Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 26, 1927 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 26, 1927
Page 6
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AM PepaijUdentg)!' Paper City if loli. Paecir City br B«ikwtt. Paper Alfeif citwTty. - 0*-^'" • I ' Jion U Editorial ^s«oc |Btlon. Pnn AssmiatJoiv i kmgi«n {the W M-W. MSCRI>TI' OiHi i5Vc *k .f.''.1^3tr :..J ,.15 Ccoti One Teir. ..........] .»7.80 Ir 'I' ; BY MAIL .!_ buUlde AUen County Ono frcaf J5.00 Blx'lkonllis KM rbrcS IJfoulhs ......4£0 h In Allen County One Tear- Jt .OO 81.\! MonthJi J..... .KM •nirbd Mf 'i't'W ^ i '-'S Opcfyon^h ].;....,.1.&0« ASSOCIA TEOiPRESS. ; (cr uacrlQi) Uie. kasocMcO by tpeci U Tri irlro. iatcd PrcKS M oxoluslvplyjcn- Itc ,iiHe for 1-cpubTicalioii fit nil iiPA.8 dlniMUclsni ciedUaJ' to It or nol ;o cAiIite<l In! Iljlii paixsr. and I n ao tlin jr>rul nr«r^ punUahed herein. M.rizhtn or rnpai|ucatl<»ii «f »fif- clnl fil iN 4 .'he« herein are aJHo.r <«4ive <l.. H<»». faVinerB who do noi hhc designated pro luclH. at>lc scUdif cs'of ec y'crame itol cony trol is to ibvite (Us ister w( rso than any tbathae yet b<|[allcn cjur farm- era. The products jbmbi-ac{ plan are. Only about one the, total American There arc farta Iseveral |ltt4je of them and ret thcjf taxed directly or ludirectl the premiums UIK ^ the designated in> tliis he carefn farmer noi aiRriCuIlural Industih-'i by fill it to tlie rtyranny hBA been carefully read am! Tliou0ht for Today. not JuM- Inw. »>) MI of JcHUH ChrlHi.--<JaI. I'd l»y (he tieople, init conHcnHun of will Hup ^rt hliu In ban taken. KiiiiwIjiK ihu'l II iniiii li.,^ iJie workx «rf lh< a rceeni nrtirlo In Ifto UeRlHle.r uji- I 'KKsiiJKxrK VETO. i'CKldentV'enipliatic veto;of the IVlo.Naiy-JIaugcn bill i'or alleged "liirm relief hasj beefi so generally forctasi thai it probably 01:- cusiciiKKlj no surprise in any quarter, ilt las been known for a long time \ tht t President Coolidge re- g!irdc<l this measureias unsound in •principle, unworkable in| practice. -- calculated to injure rather than to -relieve agriculture and certain to .1 ']lN"6rkjinj!iiry to the ^country at large. Entertaining these convictions the Presillcnit couId?hot have Signed the bill, or even allowed it to become a ia-w without, his: signaturei without stultifying himself. Unlikle .some •= Senators; and Rei)reKentativc.s Mr. Copliijige cannot go along with the crowjl if he thinksithc crowd i .s going in ttic wrong direction. More than ';onx |e it has ; been iiuggested that it •\vould be to itlie President 's political jadvantagej to:sign this bill One Senator even made the fantas- - tic propjosal tliat the j Senate serve notice oii Uie President tliat unles."! he Bignefd the McNarj-Haugen bill Congress would not pass ihe bank. ing bill iin Which the President is supposed to be interested! But tlie veto comes along just the same as everybody who knows iPresident .CoolJilg<| know it would. jUoubtless Mh ((OoJidge would like it j be re- nouUhutni and rc-nlcctedi Hut certainly lie woiild ratlier irpturn to . privii|t<' lifi- than |(o ! compromise Willi i bin conHcienct-. 'Tliat is the ' kio'd of {iiuin tlie United States has the gri-at good foriunf ji)' liave in tint Wliitc Hoiisi! liow. An "ffori . will IH> ii\ifi\i\ donlil-, lesH, o ijoiivince the farmers of llie' we ,st aiti) llic Kdulh tliat IPresident Coolid^cjvcloed the bill Iw-cause he llfbug biisim IK - pr (^h die'Mexican KHUI tlon. U ^hg to the lleglKtcr s olise that out' difficulllcs n Me .xii| out of the insistcnci of tha try that it has the light to cate the property of zens, the Gazette sa^s: under In all countries law. bHich as Mexicb. thpv Jland is perpetually i^vlolnbljy v^str bd in the state." Ill I would be inimical to the >isi interests of he least and •feared tt) serve tlieiie-rather than to prnuipte the welfare of the uieo (>u (lie farms. i - i i ; : i()|H' who i reads jllie veto l?ut' no! uie.-Tsage gence wiiil b.'lieve this chai-go. Born and broil synipaliiy with candor and ;intelli- :ht up on a farm' himself. tiic -Pi-esidejit: of ciiurse is in full witli the far njiirig' indus- j try aufl thojje wlict-.opcr^tu 'it. uHis I veto <>f tl^e McNary-Hi ijacjU Bill is ! based uiwri his conviction that the measure would .not betefit the farmer. J^hat it would" not provide; a practical liuetliod of coiitrclling the farm surplus which is l!he heart of tht\ whole problem.; th it t would siibjcclt the agricultura iin iustry to the tyranny of bureauc ati: regulation iiind jcontrol. that i t v ould im- pow tilu? Uiiirden of its | uipjpori to a largi would jdegree upon fal'm^rs who l 'n«|t benefit iiyijt. that as a prfce-tixiijg bill it wouM i lace tyr- :-annouE po*-cr in the hands of a Hiuall grriujj of men wljosii authority could: not be control » M 1. that the sq-c^3led equalir-atlion fee -is I reallyi a lajc for the- specii 1 benefit ; of paiticular groups wjiici woiild • I cnabld these groups tojprjfit temporarily [at (the expense farmers jind: of the cotnn unity ^at ! large.-r-and so on and. ;o on'. lU ! : hi iiie^sag'-, j whif;!!! in itself contains 8,(1 (M) words and -' ifi r >gardod hy \Vj shihg(on [•• coih-espoi dents as the ntist conclu- convincing c iticism of lhat • has appci red in any the 'President ti-insmitted sive and i\ic bill, quarter. - i alsjj a t !n page opSnical front the a'tprney general deplaiini: the bill in many of its imi»ortqnt| features I to <be tinconstit^tiotial. In -closing his messafje, of which bill, the briefest siimmir;: can' ^iveji here, the Prdsideat express- fed his- sympathy with li! demand for rlcgit lativc relief fo • he farmer, ".'igriculture." he; !a d. "must lie holpf il and HlreiiKflh ned. ' Jiul 1 (o siiU^lIi it with, unjust,! unwoi^k- regulation and \lha< the iJresent b II woullJ do. H ban Jiccn represented that the farmers are'unanir lOusly n favor of the McNary-Hau ;cn Bll . Thfc truth is that theNitlonal CJrangc. the .oldest and great est of t lie farm organizations, and of other agrictilturil socfelles arc strongly opposed tc^ isler > vent ures the when the PresidenI m -in the third of produc- milHon bill. in tryi »B to help the to jcop^ rdize tl control. produce any of )r very will l>e to pay [n-odncts H'e iiust e whole bjcctlng 1^' bureaucratic That is large number it. T opiiiid jic lleg- n that M "veto Inessage he ore'rvheli;i mblfc (ipfnion the iiohition he iTiider the alk>Ve apHi>n ceinort KinpoHn Gakctte d Americhn citi- Tliat may have beeh the klexico at some time in its Ij )ut it has not been liat-year the new! lublic'of-Mexico addpted a utio>n. Article 27 o^ which !is-folio wis: "Private property aken without tlie consent of iwner except for rcajsons otipublic itility. indcjnnificaticjn having been nade. In this article the rnment reserved to f eminent domain, ranients inherently iaving done tEat it d private ownership ofl ^nequtvocal 'as word^ couldl make In order that there should be no ^lisundeistahding ds to the intent the constitutional provIsi( n the lexican government on NbvBmber 2, 1884. "put into cffeiot a la>r con- lining among othersj the foil swing provisions:The following si jcould iuse jl for ouic other Pi^f**; ;])0se or could sell it. In : lexico: ithe government a proposi ig take over the pr< pcrty of; ft relgn- drs, which is a ve ry different thing fron^'merely fdrb dding the use of il'ior h certain pirpose.; Alyway t|ic' f ycu'rc anotb tr" argume K has 'ticvvr lieen regarlcd as a p irticu- one. two tronga as lAaldng I terly convincing havlflB been rcga|rde«l one right. 'Further along the Gazette asks "Doer, the ltcp|isler know most of,the Ame leii hayeicompltedj in its disctissiou Uiat |-icpn oil CO upnn- txMx the Ml ixieau law (the; nevr la-A-H and that oil companies, wl^icb are' nnl arc legatees dair • No; aiid if the knows that, it ni wl. In rcsiionse lution u|)on this iliBCSt- gaged in producihg «il other two have no MQXICO . The Bocretary •:sr iih>' es- HCUHI^eH •spond- rvation 0 grow- 1 coun- confis- Roinqn itle to [law- in- t^tory, [since ItiST. In ' creat< d Re- iionsti- reads Miall Mexica Itself th ihlch a posses ertainlyl n lung list of cbmpantcs have refused to 1 cccpt; thi;. { Hopie fifty or more, aiiiong the Htapdurd of the Itoynl Dutch THE JoLA PAfe RBSISTOR. SA |of the Fall Giusetlc thill list •be misinforni- (to a Scnatei rcv;ii- very pointi Secretary of ]Stit*! reports linly four Amej-ican companies have come under two of these are jthc new law. and not actively en- fee propertlies in then being the BlandaH of CulifKnlu. iiw Jersey; Hbell. whicti ot be the II gov- right 1 gov- H. but made properly as bstance.'t le EXCLUSIVE PriOPEllT le owner of the !au nm and gaseous * * • spring arm or mineral water. Follow ng tills up the MiJ twining l|iw of .lune 1 <.'1892. iiis JIuj following: "All niiiiiug propel ly titgal ^liroii in pursuance of ^tlii.H lall be lUREVOCAlUil-: EilPETUAl. s(? long lis ithc •al property tax be paid.'' .V later .Mexican law clea ly uueslion thai, may liave riilseel ur. to tiie mi-anihg of tli j4st quoted by declaring ,."dc mineral fuels of whatever variety" to be ."the exc -operty of the owner of^the .soil. o o P. It will lie seen. tliePeforer that tie Gazette is wholly in err >r in slating tii^t in Mexico "tiie ti le to li nd is perpetually and invii lably v( sted in the State." Xot only^ did tie Mexican .constitution of 1S.5 e: plicilly declare to the con rary, bill reiwated .statutory "enapti lents eiiphasized the provision. -Vid it WIS this constitution ami these Isws which were in force win n a.11 tl e Ainciican riglits in conlrot-er.4y wpre acquired. The Gazette ri*niark.s that Ubited States has !given .M s4me "splendid precedents in of other e, mlattcr of confiscation." citini; the S'. qiiestration of : large tract 5 of It nd own^d by Ehglishincn ol title ff llowing the revolutionary war, aid'the passage .of ,ithe Vol itead a< t. which latter in effect ci nsti- u ed conflscatloi of the liquor business. As to the first it would seem tc be sufficient to cite the old'maxr III .that in Uic presence of war. laws are silent, land as to the sec- 01 d the cases are by no n cans p; rallcl. For a hundred, year 1 the (-t urls of Ihe Ifniled Slates have h(ld that .control and rcgul: tion. e«cn io tbf point of prohibition, of Ibr; liquor traffic was a pibper fii Id for the. exercise of tlie loHce P(wer of'the State, so that < very ij^-estor in pro|)erty having t)o do th that traffic was duly put are of iclro- or xican con- y al­ ia w A .\l) Ked- s up been • law IOH(tR foi'm lusive tnlnljf are not "le^BUes of tluj scandal," ^ "Lawyers or Miir|neK7* qi tiie Gazette, and tlie Itegiste speclftilly passes the query hack where It cimc from I Gazette thinks-tlin dispute bclivecn Mexico and the U lited States ( 1 to be settled by arbitration, \ hich is the way the -Mirinijs settle.their disputes, witli tw) parties fig iting in front of an uinpfre for tli{it is what' ah arbitral on is. The; ister tliinks the ^ispute shou! taken to the courts, which ii\ way law-yors settl^ their disput by th^' law anditli'e evidence. fteg- be the s, l.\ THE DAY'S NKW.S, At an ago when most lawyer Kittini with wistful cars waitir hear the footstejis of conceiv clients, Rob»>rt MJ Hutcliins. a has begun to actj as dean of Vale Law School for the year ]|92728. Mr, llutchins, whose fathtjr is the president pf Blerea College, had an eventful career, inclu war service, . a versatile record, appoinlmejnt as secrej of '\"ale Universitpf' at the agi 22.. a position ho held while a s ent in the Law School, and l^ter As hras liat- Izc ol- ass balance section of tlie'Italian artn^- h An appointment to lliti law faculty an undei-graduatc' at Yale, he class orator, captain of the del ing team, and winner of the | fo^ the best oratkn given by a lege senior. Graduated in the c of 1921 after a brfak. during ^yll he served with the Ai;nerlcnn he was named sei-relary of imiversily to succeed tlie Rev, SOI I'lielps Stokos. are g to able '2s. qjc has [ling N<). 35. When by reiispn of illness or a^i- seiice (roni hom4 addilieinal time d for tfilJhg an i incolme-^l!! application should :o the .collector of intern; iL revenue for the: district in whUh the tajci.ayec ifilp 'his return, tc- \<-ith a fiill rewtal for tl for tlie jdclay. L- of taxpayers who aii no cxtiension may be gran more t'liah six months. Tl: rc<iu^«i inu.stbej made before tl) is due—March 17>, l!>27, I iira is made on tire c:lienU^r xteusiou or time for fiiin iciuru dws'iiOt extend t^o time for paymentjiof the tax, ov any installiieiit tlie'repf. unless SJ d in tliej extensioii. Tliiri iSioner of; Internal Revenu may extend the j time of payinerjt [amount determined us til tlic taxii:iyer. or ahy install] 1' fTTit -I "iff I PpR INSUBkNCE: 1 Citv and fram Phone 131 ja^ 820 : I Ray Investment GoL. • r i 'Mr.s. PhlLpl.S. Ray licreof.'foi* a period not six, nionlliti from the date. Pi'if .Alipl^c-ulloii .for hucli ail <-xti -ii i>rt sliiiiild III' itiail<- til till! colli mih.iIoii |i >r ilirougli ilie (olltciiir o| i -.-vi-nue tor the dlstrlrt i jlii- laxpiiyer's rHiiirii I filed. w3io wild; make pifiiper riTonj and 111. forward : il- iij^l conimissioiier.^ cdl Til a|-,ili(-a|ioii should set ^orth uiiiler spi 11 ext Indiciij uld .1 gnl G^^in. The child's garment ink will he. man Tuesday Gvfin and .Miis^eatty give the wo^k colpege ary of tlie ixiiio tl WOODROW WILSON'S BROTHER IS DEAl) .Nashville, Tenu;. Feb. 2(i, ,.Insupli H. Wilsoii, .19, briilher iWoodrow Wilson, lornier |irisid<! di'>d at .midnight i iu his htjme ii:i III more. ! .\P .Miss Vera .Mencbik. a sixt*or year old girl, lias ilieeu astonish n> thi« cliess experts jin Londoil will Iwr wonderl'ul mastery of the gai i<' Denmark claims'one of the Ir est death rates of! any couiiliy Europe. -I ' HillHlniJiillilili' upon hijtice. jhat he made'such iqvest- lack ular. injpnl at iis peril. The cases raltelism in another parti( t'bon the adoption of, prbhiiitlpn tlie Government of the' I nited ates did not take possess! m of flic property that had been Ufed in tnanufacturing- liquor. The )rop- )f its only - - A Ibe nilinufacture of liquor. The bttnor.i <anufactaring liquor. The ei ty remained the jmsscssipn o rner. with the restriction l(it It. fihoulii not lie used AWE BRECK' FUST DE. NJACW, OAKJ A"/^ BRecK »-\eE9> BE Lfyy< DEES-Awe Mow «^0U LAK" MEESTtR BOLL— I k BOLL FROM! OE \ o^r^ r Y ^ RrR-R A-AHl '(Mrs jriie Star ladies held . _ Tiieiiday at tie home of Mrs. Roy {work was making a The next meet- kith Mrs. -Ida Over- March 8. Mrs. Roy or a or I) or in inent oper Ifor p rific reason lor dc •nsioii, and slioul^ II- wliat hardship..^i iult if tlii" extcnsior nted. The commis sioner f'ill nit consider an lippli y extension nniesi| pl'ore tlie due date o f;tallment tlierepf fo lie ext<*hsion is desired. A for a|n extension of timi of one installmeni lie to procure an ex yinent of subseqnenij extension, is granted, in- j Fere-^l ak the rate of ^ per cent B .1 which will be "Foods an I Nutrition" and "Corrective Diet." Those present were: Mrs. F. X.. Willehburg, Mrs. Ida Overman, .Mrs. Mabic Bricker. Mrs. E. F. Scovill, Mrii. Roy Gwin, Mrs. Frank ;Barth. Mrs. Beatty Ray and Mils Ijcna Sommcrs. ,, liss I.lorene Osborn of loia spent 1.,, Wednesday with Mrs. Dale Nichols.'"- Jfiss Ruth Gard spent Sunday with i^liss Grace Ross. Homer Teats and Geo. Davis we It to Lawreiice Tu ssday on business. 1 alph Isbell and spent Sunday afternoon with Chas. Br( mer. i irs. Mary Manion ad'ded 'froin the dale tiie sliould have been made ilj j hsion had riot been grant the lie extehsib J oijes Electf rtiONfj r'|J-E S : T! ~ ici VVork? ' 1 r- WIIKX YOlt: I OUT OiC VOMt v.oKS i:j Electric and PlunbiiigCo. TIU; HAIHI» .VJtlKK , iGii'is <:«) r -J.lJ.MBING expiration of tlio per4 I :tensibn!. , I Cjongresamep Njary-llaiigen bill win death when the Pn! .Kansas: last I 1 Frank, Ross m with of Humboldt r \(x-ordinfii to a Wis roiLsin coq ,cIi. i Karj njen;are'bc<|oniing so feminine that college foothiill teamk of th.i fu-: i,J„^ni sjVc -urSii are: likely to w-pnien. made up of | B. F. lien diei play i Krncf fejotliail, ^ne would •pu -obably see Romd veiy pretty spent Monday with her sister. Mrs. jway. Dalks Nichols. The jr.; I. C. club liiet witli Mrs. nations, any- F. K. WJIlenburg Wjednesday aft- ternoon. Miss ^ara Doolittb Sui^day with Miss Joi^epbiue Bremer. .Mlrs. S.; E. noss, M^y, and Grace Roii i, and .Miss Rut Sun ilay afternoon ca Geo Davis home. , , .M^r. and Mrs, R^be! Erld ing wilt Kai^sas, wlu-ru Mr. put iien: V I lioine Sunday' were: |U. r. Griggs and. Griugs of, lola, and Mr. and .Mrs. E. 1)1. Brown. s. n. A. Ray .M spei^ atte at and MAMBER 'Irt Warner of Pa., spent Weqncsday cven- at llie S. K. Rosj) homf. Tliey leave Thursday on a drive similar to the ono j with the Star c^r. I Isitors at the F. of lola spent Gard »-crc lers at the A nian oh tiie same j fo • fjfl yoar|i was a» medals. -Possibly be pri ?fol -red; ;i! raise. .J. /j Chczc! j visitor: I J.. V. WICHITA FALLS I EFOREj NEWTON la. Fel).;i2i!.: (Special 1— The hig'li .sijliool cagcrs fell ewtdn ;28 to 17 here last :;OTt DEFEATS CtLAREMORE FIVE )b in Frame j 'J"^"' '•*"'">' !cr at boy •» •Riggs anjl wife cntertainleil Fnr- Scottj lyhirlwinds, inde- aggregatibn. deiea'/jd tlr" [(•iai-emo4p, Okla.. jt^am. 'M to .s on court ;la."(t night. larded WOllbl foiira:, relal have + + • + + i+ + • + + + + + * *' i • :• i i - + •> j R^AL E$TATE TRANHF'EBS • for .Wichita. Warner' will Issued i Dally frrfm * • ! lolB Ab-.tracl fFclirii:i|-y iV. \'MU\ siii;;ii', .lUd iMiitiiio Iv. . I. t'. !•' and St .^dd. to Gas V . :<.\c\ and 8. 111. St .\dd. to Gas. .$ and children j • gaiAe to iauie. *2i». W. Bremer IXlr. and Mrs. Frankie Lee j Fr is( 1. 1-'. •\ lor's 2. p. ilor's 1st t Tuesday Ur lola. Mrs. Ray | 10 lided the farm bjiyeau meeting I Mrs. Gwih's in the forenoon' tlie .Wiaiiington . itrogram at | Garllield in tlje afterioon/ ; Hiu;old .McUfayer (if lola spent;.'" I Sunday with Charles and Effie j- ! Brellier. Mjs. D. A. Ray and in I Kesder ' of lola spen.i I of l-Jst week with Mi^ Mrs. W. B. Wednesday Ka iilirj 9 4 iill block 4, Moiau Town. ' i .Monday (tiarence L. Keste baviiiC: Li to Chariii B. A. Ray. I dit in:! ion f vjeLL ,-|Tf4eRe% Awcjii^feR BEATiK^' -TR- BULCS GdT COMIM! WA t^woNM I CANT FlSORE tr Qof, I'viE SBEW AT LEPST 50p GU^S JM ' V /H -ilNli I GONVIA BEAT UP BOLL NNrtEMTi^p/ LEFT >JERE--ME'S wb KiEs/EF: 00 IT. I DOlKtl Taylor's Isl Add. to (thai-les ;T."\"estaI an ;t(i Carl Knight. $6 . fc(|t ofi olts 1. 2 -ami S. and all lot 9271 . i> ^Kranli II. Fro.'ie. lots •iiik 11. Tay- l.v, and lit,i Ik 10. Tav- iit'fiu. o{ 7. block Gas City. , ,^]^g 1 Wife Ver- vistiti-' f.O. the cast •G:llliai4 L ( wife Ve^na, $1100, 10, !n jblock 6. ( to -Moran. OH. -THATS UERE A \ EW ^VEARS - yeRy" IFEW-AKi' iLOCV^ IF CA^ MOBBLfeour. AUOKJE VNiiitouT :AicRp•T£^4 Office or • Co. • < * * * • * :iig anil fujuiiy ciici! R .lessc I Orville Walter caifl. ; ives Suud Riggs and Wonnell. Iso .Mrs. I Lwiiar^ Stoiii. .VI ily of lojie Elm. .Vndy McAdain Ijine Hin spent er's. D (Swt |v Spillnnii) |iy: Walter'Cii:-fi- 1 if Kiiicaid.^ Ci:i |imily, of .^lildrejd,' t. id. ggs and i iggs and -iilf of i-"ort Sco .Uariiii nfiig at; .Mr^. A -ore S and fainily a Deeki'r sijcnt Siindity evi Hiram 15 iL. .\l. Gi:! i<otb'-- H'.y iiu'i.l (-Eiiliir(|ii 1 liiiday aflei^-iiooii visitors KiiK-aid. aud jti i in Iviiif Kim. Gillhtikii and raiiiily: \\w iiarental t!ill Lee .MijCoy's near .1. W. .•\JcDonalds Walk spent ^iiiday at ham hfijmi". Berley .\1 .\lon-Iay vi and wife; ST. V..stal^ lots s. 7. s.;^J';- .!.' lid well Art-|f KaId«--II ^ from a w l\jiu.';as fit id Sandi-i pa^'s liari reasoi] ai'il -.isited with umi li interest. SpuRE' X-VL Mau.'s.pAT.orr. -THE. iSAILS W\UROEf?: !! ' (Jsage! nn. all i home ofj f-l(»thi|1p Bessie thJK wofik: Mrs. Sr I Was pre I . MIS. ,CI i ISiUie. ent. Tlio- IPIKI- is jSrs. Knit' Mare-I' si Chas. Lent farm near will mov - .Mrs.' V brateel t I t.urvivor J Lucknow and faintly ISuiiday at! Dec ay .niee'tm Mrs. (Iran pro.iect AV families and on 11- family of Bayar nd wife <rf Kih- igigs's sister. Mi|s. . iStoiit.anil fan ijfi d: fford .and: lial th Mrs. Walki) ii |iid wife return! li •e-k spent in an I They yisit,e 1 s at GreenwooiJ. i.H 9-ltli l)i:-tiida ably goexl l)ea!l|l Farm Biireau club: hel t: .Monday at tl t Dickinsoii Tli its given hyr.Mis fogers wlio is leadei- frir '•Jius. S^illman;. M) Mi.s^ Ji .Me-Cotro nosless. merrting di'.v niei! er's. to K. .\. sale of Marih ssie R0R1 le-k. .Ml.*. M-^. Uii-M will be ting at ake the [l..ant.7. ha arm .stoi The I lived here for .v* Oiissed. )t lulk w i greatly »hc best locate. .Mrs. ( i (htir -tre wecli at • Mrs 1 fo l!ideilen<len(ie. [.vtiriid. U. D. A at'endiui; were •Ani-. .Mrs. I>enni It fJaker. : MrH J. K. llogcrj I .s. .\irs. Floy byvei-iid and ,th liiison. Tlie; nex ilari-li 11. an al rs. Kniest ;Bak iMIinery Wiirk, bills out-ifor and equipniCn U'Ut:: family ha irf! and will b(} e all wish |then erever they majl la's. .McCol spending Bron.'iera. 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IMPLEMENTS tOLA-klsli'AJ' Ince ii'§7\ If you h'^ve lanythingito $ell let a Clas&ifi^d Ad turn the trick TELEPHONE IS: SI. BO ^n ^sj Frcsident G. R. BOWLl'S, (ashicr AMeri County State Bank lOLA, K £.>^tabll>ilied a Quar er of a (>ntui-y Capital Stock .30io|0.00 Surplus and Undiv. Profits ... 150i{|0.00 Dep<Jsits .i. l,(l6oi(W)0 -\SAS l.XTEREST IMJID! O.N TC.l^K IIFIM SAIKTY .' f KIT.S DKrO.SlT BO.VK.S Ftlk ^JE>t I,. E. HORVILIK A. w. rikCK, i|jc« II I'rrsideui: | F.jO. BE.>.SO.\.| President j ,E.|U. |-A.\«. Asst ARRY SHiyELl, AssL Itasli.ler : IQLM STATE E i PAY INTEREST I stock ...... s C' ishivr 1 1 shier N TIME pEPOSIllsj ....U ...?48,( ,{)(]p.00 (fo.ob

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