Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 29, 1949 · Page 23
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 23

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 29, 1949
Page 23
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jr ':', .^fft- -, ;/_• '•• * ^M ALTON fiVEfHNd fEtEORAPH ITS THS HOURS,/WMU6S AND IWl VM3BRIEO, POP6VE" THIS ) / MOftNING H5 ASKED FOB JUST A ume NOON TOCftV , 3, 136,8OOJ" OP THE ' ILATTER!! 7~S. /I n) \?OQ VOOi - A CAN OP ]f SORRY, ELMER/ SOOBUE'S *~\ VVS AIN'T 6OT BeAN5,aEASE, ""•'• FWIENP/ I SAIC? *WE AINt YOU BALMY BUNNV, ARE AUU GOOSLE'S BUT- ) UISTSN, VOC, I 5PENT THREE HOURS BUILPIN' UP THAT PISPLAV 0' CANS... ...AN' t AINT 6P0IUN' IT PER NOBOPY/ HE5 JUST T(?yiNS H KNOW... / OH, .R7E HEAVEN'S SAKE iTTHrXTV OSCAJ2»y0U FLKTTEPS. HIM AND -\ TO HELP US HIS MILLION . VlNANCE YOIK. THE 6»NL.y WAY HE KNOWS H0W/ OUR BOARDING HOUSE WITH MAJOR HOPPLE OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS E6AD, YOU TAKING FPtBLES AND FRAIL- Ttss WITH A VIBVJ TO INS 1M6 CHALLEMSB OF 1150 A BETTER MAfi?~~-TEMP- S :4 AND REDUCINSTU& SIZES OF YOUR MIGHT 05 I'JW GOllvJS TO SA\)B THOSE BUCK PORTRAITS OF AMD •EMTo PEOPL& VJHD DON'T <Sl\)E ( eiv\ BACK TILL SEORSE 6Q3VOS A BEARD/ TM SOINS TO WAIT PATIENTLY FOR Gome ' CLOUD -BRAltvJ TO tBLL ME MM TO SPIM AA.Y CO AHEAP, SUIT VDRESELF- BUT NOT ME/ THE 1 / HAIN'T GOT NOTHIM' ON ME BUT I iteauuM » A KILUWAN'BANK. KOBBlW, AN' I'LL BE TO GIT HUNG PER. HOSS STEAUIKT.' {•^{-flMi JTR.WU.VIAMS. t. H. K<L U. t. MT. 0»F, VEARS TOO SOOM FRECK'S OVEP AT ^ STUFBtE6EAMS NOW ABOUT AN ORDER FOR Six DOZEN . GLACKERS. i HOPE HE SUCCEEDED/ WITH TUB pRLJESOMEiyeOOD/ LARDSY? >C ^ftAfTwUM MiYA. MEATBALL— \ No , HO WO YOU SOAP/ COME OUT WITH JfoAve STUFFLEBEAM? /HIM A _ ME REPOSES / TDCAMCEU'HIS ORDER' Q6T5 A ' 60ME IM HE'LL SIQNAL VOU WHEN t'W R6ADY fdlt TUB C6TAWAV, AL. J9B Wt BA TRACES Trt'M.MlM WOTtL HAPPBW TO POOR LITTLE PUPPSI ? TAK6 MO&TOF THE NIOHIl AS NltK, M HIS OU* PU$HT(? SHOW CIRCUIT THE Tonight's Radio Program | ifUltHHIItllillllllillllltlllliilllllillUIIIIIIIIIIIIH The Telegraph radio schedule to made up from program* provided weekly by the stations. It cannot be responsible for changes made to programs since mailing-by stations. ON THE DIALi KSD, 580( KXO&, 630) WEW, 119} KFUO, 850} KMOX. 1«0( WIL. 1230; KWK. ISROl WOKZ (PHI 69.9 Meg. 1570. XHUBRDAT 8:00 p. M. KSD—News Jumpln* Jack KXOK-Green Hornet KFUO—Meditation. KMOX—News WIL—Vern King KWK—Straight Arrow. 8:15 P. M. KSD—Music from Solly wood. KMOX-World News. 8.-30 P M KSD—News KXOK—Jack Armstrong. KFUO (KM)—French Music. KMOX—Curt Massey. 5:45 P. M. KSD—Mumo o* Our 1 Timt, KFUO—Serenade. KMOX—Lowell Thomas. WIL—Sports GXtra 6:00 P. M. KSD—News, , Sports. KXOK—Hollywood Showtime. KFUO (FM)—Concert, KMOX—Beulah. WIL—News. KWK—News. 8:18 £JJ,' K SD-World N.W., KXOK—News. KMOX—Jack Smith. WIL—Mike Douglas. KWK—Gil Newsome First Five. 6:30 P. M. KSD—Sinatra-Kirsten. KXOK—Counterspy. KMOX—Club 15 WIL—Dinner Music. News. 8:45 P M. KSD—Song Shop KMOX—Commentator WIL—Sparklers _ KWK—Music for Tomorrow. News 7:00 P. M. KSD—Aldrich Family KXOK—Blondie KFUO (FM)—News. KMOX—FBI In feace and War. WIL—Salon Serenade. „ ,. KWK—Count of Monte Christoe. 7:15 P. M. KXOK—Melodies KFUO (FM)—Sports. . KWK-,Newa. ; 7=30 P. M. KSD—Father Knows Best. KXOK—Date With Judy. KFUO (FM)—Worship Hour. KMOX—Mr Keen WlL-Holiday Specials. KWK—Fish and Hunt Club. News 7:43 P. M. KFUO (FM)—Magazine 8:00 P. M. KSD—Screen Guild Theater KXOK—Amateur Hour KFUO (FMI—Concert Hall. KMOX—Suspense WIL—Meet the Band. KWK—Gabriel Heatter. 8:15 P.M. WIL-Serenade. WIL—Serenade. KWK—To Be Announced. WOKZ—Operation lib 8:30 P. M. KSD—Land We Live In. KFUO (FM)-News. KMOX—Crimer Photographer. WIL—News. Molodies. • - KWK—Mr. Feathers. 8:45 P. M. KXOK—R, Montgomery. KFUO (FM)-Melody Pattern. WIL—Melodies. 8:00 £v%L,KSD-Supper Club. KXOK—Curtain Calls. KFUO (FM»—Blessing KMOX—Hallmark Playhouse. WIL—Rhythm. KWK—News. 8:15 P. M. WIL—Sports. KWK—1 Lovo a Mystery. 9:30 P. M. KSD—Dragnet. KXOK—Song and Dane*. KFUO (FM)— News KMOX—Hollywood Theater. WIL—Bombers vs. Baltimore. KWK—Mysterious Traveler. 9:45 P M KFUO IFMI—Open Bible. lOiOU P M. USD-News. KXOK—France Laux. KFUO (FM)—Music. KMOX-world News. KWK—Sports. News. 10:15 P. M. KSD—Songs. KXOK—News- KMOX—To Be Announced. KWK—Orchestra. 10:30 P. M. Richard' Harkness. KXOK—Beautiful Music. KFUO (FM)—News KMOX—Instrumental. Crime Rep WIL—News. Trio. ' • , KWK—Orchestra, News. 10:45 P. M. KSD—Here's to Vets. KFUO (FM)-Ablde with Me KMOX—Rose Bowl Preview, WIL—Hawaiian Serenade 1:00 P M KSD—New* Sporta. KXOK—News Orchestra KFUO (FM)—Concert Favorites, KMOX—News Orchestra, WIL—Dawn Patrol. KWK—Orchestra 1:15 P. M KSD—Orchestra. iCXOK—Orchestra. 12:00 P. M. KSD—News. KMOX—All Night Frolic*, FRIDAY 0:00 A. M. KSD—Newt KXOK-Newi WEW-News. Musical dock. KFUO-^Call. KMOX—Farm Talks. Markets. KWK—Ed Wilson Show a A M KSD—Hymn* KXOK-~Town and Country Markets. Nabor News, Weather, Chaa. Stookey. . KMOX-Sunrljo Salute O A. M KSD— Melodies KFUO—Farm and Home Journal. 8:45 A. M. KSO-Weather New*, WEW-Qranduappj ENJOY IHII ELM DAIRY HOMOGENIZED MILK KFUO—News. , WOKZ—Farm Fair. 7.-00 A, M. KfiO-Aiea OttMt. KFUO—Meditations KMOX—World New*. WIL—Breakfast Club. KWK—Bing Crosby. 7:15 A. M. KSD—Time and Tempo*. KFUO—Hymns tor tne BOOM. KMOX—Ozark Varieties WOKZ—Mews. Saddle Rhythm. KWK—News. 7:30 A M. KXOK—News. WEW—Newt. Melodies. KFUO—Musical Reveille. WIL—News. Breakfast Club. KWK-Ed Wilson WOKZ—Al Relhl Show. »!« A M KSD-NeWs. KXOK—Breakfast Time. WEW—Sacred Heart Program. KFUO—If Thou Be Near KMOX-Wortd Newa. 8:00 AM. KSD—Time and Tempos. . KXOK—News. WEW-News. KFUO—News. Salute to Morn. KMOX—Clock Watcher. WIL—Missouri Rangers. , KWK—News. Ed Wilson. 8:15 A M KXOK—Breakfast Club. WEW—At Your Service. WIL—Rhythm Stylist 8:30 A. M. KSD-News. WJW—Orandoappy Jones. KFUO—New*. „ „ WIL—News. Tommy tucker. 8:45 A. M. KSD— Clevelandalres. KFUO—Varieties KMOX—World News. WIL-Song». WOKZ—Western Roundup. ' 9:00 A. M. KSD—Welcome 9:15 9:30 . .8:45 WIL— Sunshine Serenaden. KWK— Bandstand Revue A. M WEW— Mother'. Health Class. • KFUO~ Portrait » ln New «- KMOX— Arthur Godfrey WOKZ-Chapel of the Air. A M. KSD— Marriage for Two. WEW— Ask Fr. Lord KFUO— Beside Still Waters. WIL — News. H. Manning. WOKZ-Just for You A. M, KSD— Dorothy Dlx KXOK— Victor Undlahr. WEW— Markets. KFUO— Themes o» the Ages. 10:00 A. M. KSD- We Love and Learn, KXOK — Modern Romance WEW— 770 Record Club. KFUO— Music of Masters wo , K2 f «««. Patter Parade. A. M. KSD— Dave Garroway. . A. M. KSD— Jack BercJ> SHOW. KXOK-Quick as a Flash. KFUO— Homemaker't Chat. KMOX— Grand Slam. WIL— News, Myri WOKZ— Girl About Town. Uwton - ,„,« 10:15 10:30 WOKZ—To Be Announced. ' 11:00 Ai M. KSD—News. ~ Weather. KXOK—House Party WEW—Shopper's Bulletin. KFUO—Open Bible. KMOX—News. Wendy WIL—M J B Show. KWK—Tom Dailey. WOKZ—News. Music. 11:15 A. M, Frankie Lane. KFUO—News. 11:30 £,, M KSD— Russ Uavld Show. KXOK— Forest Park Lunch. WEW— Just for Women KFUO— Musical Memoirs. ffMOX— Romance of Helen Treat WIL— News M J B KWK— Recall It and Win. WOKZ— Musical Entrees 1114S A M KXOK— Scrambled Quu. WEW— Markets. KFUO— Melody Lane KMOX— Our Gal Sunday. 12:00 A. M KSD-News KXOK— Howdy Neighbors. KFUO — Devotional Music. KMOX— World Newt. ,„,„ WOKZ— Farm-Market Newt 12:15 P. M. KSD-Art Baker's Notebook WEW— Grandpapp> Jones. KMOX-Ma Perkins. WOKZ—Matinee. 12:30 P. M. KSD—News, KMOX-Youn* Or MaJone WIL—News. M. J B KWK—To-Be Announced. WOKZ—Salon Serenade. U:49 P M. KSD—What's New m tne Stores Today,. Nancy Dizoa. KFUO—on We Farm Froov KMOX—Big sister. WIL—MJB Show KWK—Dr. Crane. HEAR LOUISE 10*5 A.M- STATION WOKZ DAILY Monday Through Friday 1570 „ ON YOUR DI,At Sponsored fey . DO'T. STOHt KM WIL — Man About Tewtt O^-Miirto Appreciation. OX— Sectrtx) to, Btrtoa. IL— Tello Teat KWK— Ladies Fal*. « .. J? ? 9? s fc=J leco '4t Shop. H«wi. 1:18 ^JS;, 11 ^ 0 *-" 1 * 5 * "*»*»««• WEW— Music. KMOX— Perry Uuon OK— Bride ud Groom W— Market! ex-Thli i« Nora Drtk*. WIL— News. Melody Lane. KWK— Queen for • Dty P. M. KSD— Ught 01 UM World WBW-Bodksta Brtet KMOX— Brighter Day. KWK— Quis Club. WOKZ— Mike Myatetlei. P.U. KSD-JUUe Can B* Beautiful KXpK—P«k a Date. WEW— Shopper's Bulletin. KFUO— Chrlatlan School, KMOX-David Harum KWK— Lionel Barrymor*. WOKZ— News. Varieties. P M. KSD— Road of LU*. KFUO Area Hent KMOX--IBlltop Houw KWK— Hollywood o. S. A. WOKZ— Airlane Melodies. R M. KSD— P Younit KXOK-Ladle, Be S WEW— St. L, u. Series. KFUO— News. KMOX— Editor's Daughter. WIL— News. Melody. . KWK— Ed Wilson WOKZ — Here's to Veterans. ,«,, KXOK— Ted Malone. WEW— Sacred Heart Program. KFUO— St. L. Inst of Music. KMOX— Hearts in Harmony. WOKZ— The Whirligig. 1:48 9:00 3:15 3:30 » » 8:45 3:00 S:13 3:30 8:48 * :0 ° 4:18 4:30 . KFUO— Open Bible. KMOX— Housewives Prot League WIL-Vern King (FM Slgnon) WOKZ— Sunset Serenade, fc4a ^J* KSD— Front Page.rarrell KXOK— News. . KFUO— Sports, News. Jerseyan Named to National Committee JERSEYVILLE, Dec. 29.— (Special.) — Charles H. Daniels, superintendent of schools of Jersey County, has been named to membership of a planning and budget committee, selected to cooperate with the Music Educators' National Conference in preparing a program for a convention to take place in St. Louis March 18-23. Daniels will attend a 1 " meeting of the planning committee Jan! 5 in the assembly room of the board of educaton in St. Louis. Representatives of the conference will be present, The revolver has undergone Us first really radical change since" its invention. The cylinder has been moved to the rear, with the grip and trigger-guard underneath x and in the center position, while the barrel extends over the top from cylinder to muzzle. ^T KXOK— Galen Drake. WEW— News. Master's Moment!. KPUO — Wings 01 Healing, KMOX— Linda'? First Love, WIL— Holiday Special, KWK— News ED Wilson Show. P M KSD— Stella Dallas. KXOK— Bing Sings. KMOX— Guldlna Light. P M. KSD— Lorenzo Jones. KXOK— Song and Dance Parade KFUo-Tomorrow's world. KMOX— News. Hayride. WIL— News. Orchestra. WOKZ— Today's Top Tunes l KTmrL t fP~ Voun « WWdet Brown KFUO— Eyes on the Future. WIL — Orchestra PJ J&> KSD-Wben a Girl Marries. WEW— Grandpappy Jones, KFUO— Song Shop. KMOX- Curt Ray , WIL— Orchestra KWK— News. Ed Wilson Show. WOKZ— This Is the Story. P M KSD~Portla Faces Ule. KMOX— Curt Ray. WIL— Orchestra WOKZ— News, Sports. ICC Lifts Restrictions On Illinois Power Users SPRINGFIELD,-Dec. 29 WP>—All restrictions on hatural gas salei in the Belleville, East St. Louis, Grantte City and Hillsboro service areas of Illinois Power Co. 'were lifted today by the Illinois Commerce Commission, The restrictions were placed in effect in 1947 when the gas supply, was short. Mississippi River. Fuel Corp., which supplies Illinois Power, since has added to, tta facilities and increased the amount o£ gas available in its transmission system. , The commission's restrictions re* main,in effect in all Illinois Powei areas getting natural gas from Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Co, When Rome was at the height of her power it was said that a bird could travel from one end of the Spanish peninsula to. the other by Jiopping from tree to tree, but Spain now has very little forest area. -The endurance of the American bison was remarkable. He could often run 40 miles at a time. RCA VICTOR'S Large 10-inch Screen Priced at only ..., ..$19?.95 KSD-TV PROGRAM CHANNEL S Thursday, Dec. 29 P.M. , 4:15 Judy Splinters, (NBC) 4:30 Howdy Doody. (NBC) B:00 Test Pattern, Transcribed Music and News Tape. 3:30 Song Shop; Russ Severln . Starred. S:45 I. N, S. Telenews. 6:00 Kukla. Fran and Ollle, Puppet Show. (NBC) 6:30 Charlie Ackeraon Shbw, 6:45 News Caravan. (NBC) 7:00 Stop the Music. (ABC) 8:00 Kay Kyser's College of Musical Knowledge:-Ish Kablbble, Michael Douglas, Sue Bennett, the „ „» H. one , ydreamers and Car 1 H OJI 9:00 Martin Kane, Private Eye; William Gargan In Tile Rple. 9:30 Wayne King. (NBC) 10:00 Morey Amsterdam Show. • (Dumont) 10:30 to 10:45 Fltzpajrlck Travelogue FRIDAY, DEC. 30 3:30 Test Pattern, Transcribed Music and News Tape. 3:45 Just Make It Music; Buss Severln. COMPLETE RCA VICTOR LINE Cash or< Credit BILL'S radio shop 15 East Ferguson Ave. WOOD RIVER, ILLINOIS Dial 4-5141 for your Ford Tractor DEARBORN HEAVY-DUTY Move dirt, load manure, or rrnia . . , fait, Drjvt yonr Ford Tractor under tta fnwe, fatten ilx bolfr and yon have § manure ton*, power ihovel, of bolft «| great ttopfftb, wpacitjr and ({Bed, Jwt by LOADER i fritter bydrsBJfc tyttw tm to* other toiaemeitti, Ci*t «opfl9te Jni<mn»ttoo nm tbla m»f ?d lQ»4*r M . m II «pertt«! iwitkwi m CARTER TRACTOR AND , ' ^ ^^y^jitim^- ,v ( - ., >\:' OnmUM ma. tju&titu**oiina»**^i^•> ^ f, i ,'•<>. >$$.,*,w ,?x « f<

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