The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on January 30, 1892 · Page 2
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 2

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 30, 1892
Page 2
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The Postville Weekly Review, POseTVILLB, lAfPA?, JAN. 30. W. X. BURDIOK, Kdllor. Ktittrtil ill »Ar iMiUiffitf- at l\»tvilU as MtvniMius mutter. Title Chilian war clintd IIM eullap.ed Into clear »kv. nillllieckctl down. <)|iu t'tuigroaaiiiaii nitidis his nuiUlon speedi In v|i|iiinltli>ii In tlm gnvi-muii'iil fol 'Tf ai'ltlllg lilt' ll(IIIKllxtll) n( tltn people to Marvlng ltttaaia i\t public expense. IIK In In favor n( I 'litrwii'limmil mid reform you know, m la thu tlcinoci'allc parly. The propoeltltut win ttafvatvd. Tin Kuaalaii famine N growing In Intensity ami Itorrer. Million, are perishing for waut of fond, nml ilWnnso U liable to finish Ilia walk In tlio rii.l. Kverylhlug that ean tio don* •lioulil <>o dun* .pe.dlly (or their r »ll »f. The greal dltllaitlty is the abject inonareliy by which the esar r*loa. l( It win a tre* nml enllghtauod country rell.f could b* much mora .peedlly allnrdatl. It I* * terrible, (tale of affair*. ON Jan. Uth Him. 1). II. Henderson d*llv«r*d ft speech In eotigren In reply lei Holiuan, of Indian*, and ltookery, of Mo., In which ho pr*tly efteoliially annihilated tlis sophistry of those gentlemen by th* recurst and palpabl* llg- ur«s, II* showed up the fahlty and •Usunllty of th* opprobrlott. apithat "billion dollar emigres*." In a way that was ••childlike ami tiUml." When they run against "Pave" llaiitlrMsun 1 'liet run against ft full battery of grape and canister. • >i i 'I'MK democratlo party la Jmt now in n great niiamUiy to know what I .Mtiri to present in the next campaign. One faction ears "tarilT for revenue only." with Cleveland nml Mill* nt thu head. Tlio oilier faction, wllli Ilill, Gorman nml Crisp In tbo lonil, say. no, nml IliU faction li jmt now on top. Auolli- vr f not Ion say. free Nilvur mint bo tlio bnttlu cry, while tlio i-nstcin doiiiocrati> will knlto any -iiioli attempt. Rv«n our own Judge lliiyus xnlil In lila speech here lnxt fnll that frrn sllvar could not bo mails nn Issue an both tlio paille. worn about equally divided on llic imimtlon. It will tnko ft wlsa liritd to dritft tlio dumuoratio plntform luut Juno. ^NOONSIBTBKOT I'lio dttinoorittlu pnr'y w»nl» nn probation to home liidmlrlf.ii mid Hi* 8t. I'nul (ilolie lit mi Intouitly <l«tltoorntlu nuwapftpiir. Hut Juit ht«r it tnlk In fmor of biilldtiK up liomn town* nml oltUi by putrunlzlng liotiin mnivhnnti nml bunlmu* man. lu IliU nonnnctlnn Hi pnnltlon It olonrly rl^lit, nnd lislng ll)(lil ni to towui, pollution ami itntut, what li tlm luftltar with vxtendliiK lu banian provlilona In tlio nntlon, nnd thm mnkliitf tliu proaporlly of nil our propla Kenural? Kara la thu i-itracl: ••'I'lio tilobo has friii|iiontly called nllntitlon to tlm in nn y cvldanrca of rlly nnd ronewod" biiilucii aotlv- THR following h»» rofaronuo lo a wall known former l'oilvlllo MctlindUt pna- tor, ivho has "grnduatad" Into the Iowa laglalntnrfl from Hardin county: Wobawr City Herald: "Tlio llugia- ter lliluka thai 'tlmru la not n partlnla olioak or Hp—arc van Riilbg t<> l>o ro»la;ned to that? Yei, very likely, whim you find you aan't holp ft. Tour appelito la (|uorulou>; food dooan'l taate aa good ne 'motlier'k onoklng.' Hot brand, hot onkea, tour brand. ynrlom illation of nioHtn. milk of doubt but that the member* of tlio th»t l» » »«•'"» * m ' u " 1 ' Iowa luirlalaluro will need n groat deal i»r 'KK 1 , l " Bl l, » vu •«»' l ? olr V»»»tlj. of praying for durlag the aeaalon, but »• J" H «•«» liaro-iuay bu lliuaa don t It uliould not bo nuouaaary for the mem- U«» "HI' J"" now. wliuraaa, thirty bora of tlio I)e» Moluei Mlnlntarlnl y»»<» »K°. JO" «»«l<l ll<,wl > «»" «" »"«• tiou to lima servo the atato free '">»> - •''•"> '••»»•<• 1 »<»'°: " r °° l Dunlary tlnia imlillnlilns pro. cnnlliigi (to DajrUin Jolin V ntbirnny (•«».. Pnytoii It O oinmlnliiH rooords eminty nfllaoii KaUtn M W truitoo fon« Muliftt rtdillnr ft Ohaiiitxrt book! tor court hnuiv K«irou I'hinT troatofl (Kan ... MnlwmtU Ana trnatoo fuoi . Rnlnit J court. Fnmllali II wlttitm «r»iHl Jury.. "'ItiKoratit Kit pftrl imymaul fur (tour fnrio bulltllnK Aiioolnt of charge.' The ltVglMar la right. I'rayora even In a Icglalatlvo body are a good thing, and might lo bo paid for at a fair price. Hut why not dolall Ilro- ther Dolph lo perform thlt very naoea- [ aary funollon. It would. ID n certain intent, distract hie overburdened mind from the wm^lity niralra of alato, ami glvo him au admirable opportunity to roe's rn vim aelomuly romarkod nioro limes than was noootaary. Tlm aver- ago man ooine.i nearer falling to be resigned whua he Is off his foudthaii In any other oato. ICvsa If he can't holp It.ko la mad, nnd scowls, scolds, curses - ns If Ihnt would help it. He'd bettor bo resigned knrc, too. And vour passions nre fnlllng, too, proapnrilV nmi rciiewou inmiini min>- B i»., IIMU -u ........-» rl ""•v — ,,.,-.,1,.,..,. n^l.-r. tv«. ,lrniifrl<< "in, at. |„ I bo fiiiiiidl- the .manor .,1,1.. rt^tsr. d th tie snow in the mountain, to melt, and election In nearly every town, city nn villngo In the farming .action., ami th best of It all la that llicv nra being bulll I many d gri'cV."'iinithor l ^Tp'h"V proyor."^^ th. Irlbutarle. were slack will, the ,o fn tbo past brought ii»r» to the ev«. of thai tha wlr.lo rlvor foil; navlga- i. ........ .i.iur. nn,l ill.ii- vlriiins tlou auspeuded; can almost walk across, best ot jl an .. ni.* limy nr. ..ring nn.ll many fair al.te ..nml virtue. ^ to .tipplv au actual domand nnd not for might have a .alulory eneul on in. am- , ' /' Miaalaaloiil Der- boomVng ,.nrpo.e. Thl. d.mand for (nl «,h,n. *. nj.ko up li,. logl.lntur.. £ Tm builuoa. block* nml rcaldcn.e. I. mmo- W hy not trjltP momiUln torr.nt wltfi rainbow onta- llilug now in many ot thai. town., ami "r...... i... Z„„„, ,„,. recti ami white caicn.las. has ihrunk proliatily marki tho advont of a new crn lu tiiair hlitory Tku lar^o crop •>[ Init year placed tin fmniwii In inch ahapo llnanclally that they wem ami are able to buy inoio liberally ot thvir home iimrclianla, which Ihry seam to bu doing, regardl.ia of the vniloni aup ply ag.nclca that havo bauu making their pnlronnga. In tliia counoctloti n word van be anld for tbo home mnr ulmut, through whoso oflVuti the small er towu* and oltlss grow and prosper. It Is a groat thing for the fnrmors ot a country to hnve proapcroua nml thrlv WIIOIVKU may bo nominated for pio.ililrnl al Miuuunpolia neit June, oyarybody knows that unless ho hlm- tielf is Komlnalod It oiinnot be ns great a man a. .lameit (!. lllalne. It may not be ndvlaable to nomiimto him. na groat Into n rivulet that n thirsty cow could lower! Arc you rutigned to all Ihnt? You have lo be. Yea, you are, nad you don't much enre. II gives you peace placidity, coatuntment. You yoarn for rnpoaa. You hate noise bmtlo, excitement, crowds men arc very seldom elected, but na to You hug the chimney corner or grate hi. grentueaa ther. la no roa.onable I™" lllt0 *. » ,,,, . ,, , ,d 9M ' •! ,M . r aud hoaoit dliieut. The following just tribute lo tlio itatesman la from the dole on pillowe and hnve reaehed the ago of "lean and slippered pantaloons,'nml tha fire a ot nmbition hnvo diod down oat of eight in tha era tor of Ufa's well nigh oxtlnat volcano There's hardly a glow, even a fitful otia, In that hollow cone, and the lara Mr. Qlaluo is tho admired of all his ceased botling. countrymen without regard to party. Kvarvthing befalls anti-rally, and His eminent kbllltie.i and hie aoniplcn- leoma to be the tilting thing. Hodv oui survives havo ondaarad him to all m t m l M ,d aoul are porfuollv adjusted "to man who are capabla of admiring what tho sliding aeale. And wo tako It that pie'ot'ancl, omWi.ltv to patronise Lrr^ta ^E™ re.ignation to death I. a bi: off tho li»lr I >I>M » ni.rnlmiit- The limn. iin>i •'"I'' It ia not ovary yoar men like Mr. sama ptcco of cloth—ihe woven tnpaa their noma marolmnu. J """!"»•''.""J- oi.ln. »ro Horn. In liia own parly doo v ~ 1 trlnes lhara ar« ealy Hamilton, Cla Webater. Lincoln and niaine. Hut Stale Hegl.iter, In reply to some i«ven | Ing towns near at hand. The market by nine uewapnper which had crlticiied for their prodnotlooi in Improved, and, ,|ie grant soeretnry of itato: in addition lo thia, they are brought ainiiy other ndvautage.'. There ta no rvaaon why tha atnto of Miunamta ahould iiolboaat of humlrada of thriving towni wheio there la one to-day and tho way to get them la for tho pao M wltiiom dlatrtot 107 (10 107 00 133 (XI 123 00 74 00 7R 00 B 00 8 (X) 94 00 It 00 10 35 10 ss « 00 4 50 S 93 1 93 1 Si 1 33 1175 00 1171 00 ADDITIONAL LOCAL. -Mr. nnd Mra. II. V. Dawo. are expected horn to-morrow evening. -Henry lmhmiin put in nn nppear- nnce at the aloro this morning for the llrat limn in aevernl day*. —Ilen. Nuwull returns to Waukon tomorrow, having terminntod hi. en- nt the clothing .tore. —Charley 6onknlb purohaaed a lino hoavy team of Johnny Murphy laat week for 9200. A good bargain. —It'a Mr. Holtor, Esq.. after next Monday, nt which tlmo he auccoeds tho old firm of Armstrong & Holler in the clothing bu.lneaa. iler.'a our IV, Cnrl, and may you llvo long and prosper. —Since the notico given elaewhere was in type wo have rocolved from "headquarters," a nont "nt homo" card reading aa follows: CimtLM F. ALLEN, IBADORB KNIGHT, Married, Wednoadiiy, Jan. 27th, 1892. Fnyottc, Iown. AtTIomo nftor Feb. 20th, Postville, Iown. em are rellnble, ami, n.i a rule, aeil aa heaply a. tho foreign dealers, in addition toatTordlug tke buyer an opporlu- Ity to aoo jual what* he bur a Tha arloua tarmera' aupply ngenclci do not deaerye tho patronage ot the people of Mtuneiotn, and they ought not to gel It. The fur mo t'a nnd all other people of Mmneaotn ahould bur ot the meroknnta who live among them ami are iutoreettid in tho growth aud proa- parity of tlio ojinmuntly." WK havo not always commended tho State Kegiater na being sound on rvpab llcaulam. Wa have thought for the paat let. yeara that it wm far too radical on the prohibition question for the good of the party, nnd we beliov. so •till. Hut it has tlnallv " a lite, aa Naiby mod to put It. nnd ia now in full harmony with the party on nation al Isauea, regardleaa of prohibition or any other local issue or eutaugling nl)l auco. While It continues to bo tiipub can along tho national llnoi. as it now, letting all local quaittou* tak caro ot themaolvoa or aluk out ot light wo can cordially extend lo it tha right hand ot fellowship. Thii is what w havo alwav. contended for. tr,- of life. When alcknesi falls, and the walls of this homo of clny begia to crumble and fall into decay, aud we commanding the reaped and ndmlra- ( ink m bodilv w.akneaa, and tk. mention of th. puoplo th. present a.crelary t»l powers aro pulled down in the genet slat, has outgrown mere party line. 0 rnl ruin, the fonblo patient tnrua his Mr. Hlaitio and hi. fume belong to tho languid eyea ou friends nnd on nature, American puoplo. In Europe the name nud aava: *l am so itred-would tknt of Blaine etnade for the American pol- death would eome.' Resignation? Yes, ioy »f government. Manr there regard but it is natural, not moral. Tha inev- the unui. of Ulaino nnd Amorioa na itable makes us reaigned. We conspire almoHt STiionvnious. It la with Ulaine with fale, all aloug the line. Oae as it w:ia with Ulamarck before his thing ia n. natural a. another-when It rottrctmmt, and a. it ia with Ulad.ton. liappuua. There ia uo mutitin rcsig- at the |ir<aont time. Heaven pity tho umiun. It ia more asaatii to the itiox- llttle ours that eoutlnue to kark at the otable. Il Is deep calling unto deep. ....i.i.. . j ...... ir fjature and tho aoul one.' HKV. JOHN Doi .ru has introduced wo bills Into tho IOWA legialattire bear iug on woman one empower- ^ lag them to rote at achool elections and () , Uuited Statea, ho will be proai- the other at municipal tlcotioui. It !s dent. No abuse uot likely that either will become n that high houor. can keep him from Lot zeal not bo mis- BOARD OF SUPEHVISORS. law. If suffrage is to bo granted at all there should be no curtailment She should bo either entitled to tho ballot or whe should uot bo. Of course our opinion is that she should not be aud this has been the opinion of tha majority of tho legislature thus tar. guided." ALLAMAKEE COTJNTY. CHICAGO GOT IT. The fight tor the democratic nations! | convention roaulted in favor of Chicago. 'I'bis result ia generally taken na a vie-1 lory for ilia HilMJorman-llrioo c»n- We think tha whole truud of tha pros- tiugent, and a defeat to tho Cleveland cut day ia to plaee women too much in supportors. In fact everything thus I competition with men in the race of fur tends to relvgate Clevahmd lo the life, and that every such move weak- rear, nnd unleaa aomething romarka- Kegular January Seaaion, 189D THE DEMAND Tor our Winter Overcoats, Fur Oood. and Suits the past month ha. been unprecedented. Kevor before since w. have been in business hare we been able to .how such an Unequalled Line of Stylish Clothing (or Men and Boy.. Tha reason for the great demand (or our Merchandise Is found In the following fasts, viz: Our Superior Suits and Overcoats ar. always what is claimed -for them concerning Quality, Style, Fit and Finish; our pricea are never higher than warranted by their intrinsic worth. We havo boeu in business long enough to know that our effort, to provide Ab.oluto Perfect Ready-Made Clothing i. appreciated by many of the best people of this section of country. This stio.ld be a «iifTiciont inoonlive toothers who have not yet favored us with their palronago. Wo handle Everything worn by Man or Boy. Honest Equivalent for every dollar will bn found at our store. In Olovos and Mittens we knock the staffing out of our next door neighbor. J. U. GHAY, TUB CLOTUIZE. i. On nnd attar Sunday, Nov. 32, 1891, trains on the C. M. A St. P. Ry. will leave Po.tvllle ai follows. aoiNO XAST. Passengers. No. S 4:61 ». ro No. 4 (night) 149 ni. Freights. No. 7 Way Freight ll-.Ofl a. to No. 9 Time Freight «:14 p. m No. 11 Time Freight... .8:46 p. jn dOIKO WIST. Paaaengers. No. 1 night 11 .10 a. m. No. 3 10:25.. ni. FroighU. No. 10 Chicago Stook.. ..U:0o a. m No. 6 Way 4:10 p. n>. Na. 12 Milwaukee Stock .6:15 p. n. All Freight trains mentioned, except No. 12, carry paaiengera when r^rovidsd with proper transportation. No. 11 between North MrGregor and Calniar «. E. WIIIPP, Agent. B. C. R.&N.R. R. STATIONERY. Don't forget, when you want plain or tancy Stationery, tha.t the Review office is tho place to get it cheap. J. H. Mini, Ck'm. H. FBOKLICII. W. M. KELLY. CLAIMS ALLOWED. Cl'rad C physician insane TllKKK Is need of ou the matter of assessments, and there Is lit tin doubt but something will be done at this session. It is n hard subject to tackle, and it is doubrtitl If nuyiliiug will h» dovised to fully meet tho crying need of tho tlmaa tor mors fair and honest assessments. It thero is anyway to reach tho monies aud credit, it would be a God .end lo do It. It I. too bad that tho real estate and visible pro- party owners must tye.v practically all th. Inxss, nnd those who have their property In money and paper eacnp. almost l «Ailt tre«. Another ihlng: We believe that r«nl estate aucuiubarod by mortgage should only bo assessed for the amouut uueucumbered; that i* tho amount of the unpaid mortgage ahould lie deducted from th. assessment ot tha land, the mortgaged amount be iug assessed to th. mortgaged. This would seem to oe so palpably just that we wonder that It has never bueu incorporated into law. In all let the mau who holds th. money or the papar pay the taxes. ens the raapvet and admiration that men feel for their womanly qualities and dendens Iho affectlona that ahould ctuatur ni-ouud the ideal home. When womeu arx aspirants for every ofllco. every clerkship aud eyery profeaaion, | thus circumscribing tho possibilities of meu to procure a livelihood by any other means than pure physical labor, it will be a eo'.d day for the kome. and "the light iu th. window" will bum very dimly. Nnturo has fixed the spheres ot tha saxes, and auy innovation ou these tlx oil laws must have tho aama affect that the Infraction at auy other law of nature has. So long ns it is given to women to bo the mother of the race it ia idle for her to attempt to joatlo with men for physical or mental supremuoy. One sex or tho other must do tha heavy luuaole and bruin work, aud one .ox or the other must keep tha ho:iia and caro for the children that art; to maku tho future meu nud womeu ot tho world. Nnturo has decided whteh sox is titled for each duty. Let men not attempt to rovorso tho order of nature, by tranaferriag the ot tho sexes. ble intervenes in hi. favor ho will not bo the next nominee for the presidency. While we take absolutely uo .lock in hi. ability oi .tatesmanship wo do think he is tho most popular man, It uot tho best man in tho democratic party tor the position. Although ke displayed tho moat demo Ignorance by asserting in one of his messages that ] ""^^V W .'. L ^* tho full amouut ot tho tariff wns usually added to tho price of the article, he ia AuibK'r cisn » Arneson Peter township clerk.... Ambler R C witness district court Ambler R C I'lijsicivn ins.uu- c.iso Ambler RC witness district court Anderson O t. trustee tees Armstrong A Alesauder clothing for pauper Armstrong & Alexander clothiug (or poor (arm Anderson Peter team hire. llcetuan C I) telts aud rubbers lor pauper Urodeiick J J justice fees coroner's inquest.... Uaits-r Jno assistaut clerk o( election. Uurdick \Y N publishing uolice (or treasurer Baldwin Ortoa witueas district nevertheless a tariff reformer, and that I lUicotuKu ioim'nireVoVinians II oo 15 50 5 So 6 CO u So 9 15 Jl 1X3 I CO a jo a i* }<u~ 7 co « »o 7 co Att'd 4 co IS 5i 5 xi J oo g So » 15 51 co l co Is what the democratic party protend | uakerMu'r'VrwiVn '.M 'dis'tVict to want. Tho fact is they want it in theory, not in practise, for they know that In practic it ia au arrant humbug, and they have little hopoot again hoodwinking the people, now that the McKin'.ey bill in practice has absolutely proven the falsity ot nil their doleful predictions. Hence they do not want to carry the dead weight ot a one idea tariff tor ruventte only candidate for Ike prestdeucr, as Clavolaud would bo. The convention will be held June 31st, about two weeks later than tho republican convention. THK CHILIAN IMmK«QLIO; mm As there la so little kaowleOg* on tho pari of the public a. lo th. cause ot th. trouble between lh« Uuited Slate* and Chili wa glvo lh» following brief a.eoount cf th. difficulty trout the Stat. KegUtor: "On Oulober 16 laats th* Atn.rktia war ship, tho Baltimore, was In the Valparaiso harbor. Ou that day number ot aeam.a balongtug to th. ship want asaorsK Th «y wens dnsmest iu uulforau, 'Th. wugi^aaaUnal p «rt,v wa. ta coutrcd ot the «tty. Th. American tallora wsirst sobar and orderly. White they wvrsj s>!atuml ihrough iho olty they wero attacked. Th. attack atxtmoil to b* pntconaart^l, Th. Am«r> iv-an* ware uuanueAl »»01 aU .mpttKl to rulirvk Thty wero purauinl by % tuolv • body ot saidtor poltc wero soua upoo tha SAieno but th. Awerlcmus tt.m surpriawd to*M their carbtaws aimed not at the mob, out at th .tu. Bayoa.t thrusts tolluw»sl th* bullala and some ot th«Au»«ric *n sailors wer* la *»M4 And dragfa <i tt. |>H*oa. Only thou* who wore th* American ualtortu wew tho* tr«at*d. A »*cret investi^faUoa was h#ld ia Valparaiso tor the uurjxvssj ol eiaol- paViug th. poUlc*. To th* r<siu««i tor rapamtkia **Qt by PmWont MarrtaoAi, la« Chilian cabia.t MM a datiaut aHAWstr. No Apology hats tmtt otferatl attd uv>t au tttuottaa aa oxpreasion oi r«gr*A has *y«r ba>m iuad« by Ut* Coil- iaa govsirniuaat. Chitt hat, do*M ootja> Usg *x «t >M to show h«r cootitttMd CAM- Ht»|>t ot th* Ajuericftt? ti*«t- v ASHI ail thi5» uw* It k*» b **a ouaalajf ur *p«rac- taOtM (OT Wat\ UtM Of th* RtrOSA AmaU. aM* war it***..*, U* OapUia Pratt, to M*y Ik |aitaet>*B of WMiaSj [<js $SjkMk ia Jtaaosi (VMr th* Cfetttao jpmnMit, t ^wta* w**k.» work •*» ks«M MatssiW wltk) aJtt sv*«a tWaalbltx is, ^^^^ n to i atsa|tet war. bttt GROWING OLD. court.. Uowcn Patrick lights Ax at alac- (too Bates Wm witness district court llascout E U witness district court.,.. lleuich Henrv overseer poor Ac llowea Netlis witness district court lira? jas witness district court... Hocckh 11 witness district court llray Jas witness district court. . Uaies Jas M wimtss district court \ Boeckh J witness district coatt.. 11} me li H witness district court Boeckh Hit Jr witness district court Uurtord W H trustee fees Barr J M trustee (ees Uacoa U M assistant clerk o( election — Barr J M trustee fees llettowi Chas witness district court tlcchi.l C U trustee («cs Uraiett Nicholas trustee tees j Baytess Bros sur^pUes for IHIOI , KVKKYBOUT concedes that Iowa should IHS crovlitably r«pr*soni*d at tho World'. Fair. Not lo do this would bo pustlastiuious, wheu th* fair is hold at our vary doors. And still w* do not favor a heavy a'ato appropriation. Tk. stat* buildings nr* not canter, ot attraction at world'* fair*—they are merely incidentals. AU that is required is a respectable buildtag in which to make th* Iowa exhibit. Wa mmambar tho Iowa legislature uot being in session at th* time th* cotton exposition nt Now Orleans was baiog prepared c*rtain m*«ubers ot th* stat* legislature traveled over th* alate and s*cttr*d note* from th* peopl* opou which money was a*aur*d to make th* exhibit, with th* uudarstanding that aa soon aa the uext legialatuiM voavanevi th*ie would be no doubt bat an appropriation would be mad* to take up thos* notes. This wa *n*v «r don* and the *igu*r* ot the note* had tbetn to pay, k S >t whteh w* wer* oue." This was an outrage, and no appropriation should agaiu b* made until this obligation is discharged by th* lcgUlature, and then th* appropriation ahould uot b* e*c«ss>- Ite, Stutaios LawttutCsV ot Sioux City, who offered tte high liosnse reaolution ia th* laat repuoUea* slate cooyealion, itt sp **kiujj ot th* t*lei)tion ot th* anli- prohlbittouiM, A. B- (.'uwmlus, to b* temporary ohairtuaa ot the next repub- llcaa stat* eouveultou, says:" lv Th« aaleiMtoa sutu tve first rat*. It seetus to tu* the tirst gleAUJi ot **u«« oa tb* part ot the republican party far ten year*. Th* republican party ha* hl*k *d out th* tu *u that tuad* speeches tor th«m. that '.nanaped iu th* tuud aud «*rrteAl toruhe* tor them aad to many way* turuishsd the aiuews ot war, but thu aeuo* oa th* part ot th* central oomtultl** will brttxjt thew all ba«k agaia *>cepA « M eleuteat. It will unite vtoo. ssvw aa I tvMt with th* rapubltean paxriy who** atytttpalaWa are tor pruhW btlioa- It wdl brltvit baek th* Qemaa* as >d ,it will btiag hack all r*publioea« •tin ajt* tru* rapuUiraaa*. 1>* tBMa who foa tss ^wtioaait oaly kva* m vimnll «Str tatter party *i«*pt H tit tstmm tfkHhla ItMitTliiual td«M*• th«* t ^a»|amia»% tJtt «^ T th»t ,Va>M -*rU|' alas rmt I wimlitar Mrv GtMaaMM t><M .^a|Ma«M • .^aiepwp-, . .^vajt .Wa^aTswr'Bs^a^avsBTs]^. jajasB^^ . ^a^yssnasyssss^pss^ssvv ^K^^^ firm and court^l Birr A I bailitf district courtt.. Byruc Bryan w-otk around court nous* and jail Bearesj L M withes* district court Ueauett \V L witness district court .. Ing from tho pen ot A. Barrel, the able SSI. iL^f fett'JSJS editor of the Washington (Iowa) Press, utrctw Robert witness district We wh<> are beyouol the dividi that Bowers'cLwUueis districtcourt . .. » Burdiek W N pubtishins election separate* youth from age, can appro- _ notico and[bWs We have never seen a mote pithy and humorous wilto up of the symptoms oi advauclag age than tho follow- ftiiisQ^ii^sTi^^HS^Bsiattit rfi bins' Mfatiki a. to aaf OM«>. IbistetwU** " ttt MUaM''the> sssStat, eiate every word ot it: Crawford j c Dr ««titt B < t« "Are you resigned? Of course you c^j^^Yirdi ^c.Vsrtt; »r*. You have to be. It'* no luertt, cotVB^\^"i!iuSuos7.... uot oue* iu 1,900 times. For fate has £'«»>? J F «««»»««'?««• th. pull ou you. and you simply have g^Ua\wU^Xric^uri flajbejou h^ltwnl IMI old ^^«STS age movtug up to aud camping oa you. 1 ' ' 'lime gnaw* away the hair at th* cor- nera ot your brow, or, like a e*w in clover, cut* off a full snath ot cowlicks, or, possibly, taake. a blank wind row all over the top ot your head—are you reconciled to that, resigned to that devastation* Yes, for you oaa't help it. When tho arch mower begins to whet his soyth* and puts it iulo your hair, you can only "aland by and assent, and carefully brush th* straggling took* over the bald expanse a* a sort of dismal failure ot a frosco. You nolle*, perhaps, that you can't run to a tire, or climb a flight ot stair* ns formerly; you get all oat ot breath. Nor, wh*n you coose to a trace oau you put your baud* oa iu top aad nitu~ bty vault over U—you crawl through, or roll under, or climb it Thai's another *igu of old age. Aro you t**igu*d to it? Of court*. It uot you wouldn't roil under or go cautioualy between th* barbed wire*. Wheu you go ua*ha «*a two or three day* your jaw* *e*»n lohayebMa out ia a frost. Are you resigned to that* Why, y JU havo to be r*stgned to gray aad grisale, unlta* you—dys 'eat a beautifai purple! Your teeth are wearing down, or getting a* full ot hole* a* aa old brush fence; aa *ar or two is growing alow ou the trigger; jour memory for uaaiett, da*.**, etcTTw failing, aad you have to put oa *p*e«; you do not stand up aa straight aa you did thirty year* ago, or twenty, or l *u—sure aigos that you are goiag down tho slope, Abe beat part oi your life already behind you aad th* shadow* lengtheaiog in troat—are you rasigoed to ail thos* otu**«* W*)l, aa you oau**, kelp it, aad duu 't know what to do about it, you tu«*kly aoc .pt tha »itnatioo, aad puv as good * tac* «• th* oa** a* you aatv aad alb** a- aao t%ia lightaeaa of.loa* aitd tstaaa^aad r *itaaxk ^»^l^it|^ata >«t, Aad a* your iuu *e(e* ar* *>Huki*sr, v »ar akHk I* r*daad »At; tik» » ds)fc> jour akte lT^» i ^er »^*^*t*r*r ori»ywtr ai^r%a^iti>^ m$i lm Sfaa-a a-TSStsS? sMst t, Wt ol court Campbell A 1 trustM tees. Conway C Mrs witness district court.. , Collins J M pestase and espress chartea ^ Carlaoo Fred witness justice court Carroll Timothy witness district court Carlsoe J A Mrs witness jusiic* court.... CatUoa las witueas iusiico court Coaach Nic witaeaa uiurtct court Casay V It wiuwtts district co»rt Carlson {no witness justice court Collins J at wttaeaa anad jury Collin* J J ttonatsdkte dm eoxu- ner'a inqueal C«uui*«n W K elwx (m Clnratia Vrauooaa wttneasgmod Jury Collin* thoa 1 srotk ott oonrt bona* - Citaty P it \vttue»» 4 rand Jury CameuJaa room nut toreJeo- Uoa Cfcbooc B L juror aoaoaw^s In- e.«t«al CUrsta ataxia wttaeM diatrtet ooart Crnwfori JO Ur vitCMU ilts- trlotaoart Cuiiuutnt Jwry ariluew di*- trlcft oouo-t Cetera Jaa aaaiaUutt ateck ot t 00 a jo 4 jo »J «o J so J ii * jo e »o 4 JO 4 JO 5 co } 35 5 CO 6 00 6 co t 00 5 5° to So t4 to jo »S 0 00 J co 7 00 6 5J 6 75 6 71 S »J « «J <4 5» 11 «J t &5 ia 00 » 7J 10 00 10 00 7 » Q 0» 5»5 5 SS 11 00 >»J 10 tS Cents* Jaotes naaUtauat clswn of •toatioa Oanrad B r ressaxriaa; j>Ub<iitit- ClaSri Urviua i'wVtima' ditoU-k cvmrt Carter K«U *a *r«t Co ano<« tar CaiUiaasana A J soswltaat at- awaiSant-ai lwseear ... Cotton* T J putting atom vln> ceasra on tonrt Aout«. D«nttlnc Jbiss aula Ian* oUra. et ajtaeaiatu larasuaa K eiteiiam aia. trwi rotttt — Pwtrnsi Kit trtta *Mt«*t1ee ***** Qrttnua N attieaM ei >ra *aw **ttt- Oetara Waj* a Jr an*ata«ti> «» a to r« > rs~ »«s 70 % so 1*1 aiw 1 a i U s » . in t» at* »*j «» i 0i »*> sai i« i 30 l» *•» sis an •1 «*A a jo a 50 5 00 * So 4 eo 6 co 1 00 6 3o t 00 4 JO 4 JO •J »0 5 to 5 J5 4 JO i So 4 JO 4 JO 5 55 » 00 5 co 6 00 * CO 5 50 lt> - 6o ij .-o JO >J b co J CO 6 So 6 35 0 45 6 45 8 oj 6 IS ' ta to ta co 1 «3 13 00 5 73 6 co to 00 6 80 8 as J»J 5 Sj 11 00 5»3 to. 16 jo *7S Winter Excuraion. to Warmer Ollmes lCxcur.ion Ticket, to Mexico. California, Georgia, North Carolina. Florida, tha (itilf Coa.t, Texaa, Hoi Spring, of Arkan.ina, and Kxcsl.ior Spring ot Mi.aottri. now on sale by agouti of the Chicago, Milwaukee A St. Taul Rail- | way. Apply for rate, aad other information to tho nearest agent, or address Geo. II. IleaQbrd. Goneral Vaa.enger Agent, Chicago, Illinois. The Millc Rou'es. The following list of thoso awarded contracts for hauling milk was crowded out laat wask, as was more than a column of other matter already in type. Although it is a litt'o late now wo give it th*t the public may know who are tlio haulors for the farmers' creamery: Houte No. 1 W. A. llcudcrsoti. " " 2 Lara Leat. " 3 C W. Meier. " " 4 11. N. James. " 5 Jas. M. Ewing. " 6 » •• 7 W. U. Standorf. " 8 F. II. Ploister and F. Lttobke. "9 F. A. Stanley. " 10 R. A. Kennedy. "11 Will Schroeder. " 12 Will Dmuo. •' IS Usury E^gert. " U F. 11. Schultz. " •' 15 Nela Lyngaaa. " " 16 Karl Lyn.ra.ia. F.J. DECKER, M. D., I3CO 2^EOX=^Tma PHYSICIAN Aril) BUUOEOK. omoa ou Becomt Ftoor ol Pirkor's BulKUng. naar PostoRlca, Postvtlls, Iowa. ! BR. CE HUNT, ' TjMG DGIMTI3T. 1 iVrmancnlly located in Postville. j Ofllco ovor Water* & Nicolay's Hard- I waro Store, Brick Block. DR. J S. GREEN, rllTSIClAT' * SCItGBOX, OfTico and Kesidencu Southwest oar at town. Ail calls proaptly allcnued J. SHEPHERD M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. V. PBMSIOX OIQit *l roiKlano? on Green tbnet, •••ond bum* Kftil ol H OT A slcNeil't H*ril .T*; LEAVING AND ARRIVING TIME OF TRAINS. DANIEL A. JERALD, 3vEerclxan.t Toiler, i Postville, Iowtt. 1 All work ^warranted io ^ivc .atisfar- tion. A full line of the latest .tries n samples. Wm. SHEPHERD, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Insurance Acout and Collector, Authorize,, to practice in r.ll til* courts of she atato. OtQ «0 ore, l.ieu's ttor«, brt«k block. POSTVILLE - - IOWA. J.A.HAVIRLAND, "Veterinarsr SvLrg-ecn. rOSTVH .LB, IOV.-A. Ofliee lirst door F.sst of the Commer vial House, Green St., Postville, Iowa A finu set of surgical instriiments. All necessary medicines kept 011 hand Thirteen years sacerssful practice Calls promptly answered ! Postville Dray Line j P. J. BEUCHER. Prop. Having purchased the origina. Poat- vilio Dray Line 1 am prcparod to tl>. all kinds of draying promptly, carefully and satisfactorily. Good teams, good drays and caroftil drivers tlways at lite service of the public, at fair prices. All kinps of liglit or heavy hauling, in town or country promptly done. DatCORAn UITISIOS. Tiino Table m effeot Nov. 15, 18S1 Passenger going North... 6:10. P ** South. 4:t0. " > North, ...3:45. P. V J. E. PBBKT Ajaai. Freight. ITRED. N. BEEDY, < to TO » »$ r> a «* • DC 1 a *s» SCO 1 ta i » aw • OS *« to* s» *ss 1« so* i» »w >« Stt •a TV Ilo««aMaiT i 9 vrttsj*** sjwast tat *w ^aja^taTU*>«s«i •! tssntihssss.*,*.<•*>*.«> a>« W «• !>*>*Jcitesaw«atal«>d***:.... »*» p«« »•» tax * W 4a >«t, *p« a^ r #>ly.v».H».»*isi. .Ja\a^?«C BaUiol Buzzlnpa. There was a sp«lliu<^ acbool at Ever- groen sahool honno on tho iOth inst. 1 Uncle Ezekiel ami Nathan Voting- i love aro getting better slowly. It is very tiufortunate that they have no families or friends to eare for them. I think if this continues the 1900 census will show that the western states will have more women thau men. There has come to the following home, a girl baby: Eugene Read'., Erab'., P. M. Ten-ill's and Ever Peterson's How hi£h is dat. Mr. Editor? George Waters had a largo straw stack upset tha other day. Fortunc- ately nothing was under it at the lime. Farmers should look to tkair stacks where stock rttus to them. Our young friend, Gerald Harris, lost his only calf by a straw stack falling on to ;:. but ho says he got $ 1.00 for the h°do just Ihs same. Tot one I feel proud of our creamery and tk* atte«e*stul tuannsr in which it has been operated th* last nins months. Any ot us can Gnd fault with tha officers, but could we do any better under the circumstances, is the question we should discuss part of the time on th* •treat corner and at horn*. We have recaivel nearly doubt* the amouut uf money per ooi* for th* last eight month* then tor any previous eight months io ten yoars. 1 say, long may she wave. There are some thing* that must b* corrected. On* of tke most grievous is some patrons send too much n ilk for stock subscribed. A wall known gentleman said lo me: "Do you know ther* I* one patron ia yoor neighborhood who ha* only four shares that ha* sent more milk to the creamery than 1 have from thirty-cne shares?" Now this must be stopped, and the officer* are taking steps to punish said patrons. A* Evan Swansea has sold hi* farm it seems appropriate to review hi* hU- toty a little fur the benefit or encouragement of the aomiog farmer. A little over twenty year* ago h* laatitxt in this country, h* then being lass than twenty; year* of age. witLout money or friend* I wa* going to say, but those who wilt work anil try to help tham- aelvee will and friend, anywhere. H* worked, by the month at first and farmed oa altar** until IS years ago when he bought th*f*rm lately sold to Henry Klusa, or 90 acre*; TO .acre* of the earn* WM euv«reii with young timber aad brush, all h* hail in Ut* world would DO*, hav* sold for much om 31,000 al that* Now be ha* thu most of the price of thu ISO acras told at CM par act* *l «ar. It «*«m* a ftrafc- elaa* iuTC*tm*Bt buying th* Ferry plasj* at f*50 par aura. In thl* c«a* th* old adage b rerifiad, that "truth ia ktrajager laaa fietloeu'' Twenty juan ago » n**wll*^ to tt*rn*)|i «t DM of th* : ,~b^ farm* Md »sjO WB VHtt IU >I H 9 .piaOft IA <PMUfs|ssgtB (* wtsaaf. wiffsl Baarl as*faa*a»l*i **- t """"" Granite Cemetery Work, Iron Vences, Curbing &c. Those iulnndiug to purchase Monumental work for future delivery will find it to their advantage t • examine lit. V. Kidder's Granite Work in C'emete- rlea, »» lie is doing tirst-class work at as |D «- price, as can be preenred in the country. If ho ha. not called uponyoti drop him a card at Dccorah and he will be pleased to visit you with Designs and .ample, of all kinds of Granite, at tho lowest pouible price.. M. V. KIDDER, 34m© Decorah, Iowa. -PHOTOGRAPHER.-:- And Dealer in Picture Frames. P ostville - Io-wa The Old Reliable Meat Market, J0HU B. HAST, Proprietor. Opposite - Postville - State - Bank. Nono but the best moats purchased. Everything in Qrat-ciast shape. Cottr- leous treatment lo all. Prices alwajs the lowest. CHURCH DIRECTORT. CONGREGATIONAL • -Bar X. L. Barton, r-aa- toi. PreacUus « TMT. S WH U T »S 1C.S0 A.St, aail 7 JO P M. Hchcot tacmMtlalal; attar incrnlig sarTie«. T. P. 8. C. E. maata atary Bundar arsalag at 8:15. Trayar Itaat- Ins WaJnes.taT orsmngs. METHODUT.-R OT . B.;j. Lockwoo4, Pastor, rroacbtcs aorslcoa every Saniay al li?:5SA Si. amt7:J0 P. M. Eabhath School tnun*Jl- atcly attar morning ' ss.-rit*. Tho Ipsronli Laaxua avsry Sunday aT«r.ine at 6 :C0 o'aloak. Prayar ruaaliaj crary Wadnaadiy aTaaaast a4 T rSC^V.Mk. lev mn <<mi*a«V tayrfaasS. POSTVILLE LODGES 1892. Earper's Bazar. ILLUSTRATED. Harpor'i Batar it & journal for th« heme. Ii glvei the lateit iuforniHion with regard to tbo Kaablont, and itu naraeroui illuitratlous, Parli daclgns, and ynttcrn- iht>et iUjiplemoDei ar« iadiipooiatiU *Uke to th* home drciamr Jtcr *c<\ the protsjialonal ircxlUte. No exp«u««3 it spared to make its artistic attrftctUeneta of tha h^hein order. Ita bright 8tcTi«*. amtming eoinedief, and thoughtful cisaos tatiifj ail taatra, ar-d It* !a»t p&^a ia fa mo n a at a bud^at ot wit acd humor. In its weakly itsuca oTeiytbinc Is Included which ia of Intarsatto women Tha nri­ als for l^il wilib<9 wrlttan by\Vai*«r Baaant and William Black. Mrs OlipkanS will bacouio a tontributor. Manon Harland's TinietT Talks, "Day IcitDd Day Ont/'ara intended foi mat­ rons'and Helo ' Manila U North will specially addrbsa tjiiU. T. W. Htsi'Jtuson in 'Women au-a U«n," will pl«»s« a cultivated and lane a. HARPER'S PERIODICALS FirTsar HARPER'S B\ZAR U C<0 HARPRR'S MAGAZIS"E 4 GO HARPE1YS WEEKLY 4 01 HARPERS YOUNG PECPLE 1 0O Postage Frea to all subacribari ia th* Unitsd States, Canada and Mexico. Tha V O I UUIM of the Baiar hts-r. wi:h the first number for January c( each >ear When DO time is mez'ioned. icbi«rni':ions itillb*(;in wltli the Kuiuber current at UiD«* al r^c^ir-^ cf order. Bound Volume* of H.trpor"* Buiar for thrde y«ar« ia ae«.t cloth fctsd:n*. wLl Ire isct (•y mall, postage paid, cr ty aj^rass, free of expense 'provided th« frei^Lt do*** ccs *ict*X or.e aollar p«r *olua.e;. for *T C'J v«tr Tolume. •Jiech Cajts for each Tolcme, suitible for bindintj. will be scat by xc*Jl. pc^tp^iJ, vi\ rte»*ipt of St U> ench. IWuattances stou!ai be made by P««triT.e* Moucy Order or Prafs. te avo:d chanc- cf lo*s. Newspapers are not to copy this ad»ertiss mtCt wiUioui the expireas order of Haryer Brett er*. Adv'.raaa: U ASTJL »± BacTHr-a. N«.w YdrV. 189S. Harper's Weekly. ILLUSTRATED. NOBLE LODGE K* SI. A . o. r. it-. Tltf Loyal Ancient Order of United Workmen meets the Second and Tourvh Saturdnv CENTRAL MEAT MARKET 1 J. P. GUSON, Prop. Having purchased the above Market ot Sehuler Bros. I propose to k.ep n flrst-ilaae Markal in every re.pact. 1 ; Sutiinlity evenings in esch month, tn I .hall aim lo keap at all times an assort- : t hcMtubnic Hall over the Brick l>ro$ i TT A TSP1 ?'D »C PT!!T?TfIT^T' ,, A T. ', mont of the best meats the country sf- I lor( ,. JOHN Wtua. M. \V. | £»A O i"aiVlWl/lvAii * JAUKS PKitr.r, lieoorticr. Harper's W»a.y !~r ah* ceiaiss ya*r will as a- tsia tner« atSxtsctiTv t*a4^r««. uiits and AL *r titttsSnati »a. and a. sn>&Sur uo33b«r or articlaa of liTtf. utsaus* tiitervat thjsa wilt h« Cuttad la aay oth«r periodical. Aiuouc lhaa* lalSar wiU '»* a. •ert^a ot artiotra on ih.} tw^nkT-as* ipwavUaf tic- lea ot th* world, tuciniiisy & T *; htuldrasi Uleslrs. aioua. Th* Cotanibiaa KapsMisiQU. tha Arms and 3* T?, £T»«,S ycbiic ertoU. fti*aatara en Imad said a«s. au.t th* dourgs of she ectebralvd V*cyl« of ahedir vill be deacritcd aad il;=a^x- red tc &a actncUTe aztd ciicelv rtuuiaer Tee Department ot .Vruasear Sycrs will eo^ti^r-e rtcder she dtreccioo of Caspar A. Whitae**. ?ha> of modern wri:ers will cvntr-.tal* ssorfi si.-ric3. ^to liijat, JUtia^tiUled rU w^t craJte the tUu-ttna&Jce. The edisorisd articlsa of Mr. t*evi»> WiUiauoj Curtis sjfli reraaia aa ta eeptfviiU •.tttaotajsa. fords, and selling at the lowest living prices. Having com* to Postville to reside I iavile a fair share of patronag?, and shall strive to give satisfaction. L. STROEBEL & SON, — raoraiaToaa or — Postville Boot and Shoe Store. BROTHERLY XOVE LODOr. .Vo. '204. A. f. st A. M. Regular meetings on Tuesday even- inst on or before tlio full of the moon All brethren in good standiug are cor- STILBS. W. M. P«r Teavr: KAstrSSS WEESt.T H VS.1'KKS XXaAitSK KVK»*SKS BA2LVK HAWtais rofxa rsort_K-. .*l CO . > '.Ml . t CO . 1 tJ (AT a»MBT *OJQ a BOLTBa-S OLOaTAXO ) i Have a full line ot Boots, Shoes. Slip- j pets. Rubber* and evarythiot; kept j in a No. 1 geoersl shoe store. ) WM. MOTT. See'y. Constaiuption Cured. An old physician, retired from prats . , '.ice. having bad pl»<i?d in bis hands bv Custom work and repatrintr neatlv i an EaU lnJia m "» ion,lr y ,h * formula and promptly done. . Everv uair war"-i ° f s , sita P^ vc S e ««»'l« ^m^r for the t \v { ai«cr\ pair war- » pnH j v anr | pennai jnt core of Con- ranted. W e keep uo sbo.ldy. I sumption. Bronchitis, Catarrh. Asthma _S. ' and Lung Affections, also a positive ami radical euro for Nervous Uvtiilitv and Nervous Complaints, alter having tested its wonderful curative powers tu R. N. DOUGLASS, P««a. J. P. SallTH, V. P. JAS. McEWEN. CITIZENS STATE BANK rusTTVIIXB, tOWA. thousands of cases, has felt il his duly jj r , to make it known to his suffering t*l> 't rv.. lows. Actuated bv thia motive aud a ' . . . .s , . " . .- r .„t»i PAID UPCAPiFAL, $25,000. luws. Actuated by this motive aud a desire to rv-lieve bumaa suffering, I vctU I send free of charge, to alt mho desire i it. this recipe, in German. French, or : English, with full direction* tor pr*-,. I paring and using. Sent by m »U fey , v „ , „ . , „ . „ addreavsing with stamp, natutog t&t* l)o a General Banking Bustues*. Buy ! § m A . NOTIS. 820 Kxwetr* and sell Foreign ami Dumestic Ex- ; Block, Rochester, N. T. -t ^yl ebange. Accounts ol Farmers, Mer- | , chants and other* received and cam fully protected. IntertKat paid on Time Deposit*. Investments mad* for outside partie* rVataw Vrva to sohaifr0>£X« 12 tte Vaisa * Sa«tes % Ca.tu.ds as%t M*&*c*x tUe VotoatVM of lh» W »*&<T »e»ui with the ont N^uutvr ror *aati«u.-v of ee>oh SUIT . \t hee, B^tituo lattMUtUMaed, attbeA-rCfaioaa Witt betfta wUh Uua Sitoafeoe- cara«Bl at the. ttu* ofTeeetpt «f order. Bouud Yetittat<« of KBTfetls VIsMki? Sur three jeaua 1-awSu u ttw«l stvita MaOsiot. atU a« seat t?5 ULuait. ^v^itaxo ysuiX. or t>s «a«-c%aa.. tree ot eayvasse- ,j>rw<Hbrd tk»lre4t*« easaaatax ei<*e4 ea» Jotiat ip»r so;»iu«j v t>jr »t MwerTat-jsse. CWUa C SM * foe eo^ta vjixoaraK SBfbatZo for baBsKaac wilt t« seat t>J- auaiJL r «a<ciaixj. 00 ro<roiy* of *t IM tewV tt»tauit«jaiw«a aSMiabt *• assstii 5y •vaeofiee. Moueji Order or l^raft. toavtuui ohaaest of loea. \»>aa4re^-era aav aaA 8o<v-»»T thu. a*r«wcsi*«a;*at wixhvxtt the «) I«H ordwr o( Hexywr at SrvOera. AJUrea*; Ha»jrBB.« Bssrsavautsv V«e Vora. WONDERFUL on tavoraklj term*. 3E*JAJE33 S EIE!CR*S Th* cure* wh'fh by Dr*. Starkey A Patan. 1439 AwV» Si. Philadelphia. Pa-. J* Coo^ro(»tkv», Harper's K? sasuEe. ILLUSTRATED. Tt» Meifvailio uritt es»>t«e»e*aj>* fcesttk C «B- kMaw> **«.*» tMlsovtwre «t AawKtwe. »s tta K«- IHaov-see^ ttwou,* watoe,,* » atora tiur- o.aiAe.i^'ea.s^^iihAaiW tXWsu >ee« os»d« of tho. >>M«Mta. VtassreewaMatast iVweVeosaoa of Our <\Na*axY,, ai»l essk^ttsiiJNi an aje» (Saws*. West. tVruo^avr tOmiaoa. wiOt a>o. SM#V»B »> t >r»- ssaagt atyawdwe. ot AatetiaaoiL sttasaatsr. Ttse AsMottJawasM* SittpaaVua'il *• 4Hax*V»s4 v* »>>»««« 0* V SUMPC vet ah* V*»aVa V »>M» tjt«s>ist*a. «'iJ««tlsk Vh*attev-*. Seas." ha t V* M>. at***.*!,* A*<4»i4«as»«. A«i«t»« wtU i t aia» W ageeat eet <aVt- eimiaiivav *.ita«ri>ua ajulltat- ka» \iriaa\eav WE»j »««»»«d fx e> tkaatatmav * , «V eoMaa^iAwM » a*. «»- I Catarrb.'Netiralgia. BronohitiaK R&rtttak-! ^e ^L ^^^raU" atism, and all chronic d Compound Oxygen ire*tuie«iu ittdesMt marvelous. W««M e* CSauKe.^ e»as»» % a»i»v«« i »«l»y aVsssea^ajtv a>r*^H«adt«KS w)itait|tw t>V thM* I *^"*iKajeir«. *r*i If you are a sutlerer frotu *ay 4W- 1 **** „ ease wbieh your physic*** h*» MMl U I cure, writ* for toformaAio* aWt* ^ treatmant. aad thvir book «! ««X> ^a*. giving a history ot Cow^*>uta4 U«y^«au 0* WUur* *nd *aC*et*a »iUa ta^WWllrsAM teaUtnoitiaU trait* poUts*etax t» >>I^MBJI e^ise*** ror- n*t V»^a*-eu•U m««tv«ea>aJ*j kta t Mr«avlt«eAto ott^tSXOwttfsva you tear refer for ulU tw5*>«e i>tfrsrtkvic- ttoia. Will h* |Uu«J»p<J^ »o»fc, wWiwrt c%*rK*- •% This book, aAtde trow iU|$reMt>wtik. M • OMdkal stswk. glvlatjjf, •* »\ 4^ the mailt ol y «aur* at «tattjr s ^vqwav «<K*A - r«a wlU fisMt *v very as^MmtJ*^ On. STARXBY WMAwfcSt, WHwWllIla * *e* .«>**Al*g*jgjJk a^vajs»*rtK»**IJi. th»Vt)i«*4 1 ' MM. •"f* "V." 1 jr ""e«T |»».l '* " Sta.

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