Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 8, 1898 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 8, 1898
Page 4
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._. Business Men: Let the Telegraph Show What it Can do to Briil Customers to Your Store and Balance to Your Batik Account DMthM Betrothal. A (few yearn ago a Hew York newspopet emtdacted «u open discussion upon the topic! 7 'I* Marriage a Failure?' 7 Tbe suinrerl*ea*7 aad upon the surface. Where tbm It mutual lore and respect, if there in *"' health, marriage is a success. When 'h ll left out, even the moat ardent love not count, and marriage it invariably Modem science ha* cried tha wanting • Often that all should realise th* danker* Wedlock to people in ill-health. In a Of this kind death lurkt on every tide - the kiss of betrothal and tbe carets of honeymoon. The man who U s offering B ill-health it a physical bankrupt, and no right to condemn a woman to be hit for life and the mother of babes that . A hit physical weakness. Or. Pierce'* letl Medical Discovery actt directly aa .digestive organism, ft makes it strong action iperfret.. When a man's dl is all tteht.hit blood *IU be pare, It blopaifl pure his nervoustyttan woman who suffer* from weakliest and of the delicate organism of her MX In tosufler .from general .ill-health, to be an unhappy, helpless invalid and ' pointment at a wife. Her children weak, piiiy irtid peevish. A happy it an ImpSurfWHtyfor her until ¥«r U restored. Dr. Flerce't Favorite Iption cjwts all troublet of the dl*-, feminlnejiorfraniim. It cures then ly, completely and permanently. U. for wlfehped and motherhood. Both ints arejuold by all good dealeti. DESTROYING DYNAMITE. How Armr OBIrprn Are nptUna HM of Mhopnrnrn Kxplontrp*. What to do With norne 80 tone of poor dynnmltB wan tlio (inontion with which the Bitoy officers stationed at Fort Independence Were confronted After the pence protoiio? with Spain wan declared. The dynamite bad been pnrohnood during the war, and much of it was nsod iti loading the hnrbor mines. It appears that being confined in an Iron cnu and buffeted about by waves does not ira- proTO the qaality of tlilfi oxplosivo and makea it dnagoronn tohnndlo. Ho it wan decided to get rid of the dynnmlto. At flrit tile method of burning it In ten pound lumps on the bench was triad, but after leveral explosions which shook npjSonth Boston this was abandoned. FiniiHy XdentflDBnt Raymond tried another scheme. Ho put 100 pounds or more in a stoat barrel ami anchored it Regardless of Age. The kidneys are responsible for more sickneso, Buffering, add deaths tbftn any other organs of the body. A majority of tbe ills afflicting people today 1« traceable to kidney trouble. It pervades all classes of society, in all climates, renardless of agp, sex or condition. The symptoms of kidney trouble are unmittable, each as rheumatism, neuralgia, sleeplessness, pain or dull ache In tbe back, a desire to urinate often day or inignt, profnse or scanty Uric acid, or brick-dust deposit in urine are signs of clogged kidneys, causing poisoned and germ-filled blood. Sometimes tbe heart acts badly, and tube oasts {(wasting of tbe kidneys) are found In tbe urine, which if neglected will result In Brlgln's disease, the most dangerous form of kidney trouble. All these symptoms and conditions are promptly removed under tbe Influence ol Or. Kilmer's Swamp Hoot. It has a world wide reputation fur its wonderful cures of the most distress- Ing cases. No one need be long without It as It Is so cany to get at any drug store nt 50oor$l. You can bare a sample hot,. He of this wonderful discovery ,8wamp Root, and A book telling all about It, botb tent to yon absolutely free by rani', Send your address to Dr. Kilmer & Co , Blngbamton, N. Y. and kindly mention that you read tbls liberal olfe SANTl CITY. AN A(WKE!tf K^ IVorU nrt C'hlrrttro , « M « .umt Can n« went l,n d,nln n! ;e ComtnlPSl enced V * I— n trot*,. , |nppom|! , (! ',,-,,,,„,, bf , tn ,, en „„, .,,, „,,,, ,,„, plrl(e ram| . whr.-i-cljy nil the differ- tn* tiv<. l,. i( lh-fl »vhl. li will the <r,,i,|,l,, t lon.of t.hf drain- ng» l-iitml nr- <,..(;,.,]. N,, K ,,,iati(,r.s I,-- twcen tin; legal ami f.-nslnr- ^ Perfect Infant Foo tlifnts of Hi?! t\v<) iKinr as foon a.« th« nknictnn tonsumn It'll, ami will !.•<• ItiR tlio next f...iv d.-iy Joint rl<-ci..c'u, rmitin'ts t>?rt!iltilng l/j th» pfttl<> crlriB (If|>;ir1- ds wpre lif-Run agreement «-ns rnntinurd dur- until ali (he ami plans ap- inrnt ni«> com- CensralWood Has Wrought Wonders There. THE PLACE CLEAX AXD ORDERLY. ... ;.Th»Dr. Hardy property corner 6th and >. c Lot IZOiiaaftft with 2 dwelling!. V4^to0ffl dweluct on Eaaton street bet. 10th illth«t«. ttLdpJxl20feet. Price 1700. j residence o£<3». Kfrsoh on Bella «tM«tf Doa aiid bath 'fdoi&i to-tfoiod-ro >alr.- • : . -. >.10-room residence of S. H. Nlohola Ot Mi it. ..Lot TOxlTO feet, A fine looaUofii >8-room dwelling (nearly new) withbith heated »yforn«o«! In iliddietown. • One lot ot Darld Doyle on BlnC «tre»t l4-rooia briok dwelling, l*S4i jr,' II. Tontor Homeitpad oontalnlng about ! floe.10 room dwoUlngjfrult of all kind. lota on Bluff street with brlok par' add plMra*! flo feJBom* fin* Mwers no grading. In T. L. Foulda 8-room briok dwelling, heate Lot 1»X120 feet; due fruit i halt ----- _____ t street, ldenc« on Proipeot street with with turnaoe. Lot «0 teat on ot "Dwelling" wit* about Itt acres of "Detroitand shade trees. 2 blocks j in Upper Alton. t lot on 4th afreet.. si one lots i sta. i on Belle street txtween Uftb jutorr brlok store and dwolllng and i or brlok dwelling on same lot corner of IVlnesU. A good inrestoient. i Iota on 4th street new Mr. Qu-itsng ^_j double dwelling of Mr. R. Qarsttng, -_b» ttaain with modern ImproTemenUi . tmr *53SSrt» 8-room brio/ dwelling, .tit street, with all modem lmproTem«n&. a PUwa Foundry, eyerythlng oomplewiln- Ing 10 lots i iwltoh connection with 0. * Ar l Notelty Mfg. Co. propsrty on 2d sweet, '-- * ' ULOW1NO UP DTNAMITK IN BOSTON UAI1BUH. [Prom* photograph.] a (Jnattor of n milo off ohoro. Ho connected tho barrel with an elootrio bat- •'t'wjrAby wires mid detonated the explosive by simply pressing a bnttou. Tfiis scheme no has been systumaticnUy fallowing for ft'VL*rul weeks, nnd the .dynamite is fast being destroyml. The results of them cxnloMlons have thus far been harinloHH, bat rather startling to observe. When one oooarn, it merely jftrs the ground a bit, makes a deep rumbling roar nnd sends a towor Ol Water skyward. Thesa geyseru of np- thrown water assume many and some- titues fantastic etiapos, giving a very. good idea ot tlio eocoutrioity, aa well us tie power, of the explosives. Sometimes the water shoots straight Upward; like a liquid Bunker Hill mou- fctnent; sometimes it spreads out like a boge fab, or again it rasombloa a fountain, or a gigautlo skyrocket, or a monitor haycock, Wbyeqnal amounts of dynamite fired under similar conditions vary in the manner in which they affect the snrrouudiug water is a matter of coujontnre, for the same thing happens in all cases. ROWDY LAWMAKERS. . to Highland Park, eaoh 70 by about 'room dwelling on Bute stre»t. Prloe -d a. room dwelling on Second street. One lota on Alby street: dwell _ .. elling, corner Thlra an6 r»tn«U, OB* ot the finest location! In Aflon good 7- , 7-room dwelling! good lot and room dwelling In Upper Alton, good lot aoxloc teet on Essloo street. bHckdwslllng W1U>» venlant to motor : . lot. to UMMU-' Fins locsuon.. A ttae residence o( Alton Wade onBsllt '" 10 rooms and finished attlo, Dsu. t. Good cellar. Oat tnd water, • house. Lot* test front. .... ojfcrifciWbki property not iDrisk dwelling on William strett. dwefflngwlth 1 good lota on Fifth «**; ot Ridge street. Prloo, 11.800, • 8 room brlok dwelling with 2 lots op .4 7 room dwelling with fine river TlMfi I or hot water. FOR RENT. i story brlok dwelling with B rooms,on .,... aTenjwno.w. occupied by J. Moulton. ;»-room dwelling on «rd- street with fatth 01 With modern fixtures. >re room and two 4-room tensmonts i room and street near Cherry .j li. J, Clawson homestead,!» Upper All 110 rooms, barn and gHftfea, P now ^•CwU^lt. Poi tn Itie French Cliamljer of Uepatlei Arc Lively Affair*. Somo Of the Houmous of our houra of MpresentailVes hav« been rather noisy and scenes far from dignified have been tnaotod on the floor before the speaker's obflirf bat, Dover have our legislators given such an exhibition of rowdyism B» moy be 'soon iilinoet any day in the French obambor of dopnties. ThoPronoh Statesman onu bo dignified enough when hlfl emotions aro not aronsed, but when he is raffled he is very apt to "fly off the handle." During the session now in progress there have been many wild outbreaks. Dilonasions of the Dreyfus case and army scandals hove generally started them. On snoh occasions the "debute" baa developed into a rongh and tumble argument in whioh oratory has been dropped for pugilism, blows hove been exchanged instead of repartee nud vulgar personolitioH used in tlio place of parliamentary retort. At snch times the member With the best lungs and the most luudcla has bold the floor. It is not an unusual occurrence for a JTMnoh deputy to louve tuu chamber REAL ESTATE, DURANCE, and LOAN AQGNT r " pOOM 15, P. 0. BUILDING. FOR BALB4 Liberty etroot . ot'Brighton, good paiture, modern dwelling near George streets, moe with large lot oil Twelfth street, dwelling No. 811 east Lot OOxOO. <kiod street dwelling bouse and another J ODone lot In good location Rents tor $88 per month: on State street ob St-vernl of the MH|II StrpnU ll«li>|f Macadamized—Gambling 'ilvrtily Siipprosintl mill HntlflxlitlllB; I'riihlbltoil—Inillril- Horn That tha Hpiinlgh American fi-iin- Treilty Will III) Slgnt-il Sllturilay — The i:i|{lll I'rlin l|>:il Artlrln Agrepil To. Santlaso do CJba. Dec. 8.—General I^eonnrd Wood, sovtrnor of the province of Santiago, has wrought wo:iders In tlin formerly dirty Santiago. From the very commencement of Ills rei?irr:«- dirt and disorder bigan to give place to cleanliness and qulutude, although thi? pooplp ivho vverfi belnp benefited ivcre the last to appreciate his efforts. Even th? most rabid nnll-Amerlcnn who knew Pantlngo in the past admits now that not only la the city clean but that tin- people and even the animals are looking better than at any previous time. A small bridle puth around the city has been turned Into n fine, wide road that currlneca run drive over, and It la the Intention ot General Wood to plant a large number of eucalyptus trees, which will not only give a pleasant shade to the drive, but will be largely Instrumental In conducing to tha future health and well being of the city. Streets lining Itlnrutliimlzcil. Severn! of the main streets of the city are being macadamized. The civil hospital Is a magnificent building situated in an excellent locution, with an un- enualed view of the city, the bay nnd the surrounding hills. Inside, however, dirt, mismanagement and a total lack of any system of drainage formerly helped to kill off more patients than were cured, but today no speck of dirt Is to be seen, everything Is under perfect management, there Is a system of drainage that would not discredit an American hospital and Ihe patients have everything thut human Ingenuity can obtain for them, t'mier Spanish control the governor of Dip province used to j-ny a visit to the hospital about every six month", notifying the hospital olllclals several days beforehand of his Intended call. FO that by Ilio time of his arrival all that looked unpleasant was can-fully hidden out of sight. General Wood now calls at some unexpected time at least twice a week. Nn Dull riRhtlnj; AllowtMl. Qnmbllng has been sternly suppressed to the satisfaction of most of the people. A bti'.l fighter and his assistants arrived here a few days ago with the Intention of giving a "classical" entertainment. General Wood quickly notified the promoters of the enterprise that no permit for the proposed exhibition would he grantrd and that If they tried to give a performance everybody engaged would bo fined tl.OOO. The members of the trmipu are now packing up their belongings nnd Intend to go to Hjivann. The appointment of Henor Bacardi as alcade. or mayor, has given great satisfaction to the Cubans. He la a wealthy man of some prominence. 81'AMSII-AMKKIOAM |>EACK THKATY. Inillcallnim Arc That II Will .„,._ J on Otic atreet between the Big Four R. R. tracks, suitable lor r manufacturing purposes. tslde or Alton street, bet, we-reer county« t ._tlon by rail or rlrer,, . , j business property, ooroerlad i sts., on eas/ terms, """taw Btlll "DBBATK" IN TUB FltKNCIl CIUMURK OP UKl'IJTlliB. with his coat ripped up the back, hie eyes discolored or bio fncu scratched. Vha American humorist bus charged the Auiarioaii prizefighter with depend- log too much on oratory for success. As a sample of thu ninuner in wbinb th* national nfl'uirs of Franco nro dig- enued here Is purt of a cublod report of H taOout Hflislou. The prime minister bad announced thut leuvo hud bouu given to prosecute u French editor in Whose paper had bucu printed an attack On the urmy. A soulnlist inombor replied lu h«ated tor ma. The report myu: "The incident led to a scene of uoUy •xoitemout, the deputies buurlyiug no- cutatiaui Ami epithets with whioh the Chamber Ji too familiar. Sown of the socialists ulid anti-Semites indulged in tUHouffu. President DuNobaitol vuiuly appealed tot order and rung his boll putll bo was tired. Ushers separated th* snijry combatants, but Ih0 utmoa pbert coutluuuil electric for uouie time." The Bute La Ur.ippe ture There It no uie suffering from this dreadful malady. If you will only get th* right remedy. YOU are having i all through your body, yeur liver . out .pf order, have no appetite, no f* or fjubltlon, h»ve a bad cold, In 'it art) completely used op. Electric ter« le tbe only remedy that will IV*you prompt and 0ure relief. They •Ireotly, pn your, Liver, Stomaot Kidneys, tone up the whole gvi- > and mwe you feel like a new oe- i - Tbej* we. guaranteed to oure or lie Slffiio)! Paris, Dec. 8.—There WIIB no joint session of the peace commission Wednesday as the Spaniards are still occupied In translating the American answer to their proposals In regard to the status of Spanish subjects In the annexed territories. The eight principal articles of the treaty are settled and nil that remains for the commission to attend to is the sc-ttk-ment of the minor points of the treaty. Tin- latter will probably be signed on Saturday next, for the Spaniards aru as anxious a» the Amer- iciins to llnlsh thu work In hand. Secretary OJeda of the Kjuinlgh commission said today: "It I* very painful for us to remain hero haggling over details, since the main points have been settled and we have been vbllged to relinquish our colonies. All the work will be finished this week. The commercial treaty between the Unltud States and Kpuln' will be negotiated upon the re-establishment of diplomatic ratal Ions, and tlu- question of Spanish ships and product* In Cuba nr.a Porto Kk-o will be Included therein." The Tiaker-Ilayli-FS Shoe company, the I.auderyou Tailoring company, and the Schmltz-Sohroi.'dcr Clothln« company of St. I.ouls were burned out. Total loss, $00,000. F. S. 8olou» of Kngl.ind, the original of Rider IJaKKurcl'u "Allan Quarter- main," wus registered at the Auditorium hotel, Chlcngu. lie was on his way to England from a liuntini; trip In the went. A Narrow Escape. Thankful words written by Mrs. Ada B. Hart, of Groton. 8. D. "Was taken with a bad cold which settled on, my lungs; oough sot In and finally terminated In Consumption. Four doctors gave me up, saying I oou'd live but a short time, I gave myself up to my savior, determined If 1 oould net- stay with my friends on earth, to meet my absent ones above. My husband was advleed to net Dr. K'ng's New Discovery for Consumption, Coughs and Golds. I gave It n trial, took lu allelubt bottles. It has cured me, and thank God I am saved and now a well and healthy woman." Trial bottles free at E. Marsh's drug store. Kegular slue 50? and f 1. Guaranteed or price refunded. ^ After bearing some friends contlu- uallv praising Chamberlain's Oollc, Dbolera and Diarrhoea Remedy, Our* tin Fleck, of Anaheim, California, purchased a bottle of It for bis own use and It now aa enthusiastic over its woodwful work M a,njone can be. The 86 »ud 00 cent alien for Ml* by B. Mvih And 8. H. Wyas, The nppioviil of Judge H.lFcli'r of the mollified ilmir" will thi-n l/e obtained promptly, ami tbe work on the Joil"! sertlon of th- chanm-l will begin at once. It Is ibn Inti'iitlr.n of tin- drainage otrirlals to work day and night fi.irci'B nxcnvntir.K (he rock tied of th-- Me»plnlnn river through Juliet In constructing the chaiini-1. l',y ilint of energetic effort the canal wlil In; completed within a ycnr. It is thought, and the water fn-m L;,XP .\rn-hlgati -.-.'ill be flowing through It. KIM,I:I> uin: ».M> SI-LI-. Frnnli, MII louu Miin, flilof Artor In n Dniilili- TriiKrilv. Fort Madison, hi., Pec. S. —A horrible tragedy w;.t? '-nacteii nn Ibe stairway of the I.i-y i-uiinty luiildiim In this place. Shortly ufii-r iii»-i! Frank BriiFh, a Wfll-known hiiplnrss nmn, met his wife In the nf'lri 1 of nn attorney In the Lee county buililljr-v The nu-i-tlng was by op|ioliitment. and for tin- purpose of patching up a domi-stle (tuarrel which threatened to en>! In I In- divorce- court. After remaining In tin- lawyer's office for some tlnii-. bulb ir-ft the room, unable in sii;rro on nn amicable settlement of thcli dinictilties. On the wny down Ihc stairs Ilrush drew a n-volvi-r and flrril a shot at his wife. Hhc fell to the stuir landing, dead. The murderer thi-r. turned the weapon upon himself ami sent a bullet crashing through hl.s o\'. n brain. Both Jlc-d liiRtnntlj-. Hun on H Mi««finrl Hunk. St. Joseph, Jlo., l)fc. 8.—A run was nui'K- on th<> Contrul Havings bank of St. Joseph. ric-posltors drew out $30,.000 In two hours, during great excitement. The run was the result of the fullin-i- of Grant (iilldt, the Kansas rut Ik- plunger. The hniik held about J10.0CO C5iil"tt paper. This came out In a law suit brought by u Kansas City commission llrm to gain possession of some of Oillett's cnttlo that were at- toch'fil by the bank. Olllcers of the bank have posted a n>'tice advising depositors tlmt written notice would be required from those who ib-sln.- to withdraw funds. Fighting in KcmuUir. New York, Dee. s.—A dispatch from Guayaquil suys that the revolutionists representing the clerical party, which Is determineil to overthrow the Alfaro administration, have made a vigorous attack on the barracks at Cuenca, one of the most Important cities In the republic adhering to the Conservative cause. Notwithstanding the strength of the attacking force, hoiVevcr, they were rejmlfeil and the garrison managed to hold Its position until the arrival of (lateral Franco with reinforcements. Tin- government expects to suppress the movement. Mrs. Elizabeth Howe, widow of General James Howe of Illinois, died at Phoenix, A. T. She was 77 years old. For Pneumonia. Dr. J. O. Bishop, of A'gnew, Mien., says: "I have used Foley'a Honey and Tar in three very severe cases of pneumonia tbe past month with good results. Sold by E. Marah and B. H. Wysa. Mr. 0. M. Dixon, a well known merchant of Pleasant Eidge, Fulton Co, Pa., baa a little girl who is frequently threatened with croup, but when tbe first symptoms appear, his wife gives her Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, which always affords prompt relief. Tbe 25 and 60 cent sizes for sale by E. Marsh and S. H. Wyss. ml Borden Eagle Brand Condensed Milk ftARS THE LEADING "INFANT HCALm'suir FREE. N.V. @NDEH5tpMlU@. Hi* TOW \vt.'ie w" . i.nvp a further op M^'on°uVnc?e S 'owned by the wm ' t im,iii/iiliial tracts. fl(T es of individual Will <H»e » r*rm Hcsfleiner. Mich.. Dec. 8.-M I,,,,PV of Marlnesco, Mich. „,.,.,.'(! of farming land i" 11 ' Marlnesco free to any move on It and KXOM5HATE&. sinking nl the Mann Tcrena. Washington, Uee. 8.—The Hndlngs of the naval board of Inquiry appointed to meet at Norfolk to ascertain the circumstances and determine the responsibility for the abandonment of the Spanish armored cruiser, Maria IPeresa In I ho vicinity of Cat island, British Bahamas, on Nov. 1, were made public Ly the navy d^purtrnent. The court exonerates Lieutenant Commander Harris ft found that lieutenant Commander Harris did not assume command of the Maria Teresa until after the representative of the MetTltt-Chapman Wrecking company on board, who had charge of the vessel, determined to abandon her. The services of Lieutenant Commander Harris are commended by the rourt. The court also found that Lieutenant Georc-e P. Blow of the Vulcan acted properly In directing that the lowline between the Vulcan and the Maria Teresa be cut. It Is recommended that no further proceedings be had.'but the navy department has not taken any action on the recommendation. Ooml In lleil. -Benson Morris, New York, Dec. "**'*„ V 1 ngs bank. for nineteen yeai^s WL; \p home In West Chester Connty S^m ei i,r aee. was found dead In bed at-im^o >_sui Tarrytown. He was 74 Washington Irving; bought Sunny 1 from Mr. Morris' father. Miy's Appointment Confirmed. Washington, Dec. 8.—The senate in executive session confirmed the appointment of Hon. John Hay as secretary of state. Says Henry W«» • Traitor. Paris, Dec. 8.—The Radical, with some reservations, makes the statement that as the result of the Inquiries made by the court of cassation .It appears that the traitor who communicated documents containing military secrets to a foreign power was Colonel Henry and not Dreyfus. Cuban Army Keeping Order. Havana. Dee. 8.—The Cuban army In Plr.-nr del Rio Is keeping good order. A reception is being prepared by the Cubans In (lie city of -Plhar del Rio for the American troops who are expected to arrive shortly. A decree signed by the colonial cabinet says the cabinet will end Ita work on Dec. 15. but will continue after that date as advisors to the governor general. A dispatch from Casilde. the port of Trinidad, announces that General Snyder.n-lth "00 American troops, landed there Tuesday. 1'ipnlilent of the Reichstag. Berlin, Dec. 8.—Count von Ballestrem, Centrist, has been elected president of the relchstag by a vote of 279 to Gl. WHOOPING Delicate They do not complain of anything in particular. They [ i eat enough, but keep thin and ; pale. They appear fairly well, • but have no strength. You ! cannot say they are really ; sick, and so you call them delicate. What can be done forthem ?' Our answer is the same that 1 the best physicians have been ; giving for a quarter of a cen-! tury. Give them For lafantB and Childron. The Kind You Havs Always Bought H. offers 160 mile from one that will farm. There good farming ncre In this Signature nor Mineral. NOT NARCOTIC. 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It la an infallible remedy for coughs and colds and all disorders of the throat and lungs. Qood druggists sell it. 25o. of Cod-Liver Oil with Hypo- \ £ phosphites. It has most re- ! markable nourishing power. ; It gives color to the blo'od. It •{ brings strength to the mus- < cles. It adds power to the ; nerves. It means robust • [ .health and vigor. Even deli- }\ i. cate infants rapidly gain in ;| i flesh if given a small amount •[ r three or four times each day. } •. soc. and $ t .oo; all druggists. • SCOTT & BOWNE, Chemists, New York. raska.Montana ( Pu BEST TRAINS jro Henry Meyers Butcher and Packer Mtftata Is task si* Sstt Mesli ss< UN, ••< MIDI Isdsrer tl S>mi|i W9 EAST SECOND . • ALTON 1U Cures Whooping-Cough quickly. Doses arc small and plennnot to take. Doctors recommend it. Price 3$ eta. At all druggist*. HENRY J. KLUNK, A Little Sniffle, or a stubborn cold, or a deep-seated cough CHI) be cared for good with Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar-Honey. This famous remedy, taken in time, will atop tbe progress of consumption and bring tbe color of health to the pallid cheek. Druggists sell it. Distressing Stomach Disease Permanently cured by the masterly power of South American Nervine Tonlo. Invalids need suffer no longer because this great remedy can cure them all. It is a oure for the whole world of stomach weakness and indigestion. The cure beglnu with the flrnt dose. The relief it brings IB marvelous and surprising. It makes no failure; never disappoints. No matter how long you have Buffered, your oure is certain under the use of this great health-giving force. Pleasant and always safe. Hold by 8. H, Wyes. For Hoarseness. Bunj. Ingersou, of Ilutton sajs: ho bud not epokou „ whisper for months, and one bottle of Foloy'o Honey anil Tar restored his voice. It is used very largely by speakers and slngera. 8-ald by E, aiaroh and 8. H. Wj ss. What do the Children Drink? Don't give them tea or colfoy. Have you tried the nrw food drink called UKA1N-0? It IB delicious and nourishing and takes tbe glace of coffee. Tbe more Grain-O you give the children the more health you distribute through their systems. Oraiu-O la made of pure grains, und when properly prepared tasteu like the choice grades of coffee but cool a about one- half aa much. All grocers sell It. ICo and 25o [)rs. O. 'and H. Taphorn. PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. OFFICE in M'Pike Building. Cor. and and Eatton sta. . Pnones 138 and 171, RSCHUSSLERfM.D, HOMBppATWST PANG SUE, LAUNDRY. laundry Work Carefully and Promptly Done. AIM best of Teu ud 'Calnese Novelties or hud. 624 East Second st. 306 State al »»>•»*«h• r. V»aU« in «*at>B mob* totft«», m*tatite eamtt, metallic anb cloth «a*k»t». «w«rl«l r«tr*« lor tab!**, 0*utl*m*n »ttb r%itb»«it, 319 «*•(. benem tftOV. uu. lud., above Dr. Wlilliinis' Indian 1'ilc lOliiMueiit will cure llllnd. Blcodlni; and Houlnp !es. Itubsorbbthotumors ulluys tbe itutihitfatoucc.nct* us u poulUcc, ulvcs Instant re -. Wll Inms-li " -- OrnCBUmRB8<DBNOB, HOTBL VADIBOf T«l»PkonelOO E. C. & H. R. Lemea UPPER ALTON, ILL. OFFICE HOURS: 7 CO 9 ».mi 11 to 1,«to (p.m. TELEPHONE §7£)/?, C. B. ROHLAND, OBNTIST,. OffletKowfi »».». UUisi. ni 1 to 9, II W. THBIlO Granitoid Paving Co. W. &.H. BEiSER, Prop's. 813 East Sixth Street • Alton, III. All kinds of Qranltold Work: Bldawalks, Chicago & Alto£ On and after noon Ang. 14. 1898. &m,*0:20p _ For Peorla—*8:47"a"m, »10:(» p m AWflSpV" 4 "" * 6 "-* •Dslly, tEioeot Sunday. andBI -47 nm, br Btll s prompt sttsntloa Edmund H. Blair. Retl EBtate and Insoraoce Agent. MONEY TO LOAN. Public OFFICE 106 Market st ruoiic. orwAltonRy. » Di'gCo, • lief. Dr. <Vll ibms'IndlniiPlle'OIni m Inent IHprepared for Pllei and licit Ing of the pnvuto purta. Every box I wnrmntad. By driicglxta, by mail on «• ^ $1.00. oeint of price. 60 cents ana $1.00. WILLIAM! Prnoft. ClovelBnd.'BHo "0. ADMINISTBATOE'S NOTIOB. Estate of Dsnlel W. Collet, deceased. The undersigned baring been appointed Administrator of the estate of DANIEL, W, COLLET, late of the county of Madison and State of Illinois, deceased, hereby gives notice toat be will appear before the County Court of^Madlson the Court House, In Edwardsvllle, at tbe January term, on tbe flrat Monday In January nest, at which time all persons baring claims against said estate are notified and requested to attend for tha purpose of having tbe name adjusted. All persona Indebted to sajd estate are requested to make Immediate par- mnnt to the undersigned. " ' Dated this 10th day of Nor. A. D., 1W6. EN08 JOIINBQp, admlnlslratoi Administrator. DISCHARGES IN BANKRUPTCY In Short Tinje. Yager & Yager. Attorneys 300 Belle atreet, WM ARMSTRONG. Deilar It Cement, Lime and Wall Plaster SfflSF*- Goodid " 107 We»t 5«cond Streei BIO norjojBtme m 01 Trains Between Altpfe & St. LouU. LT. Alton For St. Louis. Ar.St.L 816am !%U:-:::...;B£^^^--:::::IOS:S Sun., only ".'.'.. Jl^^^l^EEiiB iiE,-::::-::::*^gR=:;::-«e *A,dsJly 924pm • For Alton Ar Alton »-•• SioSS 847am J ft A, dalS."...I"" *7 Pour. 1 dally " " our, s»t only..'.'.'.','.' uurra in « JJ»y "Myatlo Ouro for rheumatism and Nourul(jin, radically cures lu from 1 to 8 dayH Its action upon tbe system Is remarkable and mysterious. It removes at once tbe cause and disease immediately disappears. Tbe flrst dose ureatly benefits, 76 eta. Bold by 8. H. Wysa, Drog«ist. A ton, 111. CASTOR IA For la&nts and Children, Iki Kind You Have Always Bought _________ PSLU Orl|liwl and Only dmmlnc. Kfv. klwkja it-llala.. LAOICB Mk for MtlrlutUrr Vaunt* Dl*- flratvt In K *' "**' »"* Mil rllibon. T»k« Veterinary Surgeon DR. D. M. MAHERi 640 808pm !»pm.. 260pm (SSpm C. C. C. ft 8t. L.—Big Four. COB -THIRD AND PIABA BTB , *LroV It) THROUGH SERVICE - BCTWCCN— ST. LOUIS, CHICAGO, KANSAS CITY AND Tua? PRINCIPAL CITIES OF T. M. LONG Civil Engineer and Surveyor M«p« Profile* and Estimate Furnished. jog Belle Street, Up Stairs. Burlington R6u«e. Alton « d foUo e w.°: 0t> 1 "' IW *' '""» wi » l8 »" 800 am <Man> 3 48 pm t tli am (Suburban service) Dally Dally ex-8un it Sunday only Dallyex-Sun Ually ex-8un Arrive St. L 640am 7 Nam 8 Mam 1100 am 120pm 140pm 845pm 640Sm Leave 81, I,!" 1 WUNER IWFET SUEPEIt «M.».i..». AMD «s|iMM»si FREE RECLINING KATY CHAIR CM DINNQS ROBT. M. STAMPER. REAL ESTATE, Loan and Insurance Agent ' Ml BBLLB STREET. Money to Lama tta Improved HINTS COLLBCTBD. Chas A. Strittmatitei Merchant Tailor. 704 BAJJT SECOND ATRBBT OMtt^iMD wko (Mrpelctc Ant-olftM M " TAILOR MADE CLOTHES -At MODERATE PRICES, Ton m tuflltt (o Mil ui4 fxiiniflti M* NKW STOCK QP GOODS 821am 10 Mam 11 60 si 8 00 um 608pm 6 61 pm 7COpn> Dajly Dally ei-aui, llyex-aun . SIOpv, Arrive Alton 8V aro Q tttim 1840pm 8Mp5 St. L. K. ft N, W. Bt. !*oai<.p«oria (Mi b. 0. *Sti P. By.j

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