The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 26, 1927 · Page 5
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 26, 1927
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

O M OBIL THE iOLA DAILY REQlSTEBi SATURDlAY] EVENING. FEBRUARF 26. l|927 E 1 T'OU can RO over the $1000 field . With a finc>coothed^oinl>-r«nd u cannot /ind a car ui/ilich even ap- oaches the Greater Oakland Six in eciiion cbnjtruction iind ri^'idly htrolled quah'ry! j iamond tiorins'piiloii pin btith- |u.2S to one tcn-thoU(a|idth o( an Jnch; matching alt contiecting roilf £ u r center of gravity andjiveiKht; bal-. I cing all rotating parti from tran*- knisiion to fear axlei-the*e are pi acticet which constitute the very fundamentals of long life and-flaw. let* operation and Oakland iufca them all! . i J Oakland's super>precise .workniar • ship, rigid inspection and iron>hsuic • ed control of quality is nbwcomino i knowIedg( throughout the landi 11 isrevealitg itself in the splendi 1 pcrforman ce of thousand* of Create r Oakland Sxe*, in theph^nomeniiU f' small imaii itenance cost i being len- joyedbyd ou*andsofOi klandoWt - ers and—irhat is most si gnificant- in the eve r growing sat isfaction of Oakland owners cvcrywtiere. ' MANY^ CAR COLORS NOW Motor c iinabk' to| makers maj^ ' ions foSoit in wliicli the r pruduLts I are fiifisl e»l, but they apparently i have ilistv vered no dear h of desig- iiiti>|)n» a 'uilnble: for th ' new body styiis thiy have added to their lines. II was lot so long; that Just •.il)out fill- names wen to de.scri >e the general ..liody styms. regardless iilass. It ! Hxfhisi i are toflay 1 Ii:iinef; u4<"d lioily .--tyl (•«HI;M ^in tlic whple $1000 field rt fina a cat ilfliicki even O.lclandiSix,$I025fo5U295. Bodies bpr Fisher. Allpricesaf fai tory. Easytopayon thtGeneTatMptarsTimePajdncntPIan. 210-212 NoHh W y]v. an •Piii'sday 111. nil' in liood. .Mr. an( : aiiil . M IS i Sl >Hllt The lai the I ciiinK l>y to I hank NiE W S NAIVIES find names fir the var- is innch iliffcb-ent today. .e of eotiibina ions, there 2il distinct am distinctive to designate various j ster. tht| ». Here Is thp list: i sporl t.ii roadster, sedtjn. louring. | pbatii all .Jipeedster. | treat a<( ,oai li. landau, eahrlolei hriiiiKhaii' ••oiivertili |ihai-ton. town car. e. sportster, iiorlifi Berliiuj nviismiie and ('ottapsibl4 INlDIAN CREEK J (.NJrs. J. h. f;reK|oiy> Feb. ,24. — .Mrs: .1. .•i|i'-nt .xejeral days In •xi-i-k visitinK. . jl .Mrs. .leff Xleteto spent leyening at the Weaverl County IJne neiRhbor- .Mrs. .less Ft: Kolicrt CreKOily Siiiiihiy at Joe Ci] pl;Jy. "Deacon Dikbbs," Bl|Ven school house We the County toiks. wiiK certainly fiiJo. We wish tliem very mu inn us o^it with our ijterary pro- j;ralii. Frank |)'nny's of Co ony . spent the Fred Mc(Juire home. HOQARr-iSTEELE MOTOR CO. ih>Vishii|i<ilon •^^RSuClLpSfeNERAI .MOTORS _^^^LWlNNiNG AND HOLDING GOOIJ \yiLL Sundav a i The J. L.'iVtltchell sale was held Moiiilay dftl-rnoon. Thiy are moving to Cofffjyville wherti :ell lias Wi ' l.iniily fr brk. We hate Ksther I is some GENEI U L McntoRS' LAHSST A CHIEVEMENT e )nr our neighlwrhood but wish theth well in theljj Wes B^-opke's .siient Fox home. Kelly spent with LnudincI afternoon Uobert liii-'hsrhi ol work, ill of l.lttle Doris .Mcfiuire' (|Uile ill Ihe past few d Davis Is hon|<; from his measles, has been iiys. but she letter now. —For prompt resulfs use the Classified: Columns. FOR have been NEWPONTIACS ON DISPLAY New Fisher Bodies Featured in '! Line. Are sufficient range of of price -AnnoH icinp coneurren'tly |an on- tii-ely u> w line of i»o'nt=ac S.xes Fijiher Bodies, new beail- yU 'l uiinieroiiK niechanit-al its4'the addition of two • types, one a sport road- other a tour passeuKt'r lirio'lel—togetlier with ent- Inlwer prices is the tripl--' ^ - , ord'j'd th«( public with the limousine, i jilrrlval ^aiid jllsplaV of the new ci|rs with neuf ty a till t! relinemej new i:od victoria, foursome. hiv IlobiJrt-Steeh/.Motor •Company. '.Oaklai have (-ii ^tribulod body confoi -ni vosue \.: .Mitchell I lola Tast ''"'"••^ ' ro^eii lower'ai^d st del cc ! Ik. and Mr.|| sytnnietrl and ttuth regory's. ulrasting colors, nar.- vHndjhfeld pillars to provide a wider arc of vissbllity. deep-" er raclialor. larger, heavier and more Mweepuis crown fenders and more iniJ8siv |e Iieadlaiivps ail blend to give an arresting rakishuess and oi" body deslRu " '— found o i |y tcm built:cars. jinesday ev- 1 •ine yoiiDg: h for help- .Mr. Mitch- to lose this Feb. : Wiic-oxei Sunday fith now: homp.f Sun^lay at Weilnesrtay .Mitchell. measles a isludetit turn to il 4'"' Kish^r enginecfr-s designs tii tin- latest custoni-buiit jiodies being longer, perbly executed tn^tbe ill. Ui>ce$sed window J •'.,f.'-* ' -,jf s.- ^ PA I GE FIVB Warner Finishes Long Drive I r the sriiarlest be cus- HOCK CREEK (.\va Morrow I 4.--Mr. and Mrs. aiid son Chester Oscar spe^t .Mrs. Wil <!0xen '.s nioih- Chi^isty. d A rs. Frank J ones L-s \V('r'.'. I i;ricrve.r er. .Mrs. ' Air. ail oalliuK nluj.Mi-. and .Mrs. lien Cricrve.j Sttiiday iafLernoon. '.Mrs. Ilarold Donohue of Bonne! SprijiKK is \lisiti;ig a feVv' ilay:s in the home olj her parents. .Mr., and ! Mrs. (!. It;. .Shafer. .Mae, yadine. Kathryn and old Claik are 'entertaining' llar- the PROSPERITY IS At HAND AGAIN this week. .Mack, who i.s at lola, was able to re- si-bool .M(>nday. Tbelnia C.rizx'.e .jlso has the measles >1r. iiiid Mr.s. Marry .Mansoii called ja the ICarl Salleuger home Tuesdfiy eve|ninR. j Mr. an(d -Mrs. J. P. Coppning went tt t^i|nday afternoon, a^d .Mrs. Alatt Morrow and UlWell ^jien* Suinia|ywith -^'r-i ,...i(ab .Mrs, J. k. Anderson. j hu.sin Such Is A S; i] Uod i:v. wiile's i-risis •o: (!am Mr; atid Mr.«. Matt .Morrow ami ^ „.„if,„ son UlWell ^ben* Sunday with -Mr-' ,.siabiish i'.s and Mrs J. K. Anderson. Ibu.^iness had .Mr. and -Mrs. J. A. Wagner and „f prosperiiv .Mrs. Cfjlia Hamilton and ilaugh-1 „f j.„^„ri„g :inp .j spent .Sunday at the ' y (j xlerj home.: Stanley Dreher and , son Iter, .Ma K. Q. B .Mrs. Stanley. In>r: mot chlldreiJ Sliafcr home. Mr. i\ llertj is **l>arp ile^iP Warner iiB-'> ! i<>h!iiir \ iinhey. Incorpo ;ertion pf^Heiad Brothers, kted. •jit.s iluri iVt'ad oil ;|iat- .\iiit created .Ir.; spent Her. i'Mrs. W akiil Mrs. Vi i are visit in .Monday litacrre. Adams in the with and Cus and Wilmer Brothers, Inc. Tlicire is no entryi into tli id Mrs. J. A. Steimel daughtek-s. Francis | and Uegina. were sinday afternoon callers in lioiet^ iNewion! home. B. k. Gillespie is on the 1x1- i! , the \ i%rrs. • sif'k- \\ir aiid .Mrs. Floyd HiRginboth- aiit soeJit Siindav with the latters iind .Mi's. y. A. Adams. near Ci ^neva. arrel Morrojw, of Exline. the .M .itt : nd .Mrs. of Chauufe I d.-iy :>nrl Sunday in; l'-j"Rpr home. -.Mrs. took tijem hoine rtlturniiig Monda} Hose I)reher and! Peterson were .\' 'wton Tuesday Fli.vd Hig4 >n''*'">"P' Oaklan 1 today aiinounc^ an, entirely hew lin : oi Pontiac Sixje J , not.abjy en. hanced in beauty, iiicdi^poratin theroiiti refinements in carryinj; tteu» low prices, 1 Jew Fisher ^ojdies Never i i any low-priced achieve isuch coiniaandlnRbeau yand luxury iKin thiti latent ia^hicvenifnt of Genera Motor*. I^>ndin| lukler t< even jlhe Fifilier tnldition of n inannhip, the new hodieii lonuer, ow<'f and nuperi" design, fc»t dvlail. A^lNewDucoColof]^ All hot y types are fiiniiiht hiriatio \i of Diico ctilom frcih, t ie*e color.t ranf»ei Blue at dBlackOnthiiSe! kce Gr ly on the Sport C Ni 'W Beauty atid Style Pontiii: Six beauty h-.m alwayis been ^ ou'tstar dinR. ButnoWin rhescnewand finer rioddi has been achieved not onlyht w beauty butals >an.aricstingrV^^ rakibhi^eis—th;: t-esultiif radi- \; ^ antcrly j-raftii- by Finhcrarc y executed to ator; liryer, (heavier, ara i more s weep ins crown fenderi;; Khd no:-e massive jheadlinips. WindshiUd and body •AW Mi; 'Sedan Coup J *775 775 210-212 North VV !iinK<on A.ssoci:ilc lV':iler.s: Dr. nu« and been tJin nev* corn- Origin il and, from U:verly.; dan to C hero- briolet. i pillars arenarrowed ti > confbiUx to the accep;ted custpm'buil vogue and ip provide a wider arc of visi^jiUty. Wii^ ' dow ledges iire smartly recessed aiu^ finished in a contrastii ig coloj. ' Mechanical Refinements \ In aijdition to tht nui :|erous elements of greater bt^uty and s vie, the njew atul finer Pontiac Sijc intro luces miahy nei^ features and rvfinemc nts in enginee'r'i ing design—nuch as tii ting-bejim head* lights .with foot con ror ,nc|W tranii- miNHion at>^l brake evers, steerirla wheel with i luminun spider, a dutdnj even smmither and tiore positive in action and ati oil-seale 1 universal joint Two Iffew Body Types -) Two entirely new bod I T types bfi^harab teristic beauty have b :en add ed to ttic Pontiac Six line. Thetear^'a dashing, youthful Sfiort jRoaditer, finished kk Lucerne Blue, | strip K 1 )witn Facrlei Red: and a 4pas^enge • Sport CabrioletJ with Brevoort Green top and fenders,' r.Jand body in Qherol ce Grajyr^ striped ifrf with orange to.rival in smartness the iTWei .M calledi f highest priced cars of jthe dayp Come in anid see the New and Finer Pontiac Six'' ' sAoltRoailster ^775 Sport Cdbriolet j(4-pass] Liitiiau S<idan 895 DeLuxej Landau Sedaii AU friea at faaary , 975 ). E. Hohin.<on, Yales Center; H. B.Sloi MOTOR COMPANY Telephone 865| looker ^ Son, Sa|bnburg. ' ' Jcthii and .Mr. U-o ovia, are visit- [)w home. : Setzer and •pent Satur- e K. F. Sal^ K^rl Sailenger Sunday eveiiing»j it ha.-^' been i v.] I (_ The-! pupils Liiis and Mur- t'nekj are i>i; calling on the will lirojecl aiy s'ldili ii or r:iil ci'.aniTt' into l! To (lie sun hiiinaii vn:i- i and Valby:-;: and valleys o (ient llav .i uhc died •:< an ki and urmg P<! oivlcig! i!l!':r la Kvenfiialiy. b that lO '.lId • •va.<t:itl he clini DEER CREEK Febl -21. M ss abseiij fii'in -'• bm ac-coujit <>r ill loss The! per (»• it somewhat liig been iul girls Sunday. eveningj \\ir.' anjd .Mrs. Klnlerj .•Vdams. .Mr. aha Mrs. C.lenn Dicker.son. and Mr. and -Mrs. "Win. Higrinhothain. I'Mrs. Ralph Shaffjr and .son Har-! ry. am Mii. Hoy Ttiesfla^ witji Mrs. Peteitsoif and Newton sale : great i exciicrii wias wi II attended, sci'd re isondbly we Mrs. B. A. fiill it the K. F. indav afternoon. :.Mr.: ind.Mrs. Hcl cjin. .I ^nipr; spent callers home ill' the were fill pil' siiiipc Thr.rsjriay ' ni have jieeii I)iH program, an, for tlieir fai;: coinnilmity. invileil. The? Peer Gillespie spent > planning to .Matt .Morrow. I 'gym/lof ball and ever.v.thiiig 1 The game will b 1. hspie I and Creek] and wi Mrs. ni >er Creeli arv Smitbland .Mr. Lewis Powell iters. Sailenger home,! Helen Cliai of Icdii Cayni Lv Gillespie and ] Mi> Sunday in the; Miss null .«toi m til room'l.v oci'iii»i<'(l .l).v much Inrgcr (iiiiirtcr .H atid .-ip't! aljl h hftter than oyor beftire, • F^om no YF J AR! TIRE •k <)f Ihes We have see our .4 iOliR X on we will be- e.xchi.sive il AND TUBES and] will 'i 4ire.s at all time.';. US^D TIRlGS many good u.sed tins ::t; jiislificd >; voiced .i y had passi 'il Itlici worlil V ROiii- Ijir to iriiiiii. and nterjccl upon an whic-Ji gave pr:oiifi .<<c- iiii; pi riciii. : fiideiit of 111 S 1 iiion] ica bv hac liuli a pre [reas. ' SI lilt clf'l l«- III ricid ••lie iliiii Ill.'l! ig luat Ills lonir < lidurunco trip Sal- Fehniar} Those In tile ' picture, reiidinif from left to rl^lit iare: (luster Hails, .Mr. B. T. Bar- iMTi BJT. BarlwT. Dare Ueill Waf- ; Iter. I.iiuls Breckeurhlge and KaH : B IM I I I. '. X. I{. Sleeper is sealed tin I lie car. •1 hi- ar. vii- i-ii III to think w Yi-ar i.f Tiatiiin liislory (.1' li.-tory ofipf lit iirnp-e rc-.-c.-iioii. 'ii ibes r-lar". til .ff faniini-;. |:c-a>iil. rilor Were- il"Vi bi-ili:;- iniini-.-^ villi::] 1. NEWS NOTES FROM COLONY imck liimic. she was aic-oiupaliii] :.y M.iiiv cu In r| p:ipi!s. lohi Ca 11.Ill), fiilcii CliaiiilicTs. Villa • Yiiii' ;.r:i (;:i >iM <«ii .and ;-":;ink \l:!iiiiy. Ml-'-'.; K:iy C:!rd of Hiniilioldl w ;i i)|c-;iis;iiii i:il!<-r :it Ueer <'rc-ii ; I I'lii^l !\Vi-ilnc«(l;ly iii.iriiing. f esi- ivs t.::l. Itiic- .\!i-.. Hill Vlr-i. h':-"'l Cook .Ni<r :li .\i;iplc; Crove pri ;i.-^;iiitly :t;iiii il ;it llicir liuiiic Weilne (i;iy »••. Hint;. T :i.!;i;;i'l. ;ii -Mrs. .\|liiia .Sliailwiik :iiicl cl ;iiii ;lit Kiiti!. D.un Braiiuinl w:is ll! (ly of iiiil, lie- SlKnlwirk Siiii- • riiiiiMi. Ci. W. .Sljailwick of Iid:i i> .VJ ;iiii icmii <l:iV ;ii;i Mis. -;:iy:)ia al tli- .V wiiil . Tli 111.-lo li-.ik ioiile ii;iprjriiig iiiiniiiiiity r ity- t!;iiii Vella Vciiio ! Wc.iIii'-.-ii:iy nil. ler lllii 111 nil wh V.\ • I 'tt jus fiilii ;illi lulailii Ith;.'- iiii 'iirli I f [ iiiiiiiili.-. Iv .lclli -f "f u cm Mil i -i I 1 rii Kcii. L'l. T ;ir'.t- Tli:- 111! il If ;> dill' Il ..•s.-< Iiiw;iii! I f i.s inviii: 'l-eik J|.h..v| Ii-:il I 'lill ti':iiii Iloi-k Cr -.-M ||:i>-! ;iiii.' iii |-ri nil biitb : •'^ii I I M Id i| !l I-1 \' ! i -r ,;n cDIlip.ll ttock CriM 'k playeci at K|><^k i-; was Hv Cl •iic>^i :;py ni'li! ;iS I 111- gllf'Sl iic:'i!:i.v' iii -lil I I 111- Koy "1- iai< '.11; i.(l. ii-'i llv 'l.llill' Till- r:,;\i H.-l .11 Cnrlyl i'!iii;i;iriii>i' fi'i- - wi -.!i inu y. liiiliers f:i licre [;ii;it sue ill (':i:ly!ei e.i. Jii I : liiiiil; w| haiii?'.(.r^ -;oc n. : S :ir:<l •r;i! \t':ir I- :;ii..ti IV. • liii; r 1 >•!>• clr K-iii fiv ll.v .lEDDO F <!i.j 1':;. .I;iiiiii.- Ile.-^s ;ilt. Ilili'd p:ir !y |;iv>-!i l.y (i|lii- yoniig l;ici;t's t4ii. I'-.l V. M. S; ill Iliia::iiilill -Mu (l;iv llljullt. .\. \V. ,( : 111'- ,-- !-vl' 1: .\li (•;.: M - tiv |..!.- • 1 liil rade on r ew Goo<iye:ir ca.sinjr.s whil ir tock' SERVICE CAR NEVER SLEEP.^ Phone "372 • atf -s of (;Oli)I)-i in -.t a comp h wi' have t.-ikfiii •;lt .-^iii iwaiit a ii<ed Soulhwedt.Corner Squire :!;ii| 1 .sir .iiill l!;iit •,. fbni .s Dick .\ l.:| Carl, •.v.l.l. Mrs iic-i! . llnOII. :,ti.i : sir.:', 'vl . ...itf I :-OII!' ri:a :ii- Mini III . I \v. I t'l.ii Icil.i \|r I '.'.'r'ii T.|...-.! .Al'.vj Mr \ pl.ii •• Chan v;iMii l-i-l;( iMtl .'i ::irni l.;.lk r.. 11: gaii III.III. Coiinly Wide llisenss I'rolilenis inir Biirnl It .Meetlnkj March Confront. Slriels- Mnsie/aml IMnper. k (Mrs. W. K. r Cor.O.W. Feb. 1 .-ion Counly Fannersi' avlcm) •The Aiider- • Cnion will - i bold a county wide njf^eting in Col,d; • • • r : •I va -.Shailwick lu.iili is being iliiiiii i;rels to !" iiily wiiich i..\;»'t oon. ami wish c>.-;~ ill llioir III ony on Saturday, .Ma be an all-day ineetin(| tiir.' a buski-t: dinm-i liou'r at which lime fc)!k.4 will be wi-lc-cii: I tlii-ir baskets :iiiil and dine with their i; liors. for the rural ••""I roads and bridges, o rates, of lo r<ii? s. It will \i'nt\ will fea- sil the noon ill the town tie' to bring Utir families Iriiral neigh-, ^irobleins of", [niarkiils and si-hools ' and ml pi:pls of 1)1 II mi:'!ly lUi \v!i<i i> iiiiiviiu I" :i;i.-i i)"i 11. ;i mK..: • f.iitliful st:,il,.jil i:i sclioiil.'bill III !.>> ill till! I oiii- 1^^. i fi-i.Mgbt c-lmrc -lies. are all ilOHtly inlerwbv- 111 with 111.- iirobltniH jof .the' town- folk*, lor all niii.-^l st^jid or fall to- ,gi-!hir. Finally in v-,< iv; l,:is b -en accept ' CDiiiiiiiinity Cli^). A] itn -i Jing of .tins j 'olony, thi.s itcd by the jijl at tiie last ctr >i:ini7 .ation '$20 w.:i.sjM't aside :is a iitirtion of the>:ii-k is iiiiiM-.'in^ :ii i r!:(nip .-c): -iliool- I Tuin H y' ^ji'lil: !i')i>| r i :i .11.' IV Wiy! .Ii.llii -I] .Mrs. \K'iii. .\ti*< II v.-: 11. ('.; t :i .:il! njiuin- 'Ihiiiri l)ii-k lay aftetnoon CMlc'-. ru" ciov s ;;ie ;i<l \. C. I llll'. sclil :iiii| H,ry Mrs -IM'I :iri iiiijii Cl.ini.iil- In .\. 4 Ills 1).;iy. ' •. I'imp «) > -r; \l >ill.|;cV I 'ii-iiiii 'hi ihn ^il: ^ liDiiict !i;r th'- r )-lH. rir:i) a:iil .Mrs. I i\VciiM-~il: .\ ;ir I ciiti-r'ainnii-ni for tbt will fiiriiish the I; (). for the farmers' m.-i provide ilm liaml to iiiore of enterlainineij piissilile siiini- of ill ni:iyi ajip'-aron the i; ; of w-icouie. lion:? will loom lars.i liin'ial iaiiiri:i:gii thj Upon lis. Till' matt is vital ^ni; t:uin riit- iiKitter i::li(il 1)11 .\. -il:i.\ :ifi. riini'ii. lUiiiias . ;iii.l i):i Mr^. .\. C. !)i i ':;rni sliujild earn n -t on .I .-IML-!! .mil liii ) al I lie jsilav. f l.aUiirpe a I the k .1. Slriitli- spi atteiiilei!- the jl - i?vcrytliing id k .mil KIwiii V • I Tbiirs.hiy afl ill. iirv li"ss. .laiiies I- Siind;jy ;it I In Ilium Cjialiilti'. i. i).ilti*ii farm ' ili .VliCail'-y. Iiiii'. i^iiuilig.-- lit (lie f.itlli I) has ||...-ii Kcrioii I 1111)111 III-, I»:is: •i-vi urn;?, l-'rii mil 1.1- l;il.r .! iiinriiiiit;. l-'iii) I 'l^piilli:: i:i II IIIII I IH • If. Il: Il r M !i. I:i-I wi .-^oiii li!!|ii)\ iiiiil Wi-i Tijiiil 1 Mill. s| ly :iri'-il) ilit i'i ill C.irli-v .Mr. C|.. Il- IllllVl ' i| l.y Mr, Ill'Vt'i kiiii« li "jM 'i" I I !;'.• Ill -> • 1 k, lll'ivi-il 'ililn lii 'f il '. II li'-lil.. from :-oplli of 111 the lialti'ii fafiii M'Ciirlcy: .Mr l.ajn llii! Kriciiiaii f:iijiii. ii th'; Kl-.voiiil .My i iiiv '.i -tni'-rii. So Cole a't'-iiil ill! 'town. This |(). F. hall free i^ing and iUso -• an honr-or t. Then it is ilocal fellows rogram in an Farm qiies- , ;in the. prfesi- ;tl is already r of markets (>f safeguard- iiivcsinii'nlS'is vital. The the nii-i'ling. Iny folks can hd dine with Iheif neiclibors and over msil- tersj .An exchange oK vie*s might leaclj lo s.iun - coniiiro nise.s of opin- ionsj iliat; woiiid be fiW tbo'g-eneral gooii. ; i, There %yas a meeting of .\nderson roiitity trnstees at'the C.arnett court hoiHo |.v.'.uterday and |Cbas. Knoep- I pel ^-ind S. .M. I.Oeah rc»presente(l : Ozark and .Indian Crifek townships. They weiV advised ol! work for; the coming roaci iH -ogrnius for tile year were oiiilined. i In f)zark jinwnship the •plan.* for the ^ •year'and the • Molt trac grader aiti lablif job be added cimdillciM .1. i' .ll (o.r and ilie; big heavy hi-ing to ,<lrag^ tlio I llii -y do :^: ver.v accept- )f it. A liat'k sloper will to ilie eiiuipineni and thti of the ro:ii|s will mater- ' iiilly Improve. As nii|<-h pernianent mad work will li.- clone us fiindn will periijll. • I 'lircl Itji-vnobr' li:!-!, planli'd hlH pi)l;ltiii -s. i Till- fiHliii '»-M !ir'- Hovv'ltiK , li::'. i l':iiil t ^iHsmr 'ii iiiDVi'il on •;il|.il liv .Mr. I.:iil)l- J o- A day ri-c. !l|] Spl-Iltj enjoy wi-rc Ham \\Bev. .Mrs. Filch! .Mrs. Mrs. Miss iiian. .1 '•'I nrafiy] II-. A phtytng.. cl by ;att. |»ur|>rlse Itirtlidayi I'arly, cli'llL 'liifi 'l .sueprisc- birjlli- :iriv was! j given liy .Mr.s. .1 :Vn'l .Mrs. l-ula Sniilli ill hoiorl "«f Mis. .lobh l ^ass. jr.; .Mrs. B iss; b'-aiiCifiil ."ml i!|ic--i illy evjfning; games which' lu-fs ka Smith K< late A-isli \ birtlidays. f;iriii !v .•>lr. Siiioii)! nio -.i-s III! till :iiiil \ac;«l '.d by I'aiil I.:iHs .N'lr Sl.-llifliiii V r.;iliKlil ii njen •IriliK 'ifj t);i • Thiir4iliiy, Mr" llsiii.lir Bonri '.|;nncl . MI HH Mn- iii -l Miirr-iiv wi 'iii ri .Mljiiig Mild land•d ll fiv(.j poiiml c .iirp In Iliii roadn pool. 'It licklf .-d the Eirls and InM- 'I'-n .Mi -si (Ijeorge Bell. -Mrs nt S. lev. .Mrs. .1 W^ Cordon, Jjrs. Fi^-rtls. .\irs. .;. (-. I>ul and .'*It.s. c. A. .lackson, .Mrs. Li/zii-;..M lli-r. .Mrs. Kn riia .Mrs. Bachel Brown. Mr. Jind II. Bland. .Mrs. Ida W: H. Shejpard. .Mrs. Rd Sinjith. Katie jPotis. .Mrs. Geo. C )le- .Mrs. lian Walker. Mrs. Ki^re- ane. Misses' .M;iry and V ami Mrs. Louise- .lohns ip. ri -slinK^nts were s.-rved a|t •our and tlie giiesls depa tng .Mrs. Bass many haj .illy .rtuiile ;i lid of Ihc- boys ani- b'iliiiiis III tr.v ilii-lr Mick. •.\tiss .(-atli'-rinc Tonkin, daugh­ ter'of .Mr. and .Mr.s. f. N. iTonkln [and' a senior in hieli school, was' I taken lo Si. .lohns-jlibspital Thurs- I dayj C 'vening for an ^iperulion for I apjiendicilis. Miss Tojikin had been ill With flu for seyerjil <lays:before j de\-jeloping appen(lici|fs. ' Aliss .Anna Iloffmeier was in. Katisas City the first of tli'riweek, liu.ving goods for Kent's store. Mr. and .Mrs. Cu'y f..ongstreth whil have spent the; j winter here with bis jiarents. .Mr. aneJ Mr.s. jThos. Longstreth. left the first, of 'the] week for the home of her par,- jenlls. .Mr. and .Mrs. .Aishlock. at Pe Soiio. Mr. Ashlock owns a fillin? st :4 ey. jto ni<'r, . . Mrs. Frank SpepcfJ. days stay at home, ijeturned Wed- lls,.! ne^jdav to Foster, whffre her father, MiiUi'!. is verv ill. ion and fliiv exp«-ts to be: able jOperat'- it for hljn this sum- aft^r a few Mr| ola ; fenel.-in'I is to ob.=wfrve this year I 'le one hiipclr"dtli .iinniverisary of dea'h "f .-^nn B irlebrar. who a 1 lived to lie ei^htv'-se^en. and is Sal'l tedtoih-ive t-'-v-ii the u idest actress t 'Uv ^'Oi" •'^•'•'r appeared p I '-the EaglisjU [stage.

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