The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on January 23, 1892 · Page 2
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 2

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 23, 1892
Page 2
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frOeTVlXM*, BAT-DAY, JAN. 33. "W. : K. lYOBDICK, Sditor. Sntertd at the posloffice at Postville as ttcond-class matter. HABNBSTJTESa AND PZKBEVEB- ADDITIONAL LOCAL. —Tuer are beginning to term it the fiv* coal congros*- Economy U alwej* cotnmendablo but nehuriousnuss for political effect and buncombe is (intest­ able. We ware miieh pleased with Mr. Lockwood'a remarks on Sunday craning relative to earnestness of purpose, labor and perseverance in order to itchlore success in nnvlhios; in (hit world. We henr so niucli in these Inst days about the poor being ground down and financially enslaved, und 10 mueli about lejislatioe that will compel the rich to divide with the poor, no matter whether tho lRtter are deserving or not. that wo lika to see the elements necessary to success pluernl M the f once in a while. There are certain traits ot character that miiic be either natural or acquired or >?• shall always be poor, no matter what legislation wo have or what opportunities we enjoy. There ate exception* to all rules but we beliore it to be the mlo that wo are the architects of our own fortune*, it *• desire to be wealthy or well-to-do, Ind dosiro it suflloii'ntly to conform to the ncccsiary requirement?, ivc JISV measure up reasonably near to our rational expectations. It is impossible that we should all be rich, and it would tie bad for tho raco if we were; but w* ought ail to be in comfortable circumstances, and thu ruio is that we might bo it wo would always use our best judgment in that direction. To us it looms idle talk that the government or any political party is rcs- ponsibio for povorty iu this country, where labor is so richly rewarded anil whore the necessaries of life are so cheap. This reminds us of a letter to the New York Tribune of recent date, from R. G. Horr, of Michigan, on the sulijeet of tariff. He says that somo years ago he investod a liirge amount of suoney --all the accumulations of hi* life up to that time, in real estate in a certain locality, only making partial payment. Everyone said thu invest•maul was a good one at tbo time, but after he had made the second payment tho beoru collated, the property deprc- ciatsd and ho lost every dollar lie put into it. Ho says ho never charged up his loss to the government, to legislation or to any political party except to the party by tho name of Horr. We believe nearly all our failures are attributable to causes within ourselves, oad that it is impossible to make us goed financier* or business manageis by legislation. All that legislation can do is to put us on an equality with other men botoro tho law, and then we must "work out our own salvation'' as best we may. A few will get rich and a few will remain very poor, whilo the great majority will be in moderately good clreumstances, just according to our predominating traits of character. Since history began this has been the way of tho world, and it always will be. If we want to do better taan we have beon doing all wo have to do i* to work and osrn more and spend lies, and not be everlastingly charging our poverty to tariffs, to a Jack of tho circulating medium, to an extravagant congress or to the man in the moon. Othor men are constantly rising with the same conditions surrounding them that surrouad us. We mvy do the same it w* will. For our part wo know that we oould save uioro money than wo do, and U it nobody's fault but our own that wo do not. tt might be more satisfactory to our egotism to shift the responsibility somewhere else but it would bo dishonest to do so. All that we are expected to do is to improve the talents we have and make tho West showing wo can, whether it it along the line of finance, statesmanship or religion. No two human beings •ro constituted just alike and no two will rise to exactly the same degree of - eminence or suooess. In tho great drama of life if we act well our part, hovr, aver insignilicant it mar be, we may bo sure that "hero Ml the honor lies." THE Des MoineJ Register copies an editorial from the Sioux City Timet, a republican paper, on tho proper action tor tke republican* in the Iowa legislature to take on the prohibition question. It advocates moderation but hopes enough republicans will vote with the democrats to securo repeal. The following extract Is from the closing paragraph: ."The republican party is all right. Unless all signs fail no plank in favor ot prohibition will again (lad place In the party platform. Almost all the republican leaders in the state and •very party paper ot more than local Influence haye shown a disposition to rologate the dispute on tomporanoe method* to (lie rear hereafter." And this attertloa It true. Nothing uow bet tke inconsequential local pre**, and only ouoe in a great while on* ot these, pretends to advooate hanging on to the corpse ot prohibition. Iu every tente that Is a dead Issue, and very . dead at that. Hereafter a man may be • a republics if be wants to and not be a prohibitionist, in Iowa as well a* in Wlsconsiu or Illinois. And It will bo a long lime in the feture before any psr- ly will pin '.11 kopo ot suocess on such an issue. A patty in a state hat no right tu formulate conspicuous lttuet not found in the national party platform. To attempt to do to it simply to ' disrupt ih« party la the state attempting it. "State rights" will not work in politics any better than in government. The party mutt be national or nothing. It team* that the supreme court of tbo United State* bat doolded the *s*o ot «»• D M Moines land settlers against tbem, and these settlers will bajre to be '•rbnett frees their homes whleb they here ocsjupled for twenty-nve years. It ie probjMy l»w hut it to not Justine, —We are pleated to note that our old greenback-democratic friend, L. D. Vanfjorder, secured tke position of assistant doorkeeper of the senate. The democrats are on til led to these positions this year, and Van ran do the job as "neatly aad completely" as any other man. —There seem* to be a "oombino" on dry wood, and the price is held at CS.tO per cord. The people were Willing to stand thi* price while tbc roads were practically impassible), but they are not willing to do so now. If the prtoe i* not reduced, a good many people will put in cuM stores. A fair price will be bet', for all pat tics. Winter Excursions to Wanner Climat. Excursion Tickets to Mexico, California, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, the Gulf Coast, Texas, Hot Springs of Arkansas, and Kxcelsior Spring of Missouri, now on ealt by ngonts of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Eail way. Apply for rates aad oilier Information to tbo nearest agdnt, or address Geo. U. Heaflbrd, General Passenger Agent, Chicago, Illinois. —By order of tho board of su porvisors, aud in justioo to thu people of this section of tke county, all parties, the REVIEW will this year print the proceedings of the buard in full, iaciuding bills allowed, reports of county oiUcera. electiua tables, etc. To nil intents and purposes, except the amount of compensation, it is an "official" paper. As the law IOW stands this is all that could be done, and the supervisors are entitled to thanks for thoir action in the premises. —A SOLEMN conclave of mugwumps was held in New York last week, with delogates present from all parts of tho country. Tkey met in a restaurant and ninncbed and munclied and muuebed, after which they talked and talked and talked, as is the fashion of thoir kiud. Tho thing they wanlod to nettle was who they would vote for for president. The name of Cleveland was mentioned with sorrow and the name uf illsine with apprehension, and the conference- appears to have had no tan gible result. —A MitiisTXji in New York recently visited a number of the best liquor stores in his neighborhood and bought pint samples ot their best gin, whisky port wine, etc. In Ilia analysis of the '•pure Holland gin" ware found neutral spiiits, rotten corn, juniper berries, turpentine and vitriol. Tho Gno old hand-made Kentucky whisky con taincd neutral spirits, glycerine, sul phate of zinc, chromic acid, creosote unslacked lime and fusel oil; and llv rare old port had licorice, zinc, mereu ry, antimony, muriatic acid and alum --"Now thai lira. Burdiak hat gat chance to suck a little county pap it may quiet bis bawling so lustily about the other paporsi hereafter."— Wftukon ^ Domocrat. J ^*As tho Demoorat hat bad b'lth arm "in tli* public crib up to its elbows for tho pail thirty yaara, more or lets, has them ID iixed now; aad is liable ta continue them there "world without ond, tho above bray it uncalled for. The REVIEW asks for nothing but what is so cleat ly right that a democratic board does not question it, and even the Dom oorat practically eencedos it. It it skin off the knuoklo* of the Democrat, Ij^nd "bawliDg' - is out of place. - THK Andrews Opera Company mot with' a terrible accident on Friday rooming of Inst week, near Brainerd. Minn. The special train that had been chartered to convey the company from West Superior to Grand Forks struok a brokoit rail and the sleeper containing the company was ditched and burned, Mrs. Ed. Andrew* and her maid being burned in the wrock, and many others ot the company being more or Its* burned, bruised or frozen. The thermometer marked 46 below zoro, and the occupants of the car escaped with nothing but thoir night clothes on. W J Mitchell, county superintendent. [ J H Minort, county "sheriff. J F Dougherty, county treasurer. I £ Nasli, constable Ludlow township. A D Bender, constable Franklla township. Jacob Kumpf, elork Watetloo town- hip. Win Werban, justice of the peace Franklin township. The following instructions to assessors of Allamak<o county, Iowa, for the year 1892, were adopted by the board of supervisors: Valuation of all personal properly left to judgment of the assessors, said assessors to be govorned by the instructions on taxation in the revenue laws furnished them by the county auditor. Some ef tho assessors having been nogligenl heretofore in listing the following classes of personal property, their attention 1> called to th« aarao as follows: Vehicles of every desuription, except- ng lum>sr wagons and heavy sleighs used by fnrraors and teamsters for the purpose of making a living, to be assessed at a fair valnation. Musical instruments of ail kinds to bo Assessed alt a fair valuation. Itoad poll on all male persons from 21 to 45 years of ago. County poll on all mala persons 21 years of ago and upward. An alphabetical list of all persons subjeot to n<ilitary duty must bo returned. Also list all dogs over threo months old in the names of the owner, without fixing any value thereto. Tho appoiutmant of H L Johnson to the ofllc* of deputy county auditor by J M Collins, auditor, approved. Tho appointment of Hugh O'Donnell to tho office of deputy county treasurer by J F Dougherty, treasurer, approved. On the tax petition of Jno Monroe, t is ordered that the county treasurer receive tho sum of $76 in full payment for all taxes and penalty due against lots 8 and 9 and north M'faet of lot 10, in fractional lots 1 and 2, section 29, township 91, range 8, previous to tho tax sale and not included in said sale against said properly. On motion board adjourned to oight o'clock, a. m., Tuesday, Jan 6, 1892. TUESDAY, Jan t, 1892. Board met as per adjournment; members all present. Minutes of yesterday's proceeding* read and approved. Day occupied taking invoice of poor farm. FRIDAY, Jan 8, 1892. Board met a* per adjournment; member* all present. Minutes of yesterday's proceedings read and approved. Day occupied auditing account*. On motion board adjourned to eljrht o'clock, a, ai., Saturday, Jan 9, 1893. SATURBAT, Jan 9. 1892. Beard met at per adjournment; members all present. On saolion uf W M Kelly and seconded bv J U Meier, Henry Haas wat appointed steward ol the poor farm for the year 1893. Tho otllcial bond ot the following named officers were examined and on motion approved: J J O'Brien, constable Taylor township. Hanry Haas, steward poor farm. £ B Lamboro, clerk Franklin town- hip. G P Eel)*, justice of the peace, Ludlow township. Wm Nopper, county coroner. Balance of the day occupied auditing accounts. On motion board adjourned to eight o'clock, a. m., Monday, Jan 11, 1892. MOKDAT, Jan 11, 1S»3. Board met as per adjournment; members all present. Minutes of last day's proceedings read and approved. Day occupied auditing accounts. On motion board adjournad to sight o'clock, a. m., Tuesday. Jan 12, 1891 T UESDAY , Jan 12, 1102. Board met as per adjournment; members all present. Day occupied cancelling 4nrranta. On motion board adjourned to eight o'clock, a. m., Wednesday, January 13, 1891 Ordered that the salaries of county officers and deputies for the year 1892 be and are hereby fixed as follows: County auditor, fl200 per year. County treasurer, 31*00 per year. Couuty clerk, 11800 per yoar. Deputy county auditor, $600 per year. Deputy county treasurer, $6t0 per year. Deputy county clerk, t600 per year. The county auditor and county treasurer to nay into the treasury nil fees if their respective offices, and county clerk to pay into tho treasury all foes of his office 'excepting f 50 to be retained by him Iroru probate fees collected by him in compliance with section 16, chapter 134, laws ot the 21*t general assembly. Steward of the poor farm, salary tar the yerr 1892, $71U, said steward to furnish all help I" run poor house and farm at bis own expense and the auditor is hereby authorized to draw war- tnnta monthly on the county lund In payment for salaries uf county deputies, steward of the pour farm and janitor of tho court house and jail. Ordered that nllowancas commencing Jan 1, 1892, be granted to the following named parties: Mrs Mary Byrne, (4.00 per monih. M T Uglum, t6.00 per month. Andrew Ricker, $4.00 per month. Th» county auditor is hereby nuthor- izod to draw warrant* monthly on county fund in payment. Thu bourd rend and approved the minute*. On notion the board allowed themselves the following per diem and mileage: J H Meier $49.44 HFroelich 49.92 W M Kelly 49.46 The board niter tho reading of the proceediags, on motion adjourned. J M COLLINS. Couaty Aaditor. THE DEMAND For our Winter Overcoat*, Fur Good* and Suits the past month ba* been unprecedented. Never before *ince we have been in business have we oeen able to show such an Unequalled Line of Stylish Clothing for Men and Boy*. The reason for the great demand for our Merchandise is found in the following facts, viz: Our Superior Suits and Overcoats are always what is claimed ;for them concerning Quality, Style, Fit and Finish; our prices are never higher thau is warranted by their intrinsic worth. We have been in businoss long enough to know that our effort* to provide Absolutu Perfect Ueady-Made Clothing is appreciated by many of the best people ot this saolion of country. This shoald be a sufficient incentive toothers who have not yet favered us with their patronage. We handle Evcrv thing worn by Man or Boy. Honest Equivalent for every dollar will bs found at our store. In Gloves and Mittens wo knock the stuffing out of oar next door neighbor. J. H. GBAY, Tnn CLOTntER. KAILROAB TIMK-TAHXM 4 -.61 p. .1:29 a. On and atter Sunday, Nov. 23, 1881, train* on the C. M. * St. P. Ry. will leave Fostville at follows. OOJKO EAST. Passengers. No. J No. 4 (night) Freight*. No. 7 Way Freight.... No. 9 Timo Freight ... No. 11 Time Freight.. JOIKO WCST Passenger*. 1 night 11:06 a. M . 6:15 p. m .8:46 p. SB No. No. .11 .10 a. . .10:36 a. The Baal Estate Boom. Although it it now mid-winter, when real ettato it supposed to be dead, several important sales have beon made within a few days. Henry Kluss purchased tho Evan Bwenton farm at $60 per aero. Mr. Swenson turned around and pur ohasod S. C. Ferry's farm at *60 per aore. Jna. MoUulre hat told his tarm south of town for $60 per aere. M. F. MoGaberan hat told hit farm, consideration not stated. Seyoral other sales of small tracts of land are reported. In town J, B. Hart has pnroasod the meat market property he now ooenphi, of Fete Beuober, for aboat $1,000. Hall Ellis hat told at an advsuoe one of the lot* lie bought a tow day* ago. What othor locality can show tueh record in mid-winter? BOARD OF SUPERVISORS. ALLAMAKEE COUNTY. WXDMESDAT, Jan. 6, 1(92. Board met at 10 o'clock, a. m., Wednesday. Jan 6, 1892; members all present. Tax petition of Engebret Johnson, deferred. Petition of Lansing city council for a remission of taxes on $160, monies and credits for tho year 1891, erroneously returned against Julio Widmeier, granted. Petition of Lansing city council in regard to overseer of tho poor farm, not gvanted, board having no jurisdiction. Potition of A J Taugeman, ot al., referred to W M Kelly. Petition of P II Callahan, ct al., reforred to H Frooliek. Ordered that Wednesday, January 13, 1892, at 19 o'clock p. m., be the timo fixed for selecting tho ollicial newspapers of the county for tho year 1892. On the tax petition nf Mary J Bartley, of Waukon, it is hereby ordered that her property be not advertised for taxos by tbo treasurer until further notified. Potition of Chas Kriimuto, of Ludlow township, recommended by the trustees, fur an abatement of all penalty on the taxes now due against his properly, granted on payment ef tax principal on or before tho next session of this board. On motion of Wm Kelly and seconded by J H Meier, the office of ovorsoor ot the poor of Lansing city wis declared discontinued. Auditor's report of fees for September, October, November and December, 1891, show'ng $81.10 charged and and $79-86 of same collected and paid into coanty treasury, sxamiuad and ordered placed on filo. County treasurer's report of fees showing $30.19 collected and paid into county treasury, examined and ordered placed on file.' County auditor'* report of expenses as shown by warrants drawn on the several funds for 1891, examined and ordered published. Annual report of the following nam- ' justiees of the pcaoo examined and ordered placed on file: Tho* Maher, justice of tho French Creak towoehip. N A Nelson, justice of the Lansing township. Robt Mullally, justice of lbs Taylor township. M T Sanner, justice of the Jefferson township. lvcr Tliorson, justice of tho Center township. Joseph Brodoriek, justice poaea, Fairvlew township. O Deremo, justice nf the peace, Ccn tor township. B J Fjnnegan, justice of tho peaoe, Taylor township. Patrick Calahan, justice of the peace, Fairvlow towuthtp. W H Burtord, justice of the peace, Laming township. Wm Coleman, Jr, justice of the peace, Iowa township. H A Hondriokson, justice of the peace, Paint Creek township, Andrew Sandry, justice of the peaoe, Lansing township. C A Robey, justice ot tho peaee. Faint Creok township. C S Stilwell, justice of tho peaoe, Makna township. Nathan Denuison, jastlce of ''the peace, Uoion City tows ship. W A Haacook, justice of the peaoe, Franklin tewnsbip. J F Jaokson, justice of the peace, Lafayette township. W R Sullivan, justioe of the peaoe, Lafayette township. D W Douglass, justioe of the peace Jefferson township. Axel P Dille, justice of the peaoe Watorluo township. L M Bearoe, mayor, Waukon County olork'e report of fee* for November and December, 1891, show ing $205.90 charged and $142.70 of same paid into county treasurer, examined and ordered plaocd on file. Balance of the afternoon occupied hearing sheep oate of John Gilbert and James Shaff. On motion beard adjourned to eight o'alook, a. m., Thursday, January 7, 1892. W XD»*SDAY , Jan 13, 1B92. Board met as per adjournment; members nil presont. Forenoon occupied on examination of school fund accounts. Official bond of Robt Waters, Jr, as justice of the peace, Ludlow township, approve!. The hoard examined 'he several bide invited by them from tke merchants ot Waukon for the purpose of furnishing supplies to the poor huus>*, paupers, jail, t 'tc., and awarded the same to the following named iserohanti tor the yoar 1892: C D Beetnan, dry good*, clo'.hlng, furnishing goods and hardware. Olson A Rippa, groceries, flour and crockery. Carter, Kelloher de Co, boot* and shoe*. On motion of H Froelieh the following order in relation to the appointment of official paper* for 1892 was pasted by the hoard: Ordered that the Waukoa Democrat and Allamakee Journal he and are hereby dec's red the official papers of the coanty for tho year 1892; and it is further orderod that the Fostville REVIIW and Lansing Mirror be and are hereby legally authorized to publish tho proceedings of the board Including county officeir repovls that are ordered published, providing such paper* publish such proceeding* at a cost not to exceed 16} cents per square for eaoh paper. '— — On motion board adjourned to eight o'eloek, a. m., Thursday, January 14, 1892. TAX SALS KOTIOB. S TATK OF I OWA, Allamakee Co, To John Droderick, or any unknown owner of Southwest quarter of Northwest quarter. Section four, 7'owruAt'p Ninety-Eight Xorth, ilangt Three west of 5th P. M: You are hereby notified that at a public sale of Real Estate, for Delinquent Taxes, held at the Treasurer's Office, in (aid county, on the 6th day of Dacomber. A. D., 1880, the 'treasurer of said county sold to II. O. Dayton the following described Real Estate, to-wit: Southwest quartor ot Northwest quarter ot section Four, townsuip Ninety-Eight North, range threo West I of 5th P. if. h 1 Said certificate was duly assigned by H. O. Dayton to J, M. Itoberson, and , again nssignod by J. M. Roberson tu C. J. Wagner. And that the right of redemption will 1 expire, and a deed for said Real Estat* above described be made, to the utid<;r- jigned, the holder and owner of the Tax Certificate of purchase of snid Real Estate, unless redemption from said sale | bo made within ninoiy (90) days from the cumploWd sevvlco of this notice. C. J. W AG»EB. Dated December Slst, 1691. THE. WEEKLY. INTER. OCEAN 8TTXX CONTINUES Tbe Most Popular Family Heispapcr in the West IT is Tax BSST NEWSPAPER POS THE HOME /. THE WORKSHOP, oa THE BUSINESS OFFICE. »o* THE PROFESSIONAL MAN, THE WORK3NGMAN. oa THE POLITICIAN. ZT IS) A REPOBLTOAK NEWSPAPER, and as such Is ably conducted, numb*ring among Its wrtwrt u» aBKat ta th« country. IlpuBluiw*AZ& THE NEWS, and SHU Its raadara partaetlr postad on important aranta ail OTar- in* world. iu ZirreaiST FEATURES an •anal to thot* or Ui« bast maeeslnsi. Among it* contributor* an W. P HO WEU.B, rHAKS H. uTOOKTON, MKB. TKAKOES BODQSOX B0HNETT. If ARK TWAIN. BRET HARTE. MACT- BXOE THOMPSON. A, W, TOORQEE. ROBETtT XJO O IB BTEVENriON', HUD- YARD srrpuNO. dant&sr DARE, HAST HARTWEIIZ, OATHERWOOD. Freight*. TSo. 10 Chicago Stock 11:05 a. ns No. 6 Wajr 4:'0 p. TO. N«. 13 Milwaukee Stock .6:«5 p. a*. All Freight trains nicnlionrd, except ijio. VJ, carry passengers when jirovidsd with proper transportation. So. 11 between North McGregor and Calmar G. E. WllII'P, Agsat. B. C. R. &1T.R. E. No —, —. , mUT OtbsUB of BOI7KD IATTEHART It W1U UQV o«M«a t&AtTBE U4TER OCEAU publitttiO no j • J&egrular January Session, 1803 j. a. MEIEH, Chm'n II. MtOBUOII. WM. II. XMXT. The board of supervisors of AUaraa kce eotioljr, Iowa, met at tho couuty auditor's olttea In regular session, at X o'clock, p, ta., Monday, January I. 1892, Present, J H Meier and H Froellou, also W M Kelloy, supervisor elect, who qualified according to law, Oq motion of H Froelieh the board proceeded to cleot t\ cbnif nw». , J H Meier was duly elected ohalr man for tho year 1893. Tb» o«o!»l hand* - ol the). following Hftmva o<B*«rt mvt* eutmlned MM* QD M M. county auditor, peace, peace, peaoe, peace, peaoe, of the THUIISDAT, 4nn 7, 1802. Board met as per adjournment; mem- bo rs all present. Proceedings read and approved. Annual report of J B Minert, sheriff, examined and ordered placed on file. Trustee's report of Iba fallowing named townships, examined and ordered placed on tllu: Mnkoe, Center, Union Pralrl*. Laming. Iowa, Taylor and Franklin. Ordered that the county auditor furnish Wm Bhapherd with a Justice dock' ot. Steward'*, of tbc poor (Hrm report for the year 1691, showing tbe ooei of keeping pauper* at f 1,87 per weak, examined and ordered placed on 81a. Op the petition q( 0 O Howard on isocount ol erroneous asseumcni tbo ooh»»y troitfu.rer is ordered to rt(u.B,d to said Howard the mm of #9.40. - Bt>lan«« of th* day ooettpUd *.Bdit|og account* THURSDAY. Jan H. 1192. Board met as per Adjournment; mem bars all present. Minutes of yesterday's proceedings read and approved. Heports of J Leas, commissioner on bridzo, examined and ordered placed on file. Annua' reports of the following- naru ed justiaas of the peace examined and ordered placed on file: H L liagen. justice of the peace, Mnkae township, Evan Sweason, justice of the peace, Post township. Wm Shepherd, justice of the peace. Post township. Jno Kennedy, justice of the peace, Li nton township. Tho official bonds of the following named odlcers were examined and ordered approved: W F Norton, clerk Union Prairie, township. Joseph Fahey, coanty surveyor. . t On the tax petition of Mary Daffy, of Lancing, and Jsc B Elliot, of Waukon, he county treasurer is hereby instruct- 'd not to advertise thoir property (er axes until further orders from the board of supervisors. Tax politico of Uax Wittlinger, not granted; board having no jurisdiction. Ordered that tho bounty on wild animals be changed as follows lrom this data: Wolves. 11.00 for each saalp. Wildcats, 91 .00 for caoh scalp. Pox bounty discontinued. County treasurer's annual report with thu different funds examined and ordered published. County auditor's somi-annual settle tnent sheet with state revenue examined and orderod placed on file. On motion board adjourned to eight o'olook, a. m., Friday, Jan IS, 1892. r KID AY, Jan 15, 1392. Board met as per adjournment; mem her* all present. Minutes of yesterday's proceedings •'end ana appravod. Ordered that tho county be diyided Into districts for bridge purposes tor the year 1892, as follows: J H Meier oommittee eu bridges in the following named townships.: - Post, Ludlow, Union Prairie, Waterloo, Han over and Franklin. Henry Froelieh oommittee on bridges to the following named townships: Lafayette, Lane Jug. . CeaWr- trench Crt'ek, Iowa and Union City. ' W M Kelly committee on bridges^ In the following named townships: Pair viow, Linton, Taylor, Paint Creak, Jff- forsou add Makee. Eaoh committee i» heroby authorised to issua orders for repairs on tbe county auditor, said auditor to draw warrants on bridgo fund in payment On motion H Froellcli was appointed committee on poor farm for the year 1892. On motion J H Meier was appointed committee on oourt house aud jail forth* year 1892. Ordered that Bryan Byrne be and if herebv appointed janitor ot oourt house and jail for th* year 1891, at a salary ol *)10 per month for actual timo employed. Ordered that J U Collins be and is hereby appointed purchasing comrait- tno on fuel for oourt house and jail for th* yoar 189J, with Authority to draw warrants on county fund In payment (or same. Petition of 0 P Graves for a remission of 91 .00 dog tax erroneously returned against him (or tbo years J890 and 1891, granted. Petition ot Jas Dully, Sr, tor a rousts sion of all taxes du* against lots 1 ami 9 in lot 9, block 1, Village Crtek, grstnt«d. .<. s Balano* of th* day oeonpied 'among whool fund loam %nd ps,up*r nl|QWr an oos, .. . •.->.••<&.:! On motion board adjourned to eight o'clock, a. m., Sutuiday, J»tt 10, F. J. BBfcKEB, M. J>„ I3IO MEOPATHIC I PHYSICIAN A!in SURGEON. Offlo* on Second Floor oi Farmer's B U U I U DS. ] near Postofflou, 1'oitrtU*. Iowa. DR. J S. GREEN, riiTsicux * suuoaox, Office and Residence Southwest par •f town. All calls promptly attended J. SHEPHERD M.D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, u. i.riKiioiixmiiiia. OfBs* at raiiilauaa on Qreen straal, i**ond I boasa Bast ot H OT A MaKatl'a Uardwa:*. DANISL A. JEBALD, HVEerclisioat Tailor, Poatvillo, Iowa, All work^warraiitoi! j Q give satisfaction. A full lino of the latest styles n samples. Wm. SHEPHERD, ATTORNEY AT LAW, ru«ui'*uco At'tuti *Qd CoU««lor, AuthorlMd to practice In aUtbeconrU oftta* •test*, OiT)to ore* Lien'* #tor», UrUk block. ' acst** j*4r*<*nvioaiJlUCi * *> ._. JpEli CHAMDXABR HA .RRIB. ftnd TAME. XtmutbuwbiM—aUiAtTBi THE BEST STORIES AND SKETCHESIN THE LANGUAGE. It* rOHJHaV as! DOUXBTIC OORREBPOKDEKOH la vary *xt*naiT* and tha beat. TheToath'sDepirtnunt, Curiosity 8hop, Woman's Kingdom A The Heme A T * Battar than a Maoadn* ior tn» Family. Oneeita* Most Important Faaturai istba Dapartmant ot FARM AMD FARMERS. JMltadby-EX-OOV.-W. s. HOARD ot 'v7t*eensln. Editor and Propristor ot ••Board'* Dairyman." Toll ta a n*w taatora and an important on* to Aart- celturtsta. ^ AN ALLIANCE DEPARTMENT Baa also bun osancd forth* spaclol norposa ol dlsousslna th* auasUooa now agltattno th* farmvra of tha country. THE WEEKLY INTER OCEAN Is One Dollar per Tear, postage paid. THE .-. SEMI-WEEKLY .-. INTER .-. OCEAN Is nubllihad ovary Monday and Thursday at 13.00 paryaar, postpaid The DAILY INTER OCEAN in $6.00 fgg&gSQixa The SUNDAY INTER OCEAN is 2.00 J5$£Ett&m X4b*r*l Tarma to Aotlvo Aaanta. Band for Sarapla Copy. Address THE INTER OCEAN, Chicago. •AJlD LEAVING AND ARRIVING^ TIME OF TRAINS. DBCOKAII UIVISH1W. Tisue Tal'lo in efTect Nov. 15. Passenger going North South. Freight. North, J. E. 1SS1 .. MO. P M 4:10. " .3:45. P. M PKKRT AgtBl. 1892. Hairper's Sazai*. ILLUSTRATED. Harper* Hasur tf a Journal fur th* home. Tt givti tUe ]ftt (.'*tiufomiatlnn wilh r»carii to tbt» Fiiihioiii, anil Its ntiimrrou* illcatrutlom, Pailn dftlgut, and pattorn-slis*ct lUiirU-inenei aro inrliivanBdtiU alike to tUa hovxt <ir«««tufist «r an<l Ihfl prulo*iio &M luot.iitto. ho civ* 1 '* 9 i* tvat«t\ to mako \t* artUtio atiractiTDneia vt tbe higli^st onlor, I*.n bright ttorw*, airiuiiuK comadfoa. And thoutflitful cuaoi mtiify all tastri, and Ha lait ptga ii fatuuui ai a bud net of wit and bumor. Iu it* wfckly lisuof iirriythlng ll Included which it ot ijiterttat to wutnvti Tbc/ *»r|. Ms fur l^i W UU JC wrltlan by Waiter I)«iaut and U'{Hi«ni Mack. IIT% OUpaant will becoma n contributor. Marion Uarland't Timely Talk*, "Day In and Day Out," ara intended foi matron*, and Ht-Jm SAnr*h\)\ North wiii •j>aela!ly addTaxt (tills.. T . W . Hi«9liiinn In "Womm and Xloo," will plcaso a cultivated auditnoe. HARPER'S PERIODICALS Por Yean STATIONERY. Don'tforget, when you want | POStVlUe ^jUM plain or fancy Stationery, that j p t J, BETJCHER. Prop. I the Reviev/ ofilce ia the placo 1 • to get it cheap. DR. CE HUNT, TfiG De^TI5T. Pernianontly looatod in Poslville. Office over Waters & Kicoiay's Hardware Store, Brick Block. "l -TrVB ^mLAKDr "Veterinary SMrg-ecaa PosTvir.r.B, IOWA. Office first door East of liie Conuner- j oial House, Uruen St., Postvilio, totva. | A fine set of surgical instruments. } All necessary medicines kept on baud ! Thirteen Tears successful practice 1 Calls promptly answered Having purchased the origins. Po»t- viilu Dray Line I am prepared to ii'>all kinds o/"dravi"ff promptly, carefully and satisfactorily. (Jood teams, good drays and cnroful drivers Always at the service of tlio public, at fair prices. All kinps of ligUt or heavy hauling, in town or country promptly done. FOSTVILLE IOWA. CENTRAL MEAT MARKET ! I 'REU. N, BEEDY. :-PHOTOGrRAPHER.-:- Aod Dealer In Picture frames. Postville - Iowa The Old Reliable Meat Market, JOB* B. HABT, Proprietor. Opposite - Postville - Btate - Bank. None but the best meats purchased. Everything In first-olast shape. Courteous treatment to all. Prices alwaj s the lowest. 3. P. GILION, Prop. Having purehascd the above Market j of Sctiuler Bros. I propose to keep u ! first-class Market in every respect. 1 shall aim to keep at all limes an assort- j ment of the best meats the country af-; fords, and selling at ten lowest living prices. Having come to Postvilln to reside I invite a fair share of patronage, j and shall strive to give satisfaction. TONSORIAI. PARLORS. NBAS TIJB FOSTOmCE. All work dono io tha highest style of th* art. Satisfaction guaranteed. J. T. P AHKBR, Prop. R. N. DOUGLASS, Pass. J, V. SMITH, V. P. JAS. McEWEN, CisRisa. CITIZENS STATE BANK, 1 'OSTVIM.E, TOWA, PAID UPCAPJTAl, $25,000. 8AT0ROAT, J»o 16, l|M|;., Bo»fd met M per *4^mm^')»im aJiaSl On noiton bojvd atljourp«d t«\ ilithv b*r» al(. present. r ^ JIlirutM'of y«mrd»y'i prMitthi read And upprored. « * Iu pelltloo of Qu W SptOM, i jtroonq, ol «r4Q«giu MtfJimnl, i - Do A General Hanking Business. Buy and H U Forcijin and UotuwUo £x- ctb«D|o, Aooptinti ot Farmers, Herand others recelYed ahd Pare fsm\ \m on i\m p «po »m. f||tm?nt« n} ft (| f for ^|#|d9 parl»M T*rM\« twin L. STROEBEL & SON, — raoraiBToas or — Postville Boot and Shoe Store. (AT ABKITBOMa k aOLTBB 'S OLD BTABD.) Have a full line of Boots, Shoes, Slip- peis, Rubbers and everything kept In a No. i pen oral shoe store. Custom work and repairing neatly and .'promptly done. Evory pair warranted. We keep no shoddy. WASTED—Salesmen 1 Local and Traveling. To represent our well known house. You need uo capital to represent a firm that wsr- ranls nursery stock lirst-ulnss and true to name. ^'OUK. ALL THK YEA. II. 9100 per month to the right m.iu. Apply quiok, slating niru. L. L. SlAT A CO., Kariorynien, Florins and Seeiltmen, ST. I 'At;i., M1KN. (This house is responsible.) Si in 3 Granite Oenietery Work, Iron roncea, Curbing-<ftc. Tltoae iiitntidiiig to purchaso Monu- liiemal work for future delivery will liuil it to ihuir advantage t > ex a mi no M. V. Kidder's (iranite Work in Cemeteries, as ho is dolus Urst-classwork at as iow prices ns can be procured iu the country. If lie tins not culled upon you drop liJm a card at Dvcorah and he will bo uloused to visit von Willi Designs ana samples of all kinds of Granite, at thu lowest possiblo prices. M. V. KIDDER, 34m0 Decorah, Iowa. CHURCH DIRECTORY. CONGREGATION AT, -U.v N. I.. Burton, r*s- toi. I'teaol.luB ev«rji8undar A. U, and 7:30 P M. gabtatb Hi haul imuiadUtalv after urrntas setvioa, Y. 1', B. O, K. mssta every Sumlaj- «r«altn;a* 6:14. ]*ray*r lifting Wtduasitay evoiilng*. Ooncumptiou Ourod. An old physician, roll rod from practice, having had placed in his hands by nn Kast India missionary tho formula of a simple vegulablo remedy for thu "peedy and pormsy »nt euro of Consumption, Bronchitis, Catarrh, Asthma and Lung Affections, also a poeilivo and radical cure for Nervous JUubility and Nervous Ciimplnlnls, after having tested iu wonderful ciihtlivo,potvt>rs in thousands nf casus, has foil it his duty (o make it known to his suffitring ful- > lows. Actuated by this moiivo and a ! desire to relluvn Imman suffering, I will send free of charge, to r.ll who dcslru it, this recipe, In German, French, or Rneiiah, with full directions for pro- paring and using. Sent by mall by nil dressing will) stamp, naming Ibis paper, w. A. NotM, 820 Power's Blook, Roohester, N. T. 48yl METnODtST .-Rov. E.;J. LookwooJ, Pa.ioe. )'roaolili<g aorvloM every Suoi«ra» lO .'JDA M, and 7:80 P. M. fla4))>nth Bclionl lmtnsdl- atoty aftar moriiing 1 servlca. Ibo Ipworth L.»«uo every Sunday gvaning at 8:00 nalugk. rr »y»r maatluij ev«y Wednesday »v*»t **i at T:Wo'*to«x. Yae *(• •uussCJgr tavtt *<t. WONDERFUL POSTVILI.E XOJ9GES- NOBI.E iUPGE No 61. A.O.V.W. 'I tie Loyal Aaclunt Order of Uuited Workmen meets tho Second and Fourth Saturday evening* io eaoh month, in tho Masonic Hall over tho Brick Drug tore. Jonw W MJMW., M. W, . J AHH PmtRir, Recorder. BROTHERLY XOVX Z.OSGC, M . m, A . r. * A, M, Regular meetings on Tuesday tnn- .on or bjetor^ tbe ((ill of tht moon. ing «p or Miore, tD« iim oi tbt moon. • ig effcotc<I by l)rs. Starkey & Palen, 162'J Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa., in Consumption, Catarrh, Neuralgia, Bronchitis, Blioum- atlsiu, nud all chronic dia»aaus, by their Compound Oxygen Treatment, aro indeed ranrvelotis. * a * If you are ft sunerer from any di» case which your phyalclau has failed to euro, write fur information about this treatment, and their book of '.!00 pages, giving a history of Compound Oxygen, its nature nun effects, with numerous testimonials from patients, to whom you may refer for still fttrthor Inlorma. Hon, will bo promptly scut, without Q<JIW|», »*, This book, aside from In great merit as a medical work, gl»tng, as it does, tho reoult of yaara of study and aspen- eneo, you will find a very Interesting one, Dr*. STARKEY & PALEN ^a.-3«* HAHPER'K 1)A7 .«VR HAUPKR'K MAGAZtSK ilAIt^KH'S WKKKKV UAKPKI. 3 YOUNU rSCrLK. S-i 00 . i <Si Postage Free to all »st:> *cr1l,£r* in tb»> UaHad States, Canada nut' .Vttic?. Ih: Vctv .'nra nf ;he r.nrar i-t-^lr. tbo flrst lumibcr foe .'nxiuary vt *r.<*h ;»,, r \N|]*?n IH» tlnip \i uictittur.i'i,, t«t :icrij 't:. r .c l«(^ln willi tbo Sumi>« r current lit xii»* t t>t xcrrx^t vt (.rtlrr. Vomttl Wtiutnt'tt ot }J<ir>f*r'a Ufczar for three j*ar» back, in iiffit clotb bindinp, will br ioi.t \yt mail, Voita^A yulA, or t»y cT ^irtkD, (roe ot oxpomo lj>rovii ]i>i] tbe /rei^bt does nut ixreiM u»e «V)\ S &T ver volnine), for 07 00 ver iralume. Cloth Caat"* tor tacli Toh.nta, iuit tt-bi for bijj'tiiit, *«IU be IVD; bj niftJ, a <ogtpiltl, uo uetlptotll OOeacli. Houilttancei aboulil be matin by PevtcfQev Money Ordt>r or Draft, te avoid ot Imi. Ncws)pa\H>ri ar« not to copy tblt advvrtlicnieut Itboui thu wvproM ord*«r of Harper A Rrotht'ia, AUdretv: IlABrtn & UnoTUBaa. Sew York. 180S. Harper's Weekly. ILLUSTRATED. | Hai-prr'e Wt?eMy for the cote Int.' T0«r rill o< n- Win nvtxo att recti TO It-aturost, uini*> autt fttter il(Uitrati«nt, au^l a, creator numUar of article* ol lire, laieuit* lutyroet tban will l»t» foui.d in nuy otber V'-rtodicol. Aiuout; tbato lattur will bo » Strips ot arttcli-A OQ tbo tu>titv>flV4 b'ruat^fit «ft- iea ot tlio worbl iticlmUny five huudret) ilhutr-* ttuiit. Tliu Columt'iait KxpctUlou, the Arinr and Kavy, grant pnMir rvi'ntt, rtl»a»t*r» on lain* ami %et\, aiul thu tloinci "t tbe cclebrnttti people pf thoday will bo tlaecribt'tl aud UlUitr** t.j .1 tn »u nttractiro «ti.( tluu'lv uiauner- Tti* peportmetit ot Amateur Kpurt vii\\ continue ciiuer tho dirvetiou ot Caajmr A. Whitney. The brat ot niodttru rrrhar* wijl coutribute ibort •Voritu, ai >a lht> uioet dUtiufiubhoit aitliti will make the iUuatrAtione. Tbe editorial article* vt Ur. G*orxo WiJiiam Curtis will remain a« at* ovpocUl altiactlon. HARPER'S PERIODICAL J Par Year: H.VKPEltS WF.EKI.Y •< W HUU'KU 'S UAIUitlSK < tiO H^Itl'KK'SUAZAlt 4 I'O ISMlfliit'S \OUKU TEOl'IJ: » CO rnataci' Frt 'a tu all •uircitbon In tta Unit mi titatvn, Cnuadl aud Mcaim. Tha Yulimia. ot tha Wtakly l>*|ln with lb* flrst XuiDburtor Jauuary of aavtt yaxr. Whra uo time UmentlutioJ, a«l«<*rii»tutin ulll bvutti with tlia Kuuibtr cun«ut at lb*, time ct vecili»t ol tinier. II UUIK I VolfUius ot ilarp.'.r'a W i-eklt" lof thrr*^. U'neat ch.Oi t.iuUtut., will li^ainb by mall, iioaiai;* i*ai.l, or by axv-ftu, tttt vt vxvoiue iprovMrU thw frefulit tloca uot rsca^d on* tlollav ytr voturoul, t>>r *1 (W jier vi<l«u>a. Olutli Ca.cs for *>«)• lolum*. tnltabla for WiiilJiW, ni)J bo saut by mall. i<o«l|iaM, o» rocctpi ot CI VC tDob. Kumlftunora khotitd ba mail* by rpttofn.o XJoiior OKlur ur Draft, tonvolil cliauoo of lots. V«w«)ia \tcrA aro m^t to copy tbt. auvonWauiant without t|i« ax|ir<ia ordaruf i!*r|i«r * Bn'th«r*. AdilraM: H&nrs* & nuoTMKaa, Haw Vwk. 1892. Harper's Mr gazice. " ILLUSTRATED. Tho Uttsniluo will oalobra'.e tho fourth 0*n- tauary of Ida Ulieorary of Awerlva by Us He- nlaeovery, throu k -b artlolaa slrlua a mor* thor- ouijh exposition tlmn tin. liltb.rtu b*au mail* at tha Ueveat Vuprroailvtitad Dorelouniaiit of Our Couutry, anil e.iioolally In tha Oraat W*i». I'artioular atUutlon wlllal.o beclvaato Pra- niatlo Episode* nf A UIOJ I .HQ Vlstorr. Tho Vtelrt ot th* next European War will b* doiorlbad In a fivrle* of l*ap*ra on tha Danub* •'lrom tholMook Porcstto th*Black Baa," by t'oultnay rMK«loxt and t. I). Millet, illustrated bv Mr. Mulct aid A^od l'araous. Artlol.a will also bo glren on the Qarmau, Austrian and Italian Ariutos. Illustrated by T. do Thul.trup. Mrr W. 11. Howolls will contribute a new not- el, "A World of Chauo.." obaraolarlatloally Amovtoan. Eiptclal prorataanoa will t s (Ivan to Short titorles, ivhtch will ba oontrlbut.d by T. 11, Aldrtoh, It. U. Davis, A. Conoti Day]*, M»r»atot Ilelaad, Ulst Wool.on, and otbsr popular writer* Anions th* lltarary faature* will ba Paraonal Hemluliceuooi qt Nathauisi Hawthorn*, hy bl* oollege classmato aud lifo-long friand, Horatio Brtdn«, aud a Personal Mamolr ol th* Browulnga by Anue Thackeray lUtohto. HARPER'S PERIODICALS HAHPBB'SMAGAZINB, TerYsar HAKVatfU W13EKLV, " UAKI 'Ktt'a BAZAlt, !' HAItl'BK'B YOONG PEOPIvB, " ft 00 4 00 4 00 1 0» Postnao Free to all subscribers la th* United: States, Canada and iluiloo. TheVolnmea oftheMaijaslii*basis T»ltljthe Numbers [lor June and Deoswuor ot each year. Whoa no time is speclftsd, subsoriotloos wilt begin with tbe Number ourrcnt at tba tlm* ol reoeipt ot ordnr. »p»n4 Volumes ?» Harpar's MaBoilue for three years baoV, In na»» cloth binding, villi bs sent. reeclut of M 00 per i binding, (0 eenVsjsaoh nt by Bjaii. BostpeW, on voluiy.a s 'C«fh Oasts, for ?r by »alt, pottpafd, reeclul of M O0p «r,.-.-„.,, t . -. • 1ndU>g,» cent* aaoh-by W aAt, MStpati Rcinlttansss MoM JA mfApM •Felteaec

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