The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 26, 1927 · Page 2
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 26, 1927
Page 2
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Into a weefly i laze. twilifeht dro|)i in tiie liquid shadow gjgp •aid,—scartPi" green. 10 in 'rings \ jewels . A «llv| Is'ptiHUed'' , December jpf ]rel||ow <j)f einei I .-•float, Ucck tlic silk au AEU iw}| wings. Tht'.ftu^rbio (irldgoway ii opk aslant •WciriJ ihi^dows where «irvcU bar- jgenl clung jfc ilScslde; tliii phacnix-Tragbn jslab. Here gpl<l|-brown leuxes wasu mto jjhoalu AiMl niikpd ' iiuiig; , ;Tl>e sll^ntl, gfoping, twil ght cold picrbcii: keen it ui kti Ife the cry From oiiljtlK; necks 6f lifted pride 4s &udf(.-tdcfianec td tto iky. •f-Robdnt Merrill BartleLt. jin the : Chi" stian Science Mpriltor. i _ willow bqughB arc Seventy molheij last nighi room hi (ihe babqu^t! wae| motihersi 6t tnd flaughter banquet lield md Daughter BfnqHCt plates wort Sf-'rVed at a 0:30 in h4 dining Baptist Temple. Tfib-i sponsored by the Mie two \V srl d Wide guilds Idf ti\6 church. The jguesl^ .marchcjd [to; | the tables slijgln^ '•Followj tiejIGleam" and sti)6di while tiie Ooi ol{)gy was sutis. iMrsf. J. H. Sower^y was toastm^tress. Jirs. I A i-1'. Davis gave gjijeejtings to the Weturhed delegates | from the ' seniojr guild ivho bit(^uglit homo earn< d j trophies from ti)f-recent stateJcoBvelntion in KaosasI city, Kansas^ llisB Nellie •^alterB. represented ' tY e charter member.s. I Miss Ella .Bill gave a historj'5 ofi the older pis ioiary society ief4re jhe guilds \\jere err "Ipinized. ;The :s ('nior guil VU named For 'Mids jltuth Brown, and slhe talk- ted in ijpilreciation of the hinor be- htowed! upon her. ! M ss Laura pensoii, lirosidont ot (ho junior •giilW, jspoko and tl o j mi )r girlls jsang ^refting.s in irig nai songs. jDr. J. i H.i Soworby pxpi es iod per. Boflal pleasure regaifdini: the work bq Uie;|guSld. Miss yioi ^rcsldtintjOl tho senior duild> askod ifor, rcporl .H ot tho rcci,'ii.'eoiiven-/ BJotx a|M.^Iiss Pearl jMclarriln told of tho}''acconipll.shrnenis ( of tin: . Jnembcs-.i and how ilhi; wero ul- talnod. (MinK Ilarhcl (1 ird gave a. fitory |of tho Imnqqi't fo- dcli;-; RateBiilnl IWD cOHgrali htiwy Icl- .t«r« fr<^m K(at<- offlr^rs lo, (lie lola ' dclegaijeH wf-rv rc;ii|. MIXH Dora DaVlHi >iilat<'i| jihamw < I' |lhi> inis- .j»lonur> work to)il ly; vlHltlng XorClgii nili'Hi<)riuri '»nj i-.'jiiiir'lally of Jjong y.] whJcU sung. 1 • «d in The h(>r, of Chljna. Whom the i> iH'IpIng lo Ml iiport. The t( lu'l Giird, |ri|ll«'n by .\li.s$ H bit the rttat(» irlzc. ' Was jTlie guild jiKiVcti ink rcpnal- j -djiccrl <:h )8C <l th- irroKram. f members of t!i' [Woma'ti's llnloa lofi tlie churcli fu nlshed Ihe . three-c'odrso banquet. ' '! ' • * , , • '-^Hellq, Clrla and I ovi!/ Ilbre we are aj^airi making St imp Photos upstairs |n the Fuller ipartmenta. B% N jrth Jefferson street <• • MoBteks \u Past tlileis pjub " W. Corr was »os Mrs. H. terday aliternooi; t<f ilij ess >x»s- inembtrs of thejj'ast Chiefs club Af the Pythian Slstets, • eight of ^ rhprn .were present. • ' , j / j Officer^ for the new ycgir w4ro clecteil hs follows: Mrs. M. Mrs. 6t- for the new hs follows: Blanche Wood, presldeiit; tie Siif Inlbrd, vice-pres deif. J&s. Stella' B . Corr. sccretaTy-lteasuter and Mrs.! Josie Potte Plans nvere-made for an |; iheetlng •Jlarch 25; with Mrs. M4ry Freiermuth. I Pieaing"! quilt blocks versiob • jand refreshn on served, jlda Lee Han|:ini guest.; I; ^ •• . j I• • • —Special Sunday IMnnpr »ui «yeiiine. Kellej I^ot<>l Dining Jtovaiiand Coffee Shop. • i 1 -• • ••> Amerljcatj Le(doin' Auxlltarir Meets The! rifgular Ameribaoj' Legion held yesderday afternoin quarters presidjentt Mrs. J. L. Fiain charg^. As a result ((f ^ membfersliip drive forty neW names liaVe ))ee h added to the mpetiiig in Memorial bazaar atari food sale members [intended hdlding pofetpojnert indefinitely. . Thcfe jias a enrJancc at llie mi'otiug... :? . . 1 ;•>«:• . --Si^ftol Nundny dijindr. n<ton • jiliil rfenlni;, Kelley' Hojrl, .'>0r, «.>r. I •:• • >? Hue l^i Jf^ewipan. Uspeak' at a Coiinly Instltulle Of Woman's Christian Tem^er- ;o Union March ^. .Kt yesterday's me|?tlng tbD gujests eivcd a gift of a large bouauct cariiatfons from; the local t{clc- inc exchange oj^ralors; .,. social hour followed the jtro- gV; m. rei}. of pill XP' Mr an wit perl of LEANjNA jtr.s. Aritie Boggsiand son Wi^yno nt Wednesday afternoon with I. Angle Heltmaii. llr. and Mrs. Ottio Wangler bnd daighter, Mary Anne took dinner wltjh Mr. and'^frs. Mcrrlam Alford son. Karl. Dean. .>kr. and^ Mrs. Wesley Jewell bnd tai^lly and Mr. and Mrs. Roy fob- took Sunday dinner with Mr. and -Mrs. ' A. W . RpberU and family. . i ji ! , •: A iss Hazel Cunningham Srient Satirday'and Sunday with hpmej foil s. ^ rs. Una Roberts spent Saturday it I Mrs. Mabel Ludkim. Ihe first division of the Lea:ma chqrch is p-lanhlng to give a siip- and program the twenly-sikth' his month. -Mr and 'Mrs. Walt Boerstler er- Ita p: i Roberts spent Sunday af no< n with* Mrs. Mattie Wispqorg am (aughter Liane. ! Ir ;. O.-O. Cunningham has rieen veiy sick the past few days, but is lie ter now, i ir and Mrs. Arthur "White and faiiily spent Sunday with Mr, arid Ml i^. Elmer Wliite land family. llr land Mrs. A. W. Thompson ar (I| (laughter ahdi Mr. and Mrs. Clarlie Arnett took Sunday dinner w th yir. and Mrs. ^Roy Boggs and fafnilir: .Mr*.! Mary R6l)erls, Mrs. L'na Rblje ts and Mrs. Alartha A forii cillet on Mrs. 0. C. Cunningham Tjiilriday: afternoon. Mr and Mrs. T^estcr Heilman 1(1 family of (Urbana spent Sun- Mr. and. (U y with the Jhtter's parents ai d Mrs. O. C. Cunningham fa Ully. |Mr. ( Isiili' Aurfliary y sit Kriloy Thedlre J ncb ^rcji Richardson'xji -aH last nigh I at a'line p^rt 3Ccllc.\j tl catre follbwiilg auppo^ ii her home atj llVashlhgtlnn avenue. Thoig' " Shirley e.s'ts .were: Dj S'tovo.r, Lorcnej ;Helen cr'ine <iil' Cortncjr. Sylvia! RJith huggan, Ilcl Ikint!., Kathryn| )ort. Arlcne Fi and Arfna Rnni •> •:• <lnir Room SuH —iVfjw! Iviving Roim and tK Ibelorc Ini- pi C'.-fS. I onki mil ni aiild r. Cunningllam wci^t, to Monday. the ill- 8 wdre noon of the was in head- halll. The was in recent rfoll. The which the has been hostess at till! picnic 6iS South pes .Fry, Obinson, n Kerr, C^x. Cath- h^r, «clen isey. lies, two lifm over sir's Store. v <i (i biiv.. ric ^, j '> '> W; C. Ti V. .Xeetinsf Thb AVoman's ChrJ.«ti; a' Temperance I riion meetjjiigj wa lyesterday ia,ftem<?(in in thej hprnc tjt .Mrs. .T. F. Varjner. -114 EastiMoT roe street. DerrttSonals led by M p.' C.; N. noweij Opened the' pn grain and the tessou, "Frances W laard Me- inoriaij'i was fn charge a Mrs. W. pH. Root who was assist sd by Mri. J. A. (jJt-iffilh: Mrs. tiKa: ]. M. Funk and; iXH- D. B. McCarty. I The WQ- ]toan> Ijhristian Teraiien face, Union 'has:furnished aliti-cigartkte letters and jjostcrs; for the schools ot lolh And is jgoing lo prpvid r material for scientific temperanci • injslruc- tion esfeays which are tp be written by theffi;hool children. • I "..Tlie tne'mhershlp -v^as divided for JC nifiiuM'rship nwnpalgu, Kirs. J. A. GrICfiil •« side to be kuoWu as the PRAIRIE CENTEK (.N'uvu Wolfei :;i.- Mr .jiiid M ;-H. Itiiy lliir I jinil buby and MfH. Ilaukliis ycrn, all of Cbnriiilc, vcn- Sijn)l(y supiwr gucHts of Mr^. ! 1, K. H: rneit andtilenn. RoblllHlneM ai >i MUiH nn<l Mr.! I'eurnian ot Ark^ii .'«iiM called in tin* afternoon.,. "liirenco S!everH and .Mr. J I'lrg- cjijmater of Iowa spent Saliirdny aid Sunday with \fr..,and .Mrs. Ki ;»n!: Siovers.' - Mr. and Mrs. Oren Haugh fsil- fi Snnd.iy with Mr. and .Mrs. Fred C lurchill. - .Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Wolfe : spent V\ edneaday evening with Mr and .Mrs. f! IS AVolfp. £e\-|ural. of the ! ncighbo|-s arc threshing kafir corn. ->Irs. Bbn CoIIJson and baby vis­ ed one day last week with Mrs. F|i^nk Sicvers. Mrs. Will IJenson and children sbeiit Thursday with her mbtlier. ^frs. Doyle; Mrs. Lafe Conover olf lolfi visit- ejl from "Thursday until ;Sunday ith her sister, Mrs. Gus AFolfe. Mr. and Mrp. Frank Sievcrs and I cliildreu and Clarence' SieVers and' J r. Burgenmaster of lowk w-ere S inday supper guests of Mn and J rs. J. Sievers of Humboldt. Mrs. Show called at "raylor's Saturday afternoon. J Mrs. Shaw and Mrs. Ennis I>add lid baby spent 'Ttiesday with Mrs. Taylor and Margairet. Neva W'olfe .spent Sunday after- iihon with Mr. and .Mrs. Floyd Sperrill near lola. Ofen ColIiSoi^ AnA Helen Clirie called at Frank Sievcr's Sunday aft- e|-noou. i AN. ; Feb. 2.">.— iuKJ; ic <K >l for:the day to be IdeUl ,i.n| every kspepi. It will be biit a, vor>i {^tv i|a.v« unWl o»^r| farmers plaiitijig their spring ctopa.^ WflljIlO Th-'icJ: s-on |i>f plovij I fed ' h. gi rii.- 1 ICKd j W.'II'|IH;I I (iw 'wok-k p'ro I ihiisiiiK :rssiv«:j ;>r|e\-(T.I c llg W> Krj;itl>:Jj Y'ork; idiei i ncld .1 with in uevij ;itiii!u!i.s ^ojiipleted an I of her jif . in piisfKi 'Jsioii , (-n'di <,1iMi liin ! nooii aidl .\ir^ 1 !tit.'< at 1 fr: slim ! work. .\IJ1'. ins (oi tic dlig Snndaj V'.'l ii) that ishW may ns tiio dog is evidently airf ; gricUOl Jllss Mildred Brown, uaughtcr oD the south, is queen of this year's iMardl Gras In K^w Orleans. celebration is the one buiidredth iibservauce ot the is one of the season's Uebulantcs in Nk^ Orleans. FINEMANNERS IS AT the latejperry iJtown. "cottoi king-; ot M..WH rtr -na ^n Ktv! Orltaus. Ihc 15-7 (iloria Swans(>n Film Will Open Moiiday l1i»r Two l!)ays. i \Vi' wnml'-r il tl|«' lllli'S .-ill.,!:! o Cliiti.'i S \Miiu:i>|i':i l.lii'Ml I'ilt niinOil |iiiliiris ii;iv.'. ini.v ni.iii' 111' <' olhiT. ' Viin'll rciii'Milur lli.ii (hi- l .ii film oxiiiliiiiil 'in 1' l!' wiiirli sr.ili- (1)1 il ic'd. "'I 'lii' I v'CA. -riij' .M.i hi'-t'nlan 111 SKYROCKET (Mri5. J. R. Hibbs) Feb.-23.—.Mrs. Bauer. Sam Bauer id. Louie Hibbs of 6a\'pilbur^ and rioctor Sauer of Kansas City all t< ok dinner with Mr. and Mrs.lWal- t<|r Bamp and Violet Sunda.v. Mr. nni\ Mrs. Park Strunk 'f-plua; house for Mr. i^lr ink'p sJsl.^r, Mrs.' Dugari. who is;In the lispital at Kansas-City. .Mrs. Hazel. Starllpcr ami; lldren are visiting her parents. Mr. and .Mrs. Fred Krokstroir fijmily. Mr. lind Mrs. Ncls Olsoli of oAburg' visited at Harve Lud Miinday. Mrs. Waller rs. J. R. Hlbhs attended thif i 'nrm CMrs. Bapllst'k Mbn- toek. and dren lireau club a afternoonJ Mrs. .MInda | M'ikluhd of htjldt visited hpnie folks last Mr. and Mrs. I^cwls Head ildrcn. Fred; Head, and childi sited at .1 R. Hibhs'ii SundnK:. MV. and Mr.^; i:«o Hibbs aiid* lit- son. Calviii C'urtis. visited JMrs. n llibbs's father, .Mr, .lohpscm. T^ipsda.v. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Gregg ildren visited Mr. and .Mr« M's and little.son. Calvin, dHV. • . • i [Mrs. Charles Alderman and dd to Samp and VIo two and Sav-. iinrs red! <ili>li,i. v.:i:i laiu<-il l.aily." iicrs.' IHT V( I y ii!wi!t. ;ii Ihe K<Ml<y .Miiiiil;i.>'. Is il (nis.^iliic lh;il ""I'hi' Lady" li;is l;iki ii a < our .Manner^'".' Ii" .sn, wiial \vjl.l .slie like? IT" \VI :iri' !•.» ii.siin lo poris wliirli triiiile in froiii out town, "Fini- .Mniini'is" i.-;.thi' v. he's' picluri' I'ariiniiMiiif.s I scin Ijiling sUif luis cviir nuiilf.j ICugcn'- onrit-n. \Val!> r (toss : nil Helen Dunbiir Isiml Mis.s Sw in- son'.s suiiiiiirting lii-tt. .lanlcs AJili- more Cni'lmau and Kranlk Vn and wrote the slury as an lorigi jfor Gloria. "FiniJ Maiiii:vr.s" Ki;-haril Kos.s(in".s'first Cffo t at reeling a I'aramouijl jirodu tionJ -SOUTH OF GAS Feb. 2i. Iviielxnl .Kenisli|rK etli- l):'.v.f .Ichirs til.n I <> repor't}! is staiijicii rcqiilr(] no•.^i IP The ••.'::ifct Twoifl rain of the jfall ihe fiHual amount ilKil the fa)rincrs!«lll iirrled :whcn they can f the Constjani Work- r jthe .M. K. Suiiday ;in al^ tlay inedting I Taf-idalv- wiiU .Mrs, iMafhael and nnilijcd :i' ".lilolher Goot^e" flullt for lilil'l .MtsH ;.Muriel LMalhacl. who delighted interest as pressed !|inid her! on- r waned lentil every she was .V tov- Iheon was .Mathaul yrvctl -J-e- ih,^ closliijor the .day's y mcmberfc I of tho jerc prjcsent. • ; U. C. Norton has been car'' a verj' much foi.sjakeu lit:hat cUrae to her home last and.-for whom ghc has not tnd llie owner, ^ut. hopes and perhaps the 'property • chilM who 1.4' gf<}atly at :hi loss. Ills :.r<| sorry to kpow that '.und^ii is very lit at St. liosjjital with ai^t'onipHca- , trouble; However, he Is 1 as geltingion as well as ible junder the clrcum- . ' While ills recovery-Will miiel time, it ^s thought at it can be fully expected, senior • • • " • -'J' First. fete day. Miss Browa spcii'l .Moiiihiy IT. ' I Chiis. Uniis per .'illoiiihiy. K. iT.- \Vil.|..n );iii si •Ml. I Mis Til IIM . . . Il!i H;i ••vn\ wa-^ aJ! lola simp el' Ihe |.iy liikli ;| ever.vjiin •.louiid siefciii w;is lloliiry uinf: hli the People's Tl: splend jovcd frie;nd are' receiving e.^jjc^ ijilly fin high school plity. .!;iven Thursday eve- large'- aiidibnce of 'and pupils scl for this dly prjiducedj ant by ji Hotti teacher much pra • program MnUt' Myrrk went ThuNday to J'"iirt wjhcre -he entered the Vin\i i|;ei>tl, hospital for a j surgical nif^ht wiiii jiva .Mowr-• (M'eratiifin for the reiiioVai of tonsils .liid adcjioids.,- Hif;' j brother. eatro. was much en- lionoriil Il i>l lola (IS ItllKl lien III'"! 'O, IT ;- lliiilili .H 'l uiviit! ^^ il II .lii" .Virj :in<l Yr. ;it 111"' C 'O.' • !:iy .'UienliiK hi•.!^iK .fl V now :t|j>i.'.'iilitii: ill I linn ivj iiopinr II ! iieopli is iii|')',;.rir.!- iol Mitvili/ . ;(liin(l<j Myrc)^. rcm.iinci I .tiidi 'ip furilier word i l (;!iin<(l. ill iliis time. .VI lidpjf ije Willi recover ri(pi .Mi itiilsllin, wbo is rii. llie People 's! iil indt .Tll leg K !in. t.o he- UHI.MI speiif :-iiiiiil.iy.' M With him had been jiny friends Illy, i W taking-j Tbeiilrr-. iliir. niovlel ini eonnec- lO III all his proprailiti) Mbraii lie! uiighiy ;j)roii| iirivileged lo eiiji II rfu''!i musical: .• \Vil:oii. 1 ji .iMli .\l|. UulHion Is to l.< I,. I.' i!e,'ijiiit; I .illed I e<i fiir his lindlui i{li|leriiiK if there i .4;|ener<isity ii 1 >\IMM ! Moii-|Sii !|pllln(lllll.^^ for Ills parlrtins. rWe J!' if t '.le <•! It-^l < Keiiii; kiii'Wii 111 exist MJ'.tllrV Ml II' is another Ihe Mi»> Of Moran lowii i) P 'C jitate Ihe sir^- i^f Moran 111:!! < IfjiifSl in' lite prs.s<-ssion .of a f>jiie;ofi:Hij. It so plebsfj give us < liri^l. 1 .viriT '(>V:it{i)ii. I llioy are at home nHirii merit, cimmciid- providing 'arson lioi :Jil w «s day. and .Miss .Marfilif an all-day visitor. Loren Snider m' Klildreil spj 'iit Thursday ni .ulit with .loo Wilson. Mi^. Ki'ssinger. w{ hear, w ill in6vu the fore p-jrt of .Marcii off he \\fm. Saffonl t'arni where he and faniily have resided for''^s(ipme liim.- .AIrt'. GeorfTi' Sherwood lus not been feeling well t!)e past I'lj-vv days. I Mr, and .Mrs. Henry llubbanl. Ilariy and .Maritnerite !oi>k Sunday dinner with Jlr. and-.Mrs; K. T. Wilson. J. 11. Carson n-;>s doinj farm work on lii4 other far ;tn M day. ^Mr. aiid -Mrs. SlKinnan UOLMI w^re shoiipin;: in lola K. T. Wilson I Icrnday. allied gra Morilevale ' distrSct his farm Tuesday. . i Mrs. Hviiry iliijilinrd sper (lay niKht wiiti 'Jui' danchn Jolin Henderson, lii help the children who li .Mrs. Ifallie (a..-;. Mary \Vilson Mond; Mr, and Mis. Aiilin) wett shoppeis Snliirday.l n from ive the liieasi n lalird jcfti .M y iiininilii:. and of lie socialioili ;il ( as Orpiia Wilson raller in Gas rj-y There will lie a I'arenl-Teaeherss a (.'lly Friday ni«lit. Mrs. .kiiih' CranKJ ]^uni- I daimhier ;ea|l"ii- on "Tuesday aflernnnn. . 'Mr;:. GeorKe SheijwofiiJ ow] :!00 haliy ihicks. : - .Iiine and .Mar;;iierile bilslni r and .Mrs. Kd and ISun- il •ryl Ludliim visited con's Tuesday. [.Mr. land Mrs[ Maynord Puck Mr.s.! Ftrank limfooldt visited at: Jim Brpok's nday. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Aldcilman to >k dinner at Robert Ziniiner- m m's Sunday. ! ' Mr.-and Mrs. Int Bomani ivent w rh Raymond 0mn^tt.'to visi bis '.p5 rents near Scptland Sunday cve- ni ig. Vlr, and Mrs.' Ira Bomaii [took supper with Mr. Glen Bomaii( Mony evening as it was his blrjtn {—Telephone your IS. : Classltlekl Idta ins a Wils ns ov ipilbliabd t of day. Ads Cou-gh? Yes— Da igerotisl When her child s coughiitg. Mother seeksquick re ie£. l^orSiyeais, Mothers have us >d Chamb^Uin'a . Congh Remedy. It removes phelgm, givesaoothiiigrch if. .{ Ifdtfaers-write f<ir free llo6kIet on ••Care of the Si k." Chamberlain Medicine Co.. 6M faric, Des t^oioea. COUGH itEMranrj lOOSENS THE COUGH I PAP] J BEGINNIIjIG MO^Af; FEBR1 LASTING ALL WEEK COMPLETE —OF— ALL P AJ^Ell —.\T— S0% 0 icsf patterns inchirle the latest and most -to-dale .styles. ,Our stock! i.s com-^ ?te. and you will'find it 6aky to; make a! ectioin. additioii, each day we wiir offer 1 Pat- tej-n, retail value 20ii to 40c}, at' ' '5c M ' • Ter-Double Roll, THE In' importaat dent oir tnd Grifathl .will teat down the old bnlldine i oriiplHely and in its place will etec a. 6ne-st iry bulldlnlg. 44 by 60 fee . which w ill be something of a mDd« 1 In Its. ty [le of construction. iH\ be. br ck an^ coiicrete throughb t, all fire [in of except the roof whli h Mil N s'mi,^flreijroof, will ha^e a basem nt arid will bo particnta ly designsd to'flood tire entire int >ripr with d: yllgbt- ;Windows ot Isp'^ially jlarjge dimensioti wallu roof and will ^ili hq Placed iq .kht large sk) lights in tlie complete the schoi le. In ih-aning and iftreh K, dayllgl t ii essential in order to le^ colors "at they in re'; and It is ea^ to ste ilie advantages whiyh will hccrti»i > s jch an cs- tabll^^t as Ab^csf>n'^ ihrpugh type.' •Mr. Able|i6a:is not! planning any ;hahge4 lljhis eqnip- ithods wheh. he moves'in- ttjihis new hoiiie largely for the; reason that ;he now 41 cd jiist ^b< ttt cytety' hiodem pi( ce of idy has inslall- j^to-date and Inery which ?>ttld iej bjusine ss. Mr I ok- she I ^ .\ttrlbnii> B^ilg. .'V lotl ol[ifs make a big iiistaie In treating a periodic headacne We gral» a tablet and sw It halts the rpalh, (so we' We kee;» thl^ up 'tlU OIJT heaflh( Far l «t er to have.'the (Co ijrilgkted 1927 ^sed to ^advant ag^ in r bis icKenna expects to Iracatd on rtiy before the fl st| of April den he .moves ou', work d6 ng the old buildlr gjivil begin res^ to have jalM ve c^use bir 3. mm- and wheri he moves ou' vfreck . iwt oncje. the behv Griffith promll building complctejl by July done it down. It up brown. iff busied— iidJuHted. tr .|lfiint(r.) Adjusteentsf-ElectjrO-iTherapy m LUCY E^. POliQN •20 Years df$w:eesst^ lola Golor.s: 36 tlnd 40-iiich Pieppei-el 590 Valii Colo j^.\:36 all Monday the End of the Plonth ONE DAY 81.\"10^ Rajron Bed Spres'ids mm • teold, Rose an f in 5c Yard \\ Orchid, illow Tul ing e (phildi-en'.s Poiiy Hosd 39fc 1 felaick and Brown. bp i Lunch I^apkin.s. per $1.25 Sets with 1-1 Set All Litien V Ko.xed St fpinr, Val il'ic cf Uol!.'^- Cr $1.00 ti.jii.-ry. ^l.-i; 51.00 'ape.stry r» $1.Q0 [ill pure linen d cmbr )idc' cd, 5 bcaihtiful designs. ;]5c value fiffured LinKcrit I neat patlei nsj 89c and $1 Plaids. nija'tl towel.s r-lirotir :hcn;i ing ."ie ihchc 39c •dainty pa pel- yard 25c i9c ],060 yard: .JVI-inch. all Plaid Skirt etc., .?.3 ialueJ!.' Per y ird il.95 liiie beal checks, iiiiful Rjlyon etc., yard iMh, 10 yard.s value, box iri-or-, eaqii 9-4 Bleached Sliedti ig, no star^'h| Triree^ kairids for ;10 Yards 10 Yards ;irailt to a Customer j <)nly. 36-inch Panama Cuicks in White Ten y ard^ for • jimitito 9. Customer 81x96 Seainlei-i Blfcached Sheelsri |8-oz. Feather JTickj ig,^tartdard (Quality i ^bOne weave wide lisse Ci[epc, tel colorings. 36-inch, pla n \v Ou iiig, hite, good (lUillity |ier yard 36-inch Outmg.i good heavy (luality. Per yard AND 12icf™19c N^eat checksj j^laids. etc. 36-inch Stajjidartij Quality Pcrtjafes 32-inch StandardiQuality Ginghjim vool Suitings. 50: to ?p.50 Our Thr ft ;I'rices oil Quality Merchandise has |a traded the attention ol^ scores of ihriftvi bargain s|e^kers;fdio refuse ;o be fpoldji on price arid proi agiJiida, but who insist upon QUALITY and^ATISFAC^IQN in| every traiiskctionJ SOc value, 32|inch, fast color (^ueen Anhc Zephyr Gipghams, per j al'd ; 25.C ,; • $2.75 value, Skinn ;r's and Beading's Satin f just !3 jcolors left) $2.75 viilde, at $1.95 Full Fasliiondd^ Piire ...Thread,] $1.50 value Silk Hosiery. I Colors, lights grayi Rose Taiip^, Fleshy Muscade, Eiv^nglo •ok, per pair aiid Blue F $1 :oo newest mi 9.95 Most moderate prices. iDressfes that i'fepreseht the last! word iih style 4ndl tailoring., 6ea^tiiu^lytl?ilT^^ j ^ndl fashioned of the popular Flat Crdpes, Sjatin I Cantons, Georgettesi etCj I in- eyerjr; populjar springr ^ - ^ - ^ ^ ^ ^' aslowas- ip to

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