Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on January 28, 1948 · Page 7
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 7

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 28, 1948
Page 7
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THE POSTVILLE HERALD, POSTVILLE. IOWA PAGE SEVEN of vwy.;. ier may be happy (tilde of baby gifts if she is buying herself, she will a limited and itor the babe, and Kritphe need arises. . Wwdrobe. Kclothing special|. College, babies '.ng the first six fail to get much baby dresses or sweaters and 1 lace Your Order low For An ... Alia >|ldi yoti can use for Citing garages, milk awes or your home. Toey are ideal for Mte purposes. Fres W.Myers, M. D. OMN Over Huebner's Telephones: rice 1M.W Residence 188-X Schneider [ARIAN - Postvllle, Iowa leatre Building i. Steele -AT-LAW rnethy's Store No. 240 booties. They'll be just as content without that "dolllike" look which so many mothers would like them to portray. Recent years have brought about a swing away from the long, frilly dresses of a few generations ago to plain*, comfortable clothing for the younger set. This trend, clothing authorities note, is due in great part to the suggestions of the medical profession. Mothers have found that the idea made sense, too, not only because their babies have a better chance to be healthy but because there's not quite the fuss and bother there used to be. The person who wrote about the soft rabbit skin to wrap the "baby bunting in" might not have been so far off after all. At least infants' wardrobes these days accent soft materials. Here's what the modern layette features: Garments fashioned out of soft, pliable, absorbent materials which can be worn next to the skin without causing the least irritation. Garments made of materials which are durable, easy to launder and do not require much ironing. They are light in weight but sufficient to keep the baby's body at the normal, uniform temperature of 98.6 degrees. All the garments are made to allow freedom of movement for the infant. Also, they are easy*to put on and take off. From the standpoint of construction, they are made with smooth, flat seams and have easy, simple fastenings. The design, as well as the decoration, is very simple because trimming usually adds bulk to the garment and may make the garment uncomfortable for the baby. All garments are so designed that they will allow the baby's muscles to develop. They will also be made so that they are safe for the baby to wetyr. Safety Important. Safety is a highly important factor in infant's clothing mothers are told. .Drawstrings around the neck of a nightgown or small shirt are highly dangerous, as are the dainty ribbons sometimes used as decoration around the necklines of baby dresses. Fur and fuzzy yarns on baby's things < are not desirable either for the hair and fibers pull out easily and may get into the baby's eyes, throat or nose. Modern babies are dressed to great extent without the use of either safety pins or buttons. While it's still necessary to rely on safety pins to keep diapers in place, the fewer' pins the better so far as Junior is concerned. As for buttons, the best kind are the hard rubber buttons which can stand laundering without breaking. All buttons need to be sewed on securely. Fuel oil can be saved by having heaters and stoves properly adjusted, v NOTICE OF INCORPORATION Notice is hereby given of the formation of a corporation for pecuniary .profit under Chapter 491 of the 1946 Code of Iowa, and acts amendatory thereto, to be known as FALB MOTOR AND IMPLEMENT, with principal place of business at Postville, Allamakee County, Iowa. The general nature of the business to be transacted by the corporation is to buy, own, sell, service, repair, store, .care for, manufacture, assemble, rebuild, and generally deal in, at wholesale or retail, both new and used automobiles, trucks and motor vehicles of all kinds, farm implements, machinery, vehicles, tools, and any and all articles pertaining to agriculture, and tires and accessories, including parts and supplies of'all kinds pertaining thereto; to lease, build, purchase or otherwise acquire, and operate; buildings, storage houses and garages for the purpose of carrying on the business of the corporation, and storing, and caring for therein of automobiles, trucks and motor vehicles of all kinds, farm implements, machinery, vehicles, tools, and any and all articles pertaining to agriculture, and supplies therefor and. appurtenances thereto; to buy, own, sell and deal in all goods, wares and merchandise necessary or incidental to the operation, repair or equipment of auto -j mobiles, trucks and motor vehicles of all kinds, farm implements, ma- 1 chinerv, vehicles, tools, and any and all articles pertaining to agriculture; to buy, own, sell and deal in all devices and appliances of every nature, kind and description whatsoever, including parts and supplies pertaining thereto; to act as dealer, sales representative, agent or broker for manufacturers of automobiles, trucks and motor vehicles of all kinds, farm implements, machinery, vehicles, tools, and any and all articles pertaining to agriculture, devices; appliances, and supplies there­ for and appurtenances thereto, of every nature, kind and description whatsoever; to purchase, lease, own, improve, maintain, convey, sell, exchange and mortgage, pledge or otherwise dispose of any and all real and personal property or any interest therein necessary, useful or appropriate to enable the corporation to accomplish any or all of its purposes; and generally, to make contracts, acquire and transfer property, both real and personal, the same as natural persons enjoy. Authorized capital stock is One Hundred and Twenty Thousand Dollars ($120,000.00) common stock divided into twelve hundred shares of the par value of One Hundred Dollars ($100,00) per share, to be issued as the Board of Directors may determine, all of which stock when issued to be paid for fully in either money or property and to be non -assessable as provided by law. The corporation to begin business January 1, 1948, the date certificate was issued by the Secretary of State, and continue for a period of twenty years therefrom, with the right of renewal as provided by law, unless sooner dissolved by a two -thirds (%) vote of the stockholders at any annual meeting, or at a special meeting called for that purpose, or by unanimous consent as provided by law. Its affairs to be conducted by a board of directors of not less than two nor more than five persons selected from among the common stockholders, with power to establish by-laws and fill vacancies, said directors to be chosen annually by the stockholders at the annual stockholders' meeting to be held on the first Monday of February of each year. The Board of Directors shall elect a President, two Vice Presidents, Secretary, and Treasurer, and any two offices may be held by the same person at the same time, excepting the offices of president and vice president. The said officers shall be elected by the Board of Directors from their membership each year immediately following the election of directors by the stockholders at the annual stockholders' meeting. Until the first annual meeting in 1948, the following named persons shall be directors of this corporation: John Falb, Elgin, Iowa;.W. C. Falb. Elgin, Iowa; G. H. Falb. Elgin, Iowa; and John Falb, Jr., Postville, Iowa. Until the first annual meeting in 1948, the follbwing persons shall be officers of this corporation: John Falb, President: W. C. Falb, Vice President; G. H. Falb, Vice President; and John Falb, Jr., Secretary and Treasurer. The private property of the stockholders of this corporation shall be exempt from the debts or liabilities of the corporation. Dated at Postville, Iowa, January 2. 1948. FALB MOTOR AND IMPLEMENT By John Falb, President. , John Falb, Jr., Secretary. Joseph B. Steele, P. O. Address: Postville, Iowa Attorney for the Corporation. lesau,M.D.* lesau,M.D. Schutte & Sons i 12 and 1 to 5 , afternoons. A to 8:30 p. m HUTTE SCHUTTE tt Embalmers >r All Occasions & Palas g-AT-LAW Mile Stat* Bank PSAHL CTO* 'Abemettay's 1» and I to 5 >ys, FrUays ATTENTION FARMERS! Until Further Notice $ f% /v We Will Pay Up To *M FOR DEAD ' HORSES and COWS (HIDES MUST BE GOOD) And Your Assurance of— * Prompt Service on All Small Animals * Free Gifts for Small Animals * Sanitary Removal ** 24 Hour Service * Tankage for Sale to Farmers * We Pay All Phone Charges „ N For Prompt Rendering Service, Call ALLAMAKEE COUNTY RENDERING SERVICE Postville—Phone 555 — or — COLE RENDERING SERVICE Waukon, Iowa—Phone 600 LICENSE NO. M USING CERTIFIED SEED ASSURES BETTER CROPS With f armory already buying seed for next summer's crops, the ole of seed certification in crop production was again emphasized this week by Joe L. Robinson, Iowa State College agronomist. "Since good seed tends to produce good crops, the main objective of seed certification is the assurance of good seed," says Robinson, who is secretary of the Iowa Agricultural Experiment. Association, the certifying agency. Certification is designed to provide seed true to variety name, insure a minimum of weed seed contamination and give the seed buyer reasonable insurance that the seed is satisfactory for planting. It also provides an unbiased inspection service to cooperating producers, assists in developing effective methods of seed increase, encourages the use of proved, adapted varieties and aids the growers in disposing of high quality seed. Seed meeting the certification requirements is identified by the official "Certified" blue tag. "The buyer of seed can depend upon getting quality seed when the certified tag is attached to it," Robinson says, Minimum standards of production for each seed crop are prescribed by Association committees consisting of agronomy specialists and seed . producers. These standards "Better" Used Cars 1946 Fleetllne Aero—like new; radio, heater, fully equipped. 194S Ford V-8 4-Door Sedan- Green finish. Priced to sell. 1942 Buick "Super" 4-Dr. Sedan Radio, heater, other extras. 1941 Oldsmobile "66" Tudor- Radio, undcrseat heater. 1941 Ford "Deluxe" V-8 Tudor- Rebuilt motor. A Bargain! 1939 Ford V-8 Coupe—Radio and heater. A nice clean car. 1937 Ford V-8 Sedan—low mileage. Runs and looks perfect. Clean. 1936 Ford V-8 Tudor* — Sealed beams. Reconditioned thru- out. 1935 Chevrolet Standard Tudor- Radio and heater. One of 'the cleanest 1935's around. JeromeH.Lensing FESTINA, IOWA compare with those prescribed by the International Crop Improvement Association which represents the certifying agencies of all states. Average wages for Iowa farm workers advanced to $7 a day during November. This was an increase of $1 over the October average. ; OLD TILE LINE. Webster City officials have do- cided that accumulated gas which caused an explosion in the court house there last month had seeped into the building through an old tile line discovered under the old jail ceil block. Since cutting off the tile no further traces of gaaf have been discovered. Highest CASH Prices For Your Dead Stock CHARGE ALL CALLS TO US PostvilleRenderingCo. TELEPHONE NO. 1000 WAUKON—Call Sunderman City Service—Telephone No. 2*2 McGREGOR—Call Dresden Standard Service—Telephone No. 55-J OSSIAN—Call D-X Service Station—Telephone No. 90 ELGIN—Call D-X Service Station—Telephone No. 2111 MONONA—Call Mr. Zlegler—Telephone No. 208 ROSSVILLE—Call Rossville Locker Plant •Si^V LEI We will sell at Public Auction on the F. J. Miller farm, 4 miles south of Postville, on graveled road, and 5 miles northeast of Clermont, on THURSDAY, FERR'Y 5th Farm Sale to Start at 10 a. m. Cattle Sale to start at 1:30 p. m. 80 Head Registered and High Grade HOLSTEIN CATTLE * 45 Cows and Heifers of milking age. 30 are fresh and milking; 5 to freshen by sale day, and., 10 close springers. 20 open and bred Heifers 10 to 20 months old; 12 Calves from a few days to 3 mo. old; 2 young Bulls of serviceable age; one from dam with 4 records, av. 505 lbs. fat; also 3 year old Herd Sire whose dam has lifetime record of 4870 lbs. fat in 7 lactations. Her best record made in Schrier- dale herd was 1091.9 lbs. fat. * Note—This is one of Iowa's great producing herds. You cannot appreciate the type, quality and production without seeing it Cows are now in good condition. A wonderful set of udders. Nearly all are young with best years ahead. Due to war conditions testing was discontinued 3 years ago. The last year on test the herd average was 447.7 lbs. fat. Several cows in herd, both purebred and grades, are above 500 lbs. fat. Many are granddaughters of cows up to 600 lbs. fat. 30 HEAD ARE REGISTERED. The three-year old herd sire is a grandson of Prince Ormsby Aaggie Pontiac and is one of the few bulls available in any sale in the midwest from a dam over 1000 lbs. fat in a year. Every animal 4 years and under is calfhood vaccinated. 33 HOGS These are extra good Feeder Pigs, Weight 100 lbs. each 2 Sorrel Mares 8 and 9 years old, weight 3200 lbs. White Mane and Tail Hay, Corn, Silage, Chickens, Machinery 2() tons good Mixed Hay; 1200 bu. Corn, more or less, and 30 tons of Ensilage. 350 AU5TRA WHITE PULLETS F-20 Tractor, I-M Picker, Cultivator and Gang Plow; F-20 Tractor, 16-in. Little Genius Gang Plow and Cultivator; 8-ft. McCormick Tandem Disc; a good 20-ft. Drag; International Endgate Seeder; John Deere Side Rake in perfect shape; International Hay Loader, in good shape; 5-ft. McCormick Mower; 8-ft. McCormick Binder in good shape; 10-ft. John Deere Tractor Disc; a John Deere Manure Spreader; Hayes Corn Planter; good Deering Corn Binder; 2 low-wheel Wagons, with 50 bu. corn boxes;; high wheel Wagon with box; Hay Rack; set practically new 1%-in. Boyt Harness; Gehl 10-in. Hammermill, with cutter head, in perfect shape and 60-ft. rubber belt; Grab Fork; 2 galvanized water tanks; 3 slat corn cribs; ensilage cart; milk cart; 3-unit Surge Milking Machine, with pump; De-Laval No. 19 Cream Separator; double washing vat with Coleman stove; 14 10-gal. milk cans; strainers; buckets; good vise; Majestic Range for wash house; 2 gasoline engines, a 1%-h. p. Briggs A Stratton and a 2-cyl. Maytag; 8 sacks Moorman cow mineral, and many other articles too numerous to mention. FRED J. MILLER & J. E. EVANS EATON WATERS, Auctioneer CITIZENS STATE BANK, Clerk Claude Wylan, Sales Manager, Waverly There will be a Lunch Wagon at Sale

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