea or coffey. Have you tried the nf w food drink called GRAIN-0? It Is delicious and nourishing and takes the slace of coffee. The more drain-O you^lve the children tbe more health you distribute through their systems. Oraln-O la made of pure grains, and when properly prepared (Ksies like (lie choice grades of coffee but costs about one- balf us much. All grocers sell It. I5o and 25c. glnbectaher. V*aU* in viaffi mat>« cofftn*, m»taUt*«a»»»,*n»tal- Itc anb claitt ca*h*i». •ttviul rob** f)rs. Q. and H. Taphorn. PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. OFFIuB to M'Plke Hullding. Cor. and and Easton sts. Pbones 138 and 171. Henry Mleyers Butcher and Packer, U< inlet la F«ib ail Salt Miali ai< UrJ, MI! mint. ladnrar at S»uie. !89 EAST SECOND • • ALTON ILL PANG SUE, LAUNDRY. Laundry Work Carefully and Promptly Done. Uao belt of Teu and Chlneie Noreltlei oc band. TIME CARD 624 Bast Second st. 306 SUle k P. SCHUSSLER.M.D HOMBOPATHIST and SURQB9N OnriCH AMD RRS'DBNCR, HOTEL If ADI80- Telephone 100 /)rs. E. C. &H. R. Lemen UPPER ALTON, ILL. OFFICE HOURS: 7 to 9 a.m; H to I,«to 8 p.m TBLBPHONB 87. 1BO». I Dr. VVlllluluti lituiuu i-in Olntuiont will cure blind UloecUug and ItoUIni rFllus. HubsorljstUe tumors the ItoliJjJt'at ouiT, net* a pouliluo, glvcg Instant re lief. Dr. Wllilams'Imllnn Pile Oini men t In prepared for Plleiandllcb the private purls. Kvcry box I: warrantod. Hy druKKlstH, bv mnll on rt eelpt of jmlco, 60 ctntl and *UOO. WILLIAM! M«NUF»CTURIN6 ™. ProDi, Oleveland, X)hlo ADMINI8TBATOB'8 Eatate ot Daniel W. Collet, deoeued. Tbe underelgned having been appointed Administrator of the estate of • DANIEL W, COLLET, late of the county of Madlaon and State of Illinois, dooeanod, hereby glrea notice that he will appear before the County Court ot Madlaon oouniy,»t the Court House, In EdvardiTiUe. at tbe January term, on the drat Monday In January next, at which time all persona haying claims against aald estate are notified arid requested to attend for the purpose of baring the same adjuated. All pertona Indebted to aald estate are requested to make Immediate pay- mnnt to the undersigned, Dated this 19th day of Nov. A. D.. 1W8. ENDS JOHNSON, Administrator. C. B. ROHLAND, DENTIST, OBIceHoarai la.B, Mllam. ad l to p II W. THIRD RMT Granitoid Paving Co. W. &H. BEISER, Prop's. 813 East Sixth Street • Alton, III. All kinds of Granitoid Work: Sidewalks, Steps, Flooring, etc., done and the best quail- tyot material and work guaranteed. Order* bT nail will neelre pnmpt sttertlen Chicago & Alton. On and after noon Aug. 14, 1898, trains will leave Union Depot, Alton, as follows- For •Chicago, North and East— *12:8o) a m, *8:47 a m, *10:06 p m, ForSprlngfleld-«13:8Sam, »8:10 m, a m, *6:a> p m, *10:06 p m Peorla For o) m,»8:10 , •Dally, fBxoept Sunday. ISee Joint C. * A. and Big Four time table for trains between Alton and 8t" Louis. ) :47 a m, »10:05 p m. GJiood Big Four M Tie Tome oi Between Alton & St. Louis. LT. Alton For St. Louis. Ar. St. L Edmund H. Blair. Real Estate and laBaraace Agent. MONEY TO LOAN. Natmrv Public OFFICK MC Market at notary KUDIIC. „„ AitonBy. * ni'gCo. DISCHARGES OBTAINED IN BANKRUPTCY In Short Tmie, Yager & Yager. Attorneys 308 Belle Street. PENWpoVAr PJL18 Ori(laul «n4 Onlr ««nuln«. • >rt, •!»;• nlUUC UOII* Mi . l tor atc/uuirr BWU"k Ola; it a£i m' Many Liven are Saved by the timely use of Dr. Hell's Pine- Tur-Honey. When a cold creeps upon you, or a cough racks your lungs, no remedy is no prompt or effectual. CASTORIA For Infant! and Children, Tbi Kind You Have Always Bought •MTU tbt Blffutor* of WM ARMSTRONG. Dialer Ic Cement, Lime and Wall Plaster 107 Weat Second Streei Veterinary Surgeia'! DR. D. M. MAHER. ' .^rffe """-i"Four, Sat only. 1040am IMpm 420pm !l!i::;: : il^ goo™, si??' 1 ? 1 Four, ex-Sun! •4A, dally.... I .;» ' • 1140am 260pm 886 pm BlBpm 640pm 910pm 018pm 1006pm UUarn *-pur tfokets. Alton'Yud it, r Agent C. C. C. ft St. L.-^Blg Four. COR .THIRD AND P1ABA 8T8 , ALTON U.l THROUGH SERVICE - BETWEEN — p— • ST. LOUIS, CHICAGO, KANSAS CITY T. M. LONG Civil Engineer and Surveyor Map* Profiles and Bitlmate Purnlibed. jog Belle Street, Up Stalra. ROBT. M. STAMPER. REAL ESTATE, Loan and Insurance Agent tU STREET, MoiMy to Lo*a oa Improved Prvprrv RBNT8 COLLKCTBD. Leare Alton 550am Q 710am v 800am 10 06 am 1180pm U 45pm 14tpm 445pm 428pm Ot 706pm VI Leave St. L. 741am 8 21 am 1020am 1150am 800 om 509pm 651pm 750pm BurJjDgton Route. lat, 1898, trains will leare (Suburban serHoe) Arrive St. L .. D../i£ 8uD ?«.m lisa iMpm r» 11r » Dally ei bally eji-eup / a Dajly Dally e*-Suu IJofe eaop,,, 8IOp«, Arrlre Alton lyez- lyex-l 1116am 12«pm AND PRINCIPAL CITIES OF TEXAS. WUREI BUFFET SLEEPERS — - AND— — FREE RECLINING KATY CHAIR Chas A. Strittmatter Altrcbant Tailor, 704 BAST SECOND 3TRBBT. who tronout* flrit-oJui, «i DINING STATIONS OPERATIC BY THE COMPANY, VUPIRIOn MKAL*, «^^FlPTY CiNTS, Jamei p»rkfr <>•••«4V *ifiL' TAILOR MADE CLOTHES, -At MODERATE PRICES, Yeii art loTlt*4 to oui u>4 »unuir n» NEW STOCK OP GOODS and Ridge sta. r from Union depot. Bt. L. K. ft iii'" 8 Qt SS Plt W f 8 w pni street for Union jr.t from Ltngdon Uils train departs Through lerrlo*. ^aaasg^^p.^^ wwt, dall^ai JndH M p n i. DeDVW «< ?«""• Arrlrt m, t,, ll:0a«m 7 it pa Arrlr* Aiwa B'JIB ^^ B

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