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Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois • 6

Freeport, Illinois
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OR8AI4J A AT JOURNAL COOKING SCHOOL NEXT WEEK Chalmera 32 Tonifibt Eagle Meeting Doirt ord 191T 9 25 3t Interstate Jeffrey 6 Nash we Overland S3 Oakland Salon 6 whnli SiuUeTtaker I and 6 I to ng needles Act Now! Delay! wqil IwHitiM! them away Baptist Convention Opens th of Pythjps I' ft dr rfltring Mias 20 4 East Stephenson 8t The targe per rent or our trees ot Mary Brubaker Book pal) peen thoroughly sprayed 2 A JT 1 SNt'A 11 I ta Ju i i iiiiizIa Ki ljss4isr tLi There aje kilchen where home 4W Knights of niotsfr walk Twenty feet to get i and Mis Colby left for De Pro 9 24 At 0 VViiineshiili IJHlge I OR SALE big old fashioned krcli The Rev VV for these cars: 1 92U his home He filin'! and organization urn Mi Notes oj the Day of Mr John Mirs 4(J 1 fi'G VV Doijgas il Mrs affair Steph' Mrs coin Mi 1 fell the ncd of havintf a trafTi past a ot the I'itv Maple Worth I ri 1 3 Mi a IM fin rhe Southern Illinois torn ll Jilljli 11 CjudtJk sentenced to habg Oct 121 in 4 9 24 Lt ordt Aaa granted hy Orrin lcajra imur order for Rnnw nnnlM nnw J'hnhA Rural 3n26 with Too Late to Classify MARRI GE LICENSES Bessio reeman Malta 111 V5A gW a spending the guests a gown da mt 1 to nt 2 1920' tri ends ungoid ate her IS inso 1 1 John In may afternoon i huh li Podge Roadster Oakland Roadster Studebaker Touring Car Stephens Touring Car Buick Touring Car Rchreftner Mis Nell 2flth tn Ch The Birthday Mar Boyd TV mt IS 414 tine 703 and point short tilin' irdick Pindei man I this Baphst fi lends Mrs I lodge ns host and i ouir scheme 'he curse of so mattv be he result of impro i Cards MUSHROOM LIGHT TO DIRECT TRAIC AT HIGHT CORNER LINCOLN AND LOCUST AYES MI Mrs Ch ica go Harris sot 1 fo il' where lhev the Hitendrims and Wolf Edward Miss Kath gtd In a pink satin the path ot HOLLAND tuned nt? piano and you lean sure tell the differem Call Red 4By t'uueii rees hausen SVlrai Chicago 111 Sept rMrs Nittk Pt prayer nt la mrn ng at held at the homes WANTS $100000 ROM AMOUS COAL COMPANY may appeal to the llllnolatupremc I court the company county is now tit fhc'i'jist inid lhe light and i Inn itj It Will Give Her Opportunity to Aj peal to Supreme Court her Had the sentence been carried out Mrs Nitti Crudtlle would have been the first "woman hanged in 1111 noie Hm gold VV Cut Sh 1 lb house gm st man and quo s' reel SANDERS AUTO PARTS COMPANY Phone ItO coal and occasionally on frocks fine wit of buildings 2bti acre with bnildinkh' $95 per nere 20 tract with buildings 10 acre Phone Red 9 24 tit minx war ft the sjt fund against the U3 by the Rev iintendent of the There will he re ports of olfii t'is before mflournment OB SALE i 920 ord coupe: A "No condlUon'itay RMhbum10 No Chlragg Ave i' 4 9 "3l? 3t I I Mooseheart Ixtgion Henry MevtS 559 bp inglet 8 daughter of the I 11 STAY EXECUTION OR MRS NITTI CRUDELLE Daisy Stanbyiiy of ort fa is the house pttest of Mr at ttrtn O4USTIC SYMBOLSVenetian "'mo'tlfs vie today with mystic Hindt Ipd Pe'rsiari symbols' in the newer brocades These" bro cadee are aumptuow fhinga ot Bilk' end th bright metallic touches Edwin Etmeaga last night after a Hettinger Mrs Mattle SAMSON HYATT Roller Bearing Windmills and i mi pie in he I 11 Rapids Vonpp i svnii' ndsur i agp had a verv enjoyable MO VV rif snctnlst 1auIs nf bowling meeting Kam lake charge ot a memoer Albin ranz and Noe and it a IIWI UH' a fijaiut) anil selfish spprn to or sale at reasonable prices: New White Oak Trade of fl( fo that it among (tuiy att ml meetings regulaily if 1 'Uti posi and assist in pmi I mg the he has Kat iii'iph of ellowship Love Mr Hnd Mrs elrnme Lodge Reporter rh hs Mrs Students' I Cnee Clara I bor St rancis hospital Sunday JUiward Thoren hiciigo is jvlsiting at the 'ine of Jus father Thoren leasiint 1234 8 Baron Tai st 612 mond Mi TV akhlngf on St i lloqilOlg 8t Mrs now a ivheie Im I POTATOES ancy early Ohlos delivered 9125 per bushel Phono Main 02 9 24 owell Dale 2 li is and Miss tli'ac tlalejfa An said i fir n(t keep I StepTn Pius 14 blue etoth fur collar: pfywh coat with fur collar size 40 itonb Main 1617 9 2k 3j MADAM ADA AND jfiRO Mndam Ada flrsthnd second sight art'sts What you Want to know is what I l4 you private foldings Call at Wilson Hotel 9 25 31 Anyone interested In Inlying good us carwi! fftid it worth while to look these cars over MISS IfENDEfiSOX TO TELL THEM HOW 'ELIMINATE NEEDLESS TaYBOB tomorrow afternoon It attend Jxt us not fm get that we are ph ilgd to a gieat woilt that there are obliga1 urns the fulfilment which is jni 'iinb nt upon every one of us and which can only Rcoti Mrs Tiffany Hen Eiislerti Stgf Meet reeport chapter' Order oft the Eiistern ilar wJU hoIdSuated meet ing Wednesday evehing for business Pitfcl Noblsi'tlrgnds to Meet The Itist Noble Oranda club of 'lhe 'Hllimis Robekith loilge No 259 will meet nt 2:89 pday at I temple Refreshments will be served nt the i GIRLS Several bright quick id ling girls for printing de parlment: permanent work tor thoay who show ability iU st McNess Co lyy 9 25 1t WEDDINGS In Williamson was hired by fu rujan was not when he 43r Sick Headaches I Brthdiv of Helen fn fWrtrf Wm ITNERAL WM YEAGER The funeral wf the late William Xea gtfb T29 oley avehue will le held on Wednesday afternoon at 2 Servu es ill bo conducted nt the family home meets Wednesday iventpg Sept in a in A good is 1 deeded as there will be fippl'cnVIons Mrs Chandler Miss Jane Goddard Mrs Hitt Committees 19234924 Program Mrs vin Mrs Hill rthe boars Roebuck Company in t'lii luuii is nailing relative here and HOME MADE San sage spare ribs back bone tenderloin or any cut of pork or beef call Addams (Meat Market 312 So Chi cago Aye Phone Main 2103 We Deliver Walnut Ave Pricincl 10 airs 2 3 VV lroudw 7:39 there will be an work two A Scott Mrs ithden has i ufni'd to his Xrw Drleans after spending lavs vv uh ri lai viw and io ir Mrs nun S' Mrs Bunker 740 Smvth Miss Mary Brubaker Publicity Mrs A Com ng Mrs 6 Shaw Loan Mias lor Denison Mrs George Mi George Stuitlr" Mrs Sage Mali last' li'rises vvci Issued i ili nr 1 Groezingei diss lit and To 11 OWUlOW 11 Muhlkuih 19 of Warren 111 Mrs 8 Nagin of 70S VV Elk reel has leimned from a five 'Precinct 1219 VV Stephenson St Young ii i) Burchard Pro met Mrs I SJ7 A' 1 imiu i si Mrs Garman vvill ad uigs At nt whichf held nt 615 Clothes do not make the man but I somethnes lus wife a clothes unmake him 4 How can I get good meals and yet have time for anything else? This question Is one of 1 the vital prtrtrfww roTifronting" the tJOurewtfe which Miss Emma Henderson home'Xinomics expert will answer at the Journal Stapdwd Cooking school Oc tober 2 5 at the I temple "No modern woman wants to spend'all of her time In the kitch en' Miss Henderson declared I In rhe present age of tirnc and labor saving equipment there is no rea sort why she should" Miss Hyiderson will conduct her fco1 is doing sv ndiciitn Woi'k'mg for 'Life Tonight council Plus Irlll 1 blossoms find cart mu a cl aviute mniua i qwsi it Im pnlflfpil iimin I inc ini sections of undei ihat smv pup pt! at othor nughotit I 'a wiihm a Ih Iv wk A Miss Idler 1 ntiitun Jkim lal'i '5 "UJ vltfif avenue cntritun I' in jl gills' win i 'if 'iClrtrort bysimss rn ig uu w'l enfuvid ov a I Th cuts Ed hr a ui 'amt Mis It Alum i hostess Pink was ih th diiuier pat 'i 'Iftecn SLTTlWilWWl street lis cvining to tn rthdav am visnv OUS KftnuS plavrl aTr dainty lun heon was suvtd sch me us was ns 'i white Tha guest paihd waiting Hell muij "JUjrthdays i a win hold hc srtay evening Sept I temple at 7:30 club will serve 'J AA XttK JTKEEPOXT JQUKJNAJL bTANDAHiJ 7 i their hull over a Know lion bank in regular sessionhower iiou 1 A number of candidates are to be tosta vimj i fnltialed into tile order All candi dates wbuse applPhirions have been approved kindly asked to be present Refreshments will be served and all members are invited to pari i ipa Sm' January 1 1923 we delivered 143 used can to a many satisfied buyers This shows that our used car bargains are bargains NOESKE BROS MOTOR COMPANY Corner of State and East Main 9 24 3t I bank waving fnrewels as th disap pi ai mound the land The canoe landed ut the lea Gardin a half link down the oined by mt mint Mrs Chest Shaw Mis Kiplinger Civic Committee Iro MHl Three modern unfurn "VVomen in Social rooms first floor 510 State AW tl REMEMBER home grown 'aC wavs has the quality we have best variety apples because we grow a In i A cv AV ss 4 HAMn A I1 Our i ul i is made by Mending the best uieties nt pl none better Henry bchmertman Phone Rural 1992 9 2 3t sdi i ab: diei nue li is being in Ji he enter nf the street 'with th of traffic vommg Lm oln boulevard And on io Smith Lo 'ist or vice versa That pomt OU of lhe dangerous Precinct Mrs loat Axcm Piecmct 2 I 1o35 SL Carroll Ave nPY Cnrrnll ie murored stieatn while the mm lq ilimi iffmam who has been of i tie Rev Its VV oi I iim im 30 per cent more efficient in year around service CHI once in two 4 years Can be installed upon any make of tower Seq one upon our Sampla We are exclusive agents (dr 'the entire STOVER line 4 Nt I A Phone DORMAN CO Main 133 Smith Jlia Scott Reports ot Oflieers June 14 lag Dav Luncheon fHr(rs The oftii ers of the ilnf ktord to Jildsdn 2'h nf Kent III Mrs Oscar Zipf Mi A Poling Mrs Mis VV' Hut litson Hlteniier Mrs Mattie 1 pointed to ship drive Albin ranz and Shelly heepen and Joe Noe and Louis: I Bailes are the teams soliciting mem I btrslups ather VV eltekitinp who is spiritual director of the Catholic i Young Men's society gave a talk on hTago the value of a Cathott Young Men 1 1 1 VV society and he especially laid i on the filet that the society i great builder of character i voting mart of Jioday" he needs good envtronmetTT TOhim straight and it is at St hall where there is a good lieuilny environment of clean sports gun is ami amilsernentsl" The young men 'also were reminded tfiM tliev Hie best and insist complete ranz is tdVrrs uni Mrs i rank Nun today wag granted tkiarianga ta JiuUd the rooms ta sult tIL Ic 'stay of execution in order she the tenants Jhttman Lindo DarTClS Kegs CliasJE JMeyer Co Vinegar Works reeport III 327 Spring St Tele phone 114 roses I Then followed little farina Kntsche flower Will dress of pink net over at 3 scattering rose petals in is re the bride The bride a 1 1 hi in I white rharmeuse with dainty luce The l''i aternal Order of Eagles vyill nnf pearl trimming wuli a tube veil meet tonight in uiiiing ironi a cup oi empty fruit Jars man's clothing size 40 bov suit size 14 nr 16 rears etc Blue 17 62 orcall at 1203 So West Ave 9 22 3t NOTICE JIlKPIUifli' ROO'S 1 will savh you money on all new proofs and roof repairs VV Ed Hiti hher wards Rooting Co 212 No Walnut i i VC 1 il I iktjiiln LlhilY t1 l'tJ' mates free Work guaranteed OR Seven room house has eity and soft gas toilet 42700 southwest: six room modern 7 room cottage Phone Red 1140 9 24 3t Mi a Caroline Mrs Klontz Best 759 VV Ki' rntr GIO VV VV Matthew Tiffany Mrs Hudson Super Hudson tj 40 'Wa Crane rsrl Citv Ill Sept A wed whirl) arttrateed ouun attention 'because its miKinairtv or a unite Tynent and artistic bi airr was that of Cram head of Jk'puitimnt of qa i i sc iotiL of Cleveland uro and Nil than ('oil er 1 nti' of Courtesy Mrs Mrs Win Archer Miss Ellen Sweet A vim Minnie Barnes Mrs Cathdlno Miiucar i Un the woodid bank oi flu ha '1 at Milt a quaint lit Vllage in the Btkhlis of Ohio 'rfni yiS Charles 11 (lieen and Mr rv ice wis I id in th piestnce linl Mrs Wadib ll 'Vj ot auout sixty guists at tnmv Satuslav mhr 5 1'33 Tiy Hoovir p'esident of College the budeji alma iqater i While M'ss Maigarit 'bos on c'pahd in the sbiubb plivul Mcndelssubi edd ng in on fcLyionn the bndai paitv th0windmg Jane hi ilr V'' ins a wlxli tm not soon foig The A bitsss Pitulne Miviiie Ito iflia McGowan hn I ''Elizabeth MiGure Bi tii VV i ner nnd Cynthia tjkoia wo wiii 'ing frocks of ath pa i i an canary veliow hiffm I i st mu down tKu f'urylnu virstaksiat JOH Skat hawai Alheita Can luvuiiteu wuquris hh pun an4 ustei With th iinw they formed an mr for the 'U lde1 artwL hH ntterulr to CARS A'l lensomible offers will no i ptco Industrious man or wo bran with' sdmo bookkeeping rind ttcMiunflng experience" Apply im mediately to Office Manager The Ra wlelkh Co 9 25 3t mix ng spwn Miss Henderson has found At one ice the made lhe ex perlnw nt nf attach ng a pedometer to her ankle in order io fnd out how far she walked in the course of a I daj demonstration Afthe end of' toe unv tne instrument i miles If women walk that far model kitchen llink oT the tw pflltiTrg'miJnber rd miles they walk (1P nt tne our ns Buckache wom muv I per height kitchen equipment nc I cordnc to Mses Henderson neless cookers Miss Henderson declares not only save waiting of tiround while tlte food cooking but also save fuel An appetizing 1 nnei be per mv lie cooking while the house 1 wife is on a shopping trip at a age it bridge party taking outdoor exer oxhihjt else or reading her favorite author bent vol no matter fiont us no vvlmt attitude others may pi tu Odd ellow should Ko hs Het xri 14136 Twenty years experience I 9 25 It Torbuyn base 'hurneY or law Call Main 311 9 23 OR One fize 40 one gt'ey coatelite 42 waist size 40 one brown suit sliq J6 blu etilt size 14 on brown wrap size' Ib6nd hltSl OjS 25 9t x4 ytMnji lag ojf ra ri 2 Sti Galena' Ave On the Gropnd loor No Stairs 'to Climb To buy dll kinds of junk old slows paper books rags and will come and get the same In town or country Rhone 1666 VV Griffin reeport Hi A Hoefer igeley I OR SALE 153 acre unproved fern) Wolf Mrs 8 Scott Cities Miss Edith Knowlton Mi a Gertrude Converse Miss Dorothea iitylor Mjss Norah i iv i eu aro Gr Id Mrs Edith Chrisfer Mrs j'iss Carrie Munn I Mrs 'R Mis a Goddard MrsJ i Chandler Mrs Nellie I VVerfir CAIfNOAROTHE inOAl WTR hicago will the chmf speaker Edwin Phelps will also give a report at th evening meeting Tomorrow the Sunday School Re ligious Education association will haii! chaige of the meeting which i begins it 113 oclrw "The influenceof the Home vnnn the wt 1 CI'h il cl lzx 4 i 1 I II'G Muiidi'll while Iht Lirv Louis will present the 1JMr Mrs now ss BiX Also think about portraits or Christmas gifts early to have them made St Je rame Enlarfftmcnts Mr ami 1 1 1 reel sStAV I A i icnily Hchtl ronin" hq i nn £mrh Lncns nvii ml il bon It iH ing pi Tl BE I AUGH I HOW TO CONSERVE ENERGY Atdtlier Mefting Chrstiiu( Church A JmceUng Will ib4i held at the Christian vhtireh next Thttis day afternoon st Ja will give a Bible Eaik 'wrrd Mis Og den will sing AU the women of thu church ara cordially fhvltcd to ut lend Dorcas Class St The Dorcas class of St 1 John's Sunday school will hold a special meeting at th houiu ot Mrs Eliza beth Davis 954 South Kalena: ave nue tomorrow night September '26 a :43 All members are requested to make a special effort to be present as some very important business I to be discussed 1 AleeHne Tomorrow umler Nxt came the maid nf bon jThe 43 'I A of tM Of lor Miss Rosalie Rarnm of tThicago A i i ntn I eH I awl la niAin Af m'i'hul i i fi ffieet in regular gysov vj vp 'lock Wednesday afternoon at tneuu a net lean Lesion nan Ladies of 0 A the A rLk vi a nftariMVnn tin ni i ii tv Jelock at A Ijall ttfsled that all members 'piUicKiit St Pius Hall CutM'' Welfan Sponsoring a drupe ut i 1 rni a 'lOQUTltL lj the mtm 3 MeeHng of Nliilw'iwareans 'tHCpOl Shaken society (d Itji first imi tmg for the season lakt nfyht at the borne nf Vlt Ijivoiipoit ill N'tTmrv avcnu KathuiiG admit to nicmbt rship ruci ihe ii gul i httslness of th vs tin Mi wh re tm were the nf Mr and Mrs Lo mm't 'tight ns'trnfftr nffffrr rs are not prm Theater 45c A GALLON for sweet cider Iridian 5 3 Mirgo Jtwsioi biore aJV 34 12tJ Regent Mrs Ralph Honorary I I Knowlton Viri Mr Bailer A Mrs E1 urrier linger Vie Mrs E'iwin Ennentta Mrs A i At a regular meeting of the I' of St Joseph chnnh the i following officers were eler teii: Ed 1 i ward Lamm president Louis Bailes vice president Carl ranz hijck ih Carl Noe treasurer 1) Dwyer mnr I shull: Arthur Noe athletic manager Louis Kappes and Al Rodemeyer coaches Tobin cabsthenic Instrqe tor Edward Parr and Ben Hess are I tn charge loat An Mrs Roscoe La 1 Carter supreme court justice 1453 8 loat Ave The case will come up before the reopen i Mrs I on i higher court In October or Novem wrm ot 'urs oscar Rich i iNiqaan A $175 O' ut against ulirinmon I pending Green suit fled icnuntv roiirt 1 lie compjiny as 8 st yarn i With the undemanding he io be rke i hat luriiWil nt the mine lie refused to I work hereupon nc was compelled I BMk a ihe (a tn of a grin Trtnr dei eloped and Green got shot in I til's teg during the gmieral fight In I wh ch 2 7 guards and union men were WEALTHY IQWAN kiinuTC nc dvtuiac Jr ELECT GRAND OICERS i £Ht II to to Its ceme club i rooms ot uny Catholic youg meu alntqci I 3UL4VIJ Hi lilt £VWAlVl41 Uivirtv i that they could boast of fine bowling i allejs a good basketball couit alwwer ha ths and gym apiiaiatu a a I dance hail and stage biniiiu and I pool tables I lhe memiatrship fee of the soi ty has been raised thia year tu Utt wmir to the fact tha shower baths and other improvements wei a made Mpttr Mis Court Carroll Ave I Model Kitchen to Be in oodnd Housekeeping Demon st rat Ions NAVY HOPES TO TAKE speedrecordfhomarmy anow appies now i nune nurai uuu Heimendlnger 9 24 3t OB SALK AT Will sacri flee 9 room modern house close double garage upstairs made into flat get good rental Inquire 57 Journal Standard 9 24 8t i WANTtf) 'Washings called for and i 1 I delivered Phone Ridge 650 I 25 6t i I lT Carpenter work and car Jpenter repair vsoik hohe Blue 2154 i 9 256t 4 1'OR KAIfiter ThrecrugSj ona bed ionk dressef bne hard coal 'burner''' I dining table hone' Ridge 15711944 Main SfJ 9 23 3t I OR Good black silk 'plush eoat $ShO Phone Red 11 25 3t 1OLNG COUPLE no children want tvfo 6s room modern house keeping apartment: rant tenants if deaired Address 33 care uua omca a ja OR Modern 3 room apart ment with bath also garage Inquire 535VVVhrstiitt 9 1 9 tit I WANTED TO BUI AND i irst class ho hold articles of all kinds 19 Main St Main NOTICE YOUR ROO should be under our! CIDER APPLES WANTED i supervision Heine Roofing Co Ex I 1 I pert roof engineers Main 400 6 pay Highest pHCS IO OR SALE 40 heating stows and'SOUDll appleS fo Clder aod 'X EX vinegar purposes We can supply you with PURE pre i 9 2Vt i servative keeps cider STORE ROOMS OR RENT I am (going to start to remodel the build SWeet indefinitely fngs next to the Lindo tmwer ery i a 4 a Am 4I am 3 Im iBnnn it BiivtHie is jutvi csivtu iu 4Mif 0Wlllu 'fur the murder of her first husband i start the actual work: I can nppourn Can the ('hurvh Do Mr th Sit wart will talk of thn bility nf in iho aHvrnodn niisi nis will bo liu sed The Rpv lefoi (f Burma will spafc "Our A'(' 1 will he Aurora 24 one huii died 'htmsaird dollars damngfg is Xi' TtfESDA 4 Hera is lltof cr hi 1 to rn'(k) tATrf5 SANDERS AUTO ipARTS Here Is a hfcncoito save outsell sotne real money if you' have aam model aa theae carat i AppeAon Jack Rabbit it Briscoe late model Buick 4 (ER 26tlSg3 MANY INTERESTING 'PRO GILMS ARRANdED OR SEA SONO 1923 24 5 i Annotihccrtient of the program of i the Daughters of the American Revolution for the coming year in eludes a number of interesting pro grams that have hern arranged by the program committee consisting of Mrs Matthew Marvin Mrs 11 ii i if aiiinif in irarn Tiffany and Mrs Boyd Hili The I KOod opening for bright hoy pver 18 program is follows: I Printing Dept urst McNes Co Octolter 3 nt Hostesses 9 25 3t Mis Nellie Wertz Mrs Mildred 1 wiliT lAUNDER edrtains and do Lovell mm Bertha DeGraff Mie Sweet MTsh Corning Subject "Two Women of Civil War Days" "Mrs John A Ixjgan'' Mrs Boyd Hill "Mrs Pickett" Mrs Marvin November Mm T) Knowlton Mrs Tiffany Mias I OR One coat tor gir'12 to Harriet Lane Mia Marvin Mrs A Goddard Mrs Smith Mrs Boyd Hill Bast Regent's Day December Hostesses Mrs JlUc hneY Mrs A Poling The Misses Chrfsler Mrs Subject "Blackhawk Burcliard January Hostesses er A Hoefer Mrs 1 Ralph Burt Mrs JIrs Ascher gram Subject Ruth Hill ebruary Hostesses Mrs Bruce Mitchell Mrs Clara Sage Miss Edith Knowlton Mrs Helen Hen ricks Mrs 1 I stlllRJl LOLA 4m4MU I ebruary 22 rf7eo ge Washington Tea Party Social committee gram March 3 Mrs Mlinger Miss lorence Denison Dorothea Taylor Mier Jane rlnrri A 1L'aava pBarnes Subject "Pioneer Days in SALE Ginlng room 4ite nnd i 13 piece bed room suite 319 est ieeport Miss Jane Goddard cigrk Kidga 720 3 2 5 3t spin HHHr'WjtSf A htemeiPr Mrs Jessie Mttnrt I Sirs' A Smyth Miss Carrie Munn Airs It lgeley Mrs 'K fi Airs Caroline pKrreu charge of Musie Committee Address Mpy Hostesses Mrs Zipf Miss Mattie Scott Mrs Hutchison Mrs Mrs Delegates Election of The Misses Elizabeth Mathews and j'leanor JUndmfian nre several days hi L'lhrmtnf relative and friends The Rey Henry Nott Grace Refoniirfi i hureh Milwaukee If I VI is visiting his brother (' "ii vniiriia avenue came down river fonq A Emrich and ooiiiler guests will i A Einrirh cloth ng house six briileS 5 i Chicago atieniLng the na tional style snow at ini RubendphJ I Gill Mis Chas 1 (By ymted iTes Leased Wirei St Loins Mo Sept 23 The tout navy entraht in the Pulitzer race for the speed championship In the air nre assembling the planesher today and will make test flights tomorrow at St IxiOls field th? (sccne of the inte'rnatlpnal air niers next Monday Tuesday and VV'cdnes day The tour LieutenaniH san Calloway 11 Brow and Ensign A Williams have al ready pushed tha maximum peed record to 266 miles an hour in tests of the new navy ships designed to take the leadership now held by the army flyers Tumaiiif xrtifcn htM wnd fo tJDh Mon mm nf iM month wh nianv i i I hi ndq KH'h Ib hilerRon in too wpt to ir rffate the man and tn uome cnsos ft intreRting meeting i nd' Henderson sttiied in whi time an al i nhaticaUy By using her head in will elven I Gt Nrr heeltt According to ihe II re uaU at orofTb the housewife inav be Member are very freh and Rinil ng tn lh evening i a a r' rx I 1 ri oca Everything Your Auto Needs at less CALL MAIN 2185 lor fine shoe repairing 1 mMichel WANTED Experi enced steel workers Apply at office after 8:30 StoverSteel Tank Mfg Co (WANTED Several good mechanics Apply at Sand lers Auto Parts Co succeis ors to Warsawsky Auto Co Cor Stephenson and Adams Dakota Community Church 1 )a 't a 1 1 1 Sc pt 23 I da v( uitg the 2Slh there will be a social at the church for all members of the church and Sunday Schoid and tor all those Interested in the work of tho Community chunk Various classes are pianmng Attlnts and a good time is anticipated I Sunday will be Rally day II 1 nno innt ri eA i i xin 1 1 in sac iiit vices ot the church and Sunday school At mtMhq Uluatiatcti in rin on the stage of among the lumbermen also ipels showing Uie cutting and makmg of lumber will behuwn i "4 TH Mam SI OR Irncory stock and fix furrn: Uning sgnwl huinv! Pbrn 111ft 1 Burt zt I Pamm tK ltn umtshed rooms fnr Mis harles I pn 4J7 pnuglas St i OR SALE Partly modern live room I I rnttAKA with liwfh nn luivnd Mtrnnt 4 44 WtTft? ov i) and Mr Grand Muskegon and imports having Her aunts have been ARM WAGON HEARSE clamoring for a late picture i' dil i of'liAi' onri Vtfti IHiIa fmzmrlc I I Carroll Iowa Sept 25 Drawn by tt eanj horaea a regular il A Jwngon earned the body of Make the family history xtw 7(l oitli wilo pft an complete and have her photo 1 aiue nHrt than 3500000 final renting place in a local If ry here iunle The hiheral was eondudtad out Player hymn or sermon as thewill left by the man expressly stipu lated that there be hn set vices of arty kind and'thftt botJv be jaken to the cemetesy by a regular farm wagon drawn by a team of horses There were no flowers and the on ly expression ot kindness was Mary oster who dropped a sprig of evergreen on the casket at it was TowerWinto I hV ground? vi' Sandta sun 2 4 DouulS St Andi 1 son 2b4 fine 1 1 nens at home also do children sewing Phone Red 729 25 3t OR SALE HEAP One single wooden bed arid nlattles' one hatxl coal stove Cqll between 8:30 rind' 10:30 Ridge 1061 9 25 St API IRIX I OR ir cloth coat size 40 tioih coat size 36: Serge suit sze 36 also eoat (Less size 36 end two hats A con dtion Cull after 4p tn ell West I Avon St 9 24 3t Tin groom is tile son of lames It ZIBW run nri room house at 4 loat and VVTnnesheik Sts Inquire SEVERAL GOOD USED noiieri aert iias stepnen on St 9 25 3t Mrs Catherine VUis WANTED To buy bungalow or Musical house close in Cash it price is right care tins office 9 4t George OR SAIJi'CHEAP If taken ftt om Mrs s'4k body tiClit old tori truck Iff hanrtmr reeport Iron Metal CoMinim OR SALE ord motor 4500 one ord frame 42 00 Call at 320 VV' Summit St 9 2 3t iiiris and serving tab take ihe place of maid and the otiiv xpi fj the first Miss Henderson will si Is of eft: ent kitchen equipment to lie trtioio himself hy helping pm n'ne interested bn request 'lasses moie tin principles which he pledges 1 ih begin at 2 o'clock each afternoon himself upnold in pracHce lodge loom Linns always ACrtt Adiur laoh Call ted i temeier i Mrs Charles Hill Miss Jane Goddard Assistant Registrar Miss Edith I house west location if 1 I I A I a 13 1 1 fvnowlton I i HVHTf nru i Mrs Matthew Mar 1 Pf ATOES I William More of Peoria Is Nam ed as Grand Chancellor I (Bt Hinted Press Lea seh Wire) (nieaeo rept 2a iti'ani Moore was elected grand chancel or of the Illinois division Knights of Pvthias ut the organiza Hon annum state con vest non here today Other officers elected included: Pent Orr Jolie tr vice grand ichaneellor: Allen Chicago Ire elected grand keeper of records and seals Millard Dtmlap Jack re elected 'grand 'keeper of the exchequer James Detenger Bushnell grand prelate Daniel II Roas Denton grand master at nrtns and Algerdon Week Champaign grrirtd master of thri It guard Judge Perry Persons Wrukegan was ejected gtrind outer guard 8 Podd Jigton Eat EtcLoUiSt was elected a' member ot the giand tn iiunat CARTRIDGE PLEATS pleat are used effective ly on 'serge dresses rind on heuvv UK 1'hc ti nd 'wood of th Lockwood Art S' bool 'that Mr collier attended cnrtv tn his more happv rar rarrnwm imn nnx IIK1 irn nos in iiihk hiki uh ii visit ng at their old homes in I't ari lent and Mrs Collier is th I Mi and Mrs 'iia who were th oil set tiers of i fr Entertain at The Misses Pauline gtmuver and 7 Wiln Tikes eiiterfiilned at i Hundred" last evening at the home 'rit the litet 216 VV itolim sti 'gi a variety shower complimentary tt Mrs Arnold iiiiik hi fnmcli Miss aye Gavigan a recent were awarded Mrs 41 Mrtnn and Mrs Oliver Knppng Th aride received mam bcoitiful k'tsxac 4 Entertaingt lub 4 The buffet lunt hoi'n vhnh Mis ri AYlunter 13a Stewart aventie rind Mrs TV Hiatt 114k vv 'Stephenson street entei tain todrtj' was foil nt ('tl tv an afternoon bridge at Hie I epnntiy club today U1 fashioned 'w garden flowers arranged i charmingU liuuqucts adorned the bulfet and tables in the dicing itm 1: h' gowing dark red nnp diagon ton ItSt6! with tlie love the ss Wira ctrinblned with sweet 2 liyart roses lavender 'shocks agaratum and vibonas fin the effective deiiiiitiun OR RENT IJaseincnt Galena build Ing Apply building 9 2fr 3t OR Ona "dark' blue winter eoat Marvetlri cloth With silver fdx qellsr alee TBpalso black plush coat with dpotfsum collar size 36 reason able ('all at 311 So State Ave nr Red 1027 925r8t BOY WANTED to learn trade: have Kninht i 1 knights of Pythias Hii 1 i for tonight 1 An I by Ch1i fnrncv invited Ur fttumcL Thursday 'Pythias and Pyt hum Sisters i have a ilance and ard part i eturned home ending the tot AfteiiHon Royal Neighbor Blossom' Canip No '260'Royal N' igiUis of America and the ill itnp will hold their meet ings Wednesday evening September 2Gth at I temple Members of both I'ltii'S ar asked to prys nt and I'rmg Imsket to help tne khcncn arrangea tneiinp move in flour lodge oomH he temple to eliminate it of it ul wh' in ettncs willls ep and motions nr so Hred" he housewives greet evening sm with farm acre tract with njldings 11140 OR SALE Bedding pillows cur I 1 i sa ri i i rVo Vijvi'Luzvl'iflil 1 1 4xl1vsl a 1 1 1 i mnenv iii'ii unv nnd Market Miss JanelwaiP dishes cooking utensils Jellies 1 ft ran Il ah 6 1 I Bertha DeGraff There is no better so that Mis Henderson will have ss this than tn the time as possible to swssr questions after erih meeting jV1iss Henderson vyho will eimditcT 'the Journal Standard cooking school i 1 has conducted a number of n'idat classes in cities throughout tne country in the interest of the Wash i liurn Crosby So millet of Gmd I'Medal flour Although Miss Hander 1 son will wee only Gojd Medal flour there Xvitl he no goods sold and no lordiqs taken and the housewives will not be asked to obligate themselves ng insmllexl ht a way ELECTS OICERS i OR YEAR 1923 1924 JKSvJ KO ffiJi Hlir'fek'f'1 I I 7 11 feagaw 'c WfeWW 4 1 I 7 XI 24 flt I VW I Th 4 fl vs Sw" RBe A fe lV' ilM 5 JW epA 7 'ft SaylL with Printer'i Tnk IS I I II 11 JI "I 1 I I 5 2M i' a 1" 'rrtr Mr Itu'hnnl A Hon friend of the I family who Ke her hwh Master Hugh Martin in suit of white antin earned the bt ole court train I he groom rn1 his beat num Mr LVA ranu? down an ot her path and inwied the I bride and uihu1 nf honor at (he.

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