Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 9, 1898 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 9, 1898
Page 2
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MNotUo LattSide." BY THE TELEGRAPH PRWT1NO COflPANV. FRIDAY EVK., DEO. B, Itf' K< 7/ t&fteyeAfS I suffered fa" 11 •eafttfaouc. Could not lie OH my left «kk, had dizzy IptOt, «0d at time* my heart would tfcfp a beat Physicians and proprietary medi- Jtaet failed to do me any Mod, but three bottles of ,Er. MJle*' Heart Cure made ate a healthy man. J. d. VwtcWtt*, Cornell. III. >• on. MILES' eart Cure r all drn«l»U on guarantee ile beneflU or money bock. ItoB heart and nerves tent free, i Medical Company. Elkhart. Ind. NOTICE TO ADVERIISKRS. rsrtfreretrl!** wr»»«U c.h«rf«Uie follow- loj rat«« for tranitrnt totloe* IB our local co.,» tmt. Blast* iMWtten.. 10 cent*. Three to flre ln»ertloci 7 cenw. 811 to tw«!fe Inter*Jon» I cent). »<t«§ or teriirrmixo. TluKiiiWT.—*0 cent* per Inch flr«t Iniertlon, and X cento per Inch for each subsequent Insertion f* p«r Incn first month, II.(0 per I nob each month thereafter. UTOAL ADTMTtima It per Inch for the Drat insertion, andCOeeou p«r moa for «acfl •aMeqoeut Inienlon. S. NIXON. ^^V^^nrNNP***- \tchttect, and v Superintendent |>nd Specification* for Work Aootmttoly Furnished. OVBRALTOV SAVINGS IMKJ JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCKXVC-O How to Do If yon want to rent hoa»e« or rooms, If yon want to sell anything, If you want to find any artlole, lot Advertise in the Telegraph. THE military bill providing for the expense of the army and navy until July next, passed the House yesterday almost unanimously. COURT Von Qoetzeu, sent here by the German government to look into the conduct of the war between America and Spain, lectured last night in Berlin. He spoke of tbe Americans as "prime] colunlata" and prophesied a bright future for tbe new colonies. 'ALL WOMEN '$$m»>itM < nM of -:,, -mil tiu pain •MtlcknMtfrofn vhich women «uff«r It caused or III* orfmn* of Mruatlon. rly ttwayt | I a woman b not well these art affected; But when an strong and healthy a w*#n«ij b vary *eldom sick. Ex President Cleveland has at last spoken. Be has set bis sails to catch tbe antl expansion of territory breezes. Undoubtedly Oleve believes himself to be tbe "biggest Democrat In sight," and it would not be at all surprising if tbe Democratic party should take him up and nominate him as itajcandidate in 1900. SENATOR Hoar, of Massachusetts, and Senator Vest, of Missouri, have bitched themselves together as a team, to oppose the appointing of Senators or Representatives on commissions. They say it is unconstitutional. Neither of tbem are known as very great lawyers, either on constitutional questions or other legal points. Iv I« nature'* provision for the regu- f Ution of the menstrual function. iteureiall "femaletroubles." It i l« equally effective for the girl In jifcer ttena, the young wife with do- jneiUo and maternal cares, and ttft woman approaching the period known as the "Change of Life." They all need U. They are all LWMfltted by It i cases rapilrinr metal •e»s, firing symptoms. Advisory Dftautmpnt,-' t Modlcbu Co., Chatta> , WO..I.COWM, Tupelo, MIM..J Win. o! M. MAHONEY, JKANCEANDREALESTAII POR iALB. aoubl* brlok 4wtlliat 10 roomi r l-room (ram<> dwelilng, Hi wtlllaa Oft Wtrt lint Of Main itr*at. Big monej THE Peace Commissioners have reached an agreement, aad all tbe articles in tbe treaty are completed. Tbe treaty will be engrossed and probably signer! on Saturday. Judge Day, President of tbe American commissioner?, said yesterday: "We have settled all the points on which we can agree. It only remains to engross and sign tho treaty. That will be done in two or three days." CHICAGO'S ferment over the proposed 50-year extension of tbu street railway franchises is on the increase. Too wildest threats are made, and, if the Aldermen pass tbe ordinance It will be no surprise if deeds of violence are resorted to. Tbe Chicago Tribune npeaks or tbe Allen law thua: "There ia an attempt to make political capital in tbe declaration tbat the Allen law "was passed by tbe Republican Legislature of this .State." That measure received a larger percentage X>f Democratic than of Republican votes. It was passed by a coalitiou of the boodlurs of both parties. It was one of those corrupt non-partisan measures which Legislatures and Councils of ten enact, and for which no party is responsible." must keep a naval bane there." "What will yon do with tbe rest?" "Get rid of 'era.'" "How?" "Ob, I don't know. Find «otne way. Oclldorn'em, wo don't want 'em." And that In a fair sample of the Democratic »tate«m<»n»ihlp BB il has applied Itself to the Philippines. Wiiiart i.7 Smith Has been appointed and nan accepted the appointment as Director of the Transportation and Engineering department of the American section of the Paris Exposition in 1900. This department Included everything relating to locomotion by aea, land, and air, and will occupy one of the largest buildings on tbe exposition ground*. Mr. Smith, whD was chief of the department of transportation exhibit* at tbe World's Fair, was born In Ken- osba, Win., in 1849. He has been owner and editor of the Hallway II?Heir for 25 years and Is President of tbe Cloud Mteel Truck Co. He M a graduate of Sburtleff College, and was editor for a year or two of the College Rericic. He was well known in both tbe Altons. Have your gun smithing and lock repairing done at the old river stand of B. Dorsett. A full line of repair* will be found there at all times. Good work guaranteed.—W. D. Fluent. Try Nelnlnger's Magnolia and new Improved Fig. UPPER ALTON, W. D. W. Barnard is on the sick list. One of tbe happiest social events of the year was tbe reception tendered to the Freshmen class of Sburtleff College last night by Dr. and Mrs. do Blots. Tbe Freshle* were out in full force and spent a most delightful evening. Recitations by Miss Foolon and Mr. Worley and a piano solo beautifully rendered by Mrs. de Blols added much to tbe pleasure of tbe company. Tbe principal amueemcct however, calling forth much laughter, was a contest at rhyme- making from a given number of words. Tbe urst prizes for the best couplets were awarded to Miss Effle Marab and Mr. Worley, while Messrs. O. ;A. Abrams and George Herrin were presented with a cake of soap and a botile of horseradish in consolation for their lack of poetic genius. Ice cream and cake were served in tbe dining room by Mi-ses Gay Day, Bessie Klrkpatr ck and Rubv Day. The Fresbmen pronounce the Preei dent and his wife royal entertainers, and last night one of t tho most pleasant evenings they ever spent together. Mr. J. 8. Townser.d, of Kalamazoo, Mich., is a guest of Prof. Jackson at tbo college. Dr. J. W. Cook, President of tbe State Normal, delivered an address in college chapel this morning on "The New Profession." Numerous burglar rumors ar being bandied about our streets. One in current tbat is causing not a little incitement. It says that an Alton doctor has nnder bis care a man shot in Upper Alton ye&terday or theduy before. How tbe accident happened or who the man is, rumor cays the doctor refuses to tell. It ia reported that be was shot while attempting to enter a private residence. 80 far as we can learn but one family has been bothered with burglars this week and no shots were flred. The man diu not gain admittance. The story is probably untrue. DR. OPINION OF THE NEW DISCOVERY IN MEDIUINK. * Remarkably S«uc»f<il Rented) for D)«- ptpjia. M'igttMnn »!\A SlMisch Troubles. Or. Wujth in commenting or, recent discover!** in mpdieiiie ?« ! <' : There 1« nonn which is certain to tie so valuable ond f*r reaching in bei.ctK as Btunrl'g DyBtiopsift Tablets, (he new stomach remedy; 1 gay fnr rencliins;, because people httl .• realize how important » Bound stomach and vie >r- OUB dijze*tion if to every man. woman and child. Indigestion is the starting point o( consumption, heart disease, Bright'! diieaee,diabeteo, nervonnprontraiioi, liver troubles; why is tbisgo? Simply because every nerve, muscle and !>• eue in our bodies is created and noof iibed by the food we eat. " '*** food in, by reason of a weatc stonm* compelled to lio for bonrr, * toa !' fermenting mass of half digested f 00 "' It poisons the blood and nervous »?*' tern, creates gas which distends the stomach und bowels, causing P reJlute , on the heart, lungs and oilier otf^MM, and aerlonely impeding their action. Ho B») s further, the point to direcl attention Is not the nerves, nor heart nor lungs, nor kidneys, bin Vl " ach, the flret cause of all the mischief. The remedy to use for Indigestion and weak stomachs Is not come calharti2, but a remedy which will digest the food, Increase the -flow of gastric juice, absorb the gases, and Slnartn Dyspepsia Tablets will accomplish this result in any case of stomach trouble, because these taolet? are compoFed of the digestive acids, aseptic pepsin, Golden Seal and bismuth, pleasant to taste, and not being a patent medicine, cun be used by nny one with perfect safety. I be- liuvo Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets will cure nny form of indigestion and stomach trouhlo except cancer of the Stomach. Full size packages of Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets aie sold by druggists lit 50< or by mail from F. A. Stuart Oo. Marsbiill, Mich. A book on stomich diseases together with thousands of testimonials will bo sent by address- Ing above or call on your druggist for them. Rooms for Rent. For light housekeeping. 102 W. Seventh street. Apply at Itara, I n>ll«s sonthwei brfFrtok stor*, Mo. JH low tana, food brlok «*- S^URANi ' l-roota tramt **»UlDf on Bluff M Mwartsriai drosslnt. i brtoy. dwcllux, oor 4tb and it of BHchton r _. Bella at. lok dwslllng and No. Ill Belle it, n», slats roof dwelling Booanta (or pur > (TMBI dwslllog, oor. Alb} it, north of Bluff tt , largo ban "ot Upper Altoi JOE OHAMBKULAW, Miuister for Colonial Affairs iu tho British,Cabinet, delivered an address Thursday evening In which he substantially repeated Sir Edward M jnson's warning to Franco. In speaking of this country he said "Already tbe United States, if regarded from the standpoint of potential resources, Is the greatest of civilized States." Referring to a personal allusion to "his setting a good example in forwarding the hoped-for alliance with tho United States by marrying an American," be said: "So many Englishmen are following the example that 1 think it quite possible tbe alliance may ba accomplished without the interference of governments." Joe knows where to get a good thing, and so he cboee an American (a Bostonlan; for a wife. One of Spain's Paupers. A cablegrain on Thursday announced tbat the American Peace Commissioners absolutely rejected tbe proposal of the Spanish Oouituia- slouers to pension the Duke of Veragua, because he was a descendant of Columbus. That hlgb-toued beggar oame to America, in the World's Fair year, aiid secured a large sum from tbe Amerioanpeople because of bis sup posed relationship to Columbus. At tbe beginning of tbe war tbe Duke published an interview In which he Indulged In the imst vituperative abase of Americana generally. Now bo would like to share as a pensioner tbe liberality of tbe people be so abused. "Ooll Deris 'Cm." Democratic statesmen, when op- J paaed to keeping the Philippines, are I Without excuse when pinned down as what they would do with the is- They will about against ex- but wben asked what shall be with tbem they do not know. Congressman Oookery is a fair type Ol this OJajil. He admits tbat be does tne Kepublioan , j)Ufc he IB against It, wbivtev Dookery, "the people of this country laeal Treatment for Rheumatism. The "Mystic Cure" for rheumatism removes at once tho rheumatic poison from the system and the diseuae immediately disappears. Whilst the "Mystic Llie Renewer" builda up the shattered nervous system, improves the digestion and restores tbe general health. It Is the greatest cure for all nervous diseases and weaknesses as well as the most powerful nerve builder known. Sold by S. H. Wyss, Druggist, Alton. FIRST PRIZE MONEY. It Will He Paid to Captain glKibcc null III* Crew. Onptuin Cimiles D. Sigsbeo recently wrote thnt tho explosion of tho Maine at Huvatin WBH tho ultimate incident whioh impelled tbo people of tho United Stutes to regard Spiiiu OH an impossible neighbor, and (hat, although tho war following was not founded on tho destruction of thn Maine, that diHasler was the pivotal event in tho conflict. It Is u strange coincidence therefore that in the war following Captain Sigebce thinks was precipitated by tho loss of the Maine, lio should lie tho llrst officer to receive prize money for hix action aguiuNt the onomy that wrecked his vessel. Cnptuin Slgsboe and big crow of the auxiliary cruiser St, Paul will shortly receive chucks from the trettHnry department, representing the sums they are entitled to under u priw) court award for capturing tbo .British tramp Kestor- mal jiiwt IIH she WON about to enter Santiago bearing coal for Orvera's fleet, which at that time wns daily expected. It was a single ship capture, no fleet being in sight and no other vessel participating. Therefore all tho prize money goes to Captain Sigsboo and his crow, and, while it in not u largo sum, it will bo a comfortable remembrance at loaet to tho Maine's former captain of the part ho touk to uveiigo tho IONS of that Minify Will I'tiMl.h al .Vetr York. New York. Deo 9.—Alexander L Manly, tlio colored (d tor who was compelled lo leav? Wilmington. N". C.. on account of the publication of an editorial reflecting upon the white women of the south, and who Mas since resided in Asbury Park. N. J., has civi i J~d to publish his papor. The Heconl. In New York hereafter, instead • f in \ViimIngton. How's This : We offer one hundred dollars reward for any case of catarrh that can not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.—F. J. Cheney & Co.. Props., Toledo, O. We, the undersigned, have known F. J. Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe bun perfectly honorable in ali business transactions and financially able to carry out any obligations made by their firm. West &Trnax, Wholesale Druggiste, Toledo. O.; Walding, Kionan & Marvin, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the svstem. Price, 75? per bottle. Sold by all druggists. Testimonials free. Many People Cannot Drink coffee at niebt. It spoils their sleep. You nan rtri'.ik GRAIN O wben you please and sleep like a top. For URAIN-O does not siimulatt; it nouriabep, cheers aud feeds. Yet it looks and lastes like the best coffee. For nervous peraono, young people and children GRAIN O ia a perfect drink. Made from pure grains. Get a package from your grocer today. Try it in place of coffee. 15c and 25c. ft. O.. Deet,,,le« of thft ercat lake* th»t build i v »«<?1< alr»a<!y have under con- Ifpr !.*** n*a»<m twelve steel ves- ;ht of which are modern freight • nvi> i ai»pnKer boats, one an •K ivararf. aid orl<1 " lat-Rf tin. i.*r?\s will \<f In value a ,.!,.' than H.i^ The rom- ap-clty of thf eleht fr^lRlit car- ;ir« » hle«»n IJn^rrl or TruAt. :•. |)»H\ 9.—In nn action tK-Run "li-TUit frturt Hnbcrl H. Kelly ).U he ^? nwai-tJpJ tWO.WO dam- :ain?t the Hoard of Trade for into his tnislnes* and reputation he claim* to have sustained h the action of the board In »>x- him from membership t<v.> years r alleged lrrosularUie» ir. hli ^ of conducting tuislneM. rillplnnufniiilnuOiir Yfnf. •Hoi ' K^-ng. Der. n.-Cieneral Klewod- nd Dr. Le?<lHj!una, representa- f the Filipino junta, have started Washington uruler In'trurtlons "to v«t to remove misapprehension rind cultivate the friend- ons «i> the American B° V n/1 poopl^! ._ nrr« Kroy.rn nfl* 1 **' 1 ' y. Colo.. Dec. 9.—G^or#eJ Iowar * "rank Howard, miners, wallV 61 ' :>e mad In the mountains n»t r ronton and froze to di>ath. Their bod cf have been brought to this city. Alignment A! Chicago. Chicago, Dec 9.—P. A. Hussel & Co., eash and door manufacturer?, assigned yesterday. As?"!!". HO.OOO; liabilities, JI5.000. HELP IS At HAND. One of the Worst Dl«««« Know« lo Is Overcome by Modern Science. When the common »pnptom« of kidney troii bles are neglefi^ the careless «" lte '*' J» ij erest danger orbontricllngdl»bet«ior Bright • disease, two of th* most Mrrlble »fHlcUon hare b«Mi Impost on mankind. The for the earliest st»g««. as y»U " *"?„ c*«e.,one th«t will restore the kld £?J2 eW o Health, l« Morrow's Kldneolds. Tbeae yellow tablets thonld be taken wMn the back «*«•. °J when headaches, rt' 111 "" 8 ;.,"?.',?' ! n J™ T oSt pain In urinating show that (he kidneys «re ont ° f Ar d e£nt cue of the can. ol I this Mrt nl dl£«e hv Mnrmw'i Kid ne-o ds l> th»t of Mr. An!''" T Askew t'mlored«t the Big Four PM'«" qnont dlx-harge* attended with a b»™»jt JJ» satlon . I wss »speclally troubled at nlght,6»V" inr. to set up nro or «li « m «V«S7 t to5 ind .ottered wl'h » Ume back all the MM, and wmetlmes to bad that 1 could not »«end to my work. Last spring I WM P»rt! c » 1 */'yJ» d1 » "™ my health wa» completely broken do*" i ' *" ' .. ... ...... my health * a - a If like a nawman. hare enoye Roo health ever slnoe, and feel » n . fl ?j;' '^V'j? cnred me tntlrely. 1 procured them at 8. H. Wyss' drug store." Kld-ne-old» are Yellow Ttblota (not pll' Bland ire kidney ailments, nerrous'-ess, eto. Uvera?e ittall red pelloto md euro oonatlpatlon. jjft {-olds 60 ots; Urerlai 25 Ota M draff^iti K|cl *'ivlby John M hemists, or maui.*'n ' Don't be persuaded into bajing Jin- imentB without reputation or merit CbamborJaiu's Pain Balm costs no more, and its merits have been proven by a test of many ypars. Such letters as the following, from L. Q. Bagley, Hueueme, Cal., ara constantly being received: "Tbe best remedy for pain I have ever used is Chamberlain's Pain Balm, and I say so after having used It in my family for several yeais." It cures rheumatism, lame hack. Hprains nnd swelling. Sold by E. Marsh and S. H. Wyas. for BeoT 5-room dwelling. No. ;024 E. Fourth street. Apply to VVm. Sonntag. Texas. The Missouri, Kansas & Texas Kail- way Co. will sell low rate round trip tickets on Nov. 1, 15, Deo. 6 and 30, with final limit of return to 21 days from date of sale. An excellent opportunity for homeseokers, tourists and investors to view (or themselves the great resources of the State. For further information address John L. Wlllinma, P. and T. Agt , 103 N. Broadway, St. Louis, Mo. 0^.fe»-JL- Bears the Signature of Kind Ytll H3V8 AlwafS BsugM THE MOVE. We keep constantly on the move to keep up-to date in stock, qnalitr and price. Our CHINA and TOY Stocks have been plucked from tbe creme- de-la-oreme of tbe market, and nothing in Alton or St. Iflnis can compare with them in value for tbe money. We import our foreign goods and buy direct from the factory in this country and in many instances retail our goods at less than wholesale stores ask for them. For tbe convenience of our many friends we have opened our Toys on the ground floor 317 Belle street, and are now ready ito wait on you and urgently advise all to come at once and make their selection. We on iy ask a small deposit on all eooda laid aside until wanted. We have the clerks to wait on yon now and give your attention which later on we could pot wait on yon with satisfaction to ourselves and yourself if we tried ever so bard. Nothing has ever been attempted In tbe TOY line on so grand and complete a scale in Alton and we hope you will not wait until the cream of tbe stock is picked. Come early, yon bave nothing to lose and everything to gain. HOPPE'S n Sprlngflela,:' orrow ft Co., Chemists ...., .. . j 0 year a cold Is At this time of t,V an( j< f j e ft to very easily oontraotetH e ftld of 8ome run its course without <..& llab | e to reliable cough medicine >> ineurr , o . result In tbat dread disease, i- n medy nia. We know of no better r&r Hm . to cure a cough or cold than OH*,, e berlain's Oongb Remedy. We ha\ used it quite extensively and it has al ways given entire satisfaction.—Ola- gab, Ind. Ter. Chief. Tbis is the only remedy that is known to be a certain preventive of pneumonia. Among the many thousands who have used it for colds and la grippe, we have never yet learned of a Isingle case h'avirig' resulted In pneumonia. Persons who bave weak lungs or have reason to fear an attack of pneumonia, sbonld Beep the remedy at hand. The 26 and 60 cent sizes for sale by E. Marsh and 8. H. Wyss. SPECIAL SALE SUlRDtt AND MONDAY. JACKETS! Fine all Wool Ke sey, all siik lined, regular vifue $ij. Special sale $8. 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R. 1 runs weekly tourist sleeping oar excursions at very low rates, personally conducted every Thursday, leaving Alton at 0:50 p. m. running via Kansas City, Salt Lske City and the Scenic Line. For rates, reservations and full particulars apply to O. O. Norrls, Agt., Alton. TO CITY OF MEXICO—Personally Conducted • Excursion—Will be run by the C. 4 A. R. R. and connections on Thursday, Deo. 15th. Special train of Pullman oars through without change with side trips to Guadalajara, Guana- mata and Monterey. Round trip rate only S103. For particulars and reservations apply to O. G. Norrls, Agent. TIM[S ARE GETTING NAP- NOW IS THE TIME TO Q% SAVE TiONEY. G.OING OUT OF SHOE BUSINESS. WANTED! „.. Jj?° Ladles with small feet, sizes-2K, 8, 8W up to 5 to call and see what FINE SHOES we are offering' at $1.75 a pair! 'these Show are mads" the fluest Dongola and Genet Kid that formerly sold for «S60 a pair, but as the sizes are small we are closing them ont at $1.75 a pair. This is a chance in a life time. First come, first served. Oome early to avoid the rush. In addition to this great Bargain we have 758 pairs of Ladies' Blgto Grade Shoes that formerly sold for •" Kn *- ° "* - ---- " r - -— -• ™ them ont at $a a 'pair. All kinds of •»•"" " v MM w »vw £/t*Mo vi xjauiOD rf IK" for »2 50 to 8.76 a pair. We are closing en's Fine and Medium Grade Shoes, all styles and widths, IA rinllniv nf. f.hln (viMkAlt ttttlA nf-l«*M««l n 4.|U1 A £ i • ^ going at 6oc on the dollar, at this great sale of-Irresistible bargains „. A 1 !?., a J? b ££.?' M« n '?«?a Boys' Fine Russian aud Violfcid, t CHRISTMAS and New Years excursions. ** rate of one and one-third fare for the rou Uudor u decision of tho Kloridu courts tlio ourgo of the Uc'stornml was vulucd ut tia.OOO, tho ebip being re- tnruod to her owners. Prizo law provide* that hi suoh cutes one-half goes to tliu Kuvurmuiuit und tha rewuimler to tliu ship. (Juphiin Higsbee und his mull tiro to cllvlilu |(),000, and the treimuiy department \vu« tlireetod recently to make tlio payments in ueuoriliwuo with u lint presented of tho ct^v und tho BUIIIH ouuh IH untillvd to rocrlvu. The liiw tuyn that in cuntnres niado similar to tliut of Ouptiiiii aiwuLoo'stlinHi-lweii. tioths of tliu aniouiit, «ftur dcdnotiiiM tho govoi'iimunt'B sburu, ulinll go to tliu skipper, Uuptutii Slyi-liuo thus drnwu $U7fi for thu purt he tookiu hulplug tho UnlloU Staled to rewnt the lose of tho Muino. OJhor prizo doolaioni are to he udju(Ui:iii«d and piiid mpidly.—Wash- Cor. H.illiiuuro Stm Howell's Carpet House has some fine new patterns in Carpets, just the latest things out, and the prettiest to be had. Rugs of all kinds, Linoleums, Oil-Cloths and all kinds of seasonable household goods we can show. Orders for Carpets should be sent in at once to insure prompt delivery. A. J. HOWELL, 117 West Third Street A — tho round trip, tickets on sale Deo. 24, 25, 26, Hi, 1898, and Jan. 1 and 2, 1899, limited to return Jan. 4, will be made between all St. Louls-Peorla Lino (C. P. 4 'I. L R. R.) stations. Minimum selling rate 50o. Through tickets from and to connecting lines will be sold. Get full particulars from C. P. A St. L. agent. Burlington's Through Car Service—Palace Sleepers and Chair Cars (seal* free) to Kansas City, St. Joe, Omaha, Denver, Billings. Rock Island, Dubuque, Cedar Rapids. St. Paul and Minneapolis. Tourist Sleepers to Ban Fran- olsooand Los Angeles, Ca Ifornta, Portland, Oregon via Denver and Salt Lake City, every Wednvday. For raws, routes, etc., oall or address J.B. Thomas, Agent. por California Tourls s—The Burlington Route * has weekly tourist sleeper excursions, personally nooducted(by a Burlington Route Agent) tt Wednesday f om St. Louis, and Tfiura- at a sacrifice. This is worth investigating!' All Jcinds of Ladles', Gent's, Misses and Children's .Rubber Boots. Over thta I Over8 ' at *>itn and Oroqaet Rubbers, .greatly reduced in prices at PFIEFFER & %Ipy, 5TAR day from Kansas City and St. Joseph to Los Angeles and Ssn Francisco. Tbe route Is Tla Denver, Snenlo Colorado, Salt ^Lake City with for partlou- uenver, nc.enio i^oioraao, Bait L4Ke Ulty 08 per cent an 1 shine throughout the year, your Ticket Agent, J. B. Thomas, for par Momeseekers Excursion at tery low rates ' 'via Big Four,to specified point* In " ' In Alabama, TIB nig ruur.w ItutHllUBU uuiuu. 111 AiaOBlDIt, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indian Territory, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana. Michigan, Minnesota. Mississippi, Missouri Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota,Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, South Dakota. Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming, Tickets wllfbo on sale Nor. 16th, Deo. 0 20, Jan. 8-10; Feb. 721, March, 7-10. For full Information apply to O. H. Hamilton, Ticket Agent. have Now is your timtf'tb buy anjpvercoat Cfieap. We Fire and Water-Proof ROOFS 1 *-».*<».-*y»-%,«^,«|-«>. »••%.«-«>.••«*• Biliousness IB canned by luipld liver, winuli |in>vvnU dlK»«< Uun anil imrmlUi food Ui ft-rnutut ami putrlfy In tlic iliMiiaeli. TUuu follow cll/zliu'ss, Hood's lusumlaa, norvuicsiii'ss, urnl, ^_^ U Hot rulluvtid, lillloiia fuvur ff 5 114% or blood polHUiiliiK. Ihwd'uf^m I IR Flllu Btliunlato tliu dUmmoli, • ™ • • " m tliu llvur, iHiro lioml uuly'l'llbi to laicli w'ltti Gravel and Composition tH ROOFING MATERIALS alanu(totar<4 Of JOHN M. SBLL.BRS, of r » Louis, Wbo bu lately roofed tbe following tulldl p«V Tobaooo Warebouse, and Lemp'. Rr»wer> Wldlpg, Drop a poital to 01 call OB _out«n>ro HoteJ, New Hanteu- HOUI*, > aa4 beat noff »T«r pi ot E. C. MACK, AGT. Corner SbloM* Hv»ta S r eia Alien I Momeseekers' Excursions. — Upon certain 1 'datoa ot October, November and December, tbo C. & A. w!l: •elleiourslon tickets at greatly reduced rates to points In Alabama, Arlsona, ... ,—.. ~--. u OeorgU Ulho ' Kansas, Kentur'-- North Caro na. South Dakota, Tennessee, Te.- as, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming. Tbo reductions In rates are of sufficient Importance to merit tbe attention of prospective travelers. For particulars call on 0,0. Norrls, Ticket Agent PATHFINOER DEPARTMtNi. Tki«* KM* or ton ondertklshu4U>|i OM tint, U erafei Uu-ee dais, M eratti OM rook I) ooDtn UUttoiuU Umes itat ntt, oub town, CTOCKHOLDEKS' MEBTING NOTICE.-8t. *-> Louis, Doo. 7, IWIS Tbe annual meeting of stockboldors of Sentinel Mining Company (or tbe election of Dlrooeofs and the transaction of; aucb otber bunlnoss as may oome before It, will be held at tbeir office (hotel,) In Upper Alton. 111., on Saturday, January 7, I8s», r 1 until a o'clock p. ra.-A. H. Fuller, Sec 300 Men and Boys' Overocats, which we will settlor the next 2 o days REQARDLESSF We must clear them out and price before you purchase. Model Shoe 4 Clothino Co. leoy. POR SALB. BORBUJ 1 .'. medluaiiljeiafs.Moslermake ~ ohMti. Appfir at thli oBoi,' THE HOLIDAY SEASON! It *t btnd'»' Marsh's Drug Store,; Cigars, Cbolc« Hair and Cloth Aa$Wt>V other beauUful f«i llan.*ed«r Bos "BREVITY IS THE SOUL wipe, vow OF

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