Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on January 28, 1948 · Page 2
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 2

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 28, 1948
Page 2
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*AGE TWO. THE POSTVILLE HERALD. POSTVILLE. IOWA Franklin Tax List— (Continued from page 1) 1st HaU Tax John C 156.89 Heins, Harlan C D 29.67 Hendereon. Earl 37.89 Henderson. C 0 103.13 Henderson. C R 94.20 Henderson. Forrest & Mable.. 6.09 Henderson, Forrest 49.87 Henderson. Maude.Mae 21.51 Hermanson. Les. J & Esther . 83.(57 Hogan. Frank 22.22 Hoan, Roy L 18.76 Hubacher, Howard 5.36 Jarms, Harold 16.09 Jenkins. Walter 96.23 Johnson. Levi 2.98 Johnson. Ruth B 26.10 Jones. Charles & Nannie 111.89 Kelly. Clinton C 33.19 Kelly, O B 9.52 J Kettelkamp. E G 160.23 Klees, F W 116.63 Klees, Henry ,. 4.76 Klees. Paul 8.33 Klees. Raymond 2.22 Kloke, Simon & Edith 75.83 Kolbe, Gus et. al 96.06 Koth, Kenneth & Romilda 185.62 •Knuth, H L 65 Krom, C E & Pearl _ 36.04 Krousie, Julius A 118.57 Krousie. Robert 1.25 Kurth, Gerald 87.82 Kurth, Walter 63.94 Kuthe. Harry 18.65 Larnbom, Don E 144.93 Lamborn, Lloyd 28.51 Landt, Harvey 9.12 Land, Joe M 80.24 Leet, G B 137.68 Lembke, Oscar E & Leona Baade 152.87 Lamborn, Donald 23.47 Leppert, Ralph 128.25 Lindroth. F H 87 Livingood. Lynn 53.30 Looney, Ambrose 25.51 Manfeels, John & Paula 99.03 McCracken, M H. 126.38 McCracken, M H & Fannie.... .80 McDermott. Michael 11.90 McKee, John 22.81 McMillan, Elizabeth 1.66 McShane, Glenn, & Marie Geno 47.09 McShane, Irvin 38.92 McShane, J H 69.77 Miller, Arno H 79 Miller, Earl F 195.80 Miller, Earl F 75.27 Miller, Harlan 80 Miller, Harva 0 47.60 Miller, Louis E 155.65 Miller. Marion A 112.98 Mitchell. Cleo 78.28 Mitchell. Raymond J None Mohr. Arthur A & Anna M.... 32.05 Mohs. Elmer 34.27 Moses, Leo G 3.97 Murphy. C F (Seitz ConD 54.27 Mutual Benefit Life Ins. Co. C Kelly Hmstd.) 142.13 Mutual Benefit Life Ins. Co. (Gericke Hmstd.) 176.06 Nelson, Carl 66.99 Nelson, Elliott 51.20 Nelson. Roy L. 11.03 Nevennan. Minnie .79 Oelberg, Albert J 212.8S O'Hare. John 30.73 O'Toole. Louis & Rose 136.00 Pape. Grant 169.73 Peglow, F J 160.55 Poesch. Edward H 71.45 Poesch. Edward H 157.87 Powell, A L 74.90 Powell. V/m 18.3T Rachor. Leo & Agnes _ 20.13 Ralsten. Karl 91.62 Roderick Est.. Cynthia (Roderick, Gilbert) 6.75 Hoffman, Frank 36.61 Hoffman. Glen 1.39 Hoffman. Glenn & Leonard 94 Rossback. Otto 17.69 Rose, Deibert & Robert 14.13 Rose. Del '. 93.84 Rose, Dei)-& Sarah 49.95 Rose, Harold & Dorothy 150.47 Rush. Dew.ey S 91.31 Rush. Rav L 9.13 Ryan. J V 3.11 Sass, Hubert & Ruth 1.59 Schlitter, Eldred S 152.15 Schlitter, Fred L & Geneva... 57.10 Schneider, Lavern E 11.11 Schroeder, Wra 7.06 Schulte, Frieda 77.40 Schultz, Malin & Dorthy 47.61 Scully, Ann 156.97 Seitz. Rufus 18.24 Sherman, Mark Roger 181.07 Sieg, Bernard 28.41 Smith. Mrs Carrie 23.40 Smith, George & Ruth 157.32 Smith. Ira M 41.44 Smith, Ivan C 6.59 Smith. Marion , 9.32 Smith. M E (Brairiard Homestead) 34.17 Smith. Rodney I & Josephine 140.69 Smith. Roy E 12.70 Smith. Stephen S....! 45.46 Stahl. C G : 3.31 Standard Oil Co 1.37 Steele, Leonard 23.64 Stockton, Otis 2.10 Strelow, Fred 30.75 Sutton. Clifford & Ruth 128.72 Sweet. D E 17.83 Swenson. A W 365.88 Swenson, Hall Jr 75.34 Swenson, Lloyd (Falb, Kurt & Lessie) 51.54 Taylor., Flossie Eunice 18.21 Tayek, Vernon & Joseph 7.1 Thomson, A B 126.10 Thornton, Henry 33.08 Union Central Life Ins. Co (Broderick Hmstd) 27.15 Walters, E B 7.94 Walters, F M & Edith 22.23 Walters, Nettie Cathrine 16.6" Webster, Curtis 35.44 Webster, Ruth 53.1 White, Edmond None White. Elmer 55.18 White. Ernest 18.70 White, John W 52.51 White, Walter 59.13 Wickham. Ralph 4.04 Williams, Carl A & Evelyn A 5.97 Wintrick, Christian .' 85.44 Wintrick, Chris Sr 13.15 Wintrick, Fred A.:. 88.13 Wirkler, O H 46.87 Wittenberger, Mrs Ida A 20.23 Interstate Power Co 18.69 Luana-Monona Farmers Tel. Company 33.52 Northwestern Bell Tel. Co 110.33 Paint Creek Farmers Tel. Co. 8.73 Postville Farmers Tel. Co 73.23 EVERGREEN. Adam. Harold W $ 51.98 Clark, Velma & Andy E.: 3.92 Colvin. Sophia 32.84 Ehde, Carl 9.14 Gelo. Walter 39.45 Gilson. Orrie & Mary 88 Halvorson, Martin 7.62 Krousie, Julius A 34.52 Lawson, Cloy 7.99 Lawson. Wm 51.47 Hoffman. Frank Schroeder, Harold 13.72 Schultz, Malin & Dorothy 104,21 Sebastian, Lyle 11.04 Smith, Edna (Orville & Elsie Jones Con.)! 30 .98 Sebastian, Wm H & Amanda 115.57 Ziegler, J Charles & lone 58.81 Zieman, Vern W 111.65 Zweibohmer, Ray 24 .04 Postville Farmers Tel. Co 20.54 MONONA. Aucr. Ed $ 82.84 Blietz, Joseph M 74.06 Commick, Henry & Alice J... 20 .47 Dnhms. Harvey H 15.74 Davis, Oscar. E 5.02 Dull, David R 55.84 Dull. Page W 127 .96 Geraghty. Mary .03 Hagensick, Richard 2.51 Kliefoth, Clarence 64.16 Lemke, Fred (Olson, Law ience & Marie Hmstd) 75.57 Lenth, Louis F & Marie 78.71 Lenth, Wilbert 18.13 Maibauer, Fred 22.63 Melcher. Frederick & Frank 55.92 Sutton, Clifford & Ruth 41.24 Tayek, Vernon & Joseph 44.50 Walter, Carl 12.15 Interstate Power Co 14.10 State News Letter— (Continued from page one) wasn 't noticed in time to make a correction. It involves the transposition of the pictures and biographies of Herbert H. Hauge of iDes Moines and the late E. W. Carlson of Elkader, in an article about the board of control. Some 35,000 of the red books were printed at a cost of approximately 20 percent more than was paid for the previous redbook— $12,691 —according to State Printer Sherman Needham. Distribution of the book is provided by law. Each state legislator gets at least 30 copies. Newspapers, libraries, county auditors and schools also get copies. 58.08 Hoffman. Otto 12.60 Schneider, Laverne 39.40 Vangorder, Henry 5.72 Vangorder, Mrs Jennie 1 12.52 Wintrick, Fred A 17.46 Wittenberger, Ida A 37.68 Northwestern Bell Tel. Co 27.21 LUANA CONSOLIDATED. Dundee, Wm G 5 8.14 Funk. Frederick 28.95 Gisleson. Henry & Flossie 49.29 Jones, Lena 56.20 Jones. Orville 16.65 Kettelkamp, E G 148.68 Klocke, Charles & Gladys < 57.50 Kruse. LeRoy 115.79 Lamborn. Don E 15.17 Land. Joe M 49.21 McGhee. E H 83.05 Miller, Frank L 150.98 Miller. Harva 0 439.11 Mohs. Elmer u, 140.33 Ruckhaber, James 9.44 Ruckhaber. Thomas 11.80 Ruckhaber. Robert B.28 Russett, Oscar J & Laura 1.97 FARM INCOME. The Iowa Development Commission comes up with some amazing figures that show Iowa's average income per farm has hit a new high. "Although Iowa consistently has excelled in income per farm," the commission says in a bulletin, "and has been far ahead of the national average each year, estimates for 1947 indicate a new high in this rating." The commission then shows figures that in 1944 the average farm income for the entire nation was $3,470 compared with $7,530 for Iowa: in 1945 it was $3,579 for the nation. $7,836 for Iowa; in 1946 it was $4,804 for the nation and $8,781 for Iowa. The 1947 figure for the nation is not available but the figure for Iowa is "over $12,000," by prelimi nary estimate. HAIRDRESSING. The state board of cosmetology is giving serious consideration 'to starting a serious and concentrated campaign of prosecution of unlicensed hairdressers, according to Mrs. Gladys Swanson, executive secretary. The law provides for the. prosecution of those who take money for practicing cosmetology without a license by setting up a fine of $100 to $1,000 or a jail sentence of six months or both. Mrs. Swanson said prosecution has been difficult in the past because those who bring in complaints refuse to appear as witnesses "A guy that piles outa bed so late is no future president. If you want to get over this pernicious lawless, drink a lot of Waters' Pasteurized Milk, like your Uncle Snooky." For Pure Pasteurized Milk, Cream, Chocolate Drink and Cottage Cheese Call 38-F-62. POSTVILLE 38P62 ta ms 5 cubic toot Amana Ytttrnt. Im iff Mi i *s.(,.,. A HOME FRE HERS You Will Live Better; You Will Save Money; You Will Save Hours of Kitchen Drudgery; You Will Be Amazed at the Convenience an AMANA HOME FREEZER will provide in your home. We invite you to call and inspect this greatest invention since the horseless carriage. MEYER'S Four-County fiatchery Telephone No. 234 Postville, Iowa I There's A Future for All of Us In This Favored Community Blessed as this community is with fertile soil, diversified farming, a thrifty, friendly people who are progressive and wide-awake to opportunities, there's a bright future for all of us in this community. Folks are dusting off the plans for their "castles in the air", laid aside during war years, and many are planning the homes they dreamed of owning for so long. Postville businessmen, too, are looking ahead to the time when they can serve everyone to the fullest of their demands and desires. Factories are gradually getting into the full swing of normal production and 1948 should see the end of most shortages. We.invite you to TRY YOUR HOME STORES FIRST for whatever you might need for everyday living, for the program of expansion to your homes and farmsteads—we are here to serve you at all times— and to serve you at lowest prices consistent with the high standard of merchandise we offer. And the dollars spent with the home merchants go to making this a better community in which to live. • the Hi It Pays To Trade In Postville = Abernethy Clothiers Allamakee Hatchery W. H. Behrens Company Cook's Shell Service Coast-To-Coast Store Casten Bros. Oil Company Citizens State Bank J. P. Ellis Emirs Place Electric Motor Shop Geo. C. Eder Western Auto Store Earl Abernethy Recreation Falb Motor Company Farmers Store Groth Packing Company J. L. Gregg & Sons Lumber Co. L. Hofer, Trucking and Feeds Huebner's Hoth Brothers Hardware Home Oil Company J. T. Humphrey Hartwig's Service Station Harold's Cash Grocery Hecker Brothers Louis L. Hill Glenn Jarmes Grocery L. O. Koevenig Lovering and Company C. F. Meier & Company Nyberg's Farm & Home Supply Northern Iowa Nursery Olson Implement Company Postville Lumber Company Postville Feed Mill Postville Locker Service Postville Bakery Earl Peake's Old Style Tavern Postville Meat Market Postville State Bank Postville Herald Phillips "66" Station The Palm Rima Cafe Ricker's Super Service Ruckdaschel Motors'' R. E. A. Office H. V. Steele, Insurance Schroeder's Grocery Gilbert Schroeder Produce Louis Schutte & Sons Boyd Turner, Insurance Thoma Cafe Fred J. Thoma Grocery Glen Tindell V. & J. Cafe A. C. Webster, Insurance mi HQ

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