Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 1, 1927 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 1, 1927
Page 3
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H. S. Nee<Uiam of Minji09polis. Minu.. *as a business) visitor in lola yesterday. —I^t nie remodi'litig. ' ilo your 1 Hireling or Phone 107 2J Mr. anil Mrs. Lawdenjcfi Rite an^ (laughters. Voris i uJ Shirley Kite, and B. T. Rice, Lawrence Rice, .spent S| ^ r. and j .Mrs. Ernest ill Elsmore. Mrs. Sette ijju.sfn of Mrs. Rice. '—Dr. Kred Woodbur thai Hpei|iaii»t. Treat.s Irtns. weakened arches, e 1 JiurBe for residence !ca )l4 2171 West Madison.f Mrs. \VilIiam Hastinjrs liri'il undirrweut a niajo thin moiiiin); at 1' o'<l/|(liJ 3iihnV ;li<is|)itul. Sli'' iin ilt;.liiK nicely.. -Are you tryinR for Kl<utrl( .See K. f'/iinii)fnK Co. nafor Refri«ei{atiir? lUr. Ili^rsrhel Ilendrlcl| of Climax. Kan.x.. nday visitorH with .\]U-(' Heudriik.s. {—Try It once— you Win other. Van Hoo2er'a Breadi Klf. and Mrs. R.< I.. Jleliiian anrl ?oh.: Bobby, were weekTT-n lo f. Klf Stiuibb. fi^ther of lay Willi Jieijterstrom Strom is a p. two years! a home of for the mi ve territory a to take in —Dr. A. Mew GIob« pa .St family been jletty Urn 4, Ueity I>ou -latuef*. daughter of Mr James of 41.^ Xoijth pa8so<l at\ay at afternoon at St. Johns .hospital..' Betty I.OU underiife'fit an operation Satnrd.iy eve'iins late to be effectivtj irom the dlseaseld . lias with, his i making lol i his home. Is now niovr ' ing to Mon|etr. Mo.,';wli'ere he owns his owTi. friiL' reason is tijat Mr. Snuibbs' . travfiliiig i^ale.sman for i .j' iheTNewtoii .Milling (lompany. ^ of (Spread through the body. restiliiiiR lin peritonitis froiti Funeral arrans<[ii[ients will be announced in tomorrow's Register. .Newton. Kkin^. ha^ bei-n exlende<l ilhe.Monett territory.: Of Mil- pcratlon lit' SI. ted- Mall. .\ <l tlje; KHVI- ijid fam- w hii 01 '.Mr. and -Mrs. K.-|nkas (^ify. , J nr. S.! LstpiTii^h," i Office phone 2'.?: Re.^tph drs. Minnie jWikhind bo dt was a bii.Kiiie.*s v lo a yesterday. Till- ilioSr of the First V. ic ,11 's iaiii fbunh of lolu toniglilt tht- jiM-iil r at till': r<*vi Iner siiter. SaniUfl 'Kansas Ciilv wi!h his p K. Kindle haT« no 1 guests A. U|;:.HJopan in . wv will bIl .^t I Take rare ; them to u^. Oijr pri''ejj paper.—J. |3iirgeon. .ne fil:'..!. ( r. n. Coghill. Mgr., Monroe an'I Kim. ] iHum- sitor in The 71. I Jefferson ^ .Chlinute w Lilwin. I 1). R. Tompkin lola in the Int Highway lommis.liijn. H to be here for so rie time. B. Twadell. Osteopath. ^Idg. Phone 191. Mr. j »hd graduate nioved |froi|ij tofuH. bun- ' Lincoln i<> N"o extra I Transfer < Phone: ! - The V >jl America \V I lodge meet iiy evi 'lii J. S. Bartlett ol Ktreet is reporteii today. Mrs. James Pigg have the 7<iM block-on Kast j rooinsi over'the Dean jiilern ;Rriiiherhood of 111 have their regular iigi at S,ovfock Wi'dms- Mr. and Mrs. Parsons. Kan-, sji .|ldo Funston : of bt ilu" last week lend with Judge flHiar Foiist daughter. .Miss Kasi' Jai-kson i avc iiU 1 .Xlar'-li ;-. at nice '"'HI filllo'w. K. v. 'hanuti' I'o a> will come tllst •Ihn I'twilr her l:<im<' at ;M (<lrei't. with a se \1f fi position In the li. ('biirih In till' musii al mei'ting.i Indig came down lor a week 'end visit linnts. .Ur. .nnd :Mrs. K. lt( ~ii-2 .N'oiih Walnut St. Kd'vard AVigRjii lit til*' Sihcliyr St! and .Syi-amore siri from ' Sinclair employe; police. 4-Reg>nnling Tuesday, March 1. eggs oh a graded basi.^. | riiff<)rd Pool 0(1 is visiting at the i -ntK. '.Mr. and Mr South liuckeve. of ,voi|r:egg> and bring „ ..^j; ^-i,,; h,.r d /"':')"'';il ^h 'and. Mr. and iMlrs. F. J. Cud.le- Wr) pay will riln daily in F. Ci-ennan Prod. Co:. 1 .;orner Kast j j little granddaughter Yates Center Sunday back, in' Joplin.' MJ O. iE. ih THE I^LA DAILY REG the six year old iuid y\rk. R. 1. i Walnut Htficet. 1 .1 oVhick thif< ST]SIt,'TLfesDAY E\tE|NTNGt MARCH 1,1 >: bin it pr6ved too as the p<»lson t ajipendiv luid I which she dle<l.v of ..Manhattan is rest of the State ' iexpects 215 South IFirsJ In at his iiome ; 'liira.' iiie. - of and 425 Mrs. Nellie Parker is confined to j .Vorth . re colli.. Fourth '.-.ranW .Mrs. If. J.. Carter land [llohby of Augusta. Kaiis.. sjient weel{ end with .Mr. 'and .Mr.s. k Siiyrter of .i2.5 Souih Syca- iKast ista. keye Taomai Vannice'and family; for- courity. are moving honij"; on i\M'ijn La.wrence and Kansas City. PreM Congresjij pcitv oflj righti, was made. liiiiiiuy lamay .Miss LaVlssa Taylor has ;i< copfed Kress store. J. W, store at .Stale sttieei Jones i " iiiorning[ .MICCI'HSf for the. were ob La II 'station manager rjion. loriier Kast ^ ^j,. ij-ts. went 111 Ci)t-! ' iiy lo jilteiid the ,' y\f^ \ nteeting. l,e,.|i >.t: I .Mrs. Iliiieiiian. Seminole. Okla.) S(,„iii jitifect. home of his par- li Ml Pool of r .L'ii corner to E. anil ; |iarbi F. .Jones. .Mr. '• that lie ha> liiklng po.-ise>..sii.n this i >tariier Slii'ii .Mr. and .Mrs. liaiiiay have' from J. 1 llv conilucted ;llie store 1 has operiit'id'iwfnty nirinilis but years and Mi tgeil to sell on iaccoiiill of liiih >talii)ai|«l. liVs healili. ifCing. of I.eroy, jiinp with her • hi ell e!iiul<iy4il !Js a ' , lous'^lops iin who has : if .jirs anil Sia ilaiigliler,', who will wis has inoTeil to Tu.'<: (-nrerpris" h h 'nt Mr. have be l.llllch Rjiberts and Son ('lyde. who •ill employed ;it;ihe IJuiik life. lett ye.slenlay lor Mrs. C;. S. namt^pn left today for i>ii(..ii,urk Kan.^a.-. w'lu.-i jughier -All' Iri.s- ' .„;,(5, til ! employiul by the I J. H. nrpwTi. made a biisines iir home. in fiimily, Jin N-orth a,,,, .jm, Ho.igins it \lj ini't, Kpent Sunday in .Mr. and Mrs. Renaie Mr. and Mrs. .Ml daughter .Mary of f-Dr. Montgomery; Chiropractor. Laundry Bldg. Pbooa 138. kliss Christine Henrichs ce Illy resigned her posi Ih • Daily News; has acc sttinographic position - wit I.. Thompson Agency. who rer ioii with pted the I the R- If. O. ftitford is moving from one of the Horville farms to 15 West .Calhoun Street in 'lola. —Jnsf like Aiigel | ,Food Cake, Van Hoozer's Bread. 2 for 15c. Bartlett and motored to to vi.-it .Mr. L. Weh.-ler and Al^ IC-ist .Monroe Mrs. \ \ street, i^ <• rat ion • , reported ' Mrs. J •ilerwent *:a!ii!ila>! • .Sunday. spen' the Week end wjith ihejr i «-oii • and brother. Loreu .'Webstej- iLiu\. family at Pittsburg. > . Iliey will jarly ilii .'i niorning. •11 .known lola lils morning inse^ljlhe Diimoiid Soliiih Jefferson. Mr. Hiirthlt Diailiond forj many iialnituineil a very j.MaffItt has barber in var- II ri !art|lett. the :«s • Mr. fo about iUHss in B. I'll reel i. who up yearit ago was in buf and who at that time moved <)rlan lo.-Fla., is here and ai a vis ting old friends and rela- .M Purcell reports condi' in Florida quite satisfactory. J. rentl Stoif coll IoB.i for nearly thirty argil ni W re Wol list of friV'uds W Vll in his ne\yi ffna ently be wasjf,,^ , dav 2 Ntivth Jefferson ,.om tri ^i to .Moran s „(.f way I Walter Oliphaht.. i^ho has been •employefl i»i the Diamond barber North ;|;!iop. iiowjh.i's ;( chiiir at the Joe iM .idison. C. Courier, of .S0:{ ho.underwent a major op- it St. John's Ihispiial. is |as getting along nicely. . Seott chapter and ie Tiux. of Piqp?. wh.o iin-i^l,,. Ma-^miic JodSe :a tonsillecioniy Wolf .'•iiop'oil We,«t Twoiiiy-fivfc memhelrs of the Fflrt iimmandery o eieniplifieil th moriiii.g. reiutiied horiu ., >«tlfe. —One white bird dog w head anil browii'.sp 'if on is in the city pound. D -)12.— Ciij -fer Davis. Chief nut tracii Clul . .McOinnis, of 51 ireet.Jis moving n on Ilea si of Ih iirowD ight side \-iwr call nf Police. .\o1 th Mis.s Ktl: in lola vis Unice. .M Mr. Bruce. [el .Bruce of Wichit.a. .is liiig .Mr. and .Mrs. L. W. .s? Bruie is -4 sistej* of 10 a the. five acre Country Mrs. flul- Quisi. and daughter 1 1„. n. Florence, (if Brorison.- were shop- trict. pirig in lola yesterday. , -T ' Mrs. —.Money to loan on real estate, n^lpl, easy terms, no i linuuissions. The;,j,pj^ pan-nis lola Building •^•) Ivoaii Association. ip „rp )J, Orgai«i/ed ih l^Sa. New location soutiiwesl corner of Square. (1. E. I'ee .-i. Secretary. I Mrs. Earle 0. Feth °rlin. who Mia." . burned quite severely Thursday night, -is able to le up and about the house a littfe each day. Air., and Mrs', f eo.' Stafford anit (l:'Ughter. .Miss M lUile. spent Hlin- nf .Mr. and "Mrs. Cilison of (roiiurrv Club dis- (ililren of Mrs. .Vortli; First kreei. with jhe Mieasli K. llii.- e ;ilay at the home : The barr. 4lU qilUe si< Little iJMar.v. llelen .Hiirlock. of 422 Xortli First; -treei. j«ho ll;is been very >ick with ilm jiie ;is |es. is operation ;|,jf„.,] „;• jj,., _^,.,it;, R ticu^ the man! tee ^o appi: upoi) -4;;, R. -degree lasl Ijiiiiflit al the: Masopiii ieniple here. i>i >ven;y-f;Ve peojile j'wre- pri-M-nt jam! :;f:-r the rititali .siii; work. |«-hii -li w.i-i very iiiil|.res-ive. ihe |jiieii lif t!i».^ Imai ciii :|iiii-.!i- ; 1 cen.Hiis C r;'''! Thfinibiirg ff Caruett-iin- liierv.eiil ;i i.on>ill"' ti !i't St. .Ii.hnsi hospital fer served a i wav -Marl ray operation 1 this niorning. I repiMted some better. 1 Tlie.R. .\. .\. club which w;is to have mijl with LMr.s. Ff.'iiik .Vlaiks. 224 We:jj l!runi-i-. has bi -en posr- piiiied iilitil uext'moiiih i.iM ;i<iouni jfamily :ii S17 Kasi J:l<ksou avenue., of the l»;id weather. ' ' — I . fleorge J. Trombol/l returned to Kansas Cilr. .Mo. last nisht after spending .1 lie Week lend with .less Fulnjer and .son spent the I week end •Ti ihn,' Mr. and Mrs. j John am n. i'. O; E. t^ncial p»rt%-j Tluirsduy, Mu^di T I), P. -Northrup, phoiie 55, .Speiicet-. 'phone 211: ; iiy I ijmitiiuee .T <"ar<is :ii's p. .Mrs. Dora Dixoii went yesivrday afternoon lor witli her daughter. .Mr: ."^leelt-y: and family. R. n. Anil.-rson lif Vni lia.-il Madison aveinie made a lMisfne >e< trip to ElMiiorif yesterday. ' • l» LI I WI M. :'iil ilje Stan Clothing; .•.tor-. Is .s|iendlng the wefV-lii Em-! imiia Willi Ills mil: Mayer;iind f;iiii- ilv, • . ' . V .\nniiitn(-tnent! ' I have piirchaVerl the Diamond Mr«[ Rch< r! Sii left St. .f,<;hns hoi •heir 'hoii'ie near ilh and Iiaby son (ipllal Sund'ly for !'ol-iny. Mr. and Mis.: !• ."?ouihj .S.foiid fill euts of n boy. Ijo ruaryi 2<;, Tiny the name, CIy<fe' ij lull . iinl : Rarber Shop, lus .S. Jefferson, fr bill Mrs.;-' S.'Barllelt. I lyan to redecorite , .i^^r.-sou's brother jifrs. C. B. i"" shop ami make It allradivj order of I "I'-'o-'l'"" !"> "''''•'•>• way. <) j,„_.,l,;,rp.; Sliilleil. high class barbers :will einplevid. M\ work guaranteed :\. L. MAPFIT'li Eye, L. Cox. M. D.. :Jpecl «i'» Ea)-. No«e and Throi t. Mr"; N 'l 'it Au.i Wichi/i ar-' hc.-e ilersoh's juriiiis. V..Xndersoii of iiigtnn avenue, A \lith\South j\"j"alinif sirei'i. gritidpareilt .i lif'iiiKht in been o| j M. Cop.' of 5|il ; el are I lit) piir- II Sanird:i.v( Peb- D. S Mrtet. I\;ilis:i» ' Mr. .Sioll. Mrs. Ll Sciitf. of 4n,>> rt-turiieil lasi jliu Texas where lliey ji:i>' t th* winter with her daiiglH .Mrs •theiji fot; an indefinitf visit. and Mrs; John Re|ither of \- or r.s. -A. .\. East, will) has Snyder, returmfd honu4 i.Madison. spent Sunday in s. \V. H. Kester of [went to Moran 222 .South yi-sterilay Logan township; the main to th^ir highway this new be- A. ^uttoh of Fort S<otr lias d rooms over the Kvilns.; liriig] has opened a jbliiiini'ss an<l gfl. AHPO NTMENT BILL (;C|ES INTO HOUSE i.shinjgton. .March 1. I.Vpi-A effijrl to pas.s a bill lalling reapfirtionnieiif of the hoiisi Barber Shop, j mpnjher.sbip wafe decided upon to by^ jhe Republican niti^e. which voted a measure legisrative; right probably lomorrow. preventative Tilson of• f'onnec!- th'e Republican-leail|-r. i sajd coifimitie.• hail itsked Finn of the census [all up the bill proposing le- innient of the mehib-irship present size of t^ie house 5—iind»-r ilie terms Of rti it< flrange. the l-'.uropk-in haiipfiin at 1.S.2 balk|lne jliilliards. li>i arrived MrK. U. C.i Pinkie and Mrs. Helen j ip.ehni nf Tjipeka. who w^ere here J for the fiiijeral of] .Mrs. Anna; Searles' rei -lirtied to :lheir limne toil;iy. (louierns. of 211I .Vonli First eft oil ye>(.Til;iv liii-i;iess. fi.r flrlillev l>nve ley. giveii hfm o Colony a. visit Hes.sie Th^Iiriniary elf-i-ion (or sel4 ing two ( ;i -nilid;ili!s. for j the election lif.a to serve for tbree years' will held next Tiiesda.v, .Maidi S. dity finance commissiojier j Co), and 'Mrs. lie ! thi.s afternoon on| Ft. Lyons. Colo.. Thf" Alisses Rniiy a;id lae Vete- 10. lif Sand Springs, (iklaboma. who I halve been guests of their unciii arid alint. .Mr. and .Mrs. Le^ Veteto and fa-niily of 4l2 South Siatti sllreet. left! nooii' for Virgil, a few days befori yesteri Kansas • return The «^KFUIAIL XWH fiMlowing are ihetjninies of;'. .s can- e'Pri-i i^tfi., 192T.| thosij wbo have (lualifie^ <iidai;es for nomination a .^jf to! be held -March as tiiey jwill appear on the ticket: Kvr (iiiikinlsriioner 111 Fii|anre'and ! j ReTeniie. i J. D;. ARNETT i A. IJ. HECOX 1 0. W. HOLMES. Foir jMenibers of the Srhi|oI Roiiril. i W. E. RALSTON iv. It. SLEEPER ; ,1. t; .STADLER. For rrreiisiirer of the Si<h|oI Kunrd. ipearance ; UKI.VIN FR(>." V :K. i , R.'L. M C KTEI Feb. 2fl. 11)27. Ctiy Clerk Mr-;. .Myrtle fiavis, of; Kinc; id. w'as in lol:i yesieril:iy fi)r a^ sh iri visit with .Mrs. Mil .MiH'jr of' he .McLiH'n really-to-ft-earstiire. ay to ng after- speud homo. F. L. B. LEATELL. B. D. t Special attention given Dls-I eases of Colon and Rectum. Electro-Therapy and Physiotherapyi: Office lola State B^uk Bldg. Phones-l-t? and 705. \ Mrs. Albert Cha;; il.v ; V': Dr. II. .M. .>t er. IIar!:in S( F.mpori;i y.'sievd E.mporia-Piflsbiirj Ia4t nicht. f.'U'^on and hrolli- iMiis 'iu. drove, to til a't.-nii the b.-.-k-tball The til.' floor jn the new ai di- tion.ito the kelley Hotel Coffee i.Shop is being laid today. The lis hi'iil- in va'?-isated color.s ihaiidsonie designs and will, w finish.'il. ilresejit a pleasing ill- lind len t«p- Tomi'i/row is .V^'h Wednesd! ,tlie lieginnlrig of ilie leniin seji i|>-on. iisjl<al |calenilar T N Tl >e In eiida>1, the last this day li.-jgi)ilulilg of Lent. , . . Till b|aski.i Is till yeaijs old annual .Muri'ii^gras |\Iiirch_ is here. oiie-sixJ !l 'of the .Vijuj Vii;lr gone alread) . Today is {ciilebraied by Welshmer nil over, |woild in honor of tlf .|ir patron .-.•ihi».'.St. David... In inc ecile .i)- ui- ro- fi Slirov before the 1 State of today .... festivities ."Vtew Orleans rfach \\'.j'\Y cliniiix Itirljjy. Michigan. Rfnublifan.5 tiii-et in State convention In (Irand R*pjlils 'toilny to furTfluli^e a pbit- form and consider can^jdnies for K. .\. Morion, lilio li;is been ; ployed a! Ill" liila '.Wholesale, fcery Co. has ;iccep|eil II posijion ;as .•.;ilesii;,iii fui the .V;|sh .Miflor '''ompany. Miss .Mildri'-d IVtersr raplier lur, ib .'.-ry, Is m wliA unable ill Ire ;ii in. stei^og oj:t Wbiiiesnle 1 ,lbe mi be iiffici lisles ihi.s w een cratis In the. House of R<'iiresentar lively caU< u.-* today lo p»)ltfect their orginizatlon for the nex'i . Thi» is Town Meeti g day ip he little towns of V« 4noQt....(.-' t'lsja pood deal of a; " ' — danger the to of troiible State offlces'S'which in luring the Denio- lli .e miill'r thbt State arei elected off vear In the .spring HE Jill 0**i? STOMACH, IVictjtms of indigesjii lof developing i \ ftoihach. If nothip^ Icounjteracj the acidj he 4toma ;h. a mo surp IS Siiomach la riri lir, I. W. SiiMi iins, wljo has 1 .ifeii'.Iinic the K;in»as City ..Sojiili- wehi -rn Denial; .Colleivj alumnae irmi'nib'n yesterday und to^ay. will be iiome tiiiiizhl. Congress day after ITCERS. n are in leers of is done condition seripus to idevetop. Wil- Coughs That Come At Night Charles A. the rnite'd StB'iis Rith Bishop will Mrs. Rex Boivliii sence of Iierf pan rson and son of j'v.silliig -M.-. An|Mr. :iiii' .Mrs. F >)1T .Vilrlh 'Vash- !iil ,vi;l. .Mrs. Ali- i;n'l ".ife. .Mr. and man. iind. .Mr .s. Diii.u' Bl.iik. o ijleiif Sunday with .Mr. C. Uitt, :;i7 South Will .Mrs. I lien •;v;iham.' who calied lere 10 alteml i!ii' fiiii'-r Iier til itjn-r. .Mrs.. D 1).' S';iii Febniailii ' 1". lell yestei'il.iy lol liii'lile ill Ii"I roll, .Michig.iii. Mr. a|rtd Mrs. .M. .M.. Howl .Vor'h '^eiiiucky street luov -i i!;iy to .| f;irtn uli Owl Creek. • p . . ' ! Leslie); Ford. ;tn eiii [i )oj^e at W.iviie II iiiv l!;ii|i liflli Willi bis 1110 I 11 leii Ibis afternoon! steering • \» givJ- 4 • Chaii- ; coniniH- ; the l !i:;o on this world's toiiijnapient which will pj 'l under 11 Wai-iiinglon, D.i C, ' on HOyLANDS Iowa. Her, Mr. Kills. lifter a visit ' .11. E. Hall of That Baby YouVe ; Longed For Mr-*. Iliirloii .XdiM-* Women on. Motherhiioil ] und < «rnpiinl«<n«>hlp.: Skelley ! iiiiiiii; (.latiou. i |irner of Washinston .'inil Broailw;iy. i.s at -•;iiii(' home. .Moran. bavini; a I'i.-sle with the niejJ.sles. i W S; Rishop left the Oil Fl.ver for where their sou. Bish<i|p. is a patient in hofpital. Mi .ss stay with Mr. and (luring the abut--. Mrs.-Jake Mircliell and childirn. who iiajye been living oiij a larni ilony for soiiin li'Jiie. left --"For several yi . ( tt.'e'i Die •bJjf-.'iing It wi -iJes .Mrs.; .Marga Kaiisals CItyi "I Wii 1.1ms and suliject to ribie suffering am' .Vi 'W I ani the prou t,.-:!ii!iful llllle • iin;panion! dnd !:iij;i»-ind. 'I '.'.ier won c ni ar Ibis where •they will aiternoon and niak.- t'lieir honi". Mr. .Mitch- Mr-s, Lee HoilkSiis. w'ho. has been herj; visiting hj'jr niothei-. Mrs. A. W. Andr» oi :;il South Ohio street, /returned I to her home in ill. wh .M. K. 4 been t r station. lor join iCiiffevville Mr .Mitchell has li-en eiii'iloved al th" T. 'Station nt Mildred, ha.s iipsfyrred 10 the Coft-VVille Kansai? City thisj John Wiggins; with hl.«">1sier. liams on his way P.artlesvllle. Ok! Mr. and .Mrs. tliirned to tliejir City on the Oi after a vsit ov with the J. H. Wfille family. Mr. and Mrs. I'lI • South Fi .iirf the arrival iliN of !an 'j pii-iin h:\h- given tlij- i villi [afternoofi. .spent vesterdav .Sliss. Naomi''Wil- frnni his home in ;. to Chicago. Henry Malley re- home in' Ka isas Fiver yeste<-day r th" week 'end )»ewev Steward of I: sireer annoiin'e jiilorniiic. .Mariji 1. :l; sDii w loni they :ime. Doiiald .Mar- lAUTO A?flD PURMTIIRE RKFINISHING •plhra.'Oter Akilo Painters 12'4 >. Wnliiiif I'lione ICll Looson That Cold lusterole HaTO Mustepil starts. It hai afl !iaridy when a cold t' llu adfvanlaKesof AcongfainKcliild needs tho.soot] - tng relief: of Chatnberlmin 'B . Codg Ei Remedy; Por.>ty(iara. Mothervha^a relied cppn it Lei it help your child to-night. Ask yu-jr drugg-jit. Mothers—write'for, free booklet on r'Care of the £ick." Chamberlain Medicine Co., 603 Park, Des Hoines. fn"andm'!l!ier's mustard pluiterwiihout ilie burr.. You feci ii warm tingle as the . , healing ointment toeneiratei the pores, then a sofjtiiiiig.'cdulingiensationand,' ' quick relief. ! j" • ' Made of bure ciil of mustard and ! other dmplfi jngradienL?,. Musterole is > i rccommcndei by matiy nurses and" 1 doctors. Trjl Must^rolufor bronchitis.. sore throat. siiiT neck, pleurisy, rhcu-.; matisra, luaibsso. croup, asthma, neu- f ralsia. con^dsiiun, paL-iS and aches 61; the back or j 'lidnLs, sore moscles.lsprasns. ! bnji.-<*s. diilblai.TS, frostedfn-tJcoldsof ' the ch'-'st. I; may prevent p:ieumoma md •ll-.^"' i i in-r MAX ;irs 1 wai de- motherhood." et Burton of terribly ner- periods of ter- melancholia. mother of a daupsiter and a true , ^ ; ^ Iratlon to my ^opfvim 3 Mtnutt hundreds of . i; be lie..-.'I •n" wfuj'lil like, to know r>!e seiretlijf rjy and. I will Kla<ll|- jreveal. it to any mar- rierl .woman who will write me." .Mrs. Burton offers her.-advice en- lireiy without cliarKe. j She has iioMiine 111 fell. Letters should b- aiMresseil tri .Mrs. Margan't Biir- rou. I'l'.^:! .Massachusett.s. Kans.i.s Cii.v. .Mo. : (f'nrrespondence will be strictly coifidential. THE DELICIOUS '1 BRE A KF X ST CEREA I L • tVhobhvKral ; ORYGQOPS-WOMENS WEAR MILLI OLA "^MSisi • >ortlini 'i» Bldg, f<»i merly occnp ed l y [Jairtes Richar Isjon lOtA'S POPULAR STORE RT SFRINC^ Sports and Coats, tail and fur tri: in "Ifie sinanl rics and CI) ini'Iuding" 1 coats w itii fur triiiimifcK .'l a I 4 hi $69,751 mul'e New Crepe. rOeorpc lite and Satin 1 es. also p; froi.'ks in ilesiralile ci $35100 Htipd7^ds of Ghtc Now .•^niart new new .sprinjlr woman. Felts. k colors—La .s.eleeti"o Spripg Hats ^br Ghtildtren Thi, fhi.-ivelv 'Ri '.kectmg the NfB.w Sty ColHifinRS—iPi|iced .•\ new .'iflfctio ! lew I Silk ami t iilored ant )R Yoni Njjwsi'RiNf; CJOSTIIVIE 'Onjrx Point ex Hdse^ U'jijutiriii ola atl 11 J t4nh SpWng Will Make 55 No old slock—all ii|w fresh tcrn.s ju.-^t frohi tin there are styles in thing^o while paiper why not iju\i up-to-date ? factory \kall paper as yon are hliyinjj !the late.-it-T-and lively jiat; -iof course in anv- wall most Here yon will finrl y6nr ii price you wish to pay. Wall Paper priced a.- hle roll trimmed. hoico hnd at the low as Ci-| i )er don- Headquarters for I'li-to-date AVall F'apers. SI:NEKE w Stn tain effect.-^ !T o? inte:-ast es andi combihatipns/: —in iill ithe lo every 1 of: chic: hilts |f<|r cHiltiren anql misses with ithe poinaqd heel. Sold e.x- C]otl]*s washed WitHtheNew'-lOl" M6LA Ai^tator ara the 6lrstoutun th* line i I •very 'for >t'» the : fastest, I cleanest washer made! Tb4 snowy white- tietaof ^faiin«a;wuhed by ttUa marveloua new procns U * matter 'of pride arid gen- nin* plcasui'e tjo etery owner. Tfale New "lOlT MOLA Agitator sets • new and better st indard for! washing machines. B^.it, the modetn JboaBeWife is 1 lakinid ber.compariiod—with the result that the New. "lOl" ^OCAj • AgiUtor is ^wiys the FIRST choice. Not jdst k Wa^h er, bn% • [fVew maehu^e whose, speed amazes, wboBeJeficieni 7 an4' perfection ^ li^ork delights, whose ease cjf dperatio 1 winsi universal appi-oval from the most'discriminitirjg bous^wivea.' It deliver^ all that is expected of it—PLU^ I>honc •BrlMOLA' dealer todar—so 'ezDciiM— nd ob ^aatlon. [Be wflji be plcatec tolderaonstrate the New "lOl" io Todt bi me. Ot.fromc lii 'to see Uil« (teatcst of all waibcra at work ia rpar dealer.' ipa&rred pmjmmat* to mait yoar eodrm leoea. THE MODERN LAUNDRY MACiHiNi CO 16}7.|6^)C3evclaiuiA*cnae Kuu^ City. ifCmuf 4tr Sells At] • $155.00 4. Solic copper tub. ^ One- piece spun aliim- inon co.ver. All I novihg parts cIos«i Noo iingforfiva yoarsL Round nickeled inter or. Effic ent gas heater. All { arts unit built. Oveiisized soft wringer rolls. Wrii ger itenaion self- adju ting. 'I 10 Jnsti nt wringer saifetj reli Nicl(el trimming, Fas\^ and best washing. 131 Com^Murtiy bailL |Oc- capi rs amait apaccl 1^ Scie itificslly designed alnn inum agitator. Stee welded fnmi. Elas;' draining spigot.! Ina ant take-aplar^ wrir ger. 1^ Ljirf e easy rolling ^a^ ters. Sps ial rack drivetaktU up. Termfe • • • I No Interest '?V^^V"^.-!

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