Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 25, 1972 · Page 16
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 16

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, August 25, 1972
Page 16
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Page 16 article text (OCR)

B-4 Alton Evening Telegraph Friday, Atrgtisf A, CAMPUS CLATTE.1 By Larry Lewis CAN VOU SUM OP VOOft PHILOSOPHY OF UPE SIMPLE! ITS "LIVE ANt> LEARN MOOSE By Bob Weber DON'T SET fiOBxen? ' BUT IP VOU DON'T SET X PO <OMITMlNft/{ K^KES,, THE WIZARD OF ID By Parker and Hart SMIDGENS By Bob Cordray I WHAT'S SOIN&OM HERE? I JUST TAKING A ^CTURE OF THAT SMOG BANK OVER THERE! AWRISHT! YOU'RE UNDER ARREST! • TAKING PIRTY PICTURE51' TIGER By Bud Blake VOUM6AN e p&>Te THEWAK? IN SUCH A HUKKV - WALK FOR THE SMITH FAMILY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith JEFF COBB By Peter Hoffman MEANWHILE.., RICH VOUNS MEN DON'T GROW ON BUSHES; EDIEDEAR] DON'T WORRY, DEAR! ...GRANNY WILL HANDLE EVERYTHING WHILE YOUR FATHER AND I ARE GONE i BUT, MOTHER ...MOTHER, HOW COULD YOU INVITE GLEN OVER HERE FOR DINNER... KNOWING THE \VAY I FEEL ABOUT HIM-2 ...CHIEF. ACCORDING TO THE NURSING HOME DESCRIPTION, THAT'S A GOOD LIKENESS OF GRANNYi OKAYJ LET'S RUN THE SKETCH COBB 1 By Frank O'Neal SHOKT RIBS 6-1S BAD BEEATM CAN BE JUST AS EFFECTIVE AS A FAST GUN/ Bv Ted Shearer AM WALL-TO-WALL PICTURE WINDOWS. PIP YOU LIKE THOSE NEW APARTMENTS/ AKl' BACK-TO-WALL REMT. today's FUNNY A WOLF IS A i BIG-DANE //OMTER AMANDA PANDA 7H' BIGGER ' BE' 8-25 Todoy'i FUNNY will pay $1.09 far each original "funny" used. S«nd jaas to: Today's FUNNY, 1200 Wwt Third St., Cleveland, Ohio 44113. By A. LEOKUM HOW DO TREES GROW? A tree has three main parts. The roots anchor it in the ground and absorb water and minerals from the soil. The trunk and branches carry sap and lift the leaves into the sunlight. The leaves are the food factories of the tree. A tree grows higher and wider by lengthening its twigs and branches at the tips. At the ends of the twigs, the terminal buds are continually adding new cells. Meanwhile, the branches, twigs, and trunk grow thicker. Most trees have a section called the cambium, which is a layer of cells where growth in diameter occurs. Every year the layer of cambium between the sapwood and the inner bark adds a layer of new cells to the older wood. Each layer forms a ring— and by counting the rings one can tell the age of a tree. Water and dissolved minerals travel up from the roots to the leaves in the new layers of wood inside the cambium. This part of the trunk is called the sapwood. Other sap carries plant food down from the leaves through a layer inside the bark. As the free grows, the older sapwood stiffens and loses connection with the leaves. Then it just stores water, and finally it becomes solid heartwood. While the cambium makes the tree trunk and its branches grow in size, the leaves produce the food which builds the tissues of the tree. Using the energy from sunlight, the green coloring matter in the leaves (chlorophyll) takes carbon dioxide out of the air. It combines the carbon dioxide with water and dissolved minerals from the roots to form sugars and starches. FUN TIME The Chuckle Box Helen: What do you grow in your garden? Hank: Tired! Bill: She's a smart girl she has brains for two. Joe: Then she's the girl for you! If you figure this out correctly, you should get the name of a city in the United States. See tomorrow's paper for the answer. By Marcla Corone 3^ DAVID CRANE A VEKN INT6l«SriN6'OME.. rrs-me SUNFLOWER... By Winslow Mortimer HI* NME \9 AHPt HEASP HE'lf 6\XOCNV"J0t, * .*y HIM WHEN HE Vtt* ATCCKTKALAHP WHEN HEOME 10 THEWELfflKANP ft TC0K0FF HIS HELMET J THOtlfiBT 7HC MW KXtTMU COACH TO 9OULPCR SCHOOL /f<XlKIN6 Of CXC/TM£NT AT By Alfred Andriola I'M SOING TO BE A RECEPTION COMMITTEE.. IF YOU CAN FIND OUT WHAT PLANE THEY'RE TAKING, MARCY/ RIGHT, FRANKIE.' MAYBE MR. PRAKE 5HOULP BEN A HOSPITAL BEP WHILE WE'RE GONE? OKAY, FLYER/ WE'LL I WONPER HOW MUCH YOUR KIP HAS TOLP THAT PRIVATE PICK? GET THE TICKETS ANP STOP FOR YOU TOMORROW NIGHT.' YOU'RE 60/NG TO FOLLOW PAPA ANP THOSE MEN TO CORAL CITV MR. PRAKE? KERRY RIVETS By George Stxta OM-OH.' I FORGOT TO FIU.TME TANK WH5M LEFT- AWP7OTOP /T OFF-1 POROOT .THB OARS../ . / IF HB FORGOT HIS V WALLET HE CAM WINTHROP By Dick Cavalll r^m IK. us. p.f. o*. I WI6HTH06E NBA/SCASTBRS WOULD GO BACK TO OUST GIVING THE NEWS, HENRY By Carl Anderson (to£>fsite^ True Life Adventures Wilt Diioey Frodbctioni WoiU Riihu Rtumd WHAL-E WAS ONE -BA1-EEM WHO. WOUl-t? T=1<3HT BACK. ^^r^^^xi •^^-•W^^v&S^ . v^_^-^._, '.v\\ :-f~ft&^' «r^-_- :': ; 'i^SS:*^-r.,.. HIS HE »lWbljt«ibirKtajr Future. Syndic.!.. By Sidney Umarr LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE IM I I IZ I 13 Your Horoscope Answer to yesterday's Cross Word Puzzle. ACROSS. 1. Opal. 5. Vine. 6. Anti. 7. Less. DOWN. 1. Oval. 2. Pine. 3. Ants. 4. Leis. Win The New Book of Knowledge Yearbook Send your riddles, jokes, to: "Kiddles, Jokes; Tell Me Why!" Give Zip Code. Telegraph Want Ads Work '6 'iDV 'L '3<JV 'S "IOCUS 'C 'AidWOQ AldWflH 'Z 'NOOW -i—UMOQ -iva - oi '3doa dwnr '8 '9 '3SOOW 7 'S1HD1VW 'I — «°J'V 'SHiMSNV FORECAST FOR SATURDAY Pisces persons work behind the scenes. These people succeed as playwrights, In television, In work- Ing "backstage," In creating Illusions. The women are beautiful and the men can be Intriguing. Pisces keeps secrets. Natives of this zodiacal sign can perceive motives, ulterior or otherwise. Don't attempt to fool Pisces 1 ARIES (March 21 • April 19); Play waiting game. Hold off on commitments. Someone is not revealing complete story. Know this and be cautious. There are puzzle pieces which are missing. Proceed only with utmost caution You will understand. TAURUS (April 20 - May 20): You may feel restricted, confined. Go about business in quiet manner. Don't ruffle feathers of one who already is disturbed. Older person Is involved. Stick to established routine. Not time to experiment. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Take time to finish what you start. Friends cannot do job. You must complete assignment on your own. Aries Is in picture. Young persons pose problems. Emotions run rampant. Slow down and take stock. CANCER (June 21-July 22): Utilize sense of showmanship. What appears to be opposition Is really a stubborn challenge. Seek new deal. Don't follow lost cause. Sum up situation; get pulse of public. Present ideas in original format. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): You learn by teaching. Be willing to share and exchange. Build bridge of goodwill. Flurry of confusion exists. Rise above welter of petty actions. Show that side of yourself which is grand, generous VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22): Spread efforts and influence. Refuse to be put in any person's hip pocket. Means be your own persons. Speak, write and express. Saglttarian could be Involved. Travel is on agenda. You're on the move! LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Details multiply. Accent is on con- tracts, special agreements, right* and permisssions. You gain Information which may not be pleasing on surface. Be patient enough t3 '' AquarlUi and Leo «« SCORPIO (Oct. 23 -Nov. 21)Change of scenery is on horizon. Accent Is on gain received through ° V H rco ^' n8 of obstacles. Gemini fL nd ,. Y' re ° "sure prominently. Don t force Issues. Be quiet within and answers will be forthcoming. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21): Adjustment In home area is Indicated. Fulfill past commitments. Don t overload budget. Taurus and Libra persons figure prominently. You receive backing from surprise source. Unusual gift la likely to be featured. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)Perceive hidden meanings and values. Take nothing for granted Get cash and let credit go. One in authority now may be making impractical promises. Change pace Re-evaluate ambitions, aspirations, AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 - Feb. IS)Relatives, neighbors are very much in picture. Accept responsibility Capricorn figures prominently. Hold off on journeys Tendency exists to lose valuables while in transit. Check safety measures. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): You may be impatient, impulsive. But wise course now would see you waiting, observing and testing. Overcome temptation to be headstrong. One who advocates otherwise Is merely being mischievous. Respond accordingly. IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY you have ability to organize. to bring together best talents for a particular enterprise. Recent domestic adjustments will work in your favor. November could be one of your most important months of Telegraph Want Ads CLICK!

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