Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 10, 1898 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 10, 1898
Page 4
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SATURDAY BVE.,'DBU. 10, *<Fof three years I suffered from heart disease. Could not lie on my left side, had dizzy ipetli, and at times my heart would skip a beat. Physicians and proprietary medi- ijnes failed to do me any good, but three bottles of Dr. Miles' Heart Cure made me a healthy man. i). J. VandarrM, Cornell, III. 9t DR. MILES' Heart Cure U sold by all drngirtota on guarantee ant bottle benefit* or money back. Book on heart and nerves sent (roe, Dr. Mllw Medical Company. Elk hart. Ind, NOTICE TO ADVERIISKR8. for »»• year IW9 we (hall charge tin follow- in* ram for tr»nil«at notioee In our local col- sweep away many plan* and the alleged rnneons for them, the President's silence about such plans iseml' nenU.v rm LIN«, 10 cents. 7 cents. » conn. Single Intertlon Tare* to «T« Insertions Bli to twelve Insertions IUTM Of ADTRHTI8IMO. TiumiiKT.— 60 cents per Inch nrit Insertion, trd W cents per Inch for each subsequent Inser- tlOD It Mr Inoh &nt month, II. 50 per I nob each month thereafter. HOiLiDTMTHIKO tl Mr looh for the On t Insertion, and 60 oenti Mr (no* tor each subsequent insertion. It you want to rent houses or rooms, If you want to sell anything, If yon want to flnd any lost article, Advertise in the Telegraph. V. S. NIXON, Atchitect, and Superintendent Ftanil'and Specification* for Work Accurately Furnished. OVBR ALTON SAVINGS BAM THE first American troops to enter Havana, will be a regiment of New York volunteers, which will march through the city tomorrow, to quarters west of the town. dov.-ELECT Roosevelt, It is said, proposes to appoint Judge Daly, a Democrat, to a seat on the Supreme bunch of that State. Daly was turned down by Oroker because the Judge would not allow the boss to dictate tbo Judge's appointments in the court. THE HUlsboro Journal has been sold by its proprietors, B. F. Boyd&Oo., to Joeiab BIzIer, Superintendent of the Hlllsboro schools. The Journal Is one of the beat local papers on the TELEGRAPH'S exchange list, and we wish it continued prosperity under Its new management. ^ ALL WOMEN Jifni»TBm» of i •11 th» pain andtlcknetsfrom which women •uffer U caused Iqr weiknesf or derangement In .the organ* of menstruation. Nearly always when • woman Is not well these organs itre affected. But when they «n strong and healthy a woman Is very seldom sick. THE Imparcial, the Spanish Government organ, In reference to President McKtnley's statement that the Maine was blown up by Spaniards, utters these words: "Spain can not remain under such an Infamous charge. It would be preferable to give the world the spectacle of national suicide." "National suicide" Is the disease tha^ has been sapping the life of Spain for 400 years, and the beat thine tnat Don Oarlos, or some other insurgent could do, would be to toss the old wreck Into the ocean. A Matter of History. By the tprnis of the ueaco treaty Spain will receive for the Philippine IMands about devcii times the price ehe at one time wns not only willing but vory anxious to aocppt for her East Indian dependency. Ft la ft matter of history that about one hundred yearn aga when the destinies of tho French nation were in the hancln of the scheming Tally rand and tbo King Louis Philippe was the nominal head of France, Spain's offer to sell the whole of her East Indian and Went Indian possessions for 92,000,000 was not accepted, and France lost tbe opportunity of acquiring at a nominal price the title to the richest islardo on tbo face of the earth. Had she takmi It the course of events within the last eight months would have been materially altered. Spain would not have owned the Philippines and wo would have had no battle at Manila on last May day. Spain being hard pressed for money at the time, the ruling Queen Regent gave to one of her best diplomatists, Senor Oampazano, the tank of negotiating the sale of the whole of her East and West Indian possessions to France. Tallyrand and Louis Philippe met the Spanish statesman and the negotiations were begun. Spain offered to sell Cuba for 91,500,000 and Porto Rico with tbe Philippines for 8500,000 additional, Tallyrand was In favor of accepting, but Louis Philippe opposed and offered less than half a million of dollars for the whole. The bargain would have been a good one at tbe first figure but France feared war with England If tbe eule was made. The Spanish Ambassador broke off negotiations at once for he had been mortally Insulted by the offer. Spain thereby kept her colonies only to lose them later and receive in lieu of them 820,000,000. SIMt'U M f IRST b nature'* provision for the regulation of the menstrual function. It cure* »11 " female troubles." It If equally effective for the girl tn her teens, the young wife with domestic «nd maternal cares, and the woman approaching the period known M the " Change of Life." They all need It. they tn «H by it \ far tdVfe* In casts raqulrlnr apcetal dtraoUons. addrou, rlvlnr aympiomi, JR. "Udtes 1 Advisory Dofirtrnmt. The Chattanoot* Modlcln* Co., Cbatta- Booc*. Tina. TOOk.l.COOPM, Tnptto, MlM.,Mrst 'BK lnt of CaMri What Would You Do With Them ? Dr. David Hill, of Syracuse, N. Y., Assistant Secretary of Stale, in an address asked a number of questions as to what the anti> imperialists would do with tbe Philippines? They may be repeated hero, and any unti-lmperial- ist may answer who cau: "What now will our national legislators do with the territory ceded by Spain to the United States? W ill they restore them to the vengeance of tbe vanquished? Will they leave them to tbe occupation and partition of other powers? Will they abandon them to their own Inexperience and Internal discord? Or will they attempt to es - tabllsh within them conditions of peace and pelf-government? The laat question Is tbe one to wdich brave men will give their attention. It means civilization and good government, or to shirk the responsibilities of tbe hour and throw discredit on Dewey and our gallant Americans In the navy and army. M. MAHONEY, NSUKANCE AND REAL ESTATE POR IALB. _Jjr»Hrtoi7 double briok dwelling to roomi _ _om frame dwelling on »onctain it. {(-room briok dwelling on Belle at. bam* dwelling on State st Same dwelling wt ft WMt lint of Main street. Big mour dwelling on Blut oMlng. oor IBi and r l-room _ ______ lot near Otartorj f-room "' fwo-itorr briok store, , fwo-itoiT »-roo« frame, date roof loUudMtoreaof laad, 811 Belle it. ate roof dwelling, Boauu tor put* .-room frame dwelling, oor. Alb} „ _ on Bute streit, north ot Blot it on Dry street. (-room frame dwelling, large bur* of land, 1 lorth Alton , oo lth it. -naar n»ra< Henry Watterion an Expansionist. Admiral Dewey is tbe first great expansionist of tbe present generation. Henry Watterson, the able and patriotic editor of the Louisville Courier-Journal, follows the lead of Dewey, and in a pointed speech last evening, argued for keeping the Philippines. He said: "When Dewey planted the Stars and Stripes at Manila he established the new gospel— that wherever the blood and treasure of the nation have carried the flag of the nation, there the flag shall remain; that what England has done with safety, America may attempt without fear. We have come into possession of responsibilities and duties, along with rich and unexpected territory, from which It Is Impossible that we can escape with honor. We must go forward or baok, and we cannot go baok with any self-respect. Tbe rude instinct of the uneducated many baa leaped at tbe truth that we can Dot give np the fruits of Dewey's victory; that the United States prefer to follow the lead of England rather than the lead of China.» In reference to the burying of sectionalism Mr. Watterson said: "When William MoKlnley signed the 00.11- mlsslonscof 'Fltz' Lea and 'Joe' Wheeler be signed tbe death warrant of the 'bloody shirt.'" Chicago's Fight Against Street franchises. The excitement in Chicago against street railway francblshes granted under the Allen lawa, grows iu intensity. The owners of the street rar lines, embracing many of the wealthiest persons in Chicago, It is obarged, have raised a campaign fund with which to buy up the aldermen of that city. The Indignation of the great mass of the city at this corrupt combine knows no bounds. The newspapers and placards threaten that there will bo numerous hangings if the council passes tbe ordinance. Mayor Harrison very strongly Intimates that mob law will be resorted to, and that-he will not "send In a riot call" if the citizens attempt t> hang some of tbe aldermen voting for the measure. Citizens are wearing badges with a piece of ropa dangling therefrom. The bare fact that a largo number of nldwrneu will dare brave such aetorm o? popular indignation as now exists In Chicago, gives color to the charge that n large rmm has been raised by the owners of tbe street railways to pay the aldermen for their votes. Tbe aldermen are expected to look after the interests of tbvir constituents and not after tbe interests of corporations, when the latter come ID conflict with the interests of the people. The aldermen could refuse to nose tbe 50 year extension franchises and continue to be considered honest men by the large majority of their fellow citizens. But their votes for tbe franchise will be sufficient cause for an immense majority of tbe people of Chicago to consider the alderman who so vote dishonest men, boodlers and cor- ruptlonists. No aldermen Is bound to make such a sacrifice as that. No alderman who holds his own good name In high esteem will for one moment consider such a proposition. The Allen law has a bad name. It may be a fair law, but the persons who stood behind it In Chicago, as well as some of the men who fathered It In the Legislature, have made it smell to heaven. It should be buried out of sight by the Legislature at its session in January, and in the meantime honest and respectable councilman should not endanger their own reputation by voting for franchises where the public are as unanimously against them as In Chicago. It Is fo.illj'i to Neglect Any form of Piles. Cure Them at the Beginning. Piles aro niiiiplo In tho beginning and ciaily cured. Tlicy r;mi l>« cured oven in "tint wural. a'tagi's, without pain or loan of hloo I, quickly, surely nnd cmmpl toly. 'Ihnru is only one remedy will il > It Pyramid Pile Ciiro. It, nllayn tho lnllnnim.itlon Imme. dlHtely, lienln Mie irritated nur(n<!e and with continued treatment reduced the swelling ami putstlie membranes Into tood, Bound healthy condition. Tho cure is thorough and permanent. Hero nre some voluntary and unsolicited testimonials wo have lately received: Mm. M. 0. Hlnkly, 601 Mississippi fit., Indianapolis, Ind., pays: Have been a sufferer from ilie pain ami annoyance of piles for fifteen years, the Pyramid Pile Cure and 1'yramid Pills gave mo Immediate relief and in a short time a complete ovre. Major Dean of Columbus, O., says: I wish to add to the number of certificates ns to the benefit derived from the Pyramid Pile Cure. I suffered from piles for forty years and from Itching piles for twenty years and two boxes'of the Pyramid Pile Cure have effectually cured mo. Most druggiBts sell Pyramid Pile Cure or will get it for you if you auk them to. It is GOe for full sized pack- ago and is put up only by the Pyramid Drug Co., Marshall, Mich. Y. P. 8. U*f 0BBAM BALM Ii • rlntotbtooitrlla. JtI* quickly abaorbad. M i or by mall; umplM lOc. by mall. '-. M Wamo BUN.w XorkCltr. BO YEARS' EXPERIENCE TRADE MARK* _ DfCIQN* OOMRIOHTl do. ptlon mar reo_wtolhuf an u Ike Preildent'i Currency Plan. It is a curious fact, says tbe iNew York Tribune, that tbe President's silence about tbe shape of currency leglilation, save aa to redemption of greenbacks in gold, leads some to rush to the ooiiolnalon that be la urging tbe Indianapolis plan; otbera that be la preparing for an intermediate scheme, •uch ae redemption of greenbacks by too banks Instead of tbe Government, and otbera still tbat he means retirement of tbe greenbacks. Men who gaze into the ocean at rest see their own features. Tbe President does not recommend because be knows that action by this Congress will not be possible, and tbat Judgment will be guided by larger knowledge before action can be taken. Yet If men only examine with open minds bis one positive recommendation, tbat tbe Government Itself eball redeem its own notes and bold them until those wbc want tnem return gold for them, they will discover with tbe New York Time*, tbat it "would provide beyond all question (or tbe constant exchange of gold for United States notes at tbe option of th< holders" of either. Tbat does not mean retirement of the notes for, M the rimes says, "they would remain permanently in circulation," at Uwes more and at times less in aotqal use, according to tbe needs of busJatM. since that alone would Gun and look repairing done by Hubbel.— Jarrett building, e. 2nd st. Annual Meeting of the Illinois State Horticultural Society. Tbe forty-third annual convention tbe Illinois State Horticultural Society will be held In Springfield December 27, 28 aud 29, 181)8. Delegates will be present from several otber States, and a program of unusual interest has been prepared. Among other papers are tbe following: "Tbe Horticultural Inspection System of California," H. O, Woodworth; "Spraying Illinois Orchards for Scale Insects," Prof. J. 0 Blair; "Lessons from a Year's Work with the San Jose Scale," Prof. T. J. Bur- rjll; "Plant Breeding and the originating of New Varieties," L. H. Read, WIs.; "Small Fruit Culture," W. 8 Perrine; "Introducing Fruit into New Markets," Hon. Ohas. 0. Bell, Mo.; "Grapes," H. B. Gotta; "Stone Fruits," W. 8. Boss; "Health and Wealth In the Garden," Mrs. Emma Groh; "Flowering and tbe Barer Ornamental Trees, 1 ' Arthur Bryant; •'Culture of Nut Bearing Treets in Illinois," B. A. Blebl; "Most Interesting Results from Our Experiment Stations," II, Augustine. Miss Helen Klebl will read a paper, the subject to be selected by borself. cr.lmvclj llntlcts. VINRTAJID SECOND BATTIST CHURCH— S. S. at 8 p. m. All nro cordially Invited to attend. 0. O. LonlngB, Supt. Y. M. C. A. -Special service for mon In tho Y. M. C. A. rooms nt 4 p. m., Sunday. All mon aro cordially Invited. UNION BAPTIST Onimcii— Cornor Seventh and Gcorgests. Rev. J. II. nnrton. Prcachlngat 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. 8.8, at .1 p.m. PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH.— ROT. II. K. Sanborne, pastor. Divine services at 10:4S a. m. and at 7:30 p. m. 8. S. at 9:30 n. m. C. E. moots at 0:30 p. m. CAMPBELL CHAPEL A. M. E. CHURCH— J. M. Wllkorson.padlor. Proachln? at lli.'IOa.m. and 7:30 p. m. by the pastor. S. S. at2:!W p. m. Thanksgiving services at 10'46 n. m. EVANOELlCALCiiURCH— Cor. Eighth and Henry nts. n«r. Wm. Haokmami, pastor. Preaching at 10.80 a. m. and 7:30 D. m. S. S. at 9 a. m? Teachers' meeting Friday, at S p.m. WABHINOTON ST. M.E. CHURCH— Joslah Abel, pastor. Sunday— 8:30 a. m., Junior League. Services at 10:30 a. m.. and 7:30 p.m. 2:30 p. m.,8. S. 0:30 p. m, Epworth League. Thursday— 7:30p. m., Prayer mooting. GERMAN M. E. CHURCH.— ROT. Chas.Holdel, g astor. Preaching at 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p m. y tho pastor. S. S. at 0:30 a. m. Young peo- Sle's mooting at 7 p. m. Prayer meeting Thursay at 7:30 p. m Teachers' meeting Friday at 7:S) p. m. . BAPTIST CHURCH.— ROT. M. W. Twlng, pastor. Preaching tomorrow at 10 46 a. m. and 7 '30 p.m. Morning subject, "Working out Salvation." Evening subject "fatal Delay." S. S. atO:30a. m. Juniors at 4 p. m. B. Y. P. U. at6:30p.m. CONOREQATiONALCHURcn.— Corner Sixth and Honry streets. Rev. J. H. J. Rico, pastor. S. 8. at 0:30 a. m. Preaching Services at 10:46 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Christian Endeavor at 6:30 p.m. Junior Endeavor at 3 p. m. Prayer meeting at 7:45 Thursday evening. W. C. T. U.— Tho Woman's Christian Temperance Union meetings, are hold tho flrst and third Tuesdays of the month at 3:30 o'clock Id the Y. M. C. A. Chapel. All meetings are open to visitors and frlonda of humanity are cordially Invited to attend. UNITARIAN CHURCH.— Cor. Third and Alby sts. Rov. Goo, R. Gohauor, pastor. 8. S. at 9:46 a.m. Cnurch service at 10:15 a. m. Subject, "The Prophecy ot Christ." E service nt 7:30. subject. "Tho Family In Modern Times." beats free. TWELFTH STREET CUMBERLAND PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH.— Cor. Twelfth and Henry streets. Rev. J. M. Galsor, pastor. Preaching at 10:4G a. m. and 7 3D p. m. Y. P. C. S. E. at 6:30 S. 8. at 9:30 a. m.,T. H. Perrln.Supt. Teaoh- ers meeting, Monday nlglit. Midweek service Thursday night atfl o'clock. M. E. CHURCH— Cor. Market and Sixth sts. Rev. M. N. Powers, D.D., pastor. S. S. at9:30 a.m. Preaching at 10-45 fi. in. and 7:30 p. m. Junior League at 3 p. m. Epworth League devotional at t't.'IO p.m. Prayer meeting at 7:30 Thursday evening. General class meeting first Thursday evening In each month. HIJNTFRSTOWN BAPTIST MISSION— At Cherry Street Chanel, cor. Fifth and Cherry sti . Rev. M. Jfimoson, pablor. Preaching at 10:15 a. in. and 7:00 p. m. 8. S. with Homo Department at 0:30 a.m. Mission S. S. 2:30 p. m.,R. Gibson, Supt. Young People's meeting at 0:30 o'clock. Lvonini; sultjuc' : Illustration of the Superiority of Christianity to tho best of Hea'h- en Religion. ST. PAUL'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH. —It. M.Chlt- tenden, rector. Third Sunday In AdvontDoo. llth. Holy Communion at II a. m. 8.8. atfl:16 u. m. Mornlnic player and sermon at 10:30 a. m. S. 8. In Trinity Chapel at 2 p. m. Evening prayer and normo in church at 7:30. Evening prayer and litany In Trinity Chapel, Wednesdays at 7:30. Fridays In tho Guild room, morning prayer and litany at 10 o'clock, evening prayer at 7:30. UPPER ALTON. PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. —Rov. W. II. Bradley, pastor. S. 8. at 0:30 a. m., J. G. Reynolds. Supt. Services at 10:45 a.m. every Sunday, and at 7:30 p. m., alternate Sundays. J. E. society at 2:31) p m. S. E. at 0.30 p. m. Prayer meet- Ing, Wednesday, 7.16 p. m. SIETHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH.— North Main street, Rov. J. A. Large, pastor. S. S. at 0:30 a. m. Preaching at 10:45 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Junior League at 3 p. m. Fpworth League devotional at 0 30 p,m. Prayer meeting Wednesday at 7:30 p. m. followed by S. 8. teacher's nieptlng. BAPTIST CHURCH.— Corner of College avenue and Seminary street. Preaching service at 10:45 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Sunday School at 9:30 a. m., Dr. R. Gibson, Supt. B. Y. P. U. meeting 8:3jp. m. Teacher's meeting Monday, 8 p. m. Business meeting Monday after lirst Sunday, 8p.m. Prayer meeting 8p.m. Life insurance ia a good thing but health Insurance, by keeping tbe blood pure with Hood's ISarsaparilla, is still bettor. HELP IS AT HAND, THE MOVE. We keep constantly on the move to keep tip-to-date In stock, quality and price. Onr CHINA and TOY Stocks nave been plucked from the oreme- do-la-creme of the market, and nothing in Alton or Ht. Louis can compare with them in value for the money. We import our foreign gooda end buy direct from the factory in this country and In many Instances retail our goods at less than wholesale stores ask for them. For the convenience of our many friends we have opened our Toys on the ground floor 317 Belle street, and are now ready (to wait on yon and urgently advise all to come at once and make their selection. We on|y ask a small deposit on all goods laid aside until wanted. We have the clerks to watt on yon now and give your attention which later on we could nod wait on yon with satisfaction to ourselves and yourself if we tried ever so hard. Nothing has ever been attempted In the TOY line on so grand and complete a scale in Alton and we hope you will not wait until the cream of the stock is picked. Come early, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. HOPPE'S CHINA STORE, 110 West 3d it. TOY STORE, 317 Belle at. UPPER ALTON. Misses Gertrude and Cora Merriman, of Godfrey, are the guests of Mrs. Perry. ' Miss Eva Scott, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Howard Tilton, of Creel Springs, spent yesterday with Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Tilton en route to her home in Payeon, 111. T. O. Emerson was called .to Bowling Qreen, Mo., today, by the death of his brother-in-law, Mr. Wilcozen. Misi Virgie Glllham is home from s visit in Decatnr. Mrs. John Messenger and Mrs. Helen Messenger are visiting Mrs. John Horton of East St. Louis. Mr. Barnett Wyllie, of Marissa, HI., is visiting friends at Shurtleff. •JDr. A. E. de Blois will fill the pulpit of the Baptist church tomorrow. The Shnrtleff Board of Trustees meets at the college Dec. 14. The friends of Mrs. E. 0. Lemeu, who is tn a St. Loots hospital, will be glad to learn that her health Is improving. Mr. Horace Dudley, who is in camp at Macon. Ga., writes that bis regiment is about to be ordered 10 Cuba. The Shurtleff literary societies held their weekly meeting last night. The installation of the new President, V. C.Stewart, was the feature at the Sigma Phi meeting. One of the Worst Diseases Kni'-n to Mm Is Overcome by Modern When tho common symptoms of *mney trun- nion are neglected the careless nufforer l» In Sreat danger of contraollng diabetes or Bright s Iseaie, two of tho most terrible afflictions that have been Imposed on mankind. Tho remedy for the earliest stages. «s well as the worst oases,one that will restore the kidneys to sound health, is Morrow's Kldneolda. The«e yellow tablet! should be taken when the baok aches, or when headaches, chilliness. los» of energy or pain In urinating ihow that the kldney» are out of order. A recent case of the cure of this awful disease by Morrow's Kld-ne-olds Is that of Mr. Austin B. Askew, employed at the Big Four Freight office, Alton, 111., who «ay«s <F About ten years ago 1 had a severe spell of Inflammation of the kidneys and I never got entirety well. I was troubled constantly with urinary disorder frequent discharges attended with a burning sensation. I was especially troubled at night,having to uet up five or six tlmea every night. 1 suffered wl'h a lama baok all the time, and sometimes ao bad that 1 could not attend to my work. Last spring t waa particularly bad, and my health was completely broken downs ' was particularly bad, and my health «a< completely broken aown: I read about Morrow'a Kfd-no- olils and thougnt I would give them a trial, as they were well recommended. I took altogether two boxes and was Burp.lsod at the good they did me. They did not only cure the lame baok and urinary disorder, but they built mo up •o I felt like a new man. I have enjoyed good health ever since, and feel confident they have cnred me entirely. 1 procured them at 8. H. Wyss' drugstore." Kid-ne-olds are Yellow Tablets (not pll'sland cure kidney ailments, nervousness, etc. Liver- lax are small red pellets and cure constipation. Kld-no-oldsMctSj Liverlai 25 ots at druggists or mailed by John Morrow it Co., Chemists, SprlngQeld, 0. How to Prevent Pneumonia. At this time of the year a cold is very easily contracted, and if left to run its course without the aid of some reliable cough medicine is liable to result In that dread disease, pneumonia. We know of no better remedy to cure a cough or cold than Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. We have used it quite extensively and ii has always given entire satisfaction.—Ola- gab, Ind. Ter. Chief. This is the only remedy that is known to be a certain preventive of pneumonia. Among the many thousands who have used it for colds end la grippe, we have never yet learned of a |sfngle case having resulted in pneumonia. 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Fine all Wool ke sey, all silk lined, regular value Sir Special sale $8. Fine all Wool Kersey, half silk lined, regular value $14, Special sale $7. Fine all Wool Beaver, half silk lined, regular value $12.50. Special sale $6 50. Fine fancy mixture, regular value$i4 Special sale $7. Fancy Mixture, all silk lined.regular value $10. Special sale $6. All wool beaver, regular value $to. Special sale $6. Fine all wool cheviot, new blue, regular value #10. Special sale $5. Fine fancy mixture, regular value $i r. Special sale $6. Fine fancy blue mixture, regular value #9 jo. Special sale $4.7j. Navy blue and black half silk lined, regular value $c. Special sale $j.^o. Special 11 4 all wool gray blanket, regular value $6. Special sale $4.50. Special 10-4 all wool gray blanket, extra good value' for $. Tha Kind You Have Always 8ougni Buy "LaBelle The best, 94.00. for Rent. 5-room dwelling, No. 024 E. Fourth street. Apply to Win. Sonntag. How's THIS i We offer one hundred dollars re ward for any case of catarrh that can not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.—F. J. Cheney & Co.. Props., Toledo, O. We, the undersigned, have known F. J. Cheney for the last 16 years, and believe him perfectly honorable in all business transactions and financially able to carry oat any obligations madtv by their firm. West & Truax, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.; Walding, Kinnan & Mar vin, Wholesale Druggists. Toledo. O. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Price, 75j» per bottle. Sold by all druggists. Testimonials free. The only place to bny GillespleOoal is 314 Piasa street.—Dorsey Fuel Co. Hard Spring Wheat. "Cream of the Earth," 84.00. ALTON ROLLER MILLINO Co. i'ettta- List of letteru uncalled for at Alton postoffice for tho wook ending Deo. 10, 1803. Persons calling for those IcUoru will ploaae Bay they are advertised. W. T. NORTON, P. M HonnlHOn, J Ear] Jonos, Geo Mr—2 K'elloR, Annie Miss Komlsk, Win Mr Pelnrson. Hilda MlSB Header, W M Esq Kuinmorlleld,Grace Mle Solmoldor, Walter O Mr .Smith, Theo Bullock, Jim Mr Cliegnln, Carl Cox, J D Mr Cnloson, FE!a<| Calvers, C Emj Canon, A Km Ulxon, Wm Emery Oil is Henry—2 Hunter. C E Mr Hall, W A Emi Haley, PeterEsq While, Joseph P Woods, J A Mr Your Danger Now la from the overworked condition of the liver and kidneys wliloli are unable to expel impurities from the blood. Tills causes rheumatism. Hood's Har- Bttparllla baa been wonderfnlly sue- ooHsful In curing this disease. It neutralizes the acid In the blood and permanently cures the aches and pains which other medicines tail to relievo. Hood's Uarsupurilla is tho best winter medloliifl because It purl lies, enrlnhoa iiml vitalises the blood. It gives help jUHt where help is needed. U toned the atomaoh, HIimilHoa the liver, mid aroanus and Huatalus the kidntys. It wards off pneumonia, fevers, bronchi- tin, colda, coughs and the grip. No Humbug. Foley's Honey and Tar does not claim to perform inlraolei. It does not' Ulm to cure all oases of consumption or asthma, but it does olniui to give comfort and relief It advanced stages of these diseased and to usually cure early stagee. It is oertaluly worth trying by those ultlloted or A Tumor^Formed Finally It Broke Inwardly and Discharged Trouble Began With Dyspepsia and Impure Blood Thorough Course of Hood's Sarsaparilla Completely euros. There is dimmer in impure blood. Disease and Mifferin^ ;uv surely rom- iiitf to who ncjilccl this Ihi-etiUm- inj, r symptom, itead this: "Uliliam, Miunourl. " C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mans.: "Uvntltmiun:—My troubled began with nervous h«adnulivn, which would last ino (or two or tlariiu days. Tho doctord pronounced my trouble dynpquila, but thoy could not do anything for me, aud udviiud a chungo of local km, At the ago of 05 a tumor furmtid on my spine, which Was Very Painful but did not risu or discharge. Tho doctor thought butt to cut it out, hut I objected. It finally broke and discharged u great Ucul. The doctors n.'ik| they uouM do nothing for il. Then the tumor began to rluo Inwardly anil dUelmrge. J mid much about euro* by Hood's IwfHiipurilla und though!- I would try it. Ituforu I hud tin lulled taking one bottle 1 WIIH much relieved. I continued the line of llood'd Hurnu|K»rllln, und after Ulilng IL'bottlos 1 WUH entirely cured. I uui now well, have » good appetite and fool Unit I own my IKo to Hood's Sarsii|mrllla." W. I). Foil it. Hood's Go to M. Morltz's for your collars, 15*, two for 26», for your cuffs, ZBf per pair. The best for the money. For Rent A brick store building, a very desirable location for a butcher shop.— Apply to Wm. Sonutag. Dr. A. 0. Barr, dentist, 113 W. 3d st Many People Cannot Drink coffee at nieht. It spoils their sleep. You can drink GRAIN-O when yon please and sleep like a top. For GRAIN-O does not stimulate; it nourishes, cheers and feeds. Yet it looks and tastes like the best coffee. For nervous persons, young people and children GRAIN-O is a perfect drink. Made from pure grains. Get a package from your grocer today. Try it in place of coffee. I5o and 25o. Don't be persuaded into buying liniments without reputation or merit— Chamberlain's Pain Balm costs no more, and Its merits hare been proven by a test of many years. Such letters as the following, from L. G. Bagley, Hueneme. OaL, are constantly being received: "The best remedy for pain I have ever used is Chamberlain's Pain Balm, and I say so after having used It in my family for several years." It cures rheumatism, lame buck, sprains end swelling. Sold by E. Marsh and S. H. Wyss. It has been fully demonstrated that Ely's Cream Balm is a specific for Nasal catarrh and cold in the head. This distinction has been aonleved only as the result of continued successful use A morbid condition of tbe membrane in the nasal passages can be cured by this purifying and healing treatment. Sold by druggists or it will be mailed for 60 cents by Ely Brothers, 66 Warren street. New York. It spreads over the membrane, IB absorbed and relief is immediate, R. R. EXCURSION RATES. f-fomeseoltera Excursions.—Nov. 1st and 16th 1 * and Deo. 6th and 20th, via the Burlington. DEDUCED Rates to Southern and Western • x resorts now In effect via the C. & A. R. R. and connections. VIOTICE.—The cheap excursion advertised by x ~ the C. &A. to Chicago, Deo. 17, has been Indefinitely postponed. C HEAP EXCURSIONS—To the West, Northwest, South and Southwest will be run via C. & A R. R., and all connecting on Deo. Oth and 20th. Return llm 121 days. For rates and full particulars apply to O. G. Morris, Agent. fHRISTMAS 1898--NEW YEAR 1898-For the ** above the C. & R. R. will sell eiourxlon tickets, at low rates, from Alton to all stations within 200mlleaon Deo. 24, 26,20 and 31, 1898 and Jan. 1st and 2d, 1899. Return limit Jan. 4. .. i (upper), Mississippi, alourl, Minnesota, Tennessee. Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin, via Big Four. For Information and tickets call on G. H. Hamilton. Ticket Agent. The C. & A. R. R. Is arranging a series of 1 Winter Tours at low rates to Cuba. Porto Rico and Jamaoa via Tampa, Florida. All Quarantine restriction egainst the Island ot Cuba have been raised and the regular lines of Ocean transportation will t ave their vessels In service at an early date. To California and Oregon.—The C. & A.R. R. 1 runs weekly tourist sleeping car excursions at very low rates, personally conducted every Thursday, leaving Alton at 9:50 p. m. running via Kansas City, Salt £ake City and theSoenlo Line. For rates, resetvatlons and full particulars apply to O. 6. Norrla, Agt., Alton. Overcoat Time! Is here. The crisp, cold air is lively enough to make you feel its presence. We are just as well prepared to "OVERCOAT" you 1 as we have always b- en to "SuiT" you Our high-grade Kerseys, Beavers, Chinchillas, etc, for $7.50, $10 and $14. No More, No Less. Are values that double the money would hardly purchase elsewhere. We have good Goats that are good for you to buy. Low prices eloquent of economy. H .A.WUTZLEP* <jn.k wwmmmmmmmmmommm, The Outfitter. 633 Bast Second Street TIMES ARE GETTING HARD. NOW IS THE TIME TO SAVE HONEY GOING OUT OF SHOE BUSINESS. WANTED ! TO CITY OP MKXICO—Personally Conducted 1 Excursion—Will be run by the C. & A. B. it. and connections on Thursday, Doo. 15th. Special train of Pullman oars through without change with aide trips to Guadalajara, Ouana- juata and Monterey. Round trip rate only S180. For particulars and reservations apply to O. G. NorriB, Agent. A the round CHRISTMAS and New Years excursions w rate of one and one-third fare for the re trip, tickets on sale Deo. 2t, 25, 28, 81, 1893, and Jan. 1 and 2, 1809, limited to return Jan! 4, will be made between all St. Loula-Peorla Line (C. P. & St. L R. R.) stations. Minimum selling rate 60o. Through tickets from and to connecting.lines will be sold. Get full particulars from C. P. ft St. L. agent. . The Burlington's Through Car Serrloe—Pal- 1 ace Sleepers and Chair Cars (seats free) to Kantian City, St. Joe, Omaha, Denver, Billings. Rook Island, Dubuque, Cedar Rapids, St. Paul and Minneapolis. Tourist Sleepers to Ran Fran- olsooand Los Angeles, Ca Itornla. Portland, Oregon via Denver and Salt Lake City, every Wednesday. For rates, routes, etc., call or address J. B. Thomaa, Agent. Cor California Tourls B—The Burlington Route 1 baa weekly tourist sleeper excursions, personally conducted (by a Burlington Route Agent) every Wednesday f om St. Louis, and T&u-a- day from Kansas City and St. Joseph to Los Angeles and San <FranolBco. The route Is via Denver, Scenic Colorado, Salt Lake City with 98 per cent am shine throughout the year. Ask your Ticket Agent, J. B. Thomas, for partlou- m with 8ma11 feet > 8lzes 2 ^' 3 « 3 *» "a.* 0 8 * FINE SHOES we are offering at $1.75 a pair. These Shoes are made of the finest Dongola and Genet Kid that formerly sold for |3.50 a pair, but as tbe sizes are small we are closing them oat at $1.79 a pair. This is a chance in a life time. First come, first served. Dome early to avoid the rush. In addition to this great Bargain we have 768 pairs of Ladles' Bfgn Grade Shoes that formerly sold for 92.60 to 8.76 a pair. We are cloelne them out at $a a pair. . All kinds of Men's Fine and Medium Grade Shoes, all styles and widths, going at 6oc on the dollar, at this great sale of irresistible bargains. Also a job lot of Men's and Boys' Fine Russian and Viol Kid Slippers at a sacrifice. This is worth investigating. Ail kinds of Ladies', Gent's, Misses and Children's Rubber Boots. Over thi "'l A ' OverB ' 8torm and Oroquet Rubbers, greatly reduced in prices at PFIEFFER & BAILEY, STAR SHOE STORE Exounlon «i vary low rate* poInU m Alabama, Idaho, Indian Ter- " vl» Big specified Colorado, Florida, Georgia, ritory, fowa, Kanaai, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota. Mississippi, Missouri Nebraska, North Carolina, North bikoU,Okla- homa, Oregon, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennoeseo, Utah, Virginia, Wisootuln and Wyoming. Tickets will be on sale Nov. 16th, Deo.0 ; 2ff, Jan.3-10i Feb. 7-81. March, 7-10. For Cull Information apply to U. H. Hamilton. Tloket Agent. Levl Davis, Solicitor for Compl'ta. MASTER'S SALE. State of Illinois, county of Madison, SS. In toe Circuit Court, October term, A. D., Albert Wad«, Mary S. Wa( j B> Haiouel WadB and Caroline E. Wade, va Henry C Priest Jame» W. Ponnlngton, Jacob Magulre. Charlei Mook uud Thomas Ulmuook. In Chance Partition. Notice Is hereby given tbat by virtue of a decree of slid court, made at tho October term, A. D., 1888, In tbo above entitled cause tho underulgnad, Muter In Cbano ry of said court, wll jell at public vendue toj'he hlgheat and best bidder, fur Oi «h In band, on TU12SDAY, THE THIRD DAY OF JANUARY, A. Dt| itiW) at the hour of.tan o'clock art aled In the bounty of~Uadl«6if and State'o'f 'ilfi- rror.tdoorof tMo'Clt/Hiii building In the olty of Alt™, the following described real citato, »Hu- noli, to-wltil The south half of lot No. tight Proii (8). la block iper. In the oil Is till) iM'rtt-III flirt till' Uni Hulil l>y nil i I Hood's six for $5. No. twelve (U,) Alton City Proper, In the olty of Alton, county of Madlnon and State of Illinois. Also the weat forty.two and one half (Mi) feet of lot No. sU (6) In block No. twelve (Uj, Alton Olty Proper, la the olty of Alton, county of Madison, and State of Illinois. Also block No. thirty-four (M) In tbe town or Montloello, county of Madison and State of Illinois. Except the railroad rights of way through «ald block. Upon compliance with 'he above terms and tha approval of tbe muster's report of aale by the oourt a deed or 4**w will be executed by tho undersigned in oonfOimliy with said de- oroe. JOWSf. liofJJNNIS, NWter In Chancery, Homeaeekere' Eicuralone. — Upon certain '•dates of Ootober, November and December, tbe C. A A. wll> aell exouralon tickets at greatly reduced rates to points In Alabama, Arizona, Arkanaae, Colorado. Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indian Territory, Iowa. Kanm, Kentucky Loulniana, Northern Michigan,Mlnnouota, MIs- • ulppi, Maaeurl, Nabraaka, New Mexico, North Carol na. South Dakota, Tenneaaeo, To»- aa, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming. The reductions In ratee are of sufficient Importance to merit tbe attention ot prospective travel*ra. For particulars call on O.G. Norrla, Tloket Agent OVERCOAT SALE. Now is your time to buy an Overcoat Cheap. vVe have 300 Men and Boys' Overocats, which we will sell for the next 20 days REGARDLESS OF COST. We must clear them out and St will pay you to come and price before you purchase. PATHFINDER DEPARTMENT. ThrM ItitN or !»•• under tbli headings On* tint! U oeoUi three da}*, U cental on* week Doentii additional um»i»n>erate, oaabdowD. CTOCKHOLUERB' MEETING NOTICE.-St. »-* Louis, Doo. 7, 188S Th« annual mjoting ot itookholdoru of Sentinel Mining Company for tbo election of Director! and Ilia traniiotlon of nuoh other buklnem aa may come before It, will be held at their ofrtoo (hotel,) In Upper Alton, III., on Saturday, January 7, igue, from 1 until 8 o'olook p. m.—A. H. fuller, Beoy. FOR Model Shoe & Clothing Co. COR 8 ILK .'. inedlua) ilrn nafe,lfoiler make r obMV. Applr •« tbl» offloe, Boi THE HOLIDAY SEASON! I* at hand at Marsh's Drug Store. Yon will flnd Cigars, Choice Perfumes, Hair and Cloth Brushe a An <* »">y other beautiful and uef ol tblnge, "BREVITY IS THE SOUI7 OP WIFE, YOU NEED GOOD R B . _4tob _ louurt,.., Jt'lfhWO or .A Farm (<,„, BUM nortbyNt of ,100aore». MOaoaore. Forp*r- -"" Brown.orll. 8. BroVn, en, Alta», lit «tf' Brown SAPOLIO.

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