Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on September 20, 1963 · Page 10
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 10

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, September 20, 1963
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

PAGE TEN ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 1963 DAVID CRANE By Cretg tlessel /WD HIS MOTHER IS RBMyWllC**tK,,SHEO WORKED HER FINGERS TO THE BONE TO PUT THAT KID THROUGH SCHOOL /NO HES CONE WELL,..UNUSUALLY WELL YES, THAT W/*S HE'S ONE Of THE &f5T YOUNGSTERS W TOWN, WE'RE WORKING ON ) 'A SCHOLARSHIP FOR HIM NOtt£/NDJF£EL SURE IT'S GOING THROUGH. By Alfred Andriola THAT IS SHE.' THE SILENT OVf . WHO HOLDS HfK- SELFASOVEtJS THEY SPEAK IN CHINESE — BUT OUR EMPLOYER TELLS US W/LL HOT WORK ffFRE lONGf .. AND WHEN SHE LEA VE5, WE WHO /?EMA/H W/LL. £Af?H MORE MONEY.' IF KM WOULD SELL ME A LOTTfRY 7/CKET NOW, Z COULD PAY YOU W£V.. MiffY Mr EARNINGS AGAIN PERMIT...' ..IT/S fMPORTANT THAT2 FIND.. A C£R- TAfNPUBUC 5AM GREENE HAS ENGAGED A NEW SALESGIRL. ?.. TELL ME, iOTUS PETAL.. OOFS SHE RESEMBLE THIS PHOTOGRAPH? 1 LL SEE YOU DEAD, FIRST...' SOFTLY, CARINA! TOMORROW FLASH WILL BRING ME GLORY AND WEALTH...TO LAY AT YOUR PRECIOUS FEET AHH, SIGNORINA, DALE...YOU WEEP? YOU WON'T RISK HIS LIFE,.. RONALDO IU BEAST! CAN'T PLAME YOU, CUPCAKE! YOU'RE FOOLIN& WITH A MURPEREI?,,, A THREAT TOHI5UFEANt7LOaT.{ WHAT'S OUR NEXT STEP? HEWANTSISHOUU? SET KIP OF yOU,,, SO VOL) MUST PRETENP TO LEAVE HERE' WANTS THE FIELP FREE TO /WOVE FOR THOSE JEWELS, EH? OKAY,,, WE'LL LEAVE IN OUR COPTER,,, FINP A 6OOP VANTAGE POINT IN THE MOUNTAINS TO CXW,,, THEN,,, WHEN HE FLIES IN TO RECOUP HIS SEMS<» WE'LL PE ON HANP TO CATCH HIM IN THE ACT/ 50UNPS LOGICAL ENOUGH, SNAP.' SO HOW COME I SET THE UNEASY FEELING WE'RE PLAYIN& PATSY TOR HIM? I BELIEVE KANE HAS TAKEN THE EAIT.' FOR AWHILE THERE I WAS FRI6HTENEP,, tell !%/ By A. KEOKtTM What Is the Purpose of a Firefly's Light? Win The 15-Volume Britannica Junior Encyclopedia for school and home. Send your questions, name, age, address to "Tell Me Why!" care of this paper. In case of duplicate questions, the author will decide the winner, Today's winner is: Linda Newton, 11, Chittenango, N. Y . THE SMITH FAMILY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith Is there anyone who hasn't been mystified by the light of the firefly? Children love to catch them and put them in bottles, or hold them in their hands while the little creatures flash on and off. Now one thing that may surprise you is that scientists too, have been mystified by the firefly's j light. And they are still mystified j—because there are many things 1 about it they can't explain. The light of the firefly is veryj much like other kinds of light— except that it is produced without heat. This kind of fight is called "luminescence." In the firefly, luminescence is produced by a substance called "luciferin." This combines with oxygen to produce light. But this reaction won't take place unless another substance, called "luciferase" is present. Luciferase acts as a catalyst, that is, it" helps the chemical reaction to take place but is not a part of it. To put it another way fireflies have luciferin and luciferase in their bodies. The luciferase enables the luciferin to burn up and produce light. Now scientists can produce this same kind of light in the laboratory. But in order to do so, they must obtain the ingredients from the firefly! Chemists cannot produce them synthetically. It remains a secret of nature! What is the purpose of this light iin the firefly? Well, there are I some explanations for it, of course. One is that perhaps this helps the fireflies find their mates. Another purpose might be to serve as a warning to night- feeding birds so that they will avoid the fireflies. But scientists still feel that they don't really know why these lights are necessary to the firefly, since the above reasons don't seem important enough. They think the light may just be a by-product of some other chemical process that goes on in the firefly's body. A light happens to be produced, but it's not a vital process. Well, whatever the reason for the light, I'm sure most of us are glad it's there — because of the pleasure of seeing these little insects as they move about at night. SIR BAGBY By R. and B. Hackney OUR PRESENT \ MEN ARE ~*\f SHE IS RULER IS A } MORE STABLE. / WISE AND AND HER NAME 15 CLEOPATRA YOU WERE SAYING - TAKE ME TO YOUR JUST AND POWERFUL PROFESSOR PHUMBLE By Bill Yatcs IN THE FUTURE WHEN J. 6IVE VOU A FUGHT PROBLEM,, HOLD ON TO THE ANSWER T/LL X ASK FOP. IT» WHEN you DO GET SOMETHING RIGHT, IT YOUR HEAD, DOESN'T IT?; DONALD DUCK By Walt Disney you "HAM ACTOR FUN TIME The Chuckle Box Joe: If you were surrounded by 23 lions, 22 tigers, 10 bears, anc six camels, what would you do? Bill: I would stop the merry-go- round and get off. the Tom: Did you hear about glass-blower who inhaled? Frank: No, what happened? Tom: Now he has a pane in his stomach. THE SCIENCE BOX This term first applied fo actors of low grade abouf 1 873, and originated with the fact that, for economic reasons since they couldn't command much tool, they'd use ham fat instead of cold cream to remove their theatrical make-up. >'i* '#:W: : : : : : :W:¥£^ If you want to go a long distance when making a broad jump, here's the scientific way to do it. Run as fast as you can. Then jump upward from the take-off —not forward. The run gives you the speed forward. The upward jump gives you time in the air. And it's this combination that gives you a long jump! Answer to yesterday's Word Puzzle: Torn, Corn, Core, Care, Cape. Win the Britannica World Atlas or Yearbook of Events. Send your riddles, jokes to: Riddle, Jokes, "Tell Me Why!" Today's win- nor is: Steven Mullen, 11, Readvllle, Mass. BIO BEN BOL4' YOU SHOULP ^ HOW DID IT HAPPEN, HAVE SEEN THE ESCOKT /NDREWy ANDY ? 1 THOUSHT ARRIVED HOWE WITH, BEN. ITV^THE KIDS WERE &EIN6 WOULD HAVE MADE YOU ySKfi A LITTLE COOLTO/THE PROUP INDEED. firOWm^ NEWCOMER THEY WERE, BEN THEY'RE ALL RISHT NOW. By John Cullen Murphy WOULP YOU MIND IFI , WENT TO MY ROOM, FOLKS ?X..1<30T' LITTLE 66LLY4CHe OR SOMETHING. \ LITTLE EVE By Jollta f-v* RIVETS By George Sixta Don't miss the new Churcli and Religion Section in the Telegraph .... Appears every Saturday! J. THE BEREYS By Carl Grubert BEFORE GOING TO BED DO YOU WANT A CUP OF COFFEE, DEAR ? i I NT THANKS IT WOULD jgjg KEEF ME AWAKE.- OH. OH. I FORGQT ID BETTER TAKE A LITTLE NAP NOW. IN CASE I CANT SLEEP TONIGHT.' HENRY By Carl Anderson TRUDY CROSSWORD - - - By Eugene Sbeffer "I think Ted was so considerate, he felt—eat your peas, Helen—that it was about time—drink your coffee, Walter—I got away from the children for a change." True Life Adventures JU3T WA6T1MO HIS TIMS, }& WO MATCH BVBW >TMB BU3 '"• ^^^ SffSSIK ^ 12 Is" 20 *TA 29~ 37 «T 49 38 ZZ 39 tt> IB b *>!> 12. 30 53 47 SO 42. 40 n a /4 31 •34 10 24? 43 48 fl 27 44 28 s HORIZONTAL 1. faucet 4. walking- stick 8. strike 12.a dessert 13, seed covering 14. vocal sound 16. pivotal 17. inscribed 18. the male ferret 19. aatroiiaut "Gordo" 20. confusion 28. light 21. exclamation 25.father 26. knock 20. attorney general 82. Tunisian ruler 33, god of war 34, wingllke 35, prejudice 86. nerb « ST. settlement 40. Greek letter 41. furnaces 42. latent 46. allot 47. evict 48. to the right 49. college courses 60. explorer 61. Greek letter VERTICAL 1. twitching 2. expert 3. writing utensil . 4. TV enter* tainer:—— Burnett 5. Semite 6. nothing 7. elevated railroad (abbr.) 8. razor strap 9. downtown Chicago Answer to yesterday's puzzle. Avertf • Mm* of lolutluu; 16 niliiutei. (0 1968. King Feuturei Synd., Inc.) 10. poker stak* 11. nobleman 16. pronoun 17. females •19. anxieties 20. poet 21. medicinal plant 22. infant 23. Counter* parts 25. wander 26. depend • 27 and Eve 28. burning pile 30. showers 81. Hebrew prophet 86. skeleton parts 86. pastries 87. stupor 38. above 39. Latvian 40. throw 42. duet 48. time period 44. tennis equipment 45. beverage 47. conjunction HAK VHSP PDNTBNZN VDSUI TEKZESHEI ' UDA. Yesterday's Cryptoquip: PERSEVERANCE F3UQS&RVBP DANCER'S ASCENDANCE.

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