The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on January 30, 1892 · Page 3
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 3

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 30, 1892
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PoitYille Weekly Review. PffllUU ET1ST SATURDAY BY W. N.IUKMCK. 1 1.&0 A TEAR lit ADVANCE. LOCAL REVIEW. —Havo you got It? The grlpP —Hogs have brought $4.00 this week. —Cloaks from 11 .00 up. JNO. CROSBT. —Postville baked bread, 6 loarea 25 cli., at Eaton'•. for -Oretolngs apple* |3.36 per bbl, at J. THOMA'S. -.Mrs. Lassey !• reported no better thli (Friday) morning. —Mrs. H. B. Hazleton baa returned from ber Michigan viiit. —Cloak* at one-half price till Feb. 15th. -JNO. CROSBT. —Mercury 80 ° abovo zero this morning. A perfect spring day. — Will Robho hai got up a very good house down on the east side. -WE Lead, OTHERS Follow. * JNO. CKOBBT. - -rt-The funeral of Mr. Allen was held from the Congregational ohuroh this (Friday) morning, at 10:S0. Hiss Mmxy Crosby, Teacher of Painting. Order work a specialty. 43tf Xiao Ana* Saatoa lnstraetor on the piano and organ, Postville, Iowa. —If you want wood lsevvo wora with me or any of my teamsters. F. J. UBCCHBB , Drayman. Kiss Nellie H. Abbott, Teacher of Vooal and Instrumental Music, Puatville.Iowa. —Ja«. Allen and son, Royal, came up from Cedar Rapids on tho sad mission of burying Mr. Allen's father. —We understand that Mrs. H. Mitchell has purchased of J. S. Mott the residence just east of Mrs. Minnick's. —A reyival it in progress at Hardin in the M. E. church, and mu;h interest and many converts are reported. —How is this, boya of the Postville I. O. B. Tf "Somo of the juveniles from Postvillo tried the 'mashing aat' upon some of our young maidens, but on aceouatof tho you'll of all concerned evidently not very much success was attained." —Castafia Correspondence Decorah Republican. How Dental Rooms. ]>r. Will Cole has opened a dental office over the harness store in the brick block, where he may be found on Tuosday and Wednesday of each week, where ha invites the public to call when wanting firit-claes Work done in his lino. —Look on 2nd pagfi for more locals. —Mr. Ilendriuk, chairman of the Russian relief cotnmiltoe, authorizes us to solicit and receive subscriptions for the starving poor of Russia, but as Hall Roberts is designated to receive flour and grain nnd Jas. McEwen is authorized to receive cash contributions, it does not seem necessary to cxtoad the list here. If our peoplo have anything to give to this worthy charity it should be delivered at once to tho persons anmed above. 01 Closing Out Sale Lais' mil I IABMSTRONQ- & HOLTER; TOE RELIABLE CLOTHIERS. ESTABLISHED IN. 1883V Tor Sale. Una new cutter. Will take cash and wood. W. S. WKBSTBB. —We believe it is not definitely settled whether the meetings will be continued or not, b it it will be determined to-night. There has not been as large an attendance of those not christians as thei a should have been. The prevailing oickness has had something to do with it. —Mrs. H. Stone and Grandma were no woise at last accounts. Hoyt -ALL Dress Goods without a profit till Fob. 15th. Jno. CROSBT. --Eaton has put iu a nice assortment of valentines. Call and see them. —Dave Jemison passed through here yesterday on his way to Dee Moines. - -Any one wanting Harpers' Bazar can secure one copy for 1892 for 93.00. —Flannels and Yarns without a pro- lit till Fob. 15th. Jxo. CROSBY. —Read what Walter Chriss' ad. has —to say about a carpet sale in this issue. Photograph!. It might interest you to call and learn my prices. All work warranted to We satisfactory. CUAS . F. ALLBX. Horae-Bhoelng. No bit and miss, bat a good job every clatter and priees very reasonable TUOS. SnOKTKKBD. —Miss Mary Mikelson came over from Rossville last Friday evening to make a short visit with friends. She returned to her school duties on Sun- el ny. —Beeman, of Waukoa, sells the best Barb Fence Wire at 92.89, Wire Nails at $210 per 100 lbs., and he sells No. 9 Cook Stoves with Reservoir and Closet for 919.09. — About all our January thaw amounted to wag to spoil the sleighing. —O. E. Gray has left Garner and is at work for A. X. Stiles, at Rock Valley. • —Word comes from Minnesota that little Nattte, the youngest child of Mr and Mrs. Fraak Glines, diod last Saturday. The sympathy of Postville friends is extended. —A. B. Barnes, of Cresco, was a visitor of hia brother. Hardy, over Sunday. —We Weekly each. will sell one copy of Harper's or Bazar fcr 18IS for 93-00 —Mrs. Dr. Brown and Mrs. Johnson returned to their homes at Bockford last Monday. — Judge Hendrick was here yesterday in the interest of the Russian famine sufferers. —Mr. aud Mrs. S. C. Johnson are down from Duluth visiting relatives and friends. - Halrer Lien, Tony Marshall and Tim Perry took in "The Burglar" at Decorah last evening. — Our information was at fault at te the price paid for X. Swenson's old farm. The price was 954 per aere. —A great crowd was out to the naas- quorade ball on Tuesday evening- too great for the comfort of the dancers. —Levi Armstrong is here this weok assisting in the mvoiceing the stock in the clothing store of Armstrong & Hoi ter, preparatory to turning it over to Carl Uollor Feb. Is*. Taxes Without Expense. r. W. Roberts at The Postville State Bank has list of Taxes for Postville, Post, Franklin and Grand Meadow Townships and will receive Taies without any additional expense from what it would be if paid to the County Treasurer. —A gentleman was hero this weok representing tho Howe Fire Engine. Wo need fire proteotioc badly enough but we havo not the meaus to sscure it, and it it idle to talk of raising the means by additional taxation. If we nevar have a licence law we shall never have Iro protection or a night wateb. More Heal Estate Changes. Harvey Hawkins has sold his residence on the west sido to his brother. L. D. B. Hawkins, for 91.100, possession to be given next fall. Harvey has purchased of Mr. Burling two lots opposite Jas. Sheehy's and will build on them next summer. —If you see any young man going nround with his head down, a sad countenance and a vacant, faraway look, yoa may know that he has reeeived no invitation to the leap year dance next Monday evening. That there are net more of them is due to the fact that there are not more young men. -The friends who desire to bring us wood on subseripticn are requested to bring greon wood. We now have nil the dry wood wo need, and would prefer green if they havo it. -Ladies in town should endeavor, if possible, to come in in the morning while our Clearance Sale lasU, as we can wait on you to a better advantage then. J50. CBOSBT. School Books. We now havo a full and complete stock of scbool books used in the Post villa schools and will sell them at the lowest school board prices. Wo also carry a full stock of all scbool supplies at the lowest prices. Brick drug stoio. R. N. DOUQLASO. —Come in and ree how WE sell goods at a Clearance Sale if you do not WISH to buy. Jso. CBOSBT — "Catebing on" -Tho boys, as the sleighs go by.—Argo. "Ca'.ching on"—Ths girls, as tho boys go by. It's leap year, you know. —Miss Lois Tuttle returned from Decorah yesterday somewhat the worse from an attack of the prevailing epidemic. Mrs. Sarah Lassey has been very sick with pneumonia for several days. s)hs was reported no worse yesterday, aud hopes are entertaiaed of her recovery on the part of all our peoplo. —Tho McGregor Nows has been in. dieted for criminal libel at tho instance of Superintendent Bishop. This is vexatious business but tho News will doubtless get some valuablo free advartiaing. —We are real glad that tho Stats Register i* now printed so that it oan bo road.. We have more heart in clubbing it with our paper when we know that it can bo road by our subscribeis. —Ths lata warm spell of weather has done at ltaat some good. It has largely reduced the quantity of feed requir- for stock, and this moans much money to both farmers and town people. —The loss of sloighing interfered somewhat with the harvesting of the ice crop, but a good deal is already in store. Rev. G-tss has been indisposed so that no services havo been held in the Ltflheran church for the past two Sundays. He is so far recovered as to be able to condust the German school this weok. —Prof. Smith was attacked by the prevailing epidoraio on Tuosday and had to suspond his labors in tho school room. - -Mrs. 1. A. Harman left on the early train this morning for Viroqna, W is, where hsr mother lies at the point of death. —We presume It would be easier to give a list of our peoplo who are entire- well than to givo the list of those who ara somewhat indisposed. We believe there are no grip oases, however, that aro dangerous. -We understand that Matt Sobas- tiau has been allowed a pension of 930 per month, with back pay amounting to 9700. - We received tho copy of "bills audited" too late to get it all in typo this weok. We will finish tho publication next weok. —J. B. Hart has entirely remodeled his meat market, repainted It and put it in Orst-class sbspo throughout, now a model market. It !• -S. a Porry. and family here not yet fully decided where they will go or what they will do, but will maka tho deeision before March lot. —Mrs. Bywater found ber iost gold watch, advertised in tbsso columns, a. barrel of apples, at Mrs. Gorham' s, whore she had dropped it, —feed Wetzel has commenced bis rounds as assessor and is making *atl- natos of our poverty. As usual ke finds it something wonderful. —Heary Luhman has been "whoop ing it up" with whooping cough this week, being confined to the house. As Thoo. Luhman has alio been quite !- unwell with the grip, and Addie was not Tory well herself from the same cause, they hare had a pretty busy time at the store for John aDd Riley. MADAME* XITOHXLL At Home Permanently for 3 Months. Madame Mitchell will read your destiny to perfection, tell what you are best adapted for, and show you tho likeness of your future partner. Call a?id be convinced of her wondorfol powers at her residence, north of the Milwaukee depot* Postville. —Ray Schulor informs us that ha has all the work contracted that ho oan handle in the early part of tho building season, and that ho has had to decline tho offer of several buildings. It looks as if tho coming season would be a busy one in tho bailding line, not only in town but in tho surrounding coun try. Good times stimulate building. —Tho crowded state of our columns last week preventod our calling attention to the statement of the Citizens State Bank. This young candidate for public favor has prospered beyond the most sanguine expectations of its originators. We arc informed that the deposits are now about double what they wero when tho statement was made, Deo. 31st. We always like to note the success of new business enterprises in our midst, and. this has been almost phenominal. Another Old Citizen Gone. C. L. Allen passed away on Wednesday forenoon, mainly of old age and general collapse. He has been gradually failing for two or three years and had softening'of the brain, but he was so as to be around town until a vary few days before his death. Ho WAS a man rtspoctcd and esteemed by all who knew him during his aetive life among us, anil was a consistent member of the Coagregational church. We bclievo his ago was about 7* years. Ho leaves a wife nnd one son, Jas. V. Allen, of Cedar Rapids, who have the sympathy of oar people in their affliction. —John Winkowitsuh, who iscomfoit- hly settled in his new home, the Hank's farm, informs us that he has alrundy been offered an advance on the price paid by him, though it was generally thought by the public that the price paid was high. It makes little difference what is paid for real estate in this section, somebody is soon ready to "raise tho bid." A title to real estate hereabouts is a i;old mine when value is constantly increasing. A year ago S. C. Perry offured his far JI in vain for 955 per acre. Now he has sold it for 960 and there is no doubt but it would sell for 965 iu less than another year. —Some of our poople thought war had beet declared with Chili last Cat urday night about 10:10, and that the bombardment of Postville had been commenced. But Sunday morning thoy found that it was only a giant fire cracker which was oxplodod in the doorway of Stroebcl's shoo stort, on Green street. It was quito a serious explosion, however, as it demolished six panes of glass on either side of the doorway, and made quito a bill to be settled. The throwers of the "bomb" had no idea that any damage would be done except to startle the tbrao or four occupants of the store. Such explosives will be used with more care here after. About 250 Garments on hand of all ] grades and kinds consisting of nn CM, FIISI Cloth Newmarkets, Cloth Jaokets and Short Wraps, and Misses' Cloaks and Jackets of every description, including all of this season's production and those Carl Holter having purohased the interest of Lev} Armstrong in the firm of Armstrong & Holter, to take 7 that we bought at 60c on the d6llar that are fromlne" effect Februaiy l.t£ 1899, all book accounts and notes stock of the largo Cloak factory in Chicago that failed, must be paid by that time Every Cloak and Jacket Mistle Si ml Willie Sol • Misses' Cloaks, 50 cents each and up. Ladies' New­ markets from $2.00 up. We are determined to close out every Cloak and Jacket on hand and prices are made to suit every purse. The goods WILL BE SOLD WHETHER WE GET COST OR NOT. Sale commences immediately and continues until all are sold, and SOLD FOR CASH ONLY at Great Reductions. This month closes our 9th year of business, and we wish hereto thank our many friends ;>nd customers for their liberal patronage. It has always been our aim to adhere as near as possible to the truth and to advertise what we have and do and to do just what we advertise. In order to reduce our stock before inventory we shall make SPECIAL INDUCEMENTS to all CASH BUYERS of Clothing We Mean Business. Call early while we have reap the benefit of this sale. Special Sale of Pine Holiday Goods !| Barrels and Barrels of Candy are placed on sale at I PRICES that far UNDERSELL andiOUT DO all competition. Vick's Tloral Guide, 1803. True and tried friends are always wolcome, constquently "Vick's Floral Guide" is sure of a warm reception especially when dressed as daintily as this year. The "Kellis Lewis" Carna tion on ttj front of coyer, and "Brill iant Poppies" on the back, are unusu ally attractive, and tho numerous col ored plates of flowers and vegetables are certainly* works of drt and merit. Ths first twenty, four pages, printed i violet ink. descries Novelties and Sp< cialties. Send ten cents to James Vick's Sons, Rochester, N. Y., and pro curs a copy of this attraciire and useful catalogue. It costs nothing, as the ton ceats can bo deducted from the first order. a Full Assortment and 20 Per Cent. Discount Sale On Overcoats. Special SaleI From now until Feb. 1st we will sell Men's, Boys' and Children's Overcoats and Ulsters at a discount of 20 percent, from regular prices. WHY NOT Ten i Per Cent | Discount On Suits. All Men's, Boys' and at a discount of Ten regular prices. Children's Suits Per Cent, front Pure Stick Candy, all flavors, 2 lbs.'in a box for 15 cents; retail price 25c to 30c. Pure Mixed Candy, taffy mixed, cream, &c, only 10 cents; worth 25 to 30c. Pure New England Broken Mixed, fine colors and flavors, 10c; worth 25c. All Broken and Odd Suits, Pants and Vests at almost your own price. On Furnishing^G-oods, Hats__& Caps, Gloves, Mittens, Underwear. — —> — - • _ . . _ , . nn i uiuvca. iviiutDiio, uuuui TTUWJ .. Trunks and Valises a Pure Cream Candy, elegantly flavored, only 20c Uberal ' reduct ion will be made. This is no fake to per lb; worth 35 to 40c Best Roasted Pea'Nuts, 10c per lb; 3 lbs. for 25 Cts Best Brazil Nuts, 10 cents per lb; 3 lbs. for 25 cents. We Sell Best Winter Apples, three bushel barrels for $2.50. , We Sell Best Winter Apples by the peck for 25 Cts. catch trade. We mean just what we say. ARMSTRONG & HOLTER, POSTVILLE CLOTHING HOUSE. Jan. 4, 1892/ Postville, Iowa. We havs placed on sale a Large Lino of Albums, Plush Boxes, Gent's Silk Mufflers, Toilet Sets, Silk Handkerohies, &c, that we offer at nearly one-hall their commercial value. —Representative Dayton is on ths following house committees: Judiciary, banks and banking, printing, military, ssnatorial districts and rules. Senator ] Mattoon was glvan two chairmanships, corporations and public boalth, and places on tho appropriations, suppression of intemperance, schools and compensation of public officers sommitteos besides. • -The remains of John Tools, an old soldier of tho 6th Iowa cavalry, passed through hero on Tuesday. He was an old resident of Allamakee county but died in Clermont. A detail of the G. A. R. accompanied the remains. —We hope all oar reader* in this section will drop la and givo ns any items of local interest that they may bo cognisant of, including real estate changes, marriages, births and deaths. Ali these items help to make • readable looal page. It seems our young frisnd. Chat. F. Alien, baa emigrated to the state of matrimony, via Fa volte, having led to the altar there this week a* ostimsble young lady by ths name of Knigbt. His many friends hero will wish him and bis much joy and prosperity. —Mrs. E. D. Purdy and daughter, of Wankon, won inmates of the surgioal Institute at Indianapolis when it caught fire, and miraculously escaped with their lives, as many other inmates did not. Wo rojoioo with them and B eeor dor Purdy that their lives wore spared List of Letters remaining uncalled for in tho postolBce Postville, Iowa, Jan. 33. 1893. Par tics calling for any of them will please say "Advertised:" Karl Berg. Bert Campbell, H. C. Oeaninger, Maggie Fioken, B. Culick, G. O. Hougeo, Miss Jane Mason, N. G. NiUson, Mrs. Oils Olsson. JAS. PBBBT, P. M. —E. E. Swenson returned last San day morning from bis first trip with tho Ward A Noble mop wriDgor sad Is moon encouraged with the outlook. -Our oW friend, C. Thome, is still quito feeble, though bo is oat • little noarly evoiy day. Ho has had » long •i<f *i kwrtog boot* afflieted n« » year, -Mr. Hpjr'i Boo resident* it Bearing ITafW Molftil wiU not »tft sprl»g. TJwf wiH Take jTotite, That tbo Postvillo Steam Roller Mills will grind Food, Corn Meal and Graham Monday and Saturday of each weok hereafter. Having added a lino of wood-working machinery , wo are prepared to do Planing, Matching, and all kinds of sawing, on short notice. Bring in your logs and havo thorn sawed. Respectfully, S. D. STTLBS vast, boat and cheapest weekly published in tho west. The Dubuque Wnn,r Truss, Twelve pages. Now trial subscribers, withont promt am, 60 cents, first year. Renewals SI.00. Sample copies free. Send 60 cents in two cent stamps or money order to tho Time* Co., Dubuque, Iowa, and try it one year. You will like it. «w —D. A. Marpby was ealltd down from Si, Paul last Saturday by the aeri- ous Ulneet of fci« rootbwr We aro indebted for a friendly call. We are always pleased to tee nnj of the Mor» P*j«.. lor U"»y hvm »lw»ye been •(«0Qcn frl«nd« of tfce. Ravww, b their politics «re diltrwt Xew Lumber Tard. Great wonderment of the times! Lumber sold obeap in Postville. Sanders * Kapler keep on band in their yard a general assortment of all kinds of lumber, including the much celebrated Arkansas yellow piae ceiling, straight grain flooring, finishing, monlded eatings, corner head and base bloeks, eto. A share of the patronage is solicited. 8A*D»U eV KAFLBB. Soil of Benor. Again we present a goodly array of friends who decide to stay with nt another year, and bare signified such determination by the cash. Still the list is ahead of the tame time last year. To all we aay, thank yoa; W. A. Owen, W. B. Knodt, C.H. Barnes, J. Wlnkowitcb, Penult Cbnrob, CP. Smith, Frit* Sander, F.** E^ton, •• 0/Tfc#ma, ••••••• v &ffw«n«oa r —Julian Ralph has written an article on Chicago for the February nambor of Harper's Magazine, in which he says"Chicago will bo the main exhibit at the Columbian Exposition of 1893. No | matter what the aggregation of wonders there, no matter what the Eiffel- Tower-like ehiof exhibit may bo, the city itself will make ths roost surprising presentation. Those who go to study the world's progress will find no other result of human force so wonderful extravagant, or peeuliar. Those who carry with them prejudices begotten out of political rivalry or commercial envy will discover that, however well founded seme of the criticism li been—especially as to the spirit of the Chicagoaas—the development of the place has not followed tho logical deductions. Those who go clear-minded, expecting to see a great city, will Cod one different from that which any precedent has led them to look for." The slew Opera House. A meeting of the stock subscribeis of the n*w opera house was held In the basement of the Commercial Hotel last Monday wooing for the purpose of deciding what course to pursue aa to going on under the proposition of Mayor McNeil. Aftar the mooting was organised and the proposition explain ed a vote 4 as taken which resulted in the unanimous decision to accept the- proposition and go on with the preliminary work. Committees were chosen on organisation and incorporation, on securing estimates and to procure farther subscriptions, which are to -report at an adjourned meeting to bo hold 00 Saturday evening of next week. lhe matter it now in tangible shape and everything Indicates that we shall hare the opera house. We are of the opinion however that the stock roust be about doubled before the hall oan completed. But if enough is secured to inclose it there it little doubt bat t nffloient funds eaa be secured to finish It later on. It can hardly be expected that it will be completed the'coming season. Like all other improvements in ©or town we hope to see it carried forward to toteetefni completion. Every such improvement help* the fowpMt ^owy property owo«r J*.lty Unit Ti il Prices Win The Goods Must Go Best LL Brown Muslin, yard wide, by bolt, 41c. Best Pepperell R Sheeting, yard wide, by bolt, 6fo Best Lonsdale Bleached Sheeting, yard wide, by bolt, 7ic, 33 1-3 yards of Calico for 1.00. 36 inch Fine Dress Flannel, only 25 cents per yard; worth 35 to 40c. 52 inch Fine Dress Flannel, only 421 cents per yard; worth 55 to 60o. 23 lbs. Fine Granulated Sugar (1.00 worth to one family) for 1.00.' Beat Water White Kerosene Oil, 10c per gallon Best 5 Gallon Galvanized Oil Can made, with pump complete, 1.25. One Large Plug Tobacco, No. 1 quality, 2 inches wide by 12 inohes long, only 20c. GURPET BALAEI! Are you going to buy a New Carpet this spring? Now is your opportunity to see a choice selection of ALT i WOOL INGRAINS, TEE GREAT SPECIAL SALE ! Our Men's Suits, Overcoats, Plush Caps, and Men's and Ladies' Underwear will still continue in force, and the Prices are not matched by any competition anywhere. BODY BRUSSELS, TAPESTRY BRUSSELS, UNION & COTTON CHAN; Prices Low if you buy. It will cost you nothing to see them. Also remember that I carry the Largest Line of Lace Curtains, and Window Shades and Fixtures in the city. Tours Respectfully, WALTER CHRtSS. REMEM BER! That the Newman Bros. Organs with the patent Air Circulating Reed Cell and the Standard Sewing Machine with its Rotary Shuttle, are the best instruments of their kind in the world, and makes the most appropriate. Christmas present for wife, daughter or sister, and we have them for sale. Highest Prices Paid for Live Poultry! WB VAKK IT FAT TOP TO COMB A LOVO DISTANCE TO TBADB W1TB Ui. J. W, Ward & Co PoBtville, . Iowa. IJ THE UTILE LUMBER YARD. A complete and full stock of Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings and Building Pa-' per, yellow pine Flooring and Ceiling oak, ash and maple Flooring. All parties intending to do any building the coming season will consult their own interest by obtaining figures from me. Particular attention to filling bills. Best of grades onlv handled. " " efJ»«^B»iss»^MiBa» »•••»« ••!« • in i ii • • in, •••••..•.P Mm i — Watches, Jewelry and Silverware ! While we do not pretend to be as extra polite as the man who held the umbrella over a duck in a shower, still we are always pleased to show goods wiether you purchase or not. A Full Line, the Lowest Prices and a Reliable Guarantee. mik^MAis sum

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