The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 26, 1927 · Page 8
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 26, 1927
Page 8
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ilTGHT SWEET HiSHAWMEN Visitors Take Le! In jfirst Quart Nher in 0a I Of'SufferiHg ! Defeat. It WUH'HWCCI rt'Vf-iij;) tiiid ^li Jlirilor !ij(ilU 'K'? liiiHkijKJ* lilirt hiH toni (old, laxi-^ I i ircw -liud Ihr; sjij -, jiid vifiory m' a WilM; (it'^'l-r ill (loilljl,^ r rarKo^lH. look the" iirtPr;lll<'j«I )(MliDR wliLsti r<jl<-fit<-<l [l In the lirn ROUS virtir.illy HhiKJtJiiKJ with lola fin| (llffirpli 1 in peiiot'rate kh ilelVi^f. At th.» halt plhil up; ii 1" lo 11 K -jid A britjl' rally in tin llist hall], aft"! I'ai'soiis hati a le id pf twelve points. II ado things!lo ik i.<ithoiii; It mi|;ht be iiiierestii K , but- th spiirtMended in a wry Hhprt .time The Kame \va< »ilo>'. e.^pei-iallt a.'s faii .'Li 'Iola was cpiceijned. As a M-t of'iiidividiial ba.s cettjaii' pla..f ^ers, Ihlal didn 't loolt so wlien :t« i-anie to leani I'i'a Jii .Mt;! didn't seem nieaniUK l ^of the word \'oKhi I"' Parsons fo high poiiit man with hat Coiicji I'arxoii/^ rn rairlf'tl IjhI. Sl >!Vf' ikfaelioii ol FT. SCOTT [TRIMS INDEPENDENCE Ihdependenee.'Feb. 2^. (Special) -•'ort Stolt Junloi^ i-nlleBe coijllnupd it (5 drive In the KannuK Jiiiii^ir rol- ipRe conference^ here lant nlKhl.'d*^- feaUnK Ihe Jiiiilor jollego !(|iiiii.iei .I.I lo i:;. • iinie whii'li ! aihortl}' and nevei- lalf. I'ljij- le basket li^K .it vpr| I'arsoii sons ha( ix licul ami- a set of fh|irit Fronk hooked four fn for lola.l Box Score, l'nrM>ns (;{S) VlcKlvain. f .AUisher.- f _ - Sriiay. f - A'l'hs, <• . - - - "- ^rundall.i K Uenjaniin. K if) Toli'ls lolai C Fronk. t <:roff.i f .Mann; K Menziif. Mcltoh. UiirK<!r. bad. biij woitk.—wellL o^ H now th rd." waji jfrom th^ tosse .'4 the field ENTER MANY Twenty-FixHe "QldMeb'' in Baseball StiU ON LOCAL Local Squad to Sixth Pjlhce^ Relay Teamgi Sliow Power: At Ittdobir Meet at Kansas City Last WeekM-Go to! Urbana. ! Manhattan. Kans.. Fidi. 20, (Spv- ! Jiali)-It .should; tuk" fasicr relay than iii .Missouri teams ence s. hools can provide n the Kansas Stale: runners winning ;ii lea.s't imi' nday Sevi'ii runners Coa< h C. \v; Hicli lays. -Vii-Ril FJIIC (ioiifer- keep from 11 the Illiii<ois Relay ( ariilval which will he livIH at I'rbalia'if.iiiorrow'iiieht. Sevi'ii runiieris will . accompany hinan to the xe- ; Ril F:ijirChHd of Wichita, i who took secoiiijl'the high i jburdlifs at the recent Kansas City Athletic club uijeef, will enter the [same event iii ilw Illinois games, ind win be ihri only jna'n to en- \ ter a sjiecial event. 'I'wo ; relay teams will be njiade' up of ttie re- .Just what relays run. h:ifi not bi'i-u 1 .Itj is fairly cer- will' run the mile <'.iA. ('.meet the Mi •Missoil and: set inaiiiing six men hese teams wjl decided altliouK tain that they vent. In the K| Aggies defeated onierence team !. A. <". record \\| klistance in three minutes Deli 'atlJof Kmporia "eai night! by Wichita, iin ver one r ^if the nnexpccKd Kiinsa.s Conference pli y '1 he' othe'i; <lecided iips ^t , Wichiita: (jiLs tl|eir \itu goinii; hers las' lly WH!f psets o (lis year; .^•ahie wheij liurfi Teachi h WUhi kpeeil. it pfomise.v|''to make- tbiiiR" troiible-l Kojne .i \|ifich.ita's o^ly deCJ -at came! •from ' Piiltsburg. ind catins ttiatj j W;ichi'a;jaiul Pittsbur : rj-ally ar<i the cjaks of the Ka isa:} confer-{i 'Mice. liaiided Pitts only defqat. "Wi at its pjre.sfJnt TliP iiiikiiiiHii i |iiliiit|t}- sip- pear" hiiHever In TolleKe »t' KiiiiMiriii. , Kinporlji Teachers Sni'frr*d their only ilrteal nf Ihe! hands of tliat. -rf!^, and lM<lf*hiinr can-hip oi|«<ied from; peniiani posslhllH'es Hirtijdaj nlRhf id V. oi fl. Lust ii'Rht was a t<|ugli loia liasketbaU teams. of junlioif college by I^i rso is junior collegt' was expected."l Ht hat from] Chanu'te jhiRh school c 'rti •jioj; j ii •• • \\fier dei'ealinif J ri|lsl(unr , II(KH school, one of thf ont- Middlnir «<>ams! of m Bl« Sevf n iponfcrence, Ifila jappar- Veteraijis' Respons bility 'pHE vjeteran stare ire solng *0j T- silojujlder a lot of i eapi naibilitr in thie JntaJore| itlni 8eas9n] iWhllei several'clubi ar( plactttgi cpnsiddijable ! deiMint enc) Uppu ebm^ their prom sinf youngsters, most of them will look |to the older 'players ; or the tfle things. I . • M Thlsj condition has leer brought «bout the wholesa e sMfts that have b^en" made »in ;o i ho closa of the 1926 season, n tr ost case^ the 'deals have InvoV ed reterans The J National I^ai ue sltuatiDi Involvlkiig. New York ( n,d pt. LouU Is of phlrtioular inter) st. feps Homsby. ind Frankid jhafe their y^oijk ciil out for Rog Trldch them. Kew Vdrk Angle •tj /HEX McGrawtrafted IFrlsch t«' ^» ' St I Louis for Hotnsbjr. he cut loose from the most er on (ailed dise^ denqy hai-d. ^UiLgreat widely. Frlsci his a ted- to make his bailees loo^ JThis, in' a Ben se. Is due to He New' "i-o^k ^lubJ Prlsch'. me "Fordbam Flish," had a big following becau e of his brl^^ Itant Tjjrk. : .Th;e[ljact that McGi aw jiised hiih in a ti-i^de makes it sppakrent thajt for some reason he h as i-eakened on him.| To the fiatis, hoivever. Iijei Is still' a sreat ball pi lyeif, regard lessi bf all other ppini >ns. . Tie, i ^'tyle of If pjngf y a^d FrI.sch econds. .Men jmilo relay are: ion City: A. A. U. F. Smerchek, [iartntr. .Manila ire also mterei IfoQr mile and heh| (hey ri Valley a iicw Iv. inadti the and 3U.S run the nteired tci hi. Rloofiv, Junc- Olathe; [Brot:kwaj[ ^"leb'urne and I*.-A.:', tiiiii . The in the two mile,' ml liley relays 'but. will probably run only one of thuse. Kntrjes in relays i\!RK. CITY WINS FROM WELLING1tO> Weill igron. Feb. .26.1 (Spe|ciar JArl^ansii .s t'ity juiilor coIIegHWen out of !the 'Kansa.s Junior coilleg^ cojiferehco la'«>t . night ! to djt-feut jWellln^lon Juni<»r colleJEe basket-, leers. 2^ .to IC. , | •' i I TO IN BIG Quintet of these -Aviil next week. :• Innaddition | fT! [mentioned, the Wildcats have five ^ rack meets on their ."che'iUile for t li^ latter part qf'the season: loiiinRl one: fotKj. le defeat!I inly; tiopiilar plaw- mv nrian Hell) .\ew York. Feb. (API Aggies for <ouns«'l and yoiing m 'do tile tightiUK gi)i s ivery w war. but tlure are 2'i old m baseball who are willing to in the twio and four mile i,'' ""' •"" are Captiun I'anl A.vtell of ,">•;'"• Crathof Paola. !: " ""'' "f "ifm has hluerchek. Tliuse >"""> I"' '"•'•^''<' .vl<t;ratli. Mnuk- '•"••I"'''-"'"'' '!"'>' '"es (Jartner., ' yon 'h iiiusi wait '• ' " Vlir vciiTiiiis have pa .iscil apt lArgonia. A. 1. mil .Mooily and in the medley ai*( ivay, .Moody and 'llic next even rack program i be Tniversity oj •oin, Saturday, t'e not been di-cided inako the trip 'to I I will probably \hii about the .^aiii< group that enterec meet; ; Athletic! Ahern haid that| pt-obably U> men would inake. thef dn Ihe K. S. A. C. •. dual meet wii ii , I'''_''*s for seconds. i S'llbraska at Lin- | Tweiiiy-fi\e major league liruary 3. it has I•'ctive Ii;irnis< are .IB which men: will j"'''. "r over. Two grand old incoln, although "'• I '.vrus Uaynmiid C'ohl ,';iover Clevelapl .\lexander." the K. C. A. C. score years, is good t illrector .M.; F. f f"r Connie .Mark to pay him wliere between f.'.il.O'M) and $ tUp The himes I-'omise to let him bat e .an'noiim-cd late 'offensive array in whir to the three I meets jhitiers are no novelty. .Mex |-0!d siiil has bis criAvn <i:i straiRJit n to I ill )i in ight |i:idtT nini a world; scries in which lijs i;iilcl|- ii:g wa:.i'a niod-l <if dcl 'in ^ive >iia- !cg-y. Tris Speaker. ."•,!• and gray licard- um-ledi;will be. Washington 's regular j I. Iter fielder and tliinl. riRlit 'urd b" liiid .'iam Kicc. a 'callow yonih has of;:iG. Walter ' .liilinsoii will be rva- foijnd doing at tli.- siine ntil old Washington stand, but /ack l^lieir I WJieat who is .'!.><. Ii .i- cli;iiiKer| 'cliibs and leagues, by swItcliliiK lay- friim Brooklyn to the Athletics in t ars hi!| old ani-. lie will not be Uiii'>- len some for in iiddiiion-io Cobb. Con- nd i»;e .\laek has Kilwanl Trowbridge \fh\\. Collins. :!.s. anil .lohii Pinciis tinliin, ugii I iiii'iiors to rjalfh for Itbe :!s ami two pitcheiV;. I liji- III lli<- jlViiite Sov ai liiiws of I 111- Tiger:'? iin ' h:rMida>s behind them.; are depending 6n tnc- .OOK ird .300 "Stuffy" Mcliinis will minagi- and piay first ai :; T . but he ll^i^j! club, ••('y base for ilie I'hillii- is not tile Senior mi " Williams .s age Two Itii) Sliawk iid."c. I .\ pi'ir o:' i;-icid • i-. IT." nil i ^N 'i -ill and ItroM IIS. i.iii ilKlIS'lIp i." lerry Smit| lib player! liiaii.-i ahd yciir old .-r liiicluir;- Max C-ireV ly of thC' Irving |o urns afller St. They enfly betaHie! over-confldenl, nhich makes fliln:;s bud lor ait} baskcflmll tea in. •Paulino I'z—whatever it ma.v le-U f'rtuiuly ha|nded Kniite Hansen a swi|et triijiiuing in . .Vladison ^(Hiare gi'rdeii llasi night, llow- tfer. ther^ is litjle possibility that be si)aniard will be matclied gain in Tex jljickarri's ; heav.v- jwieiRht elimination touriie.v. He is list a little too mediocre, it seems. «'hb the slajte all sei for Ilie l.pirion boxing! shou.. HHIe re- ntains o.\cepl Ijhr *ale of sonip OUT-OF-TOWII FANS COMING IN NUMBERS More Than 200 Ticl ets Are Reserved by Fight ' Followers Froni ' Other Towns' In District. (ilier pitclie and (jieor .'ir,. from the | The Ued Sox Hed Sox I .lacobsijn. and rban-.Fa- j well of il (ieorge i wlio'ni: the same .\ go^d team > are 37. | frofii tl ese vete Igi- .Alog--; third l4iseman yoar tile' saill':- cj Wallie Siha Walter ( ;ils(i a" PC li will Off first balij lippa Klxe>( is one of hid catch- li. Sreve jg of the rber iit iijlect 3t'» ijlniie to for the another le Ked's .Mclnni in an pleteil Fddic Bllowo. the same de 2U1 l$ta last, season ould be assent ^•ans. Thei'o in th<» crowilj could nloye to third nfield tli ly.Collin liiore flekels, jlKeli. K^er) and the batlle oiiton the pro> pnini should «tlve Jhe cnnvd inoney's wiirlh. pauses him to overrun the hall, ie plays Just the {type game his ilckname of the 'Fordham'Flash" mplles. " j Horiisby makes even. hard hdiices look easy,', so despite his qyal efllciency. the fans wilt lose lome of the thrillsjthat went with rtsch's colorful {style. ig Year fo!r Stars jrORNSB'lf must go ^Ig to make V*- the fans forgetj abOut Frankie I'risch. Incidentally, Prisch will le forced to step- a little faster, han ever to outdo the feats of Hornsby.' ; ' As a matter of faiit, Frisch's case is mlade al| the more difficult I ecause the Cardiiials w^on a pen- I ant and a world series last year, f the cliib fails to stay up there, ) 0 matter how ibrllllant y Frisch ] nay < play, he w^ll' go dAwn with he rest of the fallen Idc Is. j The Cardinals! must! repeat, Otherwise the seasbn wil< not be a uccess: Should ^h^ play pf Morns- thit^U^olten I lola sporl fans will have t4 fteiid the .-Viiierican Jjegioii j'I'ucsday night, in large nuiube i keeji ahead of visiting fans. ! plmiie calls from other town| southeast indicate. Fort Scott ba.s reserved 100 ets for the big card, while, seats have been reserved by I burg fans. (Jarnett is comin] like numbers, and .Mildred ha served 2.'> scats. Fifty tickets been ordered by Chanute fans j Ceorge Cox. referee, .says st ] fans are coming from .Mulherr j With assurance of more thaij I Seats occupied by fans ontsic iJiola. the fight committee bel that more tiian l .«00 fans will out for the program at .Mem ball. .Iidiiiiiy W.i.cner. Fort ScotC dlewi'ight. and cialiiiant of the M illeweight title of the middle^ will artive in lola tomorrow will work out at .Memorial :! o 'clock toinoirow afternoon. Floyd lloWers. Kansas City llist. who also claims thenii west title in his weight, wil rivn sometime tomorroyv and Pittsbiirg Teachers Are Off For Kansas Conference Flag Defeat of Emporia Teachers bv I'ennanl for l*itl.«iburjr If 11 leRe of Empori'l Wichila ; Universily Means \yins (iame From Cola iviondia^-. | mketball night at- ght < to. Jiele- in lUck- 2U tts- i'n re- lave knd ral 200 of ves trn iul id- Id- •st, iind at by help the Glaints ito a he willhave New York at his feet. Otheir veleraii 'Stars pennant. who are arrying like resopniiibility are JTris Speaker, sent |to Washington; riddle Collins aiid! Ty Cohb,/ with hiiadelphia; EM Rbush, with the Kew York Giiintb.' and G:eorge Kelly, itjf the Cincinnati Reds. This is the big year in n way. or most of the yeti^ran-stars. They ^ust deliver to Uye up to' past eputations. I^orl ^hat reason I ook tor the bei^t tha( Is in thein. ' will put on the finishing; loiicbj .NIeifioh'al hall. - \. I Kansas Kid Kasler is ttainint his bout with; HurcbeUlof .\k i slia an.d both are repoi'ted iif I pink of ci >iidition for their \ windup battle. Other fighter.s are oh grounds and arl-j fuming will iwlience for thegcng to i;ln Because of the act that I American Legion is hoping to ! enough money to construct a jtiftil monument'foriLs lot at i land cemetery, it is expectedj i the bout will "receive unuj j heavy backing. MULBERRY TRIMS pjg- ll< le- lar- Iso at FRONTENAC FIVE j nai t c MnlberiT. Feb.; 2t;. (Specjrt Mulberry high si^hool took th Frontenac high school team camp, 22 to 15, here last nighlj. i Wichita. Fel). 26.—Sp 'H -ial- p-<?n\ the running in; Kan.-^a.^ con arid Pitt.shurjf Teachir.s tmil Wichita ij'njiver.'jiiy| i-emain a.s pennant po.ssibilitie.'<. The F.niporia turiible wa.s in the form of|a 30 to 27 victory l)y Wic-JiitjijUniver^ijty over the Yellow- jackets. ^f i 'ittsbiirg Teachers win tli>-lr:*- remainin,^ ganie .Mpnday night | wiljh Cohege of i -'miioria nt Km-' poria. n<2lliiiiK can prevent the pi-ijajaigu'es from copping a pcii- naikt.; . • Wichita should finish the .season withoot another defeat, but cannot' win the iMiiiiaht unless Pitt.-.liiirg will sing .T ^s loud as Hill Uoak the .same from the lobins and tune in on an absence lave left their 36th Wheat. Urowfi Iiirnisli pitching choice q son. Sil Shawkc Doak, ^ could (1 Coun: "old mi just begun to Rm|)oi*ia Toachelrs tumbled defeated .ili^iday night. Pilts- bii -R and Wichita have a defeat eatli. but the' .-^olitbeast Kansas scl o;»l plays two more games than Wihita. I ethai'v defeated Hetnel 10 to in a game at Wichita las! iilslit wh le. Sterling trimmed 11:!>-. Tc! chers 2!t to 21 at Mays. St. M .T -y'.s chu|ki-il lip il 34 to 32 wii; over Ottawa at St. ..Mary's. JlcPbensoii lost a 2t'. to 27 gain>- 'ollcge of Kmporia .Mcl'lii'r- SPANIARD IN DECISIVE WIN HANSEN .•ionl. (Colorful Boxer Now jiSet ro Concjuer New Fistic Territory in the I n i t e W States. William and Kicle as niuc -l Braves turn fiitst over tj) Clarence Mitcht^ at would be and Gerber. The iiitfleld tifith Cobb. Speiikdr. Carey. Jacol available ;W competitioii iis f Alexander.iJ )h iiith. Quinn, Faber, p4 V. .Mogjidge, llixey. Chang, t 'Neill and iraittltjy^ iividc t^hf catching, er may le had; from n" but same of them fiibt. hi 01^ ha^e MANY HORSES INpMlICKY DERBf LISTS I Play-Off Gives A 23 to 21 Vicjtorjf Over the Speedy| j Methodist Squad. With a spectacular church; league season c j night at. the senior hi^h Sthoiil det!pateil an extra when the Presbyterians the Methodists 23 to 21 it period game. It was the deciding game of the church leagi e play-oCf series and gave the Prejibyteriank the league cuji. The regular playing pe-iods end- j j ed 1!» io 1!). but an exi ra jjeriod j gavi'i the.l'resbies the game. Aftep- ' the'[.Methodists had cag»d a; twd- 11 pointer; early • in the gime.' the eijdinjr; osed i- tli'e la.^t ; I'resbytcrians came back 'leading 15 to 7 at the ha In the second half the and • were f. : ; lethodists 'staged a comeback and ijlowly cu;t I down the I'resbyierian I Alethodists counted the tj ing score j just before the fonrthl session !ii-l((sed. i'o open the play -off tln» Preshyj- UTians ;countei ;l from the field..bur i,tii(i Aletliodists 'came back and McClay counted the win: ling goal foi the I'resbyterian ; tied for! high point Irian \ ith Punlf L -agfld Ki.t ISO 1. iou d a I- uss. at d xMeet at Churchill Down May 14, \\ ill Have 157 At Staring Post; InterQationai I Int;rest. I.oniHville, Ky ICp tries of the Derby. Downs. .1.' Wina, vice al maud Club, contain winllTFTS HUMBOLDT BEATS YATES CENTER I umboldt, Feb. 21;. i Special I H't^i'ioldt added another game in thi- ex I caM con and! for le- he ^ti- |(he n- |«he Won 21.'to 13 on the local The saniv opened <-venly at the close of the quarter. lluiiibol.Jt had a 7 to •> bad. .\l the half, a (lunibolilt diiv- JiroiKlit thf Itail to 12itii ti. Koli Siiire. liiimlMildt (nij Mv Hn Woods, f Woods, f Frokik. c Kelfoy. p tuiu- t Fill jh- I Sin hat lly ^ V i Mit )— aat nto Wb We win lolumn last night at the •'.''•^ •iise of Yntes .Cciiier. The lo- u-,,f, 'f,. i:i ",111 III.. ii„-.i,at: H .VeW' York. Fi'b. 2i!. ills dccisivtfly won llsiiiseii. Paiiiinu I'zciii Il hc-aVyweight ni;:lii: exhibited i •on ^i|iiiire Ciirdt' for'more worlds iidiilii. pounding 11 inseii's , bead am) i:i.>- Rg slioir; range a Sf.ant '¥ ' .Mjidi rtioiiili point. Fse ! Williams, g t. g lair, r TbtaK Cenier (13) hell, f '. I • Tiitfinson. g ttakeri g; sb! g Ft: 1 11 , . 1 . _ 1 1 1 . - .. . II 0 . . 0 • II — - 0 FT II 1 1 o 0 1 0 0 ' 1 •0 1 1 0 V II 0 il a 2 a .. i 3 c 1 i> I hi liii n tl •iM !>(iit inl Totals 5 -< 3 o i r i 'il'l lilit ' ii 111 I i ITR isen, hi • wiiy. chairge hooks t to attack. ,s to make iinanim iwever, ni by meet ill ^ with rip ) the Ilea (API -Ilav- roni Knnte iini. colorful boxer, who is wares at '|i. +oday was to conquer, continnully body, .in a ta<;k. scjored the liecision luis. ade it close g the Spanning left anil as he plow- i ',ai{iIino .>ii|owed li bv do (ficult. of tin: 1 his, fa np two b4 iiinnamed ring wh< DONIA WINS . .EAOUE PE INN ANT |ln<ieift-ndi PI —FredrJiiia ijallv cin<ilied ^ampionshu 'league b> hU. 19. . To p Vtdlow 'Jackets erryvale next w^eek. for the fifty-third renuwhl $.-.0,000 lo be I Saturda given ti the pre Added, ijun at May s. today by Gol| ;?h! ger of fTbc list all of and; e yiiar-oid with! cl sident; and fee Kentucky .lo numbers 16i. last year's ' s(ai} ery other th ss enough to title hiii to be i^Jinsidered a D^rl pcssibiliity. The IJerby thid ternatii I entries The Sakrap'j Widene Stefan nal jinterjr' are it he J us I 's itake he <;rbat Kentucky li, by Kntbus paid $1 year w -as rs| year-old In Kiiglf .\;hl>ot 's: s ! acrobatic k (lijis and f.'at in the n the decis- Kilwari winiier is (i CO: in his lastic Kd%\| O.OOII for Trace. sla.shini; victory I at . .Ve\(| putting n tljc Orleans him in t The leading tu are all represent their r(|specti,ve Widene F. Sine Camdeii or was innonnced. . Hari-y aii-. Mrs. .1. k. Wm. Wooil Ross., i Pont. .1 I ley. .Mrj i fords, . C. Sch •lones, ft. y[. Byeijs] J. W. Corr Kan ,s . Feb. 2C. high school vlr- the basketliall of the V-rdigris val- downiuf Caney last {op the title, must beat erick J nev. W He'adleyi Ross. .1. W. liirrish; Ri W. E. J ipplegate, .r. Swigsrt Tayloj Feb. 2G. fAP»+- Kentuci y Churi{:hill 14". I weto X. y d e ree- :ie at year will h.ive ii^ st as among nglish bred cbif ice F;. Mr. ;.ll I winner. Kievi I A. Cl Schwartz] toyal Canopy,'at d I aril. Mr. du Poi| fl'he Satrap, whic ted the best twiji- nd. JiKstice F}, 1 as grpwn iiiijo |ar-oliI,; his receiit .incolh Hatidicijp •under 124; jib lie fir^t diviSio .\lr. James Corriian's Kntbusiast by (j;raid Parade, wUs iniKnglaid last year, | i t J)f tiias! rainiiig. and 'is aih-ano fmeni of AmSrit a d by it he stiiifs ifi i tables:; Josepli I ayne iWhitney, $. LoUis^ Viau; ^I. .laddeh, J. K. i.. wardi • Wni. Dn J. S. Cq-sden.iE. R..Brai and I .Mr . Walter .U Je . C. .Milai 1. R. iS. Clark, lartz.l B. B. and .Moh|tfo*i spesij & Laf K. B. McLean. Dtjsha Rreckirtr dgc, Benjamin 15 ocl; iK! W.; W. Dai dei; Wm. Dt niel. |^;eo -gd Collins, ^ret erick Jfihnson. Irs. Payne 'whi Iter !l. Silinoii, Hal iPrice e. B. Shaffer, Sa nui 1 'ooi^. of the .Methodists. Kach livid gfwls. The liox score: Melhodlsls (t-'l) FC Klliott. f. 0 Funk. f. . - « Hell. c. 3 .Menzie, g. : 1 Aten, g, .. Totals . - - 10 Presbys. (£1) FC. .McCla.v. f. - <; Curtis, f. g. I Trombold. c. -'4 Conner, g. ---0 .Milne, f. . .-: " 15. Trombold. f. _ 0 Paul, g. - 0 Totals U MISSOURI LOSES TO OKLAHOMA A-M .Stillwater. Oklti!. Feb. ciaU—Oklahoi'na A. & M eers gave Kansas univers hawks a chance ro uarry ketball honoFS in the Miss< ley conference here last defetiting .Missouii univer.- 2t; and itearintj that ag; from the top in the valief ings. Iowa State too 'K its spi the Kansas Aggies n ning 36 to 23. while Drak fore Crinnel. 27 to 23. HILLYARDS TRIM WASHBURN •ad.; fhe ; tied, fielij Hfr wai FT. 1 0 0 0 0 1 FT. /II • 0 1 0 0 It 0 1 LOCAL FfE NEVER lEAD IN CONTEST I - - (j Chanute Grabs llead Early . In Game and Haings on To It--GaW ^as Close AM jthe Wayl Chanute. Feb. 2(i Chanute high »t:bool (Special)— l^ahded vadiiig lola high school basketball S(|:iad a terrible meii night'by trimming \e)\k 26 to 22 and sending the visitors down to jg Seven con- sixth place in the B fercnce. The game was clof but lola suffered its and was unable to the hoop. Ohannle took the the: game', and lolar bx-ad them at any titj first half. Chanute points before .Massey throw for lola.i ~ Ability of the Cha<i niakr! free throws ha with the local vicl^ held a 15 to llj lead In the secbnd ha '•ack. apparently rea basketball %ame. strengthened, 'with shooting frequently.- ffcw minutes ChanutS sudden shooting strt ak and drew away,' Todd of Clianute w| man with three from five charity tosses, he ilidn't miss one <ii test. Doc" FunkJ Kim q ihroughout. , li.siial n^alady icoiinect with ] ii (leal early in unable to ie''dtiring the coilnteth four ounted a free ^te squad to [1j much to do H.v. Chaiiute Mt the half. ^ lola came y to takef a . but Chanute - ))oth teams iin the la-st— junleashed a [as high point Che field and .IncWeulally, rsng the con- R Funk and .Mas.sey counted six p )ints each-for lola. <7hanutei made, tight out of o *1 ?- Ul.-. »«»tl». ten free throws. It inary. the lola^ secor the Chanute seconds. Box .Scoiie; lola Ci-i) "Doc': Funk, f .Massey, f Iv. Funk, c .Mcfii^re. g iC) Barber, g . . : '(SpeJ basket ^ty'ijJay-i off bas- )uri VaU, niglu by ity 32 to| regation Lv stand-: Totals 1-10 Clinnule C-'B)' | FG Todd, f Voiing. f Ikeborn, c Christie, c Keas. g Neptune, g ._ . Totals — -J HUMBOLDT L BYGH4 TEAW ST.VMHVGS U Pet. nuniboldl St 0 I.OOfl :15nrIinglon' k) I ."f»0 Uarnettl i'\ •'• Yn«p)s (enter --I* « Jm Humboldt. Feb. Humboldt heads 2( tie: • out on'' l «agne with five victbries and no kht win-ij''v'^*'"'^- with uext S Wednesday f ,.ll i,e-;! night's game with B irlington de" ciding the league chi lipionship. II FIVE Topeka. Feb.l2G.-1Specldl)—Hill- yards, liist year'.s nation: pions from Stl Jo.seph. Washburn colhige of Topeka a defeat here' last' liighf 41 to] St. Joe 'crew wa.f: leading the wayi t j ^tf^^^i\n\'v. 1 i |LI ,i ."ill'll'llirrMIH pi\ juiiiiriiiitiuujumjjiiiaii ^iut Bui id ing .State's tofl.-iy saving.s read lars. It is con counts; and'i cham- hgnded 33. The| moat of Yates Centet' has completed the sea.son with six straigllt defeats. FT. SCOTT H. iOSAWAtOMIE 26 Ft. Scott. Kan.. Feb. 26. (Special) The Foiit Scott high school, went oiit; of the Big. Seve i j conference: last night to defeat Oifawatomle Hi :',0 to 2Giin a fast ga tal blow last i i the prelim- (fa won frofn -j3 ; 2 i: J3 .'0 -^9 FT F 0 1 2 2 0 1 0 3 0 i2 10 FT F 1 2 2 X 1 0 1 n« II 0 0 s . 4 ADS lliEAGUE (Special)— BYGH - 4 3^ 30; A. Buildinfif & Loan Savings Today Tdtal I •' .Ste,000,O00,000! and iJoah Aisociations in tlio art- .sel'ving 1 i"K tl .i^istont coiinl accumulate more rajpidly tlij-diigh they earn whi" i Come ami operates. ,000,000 people, th^ir small e.eriornioti.s total of .si.x bi .savinir .JAvith a definite objetjt, that t .s mo.stiwhen those .saving* are in- 1 T A -j-J „:_jjr I i_ xt_ vestcfl in a; Biiildinjf and Ltj'in A.^scjciation, wHeije they, liberal United lipn dol- ihterest ?iatipn-

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