Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on January 21, 1948 · Page 7
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 7

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 21, 1948
Page 7
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"Hi vim, mt. tchri i.v a J IjANUARY 21, 1948. tltfe POSTVltfLE HERALD, POSTVnXE, IOWA PAGE SEVEN. m Gives—. mom FOR YOUR POCKETBOOX on B&jt^ji^^»kers have done W'i^#Hgto budget carefully la put fttS' 1 Vet a look ahead tp i|S llWWjtljIlt another resolution WJJf tyggpP^refully is in order, ^or' V«K$pinn families, there jfo tW^jm^fo much ready cash [Frispthd.-iltflt* of families—where jpjl *er* Alt hard—will have to '•b, or ni 'UHa$^ill6e''Au. Farm costs are ( inMffVtJ" from * arm saleS Ken, il probably be ! smaller. Even for ks with a food income, prices II be higher for most of the ngi they want, say home man- ;/"^ent"*yi |cWtics at Iowa State rokt liege Mi* Situation. A look at what 's happened to cea since the summer of 1946 ; Ah nvi what families are up against, ilixti fid bill! arc nlmost one-fourth her; cMthinfc costs are up 14 perit: f¥rpltul*J*nd home furnish!• 'have gahied 11 percent, and isehobj' Stilting expenses 10 t¥ ( NER* " r i«^l4\ce Your Order • e "t|ew ForlAn ... •n kc lew; Hi Cultin Chid ider,» heatti lorWS ickle Cullii irch S< inow Fi ^vhjch you. can use for 15 leating garages, milk _ louses or your home. • They are ideal for ANK hejse purposes. — . * Meyer's A 'our - County ry )R f H. D. COLE J? Dentist Iflee Over Citizens State Bank •f SSW W. Myers, M. D. Olke Over Huebner's Telephones: fftee lU-W Residence 188-X Schneider PARIAN Postvillc, Iowa LTheatre Building B Steele iY-AT-LAW bernethy's Store No. 240 1 'Kiesau, M.D. Kesau, M.D. is Schutte A Sons ) to 12 and 1 to S ay afternoons. -7 to 8:30 p. m. SCHUTTE SCHUTTE »rs & Embalmers All Occasions & Palas JYS-AT-LAW atvllle SUte Bank >PSAHL PRACTOR Aberaethy's 12 and 1 to t ays, rrUays percent. Yet, if these were the only items' to consider, careful planning might not be too "difficult. There's the farm to keep up too, and the money comes out of the same pocketbook. Farm machinery, easier to get, will compete with household durable goods, home improvements and other family needs for current income. Bank deposits are fairly high, but most folks prefer to pay for durable goods from current income rather than dip into savings. All of these demands on a slightly lower income call for careful study of what the market will offer in family items in 1948. Wise management of family food resources will be almost a "must". European countries will continue to need food. Most purchased food will continue to be high in price. Home-produced supplies of fruits and vegetables are low .at present. Some foods will be more plentiful—sugar, cheese, butter, bananas and dried fruit. Other foods—lard, sweet potatoes, meat, chicken and some canned foods—will be smaller in supply according to present predictions. Ootherwise food supplies will be much the same as in 1947. Home Improvements. Chances are many farm families will want to think carefully before making extensive home improvements. High building costs and shortages of building supplies and skilled labor will be factors to consider. Supplies of building materials are much better than in 1946 but little different from 1947 for certain products. Prices paid by farmers for building materials in September 1947 were up 45 percent over 1946. Small pieces of household equipment are on the market. Not so with larger pieces which require a good deal of steel, or those which use large amounts of fuel, either gas or electricity. Any allocation of steel, or setting of priorities in line with a foreign-aid program, will probably make steel even less available for heavy home equipment. However, clothes washers, heating pads, fans' and toasters are available. Clothing supplies are much better but prices may continue upward. Possible rises are anticipated in wool, cotton piece goods, shoes, nylon hose and furs. Rises are due to higher materials costs and wage rates. Few shortages remain, mainly in rayon lining and good quality cotton fabrics. Production of men's suits, dress and utility shirts, underwear and nightwear is still increasing. The home furnishings outlook is still dreary. Good supplies of some kinds of furniture and furnishings are offset by the complete absence of others. Most furnishings are still reaching retailers on a quota basis. High consurrler incomes, a big backlog for replacements, and the number of new homes to be equipped make demand exceed supply. Lumber shortages hamper production, i NOTICE OF INCORPORATION Notice is hereby given of/the fo; motion of a' corporation, for pecuniary profit under Chapter 491 of the 1946 Co<'e of Iowa, and acts airiendatorv thereto; to be known as FALB MOTOR AND IMPLEMENT, with principal place 'of business at Postville, Allamakee County, Iowa. The general nature of the business to be transacted by the corporation is to buy, own, sell, service, repair, store, care for, manufacture, assemble, rebuild, and generally deal in, at wholesale or retail, both new and used automobiles, trucks and motor vehicles of all kinds, farm implements, machinery, vehicles, tools, and any and all articles pertaining to agriculture, and tires and accessories, including parts and supplies of all kinds pertaining thereto; to lease, build, purchase or otherwise acquire, and operate, buildings, storage houses and garages for the purpose of carrying on the business of the corporation, and storing, and caring for therein of automobiles, trucks and motor vehicles of all kinds, farm implements, machinery, vehicles, tools, and any and all articles pertaining to agriculture, and supplies therefor and appurtenances thereto; to buy, own, sell and deal in all goods, wares and merchandise necessary or Incidental to the operation, repair or equipment of automobiles, trucks and motor vehicles of all' kinds, farm implements, machinery, vehicles, tools, and any and all articles pertaining to agriculture: to buy, own, sell and deal in all devices and appliances of every nature, kind and description whatsoever, including parts and supplies pertaining thereto; to act as dealer, sales representative, agent or broker for manufacturers of automobiles, trucks and motor vehicles of all kinds, farm implements, machinery, vehicles, tools, and any and all articles pertaining to agriculture, devices, appliances, ai\d supplies there­ for and appurtenances thereto, _ of every nature, kind and description whatsoever; to purchase, lease, own, improve, maintain, convey, sell, exchange and mortgage, pledge or otherwise dispose of any and all real and personal property or any interest therein necessary, useful or appropriate to enable the corporation to accomplish any or all of its purposes; and generally, to make contracts, acquire and transfer property, both real and personal, the same as natural persons enjoy. Authorized capital stock is One Hundred and Twenty Thousand Dollars ($120,000.00) common stock divided into twelve hundred shares of the par value of One Hundred Dollars ($100,00) per share, to be issued as the Board of Directors may determine, all of which stock when issued to be paid for fully in either money or property and to be non-assessable as provided by law. The corporation to begin business January 1, 1948, the date certificate was issued by the Secretary of State, and continue for a period of twenty years therefrom, with the right of renewal as provided by law, unless sooner dissolved by a two-thirds vote of the stockholders at any annual meeting, or at a special meeting called for that purpose, or by unanimous consent as provided by law. Jts affairs to be conducted by a board of directors nf not less than two nor more than five persons selected from among the common stockholders, with oower to establish by-laws and fill vacancies, said directors to be chosen annually by the stockholders at the annual stockholders' meeting to be held on the first Mondav of February of each year. The Board of Directors shall elect a President, two Vice Presidents, Secretary, and Treasurer, and anv two offices may be held by the same person at the same time, excepting the offices of president and vice president. The said officers shall be elected by the Board of Directors from their membership each year immediately following the election of directors by the stockholders at the annual stockholders' meeting. Until the first annual meeting in 1948. the following named persons shall be directors of this corporation: John Falb, Elgin, Iowa: W. C. Falb, Elgin, Iowa; G. H. Falb. Elgin, Iowa; and John Falb, Jr., Postville, Iowa. Until the first annual meeting in 1948, the following persons shall be officers of this corporation: John Falb, President; W. C. Falb, Vice President: G. H. Falb, Vice President; and John Falb, Jr., Secretary and Treasurer. The private property of the stockholders of this corporation shall be exempt from the debts or liabilities of the corporation. Dated at Postville, Iowa, January 2. 1948. FALB MOTOR AND IMPLEMENT By i John Falb, President. John Falb, Jr., Secretary. Joseph B. Steele, P. O. Address: Postville,- Iowa Attorney for the Corporation. ATTENTION FARMERS! Until Further Notice $f) f\ We WiM Pay Up To ^V/ FOR DEAD HORSES and COWS (HIDES MUST BE GOOD) : And Your Assurance of— * Prompt Service on All Small Animals * Free Gifts for Small Animals * Sanitary Removal * ,24 Hour Service * Tankage for Sale to Farmers * We Pay AU Phone Charges For Prompt Rendering Service, Call ALLAMAKEE COUNTY RENDERING SERVICE Postville—Phone 555 ' — or — • COLE RENDERINQ SERVICE Waukon, Iowa—Phone 600 • « LICENSE NO. M It Pays To Know The Traffic Laws In Iowa A "State Law: "Upon the immediate approach of any authorized emergency vehicle, giving audible signal by sound, the operator of every other vehicle shall immediately operate the same to a position as near as possible and parallel to the right-hand edge or curb of the roadway, clear of any intersection of highways, and.shall stop and remain in such position unless otherwise directed by a traffic officer, until such authorized emergency shall have passed." When a motorist hears a siren, he should immediately pull over to the curb to allow the emergency vehicle to pass. It may be an ambulance rushing someone to the hospital, a Are' truck* hurrying to the scene of a blaze, or a police car on the trail of a r criminal. The emergency vehicle has right-of-way because its mission at the time is urgent. This law does not operate to relieve the driver of an authorized emergency vehicle from the duty to drive with due regard for the safety of all persons using the highway. It is advisable not to follow closely behind any emergency vehicle. NO CHANCE. A fox near Aurelia was sunning itself on top of a haystack. It was seen from a plana flown by Marion Robb of Cherokee, who landed near a group of fox hunters nearby and directed them to the hideout of Br'er Fox. • Herbert Peterson shot it, which proves foxes are having a hard time keeping ahead of modern progress. DANCE WHITE SPRINGS BALLROOM McGregor, Iowa SAT., JAN. 24 Music By — Pete Dougherty AND HIS BAND COMING—SATURDAY, JAN. 31 HILL BILLY RHYTHM BOYS FORCED LANDING. When he attempted to use a highway near Sidney as a landing field recently, Leonard Morris came to grief when one wing of his plane struck a highway marker and swerved into a ditch. His daughter was a passenger. The Morrises were enroute home from Oklahoma to Lohrville, Iowa, when darkness caught up with them and caused the attempted landing. Now that cows are being kept in the barn, dairymen needto take extra precautions to produce clean milk with a low bacterial count. Highest CASH Prices For Your Dead Stock CHARGE ALL CALLS TO US PostvilleRenderingCo. TELEPHONE NO. 1000 WAUKON—Call Sunderman City Service—Telephone No. 242 McGREGOR—Call Dresden Standard Service—Telephone No. 55-J OSSIAN—Call D-X Service Station—Telephone No. 90 ELGIN—Call D-X Service Station—Telephone No. 2111 MONONA—Call Mr. Ziegler—Telephone No. 208 ROSSVILLE—Call Rossville Locker Plant SALE Having decided to quit farming, I will sell at Public Auction on the Chas. H. Krumm Estate farm, 1 mile north of Postville Creamery, on THURSDY. JANUARY 29 Sale to begin promptly at 12:30 o'clock 23 HEAD CATTLE Consisting of 14 Brown Swiss Milk Cows, 2 Guernsey Cows, some are fresh with calves at side, others to freshen soon; 3 one-year-old Brown Swiss Heifers; 3 Heifer Calves and 1 Purebred Registered Brown Swiss Bull, 3 years old. THIS IS AN OUTSTANDING HERD OF MILK COWS ! 3 Head of Work Horses Black Mare, 12 years old, wt. 1400 lbs.; Grey Gelding, 9 years old, wt. 1500 lbs.; Grey Gelding, 12 years old, wt. 1500 lbs. 14 Duroc Jersey Brood Sows, about 3QO lbs, ABOUT 200 AAA WHITE LEGHORN PULLETS SOME YEAR OLD HENS CORN, OATS AND LOOSE HAY About 800 bushels of Corn; About 800 bushels of Oats; About 18 tons of Mixed Clover and Timothy Loose Hay in Barn. Complete Line of Farm Machinery, Etc. 10-20 McCormick-Deering Tractor in good condition; John Deere 2-Bottom 16-in. Tractor Plow; 32-ft. Corn and Grain Elevator on rubber; John Deere Hammermill, almost new; John Deere 999 Corn Planter with Fertilizer Attachment and over 80 rods of wire; John Deere Manure Spreader; John Deere 99 Corn Planter; Push- Type Easy way Hay Loader; 7-ft. McCormick Grain Binder; Minnesota No. 3 Grass Mower; C. B. Q. Side 4 Rake; Rubber Tired Wagon; Steel Wheel Wagon; Wagon Box; Hay Rack; 2-Row Peterson Corn Plow, like new; Single Row Corn Plow; 4- Section Wood Drag with folding drawbar, like new; 8-ft. Van Brunt Seeder; 8-ft. Moline Disk; 2-Section Quack Digger; Potato Digger; 14-in. Walking Plow; McCormick-Deering No. 5 S Cream Separator with motor; Hinman Milking Machine with 2 Pails and pipeline for 16 cows; Electric Brooder Stove, new; Oil Brooder Stove; Qood 8x10 Brooder House; Set of Good Work Harness; Horse Collars; 3 10-gal. and 1 5-gal. Cream Cans; Milking Utensils; 2x2x4 Water Tank; Lawn Mower; 2 Briggs\& Stratton Engines, !4 h. p.; Briggs & Stratton 1 h. p. Engine; 1 Roll of Slat Cribbing; 25-ft. Double Hammermill Belt; 100 feet Double Outdoor Wiring; 2 h. p. Electric Motor; Hog Troughs; Copper Clad Range; Wood or Coal Heating Stove, and many other articles too numerous to mention. Terms of Sale will be Cash unless arrangements are made with clerk before sale. RAY E. SCHARi PROP. EATON WATERS, Auctioneer CITIZENS STATE BANK, Clerk

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