The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 28, 1927 · Page 3
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 28, 1927
Page 3
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M^ici all right, about -wintbr The. [more Ms 4ike la Iip|n Ithe i bet there is for an early 'good! f^-uit crop. tq tdke ^rt 'straw h^ts i)f felt, all' coltj |-8, »^.9|?. Mininpry. k 815 las bien ' .i f : > i Mi^.".; RJ B. Porter, Hyca^moreiiitreet, who ill , reported tiettcir to^ay gfctti^R ajong as JA'cl expected .for one | of HRP,! Her temperkiujl hishi heqame uormalj whicfi ImH left lior lit fiie<|! (ondilion. Howi Hiiliiii KlyoBicvcryihoij mailt reci)vory U ao '•»el III, i , • as |e,'. w laxij a ve ver! [« <if .'Oin i;t«lnk: ituvm N'tjw MvlUK Itnoiji SI mill tliri" plmm. Uy k tl em ovrr I 'ifol-i; y< II buy. llciiiilnge " M >8toru. II. J,. Hurt. .Ir, o W V(i.. IH vlKmnk ,hH »n(J. .Mritj U. I., Hjart WahhInKton avcnup. itvil His iHlKtor. .Mrs. MiK tiDd MIHH Rutl] 11-4 #n route home. •>lw krds -Mil-J —C|iII(|ren "8 bcautif to $$.7.">: i all col9r.s, linetjy. i MlsB Iflrene Osboriie Saturday from Indfepi ndei le. iKa?.. where -shP has lieen visitin; frlejids and rfclatives. 5 1- i-jsjiecial showing H^tf fn ill colors,- bt targe h^ad sizes, at dreri's Hats In straU. 'dllk and peorgette, $1.50- to $3 Millbery Miss Mary ^Moyer. of the: Sifers Cbnfecticiner.^ vi.sit (iver the! week end hotrie folks in Garnet rcb i^okn sprlrig prospect and a the Ed- street, idled Friday bid' Soldiers home rrhe body arrived iki lola evening and; the iuneral ^iilbeJield at the jroom tomorrow afj b'clbck. conducted by the Koldsraith. Burial orth j very and oiiljil be need run! , —Let me do yd h-emodellng. Phoni 1072 J lylwcak' [hir phy^ hc^r lilt I- l|lli:uiluit)) Clirk ^biire. patji'ntH. .Mr. U .Vorth Uari vis- " <Jop«'n- jCrhlcago lof H Kir. Marl rt o il l«its;.|l..=-.0 of cnt IK with rolHtlveH in-YuMCutl liiid III llllnoiM. I||.k, two returned DMtli off Lewelirn Os»orne. l,ewellyn Osborne, of 691 South evenlij (n Lea n the lola ceniclflry. .MrK. JMattie Hcrr Slcep<j ernooii will t g at the enworth. Saturday services r service at 2:00 Jtev. C. I. ke place ur building or ng of U^uckeyb street reljuriied 19 South [Saturday •venlnjr from a HI|C njonihs visit lloKliiiiltiK Tu «iKduy, will biiy e«KH (III It Rru<|ed huHln. iTiiki' lurtr of yourjegjus tjnd bring thi 'in to lis. We iniy fo Our. prl'-cH win riin 'lull Mitn -h I. iiudllty. in thiM puller.— .1. .K. (iroiiii)in 1 rod. Co.. ('. (1; Cogliiri. .MgJ*.. corijor East .Nieiirne ahd- Kim. Mrs. T .J G. Sheet of Okla.. . aririvfil oit j Ihir train for a visit with heif mother. .Mrs. C. H. KuRlish of :!|16 South iThird street. ! Ibeaiitiftil th shiall and ^. ChU- Edwards / Jjmplo.yce was an or with Ka^s. ,\imcrkan Logiop Mciiinrlal hall .Mpnda Hpt that all.memi to check in ticke '.T S S.Uoy left Sail nidtia, Kans.. where he ixtilBded visit with .Mrsl J. C. Porter and —I^re you trying fi na1(ii| Klectric Refrlj} Fret' See K. C. Pfuiiblng Co. H.iT.,(J00K.; P. C. Mrk J. C. Youiig dnd •^>rcWn, ireturned ^to tpcid Kansas Citf-. Mo.. Sat visit Igf H. week with northeast of |b>d igrandparchts. Jlr. and rharjcsiIsaac, living tilt dlty.i •' f-.\U>ttey to loan, oi r^al eatale. ilasy cbmn issi )ns.| T^e lola! iBullding & Loai i Aiisoclation. braahized in 1SS5. Xjerw lobation Hoiilhwe |it corner of ^quire. j G. E t'et^, Secretary. Mn aid Sirs. C. WJ Gajtes nt 217, .**oi|th cjilborn street leturneci horn tbii^ afternoon from a weej< vistl! vsith their dau;httr8. .\l. ^ Gcat'f Gates at Citty aiic .Miijs' Helen tJates. a t^ideut at thtj K;'S. A. C. at .Manhaftaii. at Im- nun'tiiiB nichi. Ders be prec­ is. rdai' for I'lv wll make aii Ills daughter. Mr. Po«er. Itr tihe Kelvi- i ifs lileiitrlcj and ihc [daut; liter, hoine^ Ih her a irdtly a [r pfr<'nts Mrs. —Dr. Fred Woodbury, graduate foot specialist. Troats co ns, bunions, weakened arches, etc. No extra charge for resideriife call^. Phone 30O.. 217 West Madison. -Miss Vivian Kemp, who [has been .Head lady in the r<iady-to wear department at The Leader for the past year, has rest ;ned. I er'resig- u:<tio:i-taking effei t Satu-daj'. —Examine o'ur 57.30 .Mattresses. All cotton, clean ahd boxfd. Henninger's Store. Mrs. Chas. E. .Marsh ledt .Sunday morning for a visit with her par- nt.s, .Mr, and .Mrs. jl'au Or^trand in Sail .Juan,. Texas. —For-painting Jind P: ing, call Antrim. r. Myrr.s j .Ml.^s Mabel Cox. |Mis (). and Miss Althea .McCJuoi^ of Col- onv were visitors In lola le, Iowa, Tonkawa. fternoon perhang- frodi Arkansas City wherij spei t the past week with dau ;hter, Mrs. J. L\. Bensoi ly. M|r. and Mrs. Pa^I Reed h Elm have Ireturned Wichita where they attendeja roa4 show last week. K. Smith of w;ichita spe|it| week end with his! parents, and Firs^ Mrs. I. B. Smith, 111 jS^uth it. Mrs. Cyrena WiUon and ilaigh- terd of 311 South Chestnut yest^erday with the family of Smith near Geneva. 8 lent' H irry .Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Swong^r of (nr. South Walnut are tuinjlng his. liiother. Mrs. Swdnger of Kincald. •Ml of |r. and Mrs. J. F.l Swung, r, Jr.. ll.'i South Wall ut. drort to • • • • ijielr lOOl daughter, Ruth, bai'k, to her wor M Ken call Tay strel .M ss Ivls Chamberlain of }l^t the week end with her liss Evedean Harclerodc. and 90. —JOxSM; rord tifes, $ Rppuir .Shop, C. panatsiy, Prop.; '^.^f 116 East Jackson; Mr«. Iritis falmadgf 1< Oil Flyer Saturday Chic^»go. Mrs. Tal^itadge wo nil Mrs. 1 berei for the past guest ot her sister, and Mr. Hart of SM Norj ingioii avenue. il. Hixon of j 301 South I tucli.v' street has ^rented a • abojit two miles! north on —Dr. A. B. Twadell. qstMpBth. 1 street and will niovc to it 9L l^ihe .Vew Oloba Bldg. i ^hone Ml8<J TValee West, book Si -nckd's' stoT'.'. spi with home folks in r. L. B. LEATjELL, X. D. Special attentlpn given Diseases ot Colon and Rebtum. Electro-Thelrapy ajid . Physiothjsrapy. Ottice lola Statle BanklBIdg. Phones— 147i and , Jie McCarthy .Slotor Co.. for her home in placing a .Moline double rovd III (be Tire ; it a ; phy| ft on thei T has been)<,r nihs. the jms .. h. Hart I bh Wash- i J rence ye»t<Tda:y : lo take k at K. y. k and Mrs. Clay Wcast at; jnelh. of .Morah, -were S| •T» at .Mr. and .Mrs. I or's. 220 North CottO M. Simpson | returned ijorae night from Columbus, Kansas in, „ where he has biien visitink his sister. Mrs. S. J: Cook and f imily. Mlrs. Annie Blolod of 71S Zast Jackson avenno jreturned I ome Saturday noon from McA c iter, Oklihoma where she has bei i for an extended wsit with .rclpfives and friends. M^-. and Mrs. Albert I. Ihriji to Bartles%-ille, Oklahoma ' day to spend a few; days witl daughter. Miss Maggie Ihrig. fr.' and Mrs. Owen Fariie M Calqwell, Kansas were gucst^ the ent of C|06 South Buckeye str.eel^ —I i .MJr. and .Mrs. R. E. Mel] .Miss .Merhl McDonjild i wee|k end guests Of friends taw , .Mrs. A. L. Pattj'rson ani paturdav. o^iine of Wichita. Kansii ^cd home yesterday after ^ the home otUMrs. Pathjr] nts, .Mr. and Mrs. Chas of 221 South I Third str •uliivaftor at their ness /today. Plali next day or two. ceepcr' at j M'rs. Lee Rcnne^ hail her week end; reliiovcd the latter part o El Do|ado. i wee|k. !•••••! Buy Bed He'tibinRer 's Furniturb Store.,! t. R.i Johnson a'nd family of Topeka. who spent Si nday vjisiiln ; Kill. Quinn and faiiilv. re|turne I home today. :Mr. l^hbKon speaks very highly lola. aiid'extiresse I hi'« intention of loe^tiifg hpre li the near futiire. :}-.Nrew ones in. Fiiomi'$13 00 uri IHIHT Tjiiirxdiiy. .Mttjl U I' Nuithrup. plioh ."^III-IICIT; phone .211-. I Oliiililtt^'r Cants III . '\\Vv ..•••rlHinly hiiv t<*i'r!it ill the old I yjijir paper. It is a 1 W('f,li tin- whole faiii ul ^il nilih comes with (line bos 11 .V the timn vlrltes C. E. NJwioii from hi h Sp: coiries a not ese iiardj nl'W bolnie In Colorail| fidm the saine city irom .Mrs. Ida Leigl ty ^ndifamU siiyinp: have hi d khfe Reg'lste m : our home for th riiy years am hjave Uile habit of h okiijg ;ror i every day. so keep: ii coming." • I ii jsychj letters •as tl pehs(ate'for a lot of hard knocks! if ; j OFFICLVL > I Xlie following arel thpse who have qualified as can-, didatesifor nomination it the Pfi-' k)TI thel riiary to be held Mtrch ;^al3; they I will appear r«r fCoimuissioner cji : ! " I •' Revehnp. .. J. R. ARNETT A. iH. HECOX b. .i\V. HOLME^ lor.Hejmbeni oi the Srliowll ;w .iB. RALStO> A. R. SLEEPER J. G. STADLER l"r TrfaKiirer of th«( JMELVIN FRQNI :. . . ; i- i ; Feb. 26f 1927. ; h 3 nr.. 11)^ h p. mil Inst In tqwn '" rice b<' i^hifn th Register. bn t Ciill MrH Mr|t. C. « lIlT:^ 11 ings. An that com}- ;E.: ndmes Stli. ^92 he ticket: f Finance anil! Board Board M{NI =:L. City Clerfc jj C. Volght lia|(l his tonsjl^ re- mo^fed last week. ' j] J. Hi.xon whi has been ingja case of flu at his lion] South Kentucky fetreet is a be out again and ed. I is much iijibrov- .Mr-i.i Frank- How of Bucko.vo street uiiderwettt an operation Saturday mornin ' i —Just like Anjsel Ftjod Cake. Van Hooxer's Bread. 2 for 15c. • [ A] Mrs. Jones hajs rented th| • • • • • dence property at 301 Soutli tucky street and iwill soon ' 05 South 't a |s her home. ! [The speaker at tohight is- Dean George —-pointtd as one of the Jud Curre ijt Topics the primary election of the IV. Trout, wai^d. tli'e State Teachers dollege. of of Pistsburg. Dean Trout u II be glad to see him , , him. The moelihi; will 6e held at No; 9J0. the Portland lioteli at 6:1"(. —32x1 cord tins, $l| j Repair Shop, 1;16 Eas ! C. Canatsey. • years -Mr. Sullivan Is as ac [ a man ordinarily is at forti' If vou haven't made Injquiry you r ^as at tlie barber shop thi8[l - ' how lit- lag and said he was feelinte| old liook fti' ga^e an exhibition of h' ' will be surprised. 10 (imj 'tie It Insts to luivo an I repaired or entlrily n"bo ] Register 1 /liiilery. laiid nfide prac tUally as goiid as new. -0. L. Cos. 1 M. D., JSPMI^UM. Bye, Bar,,Noi« and. Tbro Tli<> fmi 'Tal of .Mrn. i KlMn«-y wjHi belli at th liTluii chiinli iif; a lati- ; uftiTiiiii'ii iitid 1 *li"rl III fore Is ilcfi-rri'ii unlit t —Try It onceH)ou wl other. Van HooMr 'i Bread. new ReC "' Topeka iHe last twn 5 ^rs '::^o;;;^{;ir-<i^tiS;5^i ^-j''"--- -'"r-*^ .Several nf our |frl<'n(ls jcountry iiav.- r'licntly I , take a look through the ; ister office au'ili" Have : t i cd to si'e how big peil it is. We viisb Olivers wouj do likewise. IT- iH^alway show, visitorsiihrjitigh tlie shop. Lliiolrutu^. Jphn W. Brown was in ( tiid^y on legal business. H. Williamson has Hetp ap- roui used to live •< —• r--——. -j Allen countv ami his ofid friends will be held at the old Jes:^ and hear ar<I shoe shop on Last Bro sou iday alrlan ood iran (luus- How narrow was-the, S. S. City o ! itl |- fate which overtook tier sister shi >. t lilted off Smith's Point. Va.. was t tidii nii de its way into Baltimore, .\ltbouth the .Annapolis sank sw camalties ^ere few—one missing anU tvjo injurtti. he t:ity i)f .Vnnapo ni whetij the Ricli BECK'S STORE IS IMPROVED Riemodeling of Structure H a S: Improved Appearknce. Ifily. the NEWS Ed^ral prinks 300 M —{Saperiiitc^ UUIB CJOLANY. Febl trS) heing. frohi htr husbarid J. .M. MJt two .Wee] Kansas nt Stout far^ri h^re from .Mo., and new loca Susie I? the week isses lAi ijolyil Morela(4il C. Ilviide s| 7 tradi^d l iJis ity neap .\| are ni<jvi Itjhis week, eturneil; t a short !vl> Slierer ' at) Ottawa.! I ^as lieeni Itlli^ Kjls wnk HthlJiT ihitrii a>toh uiifl ra.ii|lly at Syi EAST lOLA RUMBLINGS IJ. P Bell nald . thf-'ir store. Iwere riiar of. the main Ot- tOirn out anil a ne la;er and better ili sign put in its'; plice. Kach iudiviilual step in the re- : ni vis- tjon's ri pow- od of Pl d Ken- arm roi Atate ; fo fteek end of Mr. FarretiV.r— . 1, . Mr. and Mrs.! Charles Wren, j The A. W. Heck I furniture • om- pany liave recently quite e.\teii- si elv reinoileleil illie interior ot Mis. J. E| I Piatt (j)kl:i.. i- in Jbla visitilij; her r. !K. C. Brjowp of the (1 ivvM 'ji Kurnitiire Co.. of Eas iiil!al >i( heij mother. .Mrs. $roun. of S|IP!I- .Vorih .Mj-s. Blanjii Groat eyiSweep Hirniliiro rZ MaUarat'l.;::^' fiv room has been V one of much son .«tpir.« has been red ;ike the ascent e iThe seiond ifioori om which lias. .Mur- ! fcjrly-seven years *t. ' ei: Been at lioiue.' Til North ( ijiirjns llieir isiepe o^ lack at wiiiiK at the Will. .Miiniijand fan I froiii .Nortih Fourt ueil in onii'r to South K"ntifrky s:re isier. ijloyi-il at till:'! rnitrd over the main i ! (;,.„rKi- I'dfie is n done ione duty for l.^^dence at!Iii3 Soul as been -tjver- 1 jj \v. Stoiii'iock .11 iz^ with new oak flooring. f erin. s.^v... iliade a business The elevator at the rear of the 1 dis- mjiin lower room 1 has been lorn 1^ t and the space I fornierly occu-; T ; J.„,,,|nc in d bv the elevator been a.l-: |,-^'r"'''T. ." 1 to the main |how aii.i sales • '"J ' " • robm. I (The par.titions .-.urroiinilinK the .M;r. anil .Mis. Willi ises auditor , ,, 1 1 the fir f : Mu.skogee. i ^y^g,, imney lola. H. St. Walniij of the Co.. wto has! ere 1 St. tm which has • several years thin mi^ved and the spa sa wi lohsils th last qui or es room. This :h the space ma • removal of th ite iiaterially to the targe, sales siiialt room ut^ the main show Irtitioned off fqr the business ).-en irhe offlie Sias jbein re -f -Ii 't 'vos thiire. Le .added to the ;! -Mr. and Mrs J. .N] tice. Tilts will mience for the p ... siness with the for the office force |AII taken togotlK'r rangement. the new flooring and oi^her changes that have. been resi- Ken- cupy pticeahle improvement in what irnett T^he fifth ward primary e ection .r^les and regulations relating to ] y^'' '""1';''"^"^^ Todav • is the S6th birth 11>- of. .-•0. Tire ' .Mn J.' W. Sullivan of 310 .North ; Jackson.; street. With all of his adancedl nd at'thc ity and proved' to his adfilence that hf il far years would Ind k-ounger thftjn his cate. I Caroline Pre»by- hour ihu iiyj It tberf> ( CO. A Fry of 3119 South wind stireei. • returned fronj fax!, bklji.. SamrdHy where liei It for a coupti,^ of month liiit Ills ^on. Voiiioii Fry. ai^^ t>morrow I bavi ho from tlii> s a Joy to :ofi 19x1 —All kinds floor rugs| -sating itriccs. [S'fe inir $ ;;o ;ir ;^i'-"S:^ Henni.^.!r^. store Mike Mclntyre; Robert i Ralph Mendenhall of Ch; - ' 'i I Euest «i of friends in lola yesterday , ^-eiis and the i^ompany 6> afternoon. I own pFping. Neifr lines ar; laid. Mr. BirdsaH says, anc .Mrs. George —Dr. Montgomery, Colropractbr. i .u.n-. tola Laundry Bids- .PtaW 138.' ^ ^McHale: North Fourth ktreet hak receiv husband eiratton to the tffect that word from her : derwenr an 01 ! Ijiuis hospital. he is ,not so well. Mr. and Mr.'l. i Charlitj Fpust ; 315 North Foujrth street and ^Ir. ^ and .Mrs. Ctarencie Hoke Osawatomie Sathrday ij;id over the week and frienda. 3r ..h. A 1 end wit of Mr .iiiil .Mrii. W A. Sull Wlihlta anil .Mr, iind .Mrn. ).| than of VVlnlield lire in I a vlnii with their fatberj W. .«<ulllvaii of 3lo .North' Hreet. life. Mi-^. Lucy C. Jiimieson, w Mr. K. W. Uinlsall rec. 1 ed a ! teleplione message this; miming ; from' W. E. Clayton sajfing (Irillijd in three hew gas vf at mon|ey jjjp ^rritory in which he ife i atiiig near Altoojna. Mr. lias 1735 acres under lease ' ready between thirty and] Ward a id | ^.pij. producing gas. The nute were , furnished a servii e compan is Clayton -nldntion- moving| ; shape. The Mr. ! ed above is the : .Mrs. B. F. Clayton of 21 ^" i Fourth street, lo a-. along sbn ot:}A es of retiirni'il fijoni V icliita'i (,.;, „ | a visit with I ,iir .as: son retiirni'il U] |lay .yt-nins aftl-i' spa'c together. fho ie.atailable tiy Pf"^ ' eleVatiir ailils fOr the floor space niov room. ; Week. Jiear the front 1 hiive traded th erty .it iL'S South 1 farm inar I'.oll Ing to lilieir new the Olil (Jjaken Hii room has been ' «r thing to stng aliout ss ' Out bf. espefjialty wti<'n| a nuilttitude j I. make for con- if dther lips an! dailvj presstni: its j. .'. St 01 ir Te> i-nnes «.( ket" is than tij opie who have rimj and.thi* niontli <if the jveltl is [office and also i gnplrotecteil sieainst ffiifl!; may aMeinpt li the re-ar- wat.-r IM-IOWI The first jeqiiisiiei '.ty is an ade'iuati" si; lade" have accomplished a very ^nc water. For this ready was a highly creditatde |.h. inicatly. itreauid. erchandising establishment. •r' iis -'d in most on.-so -kari bis an< i Thirsil like a| lion." rei llitt ahd lit-; tea I eri r.TOtk. • ypj lidence . pi:, I are I',, this I a nic- drink. lie rat in the rihkine w;if"r has poiinied "(true ston IKI:. is just la toiiifn hat th'! wati-r has I Thin- is serious ilai For Kinance CiimmK'>ionrr. I'pon the urgent request of many lends I have consented to become •• • i . candidate for Finance Commis- roadsiilf> -sprini: loner ot the City of lola. If nomi- i oiitaininafe(l. How [ecoud iiate<l and elected I pledge a '-^ eal^ily and square deal for • iiverybod.v. and •j'- by otht r 1 the impartial enforcement "of the boilintf.' H.ilf a te.if-poon o a sto< If thU How-i'he conduct of thalt part' of the dway,! tifty's business whii'^h comes witliin ' ' the Department of Finance. - ' O. W. HOL.MES. Inorn- i primary election • fine. • VjOte and sppport agil- a^rprecialed; F«|r FIn;inrp I'imniis>ionpr.. —I ,'tiereby anno nice that I .am ve as ai can*lidate for the office of Com-; He • i^lssioner of FinanLe, City ot lota.' larch S. Your wilt be creatly , For Flnant-f tommNslonpr. — I hereby-unnounie that I am a iindtdaie for the office of Com on- !n|t»stoner of Finance of the City of | lair- i I bad ' I aim- • )ta iinil shall greatly appreciate' le support of the voters at the ap- i sit-! proachlng primaries. 1 H) has veeks 1 g the Kan- last e had 1^ Its in oper- iayton kbd al- forty as Is lit the I (s Its! being { ^very- fine A. H. HKCOX. J. D. ARNETT. la^i of "'• "'"ViT known ailvir- >tit- ^ ly 1^ litil lialf ni 'i |iialhleit with a for hiiiiH-lf or wliti others. Cnnsiant .''jlr. J. M ucess shows us but one side, of and '. South I fS5w YtARS JB/^NG I|b|w]lER Guarantee d Pure Use KC former texture and larger volume in your lickings f : water will make inn. A talitespoon ntiition will steritip:e a ^val'T witliiniit apprjeciiitity ni; th' la.ste. ..Sir. ami Nlrs. Wni liiijifrhters. lEdna an Cittsbiirg. Kan., spet MH and Mjs. Olivet •a'tiiily of 113 .South •Miss Mildred, Robinson qi.'ni the w|eek end yiih MiS| nil} ''riit.iy lof 113 Si itreet. i j .Sirs. Kngilsh. of 3 t who h:is Iieen s, was ri'ported Vaiicti it Lucin t Siind: frotey Kentui iif )ulh K. fi Soiit III for •ery loi- and la. of y with and ! ky St. Gas :|l Thel- Iniiicky Ttiird everut this 1927. fXtak • and s observed a illoiiat which w lOuse We|lnjes(|;iy and TiurU- nings, pi >ved' o be a! vr y fe iture ind^e|d. From -sevin or ; gr«'tilei Ith FROlKOLONlf lonal VTecpc an I; Open HOD « has reti rhep where sqe r sister. t26;|-fMrs. Th(| I from Ca lit on a i vi^ A. W. Wllsc Ciriristmas : g ap]^ son.'Ejis^ ihas retiirn sjlj ^y Willi, ret] cty mi Caress inch Ihls iruting (ili each ev the teach to Cta-fsfes JThoro- i hiLs tieeu at «|cek' doing I both the niUB rk in and wHr4 cohdiicted n:c hej pur fliim-! ebeMra accompaniment I hey of the dvrining iidekit Oman il frjim Garnd res in;: acc^iuht Vei non. sion; chiira-tier of G4< am fo [towed It effii/ieiij esiecialiy >^rij e ^ttPiition of sch by eVeni s rip to ' j^f^ ,gg,p|, g. L„.|, exijetleut ]iiii Ijf last (;,., ^ ,v ^-erl twee 1 tfl junli ir <• of^Iiss Insiev while t Liasses [the diff. are dur s. :\j-bicb gav dijportunity ;ing done enabled •e; their )lle4. A vei k f om all t !i afran.ged. a progra um. Wl fjt .and in the y nicely is for rh.i.'jfhm^" and t high stuHehts the cbi njs wi daily .isitinK observe: I le pro.g lih^m to visit < h Ct ildreii the ve displ4 its had the hoJir given iii t iiesdiiy ovi( prep inng. was 25 eran- s- whoi gavM a defending rhe d|eci$ of the eveniilg Misses J I relic Co suhject ing a'de ler the f^eral juniors side. woi| one vote er of the ent Thoi Oman and by a of Wash talk a Washine speakers trend of count of of thesel history.. rgueHt iiartmebt bfj educktioa coinc n^ton c ()mpariSs6r on of c though the b great Supij and I uri man's srieech was li at llerkfon RroH. a .trip 1 I iehts o |Washiii,gH)| a pie 11 r sc the lie iven ti) t itilreli. Iiigb wctre -Ibi ; AM kotitoif «a inter i l\ Isweiters One-Hjilf hitc I Stitch ;d t.s. Sikciail ^9c p.irt woo. hea.) ble! I b ankets, Iig|ht ds. Spi cia! $;J.98.. 3 3.75 ioubic hcat-y pla d Bla ikets.i Spec al I52.P9. 2.00 h ?avy }j:|ey d«|u- blcJBiankcjt. Special Sl.:i9 fard w de heavy Oyt-i yard. in(|. Specilil 11c' jVil Rimnantji 6 ^c-| Hallf Pric«l -1 i'ei^erel ijdeactjed ^ Sheetijn},', Sp<[cial'7<r yard. [anil he ^ade lite patriioiii encfr. Tile eve Willi a rijading IVi-elini bilieail [be ,iires.-it. Ttil*-r liiiii.dred lliollsr* fill Miss G IvUiiIng 1 oil jllll Vislli til- t tier and Walnut reliiriieil[ CIt.v. .Ml .Idle .M er Jill isl .sier, Mr. W ktreet Mrs. I itl for t heller, miles' SI Millions 0/ pot nds used by our Gove -nment ,: Freeniah e Jefese Lu regard t (i| id |gov]ernmei^ the iion by judges. T[ was of .the toll iptnlce he i but! feat of th Linci Se foil I jthey d rth|day ce ', men in rin'tendenil Surter uijeit very [1 sjtroiig eaifts of ^tinj; was liy jvir. Hit lio hai were < at It [evellln Mil ilSlill. will inti .Mrs. Mrs. Uert IKIHT. of hf'l last .1 this a'fiernooM wh>'r<' :shi' Is iia English, who le past \i.eek. is ^he liiiPs ^)ni' an [atbeast of lola. i aild TBe as. institi^t- H I and negati a two |ie spea inlen scbod Iso !jpo ce in. I lives iln. |ibi winq; it oil ebratiol |.\mehcfcn Thoif eresti , ppeal Ibis auBI- onciudjjil ey of t| peinjd ver 'thit-< si-hd IlilS '111 •laryi: St II.S »fll " X wij-el KiinH jemploy lias bi reporlji on«i-Ii if IS ol PAGE tmEE AH DAYS iffl tJ[ircctionj. Persistent cooghsand coWs lead to aerious tjoi bic. You (aq stopi thein now with ( rcomulsion. creosote tha ; is pltasanl ^ mulsinn 'is a new mec icil with tH-ci-fo'd action; i »ot lieals lhiE| ir flamed mem iranes and |n- liibits perm ;rowth. Of all kn >wn .drugs, < repsotc is .recognized by i li^h medical authorities as (ine of tlbef reatest heali igagenciesTor persistant c lughs and'c it(& and| other, forms of ith oat trouble j <jontaias. in addition-to l )c4linj! elen cnt* vihich s tjic infeclet ' nmmbrani;! ; irriiaiina ai d iniiaminai ciremMite gix « on. to llic 1 yiirix-d'ii)l(> the bl<>o<l. a '<yr ihe'lik>u[ile and dice csfthe growth of llieigi'riii« _ • 1 ! Crromuls on Is guar.-ii l/ird tatisfac* ijiry ill tlii trralment 1" coughs untB cold', brnr il lirnnrljilis i nd olbrr for tory dlMraio. and is exec tag up the sy.«trm aflfii Menry rcfu idrd if any c >i lint rrjievedl after tilling 1 emuisjfied ukc. Cteo- discovery (oothes and Creoniulsioa briosotc, other [«jthe and heat aild Htop tho Inij. while tho lloiinach. i»ab•k» tliewiat f P*' Ijial anlfanla, mil of rr»pira* ll«int for buUd- dold.s or ilu. iijgh or colli is . according to Ask your druggist, (adv.) CjREASE yotir coin taj seasoii By grow ing mcpj com ^om leas acreage, seed com increases jbig 'jKnazui |g ibUght. Thnk demonirtrated ment. cS^itt obtained TC&txnczit hfl poibi. ill jHeld treatnient preveti|l8 SxJt rot and other (teal the results ofl yootj hot fields; (UMaselt [of practic^ th^value Agricultural worker , and fan?iers thro 1; : tiav^, fai cofnpai 11 tocreiMei in viek to IS tJaOtdM. throjighout 1 trcstiDsnt giJen Good g •nntflMit [lectediM becai agaiiutj M^aka Poojr Seed Thisltrcatjxi^it «nd sturdy grdrjrtbj never ble frofn poor t^edJ Even is benefited l>y Ibe! tie of the brotectiba it is „the iajlirious and. costly 'soil-infesting diseases* Tested hy Ui sJ DepL Extensive testa by the U. ojeatof Agricoltiire sfao^ BAYER txeatmai: dt»ease!.free Dent corn g ive crease of 8.5 bi^els per a< re: ofE lodta.infected seed. lS:8b{ubeIs: of Gib<>erdla infected seed AJ'hirtopathotogr.Jan CostibutaFe You need nO, si^ecial eqijipnuiit this new seed treatment, or lenetlqr procedure is invblved bosheii of seed can be treated i than.^hree minuses. Arid leas th|an Sc per acre. ne pound of c wtnkaceases I Bayer seM treatment! fonns: BAVER DUST ' tnent: and USPULUN inent:. iSibt t growers | treatinent because it tavef the rouble of d BotU are.e luaUy • effectii^. rdrDusttriat- Soak treat- er the post klquicker and iiMng the seed. Yoim' , ,_. lOST or I theic small cost many •aiuic theyj: ' Permit earlier Prevent soQ decay. Increasi germinati' ftwnt scgdltng" stalk rot. Rcidncetheamoant Wreasa the T <^<1' And brsag;p«ater Profits titnes o~» be- planisag. bliLj>t,< per acre domeiliiaiwo tk'dowa" Drofits. IS H014E"IBST satisfafrti seasoD. BAYE tUN from ; kernels of your seed 25 seeds and plant cigar booc or flower F untreat^ seeds in a .tainer. Then watch dbcn|fri Vftaixs six bosheb of seed com 1 lb. ai -tS; 5 d«. lioa U^ml-v 2 4^ SOe; 1 a>. »2 hS: S n»,$ t3U» ^treatnient ion before foday. get DUST or ur dealer, jm at ran- Treat ijocn. ^bem dcit. Plant 25 aymilarcoa- I pieffl grow. aniAse you. <Bake :[dur:Aii^el-Fo<i{l|Calke now) hy fpr besti S Oringes are heall are sellinR the Gorton's ready-to-jfry Co|i|[ish cakes, per can _ B. &. M. Fish Flakes, pei ran Honduras Head R ce, ex ra fant^. 2 lbs. for . iVnght Sihj-- ^ lot of th er Grfam {Po|ibhJ ngsiaiounfi t Caijnp Fire |\larshhiallpu- (With jverlj' 1 loujr. jtr .sack ^ t ie ikids'. break fast, iikist novv. iier doz. J You can use it hje house, per jar ppr lb. Toasting Fork) Sub ver & Maitket I'arkiH.ii Koom for [ 25c "e , _10c-.50c i —-2qc i-L—^loc i._.:25c fpr a i 25c i____35c Phone s| Your Ca• 292-291

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