Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 28, 1927 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 28, 1927
Page 1
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HL , I^iiiiig by Supreme Ccur; Turns Batk Wval Olil Leases From rUi Weekly Register. KxtabOBhed 1S67. I Tim lola Darty Re^ider. KHtaMished 1897. i To Governnveht Of UJ HViii -iiingtoil, Feb was' sj' ill! >i • 28. i,. Dohjeny, m ist oil Iciuies (J liini when ffclary of I will jic rof KP«iit; iti; ait that (jiln the ^iiKiewncnl agretiuent liUo efteci. opinion tc victorj' fij)r he Hupj'eini- imo t ouri no liy fruuil. Iijit II s. ^nc{ All If ;nu' up tl4. contrac'ij.-i iPTi B^Ka it'-riori back \ t ca policy iiruli iiatlt! waH ill) tin^or ilii w Teapot ifiiiK It (hat, llintiRli Thr; _ . I oiiiiq'^i iiy Ji)»ii(' I ifiVjvaH ho (lissyi Ml: Ml r) Harry F tlip hult". I ) I- incol I II an not ifllrcflly nvolv^il tindinK- ppiii'ion of- Ui|'- fiiirl wa hiiih-r. ^ t>' I ciihii^lt I llu Him Cofigress Is ; Ne^ai-Record] Hvu^f (Um In 'Laxt: Week Hbite .S«na}» Is .li'luHer. inlinK |»o h.-lil liodi ojily a* ihi! Iiiili IIH' I li -aHc Kl ^irlalr. •ascs anU ci^ntiUi )y affirmed llio Hiidijiiifs (it api ^alB. holdinp Jliiji thu :ts a I is I 'll ed II )( olil^ I'lopAienl lit; valid i^iid thai Uohi;ny to no <;ompfiisation This jfindtng cove hl-ny's ileasc for devi KIk Hills oil icsei|e in Califi ri but IIIKJ contract foi coiiitructi m, oil storage facilitiei iit^ Pearl.;H lior. Hawaii. Sim c ilicso «iBi <.jinf». by frabil. i tor coiiipbn WashlngirJn, Feb'. 28. (AP>— having liung up .a ncjar short session r(;tord for sj»eed in enacting legislation, the i Sixty-ninth congress entered its ifinal week today with the senate ahflultcr with dissention and; the looking calmly toward the nine month's adjoiirn- mptlt Friday. " 4- ' lOjLA. I^AN.. MONDAY EVEB BESEATKl) INISENITE Senate Committee loday Upheld His Rigf tlin Report Made io Members of CLOTUP ON 'DRY'FORCE KHI -The pii Washinglon, Feb. 28. ( right «r Senator! Uoii 1(1. 11 .Maine, to a place in the tikui uplield today in the rep* ri j senate flections xub -i oiiinittec ihaL investigated Charges hlin. T|ie 'sub-coiiinliitee nieuj niiiinonded thatjthe chargjos •j'Bill for Reorganization of The Prohibition and Custoins Forces ^ (iets Ruling In Senalc. I Wa.-hiUKton. F '-li. 2Si. (Ai'i 'llm , ijoliirp- ritlo. limiting debate, was invoked -by tin) m-nate toiiay to , force actlini on (he prohibition and Icustom.s ri-orgaijization bill put for- iiient-s (Were taintefj the optnion.- a claii, lion I could have no courts land the oiliy heny'UouId have iiou:i curej i^assage of i' spi-i • ; [ , In] itjs tincUng off fraifd. ih<- <|ile<^ not only the'sccrey t,be jne^ptiations were <-on"lijict e fact that t^erc Ha« i"> standing i ijecinis be I ial a aoUjth »eti<iv- ilowrfa ^•rfrtniiliar story llRl f-T' n wli Mbidding. bit all idvd (b ^he't f n">.')nii.00i( puiiiic build nus 1 ill. ly engaged in important iienti hTall Jlfio.cioO in a | little Hatchc. riecentiy tht <|il inaij thcjjformer interio .svjotary acyiiyod here i>n a' cri charge of cohspira ;y bksed ob sajg;^ or the $100.00/ b i\ the high < ourt ^aid today t latj •tihad conspiracy ai.d ^as] cl(ear and ufltjils This finding wfj, tin' fpe criminal prq of 1 on tue criminal projie idlings acaii st lheU*»-men. whlih iicl-c conk-luT- cd J r ihe acquitta . 1 LING ON IJCAPOT D0ME LEA:E SOOb^ Wfeisliinglou.. Fell ing decided the ! ibol cell^tirtn rai^e. the; look stepu today i alsol tlje simi volvlng I tarry V to Tea|>ot^ Dome. St iclulr's Bptteat of a DPt'alH dncision lean s was advance . for leiring on Apj-il MAN INJUR ff-jiad e^ akable. \siyc no pff< Mr e- „f I a filihii. . .. The votd wasj S.'j for cloture and 27 against, or, One more the iid i rciiuired two-thirds majority. Todays action marked the foiirtli to his electioii to the sen| lieCiino the senate lias agreed to re- Tniied Slates in the cle I strict its debat'. and on only one i in the state of .^lainc in previous oicasi )n lia.s a domestitr I "(.'—the tran.saclion Hi 'liifs'-on been involved. That wa.s j more than 14 years |iri II (lie ('!siiissi( n of the .McFadd<-ii i elect ion It br;mil '"aiikii'K bil ow n([h( n.v ; wii,i<:li would have; authorizeil tli'- }l:(ck'immediate broadening of the gov-; cs'he ha.s borne the rep itution'as] a man of character and i itigrity. aind I'eriimcnt's five years program, was i "The premises consider' •i,«re ' df-reated hv a f^w votes. Senator i'-•ommittee rocommpiids I al Cifrtis and (V'Pptr hi both action v.i the in.stant ci ' ' 'ken and that the righ ini s- 1 lii u lli-nry KHinoiiil North Btale street,|w;j3 Jurfk 604 jiirj'. slight Ik i 1- and R. D. KelfOgg. colbrfid. .N'ifrth Cottonwpoll escape When a .haijdca r[ on w thfv; v^ere riding Was in by n coming into Inila.ftrom Fort The! accident, oqciirrcd qast of at croKis A isig •the ra hiond oint where[the cont!^elpl sldji. i-cording toi K<? log n. the iililk wjas standing a t| the c d ' Isnocked fhn handcai •^swefv(>d around Wwlii<-h arid knocked jls'and d 'oWn the| was taken u St Id tap Uhere tw|> st tch en in a gash oil hih hdad. in ^liei bus !Was ii juriq. NEW COMPANY IS ADMITT Topeka. Kan,. Fe i. 2 public ; service i con mh [ aiilliorized tfee We<teiji jng roiiiiiany. ;j Wt st pprafipn. to operat< in coinpajiy has purch ised pal gaff plant at Angus API- i^y oil niV. its d. Ii;f iir'H rot •eedintt, j(>i^ the elling the d IN |BUS:CRASH HERK :;;!(; hanking i Hlr 'ieiiKthen the ctiiored.' he Kafy trial he. mandcat paring John's ^j! wore d revolved about: the pa; tlOM.OOOi to a Canadian dropped. The invesligalioii of Coiild's qualilications Ava the instance of .Senato iKMiiocratf .Montana, wjio demands' on charges tha (ioiild, lia<l turned over forniek- J'rein|cr Fleiiiuiln LInln^]wi(k. ih connectloi roiilracl for a railroad, tlie witiicsH Ht ;ind deiile friiilil wiis involved. Tii<? report today dei .•<iili-4<>jiiiiiiitlrL' IK "in eiit iiienl in the case in llu particula r.s; "A -the undertaking by firable Arthur U. Tioiild blican. [l.e was of the Women ofj arm Bureau Td Be Busy ly exit Month BRUARY 28. 1927. Five Specialists Will Be ihj County iDui^nK March— In ' Addition Many aublM^eWs ' " ' For tlitj Month; Mairch win be the busie: tHnjontii i Are ^heduled the h Allen Cdunty Women's Farns Bufeaii,! a^cor^ing ence Syverud, county home aeni6n.strlation agent' Five specialists from ManhattWn*^-! --^ —!— L jwill be here during the month. Tlje plates, 'specialists and w(>rk for tile; ^uonth, follow: 'March 4 and Maude E. Decley. millinery; .Marcli .S and 19, Conic Footc. foods.ard nutritions; .Marcli 22 and 23. Mai y.| A. Worcx'ster. clolhijig: .Mar<)i 2j ji'gainst||H'. Pearl Marttn, recreation: Man li| 8. Edna'^Bender. Junior club wor c » 0 ward by the a(iiii:nist|'utioii. As.-»islani Sivretary . Andrews ba'.k"a Ihe iiii'a.'iure. whirh also had \ soriates to build tlie rail |,„. jilie -iipiairt ')f|ldr>- organizations.' in the bigiiiniiig-. free In l,,>J Sonic of the wetjij in liie Hcnafe al.-^o j ion of di.'.lione.siy or fia t favored it. w •ilii othe s it .~te • iig-linst it. hreatened! "it -Ihe transaction i|iiired intii. had in tact to (he selection 1 of the .\rtliiir K. Gould as a ca his party in the Iprimary jell i . list (iri'ir to ilie (1 I line for nrohib lioi cohi- ••' move to also lim I "D—it anirnilitively ;ip Lidoptiiiii fif < lo- ' the Honorable .Arthur U reorranizatioii. !.a man of good fliara <-tcr. voted for cloturd. file evi|,ejce)posTOFFK ;E CLERKS TAKE EXAMINATION iislled fct Hii crfn- ri Honorable Artliur It. li^u] .seal in the senate be con The sub-cominfttee d<fc^ rule on the claim of Goi sel that the senate had Dp ej^cliide a member for an milted'prior to election. p. Stjelljhung w^-ji record In jthe annual c erk's examination Thursday at th. local nostoffice when he made ; 2 separations and hTfidled ,".64 can s in fourteen mhi- ntes for a perfei t percentage. J. A. H».icr made the third highest grade, by!doing the sane thiiig in 2:! min-' Kansas ('ily. Feb. 2S. | iiti[s with four ei rors. His per «-ent "f Ihe approaching was 99.29. C. H Crick ranked sec^ i''"" «as lieaid in the on^l. performing]lhe task in 2C m'n- ^a'"l 'lie Itoiky .\Ioiintali SOUTHWEST IS SNOW - C0^ cov •i( d most o northern Dklalioma and jliandle of Te.\aK today Ii |r« rcc- whi<:h nilent ial. of be lienaioi' ladc at Walsh, sed hi.s Henaior i,OiK) 10 of .Ni'w with a Gliiiilil I'u tpial any —, . ^. —. «—^ as. FORCE IN ed the agri-e- lUowing UMO 1,8(W to In laddttion etings. 's fiirm t. .Meet ligs of cl ven 'day 1 in th ri:h I. ^Sunflower (brville cinb; .Man guiles clilib; .Marc jdub. Succe^Hor to T le lola Daily Rettstpr. The lola ily Record., and lola I-ififly Index. story of the to Mrs. Flor-! lAWATE RCEUNDER BUT Brigadier Leave China the fipecialist large riumber'of wom-j urcau cljib ineeiihgs are ; lbs for'the first'; month arc: club: March 2. b ;l. Home Eco;:7, Star Velley General, At bnce for to Assume Ch4rge of ! lies. EBT PLAN IS ON WAYTOUiS. I Shanghai, tropfldcnce »idjto the sh sh ^l Sun { mrfnts from defense preji Shkngbai. ri] of jthe Oriett rialionallst a large shinglonj Red Cross Probably WiU Offer tt. Pay tjhe Hon his as- ad. was uspic-j Not Aid Liberals in C^irihg for Their Wounded, Is Statement. $10,000,000 Here in- relation inorabI< ; didate 01 : \j't 192C or, ie of thcj iioii hell ici-urrer •4o naiiJ While thp appeal of Pedro 7,epei J, , ratilled djjbt fuhding agreement .Sara-saV minister ti> .Mexico (,>iy>*a''' ^« sitisfactory to'the .lis that for Red'Cnii^M relief f„r .Niraragti tn'T^liiry [dcparti lent. The pay- ';ouldi is; Uberals, will be a matter for lioi- V'*""^ *'» ^ "jjCOuut of the war s."'"'"""... r,....? ".-I r.'irough jsideratfon of i|j,e .entral cominitf c i'l*")*'.; ex<-ldsive ,Jf the obligation I debate on thei-' '""K llf*" 'n w|iich he vJai active-I of the fled Cross, it was said at t le i!!"""*'!'^ frpni jthe jporchosc of -sur- [ehterpri.s-! organization-s lieadquarters todjy liP'"" i*'"'" ina^cria |5 •d. yourji Nicaragua. The Diaz Conservat government in Nicaragua ihad quested aid. it was said, but the quest had not been acfed ni)on. Ii t furth c be not of the lid, to a Nnied.- lined to s coun- right to 4ct com- RED Al'l—The .March ilthwest section et ! ut\if with only 0 ic error for a iier- r'oday. n-jceiitage of 99.82 Tlio o'xamination ' Snow !lei<sc 1 wis giveii by ! f. F. /ohuaoa of Ki^nsas ('Ily.' I peratjUres ^ranged <lo\*nw • degrees ah<ive zero. drivii|g| reci 'tit mild weatbitr thill appearances of ispring. In the Koeky; .Mounlaitj opeka. Kan?!-, Feb. 2H. <AP) ^^ani. wliipiieil ai)ros« the , ''f'liji' ^•l•n•,li.•• jpa.f [Sed IfMla .N-^' the «eii-|;il divide to diinip several bill iiiti'iidid losniiw iiiio Colorado and Jiankinc laws, of SoiiilieaMerii.Wyoming re |)1 i KajiiHas. The v^ie was 24, to :i. . : snow of the w i"hc hill now] soes batk to- the i Indies li:ivinc fallen at BANKING BILL BACK TO HOUSE lioiise for #ictioii oil an amendment at !• o'clock this morning |l i 1- nu^ie by the upper chamber to re- itain was failing in hii h, quire private Ifankx to'receive a H)kIahoma ami Kouthwij bis'chifter the .«anie as other banks 1 Wichita Falls andDalla cojt. ,op<JTating untleij the supervision of- Snow iq due in the sla;^ banking deparlnient. The I around Kansas City late il.'-e reje<-ted that pravisinn of | —i— : lolli. s ho ^ I Ini bis 1 ni" wfigc n OS i ho ta oije fAPt iTlje sSon y t^ Distribut- rginiajco ansas.l Tl|e khe niu'nii ;^bout two jyeijifij ,^go| a Morain, ^ehforjfed his loner. T-and tihe same man first chapter! of tht |l«st| Saturdiiy eyeb FreUcrjIckson. inar l;al fiJund young Milton pi / de rsrt'est. and no ifiejl marsKal to come aid ir^t him latter i official ; ac^orc ingly oyer, akid recognizi{ ri loit my Job on nilil of you Welk." replied Jlilt )L "I doi —know iiheth^r 'I w ill 'or] ijod I '•Vesjyou wUl'gi w th him."| ih ". teirjaialed the Mar bal )t Bas^e "or ymt'will K" Vltl m<f ^8 original bill-when it passed the ; SPQNGE BATTLE f "'"'l_--J I OVER ROA! J STYLE SHOW MAN Kansas, le Pan- m ri letn- itVl' to Ifi out the brought a bllz- o>iiinenl- ilie» of [voming. ved the er. 7 't licyenne Sbuthern rd IS JAILED TODAY Topeka. Kans.. Feb. 2^ A one sidjrd. one blow w hat He was staged in tlje the house c in j City. ^>b, 2 .S. (.\Pi~ .\ today ov#r jwajrrant charging larceny by trick resolutioi^ petitioning co^g^css to I and fraud was ; issued today for rut off fejderal road aid. ; Robert EJ. Leaiuan. held in jail at Just before Ihe noon) ; ColTeyville. Kansas. .Miss Joy Hos- .Senator Bennett of 'W fjiflpilAir kins., who invented $.400 in IKJU^Xfi ; ,„;|„'s style shQws project, th)? complaint. The Vvonn< patiy was stra'n Kinsas. last- Mpnday hight afle^ i but the missile struck :iman dcpart< Lea- called up the resolution, project, gigned 1 Hegler of Wichita protes . >il up a wet sponge from| Style Revue Com- 1 and hurled the missile a led in Manhattan ; league. Senator Bennct d. leaving a note head. thit "everythinji; is . a bust." and ' thit he was gn{inj\ .to Coireyville Action on the, road-il was postponed indefintelM Yoifth Who IBroke Up Dai\ce Two YkarsAgdFii{al\yIsjirrested And Pay, NATION IN HOMA^GE TO TWO A VL LTORS Buenos Aires. Feb. 28. ' sorrowing nation today i Ing homage to two Ameri S Fpm for Mor'an Spree j ^^rs. members br the Pa|n ^ knifej Thd city marshal «ent for; j!^'*!?'^ ''^^^ broktj up a danc e altj floor W flourishing _ ancl drawing his gui told W\ ton hie )va.s under arrest. Milton [ Joiin E . Benton: Tbc 'oVilo refu.sedto belie\e him and went away. The narshal lost his , expect to' leave tomorrow jobi the next da>jbejl|iU8e the may6r thought He ought tfi^have ; "n^-'«"- .Paraguay. Came !.long a new mayor after awhile ' K-PVTITPITV itrVxt ling Juml -8«*of Basse t. 4ed him u 1- tbe .M^rin Tl e dan e Milton, s Ui« youtli known drivijng all the an flight persotinel. killcH urda.vs crash between tHc H» "Egg" Milton Vork and | Detroit, lancers off the i'"""""^ P !:•>*^<^?f?" of cittz All right. Jim. lIll go with him /M Barbourville. Kyi. Feb. was the amiable of the; •''"'">« Williamson. 28 yeaW mai'n under arres^. That is the sec- omj chapter. brought befoii<» Justice 0/ ^ the hair bobbed resulting in si ce ChamberWin. at-MoVan. .Mil- at tjheir home'Sunday nigh) Pei tod was fined "I antounting in al t: without,' funds in u I the prisoner wa; coiinty.jall wher i And that is th« 425.00 aivl costs;, \frilliainson grabbed a si to $40. Being'during the quarrel and dead, a suicide, after dl with his wife because shd sufficient amount, i his remanded to the off head. The first chai a portion of his chin. he BOW reposes, j loaded the weapon arid third and for the \ other shot into his chest ifiile his iamsoii tinie being the l4Bt chapter of this curious story. wife looked on. Mrs. Wi) wa«i the only wftneas. from [Tex. rritory day. AID (API — sponge senate' Nrrent recess, s|ilngton enator !ef picks desk Jiis col- ducked bald • .Matiagiiaj .Nicaragua. , Feb.; 2S. (.\P> •-American foriieson! the west coast of .\icaragua[ today totalled ll^tm. furilier! sniall deiachnienls of sailor.s; having l.'inded at Corinto from :the destroyer tenders .Saltairj and' Melville.' Washil^gton. Feb. 2S. (.\I1) Washing'ton, Fi treasury w Government n Account! June 1.5, Is in the iViessage to America. h. 2 .S. (API as noli Fell. 2S. (APlI • tjaviiig been resftir- ken forces of Mar.; Iiuani-Fang liy the arrival of rtctensive reinfori nt ze i 2.r.0ii in pfoce-'d San'Dl i udieif fleperti j was ordered i man^ the ni I than will frfiii^' Gejtieral Bij pani Lieu Col. c. W the iiiin( rivpi id by a L.Col. P Klli.>LJLl. hitaker. oinmani; , abolit and lake . tach The! other lied today that an ^ Tlfe naVy ncnt.-il !*tat ^banfunl: (Vnnin jaratipns to prevtj hesiUnilitar.V pr . fro'm fatlinK inl< liand4. progressf^d cale today. F.-b .-28. f.'Vi'i litri Smeidleji I); B 1 China today to rlne fone of 1 Asiafic wulej-s. by the fir't tste go. ; 1 tier will be • artoiii staff: coiLsisting [of rcy F. .Archer. I ii-lif Miller and Lien - 1.. Ministry K\|»ects to| .Ac wmfnt T L'. .Si .Soon Parip. . ^ieb. ; I Frendi niin ; day.- H .xpect ! rangeiiient ^ith shortly aloij^ Uie lin prj payhienl of Creat Bhtai Fraiice Plans I^ebtFtmding provisional fundings agteenient. hvhich ha not vf't bee i: ratified. Cnnelude ith six] PAGES (API— Tl; s slated t ude an at- nited. Stat is with thkt ividing f ir 111 the de )t ! aide.; He will linify' . ' ' ' ' . tion bill of the Fourth 200 strong, villi' at hhaiighai; Febriia hamge olj the sm Peking. .Manila ;ille epart nient indication f'' flat official offer from the French gov-fha-s Mven n -rnment I. • pay t le United States "'a''^"'^:;"^"-•'jl''; "? « „ „1 would lie la ided. 110 .000.000 on acciount of tlie out- I i 1 it was.not the custom to enter i: I programs jsuch as that involved Zepiida said .i.vcsicrday that t *'oundpd were dying wli Ouiifood or medical attention wh|i|Ji 'the; American forces prevent frqni 'reaching ithem. BANK MERGERS AttV. A VMniTMf'R'ti* jin^ny. mide morjs convenient by i'betj state aj^d temperatures ARIU Ai^l^UUl>».vIJj^i|j,,e ^^^^ ,.ife[xo. 1 worked atisceked at Ifast 10 degrees , , ,, night and wife Nt>. 2. in the day T<>l»'-k" Kan:. Fel,. 28. (Afl ^H- '^i^^.^a, discover, d Satul-day when Two banH mergers were announc-d ,^^.i^c s„ I found a scrawled tele- ito.lay hyjhe^slat.' banking^dcp|ii J- i |,,,o „e „„^,bcr at homejind called ••''Mt- niibiber wfcis thel homf» of ment. The State Bank of B i'City has I acquired the Fardells The .State Baj^k of that city and ' lionie State Bank of Eudora hi?efl taken over by the Kaw Va Sfafe Bank of Eudora. The nnj ed banks;have eonibined resouiic of $181.09.1 and I.Uil.Ofi.l p<^spect ly. Officers of the new Eiidlnl bank are. William l.othholz. pr deni and U: K: Cnmy. ca.shler. A. Miller! is president and W. Babb cashier of Hie new Bluff (J bank. BRITISH NOT TQ ANSWER RUSSIA London Secretary Feb. iiS. fAPi—FoijeWn Chamberlain annouhc> d in the Hijiiise of Comnions toi^.-j that the,Rritish government not propojse 10" send an answer] Soviet Rujssla's'reply to the red British nr^te protesting against Viet prop; RUpN FOR Can '-'U.! i^nio. ren. , zs. t .'\i'i -ti 1 1 . i . , . Ben Kudner. Masslllon hardwL <l P^,''^'*''";aJ9''''>'2^f"'"''"''''' _..-_.! .... —. , .i iJj jtt) work out theiil own otp pro' ijjganda. fERS SENTENCED CANTON CRIM <jhio. Feb. , 28. (AP merchantj was sentenced to imprisonment .(oday fo# his^ p| in the slavitig of: Don R. Mell vir-e-crusadirtg editor of the Cjii! ton Daily News. CALLES TELLS OIL CONDITION olution f AP)—A !s pay- ai avia- Ameri- in Satr j planes' con­ ns is ih Clinic (itenant flifrTB !or As-- fAPl. old. is rcnces Ii Had her i iuarrel I Washington. Feb. 2S. (Al President Calles. of Mexico, i communication . sent directly Chairman Borah, of the senate t| eign relations committee; has formed the senator that \ZM c(\n\ panics have complied with Mexican petroleum laws. iiBIGA]Vj (lS^~S ^USTCJN ADE rotiry KtHlUgg has infortne hotise ; forfeit n affairs cninitiit tliat the AJmiricani govern irieri no secret Inaty with othe-:p^ relative to| tl e use of joint in forties in Ci ina. Ills comm inicaiion was|ln IQ i letter td KiinsaH city. j David E. JlopT), fad I -barge of bifamyJ He was sent toi "rtipeka, Kkns., jFeb. 28. (^P I ail In 'default o $5,000 bond to Leaaiae roat i of March wore Kuwait preliminary hearing .March in oday,i although 10.' ; ilirctzy montji wasi a day aw i-\ Ropp's idual vefture Into inatri-i 'Show^ fell 'f-' iwife Xo. Ij aud Rojpp anslvercd. but f ihung up fmracdiacly. wife No. 2 7 failed again and got wife .N'o. 1. r^- iThe.v' conjljarcd niteu ;ai:(d brought >; about Ropip'a arrcHt- f iOKLAIJOMA SENATE ' 1 AFTER SECRETARY fiklahoraa Cityj Feb i 11 Action wijl he soi ght inj esoliit !| jjonate today on a ;.;(5overnor Henry jildi-schargc Mrs. O. Hid 9 L itiis confldtntial se rretaryl JHald this noniiiig by Senator Jess !!^*ullc'n. ailhor of he measure.^ i j .Mrs. Hi nimonds has been ac- jdiised in r ewspaptr Ktori'.s. and by linfriendiyj politici ms. %:ith being ,;tjie "Colonel Houss" of the Johns- jton admiiiistratio 1.: Th'y assert ;;!.she 'ha8 been taki ig a t >o active ;!part In administraiion al airs. iHgjinrorinat|on oii thisj siibjc Hepriijen w tol-k. E ERROR i Feb 28 (AIM MARCH ROAR IS HE \RD IN ^TATE ed his two wives. 8. lAP) the slate on asking i>. JoAnston to O. I playing the piano, a| wirfciwer. went i\U iof his! home las^ n Soiigs That Neve HGrow Old At\e TbjBe Presentei in Program Senior High S "Silver Threads Amord Soiig." "Memories." "Old FJof "Di-iiik to Me Only With XH Laurie." "BeUeve Me If All T "Rocked in the Cradle of the Young. Maggie." t*Home.S*|et Home.' Have you ever heard any of th!»fe*- songs before? Possibly you have heard most] i thera a hundred times or more— >ui Whether you have' heard' theni- hundred or a thousand times, chances are you haven't hein themoncie too often. We ot:ei call them^the "old; songs.** but ait matter of fact, they are just hi opposite-: they are the. songs tha nerer RTOK old! FARMER WILL \ TORK I pin* 6WN SiiLVATION City: Frfb. 28. 1^ jrafher than depeni on I to remedj^ the agricultural ] tjon. Charles Xagejl. SL * I chairinan jof the cpmmisslc^ on agri here toda declartd- ANGERED AT M cultur iMAN KILLS HIMSELF iSi;. ryjuiii. Feb. 2 e (l becansti 8. (AP his daughter insisted on I himself trim a rafier. i i • • • Bmil q o the ght ari hoolHere ihe Gold.r "Love's OW Sweet jcs AtiHome." "ila.ssa )A6 Eyes.]' "Juaiita, ilose ErideaHng Yo ang Cnarms," !i;)^p.'! "When Ydu and Toi ammonds. it was the;i; sno mat; y. lin nearly all parfts ir wheat- f-. deapit i|d» of wli fAP)-A salvation legislation situa- Jjouis. the Ibusinebs mcn*s . meeting ^ \n alopg, circle hoU-se tak^ nis ery; day already is fiilly ied. A cfcnsJRijment [of c and tablewaro;-was movoj USIG; —Anger- ihaxel, ~X basement d h ngeil 21 38. sin THE Wallfer of <j .Monlgoiuer islanding tjrench war debt on June "^ TQ SECRET TREATIY „WSers(a„d- ' fN" cHiNA, KELLCkfJG -ondn^t; ;ling that the propo-sal is without, : ^ — ; _l'preiudlcre to eithef party to the un-> AVashingf^i. Feb. 2s. (A|') ' "PiKer s a resolution ^1 itlhr •oAi. ll'Jre ^le lift ENGLAND is BEHINQU.S. j ARMSlPLAN Responsie Received Today Frlom Great jBritain Is AcceptJitce of Arms *irley : ; - Invitat ioln. ^ ' NM MEN'S {EIS VOTt New Coijlp^nsat, on Bill Pushet llowaid Final] Votj in Fouse : Wth^utAny Chjange}. -1 1 a 2. I Tojieka. ijians.. Fel Wfjrkmeii l>Vf onW r ^ilej ir- '• amendmenti^ rd' final vote in ijie Hoiil I'**' sintatives todr ' prodtKt of the ,,p^was pronouucj'd by sjeveral ^ tiers ;a.s "th^ hi frd Ij.^ '• satioii law ' ^ both [capita! ahd labw." Biit| Iiiwj-cr mebifciers — Iflepresen he ee ijas rs ltdfy y. Th st pos m the Washington. Fel. j 28. (AP)—i Great jBritaiirs :res x^'nse to the American overture iriii ful-(her"nav- al llmitalion. r .Tciv 'd at the st^te departbient today. Lrj :epted President ("oolidge 's in\ ithtion . to dis- cus.q tltenubjcet an 1 'said that the Britfisli delegates w iiiibl "do their" bent to further Ih • j successes of thepifoposed conve tion. Together with th - j .liipaneBC ac- ceptaiice. the repl> :was regarded as probably opehinj tlie; way'for a throb-ipower consiil ratlnn of tho j limitation of snialle 1 la-ises of war, [craft [in line willi he | princlplea-; applirjd 1(0 first -liiii ships at . tho Wa.shlngton conferrtiie 2.S. It T^ai*, thought t| I project was iiniler i though tihe British J i acceptance.^, loget conipei^sa-i prenc h and Italian ins I caricfiilly examined lird cisloi is an'nbiiiu -ed the text of th" 1 lows:; "His niajesly's p.> Ijtidit :ai(y comni^fti^eci ,-..tVed with <ordia numcri ard tow • of ffeil measi'iri: re- Jowley anf| (ountie.- to give greater prtrtec- , ical positioii of ihej laborer ar m^hl to vision re; >ly reduest- the freezing point.: fioodlahd the northwest corner of the wa.-i the '"wi Iter capital*'jof sasj There dw-o and one half es i if snow covered tho and tho ther nomoter register degrees this morning. Ij'lirmers n Western whdro the moistuj-e sup bc^i deflcleijt slnlce fhey| i .TSl fain, welciinie th(> rlgori 'our c'hil, lieArd i ^^'alker saiij, each, woJld get $1 ihe ! |he a ^.<i |edJ if ohi of the drenj died'ibfore sett omen t r of 'claini. the thrtje BU «;viring chi ilren , Jje. I would still got only $1,000 eich, ieliw iinsteiid of e ina I share 5 of the Wax- ni ar ; imiim .benelit t f $1.00 '. ;tate, I Enilres of I,eavenv orfh ccjujity. Kan- ftepiihlican : flooir leader, opjx ^sed inih- efforts to iniijnid the bill. de- .skrue grfjuiid. Ihe |inliciai y |qminit ee had 'iG excellent -v orl^. Kn< res ha dared the mehi^ure vill "r lis, employers rom jthe; \ iciousnefe.'^ of as the" present: wbijkmeii's cotnp liiniied : tien law ard .ilso ghe better the te.tinii to enp^oycs." ^Ka |ns| lily ;pl IIS ter on tho loiw .'toije.i creased frotn i .l.SOO th $J000 lecds. niaxiiiiuni iieeHly alllowancc of fbrago ant other IivcBto(:k CpOLIWIES ARE i READY TO MO and ' moil'.';, in.stpad Washingtor. Fel^. US. (AP)-|-T^e*: ,".,.„t hf ^}^p Coo Idges ar» all packed; up reajdy to mc ve. JThey may up their qu.lriersi in the Dii circ e reside icc sflccted as |th4ir summer hone within the lw«!|ity-four lours if they (ind thej contracts are ; ready' to pejj renjjadelling. (>f tlie White I rool^ T vo triick load.s of funiis links and persi^na belongings fwi I he an^lTaesday t^mpmitnire. 'leather on Fe^ iiary 28 I Ten peraturesJ aW e for thei <>c?l|f is likely tatj. II j/eriod iVEATHER OB KAXS.tS-i-Snow : loblriit mperaturfe—Highest yestrtrd Jit '» t 7 P i». IT fieficiency Iw Jafauany Ist, 27S deg thi9| dale loW las lest 431 Precipitatioli for the ending at 7 for ;-ie^y siyce es. yesj day du( p. Dear.*' 'Annie I Weri Pit Una, I And thejy are all going the program at the high {chool to- nightJ Tlie Girls Gle« C ub. the rioysi; G\e^ Club and tl e .. High Schobl orchestra are ail ooperat- iiig to giTB a com ert of 'Ve Olde itime iTtin«.'' which: shouli be wel- WhO ;W0Uli refog^ froia the prisent ade of Jazzi liasiaatically seek a! few Ttei darialn wii: KOiupl Admlisttin (s 25c aiut^Sc. to be on by those bours oi at 8:151 this lyeaij lative hij ^rday. S5 per i d to sea n rises •! K lads and !Sii owing e Coffeyr Miishingtonl Feb.i2S. tAlh^TJie senMte cambaign funlds conimitteei in !< ontempt cagjc public periibnal attotney. Daniel |Ji ler of not much chanke flooki for-the p.< rind, 0 March h.- UJ27.' will: bo norm' lie- • Dentil b VE take the e.\istin|^^ l |w pijovide.s. nqnt j proposed, la' next Hat in' ou5e part, no s one I or two ;pr(] are ; probable. :. • JoTvest last normal for 't higi yesterday 6; eicens year—highest 21 m. today. JlO; to date,; anuary 1st 1.4'! midity at 12 hqdn per cent: 7 ;i. n . 1 [cent:; bartimftei r.- Wall level. ,30. .'.1 inHus. Hon totkl Idei inch- r .h't a: m.; aits itVatber EJi»*»rh«r»». cept I Ransas burg, pttpwa, Topekai. cidud roads «;ood eicept Hutchinson He. fipow coyer CONTEMPT GITATId> ASKED OF SENATE Peiiisylvaiila con itoittee. asked! todayi Samuel lusoll. Ulitie.'i operaifar ... _ Sthur- and Tho nas W. Cunnjmg ri, a. ^hiladelp4>^ trftasur^rnof tie Re^bUcaal itsta ciri 6: Cith-. bd. the bill a iifii pensatinn pbydble onl; injury caused by M'V workman's lioily. He insisted a worker o should yet coinpcn .ia event of disability or" of infection:or contaj from' an em iloyer's Waliier a .s'ert!d tha j companies lad writt sion.iin the bit . • Another provision Walker rel ite< to th of death bine iUj am{ workmen's If a worl ieveral Inpin-: invitation f>f the ibie corarien- I the Knited ^ Sfatts viewpoile of, take j part in a « trjtwo fleheva on the iiirll qa^ive iiava armaments, of "The view of his] M(:f;ii4 -foiigh Idisabjiitv ultml •|?1-'. .-IS at rettlr-jmetlt i 'lf I 'oiildj lie niide j.ani'S iipor ith although the, pi^pontj Totieka.- tank Feb N""- i The riffice. ^ ,,t- . vacated wh week: Govednori Paule I lodayl L n Ichildren. majn left 1 be :$lS instcid ire 'jeiit ai d lump disal ility c Iiy in: iirance paymrnt of 9 office of (om sioner. who wojild majie conipi tion jiwards its w buld h4 aiuount d of 80 ISO woiild creat h<>nsatijin BUDGET HEA ) TO BEfeHOSLN SOI0N f state bu Hn the sel 28. (Ap Iget dir^ late re or 'I ^^^<^ • to confirm tthc appointment of Xprr ; ton A. Turier .l will 1 o: filled thl^ h annotJn LA PUA RDIA ( ;L0SI IS IMPEACHMENT CASE Wa br : re.senjative vere ; can. New t i- ! impedchmen ' Jiidgfj y i ern ht • house! bdiv. New Vprk di.str ct and ijhe judic arv C9mmltfee to^ikl It underj advlsi 1 .spitt ' tee i d J hingt4ii. Feb. 2S \A I Guard prk. toda Frank [t, case agdinst Federal i Feijeraj Judge Cooper, rt hm^nt. fTopfka. h killihg frhe c son'.s bil of the. Kan., e.stfjril the riecdnt.action of bmjmittefl Simi cha.s and . Th(j comp ete its wiork nekt weelj. alH thought sihe{di(i adjoi mmient \riil coitie about l^th"} middl' 0/ .thi lol-if lowin ? weeki j ;hairni; n Scho m of the, h luse ways and m« ans <?oi in lit- tee ai nouncad (oday th tt alj" a ip rb- prlati >n-blllk irill -be .c<iaiile;ed early next ^eek- The educaiio|al suppl f meastrris will b^ the l4st enterl the bo^^r. -Coi Etnicti m of tjwo ne^. 1 u Id- ings- It the !ta<e taber :uIoais ssni^ taria a at Nert > Q ^1 be ;:| n c< m-. meaflj^ li]r tjhe, hoijse jriys and BrJtisTi empire^ ily.'the length lot the j i )Uer -imperlal . of coinriunications ai >j tfhe necessity 3iri- 1 foil tie protec-tinn nf it's [food sap- ent plies are well kin>ni.and together |>9 a with the special eriulitions and re- J gill (InirepSents of the iither; counlTrles tpi!.y : inyiti d to particira^e jn the con- the versation must he taken into ,ac- ijlin?: 'fHts majesty's t^ivernment are :icrj. neye'jthelefss prep .Tr »d. to consider la nc^ to iwt ^at extent the iijinciples adopt- 1 that frivij- edjai Washington ijan be carried ; furth ••r. either ajS r t^garda the. ratio by-in'different claKsesjjof iships lie- ion • twf ep the v-ari' • ' [sed ' otherj important d his fatii trike o faking in the ilence. and Mcf r his ion in ealh he< ion res neglig I insii iiltaekcd distrib bug dec le in in per ceil jlyil Home such • .stud:!' here, |al-:- -,;md .fapanesc lir with' tho (•fiisals Willi bo ore any de- hef, titish note rvernmcnt rc- 'sympathy the. government of y of Airibrlca'ito •[•iiversation at Jtr limitation of niaiesty's gpv- for'ernmlent up^ii the sfieifial geograph- , fore. accept th<j en.' government of t 100.! Arherica and will io their best to ehil- ! further the ' suijcclsj of I proposed the' conversation. in*^ POPE REC "Ttey would, hb'i'ever. observe ^ that the relatfonsh psof such a con-; vefsa|»ion to jthe pr •>^eedlngs of the prepitratory icon minion at Genisva WDJild require cKrcftjl adjustment. (>ust ipow ;ers " or lu wivk They there- i i*itatlon of the tie laiited States of YES dhne-n HEN WiJ. ALLEN . . Itomc. Feb risa- i to<^-iy( re«;<"ivi?d nro- • niey governor o AlI .en who weri| ward I,. Hearn tho KnlgbtSfof r)r/)> Th( ponti f wi^ .Mr. ai d priissfd hf« wifjh in- the BJiinf ms jer tillf as he coronfis- nfia- a, Re[^lj f the Nhrl Le gisi -a^un ? Ma-^ Pa^s Med: To Com ert ltd F\)rt MoS'^ate mrk;milL ided IjO'SJ Angeles. . fJenerJal Enrique) tAP^—jR^p- fenced to .serve 2.< tUp)— Pope Pius llenrj- J. Allen, for- \ Hahsas, and Mrs. [••jsented by B*•I reaentatlve^^bf Id bus itf'Borne, leiisled; cordially Mien an'd'^ ; for tlie ..prcwi Mrs per^t^ of Kjansas iild ifll. of I'nlte 1 Stattis. lie il issed relljltms' 5^ obji»ci8 carried ly lie vi8ltors_ana/.>: impaited; thh atoslojic benedlctloii when they left. " "li^ KLAN OIJSTER DECISION NOW! WaMiington. Tfeb fe8. <APJ—' BUiirepie court landed down i a dedision knnauncad from Itbc bench must !la.^t ingj the right ofJKdnsas to exctulw^ the Kja Klux Klaln"Ir^m doing buafe*^ ness, n that: stai " ' —" ingj iiith the whlchj corporatld e tvlthout cbniply^"^^ slat c I laws unde*,^ qf.other s: obtain permitp.j GENER,!iL PEN Ij- ,monll)s in I^eav jii.s. arv id pay a h-: i day. Kstrada coQspiracy to v ity; ait as an : form jan army tcj GEjTS a^NTENit^E:^ Feb! 28. (AP >4^^ E;t •ada wa8'8en 'r4lOT ; vear and nin9>..^ n H-qjrth penltentf -'Jfcfl Ifiea /of $10,000 bjf-;^ 3\ HcBnlnff ^to^-g wa .<ss conVlcted 'of lot t^ the neulntr- lUg(^ attempt to ir vad^ Blezicb. Feb, 2 <; Kan.'< a bill 6f Si'mii.sbn . haviid rcconKiciered, tod , I ii ^eintrodiije^i^ .which prov idesja $4,000 approf riaSJon for pMr-.-* i60-ac -e tract :hat waf^ the militaiy rese^vatfpi^^ klso $8,0 )0 to € rect a b lildjng fbr Fort W allace rdic^. ''''J legL-jlatire pijobably ^iH*- ' ' ' '• He AP); into a .state park jvvay.s and of Wallace Couhtly Rieiinji committ woiilc cost $50,04n Brefction of tw > the?^Lkrned state of ?1 to 4 commission named to make'al sa^ s :bool laWs mehdatibns for aJmj 1929 ,000 also w legislature. a ])ot se. creat s the coma .cojiBiat-of twb.,^^_ I .tOoi tlnped oa^^j s k old poi^^ lis ^possible n eans coorini^.; The^ . n|w jcottaksBis Tl )spit4l |ftk,a doL, J pf jseveril s ujly bf,tb« |aad"

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