The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 26, 1927 · Page 7
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 26, 1927
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

ILarge. Vol ime of Ptp!i(.Ti king: IXe<^ Vork. Fd^i. .2fe. UlH -- AI] lUugii called iipot t9 BbHorb r«bei] IS!^ VDJunic o' profil-tald ^ijg aid;s)rort selUo). todar's stock mark<t gave a ;ood a< count or' it self, iiaintatntni: th< ujvard trenjl «tiiu,li haii been pr !dcniioaDt thg laiit^^th or jnarc. More th:i a dozen lissHds aittaiji cd record bic i pril-csj the ftai inch ding' Wabash cot imiin. JFrisco coi im jn, liarns • dal A! and B. and ] luPont. General Asphalt issues. wit4 Kail IS about o m inn each, li; the upward moreinciit in the oi grdxp. which appear* to be dis bod lUii^ Increased dividend dis buf icnients and rep< its of record breikrile earnings, ju. S. Steel eonjn^ojn held fairly, steidy despit fiirtjbeij weakness of ;bn e connnod ItyiJprices. Active b iyi IK of Gen era| Motors was siii poi ted by ^ briKit Aehiand for ilac\k Tru^k^ beijs were nndci| hleavy accu miil|ati(i>n on the prospect of !in creised caminBs thi* year. I'.jS Uu't)l>er and Ajax be ng promlncn in t|te iadvancc. -Bus irs watid lender the leadclrsh,ip of Soutl I'or . tl j ;al <]s iijpproxiniaied 1 to«lay. n Rican. 10 |clo!>inR was rofaR. Tota lOv.OOU slian' \ I Kanvus < II^ K.-infas" City. Feb ni>i:n|p»s nil rars:;uti 2 dark i hard II S2f/ $1.31«/{l.:t7: No. 2. I l.37>i:! .\o: .1 n :Mtr„ fed! $1^2ni-«/ M. fUmi unrhanRtHl. • i ;o To-sl !:;';:(••. ,v6 :! w-'i'i Vljow; 7 .K /74S!: N' So.' 2 : mixed 0P«/:2< Bfl <{.c. I' ^ Oil IK linrlinnei'd. (•inln. fit;. — Wheat clan Red: -No A; : .Vo. .•iri $1.J1'3«/ -lil-i: .Vo. S $1.-J8M:»(. Milo Kafik- $lf.08<RI.07 Uarl Wheat: .Ma May n Corni Sept. RW ,$1..'51%: .Ii .May 7 .1T4c; flO'ic., No. ?. 4:!lifi mal7.p tl.lSfii y-'TlWT.Ic. 26. (API — •nt of Agri- Jnistly steady )narket; no t( p $11.33 on >art' loads 240 pounds pounds up 40W3 JIO© E Lansa»< tfty Li: as City. Feb (L'niteli Stales Departjrn culturf) Hogs 1.500; with Pridays packet) shipper sin; practical '210 to 225 pounds; JU .^oi desiraWe 210 $11.25^11.35: most 2 *llg 11.20; ijacking 10.23, i Caltjle 600; calves llMl: for week: -fed sheers aJid str )i|g weighty ^eirHbgs steady to Joe higher; belter) griyles mediu n and heavy weight steers s\\o^- r g advance.; Ilg-ht yearlings and fe I heifers gen- c'rally 15 to 25c'low ;r; slaugTiter coi»'8 I steady to 15c iiSghcr: teal- ers strong to 50c ilgher; Jjulls and viclghly calves f ttady; stock- crs ai?d feeders . fifip $7.50(ri9: clibicf hca\7 Kfeers $1 ' fed steers $8<@ 10.50: Mod to choice ' veals|$12fit2.50. Bh<jeii none: for arpurid fJ5c higher: tok cr fled offerings ^ slK--oi)| 10 to 15c hi .snialll bunches fat ejvj fop fpoding lambs 1 I'hlni^v Grii (•hilafro. Feb. 26. AVhea : .May. ^l.W^^i ^ $lb;i-j, 10 ".l.; Sept. $45 I (jOr^: May 76^» t 1 , July «li4 to %c; «ep . «)al.4; .May l."»c: Jul Ity.-jl May $1.0.-.?:: fl.«)3''J; Sept: 99»4p. _ , Cblr«^ Live ^t-jhicjiRo. Feb. 2li.— nn-nt D)f .Agriculture I slo^'. kiroundi steady ho f/1 licl SIO, ll.q t 10 liest: desirablq 1.50 avpk-agk?s $11.751/11.8 imupd butchers $11.45 hnfiihers • larRCly t sows $10.25 packiu ; upvrarjl; to $11.85: .111.20(^11.50: ife light $IL45 2 while «l 70c; .\'n. .! 70<ri7 .1r: No. .1 ti'Jij 2 white at «l .Id $l..11Ti: $1 .35'.i. iuly 77-'<icI S12.75; bulk +icck: lambs $>: oth- 12.25© i;!.75: !ier. .scarce |es $S.25fr/9 .35; others n. API—Clohc: »-:•: July [0T« to $l.:!i. 7694(^1'»c: jl-.".7» to =jV; til •'•dc: July Humans I lola. ICliuB i To the -ri Wh»>thcr h ment ha.s tho development youn;; iiuman iiuB.: E^. 21. 1927. LAHARPE AND ITS CITIZENS cuvinin- •icdit.>' or effeijt on the )£ j character in the liuhiial ha.-* ever been a. nuiot question, but tht results of later day .scientific research «eems-lo piVo llie psilni to eiiviron- meut though {the olive b-anch is liol .yet in sij:;lit. This i.s shown in a genera! .-isieehiiMit of wa: iie .Mr«. Krlle; Da\is Knt^rluius „Teaeher »i llul»—.Mr. nud y .rs. Uebrr ltau>oui .Vnuuuntci • ' .Son. Birth <if near Lc ilf Blue -M r. Iiy the ! leadiiiR i Belle Lee (.Mrs. Opal .MitchellI l.AHAUPE. F^'l). 25.—Mrs. Davis enieltalntd the t}'each- foi-crs' C'lub with nfection 1 liirthday party Tu sday .ev contact ;.i,vi,riiary 22. AII were grea hot - a horL -,lil;ii y - ailnK'ni ! merly believed but is an I contracteil thrniish | close ,in ihe home where there is a tu- ^^^^..^^^^ j„ ^.j ^„ ^„ benular patient, members ot the:. , , . ''• •'- pictur<s of Kome M the lenlng. ly in- allery | wore among jsame family but j living apart be' inic a.s nearly iuinn'.ne as ;>ny one niost i.oia ,clsc. The sarjie thing will yet be m-fadv .iL ,.howu :.i,<.tlur .omplainis which I „,.,^./,i„. j^.^,,^ „f „,^,^ ,T andj aijT mjw conj^idered as hereditary. ., , ! „. „ , ^ i- Fn •As the iwii; i.s bent llie tree "V-" "f Vu • • Hn«lur d and |jo<l . will :;row." That IH an asHumptlou!-^''"- .H ^e ""^ '..I unaloKv I.ctv.een the ilaws of winner*, of iba v the animal nd v.'gefabU worlds f and at first ihoaghi mlnht lu- con-j'^V"'" musica l .Hldrred as •(iraulng the lo IK J.OW" ""''estra was formed and il •^but If on-.' will lay atijilt <-ii;'.v Ilf •True storie'."' liintl lo rend a reiMIv fiiii- sto bnliiiii -The TiaitiliiK of mnn; IMrMi" the linw will pe,ir' Ko loUK iifier all. It fie tKidk bill the mind w tlinred it by ijo ui'-ai; i 'and If wil! iiiak<' one Ihiiik we ijo liuli- ennii'.,'!) of al Kv'T.v iii:"r- In n \.)i'l • I bobs up with a new 8chcni<| |\*lde,;is public (ii'-rItntioii his C.'i enmigli IV. Ibir- lie Mun-ii ar- Is It lil- lich fn- s Utile, hilieiiie was rnrrled ont In I fresliiiictiiH. Kver .v one votei r )avlM an ideal IIOMICM.S ^nnr li.iv ph«*.iiit memories off ih|is en- n x\\\n-A J".iiiltle evening! lip >;l. Ai)no!in<emenls li;ive been i-j-ceiv- >:nfl 'i 'ly eii iier.- »;f the birth of ,•» soil to pro- riiary'2<i. lo .Mrj and Mrs. bealtHy .nan .>.om. of 'Mlami. Okla.. to ;f)rau(iement for thj; youni folks"'ihey have given! tht; name. UCchard ;dnd II .nhv.iy.s feel rfioved to| I feeble :iMil intile r'^monslr;! tlio •.voiijig 'T KeiieralJon l)a.>; far. lo" many allraitlon from the home.. ! know who never di.seovoreil that home lif*' at Iiis coiiinian Went oiit lo battle Ihe Woi 'l own. Funny q;>e.stion. isn't it? writer iii in.s wanderings thousands 01 orange gr Flornia and oti'.er citrus pifoduciiig states lia.s ne'.'er seen one; Kwer befiiK that they are no! i-J-ereed and cajoled by,,out fmeuccs and environment into pro-) dlicing orangc.s instead iji "Whefefoie by tluir^fruits know them." * \ Tlie start ot an "oraiigi" the planting of a .lemon ; when the Ilttie" l<>mon i.s] eighteen inches high the slits .till' bark two ways. n eros.i :'''OUt eislu ilicll [ the ground, peels back the and inseiis u :,iny |bud cut' will sav ••' V.'ieii' ia i)oi:Rh the wounii to proti('.-t *t fro liiie mOHi proinirteni niiisiclan .Mr. K. W. ilaHlitnd,.:wbo slrerj ly irled lo play a nine on iPi-izr.-* irioiis erous .lin ne of was lUIUK- a tin iiorn Till' Washington birtiliday Voit=e a • Uecd. nee. for i Mr. and Mrs; (•harles already „f .AHIdrcd look dinner wlth| ii^^av ' (ormer'.i sister, j .Mrs. Ernest the dyers dvers |1 rc- j iokla- ather ne. Yet the I Mrs! William Snojlgraps sent a through ii.irtijjay cakcto her.daught<|r Al- [)ves Jn j ijpp ^ft-lio Jives In Colorado. fine boyjanrt family yesterday. Mrs. he had j ;„.j.ompanled tliem ' home an ! |turncd homo in| the bveiiing Payne 'Is lioi^c frftm homa for a Visit wi^h his 1 ou his Did. yon ever sec an oranko tree? j a,„i hi.s sister. .MissiElhel Pa the an- Tlie W. C. T. IT. met at fhe of Mr.s. S. M. Westlake orange ^ There was a good attendan 'It leaiou trees which hake ''ecnj meinbei^s and several visitors [aide in- present. lemon?., Lone .Muui Siindav vis pini and .Merle Ltley':] d. tor.~ al Jo<- Cjllbam": lero pito Bbriiigs of lola. Fjoyf (liillhahi of.Oas City and Heiie: 1-ffofd's. ! Mrs. Sam <?erdseri of .Moran M iyisiting at her fathers. K. O. Wor en. Sunday vLsitors at iim Cillliam'f „. , ._, , .fere Walker Oilllianis and Hcrle}! a \\ashir^gtons)^,^.f,.,,,.,i^ 1 I Frank Iludisiirs• of rni'>nlown| ^iis'ted h\s fatlier. Lynn jKuilisill .Siinda.v.. ! ! B, Uaylonss were afteriiijon visi tie re- .Mrs. will Feb- leber Whom home oday. ice of were at Diik -Slsson's SundKv. .Iijiburiie L'nton and I'.imilv. .Mr Mr»'. Canil Guff-y. Mr. and Mr- hk" C.»onlfeW,wid .Mi .^s Opal l)e 'c'l pf Ti'lewdaie. Kail-., wen jd:>y vleltcrs at the I-iiiliev Gill Sam Pyh's wub Called lo 'laili son. lov. a. (Hi aciouiit ol ll:e tleatl^ and burial oi his idaiiKhli c, .Mrs ijofirge f'aiijioline. She lias be .'nl !n very bad Ifealih for some tiin Misp Georcie I»ylea lia.s been i hen t<fv ;-.ome •.iiiie lielpln.i» rare U\r lier S!ie lea' OS to mourn lier deatli liiisband. fiith<y. brniliers. and liost of other relatives and friends will* ha>e the. sympathy of ib( nieighborhood. I Mr. and .Mr.s. Fred Bloom an<! r:|ili<jren visiied| at the Sam Pylo^ lijome WednoKday nfiernoon. j Mrs. Charley Cillbam visited alj .\. V. Gillham's Wednc'-day after noon. . . I Mr. ami Mrs. Mailer Cillham vis itcd at the iiomc Mrs. Cinha.m 'H '.sfsicr. Opai nnnj-aker, Tuesday. I Mm. Kralik Brriwn Iielned Mrs Sam I'vles' with | her work Tues dii)'. is tlicj .Mrs. IJelberl Sis •Grandma Sis.soi libme of Mr. and son. : Mr. and .MrK. IJonnie Mutton an nounce the birth of an ll-poiim sbn. Mother and babe are gcltinpj a ong fine.. jlaifher Gillliaiiis. Frank Coon k-e shall ELM CREEK (.Mrs. Ben Friediand) ; tree is Feb. 20.--^llcnrj- llubbardi call- |eed and led at the John (Jramcr home Sunr about <iay. I ' , .CTowcr, Mr. and Mr.s.iKd Murphy arid son. fr.rmins Phillip s|)ent Siunday in thb Henry!J;)c. Gillham's W«| The Murphy Opal UcHaved Howard field's and Miss wjere evening gtie.sts iat McCloud's Tucsda>'. Frank Brown threshed at l.ulhei^ !;i'Iham'>- Thiirsdjiy. Mrs. Edward Sissoii helped .Mrs Luther Gillbam pet dinner fori thresher's Thursillav. : .Mr^\ Lester Gi laspie visiii.d a idiiesday. s are ; —For prompt f'laasifted Columnls results uso the fr'<ni 1 iiul)bai-d home- corners from Colony. rom we Albert Alley i and parents ilioved bin line onto their pla^e in this nci«hbor- iM.r ..<....... .-. . -• j" infee- hood. ' ! tion and other ojit.side InBlucnces.' John Cramer deliorned his cattle I'Tom the bin! Springs nnottier twis; j Wednesday morning. 1 much like- th^ orjigii^l aiid soon lola Euglish: has been ill sine • j AI.TO GLoVK—O^ie. lopt on ANNOUNCEMENTS Stnirrd. Lp !dds tair to milsti't;). it\in p But one i;; ajlenfjil and t an oraiigc'. cru'wing side liy tile same '.'"'t: .aock: Dr. and .Mr. Hyde. In due t sron i-r (•onies ("aliiim and towth. Thursday with an attack of jacniej i>v»anion-. Kew I'e other appendicitis, .^he was taken f.o St. j .\. B. .Morrison ; side on John's liospitai; Tuesday and iinder- Je<kyH went an operation. Friends] and ; I>->ST—New cow me the neigiibors are anxious about ons ofl ijtilel sufferer. neiKliliorhood have been nuni'jrous. had ck. S. iJepiirt- HoRS, .1. op $11 1.65: heavv $lll.:t5'5i lli4ii: 1i-l 0.50 i pigs hrjavy weight 11.25'ft 11..S5: Pfiqkinp sows Oattf (10.60: slauphtj e 20<i: fat cb^s np;,bnll,s 25c to 40c cr.s istTOng: light kiijd $2 \o $2.50 lower in[ weeKs: heavy steers 512.i>0 bulk heavies |$ ibeail yearlings $12.25 jllngis $12.50: week's Hgtt and medium $8.T^(£ 11.00: stockqry $7.5J)i8.50: fat coW] fat heifers $7.00*7 8.7 $4.40'g4.'m: light veiill I2.(<|l. She<i ,$1425 'feejlin week'd $14175 lanih: $12i35:| ulk K <-:.-h p 2.000: for wefk 82 ^ stationj. 12.6^0 top' fed wp.sf natlveei $14.25] SK-lhl .eartirlg $12.50: >3 fat ewefe $9.0(jfi shearing lambs $1.-1.60: l #rices fed western 1 •?*.50: natives $1.>.00 pe(i;ia nbs $11.00«^f245; iViiffii: yearling:. i,-dthei|s $ll«i 12.35: I fat ewes $7.7 lag: add shearing ; la 13.5.0. Mil; >>5: 200 liofind 210 to 250 Ilium $U.:!5 1.S5: light pits $ll!?I lOij id 15c gbelr: veal- I $1 lower. I4si three xtr<-me lop l.OlKrr 12.25: hiixt-d yearprices: steer* feeders $5.75'?j 7.001 c:r'ers .ai rs l«i .0O@ cllpi ld6ubli rb IS at from dirjv ; the land's at thai ci:":ied he ! at feeding and keek's bulk W P- irtbs j $l3.ri g 13 .75: Viool c<ijll!< 9.00:-fefd- *12 .54 «J & WOOL HIDE. FUK COMPANV G(tl obr prlc ^i on, ! B. A.JOI^!«r| 111 Mf. mo iJ Pluiae I80: .Mr. Hyde giviiis I'r. Je<l^yll full "The "oases of mAisIes in swin? anil il develops i oran.:;e iii..> ostensibly yet lepuin sliown the error of ( JThiis !l is :ils'>. v.illi ih«' plfinicve-pl tha* ibe lioy's tii^ns are not so solieitotis] illti;ti,i(e fruilage as i« ihe gmwer. CN.VNV C ito an it is a Koiir of the Byrd children .< iways. ||„.,„. I.aiira, Marguerite and J. humnn ]{. liraysim are liaik in scbool'afler Lissoria- haviuK tiieni. Billy Grayson and; "1 DEWITT .Mr. and Mrs. M'alter Bak.(r. Dorothy -Mae .md Grandma lowland spent Saturday at "J. A. Crifs's. .Mr. and .Mrs. Leo Fiederiek spent Sunday in Humbobtt Mr. Frederick's mother. .Mr. and Mrs. Fcine railed at ^'?l ;.S^!^^L ^^'^^r f TwentMlvTlLrs ago.; A Ixirretta Howell was a dinner guest .of Ruth Strac ernoon eaUcrs weri> .\ud Ross Press and ThelmaiOs James Lobdell spent S afternoon wilh Allen Cress .Mr. and Mr.s. Leo Frederi ed at Will Work's Tuei^da .Ml s Will .Moon, entertain a shut-in party in honor f"°Aft nuffv was/the i rst athlete th ! for bills. If you rUv and'iiaWish th* recor of 9 :?-r. seijonds , rander. tor running one 1 undred yard^. [iturday ^..„,ov^ninJ at Teo Fred- k call­ ed with ' Gladys lied at were served, by Mrg. Mo(j Mrs. Wagner. .Mi>'. .Hcr.steia. . Mrs. Moon'and. Hazel f.'onklin c ilenry St rack's Tuesday evening. ' Mr.a.1,1 .Mr.s. I). W. Difiiar's of (j'lianiiie spent Sunday after Wm. Krueger'f. Millard and Allen Cre) Homer and Charles Ostrand<i Sunday afternoon with the boys. I Mrs. M. U Kirby spent Saturday" afternoon vfitl • Mcs- Strob ' >rr .s. Scaft ijpent .Monda; noon at Wnj. Kru'eger's. ' The threshing machine 1 neighiJorhooid at ibis writiuk. Mrs. Stiniop and Paul •» ter Baker helped J. A. Cn k/ifir corri-Wednesday. 'Irs. Walter Baiker Doorijliy .Mae i and Grandma Rowland Hpe^t Wf;d- nexday wUh 'Mm.lCreiiB. .Mm. -A; K. *Fo)rtef 'iip«»nt day« last w«Vk lii lola at ^he bed Hide Vif her moth+r who itl * day nlfhl,' i ' }\jrj' tJlad.v>t .M'non, .VrJ. Her- •tteln and lla;'.i-lj Conklln .tpeui the ; Eakin Hardware Ina 's im N. Keiiiicky. Pho. Ibis LOST—Tbursflay lola lind llay.ird storage !i;itfery. l<-av'> al Geo. Hi .'S'inp. Itd^i. and of the oranpe LAST. Mary now. Jane Fr|edlund have Ifhemi'j.NT, LOST—Heavy while | gol .i i Faye aiid rilmrUy Criainer i w,th ''K''en?--av are Just recovering Mr. anil .Mrs. Jack Tawney >on .Miiriijy from west of th< from an- attack. | and river spent Surlday in the Johii Shhrrill j l;ome. .Mr. and Mrs, Arthur C arke o: lola wero Sunday visitors khere also. • ' ; ; .Mrs. P.en Frlcdliind. Panlin. Virginia Guv had the flu last ^--jek. i , Mr. and ^^irs. .1. S. Uced bav.1 just I pCBLIC . SALE I>ATES finished a nice new brooder Ivouse.; ran. Selma. Kajis.. K Tuesday evening} at Leo Mr and Mrs. b. B. Howell| and land Mr. and Mrs Ira Howell ipent I Sundav evening lit Henry Strick'S; .Mrs." Henry ^rack^ Ruth I and ', Dale and Mr. 'Ph:)Re IIS-IW. AUCTIONS Anctlotas I PL'BLIC AUCTION—Public Auctioni ,' every Saturday 4l 1:00 o'clock at! an<l , jjijijion's Sales Pavilion. t. Found rd for ret I t bi^h St ill haHer lie) ween <tore and Cf>pen t.">7.t id S'orih rn loli 1. »tdan: 0<!ge lUiie. I sbupt 1 [ f 1-iist 1921 .Nash G()OD ; I" Clievxoletj rflef' roa! ail in ?o Ularage. 2: i :oa«-hes; lister. T H! siiape. il West s J .ickson. D CARS—192:! 6 Nash 2-door tourin;;: 1924 tiurins: 1^22 0ldsmobi !e JkU of these cars are In Nash .\lolor Sales Co., Phone 720. nable tborije _2r? AND jon farn^s timk rate or Bllort iMONHY TO [JED C.VRS -Two one 1923 Chev- I lese cars are i B. T.. Barber ;; reel. Pho. 515.' OAKLANri Dealt -I" 23 Oailaiid land shaiie; '2.| Ford roi^jdstir: Ittidor; '2il Foril. cjouire. tires; "2^ Hudson shape; Chcvrc Stitdeb.iker 4-pas.<! shape. -Several oil er cai;s. Hijjbart-Steel Fori) toiiringp. .'Via C(K. I'.uUjt Dealers l ^->r l| east «irn monle^ to loan oh fai|!ii and rs --PONTIAC' au sedan, fine r 2« Ford J f<?": balloon' 'reat:^ sedan, good! Ill eoiipc; '21; coupe, fine: M^^o.' JLR BARGAlS^"^ 1926 cheap ^j^. j old: sotin Clirvrk-r-i"iO" rondtter: »»24 Ford. ... confr; • Nlaxwell sf«lan; sev.eral | IT Auto supply city uv year^ some .Mildi-d. Kan4 Sam .Moraji. Kans road. Ponltry — ;BABV UI.N'G—Slaiter.; horn Pline-1 Pbon 1921 I-tullD TOi: j rlim lier. l;:onrl ••ubli«r. new j nix lirow-'n iiaini, pood iipholster- ! iiig. gooij top. Gn irSiiU'od. M'.-ii rarrby .Motor Co.. 212 S.'Wnifh- ! iisaton: IPlioiie .sai! U'i-. KOnil) TOl'UL "l 'G-.N'cw tJres..- 'jWtl* called jj -oifiKiiial Jfinisli. uicii •M PONTIAC COCll >lnr 212 S. J .shape. Bbyerj lili. Phone 23. like nevit Hhbart-S and is fully e iteeie Motor Co. Auto Accessories, tires. Parts 13 jVVRECKI.'j 1921 tij-es. hu npers. ligtlts. used parts. Jdl-wViitji^yrccklaj^ Co._PhQ^7S2. FARMERS ATTENTION — Plow w irk ot si arpencil w )rk ani Sfttth St |F:\|K.M HAND—Wan iiitli, I II. Ililzer. eveiiitiK b«>tween a 12-voli y.xiil FMii.ler lidea- er's .\iilo liep.dr to etve rewani RUHflMl. BAfSY Wje ire givink ten ills, of Siiari E—This car Is luippcd. fdeal IHs. brooi yash six. good BUSINESS SERVICE Bnsin^ss Services Offered 18 all kinds. Disc harrows Blackrimlthing. wood 1 general repairing. 301 C. C. Mct'arty & Soil. HoTingr, Tracking, Stonge 26 ICOIRR TkANSFER Btbrage. | long distance battlihg. eaaonable rate.s. PrbfessioiDil Services SUiRGERV —.Mediclrie, X-ray. Dr. Lcnskl. Phonesj: office, 886.; rtjsldenfje. 1126W. Starting; t*Vc have era on tl) ami jfee them, per dgfr. Stu 220 West Strcjet. Ki'.GS M!le Barred rocks.; .*:;.oO per ^OOJ. Inorth Li Harpei H.| Peet. KO<r^-For hitching from puj bre<l R. I. Rel -stocli: $3-per 100 .Mrs.'G. G. D ck. L^Harpe. Kans EGGS|-Buff Ri>ck, for .fetting. X W. norti EGGS Comlj White purebr PhonS? 996F34 EGf>S ling. i-Wbite Phone Buret. CO.— i*acWng., Phone HO. 28 EMPLOYMENT ireip Wanted UHale ed. by day or 1 nioue 95(1-23. LETT rsi HELP YO t.i: $10(1 |a monlb. iii^itiliitiWn rapit-ali/' liiii dollars, has .iij i-:^liy fo • energetic !n liuil'|iiig nermaij IK s-net-* of liis ow^ 2z:. JOI(M Sexton ( ;x;!iii ;iso Mfl.MO.N DOLLAR loiy •Uk<^ permano i() in Old En:;li:.b.; lOA I JfiO to s 'and iKi j ('r»'<iii. 'aii^i rea Paii't Coi 0 a week Ills direct iOutfil fiee. I ooperat -Ed Co. i;- •b* 2»i. If i interested In anj* of these sales.! thur: •i-rite E. E. Hnl|. Bayard. KiUis. j are interested or ' are expecting tfi' eniplov an auc-' fioneer. write rati at Hayard. Kas .' or telephone 6:;"2. Kiiicnid. at my:' S :pense. .My reference /s my work:! the sales. I ;! mother. Mrs. WHiteman. Fri lay aft- j ri ";vei"f "i^VreltK and C-athtrlnc! ernoon. ' Deliclohs refret hmeni.-j kt CharleV Stroll's Monday evening. AUTOMOTIVE S3 EGGS i{—Hose tjomb S'l^er La baby Hess EGOS Tom eg? baud Kent for Oar MAKE, $2(10 .^n old reliable d at one fnil- 1 NO.N'EI 1 opening lo- inan intei;ested tf\t profitable Writ* Dept. v.. Box H. JL. and Pudd or R.^ PCLL horn Phon TO CI. PAINT F.VC-i litj job Rooil for j elting i-o(>riiis I fo user on; , fe>n. Progress , Deiiu J^7 _Clj-veljind.;,0. IFINANCJAL . Business OpiK>rtuiiitlp<* •TS •()R SAL property E—Or will trade for Idla COWS milk some C. L. nvjnt anjd service • Hblished if sold 'Kllit' .Moior Co. Completi^ auto e(piip- CHICKSl from h 955F.'5 jservice b. WafibIiieto)n_ tlTY L(i)ANS—18 5%. citir 6Tr. Li in R. M. Cuniiingb LE ' llOAN—Pi-irate iiii iiiioperty. Low rit Ternjs and pjiymene; to suit bjorj- rewe f. Stewart & l ^imk. EST(^cK ; fttUe, Vehicles fe.ALE— Pliir w4rk mares. ol(I: pjir work -mules old: tw|> 3-ye4r-old beife |-s farm m ciiine«y. Sam Py OOD HCRSESt-3 to .". ye ir iiveight 1 !00, wi-Il bn>ke';ni ^elmsj 3 miles e[iH U liiile south I, ind Sitpplles -Choice \VixH'.- I iiviest llaylng stn in evenings. : Edwinl CH'CK* ng Food Idl Free iwith each or atjlhe Hktchfj Food. $3.5(1 per Ithe beiit coal and e mailkct. ;Come fCiistoiii hatching, dy Chick Hntcht Moss, .VIoran. mifcs 'West.. <>n^ R. R. 12. Wyandotte Rbse purebrled, $3.00 per ; Oft. W. L. Zink. fWvandotte i for s et 994-12; EJ R. A Wyaiklottes. a chi'-ks, HumboMt, Ksais. j -For set JRarrdn \ 'hitc firoducin ; ed. A. fecky roai ting. 'Pure blooiled HIGHEST MARKETf-Piicea piiill ~ e;g» and i poaltryil i( chicken poops 1 ra [ " at ydnr servii e to piclfup poil-^i cream, Iruck am) try. Barker PdoduceiCo.' Pbo. 6E8j BETTE chickfe on Tbofe, I—Stiirt your hibi rowing n. for 8 C. .McKi •;TS -Pui| pullets 979-32. OCSE ( settinjt;. 25c and feni! Ohio. Io( ation t oneol S Kation .in es- Wlll sacrifice [ 'C .Murphy at: tie HBd hogs. irii.k an<t fruit lam Kin Grande Valley develop it; will cd .sniall property in payment, .\ddress P. Q. Box 291. Chanute, Kans. take' one- giicd lower • .\RT.\ER—Wanted to la-.^- , , • , , i:a!lf iotercst in 2o |a<-rcs ..f g.icd j CHUN^C WOODj-Forj sale.jj in the lower ! timbei , Te.\ari. and ; Swihlj nsiler taking I lolt as part PLOO' or $3.$ kd. Ph' RUGS goleujns. some and tB). Henn -otaic .Vircrcdii].-:! •a 01 |ry "•;2.\*D li\ND HtiVTLNG STOVES-j- $5.00;per 100. 4 .">c each. John Ii«ghoms. h straiin. $4.00 0. Spcegle. So Phbno 9W-11.^ . Southard Start Buttermilk Ch le at; your groc^rji iney Feed; Store. le bred White L some roost^lrjj EESE E(;(;setieh: -also ;ile • i-aiiaricH Wanted+LireMock -Want t I buy a few| <ows. goK1; bunch of good brcibd sows or Kent. Cglofiy.i WANTOD TO BUY—All kinds ckt- ButcMer. fleljivered. kne .113. j Linoleiiths atjd cHn'- 9xl2isizes jfoj ngei'ts FurW lant 4$ or tri mak4. tary iiid raiiltigraph work; don Roona W-11. pv^r Globe Clothier^. KAFin! burrs iluel, Fejpd,' Fertilizers .jS :, HALEI? ton. ' south' CI ;A ?V1' sale. Don't Brysi) 49 C3ED •pan 'bys. ;nln de. Adding machines, at y Public sstenogi;apher. ti^- FODDES-^lc bundle. 1 S. T. Ba.xiley: Plibne 9.S7-2J.; AiRTMENT--4, roims. madernj lireakfast no( cl.' AP TIMOTHY Si A. aiid 1>|> ton. $12.( Johnson., half ' mi le' west -Moran. tnil R] HAY-fiGooil. loose. Phone psy .\3. ' [_ lioaiir'^oid Goods FLB.VITUBE--Ii line (( carry a M omidc iFA H. sc in. Phone imtW AjRT.ME.N'Tl—3 ri>nii;. modern iiii i fro stiiiel. it. dOwiista Phoie l:?!it;! Farms and Ijind first floor. 210. Ea.sM le or sec t.M—For rent. Bnrtiss. Hiiin!?(|ldt^ Kans. I'ltr Kent 7 (f .Mri Honses for flil -iit fdr i HOI BE—7 rooms mi: ed. ! Rent cheap. 1 5giHt)l1SE—^lodern SCMII ;r.iom. two -KJ Monies South ot H i'i|i'.ri-. Phone' {L\S ) R ,V.\GE— 2 riiznor hairs. ;di|ilinK table, ijewiijg | LARGK bed. , roachi^ie. rocfce|-*^ dres.-^cr, oilipiini "•• " licles, trade f barrel tritck^ wagon, otlijir :i also 2«|r icres land for sal or relit. I See me a' jplac bloijki*' nor-ili<iasi Coiinfr.V Cjujli ter thiiii;Friday. .March Dot 1 Airs. lUilu B.iDrmn. D. Pt-RNITl|UE -.Stoves, jiieabl tors, fiirni mtiehinery .i K";)! asy riayil<'»l=*- Ciirliit i!a $tore. linjiarpe. i Reznolrs and: furniture, good n!?w. t:heap. i I|JB11C>: Hqfel.J ]irarlilne!r}{ and Tools ' (il T8l bed nd Pi I gli B .M6WI:;G .MAClilNES—one Eme son, (ne McCcjriiiack. good; one for s^le; also] 4-ycar-old : mu.l lola R. 2. .\!ns'.iri Mnskal TRUMl^ET—Holjten. E Flat, leather case, 8 inoutb pieces, music rack, like new, used only few timeb. WilL^II for'$3|).00 less than cosjt. , Sl^eit K.! LN'OtA SEElD iOATS—Tested. :,(] bp. at W. Bros.. .Mercbani^se | 02 at thei^RiegLster. S^eds, Fliuits, Flowers AlLPAIiPA SEED—Best Kansds gt-owi; "ikoine: grown orange ca4e s^ed. Shannbn'u Hardware.! KANO';'A SEED OATS—At n farm. 50c per bushel. C. O. Bol lijnger lola. Kans. farm. :'i;;;mile cast Carlyl Shadwick. lU'SW. new aiid used furjiiuirl.'. forgeti pie when huyiiiC. I Furn: Store. .V Jeflier.soh. . lights. <«ty water. lU TUFCEE ROOM ligrits. <«t.v wa So:i'th Cile$in"ilt. See [:!REAI7ESTATE U.-^K—Electric liated ill 508 .'II. A .Sclilick. Business, Prbpertj FOR SALR rf-— -—— for Sale W FILLiNf; -STATION'-! i!!g gjiod 'business.. Blohn^. Peerless Oil iilfi jl'l"'"'!'-... Foinns and I^and ! 211 ACRES—Chi.ken south.; tlnniliol'll 111 j fie.'! sy. M. Eudiiott. Honses for Mi^le ; (tOTTA(;^:—.\i'i.- I riiflm. on payed : afreet: will exchart Arbiickie Real Esta HOI'SE -5 room.lion lot.;-w:. S. Ford. I. d to' niove oft bHarpe, Kans.' (-"- HOL'SE—Six ropfn twiji lots. Jackson lljealty Co.. over Brown's Dnig Stor HOUSE—Five room ble garage, good I ' Rent her. SnbBrban for K.jl.N'pVA SEEDj-Oats. SDc bushel: Peri'heron |staIIions. oM eiyjuBili SCRCRBAN BARGAI^' -12 acres on X Pi hl,i;hway aJljoining La- provembnts. lan location Hafipe. attractive -frurr. choicest stil) ir. Allen coiinty, prtided very low for:nuiek sale. Mttght lalie part trade. Also forty orres rich soil, well imprcived: on gnfifivel road. Int- mediate possession; Heiiderson Realty or izS. Wanted—Real HOUSE—Five or six witliiu seven block f<}>r stjrvice. :Chas. Franklili.' Mil-1 give price and loc in. hans. ; : • ' : j Box 2ti6. -lola, Kan.- i CLASSIFIED DISPLAY 11 tim g(|od she hos .50 A. Sto 60^ EXCEPTIONAL USED f3ARitALUES A t 'ai 'd Car la aS" Dependable as the . I : • Dealer Who SHl.H-ft! we 1 \Vc have|rin hand at pf-esetij ave eVijr njid thai ini.ikt be lunstj •fen other good cheap; Forjl tourings and loadstc move.; IVe trade or sellon eiisy t«)rms. Dodge Brothers Cars—JGrahani Brothers^ Truc^ •j : tile Iiijst its.^orlsiietit I moved ito. make room 1 lern. furnish- S. Third. 77 ^or sale: do- riiqulre J. W. .4callon,. north ibr .Sale 83 5 farm, mile ij will sacrl- I-iumboldt Rl. c>- for -I stack. mcKlorn. wilh modern, aou-r cation. .John l |al< 87 [this is n snap. Co. Phone 6 Ksfate SB room m (Klerit._. <fof SMuare: . lafion. P. O. p eii rai -H |>i1 I 'iiir ucw siocl cars that are now cquiinfj in. net; hMfiir. SK.OAN . Mme as new. 92fi DOUGK S|M »RT ROAI STER, slightly used. 9*. IiOD<<E TOI'RlVt;. winter top. a real r-ilue, 9 £l IMIOipK CtHPE. » real sertieeable r«ir. 923 BlflCK SHORT ROADSTER, looks and runs jiHe new. 926 OAKfi,\M> LAMjAl' ijil-DAN, at a bargain ptiije. 92C ESSti-V COACH. VHKhMr 9S.>i -'OR0 ROAD.STEK, a teal huy Two 1926 [FORD COFpES. same as inew. Two :1925 FORD TOIRIMJS. worth Ihe money. _ iPwiFOKO rrKrC 'Ki Wb bfMl.' and everitiling al jm'ice dis- rouiill. ELIilS MOTOR COMPA si that wl; WY

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