The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 26, 1927 · Page 4
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 26, 1927
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

PAG: 'GEF> I •OUR i at UhAt has Go|ie PcathfstHkos Gir ^eU •wlilLo bathiDR at lok'ah T^wn.- N. JM It Ih thougfiqat is a !f«r6k«: victim, |3iU ij Jloii l-dous )jt has been B doath lK-in'4ifh Uif waleij JJ'olsoiji's I fswimming •Ions iii'il- tji-en Roger: J liUHin <;)sM jiariner; ; MR Biiriiaby ;iii<l Carnicl'itu It is csUiblislit'd that [—just liL 'lori.' his ileatli. ^ad Ibeen itaudiJij; ni-xt to Ki^i iiuwu :us tile copper I kipg. I' ami iii:iiaernn sister bt . man. ariivejiaiid takes canin^nU; At Um lii(iu|fest it is leai lili'.'il"y' Orii liiiil: hi-< walk. : JI in Cto><loi 1-11 rioiiK li Weapon wais pic|ia(i, iitai kniff. and li bbiijilil on jth a so establishie<l S'.iars is a kuiives! Ana.slfisia gago.s i ' .^Uggl;, aji to Wfpifkj ionj the case, Ion, ti )i -i <!e;i(l man 's ner r 'lM'K, a'liU piotires the ^ KroacH iiolls in Garrett I .room. I He tlclls Titus R ' lie b'.4:;)ve.'; I his' uncle 1 ; giiilly vi 'blackmailing a ; of p<r>|iic. and together f Ihrouuh; Folsom's jjapersj >>(nvHio On mih fhe' iCHAi'TER.XXVIl. l!iit it a thauklt ^rtUt inijpoii.uupe and o d( ntly ^u^!)iiious char: •vvas plai^i to; be seeij thi t (Ijirrett Kol .sciii bail 'packed-the " 21' C'hic.iho ami brousbt ,\< \v Yoffe, to l>e attended: • Fi'iv tdi're were variou^ mu'ters ithat'i<i!ii('<;in(d \ew York jnicn. ai!(l .•iiime contracts iiiaiV- hi(il to do York nrii:-. • lipt t'{ .-tnylliing louchlnif. I)!; !i licfarioua iin'ir-suit. or niila^vvful brib- ^crv <ir I 'or.ruiition, tliev found no itra.e. Tate lOIiA DAILV REGJSTIBR, SATlTOAYi labciei^ of iind |"TIie lav^stifr.itlon MIII not lie (lruppc«l Miss Kojsoni ,S ^^llllpl•(l into it he room. ' H [1 'I'lim i?,:uiifil tiie very .m >'J. when the tb.' isuit- 1 piis!] •1 iiiid an- in<:oi}siiiciious doin] Dan I't turni'il th<' H jcaf^c iipsiib! down and f,'JiV<' iit a' •final >-ii:lk'>, •pocfv.'l ill, ni'- linlnj? Ilipjcd open..' |<»u< drojiiu'd a sniall men oj-aiidum' ibiii.k. ' ' . • , I i !i olcl. and worn, land had «'Virb iitiyn.cci) bidd'-ii in fl: pnrpiJ^i'lf:. . ; ' ( Tji'- Iv'-'o iijcn. pounced iipon ii find lijuiul it Uo li.o full p vaijion.^; r .'iU :s anil dates. , which; o iviciusly ,.,| ;to private matter. ••Whatijver it's all al»o i1.' jl-'et- .fon s.ilil.' "ii'i; not meant ifiirj tji( I'. "Meaning, iu plali.i fii^iK ral public. Hut man}.} ofi •tilric.s date back ami uvar lolcs .111! cros.-ied out. 1 I 'am lad llnV. I ct'n't i -^i much to lui who miliar. •ear Piobk in for ."(I.Y agreed Rigi ^s, as it's goiag IS. .•unless we c vlfel people are." Weil, piere's one tliat Tj'em •()-.v:ird the last. nitials ("i R. iS.. Aiid ijepe •ral .titntis." ' ' 'j'' •And who may C. Ri-S •'.'riialVi just it. He itiayj ibly,' ("r^ydoii Rochest<?r ?ear III Sears: .Imjojs •Troyd Ip 'iuit inai liloii't kixi-.v liim very -^-e ijlc klHJW •jiut ;:iMnl •"I 'lKlI lluyt' Wiis .Voil WrtUi Scaiis about this '.secr(>t' wWch tin- I'' ;(lu«>tioitably existed, lanif that ifi y "1^ ho 11 xn. II iii(>tt' lited I ibeV jbe. the Itie • he •l)ut Iieai5 lake fa- the .«ev- pos- Ide: "s white,clear thKoiitRli. 1 jJAit I nl)t liini, and 1 .knpwj of liini." Iixs-jti't count. RJBK^ li black spot, on ,...,in't know it—bu ^cilsoiii iii;glit; have. "(,'au yfui tret head, or •s aiiout C. R. Si "Tbi 'V pre , vague, an|l arc ddiiiat.'. ioo. Defihit pression, itliati is, though jneaiiiiiK or allusion."|.. r "Sm-b as?" • : ••One f.\,yf>. •:•('.R. S.: l<iiicili<!<ijis.' Another, liltb' li'.ibicr.' .\ud ancitlK lo ^<crci.lldit liKbtly." It nie SIM b ii'Hi-- can only ni tiUfli' b-'ld'a club over 11n} .Mr. Searfi. \(.ii<. kiibw Sears \\f "Sol sit very. Ilut Tv Jiiiu ill a| cVncral way fi And} I'd bjick liim to tlie 1 His jrepiitiitioiii is un:u>sail •Vncie mitni" I'doi Romi 'lhiiifi. telidinrs il caiisi' lie": J "I'idtoii. |3nail Willi <langenni,s ilor 'e than! push yi'iir to a oropi >n.4 i off.' amu "1 sltixt lie. tbe ill p '•T drop| and room Dan jfs 11 be d is \\] you :9\ ling If his bast. Garrett Itail ailing tl'.at it is « certainly rg the pos.'iibilkiif." | |lieii.'I say, as I _snid from ilie I'd ratiier let .-Jieiiiiii; diigs ro;; the investigation, ;ind let loMes of Carrett JKiilsoni i-tist ce." • 10 , ini-estig.'itioii' ed!" cried a sf [•Miss fidsom stani iss jFolsom stan| '• "i hf.ini wli;i as 1' neared tlnj ot up to you to s:(v what shall me. I eiinaged .\Ir. Ris^s; lU" iiiil- orkmg tor. mo et- i in ,'agu JjCeep ere* r. -R eem an hear 11'/ >| kn<! r ye kt di said cove fleet t<'r. "N o'art brot showj vou And for tryin Uiin^ SUSP ••<; go o i-:v Han was. ••r of it vou your the ' c-ipa , Hi wn I Imug lirs. i one to hey ex- in on a fer to (hat f «;ajry may have Kriownj i .ilde. Jiut of MEXICO (!AN'T HAVE PLANES frton.i or (se pre- uust Kiirly 'indiflcri 1'iiere's no icle.- was perfect, deaii."' yoii; use the wo a careless toinJ iind uncertain In ijiiost v(riitur«l-|. if victim too .'far, jijui c; r yourself." ch. be- blani broil on t loved "w (i blaik- 1. II. Itfs a jib is v ga|me. j; "Y .•oil |Ri!ig.s| me i.dul.\ I and, ••\K'ell, (iarret! Kulsnin wasn't thejKnlsoip mat to come, croppers. If tluit's i mercy." •ase. tlicn 111 l;iet lie ne-icvj "At his[ mercy'.' 'What do > youl (1 a viitim too fiir." • I mean by that'.'" e did-if lie was for "That their reputations -were at] I his men That he , knew theiri " cried a .strident ^olce. ad some people at so. ton staro(l. - K j se; rets at i them." (1 it gave liiirt a holiloveri Kuglish. the: -. M v i ,ri(her knew the secrets of Mioii ib.ii I,.' w;:.-^ iiuiin,liiig ;n,.u ,y j„.t ,,1,.. was the confi- illicnc.'. .Scars !jiuiipc(( liitii |to iincrfei/' in .liy inannerj!" 1. come, now. 'cltoii, "vou don 't] a lot of stuff tb on ' Uncle IJarrc o you'."' )thiii.g like 'that eri! There is 111 er 's lite tlial m|iy liot be 11 to the liKbl o pappose J knlw he has b'eeii; nii ome reaj'oii or 01 I to hush tliiiig.- vou know vou'll 'tcdl" I'od J-ord, auntie. n in this scrioii-s situatifi was ayi .used. as] •at his iiiiifs vi'l thank'.you. l );ii all. Y oii caii 't luld you woiildn' If 'iiaer oHt of th( ivestiKatiioii to tli I of condiictiiig scorn.: !is sliowif hty face, niigbt bijvi will iioi be idcnt vciod. ped into the t you said, door. And nd 1 forlii lint Htasia," want to np- it would iie- t's chantc'- "A.N be -uli- liing jin niy ter and h in-nting t less, Han fear in it. 'Then, matter in: dant and counsellor ct many. 1ft that: f;ave liim a hold over them i was the hold of griitituUe and| thaiikfuln -ss for his assistaiu-e." ".\unt. -ou're priceliTSs! I think Risgr.. yoi'd better tell her all," '•.Mr. R ggs will niok certainly tell me al ." .Miss Folsom's eyes began to glit- i >r voice took' on a dom- ine that had, neverthe noted, a slight tinge of «i •! •' C0MPE1 moN im TobAY Buvers Ar4 Vest on At M6tor It is obvioub that t chm ^etltldn in In at was! Itcener automotive indbstiy thtj ent.! Unlike the I<fs8 in petitions of th< present one i by al frenzied w n bve There: have bfen course, but th on a sound busfene not sb large^as present ever^: probably fruitful of bene bjUy* r than arj.v ijiistry's history. |the prevljous ones. compet fes going ^lissed- in the fay of p tionlwill be m<j re than ed fiir by the much hig of the product Tile 1927 aut effidient ever mosi beautiful Weill it has c er a great dei products these ile ihas added pUrchas Immobile js the n ^'ost urned oilt, snd ahe i)St the nianiifactur- miide great chdnges in gont| to great ing jthe comfo of the' car. He has lavisli moneylon the machine. He inay not or he piiy hav ly. but the bH.v» rewaril in the bije of vasUy jj ENGINE 1 AR^ VARlEI^ |out more plainly. 'What jMiSs Folsoni, to put the il few words, we have found sotie papers—" '•V<m t'old me that before." "Some I pai>er,s thafe indicate irranf;actioiis or arrangements of'a itiature far from creditable to Mr. Ffdsom." '< "Speak are they'/ ; 'Tli redd you somej instead." • He opened the \vorii notebook anrl retid: "•F. L.: I'ositiveJ matter. J. N. S.: J tr-.itl» of K 'h reportj abscdute proof of h' ".N'ow. I'm sorry further.!, but on : up; FhUir ?''i!:^^!"'"»^5j?"™! gut •yourl'c site the initials we ^ the datep are cons^cu'tijve^and recent.'.' "I think, Mr. Ririgs, you read a mcfining into thosi} yours'-ir. 1 think. .Despite what| has iM 'e standardization gine design, tl ere are under the boons of a famous cars, s veral v types of cngin •. It' is^ for the car ovfucr In betweeiil is-fify thbni proper- ilay;! Doii':t )iiy brotiie'r rdcri'd; ;ind licr you ;ii^? of the perjury Vo (loubt of the t. C: Have s guilt.' to I hurt you notlier page a ers! would'seem •jj.lto indicate sums pi id by Hiesp in- I |\l)viduals, as the fit ures are oppo- liow you! lio he alwa: iMiience. ^ pi, k> o ii 'lp. and . Now lal ijit! aiKl leave j .sc w!io i\io •it." I on hifr with'red known, ithey represent the friends •.vho. as 1 told you, niy brother ami h bellied them. Til course. We cannot ttnderHtnnd. but none of it is one i even an inilication tiiiai iny brother IKS used to It. bu;t i( w.-is ofd stuff to Dan T'ellou. •'.Mjl, right." lie .saidl "baC do-f^ me when .you fiiiii yow; haVi; 111 publi'- jKiioniiny .-ind ••ihanio •ol II man .voil e memorv so welk" lat do you moan |Iooked at Ui^g.-i-ajiid sliniuptU lioiilders. It see. madam,"' concluded fraiikijcss wtis hit 'wc vc run acros .n ipers that s( f:iu and • Tit'e had any unlawful Ijold peojde." "I have not sce>t faith, no. not in al n.r.ired I'olton. i^hd (luotatlon. "Re nuipt, Dan, ".Vow, Mr.. Riggs: yi ori'inaril.v blind to call them. If thcs mean in the wiiy •some notes (> show .Mr. JMhcm. then it is v'fy "[brot'.iors murdero been one of these put it. of: his tyraiiny. lave noted, and notes to suit it truth were consulted •with advised and figures, of pt;i of proof or over the.<ie s^ich Israel! Wits great mur- fond of saiii his aunt, )U .seem extra- fac[s, as yoit |e are facts, I you ar interpret that my rpiist. have irtlhis. as you If so, I ine. in the tb,' the difference sign.s and to (il ly. The moyt coiitium l>-^o, valve head . en| spark plugs an valves are in Next in popular in-head engim as the I-head e the valves an the spark f>lug the cylinder, sleeve i-alve en ves are sleeve down in the cy pftrts. It also The T-head which former! popular. I low in several very of automobiles rope. In this tHpe the is' in the head the intake'and on. opposite sii has just been ni engine, whiili an I-head and .-J take valves an the exhaust va. A bill is be s^tts legislatiir $300 to ?00U Ih IfiVi^torG, FEBRUARY 26. • * 4- * • * +, 1927 OM OB r$sen here, never the- es- ense t'bm- pj^st. hdwever, the chprac terize<l ce (Jutting. Of pr redilctidns, of jjave ;s basj |ieeil made is, ilnd are its to th othpr Wh and -eco I to bui superio efticien jexpense t' and < ed time, gen Bmprovei leut h!iy(( cu ive cut it Anly r will d. oriii of lupi'rior ESIGNS ng Har- Cars tion^ ho\>-o b^' more nioltor car in Ihe in- t may be •ice reduc- •om lensat- |ier quality d. homtcal as d into his qiiallties. devices, and nJianc- V Mesi n. ( lonvtuience us and of liis *] THE OLD H^CHAS'IC SATS i * * 4- -s- • * * * * * ••- ' • i ! . - i " W th 80 njjiny people ownin' and j oiwratin' radio sets it's a wonder j, to ne that inor4 of 'em don't ap-( pipclate, ho\^ ihMch the action of. at aiit<>mobiIe depends upon the I w ^aliher. When ithe radio set'goes bad ^veryoni) blames cliniatid con- ditiotis. If the tar doesn't appear to-be up to par, riiany motorists seem to w^ant to have it taken completely apart, forgetting all about the possibilliy that il may be la- iKtriiig .under the strain of !some advei-se weather. Afi er a lot jof wet weather a sudden (old snap wil|l freeze up brakes and prevent; ovi^iiers from gettin' their cars out o£ told garages. This lo qi ite. a simple! matter, but they niakt a great insip over it and tell me hat th«!y have aeriousi rear end 1 rouble, i Th^y never seem to get t,he 1 connecti()n between thi? vveat ler. andj the [car. ^ On a very'coi(l night tiie brake drums on some contnactl so as to less Effective. Remember that.the drumk are held cars are ajit to make the brakes apart by spring his price. jslight- a huge |l iititonio- ual I tt^jrnied a of aiitiJinobite en- TODAY action and that the .expansion and contr tction rate of the band.s may not be the'same [aij that of tiie drumiJ ; ' On a cold day more gas is used. This means that the tank go(\s dry soonfri or at least gets down to the level where lall the water is. Whed some of this gets into the carburetor, dnd the car is parked for a Jong time, ithere is bouinl to be troiible. i in ceiitain season of. the. year there Is. nioi;e ciindensation. Tliis means imore rusting. • IJreaker points and their liiechanism l«'coiiie ineffii'ient, im\ lodd squeakK de- velopi MoreJ water collects in the gas tank. i K.xternal conditions play an im- I (lortant partj in ! the-behavior of cars. I If I -NTanti to find but what ! is wrong wjith a machine, jiro- Ivided the trouble is puzzlin'. I lir.-t igel the iStory dt where that (ar MOTOR at nun ry op side co^np ty come technic igiiie. in th) is iir -Next . ine. H worlii la I Iris lyi'/e jinders iihid opening [•• an i-h gine was Iver, it i Ijigb-gijade if: the c. exhaust es. A i viveii is ore the Slate Charli^tte iMItchill, otherkise known 08 U'ontojiekenluske. tli ing Ipdiab prijicess in land. Sh^ is k direct of the great ( hief Ma is entirtdy depl-ndent < Hion she rccei I want that man and r will acce of any opprobr to my 1/rother "Then you w nnd Investigate Hible, Irrespec come?" 'C.n ahead. bring I /ound and hlanged. [It the consequences bm that may\ name." nt me to go these nofe.s, ive of the! k-Iared Miss Foisoni. (To He A gain the numelf Folsoni ihe ni .T .sferj-. renl siirnli'iranrei jtraiige dolls { tlint owned intnide on What was 'fhelr irplancs :• najVe bden co Ton fimi for the Alexlcs n governnSe^t, bijit the)f Statij JDepartn cut will: not Abov(? are H0ms of tho flh ctonstrtictloii— eft to ig}. (.'. Rojis ujiid jJei let ris wltj Il , in tl A Mexicb il Mexl] unifori ICortesJ npleted at Santa are standing hit take them; acrc(ss an officers who n, Capi;. A, O, CaHlr nicii.i Calif.. 1; . TliciU. S. ihe lioi^tler. rvlsed llieir hou, lJi);ut. SAJTB FPR ALL It to be that the only felljawj wiio C9uld safely was the €x:^ pisilt who" could tell wh at j he ivas getting and the jupk ded world buyer$ ler 214 N. Wakhln^ton A useD AS THEl CAra who didn't caije. Peijsonally, wjb have fou id it j^roptable io make tie safe f|or used car teurs as well )res(nil ber of Jlistinct important understand these de- is this he lie onii the the the." lit.,' Va .\e- kiiown and t af me has been for! thej four hours. Tha previous twenty- very often Icails 1 L E I E W 31? ajid havi ready for your insbectibn and personal test—a finer ge Brothers Motor Car than ever before, due to many new WtiUly important improvements. So impprtsint, in fact, that RemI tant d and Lde of s the re the val- ig • ad ext .sti p and ngine, type remely 1 used makes II .Amerita and Eu- valM >'Pe the T-head •il crotis between n I>-head. 'The lain the head['whilp es are i i tbt! sides. [spark plug lindtr, but |es are which .Ma .HsacliH- to increase from pension" for e ortly IIv- New Kng- desclendant sasoit and |n the pen­ es from the State. me straight to my answer. (r $T(>.^ milil) YOIK OWN. 1 Custoni bliilt \ effects tbrouglt ' dressing! up jthe iconyeiitional car ' is an opt)ortan!t>{ which niaDyrf:ar j owners seem to |overlqok. 'There i are numeroui things which can be ' done to a stiick model to make it ' have a very distinguished appearance, and thi> cost is by no means , exci^ssive. Almiist ever.vone ad-; miresitht custom, job, but with all \ due rfjspect to these fine examples \of coach work, the. motorist will! note tJiat often the most ar/i>ealing | featur-s are the trimmings,. Many i hcse, can be obtained at high- grade added model accessory iitores. and when tti th^, ponvetitional ^tock produO» Slime happy effect;;.! arid sidnsl Look ?w injBemty, ^)mmt mdfeffbmmce - mllmoreDei ' ' For New Refinements of bearing crank \haft and ignition syitem tha at these ; big roomy not possible to invest more wisely enthusiasm and satisfaction. K|and^rd; Sedan .Spetiaj S^edan _ cars Jpersoral inspection will give you arj adequate ideia of further engineering advances and ^eater production accomplidhc d jin extr i valui ss. Read this pjartial list of the ijuproveme tits and t len in ^estigate: A 'Nevi Clutch— Simple^ Prompt, Sure and Silent. Softeijl'edal Actim Easier I jear Shift njT New| Bi >dy Lines- -eu sn art and grace fid as any on the boule 'larda i J New Oilojr .Combination t of Striking Beauty Still Stur<lier Bodies Seat^ Re-designec for g^iater comfort New Si ent-Type Klufflei ImprovidI Univeisal Joint, Propeller-Shaft, Differentikland Axle Shi h—creating greaiter sturdin eth and r^istan re to wear And; Many Other Smart Detail I ;nQber, too, t lat all these are in addition to many impor- improvements I recently aniounced, incluiding the five- i : the 'wo-unit starting,lighting insrared owners i6 neW expres- ind you will realize that it is ih dependable transportation. U- _s;>J5 -I-.; SI0 (15 ahead f pos- Ollt- uU 'steam: I Continiifd) (le­ as experts. ELUS MIOTOR (pQ. Tplepht IS. ONLY D^ALE-R AS DePBNOABLe WHO Se- -LS IT N

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