Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on September 14, 1961 · Page 1
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 1

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 14, 1961
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L/. /. 0. grad to 6e Foreign correspondent The Fayette Leader is now one would have felt the impact of of the few, if not the only week- such change as shows-, movies and ly newspaper with a foreign cor- public transportation would close respondent. down an hour or so earlier had- A former Upper Iowa student, n't it have been a reconsideration Federico R. Marchand, of Mad- from the government. The entire rid, Spain, now carries a Fayette question of hours will come up Leader press card, and has sent for government consideration several stories from his native again Oct. 1, to enable Spaniards country. to gradually adapt themselves to While attending Upper Iowa in the change instead of at once. 1949, he attempted to lorm an international hitchhikers club, but FLAMENCO . . . was refused cooperation by the SPAIN'S LIVELY ART former president Vivian T. Smith The ancient and lively art of and the Iowa Legislature. One the dance is perhaps at its liveli- of his stories concerns legalizing est in Spanish flamenco - heels of a "thumbers" club" in Spain. stomping, colored skirts whirling, This story, and others receiv- eyes flashing,"castanets clicking, ed recently, are printed below: hands clapping, intense, almost GREEN LIGHT GIVEN TO agonized facial expression, Arab- THUMBERS IN SPAIN like cries, a guitar thrumming. I At room six on the 15th floor I*' 8 known the world over, but is of the Edificio Espana and under at its best in Spain, especially in the management of Mr. Juan the southern province of Anda- . Pradas Becares, the Camping lucia, in and around Seville, ' Club International de Espana is which gave it birth, issuing special identity cards to Flamenco has in it the wild, road thumbers which will give hot blood of the gypsy, the weird, them a new status on the high- plaintive chant of a call to prayer ways and will be at the same from a minaret. One of the best time a guarantee to the good flamenco troupes performs night- samaritans of the roads. ly at Seville's in the basement ; Minors (under 18) must present night club. written consent of their parents, Madrid (Spain's capital) flam- however, the card is issued to in- enc o night spots include the Cor- dividuals of any age, sex or na- ra ' de la Moreria (dining as well) tionality otherwise. Three ref- and the Zambra. erences must be supplied. In the Since the U. S. Air Force and case of students, one has to be Navy bases opened in Spain, from a teacher. many Yank youngsters have There is a catch to it as the po- turned fnsm rock 'n roll to flam- tential hitchhiker must renounce enco. The typical tourist would all claim to damages in case of no more miss seeing — and hear- accident and without any doubt ing — flamenco than a bull fight, has to be responsible to the club Both are part and parcel of a for his conduct and behavior. proud and colorful people. With a photograph and 40 pesetas (65c) the hitchhiker's card County dairymen are is paid for. * .,. According to Mr. Becares, this Awarded certificates The Heart Of Northeast Iowa's Scenic Wonderland Volume 47, Number 37 Thursday, September 14, 1961, Fayette, Iowa Four Pages This Issue Whose Farm Is The Mystery Farm? tus in this continent. The club itself serves as liaison between driver and free and Board members are Elected for districts Two now members were el- Ralph Alshouse and Harry ceted to the Fayette Community Schneider, other candidates en school board in the annual clec- the ballot, received 52 votes and lion last Monday, while in the I!) votes respectively. (•];•'-•( ion for the West Central There were four write-in votes, school board the Iwo incumbents three for Howard (Hod) Johnson, wen- re-elected. and one for W. V. Clark. In a lii;ht turn-out ,-f voters, Mr. Martin and Mr. Ingels will Albert Martin, Jr. and Marvin "ii'-cped Otto Neilsen and Dale Ingels wore elected to the Fayette lUiker who did not cheese to be Community school board with candidates again. 154 and 152 votes respectively. NF O Meet Scheduled Herd Improvement copy of Farm picture to owner it easy on the thumber, the club can provide insurance to same at if association ., , certificates for herds averaging tnumoer, over 45Q pounds of buttcrfat for For making identification the year July 1, 1960 to June 30, 1061. director 'M. C. The picture above was taken of a farm somewhere in Fayette county, in the vicinity of the MEETS U. S. AMBASSADOR MADRID — Mr. Anthony J. Drexel Biddle presented his credential to Generalissimo Francisco Frainco and was officially rec- art cfMayrard Howard Smith * a nd Buhr " of the mterest of its man y reader »If the owner of the farm pic- tured above wil1 st °P in at the Hunting and trapping Season dates listed Dates for the 1961 hunting and Wayne, Winnesbiek and Wrod- seasons were recently bury, Audubon and Shelby counties. HUNGARIAN released by the state Conservation Commission. The dates and Leader office he will receive free graphs below. PARTRIDGE the The annual organization meeting will be held Monday night, Sept. 18, at the school house, when the new board members will 'take office. There were a total of 343 votes cast in the West Central school election, with Harry Arthur and Louis Kane being re-elected. Fayolle eonrly members of the Mr. Arthur received 291 votes, National Fiii PUTS (Tganization 'ind Mr. Kane 230 votes. Robert ln-'d a nvvtir," Wednesday eve- Eldridge and Aaron ' Schlegel. mn». Sept. G. al the West Union Jr., the other two candidates on library. the ballot, received 70 votes and The purpose of the orfjaniza- 73 votes respectively. l'i nal meelim: was for the elec- Imn of eruntv officers. The re- Services set for Mrs. sulls of the election are as fol- *> lows: County chairman, Clarence K K. SchiK-hmann, Hawkeye; vice Funeral services will be held chairman, Larry E. Rocker, Ar- Friday, Sept. 15, at 11 a. m. from Im^l, n: secretary, J. M. Brady, the Belles Wright funeral homo Hawkeye; treasurer. LeRcy Al- for Mrs. R. M. Deming. ci in. West Union; district direct- Mrs. Deming died Tuesday nr. A. Walter Erkcl, Sumner; morning at the Kings Daughters Trustees, one year term, Carl L. in Midland. Mich., where she had Hecker, Arlington; two year term, gone tnree years ago to be near Luke HU.nj;, Fort Atkinron; three her daughter, Mrs. C, L Cole and year It-rni, Clarence Pleggen- family. kuhle, Hawkeye. she is the widow of Dr. R. M. A closed meeting will be held Deming, who served as Registrar Tuesday, Sept. 19, for all Fayette a nd head of the Mathematics de- _* • r- . • Iteming, Friday 1961 The closing date will also be an- ( .,,,, n tv M T P" P o< P u 'P°-<- t »u ' . • , ~ * v. ner, Edwin Decker of Westgate, ° f ch ? r « e a 5 * 7 gl ? ss y P 1 ™ 1 ° £ ognized as.United States ambas- j w Ineel , of Mavnard Ottc tne P lcture ' There as nothing to ....... . sador to Spain after riding in a F ~lck' and Sons of Aurora Hnr- buy. All that is asked of the own- county recorders, conservation llm 't t w °. possession _ limit four. !__.*. .1 —.^.—'-—S—.— r *U_«...***'U tV*n «1LA tl U OUJld VI /*UI U O, flU . t{**l— ;«(»««.»*:».. «_ *U«i t\ff i*m*»> nnrt *lin C?+ nO, /"«.^., nn -». n T*fln Hi inf/ill* if in r\'l rl rirl tfn cfi'ienn The 1961 shotgun deer applica- nottnced later. Shooting hours- tions became available JYom the 9 a. m. to 4:30 p. m. Daily bag gaining committees, and outlining terms to be used in contracts with prtx-ossors. county bar- ity for many years. » colorful procession through the heart of Madrid. Mr. Biddle'and- a member of T nf pi r h-,nk nnHWalt " joint- w r is a little information so that officers and the Stat<; Conserva- Tfl c Hungarian partridge season tfte farm picture may be identified for the «. i iv. *ftv«iif^u»i(.«ii |stiiLiiv.i£^ £i<_u DIM l » • VTWT is open in the following coun- A.A.U.W. meeting set Besides her daughter and son- in-law, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Cote, she is survived by two granddaughters, Janet and Lois. producing herds in the l*AHQnQ _ , iiuiaeo. _ central processing program. Mr. Biddle spent 15 minutes A tot&1 Qf m Qut of the 81Q with Generalissimo Franco. Be- Iowfi herds c leti the test . fore the presentation of creden- m received these awards tials, Franco met 20 top U S. mil- The 81Q herds induded 2 5,539 tion Commission o.f'k.' in Dos the following Moines, Atigust 21. *rhe. license fee is $10. Hancock, Kossuth, Lyon, O'Brien, Daily bag limit is one deer, Osceolo, Pa'o AHo, PJymoutli, possession limit one deer, season Sioux and Winnobago. Open Trapping Seasons Dickinson, Emmet. For Tuesday night Mission circle met The Grace Mission circle met Thursday qveniiag, Sept. 7, at the Lutheran church social room, with 22 members in attendance. The Rev. Norman Betke pre- guest sen ted the lesson topic of "word, work, worship." „.., —, —.^. .._.„ »„„,.„„. — „-. . Plans were made for the an- Sept. 11, at 10 a. m., at the St. Bow and anvvv season — Oct. 19<"1 until midnight Fob. 28. 1902. mj; forward to having many new nual chicken supper to be held limit one doer. Deer of any age or sox may be taken. Shotgun season — Dec. 1C, 17 noon - Nov. 11. 19C1 Funeral services for Miss Rose and 18 (Saturday, Sunday and "'Kht, Dec. 15, 19G1. Hastings, 82, were held Monday, Monday.) The Srpt. If), at 8 p. m. in the Graf hall lounge, with Mrs. Evelyn For Miss Rose Hastings MINK AND MUSKHAT — From Wood, stale fellowship chairman until mid- fiv m Cedar Rapids as speaker. RACCOON — Noon, Nov. 11, The Fayetto chapter is look- 1*0*^7, A, »«*••*. \* »•!*•« •"•* w~fr —•« ~- i nr* nil) nf*rfi^ infMiirtpri ZT^SH •_•*»£**. •**» •-• • * w **• *«*•( wi> i>ui^ *-*v, —— ~.,— — —... — n» , • • • i • TT T • • •«—«• «-•••!-«»-•« n«^ f *,«. h W W u •*».•*• itary and embassy officials. ^™ with an a«pr«iw nrnrfiTrfinn Francis Catholic church in Fay- 14 through Nov. HO, both dates Water sets only durm;: mink and members since Upper Iowa urn- ^^ 2 6, and also the "tea" at ' cows wun an average proaucwjn * — miiskrnt. sensnn. versilv was annroved this snrine n- r- <-.__! .- i SPANIARDS TO MISS TRADITIONAL SIESTA MADRID — The month of 10,400 pounds of milk 397 pounds of butterfat. and C.H ette. The Rev. Lowell Shokleton of- inclusive. Shotguns of 10. 12, 16 and 20 , versily was approved this spring Dr . Eugene Garbec's home on . BEAJVER - From , n«,«n Nov. by the national headquarters m T day evening> Sept . 12> for tne of Lueder of Fayette. His 33 grade St. Francis Catholic cemetery at June has changed the traditional Guernseys averaged 12,080 pounds Fayette. way of life of most Spaniards. of milk and 623 pounds of but- Recent government decree has terfat. Lima and taught in the rural ordered among other things a Further information on DHIA schools in Fayette county. She change in their working hours. can be obtained from M. C. later taught in the Fayette grade Most big department stores Wangsness at the extension office school, and then 25 years in the Q'.^' O ' pull or with broad head arrows only will Miss Hastings was born near J? P«™ ittcd j " taki "8 deer, and CIVET CAT : ___, ,_.?_!.«. s _ ii-- i Crossbows or any mechanically graduates i-f Upper Iowa are now BADGER, SKUNK, OPOSSUM eligible for membership, and the From noon, local chapter would weloome all Nov. 11, 19(il until midnight, Feb. prospective members on Tuesday The next meeting will be held in the afternoon on Oct. 5, at 1:30 p. m. have changed their schedule thus in Fayette. remaining open from 9 a. m. to 7 p. m. Workers will work eight p og show scheduled for hour shifts six days a week, but . there will be no time for tradi- Saturday, Sept. 46 tional siesta. . Saturday, Sept. 23 will be the e r, John Hastings, Most offices will continue op- big day for youngsters in the and three sisters, Miss Alice Hasten from 8 a. m. to 3 p. m., where- Fayette area and their canine j n gs of Fayette, Mrs. Ed Raftis as they formerly operated from pete . of Wadena and Mrs. Maggie 9 a. m. to 1 p. m. and from 4 to A dog show, which is scheduled Welsh of Manson. 7 p. m. . .. ,„ to begin at 9 a. m., will be spon- The Bel , es . Wright Funeral Waterloo schools before retiring. She diod Thursday night, Sept. 7, in a nursing home in New Hampton. She is survived by one broth- of Fayette, operated bows are Shocting hours — shotgun, 8 to 4 p. m.; how and arrow — a. m. to 5:30 p. m. The number of permits bar. been increased from 7,000 last year to 8,000 this year. SQUIRRELS — Gray and fox, Sept. 16, 1961 to Dec. 15, 1961, Bag limit 28, 19G2. evening. Special regulations will be en- Mrs. Harold Boulton and Mrs. F. rrest Claxton will be co-host- These changes are in line with SO red by Bill's Super Valu of the government suggestion last Fayette. April that offices might stay op- Every child in the Fayette area en for a continuous stretch in- j s eligible to enter his or her stead of closing for lunch and si- dog> whether it be mongrel or MET ON TUESDAY home was in charge of the arrangements. RABBITS — Cottontail and jack, Sept. 16, 1961 to Feb. 18, 1962, both dates inclusive. Shooting hours 0 a. m. to 6 p. m. Bag limit 10 per day, no possession limit. iRACCOON hunting season — 12 noon Oct. 21, 1961 to midnight forced on all Game Management areas in the state. Trapping on game management areas will be by permit only, including a liar- at lhc vest quota to be determined by the Commission. On Game Management areas and that portion of the Mississippi river east of the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul railroad trucks from the Minnesota stale line to the south . , city limits of Davenport will be " open at noon of the day following "' the close of the duck season or noon Nov. 11, 1961, whichever is the later and extending to midnight Doc. 31, 1961. Center 4-H group meets Center Livestock 4-H club met esses for this event. Mrs. Esther at the tome of Mary Jo Nabholz Liffring. president, will preside Monday evening, Sept. 4 Record books were turned in, and election of officers was held.. The new officers are: Dale Clefisch, president; Ferrill Cockerham, vice president; Douglas G. Davis, secretary; Lyle Clefisch, report- business mooting. 4-H hay ride to be Held on Saturday A county wide 4-H party for all 4-H members 13 years old and Clefisch, leader; Nabholz and Lee er; Raymond with Milford is planned for Sept. 16 at O akes as assistants. m., it was announced by Betty Lee Oakes wns received Harold L. Boulton, county ex- as a new membe r of the club. tension associate and Dorothye Lunch was serve d by Mrs. Nab- E. Busching, county extension no j z _ assistant. The hayride will start esta and thus save public trans- pedigreed. A parade is planned The American Home Dept. met Feb 2 a, 19C2. No bag or posses- c • u^u port by doing away with lunch- by wh i c h to show off the pets, Tuesday, Sept. 12, in the home sion limil ^ Services new tune rush hours. and prizes and ribbons will be. °* Mrs. Lula Cowles for a Fall PH EASANTS — Chinese, mon- For Ronald Stewart One of the aims of the suggest- awarded. • Salad supper, with Mrs. Bertha .. ,.<„,,„„.], Nov n , on , time changes wa» to give the Anyone may enter simply by Yearous as co-hostess. g>»«" opening date The'doS Spanish more leisure time. stopping in at Bill's Super Valu Mrs. Blanche Ashby prepared da te will be determined as soon Working and "playing" hours and asking for an entry blank. the program on favorite poetry. date Wl11 b ° tlolermined as soon as population pleted. studies are corn- MAYNARD — Funeral services at 2 p. m., Tuesday, Sept. 5, at the St. Paul's Lutheran church, for Ronald Stewart, 18, were held Shooting hours 9 a. m. to 4:30 with the Rev. Herman J. Brandt and i"hc X evcning wiiMnciudTre- Injured on vacation trip freshments and group singing. In Last week while the Robert the event of inclement weather, Lamphier family and Mr. and a 4-H dance will be held in the Mrs. Thomas Kuhens were on a basement of the Farm Bureau vacation trip to St. Croix Falls, building. Wis., Mr. Kuhens slipped on a wet A special party is being plan- rock and broke his knee cap. He ncd for the younger 4-H mem- was taken to a hospital there, bers and this party will be held where his knee cap was removal a later date. All older 4-H ed and his knee put in a cast. officiating. Burial was in the p. m. Daily bag limit three cock L on g Grove cemetery. Delsing- members are jnvited to attend Mrs. Lamphier and children re- birds, possession limit six cock Wright funeral directors ware in the hayvide, Saturday. turned home Sunday, and Mr. birds. The above pheasant sea- charge of arrangements. son will be open in all counties Ronald died early Sunday W»lrrii»r leacnie • except the following: Wapello, morning, Sept. 3, at the Mercy wanner league « Davis, Jefferson, Van Buren, hospital, Oelwoin, where he had Henry, Dos Moines and Lee. becn s j nce early Tuesday eve- Lutheran church Walther League QUAIL — Bobwhite, Nov. 4, n j ng) August 29, when he BUS- met Wednesday evening at the 1961 is the opening date. The tainod severe injuries in an auto church, closing dale will be announced collision one-half mile north of later when the population stud- MaynartJ. Ho was a 1961 grad- ies are complete. Bag limit five, ua t e O f the .West Central Corn- possession limit 10 birds. Shoot- mun H y high'school. Lamphier brought Mr. and Mrs. Kuhens home on Thursday. Jefferson, Van Buren, hospital",' Ocfwein! where he had Twelve members of the Grace Honr>r**l with *Kniw»r n,,.. AAninoc, n«J T «~ . . , m i.... T ,. 11. ,.,.„„ ,,U,,,.,,K XirnUhn.. Tnnnno I ItMlWTCH WIUI »Ill»WCr Miss Barbara Kauten was guest of honor at a bridal shower Wed- Election of officers was held, nesday evening, Sept. 6, at the with the following chosen: Pres- St. Frsncis parish house, ident, Dayna Dumermuth; vice Assisting as a committee were: president, Dennis Heth; secre- Mrs. Ait DUkey, Mrs. Robert -ing hours 9 a. m. to 4:30 p. m. " Surviving are his parents, Mr. tary, Joe Gibson; treasurer. Ken- Rosenbaum and Helen Kauten. The quail season will be open and Mrs. Ralph Stewart, one sis- neth Quandt; Christian growth A reading by. Phyllis Vander- in the following counties: Adair. ( e) . Mrs. LaVern Vandersee, o? chairman, Sandra Miller; Wheat ' " '' ' Adams, Allamakee, Appanoose, rur ' a j Maynard; two brothers, Ridge chairman, Maty Sue Man- Black Hawk, Benton, Boone, Carl of Charles City, and Glen son. Bremer, Buchanan, Carroll, Cass, a t home; and his maternal grand- see, ana contests highlighted the entertainment, Miss Kauten was assisted by her sister, Alice, in opening her gifts. Lunch was served by the own- mlttee. Cedar, Chickasaw, Clarke, Clay- mother, Mrs. Maggie Ortman of M.Y.F. rally .planned ' ton, Clinton, Crawfiord, Dallas, Dubuque. . ', „ '„„„'„ ^ Davis, Decatur, Delaware, Des . A sub district M.Y.F. Rally for Moines, Dubuque, Fayatte, Fre- p arent . Teacher meetinK se ? ior hi ? h y ?H th b£ ^ e O^eta VISIT IN NORTH DAKOTA mont, Greene, Guthrle, Harrison, ° Henry, Howard, Iowa, Jackson, ,«im.Lh* took thwn to a to , U U ran to find duck* w youn fl witbdui . sub district will he.held at Qrace Mrs, WU1 Hall accompanied , , , The first Parent-Teacher meet- Methodist church in Oelweln, be- her son Harold of Chicago, and Jasper, Jefferson, Johnson, Jones, ing of the new school year will ginnirtg with a 2:30 p, m, regls- daughter Ruth of Evanston, 111., Keokuk, Lee, Linn,.Louisa, Lu- be held Monday, Sept. 18, • It tratlon on Sunday, Sept..I 1 ?. to Blsmark, N. D., to visit their cas, Madison, Mahaska, Marion, will be a 6:30 p. m. pot-luck sup- The Methodist Student FeU son and brother, Richard Hall. Marshall, Mills, Monona, Mon- per for all teachers, parents and lowship. will hold a. get-aqquaint- From there they will meet Mrs. ---.»- roe, Montgomery, Muscatnie, their families. ed party for new students at Up-"HaU's brother from Seattle, dueki .which Page, Polk, Pottawattamle, Pow- Mrs. Alva Chase, president of per Iowa of Methodist preter«no£»'i, Wash., and another brother from "'by »om» eshiek, Ringold, Scott, Story, Ta- the P.T.A,, is encouraging every- The event will begins 'wUa ^'^North Dakota. All will go to Mr, A»h. ma, Taylor, Union, Van Buren, pne to attend. The school board chuck wagon supper a^.e p, -A^Mediqine Lake, Mont,, to visit the ; Wapello, Warren, Washington, will hold a meeting at 7:30 p. m. by the fireplace at ttw^tygPiww of

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