The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 1, 1927 · Page 1
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 1, 1927
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VOLUME xkx. No. IN LOS ANGELES TODAY b9. The I Weeltly Register, Estubllsbed 1S67. TJipJoIa DallyiRfglstor. EiitaWlshed 1897. Corpus Chrii^i Taii Driver Extraki ion ank M Be Texas I or To Ha jLos Angele ves.sel"jundei! Ijretiition of dep^d Pat L>ve] planb,,alleged tol to Cpi'iius Chri.sti, iT and Svii^ orddreci reti I'ail LoS(> I H allc'K k Mirch 1. tWe f<^d irt^ent of Uiuajjfmim. aoi|tfnijl)i!r was jlofaicd' «i|rt'i> •icxaii auilimli\o.>t f] ai iliiii limo Kli^rlff •'.\;ii":l'S 'rKUS^ii, Ij for luriiiMl tin- affstir :iiilh'.>rlti »'S. J.ov' ivas liiHlii't uciiiul ' Jury ill 'JVxiit*, .lanuary <liil('(| for rriul At tlial iliine k w; lit- was ^iii Mejtico <-xhilii(ioii riigl loiitiniieel to t^e X t'lal court. .•\ loca.[ -fillii g s^.aii(^n fiirni.siietl the i witli thf airp iii'i'ti sliUpoen;' and ;N<'fl to ai wiliicsseR in tl .\C('f)riliiiK t<i th< lian ane a ivhc w •d u ir n heiiiK arrt'.stc-il at !aKt:l"all. h'aid hi- lofi'k tli|p plant inistaln'.i CONCERT G AT CK ] .\ largp am] "fiK'o iij>ar(l a I pnt>il» f)[f GoorpG I !iut<>, -at lupiiiit pupils Were asbiste •inariot and *h ; 0 :i <hefltra.| It ^^•ns 1 AleiiiliiTs fif \V. H^ynolds. Char I.. Waitt' and IValt I'upil.'J on . i:h<> .MarKU<^i|il«» Ut -no. yiron .\|i(l(llei<)ii. Vira .\fargaiict Wright. I Dolorjcs .Moi-ri-ioii. Biilnia Ilancy. jMyrtli ii>«- and Opalj IVt Virgiiiiai Kinnel. 4t -wel Wright., Helj llainir. Alva I'alsl iiHi". Myirs Siranaliarn SiriinghanitT. Kr Agnes iHaincri U)i eiy, llilttie Uiljrrow^. ("a ntr. Eiiiina anfl Fr ink Will Plickctt s<-vr-rali jl'hantJtc ( MATHER ATO ——t-j sinner. Iw'ill : of CoiTimei'ce niiirrowj at Ih the 'Water S derstood tahl cHss th^- I'onflStion supply ial. th<| pr IL S. SEIZES of TO StoUn Plane of; PM Neff a lAxi driver on a charge oflralisporting a | hak A to uul da ah. ir < of 1 tl Hi> ive.; >ve ; been ixas. rned 1 ave std [.Vefl, III later id ht-ia iiMer II en (Dim time g to Kr ,jnd I )it to fed d or anjl folUi s ijei givin id th ay jterni of t 1^ vi.", Cor I man, u dii.saii)i)eaij Ivitii Da aovevnm YEN UkCH sii-al Wa I by klanii n Valor Flor'^nt Cnrt la rki fraij- Hr>'hon. p rson Karl m r iiiK. ell a Ilniti Dild U. 1;!'i.lathilr. nifliViep comm Idrei^ifli nnoi - innj I'f rilati mat OP." ilr. Mathfr will d OF AV.ishiiiglon .lire hy ;ihe 1 100 swefper Pigeain at Hatikow of t arinf< <)t 100 Chine ie sOldiers w lind debarked . f^oi i Hie Standa Oil vessel Mei Hni g wjas report todav to the lavy dep.-|rtnient. reason' for the t's.ei ce Fed eral ai (AP)—An airplaiH>,is a "motor to theft act. Thh w:is the inter- liustice agents here today who ^ar- i a fe.l C'liri was ,si- wing d lorted Ijl p airph ease, ^^l .ovr nfl us Chi Hb Rem jral Trial-4ls bved to Alleged BROTHERS DEULINNIY. LOYETAJGLE stolen by him fron'i lola, Kansas,; Love waived a reniojv:al hearing ) Te.\as for trial.: Wealthy Men FigH Cane Duel as Onei Other Rdbbed Of AffectioHi Of Wife. en ul le at l.v Is. y. V- ni is al 1 11. 1 at line :is Id- FRAUD! CASE ISGrtENTO JURYtODAY For Second Time in Five Months, Ddugh erty Has Trial -T- Millar Also " InYoI>|ed i n Char^gcs. .Kede.ral Court.|.Sew Gory {Says im York. .Mar. 1. i| AIM For the Hv'eoii'tl time in livf (|if Marry .M. lemlter" in the jaionihs the fates 'Da'igherty. cahirift i llariUng administration, and tlu eg in HER prt^cjative an recital te of CI niile. 'J he Hoos srhool ght. W. .Miller, alien miller the .s;iij)i' hands of a .inry Iiig evidence ill erty and Miller defraud thi I'i-' honesi and mil)ia;(ol h.v co'nneetion with (lie elailns for *T.i<00.<lOij 'p*! seized Ain.-riean M4tal <|U,"iiie( are: es E May. C, r H: niilton. ^rog^am we4e: s Sliaj C s. Jew- Mary ifonL -nial lien U4 of III N\'restl keJl. 1 .^erl.- II Max I'nek.' .Montgo] i.line H garner abid loldt. af jurors eiitt-red lliei 2:l'i (I'l-loik land se I illieii- task. [ They w ,f.' sanu- jury tpiini in ' II al llie first trial si K hours'withou ai ?ri ;e diet. Dauglierty and i; luiii-h. walke 1 ; ,.' < orridors iif [the fi-i jeo '"" logt-t Hit -r.. Tl r- ell lt> each otjici] hut th.' trial. tne It. n- Iid .New. York, fials of tile leuin and Tran.-«port , day iiidieateil thai a ;ME^T appropriation will li iinhurse the compahy expended iiv the F.lji SPEAK i):'heon I hotel of Ibla's. waller sent time. MS INFlSte .Mini 1. API—Se nitei slates mihe feurei was givn loLi Creamery tr Construct iCream ; The lola Citam Iso, manufactured Sj of a new buildin ture icecJream annpunciemejnt ijiadtj ager. I Tlio new bii l)«>tweeij llie plant, on Xorih sir ^ which wil honiie whUAi Is Utfiind he flhont i.l by structei^ of bijck. lined to; liousrt'tlje ITS anti boilet wlhjc.h ai eaied III the cream per. Tii« ice Teaii he plao|ed in butter la n The v,er^ :iw mad lat<».sl lady |?r,v. wh Brook Ulfni wil^ prfsent et \ir Thi but : 11 ei|i buiii tiie prodtu'lion ol irj- been ofderied land j«h within the bejll fe v dli dition of ic-le i^r^an iiilijiufai-tiire to the lol^ Creqnierj-j vpS added <'mplo>' 's a id nij pruviik'i addili inal mar milk producet in ^lleoj beginni thi.H n [proi.f',,,^,, j ..j wen- in t,h<» ,.ni, and who w)ll be ort ness stand April first i|i. lie I for I • - T I:; men iljaf h^ve been he:ir- '"uri wli.-ii niyi rial,. if IJaugh- • "'H', • i: I i t (d.inel CaiTingtoij <!"'S.IV"=">' '"ihrollier rushed.ut him iin l.nifedi ;^(al«i'S of 'heir'his cane il s<>rvices ip "I swuih: tni»<]." said tic' .•illowaiue oil l^'^''"''*'.'"Jl't!"3l', proc.-eds of ,•- • shares, reiiii'd tor d ,1:10 this afiiin' .Alter the charge b OIL MEN REFUND O .Mai .New York. Mar. 1. (AP -A nilil- lilghl duel, with i-une .M b«l; ;een^ »wo w.altliy brotherrt .cunie ii light today when Colonel Kdw i it Cur- rliigton, ."i"., of Chleago, wu i arreHted charged with aHHuulitiig Campbell Carrdigtoii. a. Xew Yoi I JawyeK whom he named (n a mill ih'dollar; suit alleging alienutioi of hlH wife's alfections; Win 11 Colonel CarrliigtiH was arraign. M |. in West iSide coy i lie wart I K 'I I I ill ;$1.0iiii bail for i bearing Thursday. IliK : lawyer J'ohil, J .Mc.Maniis. told leporteis le had cie.: in self /defense it a "re- grc)(able and iiii^ortiinatp i icident. 'Hie brothers Tought, |t is said. when the coloh^I, accoinpinled by . two detectives, Wa'tched •door of Ma wife's apartn: ; :i lime his brother eine • the The colonel jSabl hi asked: ••.\ri> you looking for xka ".And, gentlenitin," CoBo<ieI Car- riiigtoii continue^, "his m insulting. And lb thrusts. I evadeil hi.s all! lil , H nionieiil he was disariit d'. But. Company ij„ ,i„i„g so, anil even btfire that. eralionS at • niv cane had come very contact with I'isi face." idge. Knox, "I'm on hiy feet," he] 111.' jury wasilak.-n to lunch. - The ,"My brother" is hi the jjiiry r.iom at led ilown to re put in the liich the jury eiit sixty-five ng on a ver- .Milletr, after nil diiwn the a I, building. Thai, gentlemen, may infi Willi tl'e «-oiiflii-t. (••.inMibell Carriii^toil cllinii' ho>pital. declarer been attacked from behind warning. i j •1 never had a cbantej "lie struck from behind down the Ktalr.s from t le ' meni of niy sii^ter-in-Ia v. TO SEEK ey have spok- , go,,,, t,, visit iny. sister! jseldom during , ,.„npratula!e her on b graildmothi-r." | < -.Mrs. Carringlioii, at 1 nuiit in West SeVeu(y-foi sai.l: • .Mj husbauil'S brothe congnatiilate me| on the graiidda previ^ liingeh MONEY <AP)—Offi- Paii-.Anyerican Pelro- Coniijany lo- congressional hi lighter, i Mj- daiiih er by a inariiage. .Mrs, Hn nk .Mln- usi had! become iShovtliy 'after rny Chamltr "i' ,':'•':'*••>•''.. '"'V''""! U. the I nited Slates sii| a decree eancellfng 11 is iili-'ground that th ; ceive.l iii fraud,! has refunded to the gi gi'ther .Willi inter niatelv $n.O0'>.<'<'" SEED MONEI^^ IN DEFICIENCY BILL Washington. .Mar. ,e JS.COO.UOO aiiproprial ,o for loans to farmers was inserted ill the (1 jien<:y appropriation ithe senate appropri: iU. :tce. , '•• New Suildhi^ ktid &tart ]\la7iiifactiire WitJtin Shoi j- ch for a. niiinbor o Butter, has .'Started enable the company Iff "about Ajiiril L acc orning by ^\^ ,E. K he loca creanu ry d the w.' re il. It w H and CI II' I, Willi •rmilk iliy- e now o- iillding pni- ipmenl will ing where chinery for cream lias j«tiilHlJ arrive s. Tlie ad- 1 call fop doubt will |teiij for the County. , The i)r.vse!ii plans •liictionj of iil/n|t ij H' ereairi per ila/ •iieni is .-ib arnihgecll (1 prodfietion can b<! iiy as th<> ilviiuKid ThejOiitpiit will include a large variety (Of Ixilhlbulk cream."] sa.vs AlV. Iljiiidall. "and it will belouripoll highe.stj qualilyj best possibb- \ ture to! prodii woribyiof the high .«|iandaril Shady liiook n itter what the' new be oallml lias npi be] Troper aiinoun that will be weeks: sought to re- dlie 1 apartment, my •• ^'"•;"^T,^i"<''"1'l4'<ed by Wo meti. hie blandished ai cane anp " •.xjowl I've got you. I two M you. I have Iil^ my hand's.; Me indicated Mills naval Itiient, which reine court, in ! tin- leases on ^v wen? <'on- j ruled must be ; Vfriimeiit, to- ; :l. Approxi- I involved. haiid.4 ami his broken cijni}. I or- out.' dereci him and his- two n CHICAGO, SCEN OF FIRST Chicago, Mar, 1. 'a rest bf Colonel Edward 1. (AIM-TheM" NT ^r** ^^/S' If"*^^ on authorized (o buy seeds second dcfic- 11 11 today by lions commit- of assaulting his brothj bell barringtoiv. brougH into direct conflict a minijh or sft previ|»us to their indire t lion liere at the heari ig f Colonjel's divorce suit am: ter •If ringtiVn. Tin Hon of Mris. Anna W lase set for call i nesday., was coittinued intil April ; because ot a crowded c( ur . calendar. .Mrs. Carringlbn sough; in early .* 'in/ihearing on the nllega tit n that f- X l/Itm Colonel Carrincton. on e a cam- yoi^rs has oiistjriiction to miinufacr jarding to an lindall. man- jcall for a pro- lOrl gallons of lilt the eijiiip- tliat adilition- protid.-d ea.s- airants. and brick ice } oiily the mat 'rials artd the ^ean •! of niaiiiifac- •<> au ice' cream .<;ef bv ice creAm will •n di>termined: emeftt <oncernlng |mhde willi'n a f^w. Colonel Carrington, on e paign nianaffer fpr Theod velt. ami vice president cyclopedia Americana". I i a stigma agains,t her na{[ii(| suit for divorce! which brother as ^-o-rijspondeni Colonel Carriiigton vh^rf^ Carrlngtoh and bad maintained her brolfiie New York City, and also h id get her at Upper Saranac. X Carriiigton fp her count »r bill charged her hiifll an! cruelly.'drunkenness arri to provide .and menttopef respondent in CMcago. SENATORS GET MIXEli UP TODAY Washington, (AP)- tet tan- , Mbrch When the seniitip got It gled in its own' rules a^aih today \'ice-Prc>!)Ident Dawes. \ ho le two- year-old plea fol- a rules |retis!on is still plgeon-hol^d, sraill^igly con ' Ipr him, Utem- fe.s.spd It;was tipo much and left it to the senat fsl selreiii toiilad titeir wajr ibtl lOLA. KAN,,TUESDAY EVENife^A^CH .; I' . n—I— ahy Letter From H^rs. Hanson r^lte Vivid Since Opening of Ciivil Warlii Section^ 6f China'.] to A' letter froWi Mrs. Rf^uthi jEwing jHjari.sonI to reWtives in I6Ia conveys a \ji\'id imprest i6n of ^hje (nerve rackink conditions under which Americari?! in Chinj^ iare now liv^g. The itanson family, ijt will be ren emfcjered, are at Taianfii, a to\tn of about 30,000 people in th< jt^ntral p^ft of Shantung province, located abotit a mile av 4y from tl^e main line of railroad which runs south frtim [jtiking toward. Shangha . In.-'f.stlhg that th«,y have no feelj*-r—— U ing of uneasiness for their person^ lihive known of a case sb al safety, Mrs. HanSon writes of a • rangements she is making to seijd Slory of Suffering in Various I to this country a q lantity ot goo|» which have been made up (luneH cloths. napitinH and the like! by tie Industrial department of the wojk they are carrying on in Taianl}j; and among other things said: "Everything around tis Is peac| ful.'biit west China, central Chini^ and south' China a^e sending o i( large numbers of English at d American people. ' Our princip i ir9uble this year is the poverty ai want about us caused of course conditions. Yestenlay a wom4 went down our street bfTerlng h baby for sale,. leaving two oth^. chlliiren. This Is the llrsl time | like thatj JToday a woman with T. B. came loj ine, one I knokv and respect, saying that the dotitor said oi cure wdulii be easy with good 'food and care, but being sick ijlie cannot earn so is Just a burden to a large family too poor for any df them to have enouuh to eat.. | . "Dreadful looking beggars are to be seen daily on |the sfr*^ets, most- •ly hanging . around our church where they have heard wi- help the •poor. I gave to a few in! the early 'part of tlic| cold weather iiiit had to jstop as 'the nuniber intireased .so 'rapidly. ! It woiild be ;hm to have 'funds for il soup jkltcheni for them. ISome wa>i feeding the fiungry is jsut'li a 8e|f-satisfying charily and iluniing ih«?m away Is vei-y hard." CHRISTIANITY NEEDED NOl SAYS TROUT side the .^it. After y; ^•d from'l • brother ner wa.-; from a espond- he wit- (•hicago [lUfS KJiid his .4wuug colonel, g sw-ord ws. In slightest resemblance to sectarlah-; nfartly in \ ism or denominationallsm. ""f^' ligion," he pointed out. "is simmy; (Joclared.'a belief in certain creeds of di*!!-! lospital. mas or the practice of certain ri ate who or ceremonies—and has nothi i to do. necessarily with Chrlstiani y. Tbu world has been overflow! ig hi eii Dean of Pittsburg Scho|)! Says World/Has Lots Of ReJigibn But It Needk Many of Fundamentals. , j "A much needed I element in o ir Iraodern educationah system," w is Ithe siihject of the address ma |e ibefore the Current fTopics club li at 'jnight by George AVJ Tron.ll Dean af ^„|ilhe State Tea. hers college of I'iti 4;burg. '. This element, according to Deiia Trout, is Christian education, lie defined carefully, just, what le meant by this, stating tirst of Hi that be was unalterably opposed to teaching anything w-hich bore t lo Poly- lie had without witii religions ever since ciVlliiJa- snowslide.s by men on tion begart—We have plenty of 'Religion' but what we need i.i a trti er be salil. ivonception of the fundamenjiil I came : ITincIples of Christianity, apart- 1 Cbrlstiauily. according to t ik- . I had "(Peaker. Is a life—not a religi< i. iij-law to Ajid the three fundamentals ot tl is cijimlng a are Love. Self-Sacrifice a id' 'Service. It is these principles tl ;it a part- Il street. SILVERTON IS ED BY DAY Storm, (buts Off Cjolorado I Townj—Snbwy March^ Has|Grip!0ver the jMiddle We^t Today, j •—— i Denver. March l. f Ari)—Cut; off from the rest or the ^orld for more than^.two weeks by previous storms, SiWerton, Colo., last night |was further l.<!olaled . T ter jiiore ban 4S hours snowfall, v iih weath- •r forecasts pointing to a continuance of itlie storm in tl^at psirt of ^be state. ! I Slide.iof snow rangini; depth ifroin 10 ti> 100 relet haVe blocked highways and railroads. Telephone iind telegraph lines are peliig kept japen with! difficulty, Uiilroad;of- Iniate that it N .ill take a clear the way for a Ve!o£ traflic into Silverton. and In the! meantlme'fooI and mail inust be transported i^cross the Uniform (Fode Redommend^d; Hoove^* Now Is T( Thi lb. C: pen MOTOR CODE iAtWliiteiH(|useJ ISP^SSEE|N HOI SE TODAY Motor ay to the i^enate. ipeka, 1- unitorih lati in code the Kansas tivA and se lairs reguliJi Sec -etary o!J ado itlon in TJie coijc' w llbus scope 'of .•alion hioli' comiiii lentiary inbtbr vebic 'rjie ward !cle com yidi ditiiual reinliitneration, an evs cide 1 fjir rcgistraii ii is 10 b ijission.-r, wil are to iut to ri Licensing ilriv ers, w-iti do cb-riial stration. )f all motiHJ Ipower vestei a-ns., .^.lar. 1 motor trall5c! as p,isscd Wd; or K.'i^rei I jlo the Kenal Idns recomm.|iiii| CJomnnTce H.fxiyJ'f all states, cinslsls of f<: each being as ofli.e of .^) .sinner at or ficials-est inonth to sumption Dean Trout %vould have taught Jin every school in the country. 1 le (believes that the youth of this ate I 'anie to' """e just as good a.<} the youth of •th of il • other age. but because ot 110 • 'complexity and the headlong pa .-e of this jpresent civilization, le think.< tHat training in appli >d Christianity is essential tO' tfie preservation ot what we have. ' Dean; Trout spoke simply atil straight! to the point, occupy! ife a!bout 4() minutes of time. What le mother. brotfie r-in-law 1 lu-sband, : urst in. houtert; got the l|lood on < blood/ WAR" [The ar- rlngton charges j. Camphe two] latf AVed- an apartment in sliid evidently "registered" with li audience which gave him perffcp a'ttentioh'while he spoke and saij- cere alid enthusiastic applaiip when hi' finished.; CHINA TO DEAL WITH U. S. ONUr opposl- of the e coun- sh Car- a cam- Roose[the En- placcd ;.by his lained his ^ Mrs. Mn-law been to- Y. Mrs. divorce 1 with failure a co- . i I-: Shalnghal. Mar. 1. ; (API— Serioils: dissention between the two*ailled Northern armies de- fendlijg Shanghai against thr Cantonese was foreshadoweci today when one ot the leading generals of .Marshal -Sun Chuaii-iFangm nominal master of the territory, refused tc fight jwith the Shantung forces, w^iich are coming to Sun's aid. AVashlnglon. Mar. 1. CAP)—Cla- blegrani|s' from representativee ot both the Peking and Canton f: c- tlons inj China, indoi'sing the Pdr- ter resolution proposing indepei dent American action in deall ig with ^lilha have been received Sy Dr. Alfred Sze. the Chinese m n!- istor to| Washingt^on. low - .shoes. A number of Silvprfoh business incn were forced yesterd ly to abandon packsj which Uiey h; d :atienipt- i'd to carri into- the tov n; While silverlon is digging out Ihe rest,of the states,tot ellier with Wyoming,', is rejoicing ( ver a fall of snow three lo eleven inj-Kcs in depth, which was most nee<led in agricultural .secllon.s. SNO\y (COVERS ALL OFMIDDL^WEST Kansa.s City. .Ataich 1. lAlM-^ln- to the >|iddlewes| and Southwest 'came Marbh today, brii ging witli It the heaviest snowfall >t the win- jter in ^oihe sections. Behind, it left the mountalrJ states with clear skies, lowj temderature;, a heav'yj( blanket iofj white and the prospei^t of niorei springlike went ler. Kansas farmerJt. especially those in the wheat belt, weliomed the blustery! nipnth With smi es, .^Vest- ward from Sallnti'and Do ^ei City, where t(ie wheat .fields I adilbocome so do' that damage was hrSajened. the .snowfall measured aljoi^t six! inches and already was ij>eKlng un-' der a waijm sun.l i-enne. ! storm j center of| yesterday, th^ mercury dropped! tb two. degrees belowzero this morn,ing. j was the coldtjst spot in with six below zero. In Montana the loi^-est temperature ivas 12 above zero at Havre. Xortlierh Oklahoma re< eiyei^ from two to liye inchci ot suiiw and the Texas jl^hhandte thr e inches. ovar fWe balat ce of Tex-j jstates 'tilso rei orted rain Three! inches of snOw had fallen at kansna Qlty ahd a diop In tem-| peratur«j • I< T aroliind 15 above zer6 was jiredicte I for tonight i 1 to revoke 1 Lenses of motorists. ITovision Wr uniform trai" nalsl on Kai das highways Cprtlficatli 1 1 of title tor of moto • vehicles. In make theft ihore difficult. jick-son chalrthan o coninittec. cod* throug the transfer bureau fion^ retWy of st tenniary woi of SlOO.OOO Iieriorm satiiractorily, he derpcal wor of alrijady pas the chil Willi es. it d The] vok t. cab of fixe! 40 reti for of (| Coumancha the state ho guided t|ie I he bouse, of the reiis|l|: Die office of [)te to the stitei Id result ia " stenogrii now done by:i! iphet's. Auothot ed by llie hdiisL', vid tiir fordiatory a T vide sas of ta^ cari^ be eguire.^ cenie if In accirdanct second Jren 1 hot b( A licer ill remtii icourt inissloner the libdnses. censes driveri The thir notor 4am miles latioiis foii -s-igijals, • ElVery aijit^ ired tii his moio lai-s wllh certificateH \t Retming AllMCoi0;ity Herds F^r Tuberculomls C^ned and Two Men Are fn Chaise of Big Job Testing of the Allen County herds \m which Av^re found reactor,'! in the County T. H. itest last fall, was* started last week. Herds in Geneva, Cairtyle and lola townships were tested during the week, Dr. lE. S. Beatti^ and Dr. C. E. Simpson doiiig the work, j ' i J It is Planned to reteat all herdi*- —H—--—-^-^ ~, ' the bo|je that the county: will be as In which infection was found in ^ first test, and to also test siic' herds as were mjssed In tlje pr v[ lous tesL • If anyone knowing of herds not tested before will rep iri them to the'farm bureau ofll ihet will be; hucluded In this tc BI yfhen Uxia teat |s comple^d, Jt ' fieurly ilOO per cent, testjed as possible, hi', Hog bwhers have been receiving many: dividends Irom tie 10 cent premium ,bn hogs. Ahohit 25 car-j| loads hin-fe received thifc premium which abounU to nearW 52p.00 per titM alsi of 0.' certitic abl. cert if ic would i by $nil imprisonmen THE nlgbil: col del m lOL F rnsiriflled Weil T( •is. 26 SS; Sim this! n^sdiiy; •iuperalu at S p. it 7 a. (ieficienc e Janua date lowkst 3S. • Pi end tor yes dayj lin4 kanl siio trlc^ the gat pre sen! :01 k'l ta- (' 1 )11 uifi Hi i .^V year. Prisdiidri cie israte \ \ igjfut 1 1 is-'- of n- ' lid to !; Mulity, fjiirs liiotor' dt't lared Lsiiiti is for th> mauufactnr:. licensee tags at the Hutehin.son le motoi] regiiitration b^ll! |s for tw I license lags on autoniol lies. | ,Kansas few stfites placing n on. oul • the rear of rery nieiiber iot a fail: J lo have a di;ivi|i|s ses till' faniii.v c: r,i itli the provis o is kill of the c^d". \i- than 11 y.-air.-i (•rinitted lo g^^t jl will cost I'.-. |;<nt I in force three! ifctirs: illation sec- pi ni- sflvpng i;an jtho |2orp3, I ill, iro- iio- rc- T) piro- !«>"«<•! fneif^x-v liiotor ;ind the veh II have pow fifr chauffeurs ill cost $5 a{ bill makes ruliis for gokerning the bpbrtit N4nd lilt r an< r.s on highwa hjlimum speed! li!nJit hour and also he use of liglUsI mobile owner; w ^et a certificate o; car by July li. Sile iiion iiut assignment I Off hejinain' ill be unlawfull W ation of a nibtor car tor wliid fe has' been ;' \ ^e unlawful. FJo lite wouJ.I be piil fine or six or both. WEATHER .\Sf-KaIr tonig|hi xrept somewhntj ¥{m Ji\\ •Wednesday , setljfd In ex renie east pnrt;ioii - in east port In i ,*r (i I AM» viciSitrj; entlier . tonight; {colder tonight. Highest vest ,n.: lowest last ifi.; normal fur t yesterdav KJ; ty Ist. 2>;s deg st year—highest recipitatiin for the 24 ng at this yeat) cleijiiy since, es. Rj>lative erday. 7f 94 per duCbd to seal "Uds and^ |i. m. today. .14; to date, iJaniiarv 1st, L.3S Wichiti! ;tis City V; covere OPER IB A^ ashingtoij Dis I issal; of aga i)st Fede er li the i No! lumidit.v at per cent; cent: baromi'te level. 30.4ft iiicll 12 a. ih. Weather Klseiyhfrei jibwing ef<:ept Hutchinson partly cloudy clearing-, -all NOTlTO was: re house Ju J ns of ui rred ag:i live Va. March 1. , (.jvP Impeachment 'chfif}|e3, al Juilg.! Frank thern New A'ort dss- oniinen.j.'d tod [Ifciary (•imiiiiftej'.; TBik' commiltee decided tlia fitness tor the ften |inst Cooper t»y 1 Repuli jGuardia York. c4>uld not I be con as' t^nstitut:i4g grounds : ;foi[ ^ea c unent: •Rri ant not ,^/lay by for lls.i oiNs: v.;'- , ale i Friiiice 2nd Final Anrwerlsl Five Power Agfeemeitt Plan ^ Wa.shingijOn. March py boi:jes foi;:a iive-jio loni 1 am^nf. \ -\ While he; has favorabje:|repl es to ain andjJ^pan' Italyi it was regard those of such ti c greenij vev a}-T^4"^"t further to lirh'it naval Jirm-. had nb and tHe! laid at )mmu(ii.ic':! bn ts a dly M unfavorable Replies Believed to of Nations diilCoolidg^ (AP)—P a- nil- I U.S.pNpS NOTETODAI Ti)MIXi Commuilicaiion Important; Definite Is^ Of Cbntelnts i Yet. Uiiu§ual- iNoth Al Mexico j City. Ma uiiusilally impi] niiinication from i^l ites goiernnient til II governmenl, tl: of which :was not-1 fade jpujlilii lia-5 been ilelivercd o the ca I foreign o'fiice 1 y Ariluj iLme. first secretjiry. iif AUiericaiii embaa.'sy peen iprepa fused to |eci w'a'si iin Ayishington, .Ajar. 1 note to .Mexico has here but officials r< clplsi' today ;what sub. ilisCiiission. j ey' did: say, how- had u(i relation cohtniverSy wiljh the M^sji .coverninent. [ question 'of api| .Mexican legislat igii insurance ill U ill of ! •}! ^!ut jiH bid 'f is-jtjlit' ijivo govji'rnnients. cc m- •e- t ixi r. ioi-m |-eAu-.:j liery and [ Thje toll of Tl ent flore nie 1 .Ai leve nib: f,'V IwW) Ijiave i tin f ! wbii ot , fillet ;' after! be I iioen tJitle (otheiis who a mile shaft. lean companies iloing(l?iisin exico. jia.s been Lhe siibh.'it lomiilainfy jo the state depaitni y 4tn*'rica»i concens. Thtjre •al othijr points c( tricliij rrassiiig relati EXPLOSION FATAL TO 5 2 I'.M. Wale-s, Mar. •oal miners are lost tHeir lives jicplosion jearly I entoiiibed the workings: ot th here. cnown il boon wa* 22 w abandoned of r ,tr-i ed g-fry j; ' ''S i f- AVi I JPres i ?ng ! back Anl to- j that, to- yas ; not — iject. i'»ir (hope [ay ^•J NICARAGUA O.K. Ho PR esident ^jpport^nitjl sugge.stio nfa\:orabI^ ansAver M WhiteiH tions as f h<^ had in m JThe presiden lined stii aiiienC of pool idge ! still' ind. Was .Alt-. Coollidge l.i im (API—A 1 ver, that llo-'tbe oil d lication of :on regnlat om pin lies ms MINERS fAP )T -Pifty believ;d to Jis a re suit ot hhj morning iri in the gas Marine Col- ductlon d.^nt alt in! view replies. The V cability I 'standingj the Unit i ties in to e.xa^p'ne carefully i receiv(^(3 from Great ijfrom France: y thdt^ he did (jreclosinjjj the possibil- iitiKide by the ijtt ers "Was con- ctly to "l^ihitution of ariu- puse tod lof annain iches: sigi lit the fori Uit intended by >ly plans tor rent. The preslr I itlcance to this, ij of some ot the •fsiclciif ihi of 'a th between d Stales a it !bo imliossible to lie of Ihe iGreat I5rit at it conli, n pciwer tp-eaty thf? tiniij " ference .siiion 111 limitatici France liiiiitatidn of subni| he three-ri ! dtjspite jthis circniilstance, but for I the pre ient the ei-njnenB still is parsuing-the five- power (>lau. and not , without hope of VVHITEHEAD NOT FEELING BAD Her CO n-i^ovv ftW ead earjy this ! re^eivei: to receive \:.!ni three n "Topeka. Kah.. M The senate passed Iwlere traiiped in a sec- and a hiilf! from the shington. Mar. 1. deiit CooUdge belieyes the |;ituajtion in iNlcaragu i is) approach- _ lability, aiid is i ispoaed to sitClI and qpietly observe results, i Or _ air of"great sa isijacflon per- th jvadejl the Ayhtte Hau se lii(|ay when subject] w-as-mei ticjned. and it ipprarcnt that auhofig . he was himself sponsoring (he pro- Mr; Cool idge envertaiiied high !j of -•; the poicei launched IniXjcaragui yesterday. iGOjVerntss" also s ;6red a big hit. 'WMcGMe} Introducks 37 Measures >d ccess reis ; boars to iii^^Iji ^Topeka; Kan. March \., (AP)—llenry U ilsentative from Wvandotte cbunt.y,- hi s already "^on ijmaking cHampionfhfp of the 1927 legislature. efe ,ice as many way into thi locnl^—J—— "I ducdd .37 bills—mai-jly twice as • U\tKl aU.STjarfe wel on the ! Thirty-thriee of thi m | afo local ^a- 'liieasliires, ah^<tting only; Kansas' Ar-!?"ily. Kansas. I <ir Wjantlotte conn lis ly. One of j McGrew .-i I four bills al ird V^tiii Vegislamrer Capturing al ^onors Jfis Law-Making 0i£i(mpiof^pfState with C'pose state-Wide sigijiticance pro- repeal Of the I iw; which forbids ISunday .motion pitjture shows hree relate »x«rin * /-iTtTiT^ '|i" Kansas.. jThe otiu r IMPEACHED : to banking.! " Mcbrew isia real ediJ The defence and lie iwlll h'ave th'e empfbjy chal iby-) cases!, it thii il biifl passeirl lExisding lawii ;give CP licin,: jtwicel istale ed!i Ileduction iln-|!stato spnate al today by as maiiy chall<|n^esi as gets. budget; director ahd • buslnesa mabager was proposed by OOKS ESIDENT UAP)^ for ultimate rppulis. ubt.s the practi- ik'-power utider- (Jreat Britain. Ill Japan, should bbtain a . five- : i jrecalls that at ivasbington eon- (lin look the po- !not agree to ar^ on cHiisers, unless: l^vas prepaidd to undertake irine. tonnage, jit is ielt there nay be posaihili-: bwer :suggestioa [Mashingtoa gov- fs'i'jvttn. Kan.. Mjir. 1. (AP)^ .Alfs. El nis C. AVI itehead, who 1» srtnidiM : the wlnli tt here; received.' a jcable ;ram from | her husband, Liiut. V'hitehead, nho escaped aSr- ioiis-inj iry in the disaster which i overtool - the Pan- Vinerican army\\ pl^n.e K iod will' flii^ht at Buenos ;: .Aires S iturday aftstnoon. His In-;i jui-y CO isists of a ^prain of an-; anjkle ii jured som y jmonths ago In • prai'i ce jiarach ice jump. .LJeut^ litehiad is pro •Reding by rail (iie Iwest coast 'and thence by 1 to Panama, where he Is to ; a new plai e. then fly back ziiela and join the other,! inaining ships ot stiuadron. : "FAG' AMENDMENTS PASSED IN SENATE house t4day the fojir Van De Mark law which .wlH fi cigarettjes!, in :ion of the-stat- ibook, frobjably the amehdinents anlendn ents lo thi legalize the sale ( Kansas on-.publica iit^ in he statute ih i June Two of lie hope had'itir Be ireus ot Lj iidon and Nfacon sc,ning'thirty jot Peck voted aga i^st the'hills to permit newspaper lidvertising of cigarett's and to -educe penaltfes viol CONCERT B SCHOOLS •JThe ionceri ot old time! songs gi^en a the high Reboot lasi night ! byi proposal i "The Three Little teiman. prosecution same n/unlber ot per- enges i\i till criminal o iiipproves the hon.^e. (ietendant the ih the dalirics of the the state ge "a tions of tHe- law. arch 1.. (AP)— i and senti to the ! a unanlnioiis vote. Sen- thft Boys C.Iee Glub. the Girls e C ub and 11 «5 High School l^hest -a "went jyer big*| with ... gooji sized and ence which was th^re. M o( the numbfijrs received generous a iplause but among thepar- ticiilar avorites w >re the old time fi(l|dling numbers md the- dances. Atalda and their HIGH ^CESSFUi; as his nearest "rival." thfc statute!! the hoijse state These, c fflcers. )^o^ Moks. '^irs committee. a year--a salary ifi^a\ to the governor's 'e -would otihl gel ^41000 In th4 full re. •. ', j I of a Pfo^j now restr Kah.sasjj City, Mo., today HOtorp the seritatives. She,. encores Mrs. Mc' -peared pn recital lealdingi cities of iv^ ot ;$rew, repre- , won the law- \ He has intro- [ deceiving $5,009 4on ot the bud- cting the goyer- noi-'s cloice ot a bbdget director to re.'^iden s of coiintlfesUn yl-hich there are no state instil utions also was propo .M. [1 by the cdminittee. i :ilr.s. [I.,aura Tovjfn^ley McCoy, ofi a I soprano', sang ' ^quseiof Repre- •edeived several ojr, who bas.ap- apd I concert In mjBrica is a nat- Causas. ^e^is ia. sister o^j. nfaaed on Ifafe 5, N<}, 1.).

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