Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 9, 1898 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 9, 1898
Page 4
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\ -••??";; "• f p i"!-*' ''sff ruble to the which womtn through Men; Let the Telegraph Show What it Can do to Bring Customers to Your Store and Bigger Balance to Vdiir Bank Account tte jpecnHtr _„ •fid dlwaws of their deli- feminine structure. .less than unbearable torment , . .£* jensitlve-minded women to i to the intolerable methods of the _e doctor in dealing with diseases of _tw nature. That there is "a better way " than these aetcMable examinations " and " local an. ttllcatloiW'li a truth which tome TOmea «t*eyet to leant, although thousandv are already rejoicing: In the knowledge. They *«*»«!« ln Dr. Pjerce'. Favorite Pre- BLANCO'S LATEST TALK Captain General's Views on the Results of the War. BATS WE MISJUDGED 8PANIABDS, , "*»!">«••«» at their Terr JOttW*. Thl» marvelous "Proscription'««o«s absolute health to the Internal organism; stops weakening drains and til- *eerated condftions irives elastic strength > tothe supporting HframenU, vitality to the the time When they * Into womanhood until the " COMBS e< *& i" %F °« »<aicine whlS? "ttba™ ttlmort **" His. *VS«5rjH;'t.;t am ji ii* le " r »» k n*«»«nd K«ned SiUylVlSlS.'^ 11 ^- , Too > •«*"»> bottlw T y your 'Favorite Prcscrl^* 1 —• - • •- -M u*S I S p ?}*Ji, nl * <l ! C111 book <•> «>« *2™V» Dr -. *« V. ?I«rce'» 1000 page Ilia- •ifiSn £° n 'P><™ S«» Medical' ™dvi«r. .It will be lent free, paper-bound, for «i one-Ctaf «Umj>», lo pay the east of mailing gfy. _Addre« the ftortor at Bu&t" $•?* ar Mad 31 stamps for doth-bonrid copy. (KHrst-oUwUswl imam FOR BALE. earner 5th ind Albf 2 dwellings. onEuton street bet. loth " "feet. Pricern». Klrscb on Belle streeti Ungpodrejalr. S. H. Nichols or location, rlthbaln Si-'tae lot of David Doyle on Bluff 'street n 4-Nom brlok dwelling. jBji M. Tonsor bomestead containing about loreej Ane 10 room dwer • ' -•-..- i sn, -Lot wmo nne lots on Bluff street wltb brlok ptT- t tod sewert ao grading, In T. L. Foulds add -, I fine 8-room brlok dweUIng, bested with «B. Lot UOziao feet; fine fruit[ halt block im Henry street. Ideslmble residence on Prospect street with o^i^Heatn with furnace. Lot M feet on ron thonorth side of Second Ugdon street, ling wltb lot UOxiao feet) Una 9 of. the finest looatlon In Middle Alton _m dwelling wltb about 1U tores or • Fine fruit and shade trees. I blocks r line In Upper Alton. ^** lot on 4th street. r>enl fine lots on Belle street between Utb V brlok store and dwelling and a lok dwelling on same lot corner ot —jsts- A good Inrestment. I,find lotion 4th street near Mr, Oarstanf . Une'double dwelling of Mr. R. Qsrstang, Cuban* JTol n Wenk, Donntrnililrn Race Wbniie lllooil Wit* Ilnllili-milr Hplllert-rKMllt-l. Trail* Triumph* In 1.0.1 Colonlp.-Tliluk. Tnklnw nt Philippine* Will Up llritrrdpil. After refutiing several (lines to be interviewed, on the ground (bat bis tnlk might be misconstrued in Hpnln, On- eral Blanco on Sunday, Nov. 27, con- gented to receive me us tho represent)*- tiveof tbe Now York Herald nt Hiivnim. At first hig answers to tny questions Were guarded nnd tiiiflntisfnclnry, but finally he talked qnito frculy. It is at hid request that (he interview WIIH hiild nutll be had sailed on tbe Villa Verde for home. After parrying several questions, evidently discussing with himself tbe propriety of freeing hi* mind, Klanco said: "Spain and Spanish people will accept any treaty euiarcd into with tun United States without reservation nnd will abide by nil agreements expressed or Implied. Ail protests will bo nmdo before the treaty is pigni'd, It hag been tbe history of tho world that tho stronger nation coerces tbo weaker. So it has been with Spain. We fought, wore van- qnished nnd will accept tbo result, hoping that Providence will bring to us benefit out of disaster. Itwnsaii unholy war forced upon ns, nnd bit-lory will mark it as a dipgraco to the American people. Nevertheless our people will resume friendly rclnlioiiB with tho United States, and I hope the two nations will aerer again go (o wnr. "I can see many benefits that Spain may dorlw from defeat. The people of Gate,.Porto R'co nnd tbe Philippines are Spanish ID blood and sentiment, nnd •oon all bitterness toward tho mother country will wear off. Then commercial relations will be revived, and under fair commercial rulings Spain will find in her old colonies a greater market than ever before. These colonies were held by Spain -as a sacred trust, imposed by Providence, bat they have drawn immense treasnres of blood and gold from the motherland. Though controlled by a foreign power, tbe colonies will ever be Spanish in sentiment and may now repay tbe sacrifices of the past. Our young men mny do more for their country, in peaceful pursuits than they have With the sword. Spain's prosperity may dawn tomorrow. I believe it will. "Just a word about tbe causes of the WM and the mistakes which led to tho Regardless of Age. The kidneys are responsible for more Blcknesa, suffering, nnd deaths thnn any other organs of the body. A majority of tho ills aflllcllng people today i« traceable to kidney trouble. It pervades all clawed ot society, In all climates, regardless of agr, sex or condition. The symptoms of hldnoy trouble are unnmtable, mich SB rheumatism, neuralgia, sleeplessness, pain or dull ache in the buck, a desire to urinate often day or inignt, profuse or scanty supply. Uric acid, or brick-dust deposit in urine are signs of clogged kidnoya causing poisoned nnd gorm-lllied blood. Sometimes the heart acts badly, and tnbe casts \ (wasting of tho kldnoys) are found in tho urinu, which if neglected will result in Urlgin'o din ense, the most dangoroun form of kid noy trouble. All these symptoms and conditions are promptly removed under the In- lluenco of Dr. Kilmer's Swamp Hoot. It has a world wide reputation f<«r its wonderful cures of tho must diutiens- ing ciises. No one need bo long without It as it la BO r-npy to get, at nny drug store at COcorSl. You can have a sample Dot, tie of this wonderful discovery,Hw;imp Itoot, and a book tolling all about It, both eont to you absolutely free by nml'. Be.Edjour iiddr. us to Dr. Kilmer & Co , Jilnghamton, N. Y. and kindly mention (but you read this liberal offer in tlio TELEOBAPU. TIM: M:IVS At n rhnltty R doll nifiil- My nt aiirtlnn f"i Th" Kpvi.iln Mf.->. M it Clcvclnnd, O., Kinl-'V was flold --itinn rrn|i Is o.itl- Umirirna, which Is <-•<-• lluin the rrnp Of MI cilni; 'S. (VI, i -i"-ti - fn nl At ;i AtU,-c!i'S. cfiiiimiii. tlio Inii i- A put'- tllkillG 111 111 « II! 1. 1- liH'l ,il III IMl'--. ('h.'^n. I iMi- Mi-Kln!.-y li fur New Vcirk f.T will 1,,^ ihn nii'-.-st of li'.v ; (I 11 Mi linl . dli (Mi \\':ni|-nr ' sft nit'n of I.os \ r . was i|,-r-:di--i| if.frml a \\';ish!t:ntrn to work In f thn Nlinr.iffiia i-atuil. IM! pin I- scr-il oiniVrpm-c. ••Illili- slalc nf HIIll'ilR. I'lilvcifilly of IIH- i-o. 1,1. i> l-fl WnsliiiiRlon a ln-l.'f Flay. She Mr-. Aimer Mc-Kln- flti-.I lii!l,-..| v-r Sum ;n. wn» nt '-ul tr.iin nt Thr riirk by -'f Oaks, ?ui••! r-ir ili\ by l-'lfivn. i- Tlio Mi'.Mif pmlri. Ills . !'i HI a In ivas il- The Cl- V! I; i l.urrrd. !. ff Hi,' dial icnt proo-il Thi. i! "f Xfu 1 Vork. of • f.inip, has boon rrnvl'Ii-iu-e, It. I., I. i eli'viil-T at Kaun- nl ">'\ 0'".' Inislipl? of '(•iution will, II ii'l" in.ldiiiitriy the report <-»ii'.!iiitt;-e in the dlsbnr- IriKs aR.ilnst State Senator Burglars Make Good Hauls in II- linois Towns. "DYNAMITE USED l.\ IIOTII CASES. Al Antlnrli (In.. Cr.ickKiiiKii o«l $:i,OOO in Cmli nml ,Mnlti! Thrlr Ktrnpt <in n llnuj- c«r—Tlmy Aflenrarilt S'nil u IIiH-i-ninl IliiffKV ami All Trnrr of Tlirni l« l.ont— NFK'iHnl'li! 1'Hiicr Si-cuii'il at Allow. • Ulltll. Ills. —I'.Hlllflll !• I(lll,l>|.l|. Antioch, Ills., Dec. 9.— Some time during t!ie night robbers effected an entrance Into the bank here owned by Edward Brook, a citizen of Burlington, WIs., just across the state line, cracked open the safe with dynamite and secured $3,000 In cash and a number of notes which an; not negotiable. The bank Is located outside of the resilience portion of the town and nothing was known of the robbery until the bank was visited In the morning. After committing the robbery the cracksmen, supposed to be two In number, took to the Wisconsin Central railroad, where a handcar wa? secured. With this conveyance they went to Lake Villa, where they stole a horse and buggy, going thence to Libertyvllle on the St. Paul road, where all trace of them was lost. Is n. iw l?s:ii<l|'pl river ?,in;s <an <!,•.•;.•• Mrs I., vi Phil Idf-nlnlly sh,.| Wl! at tiu. niiii's r..-rthoa.«t A I-'. U'i;j,-n with Ix inch..-? thick on the nt.IUil.iiicim.', In., and with safety. li'l'S. .1A!>-cl 50, WHS 3C- »n<l liillrd iiy hi-r son f.i:ni:y Iioine tlfteen »f \Vali,i ? h, Intl. Ind.. failed, JI.' astute values f ('..islt-.-n. Jsn.noii lialillitl.-H and Ms. nei'i'i'ci.-illun in real e nisr-il Ihe failure. Li?vl M. Donnelly nf I.owlstuwn. Ills.. i)efoat-d nemoeinllc eandiditle for sheriff, haa filed paprrs to contest the election. V. K. and A. H. Jones, hoot nnd shoe manufiK'tiir-.-i'.-! of rinsion and Lynn, Mas.-:., havo a.^iiined Liabilities, J130,- 000; asset? unkiioivn. Edward Evans has been arrested on a charge of robbing M. S. Berkley's store at Wnrsaw, Ind. The body of Judge Carter, the western racing Judge, haa been recovered froip Ihe ruins of the burned Baldwin hotel San Francisco. Ernest Wills, member of the One Hundred and Sixty-first Indiana, was arrested at Michigan City, Ind., for desertion. Delicate Children ; They do not complain of anything in particular. They cat enough, but keep th in and S ale. They appear fairly well, ut have no strength. You cannot say they are really sick, and so you call them delicate. What can be done for them ? Our answer is the same that the best physicians have been giving for a quarter of a century. Give them scon's Emulsion of Cod-Liver Oil with Hypo- phosphites. It has most remarkable nourishing power. It gives color to the blood. It \ brings strength to the mus- \ cles. It adds power to the nerves. It means robust health and vigor. Even deli- j cate infants rapidly gain in ;j flesh if given a small amount !j three or four times each day. } Joe. <nd |t.oo; all druggists. SCOTT & BOWNE, Chemlsti, New York. lK'llf« tho San niogd. C'al.. Dec. 9.—Severn! mysterious fin's urn! an attempt to polnon the tvater u?i>tl by railroad section men linvernus»d tnuch oxrliCT.ent In the lit- tip town of Drtmar. twenty miles notth of here. Vlgllnnre committee ha? been orsanlzed and XVIIIlam IJennett. e'.,')r of a liote! which v.-as Imrned Tuesday, hnn !>pen unlerod to leave town within foity-elRht hours. Mr. Bennett refupe? tci do so and defies anyone to lay a hand on him. He goes about the street? armed with a Winchester, and fertmis trouble Is feared. NoM-Piirll«iiii W. C. T. It. ClevelnnJ, O., Dec. 9.—Offlecer* were elc-cted at yesterday's session of the National Non-Partisan w. C. T. U. Mrs Annie \Vlltenmyer, pf Pnnatoga, Pa., president continuously of the non- pnrtlsan branch since the spill of the organization nine years asco. declined reelection on account of ase and falling health She Is now over 70 Mrs. Howard M. Ingham, of Jefferson, O.. was elected president, and as genera! Bee- retdry Mrs Kllen J. Phlnney, of Cleveland, O. 1 of (team with moSern Improvement*.' iry dMlrible 8-room brlok dwelling " ttJotai switch connection with 0. 4 A. jovelty lUg. Co. property on M •weft, ti lote. I bi KlcbUnd Perk, each TO br about | i'rooB dwelling on State street. Price f JpOd S-room dwelling on Second street, • »oHoe lots on Alby street; ie double brick dwelling, corner Tnlra ana . 'Streets, one of tbe finest looatioru In Alton, roo« 7-room dwelling; good lot and But I r ten room dwelling In Upper Alton, good oatastrophe. The Americans have made ttHnnistafee of judging Spaniards and Unhang by their own standards. It oame to be the popular impression that the Cohans were a meek, downtrodden race. Whose bloddl was being constantly and unnecessarily spilled by the Spaniards. Believing this, the Americans refused to hear anything that went to prove that they were mistaken. In times of ImnrtBollon or war many individual wrongs a, 9 committed. During tho last three years crimes havo boon committed, but not nearly ao many ns have boeu reported. More than half have had tbe Spaniard*as victims rather than as oppressors. But that is neither here nor there. "8paj&exerted sovereignty over Cuba, «nd its right to do so was undisputed. An insurrection broke opt. Every one knows that it was conceived in the United States—not, mind yon, with any knowledge of your government. Haa it not received support in men, moneyj ammunition and guns from the Unite,* States it would have died of «Ntidenoe of Alb,rt Wade onBeUe nth to room* and Bnlahed — -ff—~ _— —.__.__ _,,JO| bulb Oood o»U»r. Qu and water. !• bouie. lot u M«tfronto; , otatr dMlrabl* property ml dweUIW on WUUun >tre«t, i dwelling with 2 good lots on Flttli *t or jUdg».l««t. *Prlo0, f J.MO. . brick dwelling with 11 lot* on jodYroom dwelling with An* rlrerrlfiw, I by hot water. • " KOR KENT. ; Itory brlok dwelling with 8 roomi.on r »renue now oooupled byj. Moulton. -room ten »room i and atreet near Cherrv . Clawaon homestead In Upper Alton —, barn and garde ---'---?*- • Poea—" making guna or ammunition, no way of 89<raring money save from tbe United States. Hod your laws boon strictly and impartially enforced Spain and tho United States would never have thought they bad cause to ruah at each other's throat. "I have been told yo«i people were aotnatad by a mistaken idea of chivalry. Fwhnps so. Perhaps tho politicians caused this trouble, as they havo many others, bub you hwe partaken of tho bitter as well OB the sweet. I believe that If the bands of time were turned 'baok 18 moutbB tbo Americans would have less regard for tbo troubles of Oubii.' Seeing with (ho eyes of experi- I JWft: ^hay would not havo forced Spain Jiito.8 war Yon have taken tbo Philippines, hat I believoit Is as much against you* win to take them as it Is against o»» to give them up. Perhaps tf the WM were to bo fought over Dswny would not be sent to Manila. "•It was once said that Amur (can live* menaced In the streets at Havana B was reported to be unable- to inniutaia ordw Bofor» the war tta American* fled in a panic, But few Remained, aud they can testify th protected and that diuiug tho I Havana was as peuushil aa any city ia tbe. United States. "History bas rsfcjted or will refute every charge wada against us. Porioaal- ly 1 advised oguiiibt peace when the protocol WM. signed, but I accepted my oountry'B mandate, us every soldier •tumid, t tolieved that as war Imd been forced, ujjon aa we should ooiitosl to the , JftstdJicb. I still believe 1 w«a right. Wito, 70,000 loyal Spaniards in, Havana «Md more that would have beau called ia I;could have withstood, I totliove, au juwault from au army five- times our Rise, But that in un idle thought, aud I , wUb you would strike it Irom your iu- terview- "Jfrom war to peace, in only a aborJ •top. Ouba.will ever remain dear to mo. I believe in Us future «IM) buvo no doubt that immigration aud/capital will rush. (o Hi shores, not bosanso of u change lu Uw government, but because the eyes of j tl» vorld nre turned upon it now for »n»o»»»«bulwWin»4i, I'^ft 1 ** tiw.B, oiiil Its natural resource* mi&rf: -i^p^ Fw-knoii n Jo nil men." g««l u« I The Sure La Unpp« uur«. suffering from tola Jl^N^jwd LOAN AOIENT TOMB rMldeuoe on State itnet on .tr«olu, t uTtSHle for ""—BM •tree*, bet. Anntlier Illinois Hank lioblictl. Arroivsmlth. Ills.. Dec. !).—The prl vate bank of Taylor & McClare was entered by robbers, who secured $4,000 worth of negotiable paper and escaped They used dynamite on the safe which was wrecked. Bloodhounds are being used to track the robbers. I'iMtolllcu Till Tniipori. Los Angeles, Cal., Dec. 9.—Postodlee Inspector Flint has been notified that the postofllce at Clifton, Cal., was robbed by two masked men. The till was emfitled In Ihe presence of the postmaster and the robbers escaped with the contents. KILLED AT_AJ)OCK FIRE. Four Men Uurloil While Fighting Finnic* nt West Siip«rlur. West, Superior, \Vls.. Dec. 9.—The most destructive coal dock nre which lias been experienced In years Is burn- Ins nt the Lehish Coal and Coke company's dock, and It Is almost certain that nt least three lives have been lost. The nre was discovered early In the morning In. the section londed with Great Northern railroad coal. It undoubtedly started from spontaneous combustion. In a few hours it was seen that the tire was beyond control and the city nre department with two Hre tugs from Duluth were summoned. During the afternoon Foreman James Love took six laborers to the top of a large coal pile to throw a stream of water down. While there the dock underneath them collapsed and the men were carried Into the bay. Clerelniiil O|>no««<l to Eipiiiulon. Princeton, N. J., Dec. !).—Former President Drover Cleveland was Interviewed yesterday on the new policy of the United States, and dictated the following for the Associated Press- "Without point? at all Into details, I wish to suy that I am ardently opposed to every feature of thin annexation and expansion policy. The public ought lo know pretty well what my convictions are from the Hawaiian question during my administration. I have not changed n'y mind and remain opposed to all this annexation from Hawaii to the Philippines." Scic'lul I>Riiu>onit Klnoluil Mayor, Haverhlll, Mass., Dec. 9.—A Social Democrat, no far as known the first to be elected to an administrative olllce In this country, will on Jan. 2 be Inaugurated mayor of this city. By the municipal election here John C. Chase, aged L'8 years, n clerk In a co-operative grocery store, was chosen mayor as the candidate of the Social Democracy by a plurality of 350 votes In a Held of si candidates. With him on tho victor oils ticket were three Socialist cand dates, for aldermen nnd three for coun cllmen. William Kent, who killed his brother Noble on the train at Girard, has barricaded himself in his farmhouse near Carllnvllle, Ills., and delles anyone to arrest him. John Van Wle Is In Jail at Portage, WIs., charged with defrauding farmers. The comptroller of the currency has levied an assessment of 100 per cent, on the stock of the recently failed First National bank of Emporla. The French vintage of 189S Is offlclal- ly estimated at 32,282,000 hectolitres, which Is 68,000 hectolitres below tho vintage of last year. Fire at New York wrecked the end o St. Agnes' Catholic church on Fifty- third street, near Third avenue, destroying valuable altars, paintings and u new organ. Loss. 1100.000. David Stuart Ersklne. thirteenth earl of Bui-ban, died at London in his S-lth year. John C. I,er.non. postmaster of looming ri-ah-i,-.. :..jnn . is under arrest. ehnr.Kril wlih embezzling $106 of government fum!s. Mrs. Parali I'a^in of HrooUlyn. N. Y., was killed l.y a trolley car in New York, and a crowd who yaw the nccl- Cont trlrd _to_ Jyru.'h the molorman. For Pneumonia. Dr. J. 0. Bishop, of Agnew, Mioh., says: "I have used Foley's Honey and Tar in three very severe cases of Hiouraonin. the paat month with eood results. Sold by B. Marsh and 8. H. Wysa. Mr. O. M. Dixon, a well known merchant of Pleasant Ridge, Fulton Co., Pa., baa a little girl who is frequently threatened with cronp, but when the first symptoms appear, his wife gives her Ohamberlaiu'a Cough Remedy, which always affords prompt relief. The 25 and 60 cent sizes for sale bv E Marah and S. II. Wysa. Lost. Many have lost confidence and hope as well as health, because they have been told their Kidney disease was incurable. Foley's Kidney Cure is a Guaranteed remedy for the discouraged and disconsolate. Sold bv E Marsh and S. H. Wyas. Hoarseness Leads On to senoua irritation of the throat, and may end in a racking, rasping cough. Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar-Honey will quickly clear the throat and leave the voice clear and smooth. It is an infallible I Ut anfc remedy for coughn and cnlds and all disorders of the throat and lunce. Good druggists sell it. 20o. •Joseph Jefferson. t!:e veteran actor, will not appear on the stage again until next sprins. The li-ycar-olrl sin of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel \Vomloi-K of Kev/nnee. Ills., swallowed ii Inrse amount of creosote and died In half .in hour. More than '10 |:or cent, of the British people cou'.d not write their namt*s when the queen ascended the throne. The proportion In that condition now has been reduced to ~ per cent. Alonzo Colbert, aged 50, wa.» Instantly killed In the coal mine at Washington, Ind., by falling slate. There have been few men who really climbed the Matteihorn. and among them Is but one American—Colonel Koosevelt. The city council of Terra Hau;e, Ind . has adopted a resolution lo exempt from taxation for nve years any manufacturing firm that wlit move to that city. The hat factory of John W. Green & Co., Dnnbury, Conn., was destroyed by five. boss. $125,000; insurance. $101,000. Joshua Knull, aged VI. Is at the point of death with blood poison contracted from a very slight scratch on his thumb. More than 200 municipalities in England. Scotland and Ireland now own the municipal gas works. While scrubbing a noor at Washington, Ind., a week ago, Miss Anna Boyd ran a splinter Into her nnger. She Is dead of lockjaw. The steamer Rosalie, which has just arrived at Victoria. B. C.. from the towns on Ihe Lynn canal, reports that 1.000 men from Dawson were making" Ihelr way to the coast. While going at a rate of twenty miles an hour the engine of a through freight on the Baltimore & Ohio Southwestern left the track near Shoals, Ind.. and several cars were wrecked. Rear Admiral Lord Charles Baresford. who has been In China for some time, Is to return to England by way of th United States. Santiago de Cuba was severely shaken by an earthquake Tuesday night and many persons, especially Americans, were badly frightened. A Hamburg Inventor has devised a penny-In-the-s!ot machine .which sells milk and keeps the glasses clean closing up when It Is empty. William McMillan, the defeated Republican nominee for governor of Nevada, will contest the election of Reln- icld Sadler, fuslonlst. Colonel James Brown, editor and proprietor of the Butte, Mont., Times, has been arrested by the federal authorities on a charge of sending obscen- matter throueh the malls. Ten Per Cant. Ailvunoe In W»ges. Duluth. Minn., Dec. 9.—The Chandler mine at Ely has announced a 10 per cent, advance In wages, bringing the schedule back to the scale of 1892. the highest ever paid In the lake regions The Increase Is caused by (he tremendous demand for men from the cep- per 'and Iron ranges. The Chandler miners will now get $2 a day on company account and more on contract. A similar raise will be made In all mines on the Vermilion range and will make a difference of $10,000 on monthly pay rolls. March or Ihe Mad Mullah. Bombay, Dec. 9.~-Elghty more dead men line the march of the Mad Mullah In his mission of arousing a fanatical outbreak against the British. The priests encountered the forces of the Mawab or Dlr In the Swat valley, and the nghtlng was furious. Each side haa had forty killed so far, and tho fighting has not ceased. Hundreds are wounded. The British native frontier troops are moving toward the Swat valley to take n hand In the operations against the Mad Mullali. ' Storu Up After Five Years. Crystal Falls, Mich., Deo. 9.—The lease of the Breltung interest In the Monitor mine near this city to Corrlpan, Mc- Klnney & Co., of Cleveland, O.. was cigned and the whistle blew for the first time In flve years. The securing of this property gives the Cleveland flrm four mines In this district with an aggregate output of 700,000 tons yearly. The main offices of the company will be moved here from Negaunte Jan. 1. LUNG Trouble Lung troubles, such aa pleurisy or acute inflammation of the lungs, should be carefully treated to avoid serious consequences. These affections are quickly overcome by the prompt use of Dr.Bnll'a Cough Syrnp, a wonderful remedy, which always gives relief, eases coughing, allays all inflammation, and by ito henling influence soon effects a thorough cure: Por Infanta and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bought Signature of Promotes Diges tlon.Cheerftil- nessandRcst.Contains neither Opium,Morpliinc nor Mineral. NOT NAMC OTIC. Aperfecf Remedy for Constipation, Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea, Worms .Convulsions .Feverish ness and Loss OF SLEEP. You Have Always Bought. t 01MT«U« ce'MPXNV, Ntw TOKK CITY. BEST i ~"^' "r^ *^r--- -lanBraif^Tf.^!^! TO teraska.Montana.PdgetSotw a-i inn. in UH LM.Ttwii. M. . in. u. inn. i L i_i_,«i,i _ r _ _ » MHIIBII "^•^•^•WH^wHB*—W«*»«WJ»W«w^»*« — »™«i — •„, Cures all Lung and Throat Trouble. Doses are small and pleasant to take. Doctors recommend it. Price 25 ct». At all druggists Henry M Butcher and Packer AH Utltt !• Pnnk »< Silt Mnl* ut Urd, §»d am lictirtr Hi Sigiifi. HI BAST SECOND • • ALTON ILL [)rs. Q. and H. Taphorn, PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. OFFICE in M'PUte Building. Cor. and and Baston BIS, Pnonea 138 and 171. HENRY J. KLUNK, IL.K HOMEOPATHIST and SURQBON [ OFFICE AMpRBB'JDBMOK, HOTEL IIAPIHOK Telephone loo ob»» I Qrs. E. C. * H. R. Lemen UPPER ALTON, ILL. | OPFICBHQURSiTto>a.m|lltol,8toap.a) TELEPHONE 87. PANG SUE, LAUNDRY. laundry Work Carefully and Promptly Done. Aim but of Tea* and Chlneu Noreltle. ot hand. 624 But Second at. 306 State it Granitoid Paving Co. W. &,H. BEISER, Prop's. 813 East Sixth Street • Alton, III. ._.-. Flooring, etc., done and the bettquMI- Jfof BfMrlal and work guaranteed. Orden bT Ball will r*oel» prompt etteDtlon tor labtt*, 0»utUm*n owb 113 A Little Sniffle, or a stubborn cold, or a deep-seated cough can be cured for good with Dr Bell's Pine-Tar-Honey. This fumous I remedy, taken in time, will stop the progress of consumption and brine the oolor of health to the pallid cheek Druggists sell it. bcne* 1RO9. \£)K. t. B. RQfiLAND, DENTIST, Edmund H. Blair Real EsUte and loiurance Agent. MONEY TO LOAN, Notary LII|I|IBII llouu Same 91 (in, Crcilltura, Milwaukee, Dec. (".-Information ha been received here that Frank A. Lap pen, who In 1893 was the proprietor of large dry goods store In this city an whose failure at that time precipitate the downfall of the Pliinklnlon ban and stnr(ei! tho panic of 'S3, wtt s re cently located in London. He cut quit a HBUIC In tho vicinity of Acton fo some time and recently dlsuppeum from here, leaving u fresh lot of creU I tors. Hl«> In the l'lr"i!imr»"c«i». " A Narrow Escape Thankful words written by Mrs. Ada E. Hart, of Groton. 8. D. "WBB taken with a bad cold which settled on my lungs: cough eet in and finally terminated In Consumption. Four doctors gave me up, saying I could , „- appetite, no , bav« a bad cold, in " e ,?»P» Jel «»ywedup. - ;roinpt ft^d sure relief. . _„ •»*»M- )yfl 9 your Wv «. 8tom«oJ *na Kidneys, tone • • »rwteed to cure ot r sale at B. Marsh's r bottle? ' Dr. Ibnaumplion ^ It a trial ""j"!?" 1 1 HS'H 08 ' rt haa ou «>d me,, and thank Qod I am wived aad now a well aud healthy woman." Trial: boHleii free atB. Marsh's drug store. Regular sUe 60^ andfl; Quaranteedi or price refunded. After hearing some frauds continually praising* Chamberlain's Oollc, Cholera and Diarrnoea^emedy, Our- tla Fleck, of Anaheim, California, purchased» bottte of It for bis own •se and U now as entbnslastlo over its wonderful work as aiuone can be. TbeMand60cent slseslor sale by H.Marehands, B. Wyss. y Distressing Stomach Disease Permanently cured by the masterly power of South American Nervine Tonic. Invalids need suffer no longer bcoauae this great remedy can cure them all. It la a oure for the whole •world of stomach weakness and indigestion. The cure begins with the first dose. The relief It brings Is marvelous and surprising. It makes failure; never disappoints. No tor how long you have suffered oure is certain under the use of thin great health-giving force. Pleasant T. WIIIIUUJB'Indlun Pile 'IntinoMtwIll cure llllna. 'luedlriK and Itoblnk It-ubsorbH the tumors HlhijH the Itching at once, acts • lloj. Dr, Wlllams'?Btl C |anJPll«01iu' • montlHprBparoafor Pllo^wd Itching of the private purls. Evorr box le , . warrantad. By dnigglKts, by mill on re- SiEii?!JK l . l i e - u S 0 .°«P u »»« •'•«* Kf " ""INUFACTURIN6 "0. Prani).. "•— •--' | Offlce Howit I a.B. te II a •. od 1 to II W. TBtRD RSUr P.I. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE, Estate of Daniel W. Collet, deceased. '!*»• DANIEL yri COLLET, DISCHARGES OBTAINED IN BANKRUPTCY In Short Tune. Yager & Yager. Attorneys 308 Belle tttreet. WM ARMSTRONG. Dialer le Cement, Lime and Wall Plaster ..- nty, tho January term, on January neit, at wh -.-.1-- —.-. -jylll toe fl«t Morfdaj iH^ilMTsiijSt?«r«SSS Sr^noffl" 8ndttlwa ^^._f w ^-" : ^ : ^SilS^SISSS For .Hoarseness. Uenj. Ingerson, of Hutton, ind., he hud not tpohou above a whisper for months, and one bottle of Foley's Honey and Tar restored his voice. It is used very largely by Rpeakora and singers. Sold by K. Marsh aud S. H. Wyss. What do the Children Drink? Don't Rive them tea or coffey. Have you tried tho IK w food ilrluk culled JKA1N O? It ia 'delicious and iiour- ltiK and takes tbo alacu of coffee. The more Oruln- O you «ivo tbe child- ron tbe more health you dlutribute lirougb their ayatema. Urain-O is made of pure gruliia, and when pro- >erly prepared tnalea llko tbe choice (radea of coffee but uosta about 0110- alf as much. All grooeraaelllt. ]6o nd 20o Many Liven are Saved by the tlnjely use of Or. Bell's Pine- Tar-iloney. When a oold creeps upon you, or a cough racks your lunge, uo remedy is so prompt or effectual, CASTOR IA For lafanti aad Children, The Kind You Have Always Bought Utt Dated thli 10th day otNor. A. D., ISM ENDS JOllrJBON, Administrator. THROUGH SERVICE BETWEEN —— ST. LOUIS, CHICAGO. KANSAS CITY *NO rum _ PRINCIPAL CITIES OF TEXAS. WMIER KffEl SUIKilS nn.Hii^- AND Trn,'_ju- FREE RECLINING MTYCMIIW Ofllw 107 Wait Second Veterinary Surgeon DR. D. M. MAHER. COR .THIRD AND CUBA BT* . H,mi» ILI T. M. LONG Civil Engineer and Surveyor Map* Profile! and Estimate PurnUbed. jog Belle Street, Up 5talr*. ROBT. M. STAMPER. REAL ESTATE, *oaa aad Insurance Agent Ml BBLLB STREET. Mo»fff to Lot* tui lapforul Proof n> OOUMOTXD. Cbas A. Strittmatter M«ur*h*nt Tailor. 704 BA6T CBCUNp ATMtBT 0*aU*Q*B vko iPPtydUt* flrtt-alM* TAILOR MADE CLOTHES MODERATE PRICES, Y*u tr* un<*< to out w «,u»ior NEW STOCK OF GOODS , a« IOHOWB ' and East—«12:» i m, «8:io 806pm.... 840pm.. . 000pm.... 1181pm... , Upper Al. Tersa, are train. lilleage Tralae t'10 am, •Dally' f [Seejoii *ssrtsswjSS iWam 006am a ao il« 246 426pm o f 7 08 pm Leave St. L,

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