Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on February 4, 1948 · Page 2
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 2

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 4, 1948
Page 2
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Page 2 article text (OCR)

WEDNESDAY. FEUKUJUJ Grand Meadow- (Continued from page 1) 1st Half Tax Hangartner, James 20.43 Hclgerson & Prieden 1.68 Heins, Roland L 19.08 Helgerson. Mrs Julia 10.00 Holt & Olson Threshing Co... .84 Jacobia. Roy E 67 Jerdee. I C & Hazel 181.82 Krambeer. Cora et al 306.92 Krambeer, Mrs Louis : 12.63 Kugel, Wm 220.45 Kuhse. Fred 138.23 Kuhse. Victor & Evelyn 201.88 Kingsbury. Mabel Kluss & Walter Kluss 20.93 Keys. Virginia (Mrs. Dora Williams 120.20 Krambeer. Elmer W 11.79 Kamp, Duane \V 14.20 Krambeer! Arno 13.18 Koopman. G H 8.39 •Kuhse. Milo 11.69 Kugel. Donald 15.12 Landt. Harry 6" Looney. Edward A 196.53 Lubbers. Wm E 51.96 Lawson. Frank or Ruby 32.62 Leui. Anna H 13.92 Larrabee. Frederic et al 574.82 Leui, Anna and Elizabeth 60.65 Leui, Jennie B., Harriet Hill, Helen Behrens 122.58 Hill. Louis Jr .-. 55.26 Lenta, Lorenz W 190.45 Landsgard. Julia (Eaton) 10.92 Lyngass, Engelbret 224.8S Lange, Merle W & Mary K... 23,04 Larson, Sydney I 5.28 Lyngaas. E\vaM A 16.90 Luepker. Wm F. 29.81 Little Five Threshing Co 1.18 Lien, A L 8.19 Martin?. Elmer 1.34 Halting. Harvey 119.99 "Listen. Uncle Bill, if you'd drink as much of 'Waters' Pasteurized Milk as I do, you wouldn't catch cold so easy. If you won't take my expert advice, just ask the doctor. He 'll tell you." For Pure Pasteurized Milk. Cream, Chocolate Drink and Cottage Cheese Call 38-F-62. Marting, Alvin .61 McNally, Lewis J 240.29 Movk. E K , 65.27 Martins. Leska 215,17 Martins, Leska and Alta M.... 161,64 McNally, Flora 60.95 Mueller. G F W 168.02 McNally, Lewis 307.44 Meyer, Bertha 6.34 Miene. Fred C 135.10 Miene. Mary et al 28.44 McNeil, Ed 321.54 Meyer, Glen 115.00 Madaus. Carl .' : 4.79 Meier. C F 250.32 Miene. Otto 215.08 Martins, Gerwin or Mabel 254.41 Meyer, Wm H 66.44 Miller. Fred J 280.31 Miller. Fred J & Huldah 76.90 Mueller, Amo 12.49 Mork. Knock T 21.59 Miene, Paul 18.76 McNeil. Joe 23.36 Meyer. Willard A 16.53 McNally. Leo 553 Meisner. Frances 13.24 McNally, Lewis 1.63 Nelson, Aimer & Alice 168.50 Nelson. Wm A .' 69.60 Nuehring, Dietrich Ed 151.66 Nuehring, Hulda 32.40 Nelson & Swenson Threshing Co 1.18 Olson. J T 117.50 Olson, Mrs Oliva 140.14 Oldag. Edward J 163.97 Owen. Clarence H 21.32 Overland, J M 25.34 Olson. Mrs Minnie 271.80 Olson. Mrs Clarence 7.50 Olson. Aines 16.26 Pixler. Glen R 117.26 Postville St. Bank-Trustee Mrs. Fran. Larson Hmsdt... 89.67 Preuss. Ed 20.32 Plant, Edwin 22.56 Radloff. Wm F 233.17 Radloff. Melvin L 33.29 Radloff. Harley J 67.82 Ruckdaschel, Victor 153.63 Reinhavt. Mrs Clara 5.19 Rcinhardt. Frank 69.32 Reinhardt. Clarence 21.20 Rose, Arbie F & Hattie 98.76 Ruckdaschel. Walter 171.79 Reierson, Alphia T 3.32 Reinhart, Andrew 2.11 Schroeder, Otto 159.83 Swenson. Swen 132.37 Schroeder. John A 455.53 Schultz. William H 5.37 Schroeder, H W .227.55 Schroeder. Sophia 9.66 Schultz. Cloy & Viola 237.11 Skaien. Anton 150.03 Schlee. Ed & Mary 42.45 Svendsen, Reuben 5.12 Schutle. Chas Jr 9.40 Schroeder. Lloyd 20.86 Truco. C L 111.71 Thompson, Tillman 108.01 Thoreson, Alvin W 19 95 Vogt. Alvin & Adalia 33.73 Wettleson. Robert B 96.90 Waters. Bertie 296.63 Waters. Ambrose 120.87 Waters. Clem 113.09 Waters. B J 196 92 Welzet. Lawrence C 271.07 Weihe. Caroline 160.79 Weihe. Caroline 116.63 Williams. Dora P 255.71 Weihe. Elmer F 152.28 Weihe. Elmer & Al. Thore- ron 77.11 Weihe. Charles 142.05 Walter. Victor & Lurenc 88.24 Wettleson. Julia 3.75 Lyle 20238 Zieman. Elmer 248.73 C M St P & P Ry Co 208.88 Am. Rv.-y. Exp 21 Wtstern Union Tel. Co 2.63 Bell Tel. Co... 183.68 l .'.isnH J'nnora Tel. Co.. 1345 Gunder Clermont Tel. Co 16.23 ram own I mi 1 Armmna HOME FREEZERS Many satisfied users of the AMANA HOME FREEZERS are reporting to us daily the great satisfaction they are deriving from their installation of this modern convenience. You Will Be Amazed at the Convenience an AMANA HOME FREEZER will provide in your home. We invite you to call and inspect this greatest invention since the horseless carriage, i MEYER'S Four-County Hatchery Telephone No. 234 Postville, Iowa Postville Far. Tel. Co !. 132,49 Interstate Power Co 508.58 LUANA CONSOLIDATED. Ames, Amos M & Cora $115.24 Bruns, Fred : 5.09 Coon, Robert and Gladys 247.47 Christofferson, Leonard A 13.12 Dahms, Henry Est 33L57 Dahms, Orn 7.50 Dahms, Oran 7.50 Engelhardt, Harvey ... 20.41 Folsom, Lee B 154.22 Hoth, Lester & Helen 116.93 Hoth, Lester & Helen 27.45 Lenth, Harvey 166.72 Leui, Jennie B., Harriet Hill Helen Behrens 203.50 Leui, Wm 9.30 Leui, Anna H 63.25 Miene, Mrs. Wm Sr 185.26 Miene. Fred W : 38.93 Miene. Wm Jr 53.32 Moon. Roy W & Dalia 181.17 Oldac, Otto & Sabina & Milton 204.41 Oldag, Henry 220.53 Oldag. Otto & Sabina 20.23 Oldag, Milton 16.70 Panncke, Fred J (Harold) 155.40 Panncke. Harold 22.23 Postville St. Bank (trustee for Milda & Fred Bruns).... 145.26 Pearson. Lloyd 112.88 Pearson, Roger 13.25 Sehutte, Charles > 235.50 Schutte, Chas Sr 22.01 Staadt. Mrs Anna 250.87 Schierholtz, Milton 24.37 Thoma, Lawrence 173.18 Thoma, Fred H J 151.69 Wirkler. Roselia /.. 178.78 Webb. Herman D 79.72 Walch, 'John 77.51 Waltenbaugh, Elma 201.71 Wagner. Arthur J - 15.95 White. Martin 11.81 C M St P & P Ry. Co 579.89 West Union Tel. Co 7.29 Am. Rwy. Express Co 59 Luana Monona Tel. Co...., 7.61 HENDERSON PRAIRIE. Brandt, Mrs. Fred $ 32.70 Bareis, John 110.63 Bareis. John 102.35 Brandt, Lois & Ewald C 25.30 Deering, Irving C & Leone... 27.57 Everman, Rudolph 74.78 Everman, Wm 92.66 Gordon, Edwin 195.85 Gordon, Frank & Emma 83.32 Gordon, Milton 7.51 Hangartner, Frank 113.50 Heins, Leo , 195.71 Handy & Ainsworth 106.06 Hangartner, Robert 10.20 Kerr, Joyce & Kenneth 58.24 Lubbers, Wm E 28.42 Meyer. Mrs Henry C 28.73 Meyer. Wm H 54.16 Schlee, Ed 151.36 Schroeder, Mrs Bertha 51.35 Schlee. Ed & Mary 151.86 Schlee. James 1-38 Turner, Ruth H & Dale W 123.56 Turner. Ruth. Dale & Boyd... 18.93 Turner. H N Est 12.74 Williams, F L Est 63.78 N. W. Bell Tel. Co 15.48 Luana Monona Far. Tel. Co. 5.80 Interstate Power Co 54.79 GOOD SALE. v Jurgen Wendt of Lowden sent 55 steers to market in Chicago and got a check for $24,723.00; at $39.50 per hundred. Not a record, possibly, but it shows that a steer on the hoof represents a lot of money nowadays. (Continued from page onei would go along with them to give Switzer a clear field. He, of course, has become alogi- eal candidate through his prosecution of the Polk County courthouse cases involving the former supervisors. PRECEDENT MAKER. If LI. Gov. Evans is elected for the third time it would be the first time in Iowa history that any man ever accomplished that feat for that office. One other man served five years in that office but it was under some rare and unusual circumstances. That was back in 1902-07 when the state was changing over its election year from the odd-numbered years to the even-numbered years in •which elections have been held ever since. At the same time, of course, the state also switched the year for taking office for state officials from the even-numbered years to the odd-numbered years. Thus. Lt. Gov. John Herriett of Guthrie county served an extra year until the switch-overs were completed. Governor Blue. if reelected, would be the third Iowan and the third Republican to win election three consecutive times to the governor's chair. Albert B. Cummins accomplished the feat beginning in 1902 and John Hammill did it beginning in 1925. Another Republican was elected three times but only two of them were consecutive. Samuel J. Kirkwood served from I860 to 1854 and was elected again in 1876. However, he resigned the following year to become a candidate for the senate to which he was elected. Cummins did not serve the full three terms. He resigned Nov. 24, 1908, following his election to the senate, and his unexpired term was served out by his lieutenant governor, Warren Garst. FUEL OIL ADMINISTRATOR. In an attempt to cope with the fuel oil shortage. Gov. Blue has named Rodney Q. Selby. director of the Iowa Development Commission, as state fuel oil administrator. This step was taken in the hope that available'fuel oil supplies can be allocated in such a way that all residents in the state depending on fuel oil for heat will be able to get enough to keep their furnaces operating. SPECIAL MEETING OF THE TOWN COUNCIL. A special meeting of the Town Council of Postville was held at 7:30 o'clock P. M„ on January 27, 1948, in the Council Rooms, Memorial Hall, with Mayor M. C. Deering presiding. All the Ccumcilmcn were present except Councilman Glenn Olson. The Mayor read the notice of the meeting which stated the purpose thereof was to discuss authorization of preparation of plans and specifications (or reconstruction o( the filtering and sedimentation equipment in the Town's waterworks plant in order to increase the capacity thereof. Mr. Ernest Olson' of Marr. Green and Opper. engineers. Chicago, Illinois, was present and discussed the matter with the Council. . Upon motion duly mae'e and seconded a resolution was introduced authorizing and directing Marr. Green and Opper, engineers, to immediately prepare plans and specifications for reconstruction of the filtering and sedimentation equipment in the Town's waterworks plant and to submit same to the Council for approval. . Onl motion the meeting adjourned, Joseph B. Steele. Town Clerk. M. C. Deering, Mayor. Poultrymen should keep going over their flocks every week to pick out non-layers and poorly developed pullets. DO YOU WANT HIGHER PRICE FOR YOUR EGGS] Consumers Want Good Eggs, Quality Conservation Starts on the Farm. Clean Eggs Bring Higher Prices, gj Market Eggs Often. fAtj ?ow it'i SELL YOUR EGGS ON PRICES: iro* GRADJrtS lane Kbit 11* 41c 38c 30c I Aft way Hansen & Matson C Temporary quarters back of Phillips 66 Stiff * Telephone No. 251 AT' SINCE 1939 50 YEARS. Proving that sometimes superstition is over-done, members of the "13 club" at Leon celebrated the 50th anniversary bf that organization there recently. Mrs. Sam Darran, wife of Leon's former superintendent of schools, is the only- surviving charter member of the group. She now lives in Oklahoma. Mixtures of grasses and legumes seeded for pasture are more likely to produce good stands than a single type seeded alone. DOUGLAS R. LOOMIS, Owner WILSON ZEROSAFE FARM FREEZER Sectional Model FF-60 WIISON ZEROSAFE . . . FIRST AND GREATEST REACH-IN FARM FREEZER... Available Only Through Authorijed Repr««ntativM of WILSON REFR1GERA. TION, INC., DIVISION WIISON CABINET CO. (• I "T CC FOR EVERY NEED 3 1 L. XL V. FROM 15 TO 120 CU. FT. inidi HUNDREDS OF WILSON ZER0SA i OWNERS HAVE FROZEN AND°ftj STORED THEIR OWN FRESH FOOp -JJc FOR DAILY YEAR-ROUND USE. Mi i - »ti i You too can live the Zeroiafe Fret 1 Food Way . Have better food, mciltf ij food at lest cost, more time for livi, ~,T. Banish food worries and kitch drudgery.". . Live healthfully.' Entertain graciously any number guests, expected or unexpected. Wi ter and Summer, ZEROSAFE Frei Food is always within instant reach the quantities and the variety y need for every meal. oboe iff doc) SEE YOUR WILSON DEALER NOW c or t*r im ?jit fcs LAWRENCE BLOCg Local Dealer ] Now On Display at Reinhardt-Case Implement Store In Posh ilk '••If* Community Aucti So many farmers have Horses, Poultry and Farm nSi Machinery they would like to dis * j0 , _ spose of that we are v m arranging for a Community Auction Sale at our big tf> --«-- —- » ^ any nifSvo: der.'..' SB! sales pavilion in Postville, on Satur Feb f . cw ru y Sale to start at 11:00 a. m. sharp at which time we expect to sell 2 bill Bert) Wm . tank ?R 5 C! S S c ?^h GRAIN, HAY, STRAW,« OF Pnwp C p AR A \,rT R f CTORS A ND ALL KINDS -tj OF POWER AND HORSE-DRAWN FARMING w MACHINERY, ETC. wit hand the day of the sale? a " d haVe many buy * 1 *" OUR REGULAR WEEKLY SALES CONTINUE AS USUAL AT OUR PAVILION EVERY WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. Postville Co-op< SALES PAVILIOI Telephone No. 217, Postville Gilbert Folsom, Sales Ma

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