The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 28, 1927 · Page 6
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 28, 1927
Page 6
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. luains is tomorrKw a Jul the lor tllo show. ' I Willi JD )un<l ofi thel Inierkau llications pp^nti al record ilrowd. a weil-njatched set of boxersJ and a. referee! Djake tlipAi fightj ever>tll SOT a ; liisjiory-makinp I01a'.s jspoirt records M Johnny. Wagner ofj Kpd J^'loyd Bowers, Chicago, who is iiuy,- inp or Sam Krani will meet i in a ten-roundi go, s(>elhe with action. •Cllty Upii of winning by a'lkndckout., Bowers, who is 23 fijught ,Va ring battl •en Allocked oiit oil Each olaimsi jthe lianipionship of th^ hich should make 1 otlj I 'erything they liavc one of the few vith Jack ;i tritnii g. no\\-- h »asL ot', having IJeinjysey while i ei s !H )arreH witii Dijmp^ey while champion at L OB 'Angelas, Calif.. aid also, lioxed 4jih Tonmiy Uib- h ins in a traininjg bout. [ He lia.s along reacli—74 inches — ahil i.*^ 0'foot, ten-incjies jtall. A fittiiig semilwin hjml between Kinsa^ of ^Channle and Kid -Neodesha/both fast meiji. They will sie|)*eight round Kid .Maley and Sn; g Clilo nuL't it a .six-round preli nina |ry whch if) said to be A grudf e fifflit. Both a 'e claiming tliat tl easily. ICarl ICnock. lola ill swing into actioi agbinsl the bjack horse of ^he boxvr who Is called lijng of .Tulsa. Okla. i jTickot sales Wore i aiid indications iSolnl ; viince ticket sale! of QENEFIELiLEADS VALLEY SCORERS It toward hd will ikig Js set ht' for t Scott ^ieily of nder the Kansas feature ch should niijldleweiglit ittiddlewest. mem giyt the ihope ears old, has s and has ly 9nce. Ho figHterd <t-"P Ki Du ey- is the I KastiT chell of Buldnin 31. the -I .iirk}- . Is rritortfd Kranre «lth .«v lirr lunnujirm reiiHy drnM* his cniruffenipnt in the tenn IMiInting out that iir hiis u wiiV and }\\» chtldmi In South I'ii on d (>n ii^) ('ji 11 to rn lii. LEFTY BYERS TO FRONT IN SGORINdLIST Diminutive Aggl; Player Leads Missouri Valley With Total oj 112 Points JDur^ng Season. the ringside in garileri for the heavyvieight battle Friday Sharkey and- .\liku .McTifeul considered among the best lliciiard'.s lieavywoight eliij loiirney and K.r:ilay night should be a reali one. • .McTigue.!Vctertin of man I battle, recently discovered ' has a powerful jninch aiid i gre.saive offelisei It is ifrtj i that the vet' will asii i.tioii: in Friday .nights bojil /!<inieone should be kiiocke '' J (Jntsitle of the two men w ' Friday night, there are II inainlng contender-s—Jim vjctor over Jack Delaneyt ; y'nd Jack ; fJempsey. if j champion can be induced i the ring against any one contenders. I It is very likely that the of Friday nighfs battle w .Maloney. with ithe winner Kansas City. 'I.,ifly" Hyers. Feb. iliininiitike kill will heavyweight, program. |\'ouiig Stril' today •d tp aii ad,000. Aggie forward today I souTi Valley basketball Willi lint oneiweek o Ishlp coniiK'tiiioD y.-t to has rolled "P a total of 112. of which V.t weni ind 11 i-cored frani ibe mark, lie has average ten points per ganK\ Independenre.-kans.. Fcb.j '28. (A IM —Chet I3enefio1 ( f ColffeyVille. ntiiiues to show his heels to •rdigfis valley ;scor rs by Tunning up his total-to S points. He c'lo.sely pur '-'uedj by J pon^of Fre- j uia with .SI mark( rs. ~ n(ilds of Coffeyvi;lJe i^ th 7R points and Featheri igill peiideiice CMirntei ranks fouith FRAUD CASE STILL Federal Court, .(Al") -Th< gdvern illation was conlginue ttrialh^i] Atto ney ughcrty-Miller fiiiiy. . . i H'nited Slate.s K.i Buckiierto'i'ik til > validity of tile c Hoclcle Suisse pour -AJ^I^iux for the lloOO.i of the sale of seiiod atfiarefa Aijierican -Metal OompanyJ GOIN Xcw: IS Four initn were within striking' li.stance of Ilyers" plact however, ind his position! will rioij be cin<-hed until the season ends, next Sattir- ilay night. Yunker. .Miijsouri. has jco'red 106 points In n ne games: i Sniaha. .N'ebraska. 10.'! it ten games nd .Meyers. Drake. lOi in eleven (-•anies. Petersoti. Kaitsi s. and I'er-; •y. Oklahoma A. and with itJl; lind !>:!(. respectively, i Iso had a lim 'chance to spurt in o the lead. McRey- rd jwith jof Inde- Witii ra k, ;Feb. 's ^um- 1 when the Yo Uien jiip lips a :iim(j Val Qicd to- 'iSihory tick oh of the ujrs de mo irbceeds of the ^tato :!2: and King. Oklj ie.s. and Drake. Oklah Vyiir Miss Speaker VfLEVELAXD i| Eoipg ' Tris Speaker rn ^uestionabljj • • 1 Speaker's shoes isj Manager Jack Wi j Center field fs difficult of the th tipns. "Thciro aid in cdiitei? tb4 fl the reia.sons that do npt ar^ca^ Du (he fUrtace. In tho fiist ijlace. a greater !tu|nvbcr of |)alls-4re hit tdjCenier tero Is coiisid'ur- roaltljjii. ^enilal.i sido or flcjld tcij • Rbly injiio playl 0 abipiiy a in and eajso is trhai riloly. Tl Vork lt<>' miss fleid. ling of bigde^t task Callktcif by fkr the most l-ce olitfl^Id t )Psi number o«it jit v[<Uospeed i tP go 0 el her ona ball wii^i equal also esseuLI^I. IS as|(Iug c^nsl(^era^le. Tris Is'qr^atest ^HERE n ^vir ws s a xea^or out-i I-*-] fiejder |than Spea ;er. npWi past tihe peak ol , ke compares favo ablij' w pf theisiard of'eitier eag ; Tru*, >e]has stowed up, but.I const<i |:7iBS ^he |;evcj peaker's the aniAunt of that he .ha^ put b 3 ui dcr ;>lnning to ithese majny years, le ti still a wonder at qoverlnj: tet ritory. Aside frdm the holi in c-ente flelil becausb of th» jip: » o so reK roarkaWe ajplayer, liis abjence is *ur^ to be lelt to a g eat| extent by llamiesoi^ and s |imu<a. and tor Judgment o covek- always stljuclj tertitoiy he Is fates. of 'd only in K»me^ xoiiimng fpr the h.-impionslilp have hoc Cene Tuniiey. boiik- s. (AIM — Kansas ' ( champion. Por that reason nights battle i.>; one whicjh donbtedly will interest all fans of .MIenlcounty. Two hundred or more lliiil; tended the Kegister's parly fo I .Maloney-Oelaney battle, ui il i Register is. inviting tlieni t< lorn together witli all their fr janil at(|u.i;nlancc.s. ; It is improbable lli.iC'JI d scorers, cbampitm- •play I5yers llioint score field goals free throw more than I'oints scor- an be received in Uda nv( the Alls- K'*'"^ tko elioic <|f remaining at h|iiiie..and tihe fight, or the other of li'ie h'egisler's party. '• Alllioiish jiiotl'.iiJg defini een l<>arne'il, it Is probal lliie Registei; will ntart unii al a 'niMil S::iO o"cl(ick Frida recorded. nner mee» king .orni- iday Ull- port H 'S. ni iKeil Floor offen.sive value ield goals only put Byefs again in d by Snia- Petenson. nike. and ;;G each; 'age. .Vebraska. M: Rllliott. Iowa he le;id with 4!t. follow la. .Vebraska." with 41: [vansas. ;;!»: .Mayers. I erry. Oklahoiiia .Aggie; ach. ' Free throwers -wfere led by levers. Drake, who had Tills tvfi'k Is |;i rrillru ukin fur niiiny linskplbull leiifn ps In Kiinsns. Ksperliiily Is thai mie of Ihe Kiinsns [4;onfprenc4, t in Hltr Sp»en Mf^i' srhool li ag je guaged by :ind llic Kansas Junior I'li <-onien>ni-e. ;ihoma Ag- bnia U. no 28. MNSAS QUINTP ^ TRIMS NEB Lincoln. Neb. Feb. 2S| j\fler Playing the first ' t to Uitie. Kansas I'ni; i('d and: defeated .N'obri laturday: night ?rto 2.^. vas the Kansas jscoring LASKA; (Special) I lhal'f: to a' ersiiy ral-: ska' here] Peterson j Ipowar. In the Kansas iconfeyeii nighfs game will tell the I Pillsbiirg Teachers 'defeat of Kniporia tonight al Kmpo pedagogues will I carry o championship of the con without trouble. I/owever. E. victory probably will championship for Wichita sity. As tonight's game is 1 for the Teachers, a win w the .race in the sack. i (1 at- tbe the re- eiids right i.dio. one lisillK ling Could-Helen Wil^s e(|ual Iiei: aiiswored M.-lry K. , ;ii:iriil gpl f ers. Fu r) li !• rino n Minn Poki-i --Face bee: liny .iii- p;;iji se llliv ]( •Helen is belter tilledi fi>r golf than' /i' I. II.: I -l^ ics essential lo gij-aliii s;- in g'ulf. sill', is for tennis." siiis ^Ileniiii ^Coll Kansas Jayhawkcjrs Leading has that cing isht. Missouri Va K ill«4ie to- if ;ol]lc-Be the the nee . of idealn a Victory in One of [two Ktrma i vcrsity of Cham|)ioh.shi|)' I Kan.»-i«l^ C'ifiy Lawrence!. Full. . 2H.i-S)> Unhwr.sityl'.secm Ai^n'u Wic Mi.s.souri A'tilky loiifolreiii two deft'at.s comiiarcil wilji lu: i'or the Mi.s.souri Tipi-i-.s, Ij^aiis ' the two rcmaiiiinK Kaiii|.'.s oi) n addition to' a coiflereiiec ilial- here Weiliiesday iiiglir wiili iKoiiri and aiiollier lien- Kriiliiy til).ht agaiiiKt the Kaii.^as .\ggi's. K, r.. has a iion -CDIirereiice giiiii" t 'ij ight with K. C. Ai <".. at convention hall in Kansas Ci':'. i|Cansas after a bad start, lias 'cleaned up everything in its way, aujl is primed to lake bolli of il.s reijiaining <ronferenc(! battles. Kansas 'already has defeated K. ('. i\. C. oiice, and it liolils an edge for! tonight's gJime. ijver- last liat Eveu; hi^ game, th any le. a.trifl^. re lest du ity balls him had a'distinct ajdrantagei Aside from this WiU'b > the loss if his coaching, i Whenc rer a ball vas hit to right; or left field, Speaker was always backing.up he play and: ojifcrin? words of dvico to the m^a about to mako {ho catch. ' I ; ost Is Important O IK T has, long boon an accepted '•theory In baseball that th» itroiigtli of a major leDgud club I an be (airly accurately i istimatcd I y tho caliber 6C the catcher, itchcr. center fielder ant the two lufieldcrp <vorklng around sccond.j lUi other wordif. drawing a line ron> the plaio to center Icld best cslguatps the pps(lIon3 that de« ^niand extraordinary: play. IM-s Seieji ronl'rreiirp f<i|l<i ers uiiisl wait nnlil >'rid liliiht at nbifh time I'llls niH high school journrj's lo K <i!r ScoK. The ganir, whlrlij I^ losKup. Mill .dccidp Ihc^iaii pionship. Fori Scolt at pri sr Is slaiidinif in first |iiar<>j ni four victories and a^af(e)| M IJ I I P rittsbunr has one" dtfr and Ihrce victorlos. Several intcrustiliR thing happen in the Kaniiasj Junit r lego conference. T^e game oi row night between Parsons- Fort Scott at Fort Scott mav Parsons far down the <-ellar. a Parsons victory would sen4 lj"ort Scott. Ih Ihe sime direction Ar jkansasCily has three games bi ok- I od l.'ils week, and mayriose ni' of Them. In that case. Arkansa i Mty will slip out iif first |dac«!. I il; or i Coffeyville might upset the \rk ; Cliy t|ulnlet. ; It is surjirlsliiK h(i)v II ill h interest has been norkrd ii» a MMithpasi Kansas otrr llfi^ ; iiuhl loniorron iilglit at .M niorlal hall bpfnpcn .l.ol^itj Wagner and Floyd Bowers, cniirsp (his si^ellon of liie is for Wulnicr. hul the Ijn aren't so cerlniii tliat he will. Look over the leading Iclubs In pe major tea'guijs and the I truth f the above slaLemeut is{ quickly ppaient.'. ' Despite his we lit.arm, he New fork pennant Winners la tha inicrlcan have a brilliant out- ielder in Combs. Last year Cleveand had Tris Speaker, wlille tho nie as ; For! sen salional :er part Vthtetics have [the Iimmons. During.the lat if the s'eason Cdslin plajjed that losition for Washington. In Ed Koush. Clnclnnatit had'a lirilliant performer, i This year ha vill be with the Giants. Doutbit >f Sr. Louis, while a yo ingster. s a t;reat performer., He (reinlnds lie it.Speaker. Yi* sir: t-'illiug Tris sieiker's khoes is easily Jnckj MCClJaiBter'8 If h t; It nay ;ol- lor- Jand .•{end wkiilc (Cputiuued from Page 1) lioiise iiained by tin- speaker, iv.ii me:nbers of lire senate iiaiiied liy tluj lieutenant governor. l«o ap- IMilnted li.v the govi-rnor. .and om- dec in prd the! the state siiperiulemli nl irt piiti- liisli'iirlion. ppeals may be lalieii from llii' ision of county supi-riiileiidenls rural higli school i ajttachnieiii passed by llM* s III Desp:le |Upsets oarly in the Reason, the Kansas" university ay- hawks secmno be moving mi irily along toward anothor Mis;iuri •Valley championship. A team hat cainltake disappoihtin'g defeats • irly in' ^he season and then come I acVt into championship running desffves a championship. | , The same thii^e iniirht be of Ita|.er univeplly. Defea . twice if as niaiiy games at le start of H IP season. Baker I i wen ennsist*nlly since .tl I'liip. Incidentally, three fom I'ursons iiiirh school men nssMing. Steul>ei^. who will remt-mbered as tlie dlnilnnl fernard pf the Parsons team (•»n|iie of .tears a^ro. Is scoring |K *w!er of the Bald>t lies. i cecdings aiifler a bill senate anil sent lo the house. TJit appeal 'Wduld be in;ide to the boiird <>f county cominissioner.s if Ihel territory to be jittailicd was in ond county and to ihejstate superintendent of pubii.e instruction if in lw(^ or more counties. ' l>robaIion ollicers m; ed ;a maximum ijala from the present $Z a J5 under a house bill pishcilby the senate and sent to tliif joveinor. HEAD C. DIES DEPARTMENT ATK. S. A. aniiaiian, Kan.. Fib. i2.s. (Al •la^ence K. Rvid. I'.l. lUad of /llir department of eleclrlii 1 Jengineer- ingjai K. H- A. C. died early today in :| bospllal in .liinclioil City, from an |ipopleclic stroke siWfered whIJ riding with bis - rainil>j yesterday a s M V ifci after he r^f. Reid • eanie to fljH from the.Mlssis? |cbll)!ge where ii- v l'pp(irtmenf of elect rnoon near. Cbitpnia Irifessor Iteid becai^ii afu uncon- had repi ired a tire. IC.'S. A. C. iplii A, and as head of ical erigin- affi 1 sci( I in M. the eer Piiijdue, L'niversity in l!ih2 and wa rpsfarch,assif!tant in th s andards. ini Washing! yt-ars. Later he was an assistant proies .soT in the Cake School of Ap- pliqd Science at {'level ind. nk. i lie was gradujited from FLORIDA REALTOR a Ulie, Ml-' ;ONFESSES " >liami. Fla.. Feb. •' 2 C,p( real for cge Colburn. ::•).,;i .Miami' Beaih estate dealer, resjionRibllity; pqlice the death of MilthdViie Wool- j 7fi. former New Yor i^own am I H - iiighk whj) was run an I antbmoliilc ary I'J. be graiit- iiu-rease lay limit lo His frals iitl Ihe gojf II.i! Colleiu iHo iiatioi iig to make a golfe liss Wills |liis all the i ey Gbnfefebce ;iiik,s'.' Yes. all>* known nut of little 11' haraefcrist-J^y is iilayirg Wichita scpi ol. If I 'ittsburg lAikeii wins ; it gime.^. Pittsbu ird jilace, wiij Emijoria Tea: jssly 'out of; thrt Iheii L has — h m jnk (iamcs Will Assure Cni- -Iflavs Kl S.;A. C.! At Tonijjht. i itil—i-layhawkt 'i -s ITTSBUMG FANS Ten sket alt sket at :i from : pij leMinj.'il io lead the iikick injw With eijiiit victoriils aniij'"! vicltiiries Itind three (jefeats; " lU 'Od.i a victory in oiily one' a it \4 .4chedule. ' nd the ()all gamc^. special :tsbiirp this I 'lii. .Vccordin] II bi a wresti: Gibbons Sayt Tumiey Bloivs lig match h itme I of the ikvo schools i ji tc'i igill's ga ue. lAi^Deceiz Somi^ of li he deadliest i ik' lo riiin'; Cilihon >i;;)il in an bej'l V. -figli ing are those ingl unches which be the least harmfil says . w(-ll-known article in this Tli^s i.s esiK 'ciall ; TiiliiuVs puiicln 111. I ^ "Fight! faii.-f have freqnen fii." (tifibons .sa.vs. '•that (|en( iiits < Iiiick blow, or maybe a gitincing i ,. Q 4„_ fii. ii^e. Icail do 'pnore daiiiage J^jiec^acWlar.jnoisy one; <!en ij.v. i tlii^,- cliiimpion. Is a viiosi- deJidl |(|st blows are III iir>st| llilble lo ileieive the la- |.|iei.-tiiiiii| (;ene iloesn' 4iiij;iii;' froiil the floor'anil lii^ •i'l .•.,sl liicli Id ^vh <!n tl 1^ ki^ockoiit arr night, jiiijt dij: *'ell be »dmi lister- j i.4iially jiiipe •Wheiii 1 beautiful ijifg. but I jean .rl \f.-as in mcm- •boiit the occasion to .^ne's worst cradles— at li.-<. tile jivorst fori me aid the .-••I ifor hiin|-T-were of the (j n |c kihil.i: Tjliey seemed to imj lioi ^Miere in partiitnla ii (I bureau of, pn for two i RLME' fixpi- ctonfessed binnounced. financier. killed by of Jilnli , ver tlni;!,: it hl<>w.>i rival. H^ fig{ is hard ;to' le are the vital by eiilierl'-hand: , bis ilian is! for the 'picking fought Cehe I F th All K fo se i pr av heavy- week's true ed Iio ! ly no- short, ! t.|,Tse (it ban a - Tun- ighten |e ones aver- starl swarm Its so 1 just ones, ves it adi bil da> Hlf. tin ien eiioiigi •ail th'Ht ( eceivi iarrivc and tIler»^:isniideiily. althouglj they In'i conie'fiom very far. IW nni St ibiowi; Jene'.i was and tloiial as far ijh Ihe audience is con- eft bofik I should sa.V to tliei liver s anylli'jng but a seiisii SM P for the 'Children to .\ I Missouri I'-Before Light I PI feiiir of tiijr a llnmii and fo. or I bought II P I r id not rest children Itehtbar i| stnrtlnr a fire. Now I sipijp like a htf for jill a tiJey np «I batton and ¥i>r fai'etM Light ^n J L. S. SALES Fhoiiie Iser .Sajs: to do Is press jllie light is ther install ileltio.. I 'lir home. fDELCO-UGHT BUSTARD. li>'D SERYICE. lola m. S(|8 .\. IVaidiington Iota, Kii{n. 'A results of tdnig vichita and 'lie game, bu two nior^ reniaintngj li Baker in ieciohd: jdefeated defoatpdl nporia Teacht rs. while.Pitts s ilnfeated Wichita once. IN I'iitsbiir liall fans afiqr noon KVasI ingtoii. fd oTices wil dc lartinent crde ^n. S.'D.. iisas for re<: loa IS from (I loan act a iprialion for lilab e by cor ve ; .'ebraska maijaged by TlJe ofOces prob: abniitj '.March nity an be dcs oniii^i leils. will •licatii^ns thdni tc^ Loans for he cent {ivill be seed w . alfaif land foji- thepi tbtock, ratidn|s. 'the the secfand which passei n ueii je to --Tel 18. exp funds f( dcficien L -y mtasiirc col tonigl •hers went running last w t>y Wicliita. both Pittsburd OLA T0D4Y Teachers <-o were in lola shoht- tpday on their |w1 |Ifittsbnrg-C: o They annouiiij tjrain will 1 ti'teriioon for JK i to the tansi. lb iED LOAN OFFICE IS AT MANHATTAN re tel.. 2 ,s. ( be establisl don- dlj it's^ lian liober ek •h-i mi lJUrg ifgo layi; ted ve n- r<! !t d i-l-ii of agriculture [and at .Manl; iving atrjdications at [armers nndiir tfee soon asj iHe an- Ihe lodns is aiia^e gress. The .Manhattaiiloffice^.wiiich iv vll [•sets the .senate If the loan to ai^propriat tile house this pi icediire. he housrj ;onsi«ler phone yiiir Classified Ads woiiUi have I iwhci^ Ihe ies biyk wiijli Worn in feel[ 4 with you Ifad fup' :mcicnt| wa.thiog m a c h I nc c o u i d be. moving tub' — all a c t.i o h inside thie tubl— all c h i n- try enclosed u rl d e r neatb the tub. 1 Ntf Wash) er made rej quires less oiling. washei n 4 t0 minu -a witho iit jhand rubbing. The finest, most durable w isher that car be made by ar ol 1 esta blished v asher factory. i. d ELE :THIC ANfl flLUMI ING CO. The Kidio Store 2t>; C. Xadisoa Pii^me ( M I 'nlTers fy of OfefironNi 1027 foo tliaH ; cii p • He is JBeryl Bnrtoif llifi- la tackle. Hodu|pn Il linpii^an in to iiold the saii]|p title f jngim Pletpn; many TITLE Ml FRlDttNIGI T Pittsburg and Ftirt ikm Mce Fori, I 'lllslJurg b.v It tain. ionsh for Chami i Qf Biff Sevci at Fort Scot Then. rK .\ii iscod .STAMH I'offpj I'arso II X I'lianilte loiji Indrp title .>Iari Scott. V.MKS THIS W •h t. I'Klsbnrg Ho ndeiice ii .*{ II <; :KK. at iiiid Kiin.4as, T. "Weed HarfeV. ^bly will be oiJc^- 7. . j ; , I cOuiity comii {;nated| to pass I loans; and s jal offices, iiade for the p^i :ieat, o^ats. bar and sweet clp Irchase^ of feed ncces.'Jify in farm " FolfoW fereiK night elianip'io I idle, fo (tiash at lake the Dope the teiint burg i.-i virtue i Ho we vert I vantage Icoun. :! Th.- o ;|!-'iiited in !<onfer(-ii jcliaiiuti' '(inisliod •Ifavor of ITS ol' Ihe llig iiiiist • wail uii find; oiit.; who w ii .<liij) i;lii:-i year •t Scoii and Pit Fort Scott llio chaniiJIonship. Jgives litlli- in which will wini •oii (r<-i|i|(| a slight edge a viilor.v ove Fort iScoti hi of jtla.viiig on Illy game .la.s! an ijpi -t a :iii| a •e staniliiigs: I Friday, ni^jlit t.-< hold on lift I lie riiaimti- (T US. Pi .MO II .73» ..Kli I il4» ..Tl { Mi even- c I Fri |ill wiii At. sburg winner ication but Piilts- I'arsoJ s I hi it.s* ho wi-(-k iliaiipi <ila 11(1 rel plaei w. Tiipsdtiy, Piiwonsl ajt Scott; City at kansa's Friday, leyvlllej kVednesdaii lola: i Tj^o^sday, Ar. Iflty at iBdepeiidefflce; t^A tt >:S REM^NISG. .MarrI 7, Piirso]i.s at Inde- pendeiicp; Jrarchj, Arliiinsi s City.! Parsons CoffeyvHl City next .fions wit! i >ionship. BeciHse roaders .p krkansas TO Parsons. sas night and (rollege 50 chance to minutes of R P. W. AT Wichita. Pet. JS3S .77H .7fiO MT .m .125 .000 WEEK. Arkansas Arkansas iCity Fort Scobs at Bt C«f. Iota. is steppir^g ialong in tho Kansas ijilnior college conference, hoping ,th It lola, Itidt^pcndence or ' will. b(imip 6fEj Arkansas week iinrf i^resenl, Par-| the csnfe^ence cham- of the fac , ^lat the rail-i ay one mare game thanj City. Ppr^ods ;cin take wins itsrc- drt Scott and jcqurse, Par- for naught the chami ion.sliip if jit inaining g imes wi h Indepejide ice. 6 sons victdries wiljl ^o unless Arkansas fiitjj before the . It is projliable thbt decide th- .ship. Fo real game Fort Scotll Suns win Parsons t|uit it wHI defeated. Labette to booked. Arkansa all thi- bri gjime.s tlii.4 feyville. the r .Tc e s City, if! laks. will loses a game season's dose. tlris week will confererice^ champfon- t Scott: I lays I its', only tomorrow night against at Fort Scott.i A: Par- probabiy i 'lll assure npt again be |is Indepeddence Is tho in the cinlyjotlier gamo it fails to get ihsh oho of its week, pi-dbablyi to Cof- l|f such a lould be^a! tjiipg haippens, 'over. PARSONS LOBES IVANHdE Kan., Feb The Ivaiihoe De.Molays Ipf KBn|t s City invaded Parsons S^urday win until play. MEET Kans.. Fel. 2.S. (API— The in2S conventions r f thei Kansas Jitol Womens Itiisiness ai d Professii club wilL.b' held at! S. !l and 10 the boartj decided at a mespting day. f FIVE 2B. (Special) 'arijo^s S^^urday lefeated P irsons'Junior to 25. Pai sons | liad a tile last leu NG MPORIA SOON praporia May Of directors iifero.yestcr- And the Haa» Vortex c^ erytl ing snov y White

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