The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 28, 1927 · Page 4
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 28, 1927
Page 4
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K I- lOLA i JpHAB. f. SCO rirttered- «t thejlot Second- CAtaA ! (Private Branch Hxcia ^ : 1 - AU D«iCaien bfficial Paper C ty ' Official. P«per Q ty . pffliBbil Paper A lei 'MekNbarof— . . ' National Editeriki Kansas Press A so^i'tJen. Tha'.Kansas' Daly; Audit Bureau ol Circulation. Pre«s Congress ^ f t le World., Inland Daily Pre is kssocl^tlpft. SUBSCR PTkON RATES. MEMBER ASlSOCIAfreO PRE$& Th« Register carfien frhsa report byi t leciai .leased, w Ire, Tbe Associated Pre: a ii exclU5 :lvely entitled to tli0 UM f >r WpuMlcat^ior of all pewM dtspatf ^ei • credited' to-1( ' or nut: otherwise oAdlti atid /atso ttie local ne' ill. All rlKhts or <:lardlspatehes hfrel hqctlDir Coiioty. ksse slatlon. onU Bassftt. .IB dents .......70. flents 7.80 |By Carrier in I^j^l^Qa^JCliy. Laqarpe iOn« Wedc .p „e Yea, ..^^.^ I Outside A|en Oija Tear tilxlMdnth.t .. Tlirife Months II In Allei^ C(^nty One, Tear •<, Blx Morith<i , Thrte Months :.. Dne| M^nt^ BOc tbe AaSoddtetf in this piber, fre- - pe- are al.oo reaeryed. Jiiblc Thougnt /or Today Have no tellowaliiii fruilfiil wiork.s o railKT f'VPJi 2:11. ropn i".\0 ROOaril-l THE INN" j Wi'tmore Spedtaior] .sjiorj distance fro ii wotnan-, slowly rtyl ig nUglit l>c .saved tu li«' ; frienijs if tlu>re fw is thii State Tuber uI !al Norlon. 1 However, there iraotni Applicatioo peetns to be s made 1 rihll for Jicr aifniiis^ioB into - tnis iHfiit!'^ inHtitiition iprmedjlh^it there cianf.s alieatl of her. ojjier aiteiiipt was tjiis lady adniitlied, hd PWmII were informed te •r.nor and other st iierc: are now 36 HaitinK for admiss] -nnitarium before !<iiil<I be considered. on Jierj iiuipose that wek-e on tliej It Is natural to fheSO applicants t jwaiting list Ust faU, ^ have either ifound relief. In iioiiie oibcr. niann< r, {or have died from la -k of prop ;r ari'. AnA thi.s In ihel gicat Slate—the state t lia^ 3iii :h iilcal.s and-iis wo] less ialnng htitnanitjirijin lines. I Here, in our owi mdtbier, redueed ir 1 l.s, .sjpwly dyii g POUD room ptagiie; and allbeciAiB in llie inn." 1 Hiring the year in were 779 dedtbij Ijjf-re from jT. H., and yeU •Willi |llie entire rcytout^SeH . of l.lje Male at ilH coinmoid. viije suffii-ient ^-ooii jit the sta nHlIiiklioii' for ih his t The |noiif>t fuller mi vail lie, from jirrible diseas Iii^islulure for a free lhine» iliat lint (he thoife auffc dfirkness; ve with the .jm- them. — Eph. 1 Living Vetmore ii of T. B., ]R ho family and ioom for 1 er r Sanltari im! bu terrible 8itu4tlf>n^indded whdn a Gove^vor of Okia )u)in t gets i lixed up with esot^ria phiiio lo'pfaieB,; mystic rel||eionfl,| Hpiy'ltistii . pl ^enoi len'a, aBtrological ^u^r^- -acA a ' feminine Col. Ho ;use who iitBlsts on running.his aldminlstritipn. Kvell may the legislative s ilona shake tbi^jr perplexed i head^ and luik one onotlicr: "Can ^acb tilings be, and [no l.overcome us like i summer's she was wtjre SO api: jjist lattfly : in^de to hii those inti r- by Uie gcjv- lofficials tl jappiicants M to the 8t£ applicat! They have queer tastle as to mayors in Chicago. | where tbey nominate their cdiididates jy the God- given primary ihus ms king it certain that the ^ill'of the people j shall prevail. TUfe can lidate nominated by the' Rdpubllcj ns in a recent three-coriiei;ed figbit is William boasts of ts bdei :fnl pto?- th OHH B H I 9ilj; ,and )vho: bjdst, is weight to p# the. whifce there is "i o f5 it |s sa in Kaifsis k legisiatute, fails lo pr< fllcted wit always fine ^laic fair aiijd re [of little calls for htjljp Ing wlfh t. go unheeded beqojitsej the 1 islaiiire Is loo nlgg (iroiiri^lions lb prajvid : reomniodation and unfortunates. Whdn will the gf-cat awake to t ns the! Itortance to its cUizi iks "Kansas grows ill th<* world," bar: uqep'f .over tb ! cnun iiiit: for free stale fairi^ t lingSj of no .vi al n^veiasie citizen c f th here' arc some things-bf more! in»- Our in its ai suffioiei t pro'per care for be hogs, shfep, nixi grhin crops d. j But human nofhei- matter. |e s ca \aMsi bq life!? i^iaii life, more o- less? T le ileglslature slioii Hu in providine aiipl r. B' patients tltat all , as tli<; door of til for :ijnd the admittance, ppliics and well being ^f e Mate. iO st| It act at State fact thai than shout best w|ieat idin|g' a "wheat ry, provid- and othe ntieirest to | th ate? tie, horse 3 safegnari t \h, that, is one h Itilaesn'^ seem to mattier who is fleeted Ooiter'nor dowp in dklaho- nia, be Diajj|ages somehow ti make (jjie front i^ne ,ot tl i« ..pews lapers But some maJce the front lage So more cnriotis ways't lan others,: In the case of: t^e preifint Go rcrnbr Henry J|9hiiSon, Ih^re is indeed a combination of curloi^ wars. I9 the first place he ii a student of the Rosicriician phi osop)iy--what- evpr\ that mar be.' . [n the second place he is,a bQllerir In spfrltna)- ism and occultlsnt. In the third place .he s^ms %o xi9nir{i),ced e(9trplpger, iiierformij s or n< t per- fonning hlsj iOtftciali ItUles accoi^d- ing as the sfsns of he zodiic are prppjtloiis op unpropi Hons. ]n the fioiirt^ .'plaps I he Is jk' «ntjr erest- ed in the theiary of tl« tranai ligra- tion of soul I j having probablir.Just beard pf It. jlii tbe fifth pit he sfems bent rerlyiag this K % K- e^pst wfaJcti|tbe people- ot Oklahoma thought was-ej^ectnall] laid. And in the sixth and cfaleT pli ce hm has made a cert^ Mrs. Ham nond. who seems to agree with him In 0JI his religlOQS anlj philo<ophi|C peculiiuiti4 >sll his exseatlve clerk and' pays mjore atfien Ioq to her than he does to Sena ors and Representatives ! 1 in , the I.«glsl iture, with the alieced resilt thai the "de.serviiw ibcmqcratf" who lugbt by all rights! to. bfe on ihe Stat» pay | rpll are not {getting there. It is a i I st cloud!' as iHjenl appointed L'nited States .Minister to I.eland Harbison, who Sweden, has been an Assi Thompson, the :ind o delights ii( cjallihg hi usejf ,;'Blg Bill' ,and who: ip hif ! campaign speeches addressed coiistituents after fa.sbion: ,"t vanta make the King of Eng- lland keep hisib'asted noot out of j America. » • ,• This s the issue Inf j of ttte campalg i (be draped the -Stars and Stripes ove- his arm). In tb*'. face of an <bs le such, as this, tbejoniyi l.iritie for a true American, ap yon folios w; ntA re-elect your present JlMayor. lo ynh! Do yub? > If! you ifo^'t Ipok o|it fJl history hodks Aiif soing J) be full Qf thipgs .beHttlijjg] Q.?pri e WasJMng- ton. They're ; tflachlBg •. UBrA?«pri- canism. And, if ypu.« ect.m^, I'll f^re.put the.w^OM i>l|tstid p ^i ^Ale. ^QCluding jKi^g.-(!^K^ of I^ngland. That's wh*t m m\\ w 11 do. • • • I 'm no mnd -fMlcer. \n 111 say abpiit Rd Litsing irj is U at lie |iS the biggest liar that was. ^ er a candi- dat«. for Mayor n any city in the wo?ld.". And so on, aiul so oh, and so forth. • And tbji peopje of rC^lcago nodded^ tltelr wis* heai is aixd 'said to one another: "That b the stuff. Tlinfs the kind a maji we iwant for mayor." man who hl« hjsi th TJie questloBj wl{ieth <r the Ku Klux Klan shmi d be equired to take out a charter in Kansas or should he; permitted to lo business without (ine h^s at le st reached the Suj>reme Goir^ of the United States and that |trlbiin) I has; held that i't has ,no Jurisdtct on In the imatter, .which means tb, t the Judg- Imeo of the Snptjeme Cpurt of the jState against the If that decision had I cen reach- led three years a^o it would have Hie sli for f!ry Id lose rooni fbr may kiioi k i {sanitariii n ould Is y the heaiilli citizen laroused a great jlpud acclaitii by dhe ene nies of the compl lint by its j Klan' and bitter friends. But no littll IS i)aid to it on either reason, of course Is tha interested in thej Kjan PP i and doesn't care business or not.; the d t. ifomehow lake a differi n to ill riiiir^naiionai iila cile. Baiii is actlkig rp.tizpiis or whetl : lion {is following \Vliail iii palritfl _ .•tiintiier nation lieccme.s . lit-riaiisni in .\n erh a. tines. : A is. B. Post wilihji till! iTiihes is tJlklt li'e shidjtheir staidinte tokst is tliii.s!: !i| (nemies of oiiri :i1h->- always bo tJKh \\[rong The Knej liesj Tli .vr >reside;it II. :ati^ropriatint tdn iiiillion dol 'III i; loj fight th h )rer. j And yet Jjjen at Wa.sblngt cdn ignore pri<;;» iatiiB. all berteuJ I. or ncel ke*s whether Uij o !om»1 <iini K -if slz<|d up fqlk^K S a ba bthe f it seen: 10 some of oiir protect b other ri4 ar cours Interest i| gross Ini )31 Doradio 1 )0111 w i A large; part ol abandoning the icjounty . and establLshing ^one bi; istitulion grows out deal .0 campaitn cheering following retary of Slate at \Vasbi]i;ton for the past five years and in that ca|i- acity has been intimately ironneet- ed with all matters relatir; to debt funding agreeiiients, Gernun reparations and' siiiiilar invoh id questions. .Mr. Harrison is 44 lears old an da native j of New V 1 -k City. Choosing (lipidmacy as career after his graduation from Harvard in 1907 he rec ;^ived a] secretary to the Amhassad|r| pan". In 1909 he was (ran Pekin and a year later wii London. Frowi there he Colombia and! finally, in .returned to Washington f< in the Department of SthI 1918 he was a' member of erican {leacc j comuiisiiioi J920 he was assigned to bassy in. Paris, where:he until be I was made Assist retary of fitate in 1922. dant Sec-^ appoinfcbnent as An editorial from Ibis reprinled in tiie Howard and credited to llio lola "I We knew tlie Coiiram getlink old —as wliiiOi of 1 —rbul Mils isilii- first evi biive bad that his niiiid hi Ih Old Ham Herger, of ._. rado Tlmt-H, wlio fet-Ki tl lIMle more lliiui he used nounces that h| isn't goini bis heuvies itnUI he henr^ is riinning in (iomer DaviiJH en leg. Wallpaper is really'a defendant of Mie tapestries with whi :I walls were adorned in earlier dhs. The tai>eslries werejonly at the disposal of the rich, hettce the intioduction of a cheaper form of wall H For many yeiirs , no n have taken place Jn .Maflil Tuesday, as it I is deemed lucky day for hiiittimonlal nies. J iKIan must stand. comment. hvhelhejr it does bjection to loor farms State in- of fie proposal ; to locate the State institution at ^T.,ansing. thus apparenti sipaiipers with convicts. the reason the, Legislat sidering Laiisiiig is tha y classing Doubtless re is con:the State already owns a large trhet of land there and tjo tbie" site nothing.- Bnt if! that i^ fiient the C^glslaiure HeMn't worry over it n: minute. Sent] institution dpwbj here county will prpylde it jvith a site cou itr>'.— ma b 11 right o of Our Conn ju.4 signed Eu{op(| free of charge,, and a s I and better site than cou V I it nt' Lansing. 15 uro lean rpr* thfjrey ire Ktatosf ho think Am and piajl The press of 1 Kansaii ning to discuss the ques er it is laziness or fact of time that makes Ewjng Herbert spell it "Hi-School" and: "epuf out a lot of little words Might reifer It to lbe:W. i which jl^esn't ^eew to jiavfi jniifch |to do. " attention side. The nobody is any more r to 3a- llerred to sent to i-ent 10 915. ;h( service e. In he Amand in he • eni- mained dm Sec- lola s Wat^r Supply Discussed The Eng:irieei the Chante-s NecessaiV to Brinij It Up to Datb. (Editorial .Voti tion of InUi's waieil Who Installed I Our t Ijaiier is 'oil ran I lorter." in was is not? lice we ijallinK. Kl Do- «-oId a o, an- 0 shed lie sa|i wood- jverlng. riages id 'on 1 un- remo- jvoutd cost the argu- tbe new kind Alien |USl'-lt)LO ME • -IhV' ^\CE ON \ i CLOCK —voo; HOW ify an Expert ty Plaiit Writes of trh of Health as recent .Mr. R. K. .McDonne: tribute a .^eries of 1 relates to the conditions in lola. 1; lowing article entitlled, "How Sho ilil Hon Shofild Hater Taste; <• We know that'w iter ns ordinal- lly found is not puie and is unsali to drink, and that aside from bt ing polluted by se\i age it contain^ small amounts of chemical suli stance in solution lud sdspensioi While the §alts 01 ^jirring in thb average water are i taiall in amount they may impart ti stes and odoif to the water, some imes making ft more palatable, wh le other chemicals make it less i alatable. Verj- few ^public water supplies are satisfactory in taste t( all conBumer !J. We become accustoi iied to the tastp of wat«r after a ling use of thb sii|)ply, and a water that we coi^r sider. after using it for years, ai satisfactory, does ni t always prov{> to be .satisfactory t) the new use! or to a new arriv: 1 ,or visitor ifj the town. Many citii s expend larg amounts for spring or Itotlled wa} ter, bei-ause of eitl er fear of tb 'i purity or due to oljectlons lo ih liiste of tlio inui Icipal siipp)>j Many cllies have mi de te .sts of tb •bottled water sold )n , tbe marke only to find that t bottled wai lers are rarely iis pi re from a bac leriologlcal slandpo nt as the wa ler from a munlciiai suprply. The taste we ordinarily find ii Water l.i the comb nation of : ivarloty of tastes priduced by var lous compounds' In jolution. Com louiids that might impart a verjf oticeable taste to one. persoi ight not be detected by another and by continued use, certaiii pastes become so. familiar thai they are not/(not! !eable. Com-j plaints may be bei rd as to tha taste of salt in th » water somd nays, and 011 other i ays there wil^ be no noticeable ta ^te ofube salt In view of ihe! very general interest in the ques- siipply broi^h olit by the report off the St ue Board y published in thtise columns, the Ftegi.-^ter las asked 1. the engineer who installed our city -systein. to con- tides on vari lu.s ;0f water [purilicalion as ii s series begins today witji the foi- Waler Taste.") This vaiiiation of the las e of salt in wateii; is often jdue to the tem- peraturel; A salt.itaste i ^ not no- CiceabliPiin water when it is cold, but wHeii the same wate • is comparatively warm, the sal; taste is 1 ery jnoliccable. jli-w usid in the (jrinkin^jwater will very jften disguise the: taste to the point of making the : I water ^alatabl i which \yould ibe entirely ui palatable jWithout; ^ce. The jremova 1 or pre- Wenti ^n of these tastes s lould re- keivem^re attention froii our of- |f cials tjlian heretofore. Changes i I our m^de of living am the vast ajmount Mpended for th ngs that aJHd con|fort and'blcasuie to our i {v^es justify the assiimpJou that we are now ready^ for m >re rapid rirogrfrss i^g mad gjiverf us In improilng tlJe palata- Wnter. blleiiess Ht our drinking Tlio vdry great lirogrcsij In • waier pi2rification , Iiope we H'ill have bi'Her t: Siting water in ill cities iili the I ^-ar fiitui'f>. An .effli-ient stttling'basin with the us • of either lime. ron or alum will remove a I very Ittrge jiercent of ntlid or ci) imiiiiritJes ater, biit very often theie will be a sufficient amount left It the wa- t<jr after settling basin treatment that will impart to the . vater an eirthy ori muddy taste. Tills taste day entitfely and easily b 5 removed by filtration in additii n to the settling Ijasin treatment. I So great ha.l been the lesire to pi-oduce water that is s; fe from tlje sanitbry stanrtDolnt that its pdlatableiiiess Itas been s icrificed. in many instances .some ci ies have doped thejlr water too exressively to kill hajtteria and thus Have pro- NbO KMONN HO)Ai MOW NC>6E' AvaO I- 6w MAKl^ STICKS OFGOM MAKE A MCMMF U LU rtE-PTHe. Maivi MO J MA6R^; A COOK! pow be- the slit, from the ght bigger d be given is bcgin- ion wheth- nnd leave laltogetber. rid court. •a dilced odo An lorine g til itu but ol jectional|I({ sr tisfactor in >st effec iji c filtcrei ut ed- but clkrtfied.^blit whiei^e and hal la litg 1 tui]biidit biucb iafger amount; ncce.ssa clJIorine pJnietra ti4les of s< dlmedt. be ns jlltratlon .1 at tr ition, and fu ther pn ciution m 1y possible! ba'ct ' Ive escap sopie know treatm improV It this is nt and pni rifle ^iie cau odor lo wa| at water ter that impurit buconi iking it ins iTeqii •so bad flashing o gnant w ase in o|i|;ration fi from thf :i then d uiAler pres.skire iijilndergoes hse that ik iiicrf ter is t|irued flushing lo.*; of watfcr thtiile is the Ipsk of he 28. lOJTl andj kl-ci^l v <*s not :hl<^i (^hlorint diijii fecti 1^ i\^e hovfiver watejr, parinjg y y in d thd iiltera. Thirid h Pla^Hs wlidre the dliie toj >rder ej th^ ChlOrfne lat •lit ainll filHatidii tastfe imprd li^ cah less |h| on plant. I of I a Mjad »,'r been iii:dea{d-en4 loks biot es rtifaoved' j staknutes j l'">'j s impure very hnainsl fu4l, power, thiii, t have jition p!:^ ininated mains, doiie away tiiste of thil 1ron very lalwr;, agnaift nstali |nts i he mil; [e taste ti waterl is filteud, irij; moK-ed withniit nw visions, water.' he caul HeS e in wall' y may I ih as iron jfroiii orglmic cohipoimil s dedayiiig vd |sco|)ical ution fr< drilling jses. .Mo: removed] se. Hii )rides pijes: problen: 6tion in [getatioki, or brgqiisms. been vjry pr<;noun<ed prt curing wa er. Thi.* :idorado. s I'ondit be grejitly riJ: strict entor pertaining do idrlll casing off alt ^water strata wells ging uri cealied to f ing salt tors in water sh content icaUjium and ses the I hardnes s'ed ami water harfler lieforb the on es obnox 6iar Ines.-j of he rcnufved Will h^ following CROSS tvrilerl caking o^ etc., a as st -en ieveral lice a RO( d gra|l he<jse. * * S>jnthelic nitlk wiiij the woilld rea iibition a bpi * bill is w-ith |l: ha $ynt[lieii<- Aij 1 )01 tr to cent Tie $1,000 rfrea favorite WicKed underjworld 1 ave csnsi one of 1 ileration! BaBe Ruth. I in ord[>r to piofe fcesiii ehtlyiil lastesi ' deaci ter c-ia be ei^enst r whiii rive4 livereil ry to I flukh ^1 order tcj ind odors ends, : reil lises ii gy and ih addHlod with stagii often j^ivT aiTil -.wept! .somi |ne. or f jaiic^ was Augusi on of ement pluggin* up lib' miiddyi Ind alfaniloiiing If coH magn ardnesl of t it is becftii jous. ater artiClH n the ni i-fil jrine kbit is te -iiiz- •ed i ' o' be fwi f i khl tajidly watf filter d, t into is ^d i oose and Hesid king tlitt a^rat Ob Ihe inner puiinii- •e: ted, uipins PX- tbi frerj or I eji^ C lern jj| ^rat^ic of bdor i t^watei 4 dis ig II* he ie 11 is tisiiiiluy any quitij vaj-iable. mScal jilljali. facj.ijiry waj ions lese tastei iiay e_d (In or before .Marc reaso lution the n of removal, nahy 'clases Wherl her [ound a and salt Imedieil of r^gul png oil frorti HuPiify of wblls tlhat ow oi water he oni d oi tie XcKJsho but I coi SJU|itarir district Id do mach toward tlie abate-| t of salt wateii pollution. Tiisi water s higlly mnenlijedi in additi m to it 5 sodium chlbr- tains I sail s ium whic 1 i of the V at le watjer ii Iso found es rJotic salt lastd j'tlie pijobl i|nd h6)v itl the siibjel A. C. Irf.) Poid? be thin and synlfielj Huggesls that oug • of Itoqii Id be fini ly need! selling tie. ims<|lf a genjiemanl- refers blomr I liowej-er. tharf iljresslain't at] ess I lola ml fn ahsol vfriter. The didn't * * « » in told utely n riend wil sh even chew giini.- i —\j.;ii.i!e I A memcaii •rentii pre ; n entjof Rl: liatje givei oniBerful tlon j-ost j Ii g IJsr it. i «ill lend •UV \ P»nl ei tirej kl ow it novl. ill brjhi Case, p» [es. i|i "a bri ail ha are ibmi-, has ijviter. tijeat- In sume |iie{iitly j abli' gains, profits. •slthe liac- tles liiri- tilly flish- ave land ee- iwa- re- tra of ectlAnible cll plojree.s serving in tries; and payments I'nited States to ,sai diets and 10 its t-ivili otiher I • ii formation return [w^ge. f liecdssary IS said to e underw We won bs under {.states does i^ette in a to lamp. lis friend- liseless tj infed to k i6w acl^ • 'No. 3» nde'r " the : "i iformat source" provision < if the iof 1926, all per; ons. f'ir. ever capacity actin i of to report ,-to th« Internal ReVenus paym others during the taxable $l,i)0O if the recipie it of 'pu meiits is single. If he malrried, ijeport nee \ notf b if the payirients 5 ggregatje lha;n $3,500. If the marital of jtbe pa!yee is ui knovitn jor, or iff the\ms ritalji payee changed during; tl payee:is considered| a perbdn fori the piirpi se of fi inff rmation return. A sepai| • tun 1 of iiifq;-matlori for ' ployee is : required I Thtj requirement is • I per Dnri iri odical payments bht ment must be leported Information returi s arie ly fliecked with the indiVidl lurii of th^ taxpayer to Whojn payjinents are made yea^ 1926. many deli iqueiit •A-ei ]6 secuited as a nsult of annnation of inform itionlret T|he act requires "epoj^t if ments of ^'interest, rentv waies, iiremiums^ a pensationsi remuner it ion's, nieiits. or bther fixeft or =( However, payinents Iof the ingjcharacter, although dyer om nee I not bje reported in retijriis of inf< rmation: Payme it of i on obligations of:ttte United p-ayinents Iof iany type :m i (-orjiorations: paymt uts mallei meijchandise; telegrams, teh freight, storage,; pre fessipn vicds, and;sitnilar rharges inert ts of rent made to real agents (but the ager t mii^t paybent.s to a iantlordi amount paid during the ye; $l ,iWO or more to a single a j^artnership, or a fidiicl; $.^.500 or .more to a marriHil son^: payments ' ma le by offices of business 1 ousels In foreign : cohntrles to alitjn ton , are Coirfmfediorier recitiltnt stktns of »|mi| not limhtdd daii-fiH- he tei|ui-hs hi • ex- urns. ,l>a.v- Mries, •orii- bnliolu- sl =ilet|ei]miri- and 'iifct nie^" bid. uwon khe tiOns ! Forfn lOflii: and muHt omj- n^ittal the nun^berof returns fildd. Coiids of pan on ed by ja letter- nf ti-an Form afl96. whici sho\4s the form may be obtained ifri offices of trollectors of ir revenue and branch )ffices. lectors, however, are not a ized to receive these returns, shoi Id he addressed to the mis.<iioner of Intern d Re Washington, D. C, tionj Joe rl' er Miller, whose en tp various! 18th was a very sei hriiry Lane iheat bookls. old of miy u te by arid Sortind n ^mt w; lentiiry ;City Phfflne 1| Mrs* Investment year, single itig an eni- lobfers. to ngle ,ia! It su rd |W re aritor low-, .500. rest tes; d^ to for pljione; ser,pay- ejitate port the was I el-soh, rjt. Or per- Jirknch Io( ated [JRA'NCE Farm 1 or 820 PhJdip S. Bay WTIEX Yor our iJu yoi {.SLIGHTS GO tjl. Ill PLUMBING : GOK ; feAIX;; flectric and , th(i ;teji-nal iithorf hicli Com!- iiue. EMBNTS Fiftyjyeiri ago people would liavd • sugges ioh that .there tjiighi be a weeil mpnfs desife; to fly and practil am thd The airplani ' 'ron* tht liegumjng the IStaridard (1 (Ir diana) I a^ hJad profound faith in COI imercial aviation and h4s made a trifiutioh tq itjs developmen f^r Antidpa mfe the growth bf C9mmer4al aviation, thi 1 Compa ijTforesaw the lieedifor nev aiid special products frpm petroleurn, ajnd immedu tdy set; out hem ^th scientific thoroug iness. Fraicje with Aijmy Ij I obtained ic iptionj for thp tr ii| and :».'eur lis to <housai)ds A.i^h ulfs. 17 he pxesc-iiji- lothing. I a.Hk n >th- 1 will mail If if our address. I A >o^- \ it. Write toda ^if- \ pi. C -nSfi, Brock ion, I jTjierfj"s h wife- |o,end''cc|lds so quick, elficiilnti an<i cimplete that we tail $l|.0(iO|0<iO foil it That wf y is HIL stops coljls in 24 hml-s,{Cbe;S opensj tl e Ixmels. tones' jth^ s.vstetn. The j npilliotis a ho ft alw; ys rely on it. (jo stlart r --I I flvii g ip no longer] iu|iniiss|is making Statlddrd to leveipp ' "h^ ^taijdird ces ifui in mehts of avjlaiioii Ij Oil Comply idndiaHa pA-f^ctmg productfe to mett all ' [he Stan 3i rd lOil; Company '(Indiani) jmanufac- t^ ffl a Ian e part of the igasplbe and litbricating oilf used by a iplaries today L 1 he faith of the Standard in (ommerc a IC is estimated pla les are if besdes the tra isportatibn—and in f he Unite i Staites. lhe.UiS.._._ ten icettiatitSl bee tise this needed in e dly aw dUe. I tha Udn the; Ition in futtire. imulus control Dei artjnent for ivil avia F yingis ^ of Pi mericari the Value of of » rving tHe thirty ihillion W« t with citiiitahtly increasi Standsu-d I: rd Oil Comi t) be a most aditambtt practical us< y (Indiani iluable dioke Ihugbed at relation. business. a reality— df aviation. busiliess ) jhas found -asset. • il Company future 6f pbctical con- was sue- ^ erequire- .. ^^..^^^ Oil Compan ri(Indiaha)- i| aviation has provHed well: (junded.| ited that betw^n 3.500 anij 5,000 air- 0W| m commeraal use in tl^s cbtmtry, huge fleet of plands used In air mail ^—' there aire 3.608 iaiiding fidds ipibi Ijhe tJj S. l^ir ^faiI, inaugiJratdd Ihe most wot Id. A t( - flown by flying is 4on< arejcoi} .--on June 15.1918, It pf its kind in the approxiniately'six million miles 5 annually. Much of the r|)utes whichfiotal 9.450' regulaHty. isuc(*essful ex; ial c|f approxi_ »r rnail planes at I ight, and ered with systematic Air ^vlail is a dependable,: lation-mde steadily tnsqspeand importance i ' sp^ iii conuni qiication isr- >f thd country.- Industry is Is - trpiehdpus ;{)mmerdal Ttie Staniiird ioil Canpeiny ;(Indiaik) believes -"^ rci^kableidevelcjpni^t qf jr^mmercial and growth through si assured throuih the i of Coriuherce of the Air J ^^jncrepiijgly impjo|tantpart T le Stiandyd dil Cojmpanj 4S62 We ifist year is preiiarationrfor a bril- direction -.-„-e by the Rfgulationa issuaijce X- • . - .X -t (^'i>.'^>?na) »I?predates jercral aviation iin its o\ ti businesa irty million people of he Middle itahtly increasing effidenc r hnd skiU. GenerallOtec^ St^diti^ C»U Bjiili

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