Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 7, 1898 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 7, 1898
Page 4
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Business Men: Let the Telegraph Show What it Can do to Bring Customers to Your>tore and Bigger Balance to Your Bank Acco R ' % Hi Time I* so mnch trmibH coming into the world ' s»ld ljufi BolifiRbtoke, "and so much mart IB tSTt l*h»rdry worth whit* to be her* at all." If a man cad a philosopher come* to this conclusion, what mo»t be tbe i aatttral conclusion of the thousand* of snfferiBK womeo who andttfo notold torture in briar- laf theh- tabw into I he world ? PhlkwoyhT of thU kiad Is bated opoo S Ms tonotaace. Tbe &ct U, that there U Mcesatt? <or the severe panes nader- " he arerare woman. If a waraaa aad healthy in a womanly war, od means to her but little snffrr- ThetrooWe lie* in the <act tbat tbe :T of wtrtieo fufftr from weakneaa rase of tbe dUtinctly feminine or- and art unfitted for motherhood. can always be remedied. Or. Pierce'a • ~ ' - U a sure, speedy and NOW WE WILL TRADE COMMERCE WITH CUBA AND PORTO RICO SOON TO BEOIN. core for all di*order» of thU deietiptiOD. It act* directly on the delicate liM' ttBportant orjmn* tmceneAfmMn -f't*tm fceaUhr. (tron*;. Tirorotj*..%>lei*fca ^ It bonbbe* the indispositionj of f expectaacy ud nukes babr** . . • y - tot toA TrtaliK* the feminine orgtnt, aad Slf i tesore* a healthy and robust baby. Tboti- 1! caads of women bare testified to lt» m*r- » BcrHs. Honest druggists do not Nbstitiite*. end urge tbem upon yon " Mr*.-- »•«*•; ' the names, addresses and photographs of i(K•'•' tHradreda of women cured by Dr. Pierce'* ™' -'.'I Medicine* are 'printed Iff perlnl«*toti i» the "People's Common Sente Medical ch cloth binding .11 utaraps. . R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. V. ^J* 1 KB^^r: m |||;4--V, "H'FORJBAtB. IBwi- iS?K corner Bth and Alby 1 _ston»"r«lb«t. iota Oteet. Price «700. bmiBaitostnwH roi T^»Jr06«^2la4«^r'n.w)« •f haata< fcjr foroaoe; to Wodlatowa. b« Asa lot ot Dartd Doyla OB Blaff street It-room bride dwelling. toJ. M. Tonsor 8 One W room —___._,- - ioa iota on Bluff street wit 1 s*w*r; no ftsllnc, b> T. L, i brick dwelling, _ xiaD(aat;nn« traits r . T ratne*. '• ' •'. - wUktaraaM. Lot «0 ' UMDOrth side of _. miMt location u> Mtddto AUM (boat m •OB**' t»M. I Wf J»W» brick store and dweWfl« an« a JMfarVk<waDlntoBsameIot oornar Of ;ioS*oo4tJistnSrt S oaar*E, darttaet' _* doable dwalltacot Mr. B. Otrttauf,' f^Tftyn with modern Impror enwatt.Tr rlta all modern ImpnrreBMKai' • ( ittodnr. arantblnc oompleU] to- I fwltoh oouMottoa with C. A Ai ~"l, Co, property OB Id MrMt, 3B dwelUnf oe BtaU itratt. I-room dwaUlof OB Second str»*t> i lots OB ta brick a.ooaof dwaUlDfi ram dwaUlDf la Upptr Aitoa, goe* ' c^ar t *f AMerloaa »«en»»m Al- *r to Currr Our Gooifi <o He t'.ed «• Par'mine mouth* we have been talking a boat oar new commerce with tba Wen* : Icdies, wHore" *w now have princely powesrioas. At last the beginning .of that comntCTeo is in sight. In a short time a fleet of four fine new American steam en will be making regular tripa between Boston and ports in Onba, Porto Rico and Jamaica. TheK bttris wHJ 6aity fjnclo Bam'* mails and will be aoxiliary craiseri, being so con(traded that in leu than 24 boart tboy can be equipped with big guns. Tbe first of this fleet to float is the Admiral Dewey. TneotnAr three steam- en will be named Admiral Sampson, Admiral Hchley and Admiral Parragot, They art to bo n*ed by a Boston frnit firm. The Admiral Dowey, which, was launched Ang. 18 at Cramps' shipyard, has just been equipped for service and U now being made ready for the gorern- tnent test of speed. On her deck* are permanent gnu tuoonU, and when it ii necexary to convert her iuto an armed anziliary ciaiser she will carry a for- ttidable battery of /onr 6 inch rapid fire tifien, two forward and two aft. Tbe three sister ship)! of tbe Admiral DeTrey Wifl be turned ont as fast as possible. They will all be 2fiO feet ovel ell, 86 feet beam and with 24 feet depth Of bold. They wilr have accmnmoda- tionrt for 00 cabin passengers each and room forward for a crew of 45 men. Tbe ship* are to have a maximum speed .of 18. knots. • '• Near as thtl West Indie* fire to as and Important as onr commerce with tbem ha* been nioet of it has been carried on in foreign bottoms. We have allowed English shipowners to monopolize a large nbare of onr transportation. Bat with onr increasing trade In this direction has come a reviral in American shipping drcleiL Other steamship lines to be ran to Cuba and Porto Rican ports are contemplated. They will be needed, roomdweUlac with flo* rin rtory briok dwelllngwltb 8 roomj.on aTWU* now occupied by J. Moulto. wrtoreroom and two *-room ten faWh roomi ted street near Cberrr LOAN AOGM fKOQM If, P. 0. BUILDINQ. OD Liberty ttreet modern dwelling near ----- reeu. . lot mont on State itraat oa tbe" R. R. trsoki, suitable for X:| ; THB ADMIRAL BBWBV. too, for we expect to do considerable business With these inlands where tbe (tant and stripes wave in the place ol to« rod and yellow flag of Spain. , The, United States is the natural '•daroe from which those islands should *eo«ire their imports. By discriminating laws Spain oau no longer keep them M her markets and what they havn heretofore bought from tbat country they-will now natnraily bay from thii jponutry. Ill J8B5 Oaba and Porto Rico bonHht from Spain goods to tbe amonnt Of 180,188,708, about (1,000,000 more lvalue than the United States sold to all: South America in tbn game time. Borne idea of the commerce of those inlands may be' gathered from tho fact that the tonnage of tho shi) .11 railing tc Porto' 'Bio«n •ports mid to Havana amounted in 1895 to 3,7(IO,fi«0 toiiti, 01 ovar 100,000 tonn more than all (lie ships of sail aud steam, barges and canal- boat* belonging to American portn on the Atlantic and gnlf counts in that year.'/."":. , The Iniurrection in Oaha aud tb WAT between Spain aud the Unit on States have prevented for the last tbre years normal condition* of trade frot Milting In either Cuba or Porto Rico Tbo year 1898 is taken an the lu«t yoa J4 whioh anything like u normal slut Ntlatod in both inlands, though Pork Bioo,'of course, suffered much IOHH tba did Oaba. American merchants are nil prepare to seize tbe trade of Porto Kico us BOO at the tariff aud the rate of oxcbmig ate Died definitely. If a high tariff i maintained between Porto Kico and tb United HlttjcH, it will choke trade be tweeu the two.' Jleroliauts are ulao find Iqg faulfi With" the nito of exchange re gently established, an«ertiug that it i entirely too high, lu short, the trad CODditlgng are'not yet shaken down. Ai Porto Iiioo is a natural market fo American products so the United State ii a natural market for tuo products o Porto Bioo. In 18UO Porto Kico raiitu coffee to tbe value of 113,540,0-10, HU to tho value of over fit, 600,000,, mo l»ise« jo th'uvttlne of 1(552,000 and to bacoo to tbe value of (480,610. Butto and lard are about the only things will whiob the United Stated baa been «up plying Portg Kioo. Heretofore JSugluud bai supplied Por toliioo with cotton goods. Tho United flUUM ought to gat posseislou of thl tredsatonoQ. Just what tho pousibill tie* p! Porlo Rlooareaud how oxtousivt they are it is as yet a little too early to toll. Tbe soil la of remarkable fertility veil timbered and watered. One thing if certain—the prosen means of odnnuunlcutlon between thl «OttD«ry and the newly acquired inland ate to be greatly enlarged. This en largenieut Jm* in a njuuner been prupar with the Tba Sura La Urippo Cure Thereto no ate suffering from this "ill malady, if you will only get Ight remedy. You are having till through your body, yeur liver * ', bave no appetite, no tt, bave a bad cold, In lately used up. Electric only remedy tbat will ptUBd.eure r«Uef. They op ypur Wver, BtQWion , tone Up tho whole syv e you feel like a new be_. iteedito'cort or •• n nr iH.A into, fills. Was Ex-Collector of the Port o Now York. GJVEX THE PLACE BY GAUHELD Hl> Appointment Wlllmut Ih* Inilor.p nient of the Senator* from New York Conhilug and Plait, tx-d tu n Split In tti KopuMlcan Party In the Stale and th KeBlfcnatloti of tlie Senator*—Mr. Hob •rtion'i Public Career. New York, Dec. ".—Former Congress man William H. Robertson died at hi home In Katonah, New York. For th Ian year h« had been suffering from paralysis of the brain. He was abou 70 years of pge. Mr. Robertson's ap polntment to the office of collector o the port of New York by Pres'.dcn Garfleld without conBUltalon with th .lenators from this state, Ruacoe Conk ling and Tom C. Platt, led to a split Ii the Republican party of New York an the resignation of the senators. William H. Robertson was born ii Bedford. Westche»ter county, N. Y Oct. 10, 1823, and received a commo school education. When he was 1 years old he took an active part in th presld'-ntlai campaign of William Hen ry HarriHjn, and from that time alway was prominent In the politics of hi state. Choften County Jndgft. He was elected to the assembly 1 1S4S and state senator In 1853. In 1S5 he was chosen county judge of West cheater, to which position he was twlc re-elerted When the war broke ou Governor Morgan unpointed him chairman of a committee to raise troop In the Klghth senatorial dlslrlc-t. H was a member of the electoral coll(*g that cact Its majority vote for Prenl dent Lincoln. In 1*66 Judge Robertson was Bent t congrens, but in 1S71 he returned to th state seriate, where he served five con etcutlve terms. He WOK always a con splc-uouK figure In the Republican na tlonal conventions, and in 18SO It was b his efforts that the unit rule was brokt and Jamr.'H A. Oartield nominated. H also organized the movement whle prevented the nomination of Genera Grant for a third term, and thereby se cured the 111 will of Roscoe Conklln, and lilH friends. Collector of the Port. When President Oarfleld named him for collector of thp port of New Yor Benatorn Conktlng and Plait oppose. the confirmation and finally re«igne< from the senate when the president r« fused to revoke hi« action. This cause great excitement In New York, am Warner Miller and Klbridge O. Laphan were elected to succeed the retiring senators. Mr. Rohertnon anBiimcd th dutle» of his office Aug. 1. 1SSI, After leaving tho custom house h< was returned to the ntato senate UNI served two terms. He held no publii ofllco after thin, but continued to bo i leader of Ills party In his district up ti the tlnltt of his death. TKI,EflKAI'HEIi« MAY .STRIKE. Grand Trunk Kmploye* Want More P»y and Hliorter lloitn. Montreal, Dec. 7.—A strike of tele graph operators employed by the Orand Trunk railroad Is threatened. The mei have been negotiating for Home weeks with the company through a commute appointed by the former, looking to i betterment of their condition. More pay and shorter hours are the prlnclnu points brought up. Deputy Chief Davis of tho Telegraphers' Brotherhood Is In the city and has had un interview with General Manager Hayes of the Gran Trunk road, Mr. Hayes declined to treat with thi brotherhood officials or with a commit tee appointed by them unlexs the com mlttcc can show him written authority from all the operators on the line au- thorUIng the committee to act In their behalf. Mr. Davis says that unless tho company r«red«n from this position a strike, is sure to result. Ankn for an In Atlanta. Oa., Dec. 7.— Herny A. Hunker, Internal revenue collector at Atlanta, who IHIH been charged by Mrs. Uarbour an being responsible for her husband's suicide because of alleged perm-cut hin. has wired (he authorities at Washington a statement of the declaration made by Mrs. Harbour. Huck- cr asked that an Investigation be imulo at onco, and wUheB to be relieved as custodian of the custom house, but In doing so that his official duties could have no bearing on the Investigation. Harbour, who was a white man, had acted as janitor uf the custom house for some time and was appointed from Washington, It Is said, In opposition to Mr. Itucker's wishes. A Narrow Escape. Thankful words written by Mrs. Ada B. Hart, of Qroton. 8. O. "Was taken with a bad cold which tettled on ray lungs; oough set In and finally ter- nlnated In Consumption. Four doo- .orsguve me up, saying I ocuid live >at a short time. I gave myself up to my savior, determined if J. could not stay with my friondd on earth, to meet my absent ones above. My husband was advised to jet Dr. K'ng's New )lsonvery for Consumption, Oougbs andOoldB. I gave H a trial, took in all eight bottles. It has cured me, and thank Ood I am saved and now a well and healthy woman." Trial )oitl«« free at B. Marsh's drug store. Regular sue 60S and |1. Guaranteed ir price refunded. After hearing some frleuds continually praising Chamberlain's Oollo, Jholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, Curf Aaabeim. CaHforuJa, Regardless of Age. The kidney* are responsible for more sickness, toff erf ng, and death* thai) any other organ* of the body. A majority of tbe ill* afflicting people today I* traceable to kidney trouble. It pervade* all classes o! cociety, In all climate*, MftardleM ofa^e, wi or condition. The symptom* Of kidney trouble are artmwtable, each ae rheomattero. neuralgia, ileepleemeM. pain or doll ache in tbe back, a deeire to nrinate often day or (night, profate or scanty Uric acid, or brick-du»t deposit in urine are signs of domed kidneys, causing poisoned and germ-filled ' blood. Sometimea tbe heart act* badly, and tube caata[(wasting of tbe kidney*) are fonnd la tbe urine, which if neglected will reoult in Bright'* die ea*e, tbe moat dangerous form of kid ney trouble. All these symptom* and condition are promptly removed under tbe in flaence ot Dr. Kilmer'* Swamp Koot U baa a world wide reputation f> r it wonderful Cores Ot the meet d to trews Ing cs»w. No one need be long without U as i is so caey to get at any drug store H 60cor81. Yon can have a sample hot tleol tbi§ wonderful discovery ,Sw^m] Boot, and a book teliirg all about It both sent to yon absolutely free b. tnai'. Seed your address to Dr. Kil mer & Co, Bingbamton, N. Y. an kindly mention that yon read tbi liberal off Mi!!? ih<rj th* Har- Bn-1 -A In e of were ?r r.f wer« rmany. Ftulgsrt. T)'-:of Wurt'-nilrjiK King of •.Vur'." tOOV-(;0! I.I) ••r h'ifh nutti-rily that i it a- 'lUirc any of the i of a I'Hm-rn*. 7-•J > rinf*5* Krflfrlck . riv/tl,<r 'if William II. •?niur»r. Js d"ad, IIMCKHAII. CASE. iMky&.'u'i.A. of . a bottle of It for bin own now as entbuilastlo over ful work as ajijone can bo. Md40wntal«ei'for sale by I «p»tw««f H. w, w cord In t Albany. N. Y . I't- the a!l<>KMl r.. r tifif: t Ih'i ali'-g-iJ <hi!(! of Jii (or Satan) Ann lirn ! Ifuptl.mal 7. Who ' nf baptism of (loiiIJ and Mary n AnKcil, the al- I'-Kc-'I v.-|f» of the 'J'j.vl millionaire. This lrit^rr'f,eati''n P,U^ intro'iucfd In the trial of Ti-ytar-i,!'! Margaret K. Cody, who IB actual..'! ot c'.i!F|.-iring to blackmail the- f'JouM h'lr«. Mrs.. Cody col- lopsf-d on the ytar.d \ii~l ut'ek and the trial V.IIR arjj'jurn'-J. Thrt-e days' rest and a tihy«l<'i;iii'* ian> fitted her to resume her toml at \vith the ^Jould lawyers. Mr. Nki.'li, who was conducting the cross-examination, handed Mrs. Cody the baptiflnu'il Tf-mr/} of a church in Coo(.i-rvi!li-. Clinton county, in which was th*? r'f<?r<! of the baptism of a chll'I. th? pnr«.'tit!> of whic.-h were sjated to be Jay (iould and Mrs. Angell. un der the ir.aiOeti riarnf of Sarah Ann Brown. Mr. NicoU a?k(/d If she had evei He-en thoi>» namt-s In the book. Mrs. Cody ivpllvf] in the negative. Mr. Nlccii paid that th* 1 .names of the par cnts of th'( child hai! hi ; <.ji erased and those of Jay fJouW and Mrs. Angell substituted. Another riuegtlon asked by Mr. Nlcoll was: "Did you not promise Mary Ann Shcalds you would give her. $5,000 if she would K\vear that she was a witness to the marring*' of Jay Gould and Mrs Angell?" To which Mrs. Cody replied: "I never did." Mrs. Cody admitted that she had offered a note of J2.0CO to Father Char- bineau for the benefit of the Cbamptain church on condition of his finding tho record the wanted and her ultimate success in obtaining money. Mrs, Cody could not remember her writing to the Rev. Mr. Leighton. saying: "You wil be rewarded If you furnish me "with the evidence I want." Mrs. Cody admitted writing a letter which said $20,000 would be a femall amount for evidence of a marriage from the Rev. Mr. Leighton. Mrs. Cody, on redirect examination, declared that in all her acts she was guided by her lawyers. Parker and Kpeer. Speer, she said, \vas to put up all the court expenses, while Parker was to search for evidence. Mrs. Cody admitted receiving letters which disclosed this. Street Car Htrlko Settled. Dallas, Tex., Dec. 7.—The strike on the Dallas Consolidated Street railway •was amicably settled rind officially declared off after an all night conference The men arc in !>•? taken back to work and their union fully recognized. The original contract Is In thi settlement with only slight change court proceedings bring agreed to In- Btead of arbitration for any future dlf- ferences. This is about the only point ot value that •, the nu-n lont. The> gained more than that, however. The strike beg;>n Nov. 10. For Pneumonia. Dr. J. O. Bishop, of Agnew, Mich., nays: "I have need Foley's Honey and Tar In three very severe cases ol pneutnonia*the paat month with gooc results. Sold by K. Marsh and S. H Wyus. Mr. C. M. Dlxon, a well known merchant of Pleasant Ridge, Fulton Oo , Pa., has a little girl who U frequently threatened with croup, but when tbe first symptoms appear, his wife gives her Onambarlain'j Cough Remedy, which always affords prompt relief. The 26 and 50 cent sizes for sale by E. Marsh and S. H. Wyss. Lost. Man; bave lost confidence and hope as well as health, because they have been told their Kidney disease was incurable. Foley's Kidney Cure is a Guarantoerl remedy for the disconr aged and disconsolate, gold by E. Marsh and 8. H. Wyss. Hoarseness Leads On to serious irritation of the throat, and may end in a racking, rasping cough. Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar-Honey will quickly clear the throat and leave tbe voice clear and smooth. It i« an infallible remedy for coughs and colds and all disorders of the throat and lungs. Good druggists sell it. 25c, A Little Sniffle, or a stubborn cold, or a deep-seated cough can bo cured for good with Dr. Bell's Pine-Tor-Honey. This famous remedy, taken in time, will stop the progress of consumption and bring the color of health to the pallid cheek. Druggists sell it. For Hoarseness. Benj. Ingerson, of Hutton, ind., says: be had not spoken above a whisper for months, and one bottle of Foley's Honey and Tar restored his voice. It la used very largely b speakers and singers. Sold by £ Marsh and 8. H. WJBS. What do theCblldres Drink? Don't Klvo tbem teaorcoffoy. Have yon tried tbe rifw food drink called GRAIN O? It la delicious and notrr- lahlng and takes tbe slace of coffee. Tbe more Grain- O you give tbe children the more bealtb you distribute tbrougb lheir systems. Orain-O Is made of pure grains, and when properly prepared tastes like tbe choice grades of coffee but costs about one- balf as much. All grocera sell it. 10o and25c Distreiilng Stomach Disease Permanently cured by the inastorfjr power of South American Nervln« Tonic. Invalids need suffer no longer t>eoauHO this groat remedy can onre tbem all. It is a cure for tbe whoto world of stomach wenkness and indt- lestlon. The euro henins wllb (b« irftt dost). Tbe relief it bringn is marvelous and surprising. It makes no allure; never disappoints. No matter bow long you have suffered, your cure Is curtain niultir the use of this great health-giving force. Pleasant nd always safe. Bold by 8. H, Wyss, Kheumatisrn ouicu in a D«y Mystic Cure (or rheumatism and' leunOgla, radically cures in from 1 to S days Ita notion upon tbe iryiteni Is emurkable and mysterious. It re- noves at once the cause and disease^ mmodlately disappears. The first dose irreatly benefits, 76 oto. Sold by B. H. WyM? Dwg«tot,_A^ton, ID. CASTOR IA tor Infant* and Children. Ib Kind You Dm Ataqi B«i|U •mntht Arc You &e Easily Tired? «/ . Just remember that all your strength jao*t orma from fovat fbod. Did yoa erer think of thatf Perhape ytrar maaolM ne«d more strength, or your nerreBj or perhaps your stomaeh i* weak and cannot digest what yon eat. If yon need more etrength tbvn take SCOTT'S EMULSION of Cod-Mvajr-OU vrlta^Hypo.; phoBphitoa. *&» oil t» the noBt easily changed of (01 food* Into etreagths and the hypophoe- nbitev are the, 'belt tonica for the nerve*. SCOTT'S BMTTIi- SIOW la the easiest and quickest oiue .for weak throats, for coughs of every kind, and for all cases of debility, weak nerretb and loss of flesh. Joe. tat li.oo; «H iSruggtei. SCOTT ft DOWNE, Cbtmbtt, New York. Meatli of Lieutenant >ol*n. San Francisco. Dec. 7.—First Lieutenant James K. Nolan of Troop 1, Fourth United States cavalry has J!ed at the Presidio uf pneumonia, after a brie illness. Nolan was a native of Wiscon sin. a graduate of the military ncad emy at West Point and had seen serv Ice !n Arizona. He leaves a wife, who was a Miss Kimlialt of Chicago, am two children. Grorer Cleveland In a Collision. New York. Dec. ".—The steam yatcl Oneida. having on board her owner, E C. Benedict, and ex-President Qrovei Cleveland, was In collision with a trans fer float off the Battery wall In the up per bay. The yacht had her bowsprl carried away. Messrs. Cleveland an< Benedict landed at the Battery and the yacht continued on her way up tin p'ast river. PaUU Exploalon of Ammonia, New York, Dec. 7.—An explosion o ammonia on board the Marine hospita ship Bay State, as she was lying In a slip on the Brooklyn side of the uppe bay. killed .Robert Twigs and serious!} Injured fifteen other men. The acciden occurred in the Ice-making plant on board th eshlp, Twiss being In charge of the machine. mmm *****.;. ^^T: •.•'•••f. *•• t -^"fT"*,,' "^"^ Soi-eluncs, pain in the chest and painful breathing are quickly relieved and cured by the old reliable specific, Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup. This remarkable remedy breaks up a cold in one night and is, without doubt, the very beat medicine for all affections of the throat and longs. It has cared thousands and will cure you. It never disappoints. Try it at once. Will quickly heal Sore Lungs. Doses are email and pleasant to take. Doctors recommend it. Price 33 cts. At all dinggiiU. HENRY J. KLUNK, «nat>» coffin*, m*ta)lt( va***, w*t«l- U* onto tloih <Jn«ini tfOb*» 10Ofl. I Dr. Wllltumir IndlnoPllo Olotmout will cure UlucL Oleeding and Itching bPlleit. Ii absorbs tbe tumors, allays tba Itching at once, acts B IB^IUI • poultice, elves Instant re• HcL Dr. WlllUuns'IadlanPlleOlnt- m mentis prupareU for Piles and Itch log ot tbe private puns. Every box It warranted. By drucKlnts, by mall on re celpt ot price. 60 cent* an3 (1.00. Wl MAHUr«CTURIII8 CO. Props.. Clevelar HQTEL MADISON, A. L. D4NIBL&. Proprietor. Baornd and Ba*toa*t*. Altea, HI c p *••*• * * Real EsUU, luaruce and Collectlnj A|«irt. ffl»: P1«« BulldiDg «o4 Lo»niAMOolitlon ALTON, :1LL, NNVRUVAL PSLL8 - vwta Clevland. t>fo. 7. — De!e(? »te» to the annual convention of the American Anti- Saloon »e»«ru* are arriving in l«r** numbers, and the Indications ar? the Bret session ->f the convention will b? Trell attended Between 400 and WW <l?!esales cire cxpp.rteiJ The convenlfon will last three days. Prominent men from nil over the country will be In attendance. Four cities are already contesting for the honor of entertain n? the convention next year. The cities are Pltt»burg. Chicago, Detroit and In- aianapolln. Admiral fiumcd In New York. J>eo. 7. —A dispatch from Panama says: At the close of the Independence celebrations here a tarse crowd burned the effigy of the Italian Admiral Candlanl. who enforced payment of the Cerrutl claim recently bj' threatening to bombard Cartagena. The authorities tried to prevent this •ctloti, but ultimately the leader* of the crowd lighted the . effigy, .and It was burned amid cheers for Colombia and Jeers for Italy ._ __ ___ Said Lire Wm« it HI off. Buffalo, N. Y.. Dec. 7.— Willis P. BIs- sell, a teacher In Canton's Business college, Jumped from the new, suspension bridge at Niagara falls. Mr. Bls- sel was a tieplfetr of Thomas A. Blnsell. manager of the Wagner Palace Car company's works. He was 34 years old and unmarried. He left a letter to hi!) brotheri Baying that "this life was a great bluff and not worth living." .ntentTfo Ljnrh a Negro, Dallas, Tex., Dec. 7,— Sheriff Cabell has received news that ex-Sheriff J. W. High of Morris county had been killed by a negro named Joseph Thomas. A mob has formed at Daingerfield to take the negro from jail and lynch him. ___ • Fottofltce Burglarised. Moweaquo, Ills., Dec. 7. — The post- office at Findlay, Shelby county, Ilia, was burglarized during the night and all the money and stamps taken. yourcoukh -' r: -fl -v, " ^^^ LV. the cause TUB E. K- SnTHEBLASD M8I>IOINE OOv, Vrofnactottql «art>*. £)rs. Q. and H. Taphorn. PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. OFFICE in M'Pike Building. Cor. and and E«ston tie. Phone* 138 and 171. P. SCHUSSLBli,M.D HOMBOPATUST ud SURGEON , HOT8Z. MABlSOr Xalsotea* too Qrs. E. C. & H. R. Lemea UPPER ALTON, ILL. OFnCBHOUR8i7to«a.miUtol,etoap.m. TBL.BPHONB 87, . (,< B. ROHLAND, DENTIST, OatosHewss !*.•. tslitsi, ct i to p u w. THOU) man DISCHARGES OBTAINED IN BAN KRilpTCV In Short Tune.' Yager & Yager, Attorneys 300 BsBe Street. ' THROUGH SERVICE nCTWECNi ST. LOUIS, CHICAGO, KANSAS CITY The Kind You Have ¥ JW^faWePreparalionfofAs- ula- of Bears the Signature andRest.Conlainsndtha- .Morphine nor >fincral. OTllAHiDOTlC. The Kind You H|ye * Apcrfccf Hemcdy forConslipa- lion?Sour Stomach.Diarrhoea, Worms.Convulsions.Fevensh-, ness mid Loss OF SLEEP. Tac Sirtiie Signolure of . i _ Ty '^fi^^ffj* y*~***i j W YORK. BEST " Butcher and Packer Asd «ul*r Is Pnst Sri SsU M«l» sad Urd, *•< •••• i Iscbnw •! Sssssfs. .' HtBASTSBtOTO • • ALTON UX PANG SUE, LAUNDRY, ljuindry Work Carefully and Promptly Done. . Also but ot T«M and Chinese NoreUlm ot hud. 624 East Second el. 306 State »1 Granitoid Paving Co. W. &.H. BE1SER, Prop's. 813 But Sixth Street • Alton, III. All kind* of Granitoid Work: ffldewtlks, BUM. jnoorlni, etc., doneu>d Uu bestonill- tyoTiitorltl u< work marantmd. Ordsn br mu will r***lv* promrt itteottaa. Edmund H. Blair, Real EaUte and luaruce Ajent. MONEY TO LOAN. Notafy Public. n °*™* "¥$?*£, WM ARMSTRONG. OMisr IB Cement, Ume and Wall Plaster PrtoM to Bttt ooBpttltloo. Ooo4U ds- Itrsrs4. slephon* iff. Office 107 West Socond Street Veterinary Surgeon DR. D. M. MAHER. Orsduts OaUrio Tttenlair CoU*«« Offlw orer Tie Modal itor*. OOB .THIRD AMD PIABA 8TB , ALTON 1LI T. M. LONG Civil Engineer and Surveyor Map* Profiles and • &tlra«te PuroUbed. j«| Beile Street, Up dtalrs. ROBT. M. STAMPER. REAL ESTATE, Loan and Insurance Agent, JM BBLLB aiUBBT. Mtuuy to Lota oa Impaired Proper!) NMT8 QOLUtQTID. , : Bt. Ptulwd I 8 OB pm, OTtrand points C. B. «. Q. (Rld«o st. Station) Chas A. Strittqjatter Mtrcluuit Tailor. PRINCIPAL CITICS OF 7*4 BAfT fBCOND ATRUBT. «ko »ppreo*t* IrtVolatS, 1 OMB FREE RECLINING TAILOR MADE CLOTHES, -At ' " ' MODERATE PRICES, A MAN OUR* On in* Ut»r HOT. |», tut traloa will I* T* Alton H ttttovt i ttu«» l«Ti»»4 to tali ial«M*iB*aii NHW STOCK OP GOODS Cbieago ft Alton. •. On and after noon Aug. u, 1806, trains will leave Union Depot. Alton, as follows' For CnloacOjNdrth and East—'12:8S I m, *8:10 a m, *8:47 a m, *10:OB p m. For SDrtngjeld—*U:33 a m, *p;10 ,m,,J8:^7 For Peona- i -'*8:»7'am, •10:06p nt. ' For Kansas City and the West-* -47 -am, (8:20pm, *«:60pm. •Dally. tEioept Sunday. . fSee Joint C. * A, and Big Four ttoetablo for trains Between AlWDima St. Jjoois.!;; ;„' : c. u:m Big fopr JOI er-S— -•« ru ..... . dally 627pm ..i.O. * A. dally 008pm ....C*A, /•"- 830pm C*A,d LylBtLU8 ' " n "For Vl3K>n Xr"Alton 708am..... ,-.,04A, dally. .810pm . SM'pm . 850 pm ..8«pm . 706 pm , 606pm...... ...O4A,dally..........'.'awpm B«pm ..BlgFonrTdally.,..;../, 8«pm 80' ' » £:::::::::.?TO«:::-^ pWdl O O JfGHRlB. Q H HAMIL lB. C ft A Agent. TON, , Big Four Agent Burlington Route.;" Leare Alton (Suburban serrioe) ArrlreBt. L fgjjj « _ .PHlr. «*Qam 800am 10 Warn " jiooi i«pm »s ife Arrl»,»AU9t , 81" am •'-9if«K :91 j. ^^--.-rtUMdpo street toriUi HBBSCFMik* 6 " St. L. K. A N. W.

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