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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 1

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 23, 1892
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PDBLiaHXD BVXRT SATURDAY —«T— W. W. BUBDIOK. THRMS: 11.60 Per Tear, Strictly In Advanoe. The Belt Adtertiting ' Mnlimn to rear', the four north-eastern counties. Ufflce Southwell Corner Lawler and Til.ten sr ADVERTISING" R ATBS T W. N. BURDICK, Editor and Proprietor. XIX. INDEPENDENCE OUR POLITICAL CREED; THE GOLDEN RULE OUR MORAL GUIDE. TKRMS: 11 .50, IF PAID IN ADVANNCK. POSTVILLE, IOWA, SATURDAY, JANUARY 23, 1892. THE END MUST COME. H»v. 'I'. lb-Witt Talniudiri-'x Recent Talk to His Itrookiyn Flock. The Opening of Another Your n i'ilii>- lor fvi rites' Tlmitirlit ami Kiirmst Woi'i', Arc Yoii Hi'iuly if Culled This Yeui'.' Asks llm Ureal Dlviuc. Tin; following lin: >IIIM .- win delivcieil liy It"v. I'. IKiWiti T.d.midge i" tlll! Brooklyn t iiljt -r n;n:!t; . tie- text being: This yonr slrnlt thou dio.—Ji-tviuuili, xxvlll. U. Jercuiliili, accuBtomed to saying bold things, addresses Ilumtniitli in these words. They provu true. In sixty days lliiniininb bad dejiurted this life. It 1B the time for review uud for nntiei patfon. A man must be a genius at stupidity who docs not think now. 'lbo old year died in (jiving birth to the new, as the life of .lane Seymour, the Eli (llsh queen, departed when that of her ion, Edward VI., dawned. The old year was a queen. The now shall be king. The grave of tbo ono and the cradlo of the other aro side by side. We can hardly guess what the child will be. It Is only two dnys old, but I prophesy for It an eventful future. Year of mirth and madness! Year of pageant and conflagration. It will laugh; it will sing; It will groan; it will die. Is It not a time for earnest thought? The congratulations havo been given. The Christmas trees havo been taken down, or havo well-nigh east their fruit. Tlio frlonds who came for the holidays aro gone in the rail-train. Whllo wo are looking forward to another twelve months of intense activities, the text breaks upon us liko a bursting thundorhead: "This year thou •bait die." Tho text will probably prove truo of •omo of us. The probability is augmented by tho fact that all of us who are over thirty-flvo yeurs of ago have gone beyoud tho average of human life. The note is more than due. It 1B only by sufferance that it is riot collected. We are like a debtor who in taking the "three days' grnco" of tho banks. Our race started with nine hundred years for a lifetimo. We read of but ono antediluvian youth whoso early death disappointed tho hopes of his parents by his dying at seven hundred and •eventy-sevon yours, of age. The world then may have been abend of what it Is now, for men had so long a time in which to study, and invent and plan. If an artist or a philosopher has forty years for work, lie makes great achievements; but what must the artists and philosophers have dono who had nine hundred years before them? In the nearly two thousand years before the Hood, considering tho longevity of tho Inhabitants, there may have been nearly as many people as there are now. Tho flood was not a freshet, that washed a few people off a plank, but a disaster that may have swept away a thousand million. If the Atlantic ocean, by a lurch of the oarth to-night, should drown tins hemisphere, and the Pacillo ocean, by a sudden lurch of the earth, should drown the other hemisphere, leaving about as many beings as could be got in one or two ocean steamers, it would give you an idea of what the ancient Hood was. At that tlmu Hod started the race with a shorter allowance of life. Tho nine hundred years weru cut down until, in the time of Vespasian, a census was taken, and only one hundred aud twenty-four persons were found one hundred yeurs old, and three or four persons one hundred aud forty years old. Now a man who has come to one hundred years of ago Is a curiosity, and we go miles to see him. The vast majority of tho race pass off bofore twenty years. To overy apple there are five blossoms that never get to be apples. In tho country church the sexton rings the hell rapidly until almost through and then tolls it. For awhile the bell of our llfo rings right morrlly; but with some of you the bell IIUB begun to toll, and the adaptodnoss of the text to you is more and more probablo: "This year thou shalt die." 1 The ahuracler of our occupations adds to tho probability. Those who are in the professions are undergoing a sapping of the brain and nerve foundations. Literary men in this country are driven with .whip and spur fro their topmost speed. Not one brain-worlcor out of a hundred observes any moderation. There is something so stimulating in our climate that, if John Brown, the essayist of Edinburgh, had lived here, he would have broken down at thirty-five Instead of fifty-five, and diaries Diokons would have dropped at forty. There Is something, in all our occupations whioh predisposes to disease. If wo be stout, to disorders ranging from fevers to apoplexy. It we be frail, to diseases ranging from consumption to paralysis. Printers rarely reaoh fifty years. Watch-makers, in marking the time for others, shorten their own. Chemists breathe death in their laboratories, and potters absorb paralysis, Painters fall under their own brush. IToundrymen take death in with the filings. Shoemakers pound away their own lives on the last. Over-driven merchants measure oft their own lives with the yard-stiok. In view of this I advise that you have your temporal matters adjusted. Do not leave your worldly altairs at the mercy of administrators. Have your receipts properly pasted, and your letters filed, and you books balanced. If you have "trust funds," see that they are rightly deposited and accounted for. Let no widow or orphan scratch on your tombstone: "This man wronged me of my inheritance." Many n man has died, leaving a compelenoy, whoso property has, through his own careless- noss, afterward been divided between tho administrators, tho surrogate, tho lawyers, and the sheriffs. I charge you, before many days havo gone, as far as possible have all your worldly matters inada straight, for "this year thou shalt die." I advise also that you bo busy In Christian work. How many Sabbaths In the year? Fifty-two. If tho text be true of you, it docs not say at what time you may go, and therefore It Is unsafe to count on all of tho fifty-two Sundays. As you as likely to go in the first halt of the year as in the last half, I think we had better divide the fifty-two into halves.and calculate only twenty-six Sabbaths. Come, Christian men, Christian woman, what can you do in twenty-six Sabbaths? Divide the threo hundred and sixty-five days into two parts: What can you do in one hundred and eighty-two days? What, by the way of saving your family, tho church and the world? You will not, through all tho ages of eternity in Heaven, got ovor the dishonor and tho outrago of going into glory and having helped none on to the same place. It will bo found that many a Sabbath-school teacher has taken into Heaven hor whole class; that Daniel Baker tho evangelist, took thousands Into Heaven; that Doddridge has taken in hundreds of thousands, that Paul took In a hundred millions. How many will you tako In? If you get into Heaven, and find nono there that you sent, and that there are none to come through your instrumentality, I beg of you to crawl under some seat In the back corner, and never come out, lest tho redeemed got their eyes on you, nnd somo ono cry out: "That is the man who never lifted hand or voice for the redemption of his fellows! Look at him, all Heavenl" Bettor be busy. Bettor put the plow in deep. Better soy what you havo to say quickly. Better cry tho alarm. Better fall on your knees. Bettor lay hold with both hands. What you now leavo undone for Christ will forever be uudone. "This year thou shalt dioi" In view of the probabilities mentioned, I advise all the men and women not ready for eternity to get ready. If the text be true, you have no time' to talk about non-essentials, asking why God let sin come Into tho world; or whether the book of Jonah wns Inspired; or who Melchiscdco was, or what about tho eternal decrees. If you are as near eternity as somo of you seemed to be, there is no time for any. thing but the question: "What must I do to bo saved?" Tho drowning man, when a plank 1B thrown him, stops not to nsk what saw-mill made It, or whether It Is onk or cedar, or who threw it. If this year you are to die there Is no time for anything but im mediately laying of God. It Is high time i to get out of your sins. Yousny: "I have committed no great transgrossious."But ! are you not aware that your lifo has I been sinful? The snow comos down on j the Alps flake by flake, and it is so I light that you may hold it on the tip of your finger without fooling any weight; but the flakes gather; they compact, until some day a traveler's foot starts tho slide, and it goos down in an avalanche, crushing to death the villagers. So the sins of your youth, and the sins of your manhood, and the sins of your womahood may huve seemed only slight tho death I A great plague came in Marseilles. Tho doetorBheld a consultation and decided that a corpse must be dissected, or they would never know how to stop the plague. A Dr. Ouyon said: "Tomorrow morning I will proceed to a dissection." He made his will, prepared for death, went into the hospital, dissected u body, wrote out the results of tho dissection and died in twelve hours, Beautiful self-sacrifice, you say. Our Lord .lesus looked out from Heaven and saw a plague-stricken race. Sin must be dissected. Ho made His will, giving everything to His people. He comes down into the recking hospital of earth. He lays His hand to tho work. Under our plague He dies—the healthy for tho sick, the pure ',for the polluted, tho Innocent for the guilty. Behold the lovel Behold the sacrifice! Behold tho rescue! This great saivation the Uospel I now oiler to every man, woman and child. You can not buy it. Yon can not earn it. A Scotch writer says that poor woman, one cold winter's day, looked through the window of a king's conservatory and saw a bunch of grapes hanging against the glass. She said: "Oh, if I only had that bunch of grapes for my sick child at home?" At her spinning-wheel she earned a few shillings and went to buy the grapes. Tho king's gardener thrust her out vory roughly uud suid he had no grapes to sell. She went off and sold a blanket, and got some more shillings and came back and tried to buy the grapes. But the gardener roughly assaulted her and told her to be off. The king's daughter was walking in the garden at the time, and she heard the excitement, and, seeing the poor woman, said to her: "My father is not a mcrchuut, to sell, but he is a king, and gives." Then Bho reach up and plucked the grapes, and dropped them into the poor woman's apron. So, Christ is a king, uud all tho fruits' of His pardon He freely gives. They may not be bought. Without money and without price, take this sweet cluster from tho vineyards of God. I am coming BO the close of my sermon. I sought for a text appropriate for the occasion. I thought of taking one In ,lob: "My days liy as a weaver's shuttle;" of a text in the l'slams: "So teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom:" of tho prayer of the vine dresser: Lord, let it alone this year also;" but pressed upon my attention, first of all, and last of all, and above all, were the words: "This year thou shalt die." Perhaps it may mean me. Though in perfect health now, it does not tako God ono week to bring down the strongest physical constitution. I do not want to dio year. Wo havo plans and projects this on toot that I want to see completed; but God knows best,and He has a thousand better men than I to do the work yet undone. 1 have a hope that, notwithstanding all ray sins and wanderings, I shall, through tho mercy of my Saviour, come out of tho right place. I have nothing to brag of by way of Christian experience; but two things I havo learned—my utter helplessness before God, and tho all-abounding grace of tho Lord Josus. If tho text means some of you, my hearers, I do not want you to bo unprepared. I would like to haveyoii, either through raonoy you havo laid up, or a "life insurance," bo able to leave the world feeling that your family need not becomo paupers. But if you have dono your best, and you leave not one dollar's worth of estate, you may con* fldontly trust the Lord, who hath promised to caro for the widow nnd tho fathorless. I would like to havo yonr soul fitted out for eternity, so that if, any morning or noon or evening or night of these throe hundred and sixty Uvo days, death should look In and lie no Heaven without, me iittie aar- lings. 1 do not want those that are in Heaven to grow up. We neeo their Infant voices in the great song. And when we walk out In the fields ot light, we want them to run ahead and clap their hands, and pick out the field-flowers. Yes, here is a child r-' 1 I 1 ?''-*! meeting. Thc cl,iuI loi ; g in glory, vtie mother just frrived. "How changed you are, my darling," says thc mother. "Yes," says the child, "this Is such a happy place, and Jesus has taken such care of me, and Heaven Is so kind, 1 got right, oven- the fever with which 1 died. The skies are so fair, mother! Tho (lowers aro so sweet, mother! Come, tako me up in y*>ur arms as you used to." Oh, I do not know how wo shall stand the first day in Heaven. Do you not think we will break down In the song from over-delight? I once gave out in church the hymn. THE LATEST NEWS. GENERAL NOTES. There Is a land of puro dollKht, Where saints Immortal reign, and au aged man standing in front of the pulpit, sang heartily the first verse, and then ho sat dowu weeping. I said to him afterward: "Father Linton, what made you cry over that hymn?" He said: "I could not stand it—the joys aro coming." When Heaven rises for the doxology I can not see how we can rise with it if all these waves of everlasting delight come upon the soul, billow of joy after billow of joy. Mo- thinks Jesus would ho enough for tho first day in Heaven, yet here He approaches with all Heaven at His back. But I must close this sermon. This is the last January to some, who are present. You have entered the year, but you will not close it. With these twelve months yonr eyes will shut for the last sleep. Othor hands will plant the Christmas tree and give tho Now Year's congratulations. As a proclamation of joy to some nnd as a matter of warning to others, 1 leave in your ears these five words of one syllable oach: "This year thou shalt die!" IT is said the mining town of Huzleton, i., is in danger of caving in. JUIKIK BOTKIN opened court at Spriuu- eld, Kim., with u Winchester for si gavel. bTONK dealers at Sioux F.illi-, S. D.. are to consolidate, with $2,000,000 capital. TIIK sugar trust (American Sugar Boning company) has increased its capital stock from 1550,000,000 to 875,000,000, SENATOR CANTOR introduced a h'.ll in hn New York senate appropriating $100, 000 lor a state exhibit at the world's fair. !)•«. KKKI.KV -ajs a 4-grnin i.siifnetidi.' f iili taken four times u day is a sure cure or the grip. AT Cincinnati, 0., the two houses in _oirit session, Wednesday, elected John Sherman United Stules senator. • AS. WALSH, comiuiroion merchant of New Orleans, has assigned. His liabilities are 893.000 mid assets 8134,000. KDWAUD IIICATII, whom General Sliori anuppcuniid .Mayor of New Oi 'euns, lied in Waldea, Mais., Wednesday, aged •I years. AN electrical stop w«leh bus been tinted n a bicycle race, where it determined tin winner, although .it was only one hundredth of a second ahead. A FHKNCII scientist, M. Dronier, has in vented a new magnesium lamp which burns for regular periods of twenty-four hours wihout extinction. inaccuracies or trifling divergenciesfrorn „ . the right—BO slight that they are hard- nsk, "Are you ready?" you might, ly worth mentioning, but they have been piling up and piling up, packing ' together and paoking together, until 1 they make a mountain of sin, and one 1 more step of your foot in tho wrong di- ! rection may slide down upon you an avalanche of ruin and condemnation, j A man crossing a desolate and lonely plateau, a hungry wolf took after him. He brought his gun to his shoulder, I and took aim, and tho wolf howled with pain, and the ory woke up a pack of wolves, uud they came ruvenlng out ot the foroBt from all sides and horribly devoured him. Thou art the man. j Some ono sin of your lite summoning on all the rest, they surround thy soul, and make the night of thy sin terrible with tho aSBult of their bloody muzzles. ' Oh the unpardoned, clamoring, raven- lug, all-devouring sins of thy lifetime, j A maniac was found pacing along . tho road with a torch in one hand and a pull of water in tho other, and some ono asked htm what he mount to do with them. He answered: "With this \ torch I moan to burn down Heaven, and with this wator I mean to put out the- Rvea~ oi-h»Xl.-*-'~ -IIO-WM a raanlao. He could do the one thing just as well as the other. No time to lose If you with an outburst of Christian triumph answer, "Ay, ay! all ready, I know not what our last words may be. Lord Chostorilold prided himself on his politeness, and said, in his last moment: "Glvo Dayrolles a chair." Dr. Adam, a dying suhoolmastor, Bald; "It grows dark. Tho boys may dls* miss." Lord Tenterdeu, supposing him self on the bench In u court room, said. In his lust moment: "Gentlemen of the jury, you will now consider your ver diet." A dying play-actor said: "Drop tho curtain. The furcu is played out' I would rathor have, for my dying words, those of ono greater than dies terflold, or Dr. Adams, or Lord Tentordon: "I am now ready to bo offered, and tho time of my departure Is at hand, I huve fought u good fight, have finished my course, I have kept the faith; henceforth there is laid up for mo a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, shall glvo mo," The sooner the last hour comes the better if we are fitted for entrance in the celestial world. There is no clock In Heaven, beoauso it is an everlasting day, yet they keep an account of the passing years, because they aro all the want to esoape your sins, for "this year I time hearing from our world. The an' thou shalt die, Lot me announce that Christ, the Lord stands ready to savo any man who wants to be saved. He waited for you before, and all your life. Ho has waited for you with blood on His brow, and tours in His eye, and two outstretched, mangled hands of love. You eome home some night and find the marks of muddy feet on your front steps. You hasten in, and find an excited group around your child. Ho foil gels flying through Hoavon report how many times the earth has turned on its axis, and in that way the angels can keep a^dtary; and they say it is almost time now for father to come up, or for mother to come up. Some day they see a cohort leaving Heaven, and say "Whither bound?" and the answer is: "To bring up asoul from earth," and the question is asked: "What soul?" And a family circle in Ileuven find that it is one oi their number that is to be to into a pond, and had it not heenfor a! brought up, and they come out _ i brave lad, who plunged in and brought | watch, as on the beach we now watch Millers grind their own lives with the him out, and oarrled him home to be resuscitated, you would have been childless. You feel that you can not do , enough for the resourer. You throw your arms around him. You offer him any compensation. You Bay to him: i "Anything that you want shall be , , ,, j. . • ... yours. I will never cease to be grate- grist Masons dig their graves with ful> „ But Lord Josus BeeBeyour the trowel. And in all our occupations wxd Blnltlngi ttnd attempts to bring it and professions there are the elements aB b, orei an d you not only rofuso Him of peril. " - | thanks, but stand on the beach and say: Rapid oliraatio changes threaten our , <*D rop that soull If I want it saved, I lives. By reason of tho violent fits of will save jit myself." . the thermometer, within two days wej-,; w lsh you might know what a job live both in the arotio and tropic, Tho Jesus undertook when He niwi^sir,™,, warm south wind finds us with our oase to culvory. They crowHeYfMtKtB Goi.u is no longer the principal prod- t of California. Though an import t one, it has given place to agricultural products. Tie wheat exported from Unit late (hit year will amount in value to 837,000,000. There will also be exported 20,000,000 gallon* of wine, worth as many million dollurs. This goes to show that after all the principal source of wealth in this country, ev<m in tbe states richest in mineral resources, is in tho soil, rathor than beneath it. This is the case in Cali fornia and also in Michigan, whoso mines 0 among the most ronowml in the union. IN the spring of this year the Jerusalem railway will be oponed. Its route lien be tween Joppa on the Mediteranean and the Holy City, and it will accommodate passengers as well us freight traffic between the two places. There can be no doubt that tbe road will pay, or that it will be an excellent thing for tourists. Travel in that country has been exceedingly disugreo able at times, aud a railway has been much needed. It is suid tho round trip tickets will be Bold for '20 francs, and that tourists will be able to make the trip not only in a cheaper, but also in a safer man' nor. AMERICAN 8TKBL FOUAMBMCAN SHIPS. Tho adoption of a settled nav*il policy by our government has been ono of. tbo most important factors in tbe present mar vellouH development of the steel industry this country. Tho rigorous teats BO wiaoly imposed by the nuvy steel board have forced the Carnegie interests, the Bethlehem company, tho Caron Iron com puny, of Pittsburg, and othei great pro ducors to And, by scientific research and tireless experiment, modes of manufacture adequate to the requirements demanded. With Ihnt power of udaptution to new circumstances to characteristic of our national genius, the American steel makers are now furnishing a material for (hips and structural purposes uud for armor which is unequalled. Native steel is used also for the armament, whether it be in the enormous armor piorcing calibres or in the rapid fire guns, which will, by their sustained intensity of fire, count so much in modern warfare. In tbe new vessels authorized the Carnegie interests ure fur nishing the metal for two battle ships and two cruisers and the Carbon Iron company tho steel needed in one battle eliip and two cruisers. Among those two last is tbat wonderful cruiser, now krowu as Number Thirteen, which Mr. Traoy Bays will, in performance, have no peer in any crvice afloat. AT Cincinnati, Tuesday night, Frank Hulbrtfoid, a carriage painter, stubbed his wife under the left shoulder blude with a pair of sheum, killing her almost in- tantly. The blade* penetrated her heart, and the woman ilinl before she could make a statement. Ruthnrlord has been suffering from the fc rip and it is said the lihease affecte I his mind FIRES AND CASUAL/TIBS. WAI.TEU A. WOOD, head of the great harvester worke, which have located at St Paul, died at Hoosick falls, N. Y. K. P. K. THAYA, a young inMiram< agent of San Francisco, learned Friday that he was heir to a 80,000,000 cxtuie ' Calcutta. Si 'ltiNOFlKM), U., is havinc a sensation n the recent mysterious disappearance of Mamie liangbuin, a young 1 idy. THE North Alabama Improvement C< has sold all its properties, worth about 8(1,000.000. tn the Northwestern land Association of Pierre, S. D, IT is said that a company is being or- gmized at St. Louis. Mo., with 81,000,000 capital stock, to fight tho American tobacco company. GKO. UOWK, for twelve years a member of the supreme court of Indiana, and one of the most noted lawyer* in the west, died Wednesday ut Now Albany, from the grip, aged 08. AUOUSTA, Mo., reports an nnpreccdent- d amount of .-ickncHs, resulting largely from the ravages of the grip. Wi'hin a month live prominent citizens died and several more are ill. Tim Kreineen's Insurance company of Dayton, Ohio, has decided to rjtire from bu-ines', and will insure its risks in the National Kire, of Hartford. FOREIGN. A MOVKMBNT is on foot in Paris to securo the olser'ance of Sunday in that, city. THE Indiuus of Bolivia havo revolted and the government is unable to cope with them. DIBPATCIIES from Guatemala state that Dr. Iiiinflesta has heon elected president of Guatemala. UONNAT has been elected president of the Society of ArtiBts of France, the association that manages I he Paris Salon. THE condition of tbo duke of Clarence and Avondale is believed to bo more critical than his physciaus have mado public. CARDINAL GIOVANNI SIMKONI died Thursday ut Romo of influenza. Cardinal Manning died at London Thursday morning. KNOLAND has just signed an extradition Two NUNS *ore bally burneu in a convent fire at Montreal Wednesday. THE Pittslurg Leader newspaper office was burned out Friday night. SENATOK HIUCK'S private car wrs dam igeil 82,000 b) fire ut Washington Mon- I >y night. MAJOH IlniiM C. FELLOWS, who took pirt in the original surveys of Minnesota, was killed by the cars in Sj".th D.ikda. FIIIE in Silney's seed house at Rochester, N. Y., Inn destroyed that building and a, riouily damaged the ndjoiuing build ing*. FIIIK in Hradv's carpet house at St Joseph, Mo., Wednesday caused A loss on building aud contents of $150,000; in sured. AT Wichita. Kan., ex L'oum ilaiuu R-v- uolds was killed instantly Sunday night by an electric wire. Flllli Su/.dav night ut Kansas City. Mo destroyed tin- H-.irdortf building on Main VHM\ and all <-f its content-, causing lo-sot 8150,000. AT Ironwo'jil, Mich., C. G. Hiker caught his foot 'n a currier useii to convey fuel to a saw mill furnace, and b.'ing nn able to ricatc himself was burned alive. AT Topi ka, Kan., Wednesday morning, file de-triyed the handsome lesidenco oi P. G. Noel. Mr. and Mrs. Noel had barely time to etc.ipn with their lives. Loss, 820,000; also the large printing and publishing liouie of Reed, Martin & I'o. L-m, 850,0.(0. t.ONUUK .siS. NUMBER 44. A WONMRFdlSPOI 1 WWlf . .. t weeVft .. 8 vjwks ., 1 month . S months. 8 months 4 montlm. 1 III. Din. 4 la. II 00 tt CP tZ Ml 1 so S 5.'. 8 7:, 3 no 3 00 5 (<1 a .'0 a fi 2.-, 3 00 4 M 0 on 4 00 o ia 11 Hi 5 60 8 Oil l .'i 00 10 00 13 UO IM 0 ,1 i coM col. *l 00 |I oo •1 "5; S 00 t Mi lii no o ai! is on it vs ir on to oo; 3: oo so no: s> on 30 (Oi 45 00 no oo 13 00 t« 00 10 00 2.1 00 V, 00 60 00 80 00 llammam Menkomlne, „ le „ BMba q| the Cursed" in the h^. Algeria. ' H of \ Mugnltlccnt Hot Water PourH Forth Streams Abundance. Kail Which ti Great Tlio COUCH and Springs, mid Some Stories Related in Connection With Them. TUESDAY. Jan. I'i MOUSE,—M. II. 13. Taylor, of Ohio, replied a hill fixing thc time for holding terms of tho circuit and district courls in the northern district of Iowa, which was passed. The following bills were introduced: liy Mr. Fellows, of New York, increasing the pensions of those soldiers who loiltlie use of eyes and limbs; by Mr. Long, of Texas, for thc development and eirmunigeuKMit of silk culture in the United Siates under the direcion of the secretary of agriculture; by Mr. Haiter, of Ohio, for the consolidation of this cus- toais conitiiixhioii district! of the country, ui a t oiio I ly reducing the number of districts. SENATE.—The vice p. esidcnl laid before the senate threo agreement for thy cession of their lauds made with the Shoshone Humin.un Metkouliuo, or th 'i "Hatha of the Cursed," is a lovely little rei-ort in the heart of Algeria, within easy reach of Aimers, lione, or Constantino, says Cluuu- lers' Journal. It is rather too far from Algiers to begot at in a single day. 'hit by traveling all day to Constantino and sleeping there one may take the 5 o'clock train iu the miming, which readies Mes- knutine ut 9:'J0 Forests of olives and thickets of shrubs gladden the eyes and tell of the game which is here plenti'ul enough to make Meskoutine worth visiting for the gun's sake alone. And so, having passed through two or three d-jlilea, we finally draw up in a more open country, with hills in the distance on ail snleii, and witli green meadows and lurk woods over the plateau. It is preciously hot; but then no wonder, for the very streams in the gullies are of warm water; and if you ure neurone or other of the many springs which here hurst from the ground they may be warm enough to scald you. The writer, when he left the train at Mtskoutine on a line May morning, did so in company with two or threo rich Arabs iii gay upparel and a family of Jews and Jewesses with enfugh gold about their persons to keep them for years. These were some of the clients of the baths of the cursed. By and by we saw one of the ladies in one of the baths, draped in a sheet, there was a look of pain in her eyes. Here at station, however, though it is a fashionable resort for Europeans as wolI as Africans, was nono of the tumult of welcome with which porters and domestics assail the visitor at other "bath" cities. Two or threo tawny individuls lounged nguinit the paling of the little flower gar- len ot the station, but. offered no aid to and Aiapohoe Indians of tho Wind River anyone. Jews, Arabs, and Europeans reservation in Wyoming, tne Indians of were left to look after themselves as best tho Pyramid Lake reservation and the they could. Kickapoo Indians of Oklohouiu. Several petition* in favor of the loan of $5,0f>0 000 to tho world's fair on condition of its being kept closed on Sunday were present ed ai d icferred. Mr. Perkins introduced a bill to r< move tho stu'uto of limitation with respect to cluims under the eight hour law. A bill authorizing the construction of a biidgo across the Red River of tbe North, ut Urayton, N passed. WEDNESDAY, JAN. 18. SENATE.—Tho Inst remuiniiig vacancy in the ranks of the senate were filled this morning by the presence of JOIICB, Nevada, who took tho oath of office lor his fourth senatorial term. Mr. Kyle introduced u and there, over bill to amend tho amendment to the con-1 musses, there r It is a walk of but three or four minutes to the bath establishment and some of the various wonders of Moskoutine. Wonders? you ask. Why, yes; thore's no doubt the word is applicable here. For, ere you havo walked a qu.irter of a mile, you come face to face with a superb waterfall, hot-water full, which makes you hold your breath from admiration and 0., was | thc pleutitude of its steam. Yet it is not. all of water. For tho moat part it is rigid, like a thing of ice. It is in fact, mainly petrifuction. Theculcareouj deposit in the hot springs ubove bus incrusled the rocks, so that they havo tbe corrugated appearance and something of tho color of barley sugar. Here and between the still an ooze or trickle of th • work already . llarlsnff, Fort Sheridan and Fort Mc- 'AZ^T °" SLVft "Z-^rJ: l>h m o a ' m mw reservation in Nebraska no place where an English criminal can escape tht pursuit of justice. 'IUE miners of the Holzapplo district, near Weubadon, Germany, have 6truck. TroopB, who have bron ordered to the scene, lire kcepiug order. SILAS ITUKDIOE, nephew of the late Emperor lturbido, is deud iu the Cilj of Mexico. He was one of the most prominent civil engineers in Mexico. Two thousand Berlin printers who re' cently went on Btrike have been unable to secure work now that tbo strike is do dared off aud ure in destitute circum stances. slituticn to regulute marriages uud di- warm water, adding to vorccs in the tcverul states. A bill was done. reporled and placed on the tulendur pio- . Grass and flowers grow well by tbo viding for pure food. A bill was passed sides of this nutritious waterfall; though to provido_for the dispoea' of tho Fort the whitened soil in tho neighborhood does not se-ini,adapted for vegetation of any kind. You climb to *he levol of the top of the cascade, and thon see, CIORO by, a number of odd-looking cones and columns standing up from ti e blanched surface of the ground. Tho soil is hot to tho hand, aud to actual settlers uuder the homestead lav/. HOUBE.—The following bills were intro- dueed; By Mr. Lewis (Ala.) to repeal the I iw ci eating the sinking fund; by Mr. . Watson (Ga.) to convey into tho trousury you tread with an echo. tho 8100,000,000 in gold reserve, now held for the redemption ot United Stutes notes. Bills were also intioduccd for public huildinga at Lincoln und South Ouiuhx, Neb. TuuitsAUY, Juu 14. SENATE.—Mr. Morrill presented a memorial from the astronomers of the country in relation to tho change of nmnagement Abbas PiiBhu, the new Egypt, will soon make a tour of the principal cities upon tbe continent of Europo. Two hundred suitors and muny officers f the British Mediterranean fleet aro in hospital at Malta, prostrated wito in tin eny.a. There aro 250 additional cubes among tho vuiioui veiscU of the fleet THE strike of tbe cub drivers in Paris is ended, tho men havi>g succeeded in khodive of o! 1 ' 1U HllVil1 ooservatory from the navy do- fura on, The . wiutery blast out* through our thin apparel. The hoof, •ha vyhoel, the fire-arms, the assassin wait their ehauoe to put upon ua their quietus, J aonounoe It as an impossl- the wall. Thoy., atruak Hlra. They spat on Hiro, They kioked Him. • They cuffed. Htm. They aeoffod at Him, They soourged Blm, They murdered Him. Bloodl bloodl - As 'Be atoops WHty that three hundred and glxty-flve down to lift you up, the orlmson drops 4aya ahould paaa and leave all aa w« 1 upon yon from Hia brow, from His toy ntV -Jn wlMMimrtton to ah,oot .aide; froin HU handa. P Q yownqUeel JWSRW"'V Wpwarti »jf^d aolahoot the" warm current on, your face? Ob, — «i "TWayeargi-jjii ahajt for Thee the'hunger, the thirat, the j» mBSfr - «tKpjrnaUffy: > W w«w &tlo»,Vt»o 4aVl«' for a ship that is to bring our friends homo. Aftor awhile the cohort will heave In Bight, flying nearer and nearer, until with a great clung the gates hoist, and with an embrace, wild with costaey of Heaven, old friends meet again. Away with stiff, formal Heavenl I want none ofit Glvo me a place of infinite and eternal sociality. My feet free from the oloda of earth, I shall bound the hills with gladness and break: forth in a laugh oi triumph. . Anal aha. We weep now, but then we shall laugh, "Abraham'! bosom" means that Heaven has open arms to take us in. Now we fold our arms over' our heart and tell the world to stand baoky as though our bosom was a two-barred gate to keep the world cut. Heaven stands, not with folded arms, "but' with' heart open.' If Is ''Abraham's hoBom."* I see,» mother and her oliUd meettnf at tbe foot of tbe throne after some years' absence, The ehlld died twenty years e,tfo, but ttf* a ehlld yet,' I think tba litjjle onea t who die will remain &!Hy?s •^HP «dJ.v, It would MEN AMD WOMEN, Mile, de la Ramee, better known by her noin de plume of Ouida, is on tbe point of leaving the moat beautiful palace in Florence, in which she has now several years. • * * * . Mary A. Greene, LL. D., a member of tbe Boston bar, is giving a course of six lectures at Lasolle seminary, Auburndale, Mass., whioh are said to be exceedingly instructive aud entertaining. Her subject is Business Law for Women* « • Mrs. Huniet Lookett Brady, widow of the late Major Andrew Brady, of Nicarau guan celebrity, died in Nov Orleans ro> cn'ly. Mrs. Brady was tbo last female survivor of the filibustering movement, at the head of whioh was General William Walker, An eye-witness of tbe event o that eventful piriod, she was acquainted with all the distinguished men connected with it and thoroughly conversant with its wholo history. * * « Prince George is a year younger than Prince Albert, having been born June 8 1865, He is a commander in the British navy, but is now at home recovering from an attack of typhoid fever. In the event of Prince George's death tbo next lu succession to the British Wirone is PrinoenB LouUeof .Wales, wi|e of the duke Fife, partment to the civil administration Bills weie introduc d in iollowt: By Mr. Vtst, for thu improvement of the Mississippi river from the mouth of I ho Ouio, appropriating $11,000,000; by Mr. Cullo..,, to promote tho safety ol employes nnd travelers, by compelling common carriers to equip carB with automatic couplers and continuous brakes and their locomotives with driving wheel brakes. The following bills were passed Tho springs either were or,still are under foot, musing for tho vents by tbo cus cado. There they bubble up merrily with a temperature or more than 200 degrees Palnenbeit. A litter of eggshells and fowls' fcuthors by tbe edge of them tells of tho purpose thoy serve to tho residents at Maikoutino. What is the use of lighting domestic tires when nature offers hor kitchen for human service, night or day, ull the year round V And so hero the dinner is cooked and the clothes ure wathed in one or other of the little basins by which the springs eddy up to the duylight. Though tho Arabs give the baths so impolite a name, aid tell various weird tales about them, they love them well. You sen two or iliroe of them, wrapped iu their burnouses, laying all white save forcing their employers to"ferunt the do- iwd the state ot Colorado to support a J nefir fui;08 . ,1< - ur the foot of the cascade, mands, though in a somewhat modifled 80U00 | 0 f mines; authorized the construe tt8r L? ( Si" 1 S mit . • „ e »»««• tion of a bridge across tho Missouri rivor llr X, ^SffL , ' v 0< T W f ! g Jomi B itLAB, who was arrested a few between Chamberlain,' in Brule ot.unty. ft™ 1 v ^ P" 1 ."' 11 on °j " ; " ut - hor '^' uys ago for firing a pistol at Westminis- und Lyman county, South Dakota; and „£V^ t i ^w.,dv nT;« "i ° f < Se ' K '" lU<1 terHatl, at London, wnsjiound over in one appropriating 8300,000 for the pur- P : h *"^"^ Somn are tbe sum of £200 Friday to observe good chase of ground and tho erection thereon ! *° t T J^t±„ 'i„ h , el « bt - •">« "onus are behavier for two months. in the city of Washington of a buildingto t0 ?,F^" n ™ ' e ?L ,. , , tm used ni a hull nf reenrds lne - v mi,rk the Bite of ancient springs HOUSP -A resoluUou of chairman Hoi- now kUuaidut '- M some time each of the e CRIME . i M ^ZMir^^^"moX s irwhici ft 8 . r:° r : m r a . , , lions strictly to moneys necessary lo curry i M L M l W ' lt °f Ubl '" 1 ' liiOMAS ROOKBII, an inventor, of con- on the .everal depxrt.uents of tho govern- w 7,™ l \ h „°t°P u / th " f '»ea «le. siderable note, committed suicide at rncnt caused a lively debate in the house * u . 8 „ j'\ 0a ^ r '»ntinued to boil up- Noblesville, Mo., Tuesday morning. , p . dlly but n0 ( | e / IlitB actiou wtt3 taUml waid in jets, , like the geyters. for cei.lur- JAMES H. COLB was seiitanced in tbe thereon. whinh B f «h ^il7 1 1 iifi 1 V^x °- vl m °, circuit court at Nevada, Mo„ to H term of FRIDAV, January 15. whlC |i nfe " A™ 1 M^ 81 " "± THA ° BO " {LFT OF thron vniira in Ihn nnnitontinrv for wife. ltS 'P* Anon tbe subterranean force beatfno- HousB. - Mr. Holman's resolution which impelled it v, reicully weakened. loiiNfi IlAvrs niMwver of Wilmint?. nfcT*»">"t the granting of subsidies or boun. The cone had attained it 's full staturo ton N 0 is obartted wUh Living to a b ». }»d?pw>}tont of the ques- The springs ono by one found other oxi's, SuVoaiTOOM in monev and ?eal Estate tion ot tbe conslitutionul Jpower to make and the coneu themselves closed their ori- be^M^idait^lo^M euch grunts, wns taken up and adopted, flees. Such is the uiatter -ol -fact story of A* Son.oA^ Zn MuerieS 'reli^ion yeas »7| iiaja 41. Mr. Holman's second these eccont. io rock masses. t^d^^t^m^^T^M^ resolution providing tbat no money be The Arabs, however, have their own to*™J^tori\£^lrt£A acauitl appropriated by congress from the public theory about tbo things. King Solomon, torwhioune nau oeen tnea ana acquit- treasury except such'as is manifestly neo- they say, here created ba'hs for all the JAMBS TBAOY, of Baltimore, treasurer W,*J> c " rmyn[ ™f b8 '^^'^ wori i , '."i d «"!* tbelu in o f " of the National Stone Mason's Association, ffi,^ ^ »n T,1,l y l M bus Appeared with »1,000 belonging to ^f'^ ^iXJZn™ lonSflAiignN was found with his throat resolution relating to gambling iu agri JktSSn^ta^KaM^f^St cul - turiU Products; delegate Smith of Now York PHdav This is the fifth tic Avhomi Panted a bill providing for the »»l ^ ll .• Rri1 " ^ 0t "CfliriK fin. nes, |5. I_.. »al nilv ,.itK|its „t ,' K ,il rates Arinriiu. nunilslio 1 mml,,^ l'Za^e%"Z, for'no* oor.llni.-ljr. Alt bills p.ynbl qunittrl. about to withdraw lo their tent, whin suddenly a fearful tempi-t broke upon them; there was an eartt.pmke. Amies up in their midst, and boiiiiig water nsa into the mr. When at length this diabolical storm nnd outbreak abated nothing win left ol the bride and bride/roim, the cadi and tlii; guests, except these sc.res of cones. Like Lot s wife, they had all been transformed into statioua y pillars from that •mi! forward. int.!!',' Vra b imagina'ion goes further. It the lmrfr) '!cho of your footfalls upon of tne inar'f rn,,n ' 1 n * an echo of thu music springs i-i thutfu-tival. Tlie^steiim of the ing tho least, uniY 1 . 'he ci I.Irons prepar- biibbling ba»ins aft . v; hite stones in the "knuskous" ilvelf. ''0 (jrains of the As you go anion: the con., s-cene revives—you see all tfi.night the that awful nmrnnp'. But at tin. 'ails of of dawn the men and w.mitii all turn utfig into :.ines. There is no luxury at the Hath hotel ol Meskailinc. That, is against the principles of tho place, which claim to bo liealtli-rjstoriiig, not through the meUiuui of the kitchen, hut by i|s air und its wiit.-rs. You are informed that the "cuisine" U (if the "h,mrgeoii>" type, and v.) it 1»' But the wine is go...|, an>l one may be sure in fruit here as early an in inn -.t placns of the same latitude. The hotel is a spacious building, occupying thro,' shies of a square, tne quadrangle in the it.i.i.'t being laid out in pl' gardens aud planted with orange tree.., wliich in spring are massed with tho sweetest hl.ioai in the world. There is, further, a fountain in tho center of thu quadrangle and an aviary, in which canaries and parrots, as well aa diver.-, of our Kuglish summer birds, li "o to getlter on fair tenm of equality. As the building is of but u single story, 1 .KiniH, as well in tho living rooms, open linniivli itely upon this garden plot. It is a primitive place in which one is content lor a time to ilispeuseeven with s ;uiie ot the conveniences. Breakfast uud dinner ueo of course the two chief events of the day for the perron who i-i not .nit Mailing the woods and mountains .villi eis „'ini At. tho dinuei table, however, the cuiiijany may bo very good. Meskoutino bus long been used by tho military authorities us a station tor invalid', and convalescents. Ono may therefore find one's self union*; several agreeable and even distinguished Olivers who arc here lo recruit. But, the idle life suits them for long as little as it mils a healthy (englishman, and one may be sure that they, too will devotu their hours to tlio chase just as BOOH BS the doctor will let them. Once upon a time, and not so very long iign, it, was possible tn shoot a liou in thc neighborhood of Mestoiitine. Those halcyon .lays—it such they were for the Arab agriculturist—have passed .iwey. A man must go army a. mile over thu bills to the. -outb ere there is wold ot au2h royal i_r .i 111>-. The skins hanging about the walls ot the hotel an* of less diigmiiud kind--racoons, panthers and others l'r.illlul.lo IliilryliiK. Dairying is tin, best ol all branches of husiiKSj for improving the farm, as well as a.ldinif to the prosperity of the fanners, said R. W. Kills, at an eastern dairy conference, liuildimi up tho farm must bo the corner stone np .m which we must plant ourselves. Dairying will do this, l'lio trouble is, wo aro looking too much after the prolit, in tlia butter, and not enough ufter ihe value of tlio by-product. Skim-milk is worth one half cent a quart to to. d swine, propery fed. 1 know this lo bo so, for 1 have carried forward s .uif. expeiini' ids the pu^t ear, and sold my pork ut b l /i cents a pound. Counting every Hem, I g'it two <•,. nts a gallon tor my skim-milk, and a little besides, and saved a valuable amount of dressiug. Properly managed, wo can increase oar herds and ho prepared to grow moro of our '/rain. Wo don'i ui.iko what wo should out of the by-pr .ducts ot the dairy. Husband your resources, dairymen, und build up your farms. Theie ia a great waste in feeding stock today, utter nil the teachings of the past. Put the whole man into tlio busiuoss and make it pay*, i have reduced cost of production by keeping better cows— oping them quiet,, (live them all tho comfoiib possible. Feed at regular intervals, inn' of such food as >vill give thc best results at least expense by selecting rations with special reference to results. (Jl >vor ' ay is a perfect ration, but you can't Hilord to teed an all hay ration. Wu feed too much twin so l'«c*d. I have found the low- Cht cost of butter when I fed the lurgo.t iincunt (f giiiiu. The cows aro not the bast judges as to thu nninuut of feed neces- Bury tor the highest production. Wo must direct aud control—and wo may, if wo will but iiFe our higiiesL skill and, carefully study the question. Don't worry about having barns too warm, or cows not having enough exercise; the tioubles of to day come tho other extreme Good ventilation is necessary, but in our climate there is not much trouble about an abundance of fresh air. Get into tho busi i,ess, study its |,hu«u; learn the details; and look after the by products... Doing this, thorn is money in Ihe dairy. Clreut on alula Trades, the Ripper." WM WRST. who was turested with a quantity of lottery tickets in his posses sion a few days ago at Chicago, was flnoJ ¥100 by Justice Qlennon Monday. Mns. MOKKAQUB, a farmer's wife ii, Crawford county, Pa,, wai found dead in b>d Saturday, with her bead almoBt cut off and a razjr lying on the fbor. She had evidently been murdered, Mns. MAUY SiMi-sQN.of Chicago, com* mittod suicide while temporarily insane la tka Kick of Tim* Th* nick ol Urn* to atop tUt conns ot Waaasr sod kldasj otmpltint* ii when ttt* org«u« eon- csrned exhibit s tssdenev to grow Inactive. The hsslthful unpals* towsrd activity tbat they r*. celv* from Bostattsr's Btomacb BllUra roncoui tbcm from impending dugsr, and averts nuoli dangarooa mslitdiH U Bright'! dlieate tod dU bete*, Blugglebaete of tbe kidneys uicresae* * liability to chronic rheumatism, gout and dropiy, tad since the blood Is flltewd by these organ* ID •edlcUe'etU without exciting, like the aery •umaltnta el eommerce, lUlultl, dyspeptic, Saturday eveniug. by disrobing and lying It* pauage through them, the operation ot tbe down on Her clothing on the ice on Luke Bitten **m* a aosbljr hippy pnrpo**. The Michigan, fifteen feet from the foot'of --•"-'Ohio ttrwt, where she was found frossn to death. AT 'Hanibal, Mo., the grand iury Tours day found a true bill against Lieutenant James T, Dodge, charged with robbing EJdward Donsher's store here several conatipated ud nenroo* Invalldi are thoroughly relieved by Ii7 amp* the wheat of that anooElng malady, is grippe, it ha* been widely demonatraP hy^tU MWiassa *s a curative tad prsveaUv* number of genii who were deaf, dumb, and b'ind. Ti.o cones are these genii. And the worthy guardians, who still think thut King Soloman it. alive, continue to keep the baths warm, as they did at first, for tbe use of the king's subjects. It is supposed to be a matter of great difficulty to announce to theee ufllictcd genii the fact tbat that their master is dead. The fact is, therefore, that tbey will continue to warm the baths until the end of time. There is also another tale which is less pleasant. A certain rich Arab bad Uo children, a boy and a girl, both of remark able beauty. These children loved each othpr with exceeding affection When they grew up their love remained unchanged, indeed inoreased until it be- oanie uncontrollable, and so they resolved to marry eaoh other. The caai of the tribe after protest, agreed to sanction the mar* riage | they were so rioh and so lovely « couple that it seemed to him and hia parson from the civil autborltiea. neighbors that even heaven would forgive kuoh a crime'in their oane. The marriage day arrived, Tbe cou Hs-r''Darling vou remind me of my course of vlsltois was immense. It wa-i » mgnthiugg, Lieutenant Dodaeiua nopbew bank account." , She {,no«tlii>g'up to him) calm, bright morning, and alltbeaugurlet ot Gall tlamlltoii and a cousin of Mrs. i, —-Why? Pscamq you think so much of were hopeful , G, Blaine,. 8e will-bo. oourfcrnwllaled M me?" , , The prelimiuarlea of the marriage were eoenast }^eMroyoa^gBtpos|es»i9 ».o^nil He-"«o; because you are so pttite, " ' soon settled, and then feasting aud dune ing began. Tne married couple were "Can 1 get shelter hero for tho night?" a. k.d the candidate for coroner us he kicked tho onk log iu tho tireplace and sent tho spurki Hying up tho clay chimney. "I reckon so." "Feed my horseV" "1 reckon so." "I'll just stay hero by tho fireplace?" "1 reckon so." "Been long iu these purls?" "1 reckon uo." 'Seoul to have a very large family around you?" "1 reckon so." "'Bout twenty in all, un't tbey?', "I reckon so." Farmer, aren't you?" 1 reckon so." My friend," said the exasperated candidate, "may l ask if there is anything in this world that you don't re.kon?" •Yes, I reckon so. 1 never was much good at figuree, but I'm heavy on a mule tiade. Is yore hoisu a mule?"—Atlanta consti u-.iun. A omlribator to tuu Breeder's Gattjtte submits the following; There is u story thut a king from r. distant country was once traveling in Switzerland, where, noticing the excellence of the butter and cheusa that he found, ho demanded of some of his conni-rs who were with him why it was that iu their own country these products of the dairy were not to good. They told him that it wa*i because tho B.vim cows gave butter milk. Whereupon the king had a sufficient number of tho cows son* to bis own country to furnish iheroyal dairy. After this the king again d luandeu why it was that their duiry products were not o tuoso thoy bad enjoyed in SwiUeclu:..!. "Alas," said the courtiers, "we find thai we must bave not only the cows hut i lea tbe grues of Switzerland to feed them with before we can furnish Swiss milk,' 1 Tho moral ot tho stuiy ir obvious —g>o.A oows «qmre also gaud feed lor the bat results. And the rajrul eight be trans-• posed—good feed requires also good cows fur the best results. Ruumng good feed through Metub cows U a waste of good material. It don't pay.

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