Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on February 4, 1948 · Page 5
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 5

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 4, 1948
Page 5
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THE POSTVILLE HERALD, POSTVILLE. IOWA PAGE FIVE. Veterans [ines, Books. has come to the Legion Auxiliary if use by veterans ll8|as announced at j| held Inst Wod- L. 'J. Masonhall . Winfield Mason- hostess. used magazines Utirefully the fol- red reading and future reference, ipuld be not over American, Ari- lj Baseball, Better lens, Blue Book, ,4," Cosmopolitan, k^Hi^ ,athflnder ' Photo » •MnnnMHwn ^echanics, Popular Magazine, Read- Book, Saturday iort Stories, True lomics, Western •Farming. Sire the following i'be over one year W < jR«mi»v«5«H^Stream, Holiday, J ^ll ^'yi^H^Wng, Mechanics II- —-totwIa^KMtOMlI Geographic, Out- v-, ,0r Lift,' jjbutdbor Man and Star Mulfce local .unit voted to buy sub- bi 'ud ^oni to two' magazines which to be VOlt to veterans at the idle oxville honitAl. The secretary >orted Bckniwledgcment of the U sent «Ki!$iHptrnas time. Poppy lte»t rules .tljiiSjnaterial were red tor UK by Postville junior pupUl,#bii will enter the con- ^>\t M*t«flw>ias also been re«Cd for t|t*'iA«nericanization es- l. Itrge bo*'at home-made cook- 38 "donn, V*S sent by the local t to "tiM' "Wjbkie jar" at' the oxville hospital. ed B ?'Ci^3l, a axfoE. 0. Founders Day "fSBerved* at Dinner. lead « ;<: "wenty members of Chapter FT, 9 B. O., obierved Founders Day at :80 o'clock dinner last Tuesday ——ning at the home of Mrs. Milton n _ sau. Following the business >0\ itlns a Ptalt was given by some Bot *e membert :in commemoration and S the seyettngirls who founded ins O. atlowa Weslyan College in Pleasant In 1869 ect New Officers. he seniors-girls' class in tne inutility |l%Bbyterian Sunday ool, whosejiwacher is Mrs. Mil- Kiesau,heiditheir election of of- rs Sunday and chose the follow:_„ Jeamtine Harris, president; S Mia Jarmes, c secretary; Dixie L Super Deluxe fttjft na^Buper Deluxe 1MV Ckamlet Fleetmaster 1W ItoclBne Chevrolet 1IM« FtoaMlne Chevrolet "iHt Plymouth MM rilllMliil 11 Chevrolet ^ MM Ford jpt lt«l Ford MSI Chevrolet UM Ford MI Ford MS} Chevrolet 19M .Plymouth Mtt Chevrolet IMS Ford Mil Htiel A Ford Hoths' Silver Wedding 1/ Observed by Friends. i &jitawday marked the silver wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer A. Hoth of this city, ,so on Sunday evening a group of relatives and friends tendered them a surprise party at the honjeof Mr. and Mrs. Leonard W. Casten £3 Baskets of food wertTUrought for the picnic dinner at which the following were guests: Mr. and Mrs. Hoth and sons, Mr. and Mrs. Helmuth J. Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. Harold F. Eberling, Mr. and Mrs., Haryey Q. Christofferson, Mr. and Mrs. Ed F. Schroeder, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Schultz, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Schutte, Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Casten and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence C." Hoth. During the evening a mock wedding was staged and later cards were played. Prizes by couples were awarded as follows: Mr. and Mrs. Helmuth J. Meyer, first; Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Q. Christofferson, second, and Mr! and Mrs. Elme^' Meyer, consolation. The Charles Klockes Given a Farewell Party. Neighbors and friends tendered Mr. and Mrs. Charles Klocke and family a surprise farewell party last Tuesday evening. The Klockes intend to move to their farm in Jefferson township soon. The guests brought baskets of food for a midnight supper which was served after the evening had been spent playing cards. Those attending the event were Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Funk, Mi', and Mrs. Tom Ruckhaber, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Land and family, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Schroeder aid family, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Wagner and Dorthy, Mr. and Mrs. Malm Schultz and family, and Jim Ruck­ haber. Pre-Natal Shower. Mrs. Donald Estes, Mrs. John L. Gregg and MA. Ted Anderson were hostesses at a pre-natal shower for Mrs. James Gregg Friday afternoon at the Anderson home. After a social season, a lunch was served to the group. Mr. and Mrs. James Gosden of Farley, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Gosden of Waterloo, and Mr. and Mrs. Luman Colton and son, Steven, were Sunday dinner guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Burling. Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Marston had as their dinner guests Sunday Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Roberts and children. G. M. Farmerettes Meet at Looney Home. The regular meeting of the Grand Meadow Farmerettes 4-H Club held their last meeting at the home of Mrs. Ed Looney January 24. Roll call was' answered by the nine members present naming their favorite dessert. The club voted to send $3.00 to the fund being raised to send garden seeds to Europe. A demonstration on baking muffins was given by Marilyn Marting and' Geraldine Koopnian. A paper on "How to put out any kind of a fire" was read by Lois Koopman. Sunday dinner guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kuhse were Mr. and Mrs. Victor Benzing and family of Farmersburg, Mr. and Mrs. Lorenz Kuhse and family of Luana, and Mr. and Mrs. Victor. Kuhse and family of Postville. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd F. Putnam were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Boyd B. Turner in their Grand Meadow farm home. Broiling: with the New Roper Gas Range is fast, clean and, easy. See them now at Nyberg's Farm & Home Supply, Postville. r MORE CAREFUL BUYING AVOIDS STORE RETURNS Many of the store _ returns we'll be making, after Christmas need never 'nave happened, says Fannie Gannon, Iowa State College home management specialist. The goods we return usually were unwisely purchased.. Some things, of course, she points out, are returned for legitimate reasons. Sizing may be imperfect, for instance. But it's the consumer's responsibility to buy carefully to avoid returns and, when a return is necessary, to take the goods back undamaged. . It's to your advantage to buy "for keeps," Miss Gannon points out. The liberal return-goods policy of many stores is paid for in the higher prices they charge. \ Good buymanship will eliminate most store returns. Know what you want before you start out on a shopping trip. It's prettyi hard to pick out a shirt to fit Dad in sleeves and neckline if you don't have his measurements. Know enough about the tastes, sizes and color preferences of the person for whom you're buying a gift to make the article really satisfactory. If you've a clear idea of what you want beforehand you'll be less influenced against your better .judgment by the aggressive methods some salespeople may use. Suggestions CORO' JEWELRY— Ear Rings, Pins, Chokers, Barrettes and the new Gibson Tie Pins a new assortment at $1.00 Each HOSIERY— The newest shades in 45 and 51 gauge $1.50 to $2.25 Also some Irregulars at only $1.39 HANDKERCHIEFS— Fine linens in white and pastels 49c to $1.59 APRONS— Made of fine sheer cotton materials or plastic 69c to $2.98 PLASTIC TABLE CLOTHS— In clear or with gay floral patterns. Sizes 52 x 52 or 52 x 70 .••-./ LINGERIE— Undies—Tailored or lace trimmed •*- 59c to $1.00 Slips—Nylon; Bur-Mil Crepe and Satin $2.98 to $5.98 Night Gowns—In fine knitwear and satin $1.59 to $5.98 HUEBNER'S SCHOOL NEWS. (Continued from page 1) Plan Free Concert. "American Patrol," in a new arrangement by Dave Bennett, seems to be the current favorite of most of our band members. Disagreement comes only from the French horns, who feel it beneath their dignity to transpose dozens of measures of after-beats, and the drummers, who like most of the number, but are still struggling with the "jivey" rhythm of section "G." However, compensations are found in "Nimrod," the director's favorite, in which drums have an easy time, and French horns play beautiful 4-part harmony which doesn't' have to be transposed. "Nimrod" is a transcription for band of one of the "Enigma Variations," by Sir Edward Elgar. Other numbers in the folders are, "Cabins," and American rhapsody on. Southern themes; "Vogue" Overture, featuring the trumpeting trumpeteers; "Argentina," with Jack "Moose" Meyer starring on casten- ets; two fine Bach chorales; and two grand old marches, "Washington Post" and "The Billboard." These numbers are to be presented at the free, public concert which will be given in the school auditorium Sunday afternoon, February 15, at 3 o'clock. Other features will be solos on bassoon and French horn, and a number or two by a group of beginners. Jean Christofferson is our newest recruit, on trombone; Duanej Meyer and Luther Heins are now in junior band. Round Robin Tournament. The round robin tournament is completed, however, Eddie Waters' Waterboys and William Schultz's Toilers are tied for first place. The play-off game will be played in the near future to determine the championship. Monday William Schultz's Toilers won over Lloyd Schutte's Sur-Shots, 12 to 5. Tuesday Ken Schroeder's Wildcats played William Schultz's Toilers which the Wildcats, lost 10 to" 17. Wednesday Lloyd Schutte's Sur-Shots won over Don Elvers' Hotshots, 25, to 9. Thursday William Schultz's Toilers won over Ken Schroeder's Wildcats, 10 to 17. Friday Ed Green's Green Devils lost to William Schultz's Toilers, while the Toilers collected 19 points and in the meantime the Green Devils got 12. The three highest scorers of the tournament so far are Ed Boese with 70, Tennis Mork with 64, arid Ken Schroeder with 59 points. The standings are as following: Team " Won Lost Eddie Waters' Waterboys....6 1 William Schultz's Toilers....6 1 Lloyd Schutte's Sur-Shots ..5 2 Bernard Livingood's Rats..4 3 Ed Green's Green Devils 2 5 Cloy Meyer's Pirates 2 5 Ken Schroeder's Wildcats...1 6 General News. Mr. Gosmire has started to remodel his office after completing a new ticket booth and ,cart. v We wish to thank the cheerleaders for the posters they have been making to encourage students to attend basketball games. In addition to leading class discussions, the American History classes are making their own tests. First Grade. Part of us have finished our primer and soon we will start on our first reader. We are all anxious to get started with it. Phillip Brouillet has the mumps. We are hoping that no one else will come down with them. John Meyer came back today. He has had a cold. Dixie Marting is still absent. He has a cold too. Fourth Grade. In order to help us learn our rules in English, we have a bulletin board with the background of sky and ground, each has an airplane and when one gets a perfect paper applying the learned rule, he gets to .fly his airplane; otherwise, his plane is grounded until he does obey the English rule. Those whose airplane flew for the "May, Can" rule are, Gretchen Palas, John Schultz, Donald Anderson, Douglas Ruckdaschel, Gary ,Haltmeyer, David Schutte, Arlo Heckman and Zoe Thoreson. We played a dictionary game in reading and we enjoyed it so much. We went by rows and the first row who found the word first won. John Schultz's row won both' times. Fifth Grade. Arithmetic class is being spent in learning how to divide by 10, 20, 30, etc. Next week the students will learn how to divide by other two- place numbers. Our art class has decorated Valentine napkins for the Junior American Red Cross. These napkins will be sent to some children's or veteran's hospital. In history the fifth grade is just starting the unit on the American [MEAT BUYS ton nm BUDGET WISE Copt. Aduartiwn Eieh«ng« Inc. 1947 If the high cost of meat is wrecking your budget —why not try some of our popular- priced cuts of beef. These cuts are solid good eating—All government graded and often from the same side of beef as the higher priced cuts. Yes, for taste satisfaction—for the big economy in meat buys that appeal to the budget wise— get our popular-priced cuts for tonight's meal! PORK CHOPS per pound 55c MINUTE STEAKS, pound 69c SLAB BACON—Sliced—lb. 79c PICNIC HAMS-5 to 6 lb. av., lb._51c, PORK LIVER—Fresh sliced, lb.__35c ^FRUITS-VEGETABLES LETTUCE—Firm -and solid, 2 heads 25c CELERY—Crisp and tender, bunch____—25c CABBAGE—Nice size heads, pound 6c Cauliflower — Carrots — Celery — Radishes MONARCH COFFEE—Full flavor, lb.__„-51c_ BAKERITE SHORTENING—3 pounds_.$1.41 LINAL WASHING POWDER—Pkg 39c SWANSDOWN CAKE FLOUR—Pkg 49c MONARCH CATSUP—2 Bottles -53c HAROLD'S CASH MARKET P. < ONE 2.1 POSTVILLE Civil War. A number of weeks will be spent on the Civil War period in order that pupils will get the understanding that many other things besides slavery brought on this struggle. We'll probably eat about 10 pounds less meat each in 1948 than in 1947, says Francis Kutish, Iowa State College agricultural economist. He expects meat supplies to be shortest from spring to early fall, Elephants never forget, nor do people who shop at JARMES' and pick up a "Richelieu Branded" bit of merchandise. Once they try it, they come back again and again. These same shoppers are saving their "Gold Bond Stamps" religiously and are buying their groceries for less every day—at a complete 'Saving of 2% on their everyday groceries. FREE ALL DAY SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 7 Jarmes' will serve ELSHEIMER'S OLD FASHIONED HOME MADE SUMMER SAUSAGE and SCHULZE & BURCH'S FLAVOR- KIST SALTINES FREE TO EVERYBODY. Come in for this treat and say, "hello." ALSO EXTRA SPECIAL SAVINGS on all Meats, Fresh Vegetables and Fruits and All Groceries. There are real Weekend Specials Every Week at Jarmes'. And don't forget to ask for and save "Gold Bond Stamps." Glenn J. Jarmes "Jumbo Foods" Telephone No. 247 BIG VALUES SEEKERS FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY FEBRUARY 6 and 7 Macaroni or Spaghetti, Quality, 2 lbs 33c Corn, Standby Whole Kernel 21c Catsup, Garden, Two 14-ounce bottles 37c Fruit Cocktail, Standby, No. 1 tall can 25c Plums, Standby DeLuxe, No. 2]/ 2 can 23c Peaches, Standby, Sliced or halves, No. 2 '/2 size can for only 29c CRACKIN' GOOD GRAHAM CRACKERS 29c CRACKIN' GOOD S<Uti«e 29c Standby Milk, tall cans, 2 cans for 29c Raisins, Thompson Seedless, 2 pound pkg—29c Chocolate Drops, Old Fashioned, 2 pounds. _69c Bob Cat Candy Bars, each only 5c Empress Coffee, drip or regular, lb. can 53c Skippy Peanut Butter, cream or chunk, lb.__39c Pillsbury Pancake Mix, V/ 2 lb. pkg., plain___41c Buckwheat, 3 l / 2 pound package 43c tyet&JAes GRAPEFRUIT—Marsh Seedless- Fresh and Juicy, per dozen 29c Save Money—Buy a box or a bag at____$2.79 Calif. Head Lettuce, large, solid, each 12c SnoBoy Delicious Apples, per box $3.99 Potatoes, U. S. No. 1 N. D. Red River Cobblers, 100 pound bag for $3.50 Per peck only 73c Celery, Pascal, Jumbo stalk for 23c Calif. Navel Oranges, »/ 2 box for $2.69 * Full of Juice—A Full Box for $5.19 The Farmers Store R. L. Evans, Manager Telephone No. 231

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