The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on January 30, 1892 · Page 4
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 4

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 30, 1892
Page 4
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« •f t»h A' Sho'a jr' live—d" oo'plexion kimt —.wb d' blood—wh»t'i die. he—»— bfjau'ful oo'plexion guaranteed if d' blood am pnrel Bcfo'd* Lo'd d»t km Miration fo' Aunt Sophy." All ir« claim for it in an ancqualed remedy to purify the blood and invigorate tho liver. All the year round yon can depend on Dr. Piorce's Golden Medical Discovery in oil canes of blood-taint* or humors, no matter what their namti or nature. It's the cheapest blood-purifier •old through druggists. No matter how many doses of other medicine* are offered for a dollar. Whyf Because it's sold on peculiar plan, and yon only pay for the good yon get. Can you ask more? . "Golden Medical Discovery ** is k> concentrated vegetable extract, put up in large bottles ; contains no alcohol to inebriate, no syrup or sugar to derange digestion ; is pleasant to tho taste, and equally good for adults or children. The "Discovery" cures all Skin affections, and kindred ailment*. . SHILOH'SS CONSUMPTION LOVE'S VICTORY. rr ••KTIIA M. OLAV. life CUR E. This GRF.AT COUGH CURE, this mtc«i. hi CONSUMPTION CURE U fold by drug, fists on a positive guarantee,ateat that no oilier Cure can stand successfully. If you have a COUGH, HOARSENESS or LA GRIPPIC, it will core you promptly. If your child has the CROUP or WHOOPING COUGH, use It ewlcldyand relief Is sure. If you fear CON. •UMPTION. don't wilt nntft your case It hoiie. lest, but take this Cure at once and receive Immediate help. Price 50c and $\jotx Ask your druggist for SHILOH'S CURE. If your lungs are sore or Vack lame, us* KtUoh's Porous Plasters. s OIVX£ KNJOYS Both th« method and result* when Syrup of Figs is taken; It Is pleasant •ad refreshing to the taste, and acts nntly ye', promptly on tho Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleanse* the sys- tssr effectually, dispels oolds, head- •eb«i and fever* and cures habitual •oestipation. Syrup of Figs is the •ml* remedy of it* kind ever pro- fcjaed, pleasing to the taste and ao- •eptable to tha stomach, prompt In h* action and truly beneHolal in Its itffecU, prepared only from the most healthy and agreeable substances, its saany excellent qualities commend It •o all and have mad* it the DM popular remedy known. Byrap of Fig* is for aale In Mo and tl bottle* by all leading drag- gtita. Any reliable druggist who (nay not have it on hamf will proem* It promptly for any one who wlahea to try it Do not accept any substitute. OALirWNIA FIG SYRUP CO. BAN FftANQISOO, 041, Louiaviui. Kt. new YOM .nr. •OH 1I1111 hi' nxki'il, nlirii|illy,-- 'Wliiit iiru ymi «oliig to ilo for li«*r, Mir Oi- ,nl<l'.'- "I linvi' jirovMml for IHT," !»• ri \\ Icil. "Iiirn.ll Omit, tlmri. mid nil IN rich rr>ve- IIIICMIXO fi .vol" wile, I prcKIMill"'.'" 'VCK , to iny wife," wilil .Sir O'lvnlil, 'UnruiiilltioiiiillvT" nsUi'il tlic iicin> 'Most certainly," wns the liupiitlcnt reply. •\\ fll. my friend," Mild the genera', "In this world nvcry one iloes n« tin or "lie likes; but to dlHlnlicrlt Hint iflrl, with tlm fnen run! •Iilrltofn trine I) inrl', mid tn put a fnlr, .iniliib'.n b'oiulo KtniiiK,cr In IHT |ilnc(\ wiw, tosnythn Irani, ecci'hlrlc--th(i world will dnciri Itso, at any rule, If I were venrs jounitcr I would win P.m In" I nrriill, mid tnal.c her love tti<-. Ilul we iiw«t Join the ladle*-thoy will llilnk in very rcnilsi." "Sweet ugllcs, no mind, no rtiiilililo mini ner, no inti'llci't, pretliitc .-M lift- r tin- fiif'iion of n I'm ishn doll. Ui If pr fcrrc'l t/i Hint noble, truthful, nuo'iily t'lrl? Verily tiuttes dlffi'i." tlmiirlit Mm K.'iniral, iiahu wtililie.l the two, eoiitraileil Hum, ami io«t lilmwlf in wonder over his friend's folly. lie took Ids leave soon nftftrwnnl. Krnvnly imiHlnvoii whnt he could not nndeistind— why I1I.1 old friend had done whnt seemed to hlin n ra«li, lll-Jiul««l deed, Jlc le;t .Sir O-ttvnlrl in a -I ill) of s.ri'.i| ills- comfort,' Or noiir-ie he loved IIIK \vif.- ( IIIVIKI her Willi a blind«ali<m Hint did more honor Ut Ills heart lliaii l|l» head—lull lie had always relied so Implicitly on Hie'a JudKi'iu'iit. 1 lo foinul h ni-cir halt wlHhlng thnl In Mil", the crow niier ;..-linii of l|l» he had nnmi li'.l lii^ MII | lri> ill. He never knew IHT 1*1.11 never noiii.111 of the vi"rid, II . .u.lna, h.iil ".rartly in flue need hint. II • he Lived fi it In- .jad net-d entirely 00 I tin own e|e-ir JiHr.i-iii! BIIII now, lor th-- lir^t lai'. lie doidd- d lb d. "Vnn lool, ; nviorx. I).»n;d." o.ilil J.:idy Uarrell. IISKIK ' I" an • ntli mid wilii her fn".h, sweet yoinrr llpt. t miCied llli Oi'oW, snythlnK Iron'iled urn:'" "N", mv dailiier ' he replied; "I do not feel (jiiile well,^li, I liaui bad a dull, ncivi'ii-. Iie.iviie *-H Mi'iiiit me all day—a stranu'c »en iilnii ui p'dii too. 1 ahull liebet- U i r i»» iii'iimw." "It iml." -.lie -aid, rwcctly, "I shull Insist on yoiii -ei-iiiL: li .N 'iur llelui^toiie. I uin qltlti: uue.t-' ;IIM»III Mel." "Von are very kill I In me," he reS |H >ndt^l gnitefully. 1 lint all lor ii|l''ii-i<>i'5i did not prevent her drawiiu Ihe while Ue nmiel l/cr Kr.idlul shou'.ili 11. 11 it-1 l:iki;i_' up He iiiird vniiiinu of II llnvel ill Willi li -he Will ilee|dy llll.'lcitell. while 1 11 -n.ild. lixiljiig old'-i and grayer than lie 11 ui ;<...:,.-• 1 Ijcinio. wi-nl inlo (ho lilllileii 1. .1 .1 -lint. The -iiiiiieani- wcnuo loth to 1 (11; U|«y lltiL'i-ied "K'li 11" 1 011 Uin llp» of Iho tree* ami die Hiiwi'i-; Hie> llintcie I on thu luku 11I11I in I'M' I;|I;I!III. -M 11 ui Hie iniiiilnliiii. .Sir O-w'ald -.11 'I0AI1 hi lint Ia ! <" »l le. j ll;nl lie iheie ivi'iiii" W.i- it a i..nliali nine I In' .11ll.1l leit tin IK ? Willi • 1 the trrnnil, tmhlt'. ipnenly 11',1.11 hi li r.' Wi.iihl Hin- have -nil lie tor l> ui'.'ll Court, • 1 i. .1 in' run; tii- fair, blonde ii- j 11111 M * tins deiul' -hived )oliil!' » Hi'.' What vwmlil -lie do » ith 1» ir reli Cii'irl il lie leri It to her? T110 (jri'iit wish ««f his dealt t'01 ii -nil to .viireeeil liiin had not In .11 minted In '.1 in; but He had made bis will, mid In II 'i'li id l.Mi Uarrell Court to ids wife, lie lonl;<d at 1 he l)i|iuu he hid loved BO well. Ah, eini'l i|ra|iil I) lie could hut have I.d.i'ii il wild him, ue hayo vvatehed over It irnm aiiolbcr world I Hut when deiitb ennui he innsl leave II, ami 11 dull, niieiuy fore- h'nlinu' c.'inio over I1I111 as [o H-IIIII lie slioilld 'In in I a vi ii- nl this lilna/a'il linine, A< lie looked at il. Icar- rn-c to bin eyns; mid II.I 'll he <:nv Pauline - I:IIHIIIII{ 11 little '.ii limn lilin. il,. pinn 1, iM'iini[till fii/e llened into ti-nih'i n—, the dark eyes full I liindiie-s. ,s.,e «ent up to him more idfee- iiiilely than -lie had everdonn In bis life; lie knelt on t'le uni-s by bis side. I'liele," she said, ipiietlv, "yon look very II; nre yon In tumble?" He held nut Ids Iminls lo her; at the XMIIKI ol her voice all Ins heart seanied to go out to his irloi-ioiis ililll rlili r of Ids Mice. "Pauline, ' lie «a d, ill u low, broken voice, I ,1111 lliliiklin; 11I11111I von—I inn wondering • honlyiiii. Have ( dime I wonder, have I one wi'mif?' 1 A clear lii;lil Hashed Into her noble face. "Do you refer to Dirndl Court?''she asft- d. "If you do, j on have 1I01111 wroliL'. 1 II Ink you miirlit have hiislei! me. 1 have iiaiiy liiuli-, bid 1 uin 11 true Darrell. 1 oiial have done Cull justice p, || l(t Irusi," "1 in vi r l)ioiu;lil -o," he returned, I'laib))'; iml I did it all lor the best, ns I lliiut'lliod, Paiiibie." 1 know von did—1 11111 mire you did," sbo ftcrced eagerly; "I never ilmiivht otherwise. It was not you. uncle. 1 uiulcrHUiiid all that w-.iH ImitiKht to bear upon \ on. V011 men Darrell, honomble, loynl. Hue; you do not understand iiuylhiin,' Hint h nol'striilglitfor- wunl. I do. hceaiiK.i my life li is been so different from yours." He was looking at her with 11 HlraiiK", wnverlue CXIUCSMTOII hi Ills fnee; thp girl'* oyes, lull of Kyiupatby, were liiriieil oil hlin. "Pauline," lie sitld, feebly, "If I have dono wrong—and. oh, lain so loth lo hollevo It- yon will forgive me. my dour, will you not?" Kni the (list time ho held out Ids arms to her; lor the lliyi time she went close to him and klhsed Ills face. It was well that l.ady lake -i. I'anliiii >;irl his !n made a 111 or had le die •itriimrer 1111 liclc tl ... crt»r lf> lntrndnm my n\m •lf >n'wljcr« l luffer j>o«tp«Jd |»55. 1 -eltnce, L aoote. f 'bir. VoMuto, 1 ditrolHl l'rleo riowcrMend, ; I* CIS. , 9 I'li». M.iwl in n» Cataloir In *merlc» unfUrbOe. ft,OIK> AitroauMd. 1'lanta arul Ji*M« b/lliu 100,000. Baiidif, rjn- , SMI Plant aiiij Send (Miu<« publUbf J. I k >i»ii»i'ok.r»ilri»uiii, Oatalon IUIU uboto »lint., I 'fo. JOHN A. 6ALZER, LA CROeBB, WIS. rim ll«Kiit TuuHrtoK, III* moit uutnl pliyiiiilau of ling linid, auya that worn than half of all UU«n»»» oouio from urron jdlot. . 80111I for Friw Bamiila of Oarllold Ton to 810 Weal 46th Btreot, Now York tilty, Over 00 reaulla _ wistful glnnce. B!MMJ , sad. •'•'..sircssing: 11c evidently wuhcd to my soinelblmr, but bnrl not the power. With that wish unexpressed he riled, ami MhiJ; never knew what It was. Only Pauline thought Hint he meant, even Rt the Inst, to SSk her for_dvene« and to do Iter Jiislien. l).irtcll Comt was tlirown Into dee.|Kt<l moiiinlngi the nerviuils went about with hushed footstc|« and sorrowful fiiccs. He hail lice.n kind to them, this stalely old muster; and who knew what might hapiien under the new TfQ'.mtt I>adv lluinplon was, she assured evert one, '|idl« overwhelmed with business, him had to make all arrmigc- nietits for tho finicrnl, toordernll the 1111.11111- Ing, wbllo \My Darrell was supposed to he overwhehiied with sorrow In the retirement of her own room. One line spring morning, while the pretty Mitchells were swaying In the wind, nod the hawthorn was shining pink and whllcou the hedges, while the birds sang and I he sun shone, Sir Oswald Darrell was buried, mid the secret of what he had wished to say or have done was burled with I1I111. At I.ady Darrell'* suggestion, Cnplalti l .nngtnli was sent for to attend Hie It was a grand and stately procession. All the eltfenf the. couidy wcie there, all the tenantry from Audlelgh Knynl, all the friends who had known Sir O-wald and respected hlin. "Was he the last of Darrell?" one united of another; and many looked atlhe Mutely, dark-eyed girl who bore the name, wondering how ho had I'.'fl his properly, whether Ills niece would succeed hlib, or his wile tul<o all. They talked of this In subdued whispers ss the funeral cirlcije wound its way to the church, they talked id it after the eollln had been lowered IntoJtlin vntflt, and they talked of It as the procession made lis way back to Parri'll Court. A 4 (<>>dy llamptoii said, It was a positive relief to open the windows anil let the blessed sunshine In, to draw up the heavy blinds, to (In awny with the dark, mourning aspect of the plain, Kvi rythllig had been done, according to rule—l|i» peer of Hie realm could have had a more liiugnlliucut fumiiil. I inly Hampton felt that In every respect full honor had been done IMIIII to the llviiu; and the "Now," she wisely remarked, "tliero Is nothing to be done, save to bear up ns well ss It in possible." Then, alter a solemn mid dreary dinner, the lileiids and Invited gue-U went away, and the 1110-t miliaria—lug ccieiuoiiy of all had to be 1,1111c through—the reading of the will. Mr. ItaiiiMh-ii, the family solicitor, was fi: altendaiioe. Captain l.aiulmi l.ady Dar- lell. I,any Hampton, mid .Mi-- llaiivil took lhcir scats. Unci! or twice l.ady Hampton looked with a smile of malicious -ati-lactliin St the proud, calm lace of Pauline. There Was nothing there to gratify lid it" (pieeii £OUid have assisted at her own dethronement With plunder majesty or prouder u -nice. homo of Iho Old relnlneis, seiyniits who hud beep In the (molly floin their cai Hi st youth, mid there was riot one who did nut wi-b In Ids iieint that Paulino might have Dmicll Com I, 1,1.1\ Darrell, ulad In deepen Humming, was p'aied Inn large easy-chnlr In the center of the group, her .unit by her .side .She looked e\tri'iiiely delicate and lovely In hertiluck atvecplng rubes. Pauline, who evidently thought the ceremony an empty one. re. far as-he was concerned, stnod iieai' the table. Mie ileclim-d the .'h in that Captain l.'ingtun placed lor her. I lei uncle wa- dead; she regielted hlin with tine, iiiileigiied, sincere -orruw; but Hie reaniiig oMil.s will had certainly imihing pi do with her. Thole was not the least shadow mi her face, not the least (li-iiiinposura In her uiiiiiiiei. To look at her one would never have thought she was there lo hour the sentence ol dlslniieiitiiuco.|y parrell did not look quite so trim- quit; ei 'i -rylliiug was at slake loi her. .She held bur dainty handkerchief to her laco lest the trembling of her lipn -hoald be seen. Mr, ItauiMlen rcud the will, and Its content- did not tiilto any one iniinb by surprise. The 1110M luipoiiaiit lleiu wan a legacy of ten thousand |Hiiiiids lo Captain Aubrey I.ang- ton. To Pnuliue D.irrei; was Icti 1111 uiinuily of tivc huudred iHiunds per iiiiniim. with the stili t Injiinrtlnii that she should live at Darrell Court until her uiurriaie; if she never luminal, sho was lo reside thero until her death. To all his lailhlul servants SirO Wnhl left legacies. To Ids well-b'eioved wire, Kllnor, he bei|iie,ithcd nil el.-a;—D.uiell Court, with Its rich dependencies and royal revenues, his estate In .Scotland, his house In town, together with the valuable furniture plate, Jewelry, pictures, all Hie moneys that had accumulated during his lifetime—all to her, to hold at her will and pleasure; there was 110 restriction, no condition toimir tho |egHc -y. 'I'o tiio foregoing Sir Oswald hud milled n codicil; lie left Hiss Hustings one hundred pounds per uiinnin, anil begged of her to remain at Darrell Court as companion to liudy Darrell and his niece. Then the lawyer folded up the parchmont, and tho ceremony was ended. "A vory proper will," said Lady Hampton ; "It roully does poor dear Hlr Oswald credit." They hastened to congratulate l<ady Darrell; but Captain Langton, It was noticed, forgot to do »o—ho was watching Paulino's palm, unconcerned doparttiro from tho room. PHAPTKR XXVIIf. WA1TINU fOll HEVKNOK. There was a slight, only 0 very slight difference of opinion between Lady Darroll and bur aunt after the roadlng of tho will, liampbiu was mil tin re hi see. Pauline (,'uly Hampton would fain have given up tho heard him uiniinui' sniiicihing about "a Into E |, n8 nml navoK0 „ 0 u , || vo , lt Darrell Court Darr-• ll -tho Inst of the 1) wellM," and when Oswald's will Is n vi ry just one," sho Bho r.d.-ed her head n!i« fniiiiit th it Hir Os- r ' • • • T —•.• wiild had fallen into 11 deep, deadly swoou. MlAITKIt XXVII. ItKAtllMI Of IIIK W'11,1,. Asslstiuice was soon procured, and Sir Oswald was curried to his room; Dr. llelmstouo was sent for, nml when he arrived tho whole sal(l,'Udmll"ulo In overy respect; but I should never drnam, were I in your place, Kllnot, pr I keeping thai proud girl hero, un Her go. » will come and I'.vo with you. I shall make a better chaperon than that poor, faded Miss Uastlngs." But Lady Darroll wns eager to taste tho sweets of power, and she knew how com- him. Ho could not nrovoko ner: no irmtter wnnt -'e said, sho would not lie provoked Into retort. Whenever anp owl to remember his existence; rioono could have been mors completely Ignored; and Captain Langton himself was but too cognisant of tho fact It ho could have hut phpied or arottsed her, havn stung her Into soino exhibition of feel- Ing, ho would hare lieen content; but no statue could IISTB been colder, no queen prouder. If any little attention wan required at her hands she paid It, hut (hero was no denying the fact that It was rendered In such a manner that the omission would have been preferable. On tho evening of Ids departure Laxly Hampton went down to wish him farewell; sho conveyed to him laely Darrell's regret st not being able to do the same. "I am very sorry," mild tbs captain; "though, of course, under the circumstance*, I eon hi hardly hope for tho pleasure of seeing Lady Darifll. Perhaps you will tell hsr that In the autumn, with her permission, I shall hope to revisit tho Court." Lady Hampton said lo herself that she should take no such message. The dearest Wish of her heart was that tho gallant captain should never lie seen there ngal 11. But she made some gracious reply, and than ssk- ed,suddenly: "Have you seen Miss Darroll? I 1 ST * yon said goodby to her?'' Aubrey Langton looked slightly confused. "I have not seen her Unlay," he replied. Lady Hampton smiled very graciously. "I will rend for her," she said; and when, In answer to her summons, a servant entered, she askeif that Miss Darrell might bo requested to favor her Willi her presence In the library. It did not escape her keen observation that Captain Laiigton would rather have avoided tho Interview. Pauline entered with tho haughty grace so natural to her; her proud eyes never once glanced at the captain; ho was no mora to her than the very furniture In the room. "Yoti wished to neo me, Lady Hampton," she said, curtly. "Ves—that Is, Captain Langton wishes to saygood-by to you; ho Is leaving Darroll Court this morning." There was the least pnsslhlo curl of tho short upper lip. Lady Hampton happened to catch the, glance bestowed upon Paulino by their visitor. For a moment It startled her—it revealed at once such hopeless pus-! sinuate love and such stioug passionate hate, Paulino made no reply; the queenly young figure was drawn up In lis full height, tho thoughtful face wns full of scorn. The captain concealed his emliiirra-suicut as he best could, and went up to her with oiitiitrotcned bauds. "Good-by, Miss Darrell," he said; "this has been a very sad time for you, and 1 deeply sympathize with you. 1 hope to see you agajn in the 111111111:11, looking better—more like yoniselt," Lady Hampton was wont lo declare that }he scene was one of the lines! she hud ever wilni 'S -cil. Pauline looked nt him with that sliuiglit, clear, culm gaze of hers, so terribly scutching and direct. "Cloinl-by," Hlin said, gravely, and then,' utterly Ignoring the oiitstieb-iied hands, she swept haughtily from thu room, Lady Hampton did not attempt lo conceal her delight ut the captain's discuinlllure. "Mlus Darrell is verv proud," houakl,laugh Ing to hide Ills confusion. "I must have been unlortiinate enough to displease her." lint I.uly Hampton saw his confusion, and In her own iniiiil she wondered what there was between these two—why he should appear at t'ne same time to love and lo bate her —above all, why -she HIKITIIII treat him with such sovereign indifference and contempt. "It Is not natural," she argued to herself; young girls, us a rule, admire—nay, take an uiicoiiiiiinn Interest In soldiers. What reason can she have, for such contemptuous Indifference?" How little she dreamed of tho storm of rage—of passion—ol anger—of love—of lury, that wiuicil In the captain's soul I Ho was ten thoiisaml pounds richer, but It sins iu a dmp in Hie ocean to him. If It had bcnii ten thousand per annum he might have been gratelul, Ten thousand pounds would discharge ev. ry debt he had 111 the world uiul set him straight once mure; lie might even lead Hie illo lie had always meant lo lead for two or three years, but then the money would he gone. On the other hand, If that girl that primd, willful, delimit girl would hut have maincil him. Darrell Court Willi all Its rich dependencies, would have been his. The thought almost maddened hlin. How be loathed her as he rode awnyl But Tor her all this grand liihcrlliini e would have been Ids. Instead of riding away, ho would now be taking possession and bo lord and master of nil. These stables with the splendid Kind of horses would bo Ids—his the magnificent grounds and gardens- thu thousand luxuries that mule Darrell Court an enrthly paradise. All would huvo been bis but for the obstinacy of one girl. Curses dcop and bitniiiig rose to his lips; yet, for his punishment, he loved her with a lovo that mastered him In spite of his hato—that made 1 hlin long lo throw himself nt her feet, while e could have si.iiu her for the wrong he considered that she had doim him. l.ady llamploii could not refrain from lew remarks mi what sho hud witnessed. Has Captain 1. 1 11 L -tm 1 been-11 iiiiliiitilliate ns lo offend you. Miss 1), 11 <•!she asked ol Pauline. "I thought 'jour adieus were of the coldest." D'.il you?" I never could see Hie use of expressing rcgri I that is nut really felt. 1 Perhaps iml: Iml It Is si range Ulat you should not feel some little regret at losing such a visitor. To this remark Pauline ilelLlied nothing save 1111 extra It ok of weariness, which was not lost Hampton. FARM AND HOME. MY I'HALM. j«trn n. wniTTiiii. I monrn no mora my ranlshorl jrasr*; mnsath a tmulftr rain, An April rain of smllAS and fmn, Mjr lisart la jonng again. Th* HMI wlnils blow, anil, Kinging low, I hear thu glad stream* run; Tha windows of rnj *o «l 1 Ihrnw Whin op"n to tlm sun. No Iringnr forwaril or trttilml 1 look In tiopo or fnar: Mat. gralMii), takn thn goort I Unit, Trtn lift*! of now ami L«rn. I plow no morn n rloiwri land, To harrim w*nd nnil tarn: 'Mm manna ilroiiiihiir from IIIHI'I hand. Itohiikna my |>allifnl fair*. I break my pilgrim staff Aaliln thn lolling oar; I lay Tha angnl gnugtil no far away I welcome nt my door. Ttis aim of Nprbiff may narar play Among ilia rippling corn. Nor freallnnM of tha flowarn of Stay Itlnw through tlia aritmnn morn. Yat alinll Ilia tilua-eyad gantlan look Through frlngad 11 do l/> haavan, Arid tlia pain aatar in tha brook Hhall Mn Italmaga glvant Tlia woodv shall waar tlialr rnlai* of pralw, Tim south wlnda softly Mgh. And awaat, calm day* In goldan ha». Mall down tlia amlsT Mky. Not lam aliah manly deed and word Itatuikaaii aga of wrong: The grAvon Sowars that wraatha tha iiworif, Malta not the blade faun atrong. Hntariilllng handsNhatl learn to haul, To liiilld an to destroy: Nor Ions my heart for others feal That I Ilia mora enjoy. All an Ood wills, who wlaaly haadn To glvn or l »i withhold. And knnwath mora of nil mv Heads Than 1 II my prayara hava told I Knotigli that blasnlnga tindannrvad Hava uinrkad my arrlng track; That wharnnoa'ar my faat hava awarvadi 1" 111 M chastening turned um back. That more anil mora a Providence Of love Is midaralood, Making Ilia springs of time aod aenae Hwaat Willi eternal good. Thnt death aaatna but a coviirud way Which opens In 'o II -lit. Wherein ri'i blinded child can atray llayond the Kathor'n night. hal all tha Jarring nulea of Hte Hcam blending in a psalm. And all tha angela of Ita strife Slow rounding Into calm. any kind will do the wftrk perfectly. They nre a great lab.r saving invention and you will not need more than one to every five hives, when working for comb honey, but if extracting, there should be one to each hive. The manner in which they ere worked H about as follows: When you have honey capped and ready to he I aWcn tlT, you place under it an empty super and above this a hoard containing the escape, then replace the mjier or body, whichever it may be, containing the honey, and by the next morning trie bees will all be be low ant 1 yon can remove the honey and . carry it where you wish without disturb- ! ing the trees in the least. It takes but a short time to put on the e»cape, and in so doing the bees need 1c disturbed but slightly. The advantages of the escape are obvious to all. I'li'-re will We no nn- cappinj, of the honey, and tho sections or frames will not, have Ut lie removed one by one. in order to brush off the beer. Ily so doinir wn are apt to caw robbing in the yard, especially if honey is not lo lie gathered. If you are not certain which Ttind you wish, leave it to your i .upply rlrnler, and you will moat probably net one tha' will suit yon. As moit all the escapes on the maaket work satisfactorily, Ihr only objection thar.can lie urged agtinst some of them i», they have not suHicient ven tilntion. tint this i-> a matter thnt the escapes sold for this season will probably remedy. 1 "John Anderaon, my Joe,** I ' tha Hcotch ballad, waa about to totter down lie- d'-clvltynf life with his aged wife. How ItwnnM ava mnootfind the rough places for the reapaco -d I '.l.r. and tils raierablo spouse could they haie I their growing Indrmitles with IIoatott «r'> Hn.nincti flitters, that benign help tolhe aged, the j ak airi (hose recovering but slowly from *.T j Hinting diseases. When the lamp of Ufa le on | tha wane man specially rerjnlres medicinal aid, n 1 iiatuliitng tonte, • wholerome corrective, 'lie- j age.) and the feeble are particularly susceptible to | Irilliienres which produce disease, conTalescenre 1 li< 0.0 often Intarmpted by a relapee. Thla stand- ! •I American Invigorant la eminently adapted tn lie needs of such persons, and it always ''fl'i- blll." O /spepsia, constipation, rhenmatl -i: Idney troublee and la grippe are among the ir ,„ j hies that It overcomes. 1 shadows fail apart, • ' " pla/. And so thu 1 And so the west winds pli,. And all the windows of my heuti I open lo the day. KAIIM NOTKH, If line-cut bones are baked and then fed to tho fowls, Iho nutritive value of the food is greatly ibcreused. Small carcasses sell better than those that nre extra large. The best prices aro given for quality rather than for size. Clean the ice from the horsed'feet when • Ley come in at night, and not oblige them to warm it out with the beat of thei bodies. The tiny seeds, such ns millet, rape, mustard and tho finer particles of cracked corn, will, if scnltered umong leaves an " chuff give yarded fowls just the exercis needed. 1.11 ill lis. With good care, IIIK ! where sheep are kept in t-miill II icka, 95 p«r cent, of all lambs dropped Hboi .lu lie raised. If th is not done the chances aro that something is wrong with the shepherd."' General _ speaking, 100 owruarn enough to keep in a single flock. Of courco, this does not apply to such methods a' must pertain to the ranch, but is addressed lu the farmer, or htock farmer. ' *4li*etcliee In^Slieep. A correspondent of tho Maine Farmer cures strelches in sheep by giving two itiblespoonfuls of opsom suits dissolved in ahull pint of warm water. Repeut Ihc lose in two hours if tho first does nol fleet a cure. It will Ue necessary to turn it into tho shcep 'B mouth with u funnel, or glass bottle with a lonij ntck, .having first made an air hole in the bottom of the bottle. With Ely's Cream Blam » child can be ' treated without pain and with perfect safety. Try the remedy. It cures catarrh. Iff SOB bss been afflicted with nasal catarrh sine* ejniU yonng. 1 Was Indnccd to try Ely's Cream Balm, and before be had used one bottle that disagreeable catarrhal smell had all left him. He appears aa well anyone. It Is the beat catarrh remedy In the market.—J. 0. Olmstead, Areola, III. One of my children had a very bad discharge from hsr DOSS. TWO physicians prescribed, but without benefit. We tried Ely's Cream Balm, and, much tooursurprise, there waa a marked Improvement. We continued using the Balm and In a abort time the dl<- e.turga waa cured.—O.A.t'ary, Corning. N.T. Apply Balm Into each nostril. It Is Quickly Absorbed. {Jives Relief at once. Price uO cents at Druggists or by mail. ELY BROTHERS, 58 Warren St., NewTork. ''You needn't, talk to m-; about heredity." saiil Mrs. (ja&zim to her husband, *bo had bee^ endeivoring to elucidate the subject. "I know there's n ithtng in it." "Oh, you do?" "Yc, I do. Now look at the Snooper children, for instance. Four hoys and two tfirls, all grown up long ago, and 'very one u bachelor or and old maid. Iljo't lei 1 me they s r,t that from thei pan nt=."--New York Sun. Made lo Look I .lka Mew. Dresses, Gents' Clothing, Feathers. Olovcv etc., Pyed or Cleaned, Plush OarmenU Htearncd at Otto Fletch's Dye Worka, SIS W. Water fit., Milwaukee. Send for circular. A new typewriter, under the "point" syi- tem, prodncsa writings which the blind can read. Florida and the Onlf Coaat The arrangement* of through sleeping ear lines of the Louisville A Nashville Kail- road are more perfect than ever this season. That company has through alcc-pcr* from the Ohio Kivur gntewaya to Jacksonville, Tampa, ThotnasvTlle and the Gulf f'oatt JU- sortt. The time made from Chicago to Jack, sonvlll's la In tho neighborhood of lix hours qnti' cr than by any other line. Foldcra ai 1 other Information cheerfully furnished by George L. Cross, N. W. I'aas. Agent, 233 Clark street, Chicago, III. "German Syrup" Just a bad cold, and a hacklm| eough. We all suffer that way sometimes. How to get rid -of them lithe study. Listen—'' I am a Ranchman and Stock Raiser. My life is rough and exposed. I meet all weathers in the Colorado mountains I sometimes take colds. Often the; are severe. I have used German Syrup five years for these. A few doses will cure them at any stage. The last one I had was stopped ia 24 hours. It is infallible," Jamca A. l>e, Jefferson, CoL • 1 DO >f OU COUCH DON T DELAY KEMPS BALSAM A SI.Y FOX. Wlm After ll«lo( Plekasl Dp u ttti 00 1a off I.tke a FlaOi. "Thla la In full of account," said the barkeeper aa he took the change out of a bill. "Also," replied the customer, "on account of a full." ml M HF -ACIS inflamed, cat Dr. WIIBN Bronchi Jaync's Kxj lief. For In.. , ^ Cough, you will find In It a certain reaaedy it, .rant will afford prompt re- Kur breaking up a (.'old or anbstalng a Many stories told of the crafty fox are loiibtlen incidents of imagination. But a recent writer telli un anecdote which, bough taxing belief, be in vouched for by an eye-witness of tbe.atTdir. Some fisherman on the west coaat of Ireland were in the habit of going to a cm ill island, a few hundred yards from tbe ru'iiri Ian' 1 , in quest of bait. The island was in- abited by large numbers r.t rabbits, and could be reached at low tide by wadin:-, the water there being only a few inches deep. Une morning tbty went in th-'ir boat quit'' early, it being hiffu, and on landing saw a dead fox lyinir on the beach. The fur of the animal was all bidraggled, and he seemed to have been drowned. Une of the men remarking that his skin was worth something, pitched him into the boat. Procuring their bjit tbey relurneued to the main land, and the man who bad pleased himself of the fox seiz-icl him by the tail ana flung him on shore. As soon as the animal struck the biacb he picked himself up with considerable agility for a dead fox and shot like a Hash up unions the cliff*, while the nun stood ntarnig at iuch other 111 mute astonishment. The men concluded that he , had crossed over to tho island during the „ Tne he »? of the Choctaw Indian nation night, when the tide w,.s ,ow, in search ?°7 e ™S r . S!!!\inS"Ji.'^n,f lo i 1,M ' * P J' C of rabbits, and, finding in the morning! blue«wt, * P ' that ho win cut (IT from the nu>in land,' cpuiiti-iMtcd death, with ihe txp'ctatlDn ol there-by ptccuring .1 passage lo the shore in a boa', im expec'ation which wds fully renlixid,— Hoston Courier. If men were put under solemn oath before they were allowed to tell Hah atorlea or make love, this world would be a treat deal less Interesting than It Is now. FOHTirT FXBBLE LUN03 AOAIXJT WlJITKtt BLasts with HALE'S HONKT or Hoscaou.vo A.ID TAR. PIKB'S TooTuiuua DHOPS Cure In one minute. When a man begins lo try to Sod out why a woman Is blue tTo: chances arc pretty goo>l that be will end by being blue himself. BEECUAJI'S PILLS cure bilious and nervous 11 Ineii. Beecharn't Pills sell well because they cure. 25 cenU a box. An Arizona farmer has a tame rattle snake to guard his premises Instead of a dog. The report does not say whether the U.e anake aleepa In the farmer's boot*. "'BROWN'S BRONCHIAL TROCHES' are excellent for the relief of Hoarseness or 8ore Throat. They are exceedingly effective."— Chritliaa Worlil, lymdcn, Eng. ft OOTM Co Id a, Oomi. Enxtueaaah Whooplna: _ . Asthma. A oartatn eun for ^ run. and a sua relief In advanced stana, at onus. Too will s*a> Iha noallant afliari sal taking th* rural daa«, BoT« bj iaVIai Unibon:«.. 90 eanta aod S1A It^sffsslli HOOOTiNl aseiaitua Cnlvea. I. W. Newton, in the Uurul New Yoik er, thinks tho time when u calf ia dropped has more lo do with its making a good cow than the feed, although ho likes Bkim milk with flaxseed nnd outp, for making dairy heifers. He would have them drop ped in September and October and lei them cat nd the buy they want the first Winter, with tho other fteds mentioned in puittiblo quantity. White Outs. hou-c was In .•imricdou. l.mly Durroll wrung pletoly Iter aunt would t.ilto every vestlgoof , |( , 'l 'luiltni'." mild .Miss Hustings, one morning, "I do not think you 1110 compelled by the terms i.f Sir Oswald's will to reside at DarreH Court whether you like It or not. There could be 11.1 possible objection to your going nwny for 11 eliniiKo." Tho beautiful, restless face was turned to , IELDTEA of bail ens lnui cures Sick Ilaatlstohai toreaUf«vpt«»'om < m t «'°" KI '*H > » tt< " t ' ^OIUWRBriJlt. - C70MFORTIHO. Epps's Cocoa BREAKFAST. "br a thorough knowladiie of ihs aatural laws in aV " " 1 IIJ a can .. .naU-nlaetaj. , - . — breakfast tahUsnltb adalicutaly flavurad bav. ehicb ajovarn tlia operations of dlnastlon and natrt " L and 117 a caraful application ut the Sns proiier- 1 ol;««n-»»U»t»a O0001, Mr. I'lPi lias provide iisrl vihlcli oiai saw us men; hrnvy doctors' bills . lis' by Ilia Judicious asa of auph arllultis of dial teat a consiUutlon nay be sjradunily '"'h' a K ""III straaa unoiigb to resist every tendency to dlisaas. ItuuJraJi of nubtla ualadiaa are floatlugarouod as raaCy to altauk wherever there is a weak point. We may •louim many a fatal shaft by kcuplug our. selves wall turtltted villh pure tiluud and a v^upttli Mourbliail froina.'"-'^^!! s|en!oa aasatte.; • Mails simply with bolllnij watw or milk. Bold iialy la balt-pouui) tins, by Oroosrs, labelled thus 1, JAMKts -Sirt!0.. HoniasopathloOlisrolsli. LONDON, BNOUSS. IVORY her haiids in Ihc iin-d liiacclnl dlstiess. '•Sow. Klum." wi'd l/i V I|IIIIIJI|M ), "(iray do not give w iv in iiii.vihlug of llint Idml. It In a loiluiiiite thing inr you that 111111 here, Lt'l me beg ot .1011 lo r.-iiii'inbi'i' that, whatever li.ippiiiiK, >ou iit«i iiiiignlilcciitly provided for, Sir OMVIIIII lold luu us iimch. There is really no need to oxcltu )Oilrsi).'l III tlutt fashion." W'lille l.iidv Dui'i'iill, with u few gmcoriil IIM:I nualloiis nnd n very pr dly shnw of sorrow, iiriiuijfiKl tuallraet all poislblu sympi- lliy. I' iiilltui iiinvu I ubiiiit witli 11 still, cold I'ni'c. which those hci.t uinli'lsliioil who knew her nuluie, It soi-incd lii'iedllile 10 the girl 1 tint linylblng imexpveled sliould Imppcn tu her uncle. She hud only Ju-t begun to love liiin; tlmt evening had brought those two prmul'tiuiirts olosur UiKoilier liiuli tlioy hud over lieen: the leu was hinkon; each had u gllilHiiurliig pureuptlou of the li.'sl cliunioter of tho otlioi—a pL'l'ceptlnn thai In tluiu would Imvo developed Into perfect love, It seemed too litird iiller liu lind Just licgiin ti like hur—tlmt us Muni 11s it fresh nnd gumilnuscn- tlim'iit wns springing up between thuin—he iilii«liliti. For It hud coiiio to that, dire, skill, tillent, wntohlng, were II !1 In vnin: ho must die. 'J-^fjicivl-iliirdniii lutd coitsiillod "houi hlin, and with piofonalonul keenness had soon at once Hint his esse wns hopeless. The ailment wns a sudden ami dangerous oner- violent Intliumimtlon of the lungs,: No one could nocoiint for the sudden seizure, 'Sir Oswald had complftlnod ot pniit during the day, but 110 one thought that it was anything of u serious nature. His maimer, certainly, lidtt been strange, with ft ead pathos quite unlUcu lilmaelf; bill HA one saw in tbst the commoncemetit ot i\ tnottal Illness. ijtidy Jliiiiiptoit frequently observed how ' fortunate It wns t|i«t yhe was tbor,e. To «>U dnqulrlestiH to the health of Hermeoe, she' replied. ''J'oor, dear Ludy Durrell Is beorr ing up wonderfully;" snd with the help of pathetic llUld uifWolie^ the frequent OM o( • viiislgre.tej'n fow t^ws, *n4 torn «ml»bl§ (selt-ooijiJjOlenee, th»t lady did Wear,jsp. It from her. She declared her Intention to adhere most ftrietly to tho terms of the will. ''And, aunt," she continued, with firmness quite now to lion ''It would bo so much better, I think, for you to keep nt (lie Elms. People might miiko strange remarks If you came here to live with me." Lady Hampton was shrewd cnorTgh to see that she must abide by her niece's decision, Tho Captain was to remain only two days •t DUITOII Court, nnd J/idy JJiirrell was anxious to up ml some litllo time with him. "1 like the Captain, aunt," she said; "he smiiHosmc •1 could not leave Darrell Court oven If would," she icliiiiii'il. '•Why mil? Tlimo is really nothing, to do lain you here." '1 am waiting," said the girl, her dark eyes 111 by 11 lire Hint was not pleasant to see -'"I am wnllliig here for mv revenge." (i'o be vontinuod.) A OIU I. WONDKH. Ktlutt llertoldl ;iiuyomt Uoubl Ilia Worlds ^^.lOreuteat Kqulllbrlat, A rrporter imd the good fortune the Ml Lady Hampton remembered how she hud otllM dfly )o a convejsution with spoken of him before, and It was not her In- Mil)8 Edn ' tt R(rtolcli, who is beyond doubt tentlon Unit her beautiful niece should fling , h greHtegl , auiltbrist the world has ever away herself nnd her iimgyiltleent fortune on jjnowsx Aubrey Langton. ' .„,.,; K , ,„„ What she bod to sny was said with 11 "Slielssttrotoniany sgnli 1." Iiought tie lhftt w „^ po^^y ohnrminsr, be- ,tly;''«nd, dowered as «hols,sliu ought to ^ n ^ 80 ot tll0 umi flected manner which is uitrryudiike,at east, qu it„ ml turnl to tbe younfer lady, wbo is ' riho represonted to 1 er tlmt It was hnrlly y 11&yeBTC of n(?e , § be does innmber-^owsoyounK^^^^^^ ible fealsof equilibrium aid contortion loss being so recent, to entertain a handsome nnd . 0 , imMeg ^ ei , wondc rful performimoe jrounKolllcor. • by araspiDg with her tebth an object, "I do not seothat tho fact of Ills being madoBpeoiallyfortbepvirpoBt', and throws tiendsninn makes nnv dllferenco. mint." said herself, f OT t uppermost, into the air, Udyyarioiii-t'stui.ii you iimiK 1 musi r»- ni B int tt inin« thii position without touch- main shut up In my room while tho captain ln „ tbo ji ooc w \th her hands-in fact, hi here, of course, 1 will remtilnso, tliough supporting berself entirely by the etrengtb) Itseetnsvory hafd," of her jaws - and neoV. Many performers ' ''Appea^nees,are;evoiythlni{," obsorved have, supported themselves by tho jaws I Lady Hampton, sagely; "and yon oannot be fcekdownward, but Miss Bertofdi reverses tooeuroiulatllrst," the iSosition. "Does he scorn to pay Pauline any ntten- >'rho wonderful command which'I MonV," asked the young wluViwi enijciily,, possess in the matter of fquilibrivm," .'" "I have never hoard them exchange more sbe said, "I attribute ohieiiy to my-ex- than B lew words— Indeed tlm circumstance cellenf munoulru- development. ' am hsspuisled me, lillnor. I. h»vo seon.ltIm particularly strong muscled and have ex- look at lior nn though he worshiped her and cellent coHtrol 'over every portion of my as thougli he hated her,> As.iort Miss Dniv body. I do not weigb too muoh or too rell, shu sot ms to treat hlinwUJi coiiienipHi. little." J)c. Afirnew- told,,mjB ia Pbildlo- ous Indllfeiwiw," • • :.:'.! pbia quite recently that he considered me i'i lined to llilnklwi Jlkcrt Iter,',' salt) IMy Pbyaicatly perfect. Yes,my act as I per- Onrrvll, miiNlnicly> : ror, at present is the result of loon •'Me HktVI the futiiie helms* of Jinrrell "tudy and vontinuod daily praoHw. The ,'i »Ai| his work. I do each performance -is quite .flntani.iAlraavk ma., 1W YtiMVntW 1 )UVBlQftl.ii }f^ia, . from •nould; Wo hive seen u recent statement to the i ffect that while ontt contain mote nutri mont Ihnn black outs, nnd should always be chosen (or feeding horses. The onl lios in the fact, that the blue' outs huvo 11 little thicker husk, sufficient to make a difference of perhaps live per cent, in the feeding value. A horse cannot ho well fed for h ss than 30 cents per da; This makes a pretty heavy drain on t farmer who carries three or four idle head through tho winter. If these were brood mares, all raising good colts to pay thei way, it would not be so bnd. One way in which good stock of nil kinds is of the most decided value is that it increases tbo owner's interest in it. A man will look ufter good stock more carefully than after a lot of ecrubB overy time. Wittering liorees. In the Winter of 1888 1889 Director Sanborn, of the Utah Station, conducted atrial lo test the problem whether horsei should be watered before or after recevint' their food. Four horses wero fed in two lots euch for forty-soven days, one lot be ing watered before feeding grain and the other ufter feeding grain. The practice with the two lots wus then reversed for u period of forty-three days; As a result of the whole for a total period of ninety days those fed before watering gained forty-four pounds, and those" watered before feeding g.finod slx'y-four (rounds Tbia was wholly a win tent lial A second trial wns begun in Februray 1801, and closing Aug. 10, covering, a period of nearly six months and passing well into the hot season, when horses drink most, made it more determinate than the other. The horses were weighed weekly and and the food daily, and uoth were duly recorded. Lot 4 was watered before feeding for the first period of the experiment. All That la Reeded In our physical needs we want the but of anything required, and we want all that Is required to be done, to be done promptly _ and surely, and those In patn, especially, i I „„., I will And all that la needed in what U herein j > IJl! recommended. Mr. T. J. Murphy, SI Debe- rolce pi., Brooklyn, N. Y., Bays: "Having oeen afflicted with Bcimlu rheumatism lor tome tlmo past and finding no relief, I tried BL Jacobs Oil, which I found vary efficacious."—Miss Clura Alcott, Mabwa, N. J., writes: "I bruited my ilrnb and it became greatly swollen and elilT. I used two bottles of a patent liniment which did not relieve me. A phyidviuu was called who ordered the limb lo l>u poulticed, and he gave i me medicine lulcruully, without benefit. I then got a bottle of St. Jacobs Oil, which cured me. It aclcd like magic."—Mr. Lorenzo Buck, BiiiKiiift, Bhlawasse Co., Mich., says: "I had chronic rheumatism for years, contracted during tho war. After sitting or lying down, ut uuics, ( could not get up, from stiffness and pains. At work my strength would give out, then I would pass through a sicknuss of several weeks. I had to walk with a cane and was at one time so HI that I could not llo down without terrlbls painB In buck and limbs, I tried St. Jacobs Oil; next morning got up out of bed without assistance lo-day I'm a new man and walk without, a cane."—Mr. A. H. Cunningham, Pcrryopolts, Fayette County, Pa., writes: "My wife was sorely afflicted with lame buck for several years. Sho used Innumerable liniments, but experienced littles relief until St. Jacobs Oil was user). I CAO confidently suy we owe her curs to Its wonderful effects and would not keep kens* without 1^" 8T*T« or OHIO. Crrr ur TOLEDO, I LUCAS Corarr, J Fiuxs J. CUKNXT makes oath that h» Is thn senior partner of tbe firm ol V. J. CUE.VKY X Co., fining business In the City of Toledo, C '"'.:.:y ami State aforesaid, anil that aaM firm win > x-j the sum of ONE HUXI'ItEU I iOU.A14.-i -,t each and every case of CAT Aim ii m.-vt cunn^t Uo oureil by the use of UAZ.I.'.S CAT . I.III • i. I-.K. 1-11A .SK J C11KNEY. Bworn to before me and nuliiciiuol lu U17 presence, this 6th day of Dtcoiubt ?r. A. Ii. I--v v A. W. GI.KA.SON. Solan/ Public. Hall's Catarrh Core Is taken Internally, an -l acts directly on the blood and mucoai sa'r 'acci ot the Hvstcm. Send for testimonials, tr^. F. J. CHENEY <i CO.. Toledo, a jETSoId by drnggfsts, Tic Perfectly; Well. .omB, Dabaqae Co., Ia., Be pi., Viae E. Flnnlgan wrltaa: My nsotbar aad sla­ ter Bsed Pastor Koaatfa Nerve Tenia lor asav radguv They are both (erteoUy waUnaw and never tire of pratstns tha Toole, daxaaa, Iowa, Oat, M, USS. For clneteea years my danfhter snffarad Irons flta so that abe oootd not even dross herself. On the 17th of Marjb last aha commenoed nslns Pastor Koeolg's Nerve To Die, and It baa eared her entirely. Aceept many kind thanks amd bleeelnisjleannotteil how happy I teal to think my ehild Is cured. MB& TflaaxUBSA KYIJa, 8TO»« LAI a, Iowa, July t, 1W0. waa snffering from nervousneas, aleaplaes- naaa, and loss of memory; about two moatha at* I took Pastor Koenlg's Nerve Tonlo, and I at- tribnta my recovery to this medicine; I am sat. isaad with lta eflaoi " ' ~ • " — THE GKII'l'E. The grippe i.-i rngiii^ liku an epidemic. It has been more fatal already than was the yellow fever in the south or the cholera in the north. It spares no one, great or small, except it is more likely to attack the weak than the strong. Ia fact, if a person be perfectly healthy he will escape it. The only way to avoid an attack is to maintain a condition of perfect health, for it only locates in the weakest organ of the body, whateter that may be. When yon feel the first attack get a bottle of REID'8 GERXAX COUOH AND KID- SET CtTHZ and take it freely. It will not harm yon. It contains no poison, but it will re-inrigorate your stomach, banish tbe microbes trorn. it, incite the kidneys to action, soothe the inflamed lung tissues and relax the bowels. When this has been accomplished the grippe is conquered and there is no further trouble. There is no danger in using this great remedy, either for children or ail nits. It contains no poison, or nothing in the slightest degree harmful. Get it of aii\ dealer. SYLVAN - REMEDY CO ., Peoria, 111. The Gliult-tonian cundida'e wus elected to till 11 piirliiitnen'ary vacancy in Kisscn- dale by a majority of 2,000, a direct reversal of tbo hint ri'nult. Cbiiri. T. Haneliine, ugi tl 22, u fortnor (jrocer'H clerk, was brought buck to llo: Ion Ironi Siuth Dakota, churned with em- bcz/.l(iifc[ <2,000. Thn firrn uf h>zol & S.imioii, iii-ichuntH at Onmnron, uiude an umignnmnt for tho benefit of (hclrcruiitora. Vha Only OneBverPrlnteit—Can Ton Vlnd the Wiirilf There la a 8 Inch dlsphiy advertisement In this papor thla week which has no two words alike except one word. The asms Is true of each new uuu iimieuvlnir each week from The Or. Hurler MuilklnoCo. This house places a "Crescent" on everything they make and publish. Look fur It, acuu thorn the Dame ot tho word, and they will return you BOOK, ••iuTirti'i. i.iTiiooiiAi'UB or SAiifiiSS rasa Ernest Longfellow, son Ot the poet, tall, siender, and has a tew streaks ot nay in his thick, dark hair. He Is aa artUt «l rare promise. S'lTK.-lll FlUstoiiiied(raaby Uu.KUNa'aOaasc NiiiiVB nasToaau. No Flu after Srstdar'a use. Mar. valloos oeraa. Xnatlss and la. 00 trial bottle Iraa to Ulcaaet. Bead lo Ur. Klhia. Wl arcbgt, Pblla, Pa • Another monument la projected In New York, This' one Is General Hancock's, and It is proposed to erect it in Hancock Square. Harlsse. lliislmudry of Humus. Boil is productive largoly in proportion tothabumuB it contains. The humus whioh naturoeuplios by decay of vegetation, logelher wilh its office as a- mulob, keeps new soil friable. The soil 1 B ex- hauled of its bumus by too much, crop. log without returning an equivalent, 'here are but two ways to restore this exhausted huuiusj one by carting on barn- ya-d manure, the other by manuring.with green crops. The former can be done only to a limited extent, little can be niiidei but tbore is scarcely a limit to tbe extent to wbloh green manuring might be carried, particularly Ui .warmir. climates. MuoUofoain manure is scarce, a large portkn of it is liable to be diy, unless well. made. Turn under In springfor a otopof oprn for instenoe,aodif tn« weather be dry (here will not be enough moisture to set the/- machinery of nature's laboratory at work 'to put it' in conditio* tot assimilrv tloii by,growing plants i h«noe a srood part of IV is likely to lie inert in tbeeartb, Whef the field is plowed again Ibis is ^r «i #up, ? exfoMd -lMKi m^Ph of pr«u(iHv«U.rvilitiiiviiu bim itiiuilihd to I, MiW dOHii«u> AlHUfsiXBJ) lilir»W0l»,ttnMLUie yuunR oflicpr>4,-JeIJ,|,.*v ..-^J^ r .T-reT v".. r . Dyspepsia 0t*s«A me almost ttototilaaSarlna. I tell mtaetabla aadnenoaj. Mr aiomaoh wonld hardljr dlfael breed ao« calls. Dut soon at»r I bexau Hood's laasanarllU I had a better appetite, and •said net only eat waU but bad y» DUtrMt Afterward, I an M (lad I am bett r, (or I feared I never Should set well, My mitalnf ba 'ir, loo, «eema lo be boi er lhaa ever, and I toll to as Hood't Sarstparllla laakes Mm airoog, and thai Ue sola more et it ihsaj I do. Hf la U luootbi old, plump and fat, and weighs SI pounds."' Mas. W. 8. LsosTaan, Bousbtase Wreet.LoulaTlIe.Kr. Mftod'a P4H« oars tlver Ills. t. A. BAABT. —A Yalaablc.Hoo* an Warrona Pit eases aent fraa to any addraaa, * •— ajjo obtat~ cn&rae. and poor paUenta ean thla madlolne rraa ot FREE Thla remodrhaa been jprepared JMrQte Berarenf Pastor Xoenli. of Fort ,V7syne, Ind. aln» is*. S" Is now prapuea under bis dlreoaon brtbe KOKNIO MBO. CO.. Chlemgo, III. Sold br XaraartrlsU at «1 par Uottla. 6 Cor VS. I*rsre ttlxe. •t.'TB. e Battle* for «0 L - mozz THE "PAomn JOURNAL." "A (.-rent Invoiitlon haws been inado by Dr. Tott, That eminent ohotnlat luu protluoetl Tutfs Hair Dye Which Imltatea nature to portYtit Inn | R nota Inatantaneoualy arid la iiurfuutly liuriulKaa," Mss^H. Omoo,a»*al J-tvrk 1'IWHS. M. It. A PERMANENT CURE Without. etsdlcloe, Oraank weakneaa, premature decline, nervosa' debility. Impaired THE * ONLY TRUE IRON TONIC parity BLOOD, « •NEVS, remove 1.: riler. bullil >lrca*ttt. Will KID.._. illsoriler, refralato ~ IVKIt renew appctUe, restore health and vlgororyouth. Dyapepato, Indlaw-ilou. thaltlreiiroeli ,Mii a bsot u tel y eradlcateiU illu.l brl<litoaed, brain puwer looreaaed^ - bones, nerves, mas* des, receive new force, i stuTerlng from complalnu pe- | collar to their sex, nslna^lt. Sod parte srfectuil, memory and lovoltutary cured by Maanetlam. More soe- cessful than all other remedies combined. Oar MaauieUe Has- tienaory la worn with comfort and convenience; a perteot aup- pori,acting directly upon the KivliiK a toning and strengthening effect from tlie first application. Indorsed b; the best medical authority, and used with tha greatest success, l'rlce t &.iO, tent by mall. Hand ni •pedal circular. Mauuetio Goods-Vests, Caps, Corsets, Supporters, Delta, Dandairet. Lang Protectors, hsojavetw. AriiAs roiA.ii FOHOM ol* , tsos uu Btreat, onloaga, III. Band lor OaUlogue, M^^WMM a safe, speeity cure. Heturne rose bloom on etieeka,beauilSca Complexion, Sold everrirhere. All gonulne foods bear "Crescent." Bend accent stamp rorKs-psew pamphlet. H. MITER MUlCIHt CO., f t, le«U. »>. Kennedy's Medical Discovery Takes hold in this order: Bowels. , Liver, -S Kidneys, Inside Skin. Outside Skin. before It I H ti MI OS » - Wua nil MUi.uiMa.stt u dlsablnit. 13 fse for leciessa. SS iiian aa. psrleuoe. Wflto for laws, A. W. UoOoaHioa Sbsa, WAsnmnTon, U. 0. and Oisoimu'ti. O- JOHN W. MOHltlS, Washlugtan. 1). O. PENSION . L J*u°lHr ^iMVls/umtn» , r , vf.^p^ Tivraaul I jr.. In lata war. W uiljmlloatlniriilaluis, att'y alaoo, P AT EN TS^I^S^ Driving everythlnx to be out. tha» osujad You knoio whether you need it or not, •old by every drugg(stand m.oufnotntwd tff DONALD KENNEDY, ROXBURY, WIA8«. n Q FIT FOLKS REDUCED ill ii..iii-. >t . U Oj.ltl -hull ir iuul t wi'iii In H , HhiMOMlUW', IwJ ll'O HIT ot'lil. i .010 Hindi' i' umiilnir Poiillra, AlsoToWEU MII.I.S, I'*«» YtVAl 'alllJ Ori 'iil 'iH ami l.-nlliliun'„i!« suiit i • ^FLOfllDA^ • MITKSOITI" •VMlMIMISSl nt* Wisalor In ^LoUMtrlui. Pla^lawrvloe between Olnelnnatl and Jacksonville and Si. Auaua Une by the Hjoat TeBnasaee, VtrBnr. SOeorgla BaUivu have no superlora S the world. They eoaalst of .0.8. BaaiMS Cars, Pay Ooachea, and Pull- |n Che yalted tttataa. «. W. WRBNH, Oeal Vkssenger Ait sUrOXTUABi laUW. Watoh carefully your dttuglitor's health, . Irritability, extreme lassitude, emaciation, tht Brvsus voice trembles,.tho step Is.Irresolute, . droop, and oppression languid, then devo hour to a thorough ln\e»Tlg«flon of the ei . . well levptt) an. nesseianaftllmeir otwomed, l^rlt &l 'sia| «i ir m lm * fdi,,w ,, ••: ~ - .... A . ,sWM i ^»ai^a^lgA| 4 ^JA_'saj*,'-

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