Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 10, 1898 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 10, 1898
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SIXTY-THIRD YEAR/ JMMfy U, IUt.)» ALTON, ILL,, SATURDAY, DEC. 10, 1898. sum TEN CENTS PER WEEK Give the People a Chance to Patronize You-You Can't Expect them to Come to Your Store Until They're Asked. Try the Telegraph. Endorsed by the Governor Witt Virgintett eUef magistral* rtcommtnds Pe-ru-na, tkt National Catarrh *• ^HikA Rtmill y an(i New Tonic. EPRESENTATIVE MEN , ttre Blow to apeak for publication. This la be cause their influence is so groat. The endorsement of GovernorB, Senators and Congressmen guarantees merit. Public words of praise from such prominent officials must bo based on positive knowledge. The recognition which the catarrh rnmedy Pe-ru-na is constantly receiving by men of national fame ia very gratifying Among recent letters from persons of eminence is the following from Governor Atkinson of West Virginia. The governor says: CHARLESTON, West Va,, March 0, 1898. Tht Pe-ru-na Medicine Co., Columbus, O. GENTLEMEN:— " I can recommend your proscription Pe-ru-na as a tonic. Its reputation as a cure for catarrh is excellent, it having been uued by a number of people known t< me with the very best results." Very truly, GOT. G.W. ATKINSON. Catarrh is the national disease. Not an American family is free from it. The search for relief and cure is constant Experiments of all kinds are continually made without result for good. Ignorance of the causes anc nature of catarrh is universal. Catarrh is elusive, persistent, penetrating. 11 may exist in any organ of the body. For this national malady there exists the national scientific remedy Pe-ru-na which for forty years has been doing a grand work. Pe-ru-na is the unflinching foe of catarrh and overcomes it wherever it may exist. It la the prescription of Dr. Hartman, President of the Surgical Hotel, Columbua, O., who gives personal attention, without charge, to a voluminous correspondence on the subject of catarrhal diseases. Dr. H art- man 'i books on catarrh are mailed on application. All druggists sell Pe-ru-na, 'I Aik icy d uggistfor » free Pe-ru-na Almanac (or the year 1899. T- .^ « ofwastvugtaia. Commencing NOT. 16tb, nntil farther notice, we will sell at Strictly Cath Price*: All our INGRAIN OAKPBT8 from the cheapest to the Best all Wools at a reduction amounting to 15 per cent. Brussels Carpets and Velvet* enough for a room at cost prices. Bring In your measure. We desire to call attention to our New FALL AN& HOLIDAY GOODS, And- invite you to inspecc our line of Beautiful Rockers, Parlor Pieces and Desks. Our stock is more complete and our prices lowei than ever before. For good goods at low prices deal with the reliable and old established furniture house of J. SUTTER & 210 \*. third Street. SON J. Bauer & Sons FURNITURE, Undertakers and Erabalmers. Second Street.] Opposite City Hall. Alton, III. We Have an Elegant Line of WINTER SUITINGS for you to select. Also a handsome line of tit's Furnishings In Latest Styles. 203 West Third Street. Electric Power. We are prepared to contract for Electric Power at If'youknowof any manufactrer who s seeking lo- ktlon ask him to correspond with us. C Electric Motors can be used for running Elevators; operating all kinds of machinery; pumping water; in fact any mechanical application. call on us for «44 A • Electric Incandescent Lights, » _ _. • • __ LA — Telfpjione 93. Entered for Record and Becomes Part of Treaty. WILL MAKE APPEAL TO POWERS. President McKlnley'n Allusion to the Los* of the Maine In Hl« Annual Message Denounced—Spain Hail to Vivid to Superior Force—Principal Points of the Convention us Agreed To—Future of the Philippines—Interview with Gurnica. Paris, Dec. 10.—Senor Mor.tero Itios, president of the Spanish peace commls- llon, and Senor Ojc-da, secretary of that commission, are still confined to their beds. The Illness of Senor OJeda delays engrossing the treaty and It Is doubtful whether It will be signed before Monday. The Spaniards continue making bitter comments concerning President McKlnley's reference to tho Maine. When a correspondent of the Associated Prees approached Senor Garnica of the Spanish commission for further details of the treaty, he said: "The fact that you represent all the American and English papers Is really a, reason why I should say nothing. But what you show me as having been cabled Is substantially correct. The exact number of articles IB still undetermined. It depends upon how Secretaries OJeda and Moore divide the treaty. It may be twelve or twenty articles. The Americans are to pay the Indemnity within three months of the ratification. We shall appoint consuls in Cuba, Porto Rico and the Philippine Islands without delay. The Cuban consul will be accredited to the powers that be." Refusal of Conllng Station. Asked why the Spaniards refused to grant the United States a coaling station In the Caroline Islands, Senor Garnica said: "The Americans could hardly expect that we should agree to discuss matters outside of the protocol, after the lessons we have had from them on this point. When we wished to discuss the Cuban debt they absolutely refused to consider It and then they ask us for whatever they want. Quelle toupet. ("What cheek.") Yet the Cuban debt remains an Important question for settlement." In regard to the Spaniards' final protest on the subject of the Maine, Senor Garnica remarked: "That protest no becomes history, as It Is embodied In the protocol. We do not wish to remain under an Imputation which would perpetuate animosity and hatred against us and which would be a source of constant Irritation In Spain. It Is neither loyal nor just that this thing should hang over the reputation of Spain. We cannot submit to it. It must be cleared up, in Justice to ourselves. There are many other causes to bring hatred between the two nations without the addition of such a one as this. As to the future relations of the two countries. that Is one of the things history alone can determine. Many nations which have been deadly enemies are speedily reconciled." Trouble for Americans. Senor Garnica was then questioned as to the future of the Philippine Islands and he said: "The United States has inaugurated a policy which will bring It much trouble and many responsibilities. The Americans are not prepared for the work they are about to undertake." The Americans preserve secrecy regarding the terms of the treaty. This Is partly through the Influence of the three senators on the body, who represent that It would be discourtesy to the senate to publish the terms before the treaty Is presented to that body by the president. The protocol of the treaty will almost reach the dimensions of a volume, as It will contain every written statement presented on both sides during the conference. The Spaniards made a last contribution Thursday on the assembling of the commissions. Senor Montero Rlos then presented a vigorously worded protest in which the Spaniards declared they had yielded to force, but that they Invoked the conscience of the nations against the abuse of the rights of nations of which they were the victims. For the I'nrnotfu of Keroril. The protest was for the purpose of record and consisted of an argument In support of every concession demanded by the Spaniards and which the Americans refused, some of them peremptorily and without an opportunity for discussion. The pr. test concluded: 'But these conccss:o: s which we were obliged to make touch us ICPS than insult which, bus l.t'i'n lull cied on our nation by Presld nt McKlnley In his message. We ngiiln pr.-test solemnly against the accusation hurled ngulnst us In connection with the Maine, and wo Intend to again submit the question to un International trlhural. comprised of England, Franee anil r.ermany, ti; determine who shall Inar the responsibility u f the catastrophe." In spite of tho secrecy observed by the Americans, It Is learned that the treaty, In substanie. consists of thirteen or fourteen nrCcies. The principal articles provide for the cession and evacuatli-n of Cuba, i'orto Hlco and the Philippine Islands, und the political, administrative and financial results thereof; the uciiulreir.rnt by the United States of public property and the relln- qulshmcnt of archives. MHttm ofbpmilitli 0ul>jeeU, The articles of secondary importance determine the status of Spanish subjects remaining In the ceded territories und unfinished law suits and contracts; guarantees of the pame terms to Span- Kh (hipping und merchandise as Imposed upon American shipping and merchandise In the Philippine Inlands, for ten yearn, and leaving thu status of Spanish commerce In the Wont Indies to be settled luter. An Important provision Is the guarantee of religious freedom In the ceded territories, In the game terms us the Florida treaty, Ihu Americans having steadfastly refused to Incorporate any guarantee of the United States' determination to favor the property of the Catholic church, leaving It subject to the general laws on the name footing as private property. Senator Gray, though well known to be radically opposed to the policy of annexation or "Imperialism," will vote In the lenate to ratify the treaty, conuld- UMKIOQ • ArniCR DMVQ. TOe bait wive In the world for outs, brolfei, MNTM. nloera, salt rheum, fever •OKI, tetter chopped hands, ohil- bUliu, oornif, and all iklu eruptions, poiltlveJy onre« piles, or no pay uired. It li guaranteed to give perfect aatlifaotlon, or money refund- KJ. PrloeWoontopfrbox. For sale I, Murin. Alton and Upper Alton RoVAL Baking Powder Made from pure cream of tartar. Safeguards the food against alum* Alum baking powdm art the greatest menacen to health of the present day. BOYAL MxiM Knmm CO., Htw YOHK. ei-Ing* that his signing that dacumen binds him to support It. JAPAN WANTS THE PHILIPPINES Sale) to Httve Offered Tilts Oovernmeu »200,000,000 for Them. Washington, Dec. 10.—Senator Kyle of South Dakota Is authority for the statement which, he declares, he make., on semi-official authority, that Japan has offered this government $200,000,001 for the Philippine islands. He says that there Is a distinct sentiment In of flcla! circles In fnvor of eventuall> turning the Islands over to Japan or t pome other power or powers. These statements are given Home weight by the fact that Senator Kyle had an Interview with the preslden concerning our policy In the Philip pines. Senator Kyle declares that hi will vote for a ratification of the peaci treaty, and that he considers it tlv duty of every senator to do EO. ; HI says he is opposed to having thi United States hold all the Islands per manently, and believes that this government should be satisfied with re tainlng some point in the islands as a naval base and coaling station. WUEKI-EK RESIGNS. Major General to Leuve Congress ami'Sia in the Army, Washington. Dec. 10.—Major Genera Wheeler will resign his seat in congres and retain his commission In the ann> General Wheeler said: "I have con sidered the matter carefully and havi decided to resign from congress and retain my commission. Mr reasons fo this step are many. It is probable tha bitter opposition would be raised if attempted to retain both positions, and 1 prefer to settle the matter In thi way. I have not yet decided just when I shall resign, but it will be very goon probably within a few weeks. At pres ent 1 am merely exercising the prtvll egcs of an ex-member upon the floor of the house, and In this way 1 have avoided any possibility of a question in that direction. 1 have had other members introduce my resolutions, and this will continue until I resign." MILITARY GOVERNOR OF CUBA. General Broolio Selected for the I'uttltiun by the President. Washington, Dec. 10.—General John R. Brooke will be made the military governor of Cuba, and he Is now on hU way here to consult the president Ir regard to the policy to be pursued. General Brooke wrote a letter to a frlenc here In which he said he favored General Fltzhugh Lee for governor for the province of Havana, General Carpen ter as governor for the province of Plnar del Rio, General Snyder as governor of the province of Puerto Principe, and General Wood for the province of Santiago. General Brooke Is expected to arrive here on Saturday and it Is believed his recommendations In regard to the governors of the different provinces will be indorsed by the president. Lnte News from Manila. Manila, Dec. 01.—The United States transport Pennsylvania has arrived here from San Francisco. Private- Fred Bancll of the Twentieth Kansas died of typhlod fever on board the transport Indiana and was burled ashore. The Army and Navy club has been organized here, with Colonel Smith of California ns president. The French transport Cachmlre has arrived here for the purpose of repatriat Ing Spaniards. The Kansas volunteers have landed. Private ItoHgitr Again on Trial, San Francisco, Dec. 10.—Walter Rosser, private of the Tennessee regiment, Is again on trial for the murder of Henry Hildebrand. whom he shot anil killed In this city on Sept. 13 last. The first trial was concluded some weeks ago and resulted In a dlsapteement of the jury. The evidence thus far In the second trial Is practically the same as that previously Riven. ViiluntiMM'H Soot) to Upturn. San Francisco, Dec. 10.—Preparations are now being made by Lieutenant Colonel Lori;, depot quartermaster, to dispatch a licet of- transports to tin- Philippines. From Washington the Information has been received to the effect that shortly several regiments of regular troops will be sent to Manila for (he purpose of relieving the volunteer forces now there. New York, Dec. 10.—The Herald says: Effort to prevent Hrlgham II. Hohcrts. representative-elect from IJIuh. from taking his seat In Hie Fifty-sixth congress because he Is a polyamlst and advocates that doctrine of the Mormon church, Is to have the organized »up>ort of hundreds of thoiisandsof women In the United .States. Tile Initial woman's movement Is lo take organized form In this city al a meeting of the Piesbytcrlan Woman's Hoard of Home Missions, on Dec. :'0. Jury ConrluiliMl to IHNHgreo, Albany. N Y.. D.c. 10 —Thejurylnthe Cody blackmailing case, nfter being out twenty-live hours, has failed to reach an agreement nr.d has been discharged Mrs. Cody has been on (rial for eight days on Indictment" for blackmail found against her In April Intl. the Indict ments alleging that sin- wrote letters ;o (ieorKi* (iould anil Miss Helen Could iiccrnlrg the soil of Mrs. Angell In establish dower right* lo Jay (j.mid'e To 111 1 *! III Alllnuloii. Washington, Dec 10.- Airangements luvu been made for the transfer of the remains of Ucnrral John A. llawllns. Jemiul Grant's chlcf-of Btaff. from the riKreeslonui to the National cemetery at Arlington, A file has been selected at Arlington on lllu east (runt of the Mansion, near thu graves of General Sheridan, General Crook, und other heroes of the. civil war., EXPIATED HIS Cltll. John Andersen Is Hanged at Nor fclk, Va. TRAGEDY ON THE OLIVER PECKER. Afterim Altrrrntlon with (lie Cuplnln, At>- clprrilHl Sltoofi Him Demi ami Follows If i'p liy Killing the ,Mnt«—HP Then Com peli* the Ci-«?w ft, Sot l-'fre to the VeMel and All Tiikn lo (he .Small llnnti— Trla and Conviction. Norfolk, Va.. Dec 10.—John Andereen ivas hanged here for the murder of the captain and ,mate of the schooner Oliver Pecker. When the death warrant teas read to him he was calm, and sale he was ready to go. "I shall die and go Into the presence of God without a blot or blemish of guilt on my soul,' he solemnly declared. Representatives of the Anatomies.) Society of Virginia made a proposition for the body Marshal Treat answered: "No. sir, nothing less than an order from the attorney general of the United States will get It." Andersen was executed between 2 and 3 o'clock In the afternoon. Ktory of Amlcrflpn'ft Crimp. Andersen's crime has attracted widespread attention, being a sea tragedy of singular romance and atrocity. The schooner Oliver Pecker sailed from Boston laden with lumber for a point on the river Platte. Brazil. When 150 miles off the coast of Brazil, Andersen a Swede, had an altercation with the captain. When the latter retired to the cabin Andersen followed and shot the captain dead. Then he armed himself heavily and went on deck, where mounted on the forecastle, he terrorized all on hoard. The mute, who was aloft, was called down, and while pleading for his life, was shot four times Then the crew were ordered to throw the mate overboard, and on protesting that he was not dead, were assurei "that he was dead enough." This done the crew were marched below at the point of a pistol and ordered to-throv the captain's body overboard. Tried mid Convicted. Then Andersen ordered that oil be thrown over the lumber, after which the oil-soaked ship was set afire, and the murderous crew took to the boats Andersen was apprehended at Bahia Brazil, and sent north on the United States gunboat Lancaster. He was tried and coVivlcted In the United States court at Norfolk, Va., and a stubborn fight was made up to the supreme court, the conviction being confirmed The last move was an application foi a writ of habeas corpus on the ground that Andersen's constitutional rights were Invaded when the lower court assigned him counsel instead of giving; him counsel of his own choice. Chlel Justice Fuller, In announcing the court's opinion, said the record of the case showed that no fundamental right had been denied Andersen, but that he had been represented from first to last by able counsel. The time when counsel was not present was at a preliminary hearing of Andersen, but this was not used In the subsequent trial. The decision of the lower court was affirmed. Flag That J'anl Jones Fought Under. Washington, Dec. 10.—The president and secretary of the navy had an interesting visitor yesterday in the person of Mrs. Harriet R. P. Stafford, of Cottage City, Mass., a patriotic old lady who desired to present to the government the Hag worn by the good old frigate Bon Homme Klchard during her memorable.victorious engagement with the British frigate Serapls, Sept. 23, 1771). Mrs. Stafford had the historical ensign In her possession and presented satisfactory evidence that It was the first (lag bearing the stars and stripes ever hofsted over an American vessel of war and the first that was ever saluted by a foreign naval power. Preferred Dimth to Arrest. Chicago, Dee. 10.—Christian Rehder of 400 Rosroo street, who was to have been tried In the Sheffield avenue police court on charges of disorderly conduct and obtaining money by false pretenses, which were preferred against him by R. A. Sehroeder of 524 Belmont avenue, hanged himself In his barn In preference to being disgraced, is he considered it. He was 55 years ild, :in<l leaves a family. He was em- iloyi-d In tile city sewer department. It ml; t!ol,l,,-r. lIl-i'lllcYhill. Oltumwii. la.. Pec. 10.—Hnrl anil Das. ronvi.-li-il i'f robbing the Appanoose County hank, broke jail at Centervllle. They \\ere trac-ed lo ICxline. where Ihey took ihe cars to Kansas City. THE EXCELLENCE OF SYBUP OF FIGS is duo not only to tho originality and simplicity of tho combination, butultio to the euro and skill with which it l<j manufactured by uciuntillu processes known to the CALIKOKNIA Via Svnup Co. only, and wo wiuh to impress upon all the importance of piirchusiiitf the true and original remedy. As the ifonuino Syrup of figs is muimfuctured by tho CALIFOIINIA Via Svuui' Co. only, a knowledge of that fuel will ilat one in avoiding tho worthless imitations manufactured by other parties. Tho high standing of tho CAI.I- FOHNIA Fio Hriiui' Co. with the medical profession, ami thu walls/action which tho genuine Syrup of Fign has fiven to millions of families, makes he name of tho Company a |?uurunly of the excellence of its remedy. It is Far la advance of ull other luxutlves, is It aots oil tho kidneys, liver and rowels without Irritating or weaken- them, and It does nut fe'rlpe nor nauseate. In order to get its beuofluial effects, please remember thu name at 4ie Company — CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO, •AN FU4NOUC*. VA MPIiYILUB, Kr. *BW VOHK, K.Y. lovoa want .onsumpilon? We are sure you do not. Nobody wants it. But It comes to many thousands every year. Itcomes to those who have had coughs and colds until the throat is raw, and the lining membranes of the lungs are inflamed. Stop your cough when it first appears, and you remove the great danger of future, trouble. a Cherry fpectorai stops coughs of all kinds. It does so becauss it is a soothing and healing remedy of great power. This makes it the greatest preventive to consumption. Put one of Ayer's Cherry Pectoral Plasters over your lungs A wftofa Medloml Library Free, For four cents l/i stamps to pay post, age, wo will send you sixteen medical books. Modlcfl Advlco Fran. Wo havo the exclusive services of some of ttio most eminent pbj*slcians Intne United States. Unusual opportunities and Ipng experience eminently flt thorn for (fivliiKyou medlcnl j Hilvicc. Write freelv all the partle- I I ulars In your cnso. You will receive a J \ prompt reply, without cost. ' p "Address, DR. J. O. ATEH. Lowell, ttasi. Oluo Federation of Lnbor. Zanesvllle. O., Dec. 10.—August Smith, of Toledo, was elected president of thu Ohio Federation of Labor here yesterday after E. L. Lewis, of Bridgeport, the former president, and a company of supporters had withdrawn from the convention. Lewis undertook to control the convention In the Interest of his own re-election, but the convention refused to adopt a credential report seating six delegates on whom ^.ewls' success depended. Pennsylvania Town I'lagne Stricken. Huntingdon, Pa., Dec. 10.—An Inspector^of the state board of health has Just discovered that there are 200 oases of smallpox in Bedford, which has a population of 28,000, and the town has been placed under strict quarantine. On account of the Inability of the local doctors to correctly diagnose the disease It spread rapidly, and the surrounding country Is thought to be in danger of a plague. Miller I» in tho Lend. New York, Di>c. 10.—At 2 o'clock In the afternoon C. W. Miller was well In the lead In the six days' bicycle race In Madison Fquare Garden. The Chicago man was thirty-two miles ahead of his rival, Waller. Burns Pierce, the Canadian, plugged along a good third—so close that both Miller and Waller will have to be sparing of the time lost In sleeping. ' Colorado I'loueer Demi. Denver, Deo. 10.—John Q. Charles, a well-known pioneer, lawyer and capitalist, is dead. He was born at Belleville. Ills., Oct. 5. IS.'l, and practiced law at Galena, Ills., prior to removing to Denver In 1SG2. Flnully Ciinrlliili'il to Go. San Francisco, Dec. 10.—UrI Bennett, who fnr two days defied the committee of citizens \vlio ordered him to leave the town of Del Mar, bus dually taken his departure and no more trouble is feared there. Owing to a budget detK'lt of }30,000,000 yen. the Japanese government has Introduced n bill In the diet for an ad- ditlonal yen on land tnx. Dr.Bull's The Rreatest remedy for Incipient Consumption. Cures at once Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, Loss ol Voice, Bronchitis.Grippe, Incipient" Consump t'l o n. W O U Q H Cures at once Coughs, •>...,--_ Colds, Hoarseness, Loss °l Q V I U P • Aithma and Croup. At all druggists. 25c. Ootvl* HOTEL MAD/SON, A. L. D4NIRLS, Proprietor. Hoc nnd tni) futon vt» Alton, l» 5. F. CONNOR Real Estate, Insurance and Collecting Agent. floe: Pliba Building and Loan Amioolitlon ALTON, ILL. DR. ItiGTT'S They overcome "\VculrneHS, h- regularity uiul omii-Moiis ln- rreusu vin>r am'.banihii "pinns of incnHti-uuUon." They uru "Life Severs" 'toirlrlHut wuimnlwoil, allllUK •-MLI- m.iiiii- ilimilonmciii of urKunH anil lody. No known remedy for women eiiuuls Uom. Cannot do harm- lifi'l : ei-<iau-H u pleuts- ro. 91 |MT box It) mall. \^ff Noltl by ilruvKUtn. OR. MOTT'S CHEMICAL CO., Cleveland, Ohio, For wile by H. U. Wyea. Howell's Carpet House has some fine new patterns in Carpets, just the latest things out, and the prettiest to be had. Rugs of all kinds, Linoleums, Oil-Cloths and all kinds of seasonable household goods we can show. Orders for Carpets should be sent in at once to insure prompt delivery. A. J. HOWELL, 117 West Third Street. Licensed ARCHITECT General Superintendent ind Mecnanlcal Drauf htaman. -To tny pert on wishing to obtain L«tten Patent on new tnrentlon* or trnpraTtrnMiTi •, I w< 11 nxBcnte dravlng» and apeolfloatloni and make application! far patent**. ioj W. THIRD STRBET, Third Floor 7 W I. W. GROCER, Cor. Sixth and Albysts Best Brands Staple and Fancy Groceries, Fruits, Vegetables, Buckwheat, Pancake Flour, Maple Sap, Fresh Oysters, Celery, Fresh Bread, Fancy Butter, Flour, Pure Spices, Fine Teas and Coffees, etc. Free D^'very to, Part of the City. f\t\ UQ Henry Watson, Contractor and Builder. •r McAdam, Building Stone, Cut Stone, Curbing, Doorsills, Window Sills, etc., etc., Alwayi on band. Alto'. Dealer Id Cement, Lime, Sand and Plaster Paris Side Tracks Running Into the Quarrie*. Telephone No. 31. At Tpr|]\T Residence 6a8 Alby »t ^L* * wiN» No! it is not claimed that Foley's Honey and Tar will cure CONSUMPTION or ASTHMA in advanced stages, it holds out no such false hopes, but DOES truthfully claim to always give comfort and relief in the very worst cases and in the early stages to effect a cure. For sale by E. Marsh and S. H. Wyss. FALL and WINTER 1899. The most complete line of Foreigi and Domestic Woolens for Suits, Pants and Overcoats, just rp- ceived. b'yle. Fit, Worl-ma^hip and Prices guaran'eed. Cumr and be Convinced before no ing elsewhere. M. MORITZ, Merchant Tailor, 112 West Third st Fire and Water- Proof ROOFS Gravel asa Composition 4ND ROOFING MATERIALS Manufactured br JOHN M. SELLERS, of c t Louis, Whuhm lately rooted tn« following bulldl _outt>«ro Hot«l, Naw PlaoUli'H9»t»i I iiert' Tobaooo WaroUouia, and Lemp'lBrtwir). To* Oatapvit MA bMt rOOfl *TM H IP lulldlnii. Drop » postal to 01 call on f f . E. C. M Corner Shields and Boxza Stref ACT.

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