The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 28, 1927 · Page 5
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 28, 1927
Page 5
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i4 Dfat^ strikes vbiit' ^athinK at It is 1 hou ;bt Is aj stroke Ti tjjonjsbdw.s he tios ^eatii bleneatli thel iona had bee i biistnesH parr ;ner BarUaby ami Cail it is established just beifore h s di standinj; next to known las the cop )iei Anastasia Folfjon aiidj Dia'sterful fiiseer man. arrir^ t nd tbk kvinitai£i|gr eoinpan liml bit jnvf witeK At the iinqpesl it I (leojtli wej pon an Orii 'Utal . :nif«) liad: been boujght it is iaiso elitablji!?jied jihaij oi Croydon Seaijs is Neville, ra. Help: ImeBta .Vaildoti tb It Folsoni. •ati. had llieo! Ned '' Barron, lung. ecf^ntri of the deai >s comijiaui lejirnedj tlia was a; pij;ha(i] and; ' the i> «Mir)pus| knivib. gages Titus lisgf fi) i\-ork OR till- c trinj the dead mail riv^i.' and n<tice: Krf-nch dolls i i U4 room. He tel s hi' believes h jrnilly of J )l4 <:*mai of people, and| h< v(i\>x .•fiispijiiftis KnlsoinV efi't!; lo g<r afraid of ber in;; ;.snilr(h«'<l .\<Mt 4io On hea^; |)rotI by •.Sioii !it no hin^j jAiiij'-Ia-ia. "Till jiuri-s to know tb».' hf tiairett Fol iorn ^iini MP entir«-l: . ai| |ilea »^d with ili • re i ivfd ^wiiii thai i-an • ir iiothiUK. II 'W iS, (('nsc -ious wiong di: (iiyi^elf. JAud I i.«suie do an JDjustico to 4i> , i "i bellevf y< ii ' |-''idsom. bu< I wan ^ onfe more, jth.i^ yo for ni :it r Nir taken.; That. Iijlind ,ii "i)ur brother, yon ^ouie signs or ii die:! hia Idve for yuil • kepi trom you ;<)ni| life that musuh; v< ••You .make h m jvi ry word you uir •»orkint< are Working tjho-ejare for y< 1 lavdo^vii for Win Vou do thii?" J - I will.!' said Tit iy. •• low that I jvamed you of the ^livite." I "Thiey lare myj ine«t ihein shou d il< ^ ^n, I Mr. Rigg?. y te isucl^ case* u further detall.s abo ilioleijookj—•• •'There are n s Tsin lijiclje in] itn m I to N 'on and names of plaeei. rhal! I go rii?ht thi •'By all mean! •'Hold on, auntie," tjon, i'you may get] solved. In libel suit _^if horrible things. ^ "For heoven'i s •ni'inber that 1 ordc out of- this. YQtJ 1 l|<;i >'our uncle c.'ire for ii i-nr. at least yoti nIaM ii. I Ik nil' go ijiy ([viff •'A H if I tould st <>p f'i'Hon^ ;gazed ij.datiy^ with liratlon: •Aiid here's 'a (not |ei| jHy Wont on. i»o nieiitionc<r n ^ears. Is M liookr "l ••TH<- initial any )t1 r o tert in« le Abastb.'«iai n arch Dan ,nrphew i|he <ii -ion tt Ij'ol'om Rigg-: tha barl i1)eei a nil [I RlgR^ nnient lo t\nLista!*la ler n ^tabbed t^ fanvl' l)ard s I la TO' nil \ lliir Stfi VII 'K comni one l^ll<-st i\ lite. y/iU w it. 1 hiven If a a.s HU: ing as you I •^•oul one. tnbeil liis •ii i.ij iioil be \<->y\ ry . ;ind< wh| till ISh. M I •iitnrt- ;.al 1 a i^n^liiilly. Misjsfto he o warr >nav be mi tf f< bv liave loy mi^rea ti(^ns. andl e may etails <il hii i.^trtsKed wor-se If vo Uigg!^; )rder^. on the d no ui yitii wit I a:1 J' an lin her ijtigg-i. drav Varefull •anamitiei -yo calkmpties. come, ^irs Iwill invest t : VOU ca d^' )uj|:b th>' id panj ourhelf lid all ,dk4 i)ed avp jiJnS: irrajign at -MAroe hihg As he C. [name of > Dur pr* ri >->V tinies.r^ Higgs t "Very i well. .kiKl. if course, he h Don't;'yoii renieriibeij h where lu'tion •But he^ didn'tj.bu •W^; doht kniw |le*j? the!man, I tell j •T'l'en I yon mi st Horn bad such |a s lOLA HIDE. Thdfs^ bdt from finite lisf? •nan. yoii til keep way. yoii:' formiHabld of aVi tblHB.l' tbcj am'e:iii yor of murder toibe free exclaimed ; Pelton. •Shut uj)!" said his] Dan, do go away! Go from him!' aunt. "Oh, bnd bathe or ssand another sontething; I can^t minnte of yof^! Din Went. •:Xow, .Mr. niggs..'' Aia jeirfployer j you dropped jout of out continued. •R-slI you I Croydon Sears at pnc4' "l T HII . .Mis.q Folsqmj, work in my own waj'. down laws ..which I wi! i make Ktipplations which you must regard.- Yo i are not" to take any active or o [Jen. i^rt in this investigation. Aie the- regular xleieciives, as yoi making headway*.'" '•I doubt if they're call them, doing anyf il.ini;. The police are An w^iiat they think it will never shall !(ull a still hunt, but I be 'kept so itil; we ! hear of it at iill." ; Very likel]-. I hei ! iPe say he ihousht jwtkulil blow ove,' as' iiiiypt-ry." 1 "Oh, he^did. did he'.' : ill) iii'thing of till- .sort IIII->II I V<M I an iin->iilv <Ml my .Htery. no? SUV''''*''', but .it lov.-r! It will, •{ it'-K -T .\.--. illl' t .ll bllAV prist- on whUli 1 an| tl^i 111 it, Mr.'.Itigg ' Maniili -st'•' Tit'- lli«Ks Wis alw ' ,it 111.- ^iiddcii lapseH fr i|<< li.fii lo II-...S tiirniai 'valk -'il smilingly iiuay l .i -l'i alone in hi room.-. .\iiast3si ;i FolHom devoted lii'r :iUenfliiir to the For ^lie lirjtt liiuf she craved It, she 'd givf Ned. "So theyVe Staying oii'| "For anoitUer week oj- oltl man Iove.<^ it. too. his element ciiwn bere._ the water, and] even morM to potter about .th^ Hboiis' '*Odd raste. t^t." /"Oh, 1 doi*i mean pennies. He Ihever bqi^e cheap stuff. jBut you, boardwalk hasi displays It] stances that are kmonfe ever." i -Ves, I know It. Ro )>i4, have ;et bnsy on but J must Y'ou'Ve laid 1 obey. Now collabdration?!' "Are you Still at llJatt" ,He looked, bis surprise.' "Why 1 thougbt it was past hiitbry. Tin: innuestr -i'" "Oh,, the InqueiA isn't h^ be-all and ^n'd-ali of a murder ciisi "Wjiiat can i do to help "Nothing, if you ask ii^ (h^t lack- ndafsical way." •'Xowj there's a word eniiiyedl Don't know h^vj- ii; don't know how to I it, but I just adore that rd Mr. "^"e- tbe affair ;ilt unsolved Well, if will It may be Ifor We may ivont blow iniOre ih;''ii i -r any en- embarked! Do your "Sulling!" RiggK thdutbt to Wha always o spell ifrtjnonnce t rd." himself, amazed, the chpp? KifrG:,s thiiikv UHIMB IH> HPlI satl «n .>d II' tiie statloi nrre dropped, i , ing lu siifeM his I'atlfff-, don Seani! , PIQUA F.ii. 2:?. -The drilling moved iiom the Kni-> farm last I'hursday by tVI HI.Ill and some other men ijni over to a location north iThls 'Ig. aelotigs to Mr, ys anuised Jim dignified ^ anil j '^^^ j„ '.TrinVng a" well for ! Kirk Gas 'Co. of lola. t brother's t:i'iii -i.ii'i iiiiei.'st. ;;azci! .'it tin m. 'Jit-r irea^i-ii. : . ^ "My and 1: fjariilaU'il. ''That' one 1 1 iniai;>'^iil .leayie l-'r^w tl. .le:i:nv-. CaTrv wasn Hut 'bless hi 1 ucojildii't he- i tangled - i'stenopvaph-rV I woni [i Iboiigiii- ihat .loll liecaii so like Jeani.-:" "Aiiil thai one." sh commiintng with hcrsejf, tli^tigb to the life: 1 Iboy did buy these pu i^lls. le reganle •^d. as iiterekt (fcirth!" Slip is the ver Poor li^ Very gooi heart, hi up. with er iC he Ise it looks went on. "is Kitty ibeliei'e the ;)p€ts when ' I tliey looked like tlie yirls be ad•• mired. For that blon 1 ; one is eiioiigta like May Farn er .to be madi- for in-r- -^Yt 'S. and this is like Loo IJriili-y tliiiiigli in t so much Will t;flrry. dear you were ialways a Iioy! How w« II 1 reinem- ber you' as a baby. Fi iid of dolls even I hell." Her loving eyes saw jonly an in nixeiit e.xliibiiion of ro miBce—but it was romance that iha represented to Folsom's mind t le number and nnality of his conq le.sts. •^•^t j He had had many ai d various tbaf I sorts of "romances" at di when he , .ouiil find a doll which Iboked like ' one of his favorites, p'kst or present ilLss rn(lson< i^, i,ouc!it it.' And th oceurreiji more ""f might t liiik likely, and there were at .lea t a dozen j dolls in his ('(dlectioii, though not i alt here present. .\nd then .Miss Folsoml had another thougbt. A^niesomi one. Was t* possible her brother 1 ad had any iiiiplfahantness or ups-'t with any of the girli4 he'had known., and that siii-li a one had kll ed bim? r .ut it seemifd to her oo. preposterous—she knew HO li tie of [that sort of thine Carrett hud 'been } Pel In sort re keeil no r<-gari nam<. n< tnent luii'- roy Icious S. oiifur Mr. Sears the murderer was at th knife jthit -Te-didn't ytiu." drjiit iliat Fol ratigl' '.old or COMPA Get nnr B. A. ^ \U So. Oklo W«f will fohiB aHM pOBllrr. JONIS GRENNAN'S W« pij the Fancy! Ejpgs ->o. I FP^V . < hbrk^ tind IMiily Ij Hfjifs .-|.-. jSprlnpj... Vonnir a;nd Old (jnW HIde<j |!fars «j HidtK il. F. Grennin kast Mukroe wuA Ei foll«,Wlir prirp^ I.. locks. j& V. OOL on lEe€S her IdOl and the. sole h man inter-— ^ iest iu her life. Tlif only. io\fe she hail) , had heeir to him; the iously she had suffered jhini. ! So she knew naught o{ I varic'its nr. degrees of I 'oMsy. ami jlie though^ ' ni\Mib>ri'r wis vague in .She lansed the dolls i in a straight, even line ; in prim. de<-orous' ixjslt '"j, spectacle sent .Myrtle, time site \ tile next ! room. ; N OT all jw.-re recopnided by Miss (Folsom. but at least sx she was sure of. two pretty i^oii fideiit. and reininde»l he of no one; ' the! oih.-rs shil Jcnew. Tiie Ki.^ss went fronj the pres-i eiiie of his employer, a erily ^-.allpd • Miss Fi 1 •'oii.i;;!! th<' society of R )b<n Sears.; j He found him idle, aid proposed | la s;ii(dl on the boardvalli. which i I ^ohiIl arrepteil gleefull llie iiianior: ta"?' asked! Phone 1207 j 'Where's iRiSRS. j •niinno."' Ilohin s.-tid. IXJTARKFVT I'ina sort of elusive." * ' "MJid a mad?" ".Vo. iiotbing of tho ire p .'Vri -• ITclto I'lle •iv «r Mm rodnce Co. Ph<m« $;« .(.Madeline is' weed.v. Tllev vm: go home, at least Madd v.ha' she^- wants Aug< V. :ii!:s. too." , ' ,\IH I B.irronT "He's all for staying ' dm-.-, and generally lown. jSay.s the weather is perfect ind the kid-- dy is doing fine, and there's nin piac" where there, are nore diversion:, and wetter water and rollier chairs ami no niosiiuit les. and h'- just wants to stay. S ). wbat^Vf r ; Jtodelinc waaMa or hofrafrer mocbj 1 S I I I P ii Mrs. A. H. Larape andi.\| ine-are biith sick with h the Ihi. J .\Tiss Nellie Drain paf at the home iof heV pqr ami .Mrs. .lames Drain, of Piiiia. -"nd her fnU'-ra St. .Mary'.si church.iOwl t Friday morning at' 10 o'i- Father Dei ot Yates (iei: mass and preached the tiirterfal sermon, and her body was lail in the cemetery to awaltjf|ei Irecrton.; She will be sadl; as she was lo\ed and rdsf all, who, knew her. Tlie sisters and brother have patby of a host of frienhij wBo mourn with them in iheiVj reavement. Henry Frischenmeyeri ahi ily moved .Monday of ila|it| into the Mary Schonboflj h still run the cream station chickens and eggs tor the people. .Mr. West i.s. i gi>i|)g move into bis own propf^rfy the first of the nioutb. About the first of .Marc^ Feld and wife will, take sion of the Plnua hotel, and .Mrs. West will more town. The hotel is dow south part of town, across depot. The ageiit at |the nnibn A. W. Ixog, and-drngglsi Bacon, went laat Saturdtnr neon with the booster traip Mbisouri Pacini; to Kl where the officials and of the road held a gravd and banquet that .night. The Rev. Father Aug. mann and Miss Anna DJhb left Tuesday of laat week for -Mi pltal. Rochester, Minn..: fok- ination and possibly an- ope: The Rev. Father George" Paul was here and held services at the church list John .Mc.N'ett and wif^ Margaret Collins came jo ever given only jeal-1 riad Jieen of John Collips family and v aaiMrday any other ^ive Or jeal- of a ciVl Heed. on a sofa, all sitting jons.; which the icham- if la>l^hter tered ; the friends. Antofi Knlmer left last night on the Sunflower iSp^ci^l for St. Louis, going to Carlyle a visit to relatives and fril 1.. on Is. Warren Rlley has beeii d<jwh sick week. Bith of liccly with the mcasle.s for the pa as has also \1ncent STJcka th«' boys are, getting aton and will b» out In a few Kd lloiman and family| last Sunday with Will Hei family as dinner guests, and .Mrs. Engene Pish weije noon callers and all had I time. ! .Mii?s Maytne Drain, who he ainiis- soin. and! "She's get- sort, nm J eatch- s with )w the >me in- tl le best MONEY IS HiliD ASJBANKS CALL IN •tectli-e Renewal Ritte Marked Up lid Per Toda Street r. New York. Feb. 2 .S (API—SpeCt lators for the adv; nee continue 4 in control of Ithe price movemei t in today's stock narket, basin; their campaign oii large ciir.rei earnings and prosywts of highi rj dividends. Banks ca 000.000 in loans. wl aile<l I jwonld lAvestl. W trj. Troy- led about |20| iith Ihe resu that the renewal• raile oii call moij |ey was marked up I'- per cent. Illgb priced industrials agaih came to the fore. Hou.ston O 1 wa.s the sensational individual fe jture. .soaring over l.> poin'.s to new record high at lisa-.,. Anion the score or so lew industri:] highs were Du I'on . Hush Term jnal. Collins and Aikman. Inite I' iStates Industrial l< ohol, (Jrei We.stern Sugar. Vwiadium SteHlj |and Republic Steel. Soiiihwesiern ' rai gain active on ',£ul a splendid deij ' veloped for some o •klividend paying sha TJie first sale of R wa8l!\Vp^,^.r„ jj ,„uk. lo, steffer jiouiiceiffint of. the ' j^upreme.court jlecis teams !|)„ii»nv Uiten-sis in f lola. rman. J. II. |i'asi., -ihowed f'f point.--. .Max- Id and away ilr. KansK (il Kaii-ias City. Fi-b Itrnitpii States . IDjepartment Oj Agricnltiirei-i;. S. itl!»: .\o. :;. $1G .".o; r. S. -Vo. 1. alf& thwest js2;ir ;-jt;; .No. 1. Jlsifi Kas at I; C. s. .So. 1 timot ik. last !,>, fi,y. ::. *n .r ,I Rev. r. S. Si}. 1 uplani tdr said! <o. Jll 'r .o; .\o. .1. [to rest resiir- JulHsed. |<'«ted by! p irent.s. ? iiym- ^Vhvat, r.-ceipis 2!>6 (I jto I-;.! lower: .V il..'t2fi l.:!T?-j: .'Co. Had be-? fam- week [iihe, but apd buy rmour alioni Henry (losses- d Mr. bkck to In the r ira the •Station. M; S. aftcr- of'the r orado. ipj loyees n eeting [ly 1 hofi- lexam- atinn. St. regular Si^ndai-. Mliw front Hh the with islted •hah and Mr. lafter- good >o. 1.: •M V Kansas (itj ^ans,is City, Fehi. lAI'i Z hard tl.:!l!-i*l.-''.7'-.:: O'.ftl.rtOl-.; .N'o. Vi: .No. .t « orri. unchanged t[ ! white T.iKtiTS'^c; Oci; No, 2 yellow 'OffiTSc; .No. 2 mixej : 6t)®C!»VjC. Oats, •.incbanged; |B18c; .Nil..:: ISfiilCc .Milo maize %\.ni\ Kafir. Jl.oSfi 1.11. Rye. 97'i<a9S't<;. Barley, Kansas Cltj- Liiesiork. Kan»as City. Feb. M Agriciilture) — slow^: desirable light and mtdiuni weights to shippers «r thin Friday's l^.'t time, (jr tn 25c higher than S: turday's jpack ar trade; big packer* bidding verjj feriiigs; *.50; top stocH Sll-S.' Steady on wrefghty o ylHH steady: $11.73'»:1 Qn 140 to ICO pounjls; de.slrublt^ lu.T .i o 2Ti ; th 170. to 230 poundH I ght lights up to i\\ round butchers $11 acfcjng HOWS $lu .(iO hjere 'to attend Jbe ftcr. .Mrs. .Nellie I) Cattle li.SOO; cildes 1.30n eera fairly activ ronf;; quality mosj bulls rong to l.'ic higher. \'t alers and • ciilve.-< si|!eady: .stotkers • ind feeders steady to lac lower; '' -• •--'• heavy stt-ers $12. .steers $}i.Oi»'f'i li I 4 P il2.5<l. Shej-p :,UU0: lambs gen (fi 2.'><f hjglifr; top a| $l.' H.Otf; top feed :!..'.ti- oild lots sheep st< Issues wert nferger rumor laml .also dt the seasone es. I'an-.\nie,rica lowing the aiij- fnit.-il Stale on a:;aii:-l tlii liie K!k Hill a net lU -i Ifu Hay. 2 .*i. lAI'l No. 1 aifa !t4 o. .'!. ^l:!;.-.ii. fa. vcrv leaf 21. ly $17.."i'l: .N I'rairie $1.") JlO.aO. l.niin. irs; nmjliauj; 2 dark hai $1.311t l.:i r red $I .2 :t'. fl.30 II.c lower: Ni .No. .'! rit-v/~i-. No i;!^! 71'.:: .N while Kiuisas (loJe. Kaiisa.4 City. Feb. i\ C^os.-: \V'heat. .May old May liewj Sl-.-iO^*: .Inly %\ I Corn. I.May 73>4c; Jul .St-pt. 7!»K ( hicaso i-rain. Chicago. Feb. 2S'. Wheat. May IL-IS^i to $ $l..'?2-'<4 tb %; Sept. $l .:!o I Corn. Mav to •'^^ic: t(> ; Sept. S3'ic. |(iat3. :May 4aikr;: Sept. 4tt4ijr =NC. iRve,, May Jl.O.-.Vi: Si -i.I. flS -ivc. .Inl .Till: )few Idad.-^ r .ffrl2lrii>: :ir,; veal rally [lac others ng lambs ad.v. <AP)— $l.:n!?H: .2a. 765ic: ^VR to I— Close: .39: .Inly to '4. lJuly S(»V4 •t.i>;c; $1.03-%: ! PUBLIC AlJC ( hiragn Lhe<.torl. fi'.icago. Feb. 2S. (C. S Dept. of ; • .\prii:ulturei — Hogs :!7 .o|«; fairly active; ~\i)c to 2.ic highe J12.1.'): bulk betitr grade !ti. averages ilLSOifi 12.1 21" to 2.=i<i- lb. IniKhers lI.S'i; few -JSO to 310 lb. $)!l li'f/ll.i'iti; pacl^ . Jl'MDf: lO.ti.'.: light, weigl 'RILM .s .L: heavy weiglit ho top at ] 50. to 20" ; most! $11.50 f/'j butchers-i ing sows i ts $111.7.1: J 11. no's! ll.»;ii; nii'dinm tlLSOfi 12 tir^ light n\y<><'(rVl.\h: \\i\n light 12.1 -'i: packing sow.s $1". .^lli!iu'lit*f pigs *Il .'t '5TiI2 steady 'tik Umu'ht^r p i at 1 1.! I IS Jll.lOfl .'>FI 10.85: t rong; i-arly lop $(1".00: bulk iiJlit steers' $!<,iiilWHi;7.'.l: bulk fat cowjs $.'>.75f( medium i-s $t;.ti'» 12. IT Iambs hoice of s held amb.4 at .'4\y lamljs bulk fat coM| outsells $-J .,'.i)f'(;.,on; h»U< ici 'ifrrt .".0; few liea 4i.n.«;5: Mailt v <'.Tl "rs $10 iSli.'.'p H .iMio: active: fully'2.'x-; ^o .';."ic: higher; handy .weigbts ' to killc around ill 25: desirabl'> $i;.r.e-fnr.: eilrly sales he.- jll.'i «1i l|l .5o: slioj.p strotig; i fai cues 1^254 /0.(10; -best hel $S<.2.".; ,fee<ling and shearing iambs opening i25c to 50c higbf nrf -^rinps! *13.50ifi 1.1. CLA.SSIFIEI) ADTEBriS- IXFORMATiUX. I aroiind .. if- j \~ ANliOiJJ ^eEMEI ST to! fteglsl. t. STORAGlB SALE-f-liFiil at iiiiblic Pa one chairs, rfcck. j-otftid dl lint brajry tables cot^, new ranee, kl ru». ant| iiuc Jon at BIshO I's Sal ivvejlnesdajl. :Mai]ch, [2. niil Lotti of eardbnitooli and ter every Satfardfay jat IbOO olslocfi tool.s.i Bishop's PUB.IC £.\Li ran Selina. Snteiested Write E. for bills. expedtini are tioiieer, \>j or leleph expense, in ijhe sa j.. ton; $12.00 qn. half mile west lAforan. CONOOL CcSTfuG H-Cheaper than Jtist receii] BrVson Fi North Jefftrson; e|la big ship- ifniturtjl Store, t =cfr —I Wbi •^Rewaril if: AiletloBS p. mf. qeds, drtsiser.<i d hgj chairs, (.nosol tablei.: bnl fek: cliiffenobes, |sa>- ch4n cabinet, o miturc of all Saiifs Pavitton. I Hall. Bayapi yoti ar^ intjsjijesttjd I^r tb employ rit^ ine at| Baya bne 632, Kjincali .ly eference is ;ifiyi es. I [ : i OMOnVB Antdmobll^ AgjencM USjED CJVR-t-ls as jdepen lal)ll hnl Hells it-r- Diidfje vii'e. "The bestjp ate llependdble II! e'|» arp 14* the Sa to hi At line els, Co.. dealt andiSe ly gojm. breseit of btih prKieil 21-1 Nortlli UD Son-I high clash I find! prit what led worth Wajjhiugui good ^'OHb SEq tirei conibined steering « motor S. d'. S. to 10c|iiigh 8.5; 240 15W11.4'i| fS 10.50. |e,: steati ly medlii 'unoral rain, retl fe<l m loj TTeH lurne ' |i. Wichita Sunday c veiling. F. E. Rawlings' received ttlat bis 4mcre had d5ed at .M Ckla.. and he left to atten Wednesday hioruing. The play given at the ha ledncsday night, "Deacon D was Well • presentei^ and wa(< en- jiiyed by a good *ized aui^ieni e. The young folks enjoyed a a :ter the play anci s'rve.i in the basenif OI.AHSlK»Bnj RATFlS Dallv latt. |.«-r liii<f for c .ii.voutive : ini^tlons: • 1 I Chan o Cash , ; Blx day^ i,... 7e «c 'Three il.iys i.'... 9fl 7c Dii* day I...12e , ibc jMlniniiiin rharg *i. Site on at v ad. iMininiuiii < ^(x). Count fiv- wnrd.« 10 .1 Ilp«> i ! PHONB VOr.TR CLASS! HRD • i , i .AD' TO. 18 Rrrorsl tn aiIvertLtemeiiL<^ hould be r+|x>rt«ll iliiiDiedlatfly. Tlfe Ro|fIst*r *IU iiyt l^e respoD-sIbte for 1 lore than •JLIE Incon -M -l Insiertbin. fil «!OI :il Jrates for vMrly m vertNIng. Ada pru.;r«-«l :.-.r sixi times inJ jitop- iwfl before explrationl will l> charged f<\t only the niunber ;of tim. s the ad appeared, land adjustment mt de at the rale f-arnfH^. i Th»« liiillVuliiiil adTertlsen ents under the fiiUowIiig Glas.vlfi.'^ ioiw are •irrani5»l ;lii Al.PlIABFrTICAl. order fo^ <iulrk| reft -rence.. AU ad.-i ].->re re »ir »et>'d "to tl elr prop- .•r I claAsifjciition nnd to tli - regular Dfiiiy Rogister sty e of type. The oub- lishej-s r.-kerve the riKht ti edilj or reject any; claa.Mried adverti.< ing copy. An Ad iuker will gladly t sslst jron If dpsin-d.! f!0 th .TT the copy for your •id; 1.^ prepared In muh a n anner at tolbrlng th'Vifreatest n-..«iilt!i for you. Careful bktentlon given to mall orders wbtob must ea-sh w th order. <Adv «rtialiig ordered for tm gubr in- '«rUnn%, takes the on* timo -ate., No ad I i9 ttkeii for litsn than a Iwsit of three lines. The I0I4 Register otfIce b op«n to rt »ceive udvertlseiner.ts from ! a. m. to 'f, \< m. All ud!< ri >celv« il up until :i p. mi will a.pi.<AT In all city tOL-, lloti» the name day. Klarehy .Motor rtoon teheVrolet roadster. hestj fJara; AKLAND Oal Ishaiie: '21 nddr: '2 ltire .4: '2; rrarsl irsED Chrsiiler tFO"! roupe: . M F-ord tourJ |ig4 Co., IBU I C WHITKl Fsse.xi AttoioWles for SaW bunipe s and " oiiginal he :l. goo<l .4 I. ande ngtbn. Ptioiie .S93. CO cpadhes of Se. ebakdf A.> veial Hot art rang<j. comtoinitiJn S. Bishop. ION—Public D.\TBS-:;ni Kans.. Feb: I ei^ilrn. LARGE iiAS RA.N bed. dihin L0Ai7Si-Qii ^ck -Tble rat'ea,: i 213 3. Wasblngtoi •enrice 4 ' ,machine ;oIl barrd truck, v tides, a .sci 2JJiacr^ (trade oi rent; s| S—2 i reznors, tablcj. sewing rpcker. dtres.ser, oil pump. aijy of thede .skids. ^,,3^ '.Ihavt' pen and clOs gcll.j Klli AVasljiingto^ doiti MOTffR Cci dejilers. JEvery sed cars. >tou want he the moiiey. V bi|n |oi| e., \ Phonei -1925 itudor. fendeil finish upho^i Onaranteed. terras. bd ANtt CITY rate Jon fama. C%. or snort tline; . R. M. IJOAN3-^ 6 %J I pniinlngitiin MONEY TO 'i )LpAJi—Tivafe ea^terii monejj tq| lojin -on fd and city !pri)p^ity. Tenns anid^paym^at Local Instruction EN-RfiLI—W^th the i the Evaris |ola Btisinesa Store. Day school. Aisitions .iseii} Horses,!Cattle. Tkhlelea FOR BAliMPair worfk mare-i years old; ! iijair wo year"^ some Mildired. Kahs.l Apijii wide on. i BABYl - horn lie noil btiir KflC.Si-Buff Rock, for t^etting II wi A ai .uii ;E.N{;USH WHWEJ L i Highl produiiing hens • cockerels fiiom St. ,k . ! pediHceed mbting.s up i t-'hiclts. $lfi liuudred; iste Co.. 212 South CARS—1 *1 |ich; two 192 one 1923 :C cairs are| l9l lievtfoUt c^niiltion. iB. St. Dealeris — landau s^d; d !r.oad!ster; ' (1 coupe, n^dsbn I sedan belvrolitt cou .-plass. j conpt, " other v^rj iStjeeleMotor PdNTftA in [hl|d I M i HIGHEST M .\RKE :;r -jPrIce8 for iream, ; eggs j apd pod Our truck aind chi(ck^h>coop!^ at yiiur service to ipii try. Barker Prodnce Cjo. Pho. al Bit b »ir 1 l.N'CUli.A.TOR -350-egg i quire tit [I Or NONE chickk on Thos. Southird Stadtingij Stewairt &. ninic fcUGTtON LIVESTOCK old: twb 3-yeail-old helleiis; farm machinery .tt iHORS^-COraingfive tire w^agpn; one \.K. L. Kdrtwn. ^ooltrj aiid Snpblks CHICKS-j-Choic from heaviest 1| Phonte 955F3 11. CHICKShStat<^ Brooders, fonndains and mash Custom We AT^ on chicks and the 4t!) a id .>lh the dd Wediie^dayl arid Thur V Chick Elatcr.e EnGSi -Barre!<l rocks. .Mile F.CG.-^ bred .Mrs. north LaHarpe. -For batching IJ. I. Red stock t!. 1:. Dick, i-a Low to suit lind rba L'lasses ew cla.-i lollege and ured. k miiVefc.i 7^ SamlPJ.1 ear olfl spring flhone 9' one Kag- ij-21 White living stj evenii gs. Ed 11 !nli .\f C;red hate ling. 4 ha\ ing sp| poultry Waic: y. 2211 ilfd hial ,ip- tor day iVtist :!.00 per H. Pe.4 from i i; $3 per Iftarper H W. .i. Mos{. \ niil. nnrtli .Aloraii. R. R. EGGSf-Ro.-'O'; comb I Wyaiidotte .s .at $."..00 ] er lOil. bf .byi chi'ks. l.".c eac 1. .lob Hess] Humboldt. Kan dre<l.l ers. delivoiied. Real IVrite U H. Hastfi west. POHOR mateil dhn 's to 307 ggs. $n monev s. Th KansUs. bver 13 block.* : not ' latter ithan F; Mrs. Lulu B. DeanL northea.'f I Country Club 14$ 111 l|o. USED FKRNlTURfl separators, ^arm 1 liuyst i-asy paymeijt.-J gain Store, Lalfai 2ND HA.VD HE,\.T iReznors and fura new. (cheap; Kell! Musical ifen^bindlse TRU.MPET—Holten case, 3 mouth piei el. inuisie rack, like new, used c iilv few time.s. Will sell for $3tJ.ui) l]ess than Seeds, PlaaLs AI.FAE,FA . SEEI> KANOT.A. SEED farm, 30c 'per bus linger. lola. Kans.l KANOTA SEED OAfrs— Tested. ..'lOc" bu. at farm. m; G. W. Sh.-jdwick. ' ugon. Other ar- 'A land i for sale, me al place. iiay. "March iream. iiinejry- Reaf 1 Curtis Bar- ll.NG STOVES-T it\ire. good a.i H HotS'l. E Flat, leather F |»irer8, hBeSt ; Kansa.s gro.wn: ;bome gri> I'li orange cane •; seed. Shannon's Iia^rdware. Oi\TS—.\t my ni. C. O. Bol^ % 1 --'^^'^ Carlyle. SKA.NOT.A. SEED—O it^, .50c. bii.shel: j 2 Pcrcheron stalliiiiii.oldj enough ; for servii-e. Chas Franklin, Mo) ran. Kans. j SEEDS—Home grov lb.; home grown grass. 20c lb. See of field seeds. .-Vl piemen c Co. ~ ' I. li Red -Top. 1.5c (-English ; blue ^.^ for all kinds eti Cotinty Im- :TTMl)THY SEED! cleaned,.$2.50 Ir.isi : i'- miles northwe! jl'ijfi s^cdi :re•U K. L ; Works, ti Humboldt. -t- Wanted—Td ADDING M.\CHlNKi-!Wanti gO ')iI adding niacli Tboinpsonj Agency, Buy 68 to buy The R. 11,. Rooms tVithiin: 'ure-1 aiis. Mxs}\ SLEEPING ROCJM- oiie' lire. 10S-. W. .lacks •j-*ironl expos^^J ^bi »ne[ SS3. ;if»'i A II REAL ESTATE I F. .Ipajrtments an (ij Flats hvith best APART.VIKNT—1 r< with breakfast no clo .-ic in.; I'honi IS oins. moderb, first floor. .VP.ART.MICNT -:: rdonis. TOoaern. on - front, downst; street. I 'hone l:'.;* Farms! and I.and FARM— For nnt. H. C. Bii' Hnn for Hent; 76 T—: ' —i: \^'rite 'or' see ly>ldt^ Kans^ biOARD Board yOR RENT 7i lis.! 210 ! I " - . Ea -st

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