The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on January 16, 1892 · Page 3
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 3

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 16, 1892
Page 3
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Jim •fan". Hi PottrUle Weekly Review. HftUUlMl iTB'RT SATURDAY W. N.'lO »ICK. BY TUMI: $1.60 A TEAR* IW ADVANCE. LOCAL REVIEW. - FranlrJOrr returned lo Spirit Lake Tuesday night. —E. T. Smith day (or Oregon •od family leave to- —Chrli Bortberg epent last Sunday down in tho countrv. —Thoi. Lyoai, of FrankvM*, wu a caller At tliis ofHce^lMt Monday. — Llneai Ioglot wu qnlto tick a day or to lait wook but it bolter now. -Mali Larton, of Clermont, baa bees Tiiiting hit titter, lira. J. Jacobeon. —Mitt Mao Parry wat quite tick for teviral dayt the for* part of the week. —Nora Mnoick it home from Waukon to the delight of her many friendt here. —The t armere' Aitociation ttore at Waukon hat been purchaaed by Voiding Brot. —Elgin it taking atept to incorporate. A good move for any onterprii- ing town. —The Terner society fire their tilar annual maiquerade ball the of thit month. reg- 26th —The McGregor Newt tayt tLatRev. Lasse hat had a tuttol with the grip, but it improvlag. • Ifo proceedingi of the board of supervisors are published in any of the ptport thit week. —Mrt. Stafford will receive $J,000 from tho A. O. U. W., which will be a great help to her. —It hat been ;a; .little frigid around the eornert all thit week, tho maroary marking 10 or IS below every morning. Viae Mary Oroaby, Teacher of Fainting. Order work a apeclelty. ^ 48tf —If you want wood leaye worn with me or any of my teatutUr*. P. J. BnucMB, Drayman. Mim Anna Jlastom lnttraetor on the plane and organ, Pottrllle, Iowa. Mica Wellie H. Abbott, Teacher of Vocal and Instrumental Mutio, Postville, Iowa. For lala. One new and one second hand cutter. Will take cash and wood. W. 8. WKBSTIB. —A letter from J. I. Shepherd hat an encouraging tono. We hope to tee Jim at least a member of the legislature up there at no distant day. ToXy Fatrone. Pleats call and settle your llnle bills, and let's begin the new year square. 9t T. SIIOBTRHB, niaoksmlth. Masonic Social. Another one of tbote popnlar Meson- le aociait will be held at their lodge room in -Pottvllle on Tueaday evening, Feb. 16th. Cards of Invitation will be distributed lo tho members similar to those heretofore-given, at the next regular meeting. We are glad to report the lodge in a flourishing oondltion. -We see by the Waukon Democrat that two old and well known citizens of that seelton of the county aro lying at death's door, with no hops of recovery—A. E. Robblnt, of WaiiKon, and H. G. Gratlan, of Ludlow. One by one the old ladraarks are patting away. LATE it:—Mr. Robblnt died Wednes- d»7- ^ List of Letters remaining uncalled for in tho poatofflce at PottvilU, lown, Jan. 9. 1893. Par- tics calling for any of them will pleato say "Advertised:" Wm. Booth, E. J. Bray, Herbert Bailey, Mrs. Nelson Doal, Peter Hakn, Joseph Ryan, Henry Todd. JAB. PSRRT, P. M. —Mr. and Mrt. L. N. Errlckton arrived from St. Ansgat on Tuetday morning, but not in time to tee Mr. Stafford alive, to their great regret. Photograph*. It might interettyou to call and learn my prlcet. All work warranted to he satisfactory. CUAS. F. ALLCM. —Don't fail to tea tbote N cent All Wool, Double Fold, Drett Flannels to be sold during the clearance tale at that price. JKO. CEOSHT. Horse-Shoeing. No hit and mitt, bat a good Job every clatter and prleea very reasonable. TlIOS. SnOBTBBBD —Carl Holter has boen at Waukon twice thit week on butinett. Wo shall uot go uiitil it gete warmer. —Tom. Condon, one of the good naturod nod big hearted boyt of Crand Meadow .township, and a good friend of the REVIEW, was a caller on Wednoe day. We are indebted for favort. --F. Dresser hat purchased the Wm. Parker resldonce but will not take pot- session for tome months yet. —A pleasait parly of young people gathered at the home of Miss Clara Slioild on Wednesday evening. —Mrt. Dr. Brown is expected here on a visit thit week. She will be warmly welcomod at hor old homo of to many years. —Cashier McBwen "courtod" at the "hub" two dayt thit week, leaving Protident Douglast to handle the cash in tho bank. —Wo are pleased to learn that Sasa Ludeking, Arrastroug A Holter't popular salesman, and a mighty good whole touled fellow, too, will romatn with Mr. Holter for a year from Feb. 1st. —F. J. Baudar, who hat boen night operator at Chariot City for tome time patt, it back to hit eld ttamping ground In tho Milwaukee depot at thit placo, having exchanged placet with the uigh man here. — The Nor* 8prlngt Seminary will enroll between 860 and 300 different ttudents during its first year. Taking everything into censldoration thit It a mush mere wonderful growth than that of tho Highland Park school. Pruf. C. P. Colgrove It probably the only man in the ttate who eouid have auhlevcd such a result. —Mlssss Maud Phillips and Katie visited at Clermont suveral days last week, returning to Poalville on Monday. —W. W. Perry came over from Wisconsin to attend the funeral of Mr. Stafford, but wat obliged to return the same ereaing. —Dr. Blttull, the Wett Union dentist, who advoriitud in oar coluront latt week, it very low, having been stricken with paralysis. —John Crotby hat circulated "clearance tale" circulars and prlco lists thit weok. . He keeps right at the front pushing things. —Word came from Det Moines that Uus McNeil only attended school ouo day when he wat takou tick. Wo hope it is not ssrlout. —U. S. Tuttle gripped enough thi week to liu laid on tho thelf a couple of dayt. He it back in tho ttoro again however and it getting along quito well on the favorite prescription for that .malady—Q. A W. —Rev. Lockwood officiated in tho plate of tho presiding oldor at Luana and Monona last Sunday the older having been lukon sick here on Friday night and having to return home on Saturday In consequence. -Charley McQiiillon left Wednesday morning for Dubuquo to attend the Bayleta' Business College Willie Sheehy is also there attending the same school. They aro . both Al boys and will get to the front all right In due lime if we mistake not. - K<lward Shaokelton, a muoh rut parted young man of Fraakvllie, died last Saiiday of «ju1ity after an of only four days. — Frank Ervln hat removed from the rooms nvor Parker's barber tliop and now occupiet W. *-M. Simpson's donct on Tllden street; illucts ret I Appollo Quartet. The following are the members of the Apollo Quartet: Mitt Nellie Abbott, - Soprano. Mrt. A. E. Cornell, - Alto. Mr. Nloolay, - Tenor. A. L. Meier. - - Bait. Mitt Durao, .- Acoompanitl. It will be hard to get together a better quartet in the wett. —If you want your uute tmathed, your eye knocked out, your teeth jammed down your neek, or any other ornamontal work put on your face just eall around at Ray Schuler't carpenter shop most any evening and you can be accommodated. It't nothing only boxing gloves, they'ro real left and they don't hit hard; oh yet, but they gel there just the tame. Leap Tear Ball. The ladiet of Postville are arranging for a grand itlcct leap year ball to be given at Turner Hall on tho evening of Fob. 1st. They have seemed Irvln's Decorah orchestra and everything will be flrit-class throughout. The young man so fortunate at to get an invllatioa will have a heart of Htone if he don 't yield to tho spell and follow up the advantage. —We omitted to mention latt week that Alva Chase wat home spending hit vacation. That Mrt. El. Stono and Harold, of West Union, were up visiting Mrs. II. Stono and Grandma Hoyt. That Otto Mi kelson wat over from Waukon shaking handt with hit many friends hereabouts, all of whom are pleated to know he lint so good a position with the clothing lirm of Helming & Dougherty. DIED. LAUGHLlN—In Chicago, Jan. 9th, 1891, of grip and internal hemorrhage, Elmer A. Laughlln, aged twenty-three years and about two months. Elmer was the only remaining son by his first wife, of J. H. Laughlln, Ave having followed each other to the land of rest in a few years. It it a crushing affliction and Mr. Laughlln and the titter* hare the warmest sympathies of all our people. Elmer wat tick bnt a ihort time, having had an attack of grip but recovered sufficiently from it to go to work again. He was taken worte Wodnetday night and died the following Saturday afternoon. Miss Lillian was telegraphed for at Des Moines and arrlvsd in Chicago a few hours before hit death. Sho arrived here with the rcmaint on Monday morning and the funeral wat held from the Congregatioaal church at 11:00 A. M. on Tuetday, the interment being in the Mlnerl cemetery. Elmer, like all tho other brothers, was an exemplary young man, greatly respected by alt who know him. Ha had a good position with a wholesale firm in Chicago, and his prospects were as bright as any young man could wish. But tueh are the uneerta'.ntiet of life. While the old must die the young may alio die. "In the midst of life we are in death," and it there remains any thing to do to prepare for tho change there ihoald be no delay. In thit eate we have no doubt but the end wat peace, aad that beyond the winter storms of thit uncertain and precarious life, if there it a harbor where there Is "rest, nweot rest," our young friend it far better off to-day than we who remain to buffet with tho storms a little longer. Peace be with him. Closing Out Sale OIL About 260 Garments on hand of all grades and kinds consisting of FLUSH CLOAKS. FLUSH JACKETS. Cloth Newmarkets, Cloth Jaokets and Short Wraps, and Misses'Cloaks and Jackets of every description, including all of this season's production and those that we bought at 60o on the dollar that are from the stook of the large Cloak factory in Chicago that failed. ARMSTRONG- & HOLTER, THE RELIABLE CLOTHIERS. ESTABLISHED tfc • 1883,' Every Cloak and Jacket H lie Sou ill Will Ie soli Misses' Cloaks, 50 cents each and up. Ladies' New­ markets from $2.00 up. We are determinod to olose out every Cloak and Jacket on hand and prices are made to suit every purse. The goods WILL BE SOLD WHETHER WE GET COST OR NOT. Sale commences immediately and continues until all are sold, and SOLDJFOR CASH ONLY at Great Reductions. Carl Holter having purohased the interest of Levi Armstrong in the firm of Armstrong & Holter, to take- effect February 1st. 1893:, all book accounts and notes must be paid by that time. This month oloses our 9th year of business, and .we wish here to thank our many friends nnd customers for their liberal patronage. It has always been our aim to adhere as near as possible to the truth and to advertise what we have and do and to do just what we advertise. In order to reduce our stock before inventory^ we shall make . SPECIAL INDUCEMENTS to all CASH BUYERS of Clothing STAFFORD- Geo. W. Stafford wat born in Rochester, Now York, Jan. 9, 1129, and died at hit home in Poit­ ville, Jnn. 11,1892. In early life he moved with hit parenta firit to Mieh., then to lilt. In 1830 he joined tho rush far gold, and crotted the plaint to California. Horn he tpent eighteen ytnra, sharing tho varied oxperiencei of the early gold seekers. He came to Poitville in 1888. In 1870 he wat married to Martha Perry. To them were born five children, four of whom are living. In tho death of O. W. Stafford the community has lost a good niau; a man of unimpeachable integrity of character; a man who whon in health wat active in every good work. Ho hat beea an invalid tiuco Sopt., 1889, when the ancariira of the. aorta, from tho effects of which he died, tint appeared. Ho wat aa active and efficient mcmbor of the M. Jj. church. Hit funeral was conducted from the church by the pallor. We Mean Business. Call early while we have reap the benefit of this sale. a Full Assortment and Special Sale of Fine Holiday Goois ! Barrels and Barrels of Candy are placed on sale at PRICES that far UNDERSELL andlOUT DO all competition. Boll of Honor. 20 Per Cent. Discount Sale On Overcoats. From now until Feb. 1st we will sell Men's, Boys' and Children's. Overcoats and Ulsters at a discount of 20 percent, from regular prices. Ten Per Cent -The I. O. Q. T. No. 670, of frank: villa, will have a debate on Saturday evening, Jan. 16. Question far debate: Retolvod, "That the steam engine it of mora benefit to the people than tho prott." Morubert of the Pottvllle lodge are cordially invited. —Quite a number of the boyt went to Clerni int on Friday evening of last week on the invitation of their "loviet" to attend' the leap year ball. The boyt tay they had to carry the girlt' pocket- bookt however, became the girls had nc pockett In their -. They report a big time anyhow. • Mrt. Weill llitton, who hat been tit* nearly ever shice hor return from KautM, soma woets tlnce, wat out last Tuetday for the flat time. —Die LnnslngJ Mirror tayt it It reported that CI C. Faber wat married recently In McGregor. We have no Uentlfteallon of the report. —The editor of (he RIVIIW bat been nearly shelved with the grip all thit week. You kno.i how it Is yourself, tloubtlest. If you do not we hop* you never will- V —John and Edward Staadt, Jr , have loased the farm from their father and Mr. and Mie. Id ward Staadt and VrtiX will come to Poitville to rotide. They have been looking al teveral reildeueet with the view of buying, but we believo have mad* no decision at yet. Thit it a good move for Mr. Staadt, at hit advancing yoart and impaired health admonish him to give up active labor and the management of thefarm. He haa a competence and is entitled to rett the balance of hit life. Tho boye will make a tueeese of farming. The Meeting!. The union meetiuge havo been eon- tinuod thit week at the Cougregatienal church with considerable tntereet and a fair attendance. The program for next weak it union lervlcet In the Methodlit ohuroh oa Sunday evening, to be continued in that heme of wonhip through the week. Wo hopo the prevailing We are more <hao ploatod with the following floe list of paying inbtcribori thit week. By reforeuce to our (Hut we find that there were not quito half at many the,, corresponding week/latt year. The record for January in far is groatur thau lait year, aud that considered wat a phoaouiinal year. A few of the friundt hnvo dropped off, but no tnoro than nival al this season of tho year. The ilzo of the REVIEW, together with the premiums wo offer, make It ai cheap at an/ paper in tho couuty. Wo wish lo thank oach and all the following'frienda for tabitantlal favort received, and ami re them that we ih all continue to tti ive to make the papor worthy of their patronage: Jaa Fa>v k T, E. Waters, Samuel V> atari,' 'f hoi. Lyons,' Ceo. E. Waters, F. S. Lowe. R. D. Waters, Robt. Waters, Rossella Waters, W. Livlugood, Geo. Starker, M. Y. McMaxter, Wm. Shepherd, Warren Stlies, Pure Stick Candy, all flavors, 2 ibs^ in a boxlfor 15 oents; retail price 25c to 30c. Pure Mixed Candy, taffy mixed, cream, &c, only 10 conts; worth 25 to 30c. Pure New England Broken Mixed, fine colors and flavors, 10c, worth 25c. Pure Cream Candy, elegantly flavored, only 20c per lb; worth 35 to 40o. Best Roasted Pea Nuts, lOo per lb; 3 lbs. for 25 Cts. Best Brazil Nuts, 10 cents per lb; 3 lbs. for 25 cents. We Sell Best Winter Apples, three bushel barrels for $2.50. We Sell Best Winter Apples by.the peck for 35 Cts. All Men's^Boys' and Children's Suits at a discount of Ten Per Cent, from regular prices. All Broken and Odd Suits, Pants and Vests at almost your own price. On Furnishing Goods, Hats & Capp, Gloves, Mittens, Underwear. Trunks 1 and Valises a iberal reduotion will be made. This is no fake to catch trade. Wemean just what we say. We have placed ou tale a Large Line of Albums, Plush Boxes, Gent's Silk Mufflers, | Toilet Sets, Silk Handkerohies, &c.,that we offer at nearly one-half their commercial value. School Book*. We now havo a full and complete stook of school booke used in the Post- k| 0 kness will relax and that large meet J H. Bollman. Jas. Molt.' Wm. Gordon, J. F, Webster, C. W. Meier, Henry Harris. Walter Chriss, Jas. MoAdara. Jacob Meyer, - Viola Enos, A. W. Gordon, Courad Walxel, L. N. Errlckton, Mrt. Wells Eaton, Mri. Ida Lambert, Beeeher MoGhee, Mrt. U. Mitchell, 0. C Hinman. The Goods Must Go ! Best LL Brown Muslin, yard wide, by bolt, 4»o. ARMSTR0N8 & MltER/ POSTVILLE CLOTHING HOUSE. Jan. 4, 1892, Postville, Iowa. villa schools and will sell them at. the lowest sohool board prices. We also carry a full stock of all sohool tuppllet at the lowest prices. Brink drug etoi e. R. N. DOUGLAS*. —K. E. Swetison has started out on a tour for the Ward * Noblo mop wringer. I}* ha* got a good thing and we dope lip wil' do well for the firm'and for Iriinatrif. •-Tho SMODd Wlntor Term at the Nor* Spring* Seminary begin* Jan. J6tu, 1898. Table board tl.M p»r week. Room 'rant Mo par w**k.. Books r«nt< ed. No laeldentaj f**t. -Betaker MoUhe*. who ha* b««n abtont In northern Minnesota for about two year*, came down yesterday for a home visit, to tho great enjoyment of til* relative* and many friends. --Elkader Register: ••Here Is a chauco for s**ker* after curlotitiet Yew Pantai Boom*. Dr. Will Cole ha* opened a dental office over the harneti store in the brlok block, wWe he may be found on Tueaday and Wednesday of *aeh week, wher* h* invltetj^he pnbllo to call when wanting flrst-oiat* work don* In bis no*. . • Take Votlce, that th« FostvlUa Steam Roller Mill* will grind F*ed, Corn Meal and Grabam Monday and Saturday of each w*«k hereafter. Having added a Una of wood-working machinery we are prepared to do Planing, Matching, and all kind* of anwlng, •» short notice, Bring in your log* Md kiin »n«m' aaw*d. R**p*otfully, d ; K, 0. SriMti. iagi may greet the pattors in their laudable endeavors for the geod of the community. Our advice 1* for all who can to attend these meetings. X.*ftVa. Arthur W. Gordon, who for the past two vear* has been employed at Water* * Nioelay's hardware a* tinner, left us la*t Tueaday night for Rock Valley, tbi* a'ate, where be ha* scoured a more lucrative position with the firm of Skawls & McLean. We are sorry to lose him from our nildst bnt w* oan recommend him to his new employers as a flraWQlai* workman and as a study, nprlghl young man worthy of all contiilenc*. Th* RHTIKW follows him to hi* now Held of labor and wishes him tuices*. Worthy of .Mention. Samusl Water* earn* in last Saturday and renewed hi* Hit of fir* sub- soribtrs for the KBVIBW, whloh ho baa been tending lor two or three yean, nod added another nam*, whloh make* it an oven half doaten. A few such patron* would make running a country paper a pleasur*. Robert Water*, Sr. was in at th* BestPepperell R Sheeting,yard wide,bybolt/6?o. Best Lonsdale Bleaohed Sheeting, yard wide, by bolt, 7Jo. 33 1-3 yards of Calico for 1.00. 36 inch Fine Dress Flannel, only 35 cents per yard; worth 35 to 40o. 63 inch Fine Dress Flannel, only 42i oents per yard; worth 55 to 60o. r ._ 33 lbs. Fine Granulated Sugar (1.00 worth to one and other delicious edibles. The net family) for 1.00.' "Th?ha'rdw'a'e^iore of w. Brook, Best Water White Kerosene Oil, lOo per gallon. was Best 5 Gallon Galvanized Oil Can made, with pump complete,.1.26. Donation nnd Fir* at Hardin. The Methodist brethren of Hardin held their annual donation at their church last night, and despite the cold weather tkey had a large attendance arid an endless supply of chleken pie of W. immediately adjoining th* ehurch discovered to be on Bre during th* pro W4iW4WMW , - , EA th ^^^^^ oTe LargVPlufe Tobaobo, No. 1 quality, 3 inches tquelohod. A* usual In suoh oases wide by 13 inches lOUg. Only 400. a great d<al of damage was don* by, the breaking of etc, by cirlted windows and doors, aeelstanoe thau was done by tho Are. The amount of dam age to building and stook Is not known at tbi* writing, bu> we presume It is fully oovored by Insurance. The fir* originated by a. spark from the ttove falling on the floor and Igniting it, pre oipHatlng the t'.oso through th* apera- lure thus caused Into the oellar. It w*i n olose call, LATEB; -Since th* above was in Une I aiiwharn word reaches us that th* fire was not 1 J alt extinguished and, that the building rlth all its <H>ut**t| burned to the round thit rooming about 6 o'olook, Brook barely escaping with his Inturauue, t)ltO. THE GREAT SPECIAL SALE ! Our Men's Suits, Overcoats, Flush Caps, and Men's and Ladies! Underwear will still continue in foreq, and the Prioes are not matohed by any competition A Invitation, is extended to all ouf patrons of Postville and vicinity to visit pur Store and see the Mamf moth Stook fit all kinds of Furni_ ture, Carpets, Rugs, Curtains and •lLkinds of HOLIDAY GOODS; We are here to please you and will try our utmost to give you Good Goods at Living Prices. Come and see us if you don't buy, you will be treated courteously. "!i?ours Very Truly, WALTER CHRISS. gr<i lit*. Vow Xtumbw Yard. Great womUrmtnt of th* tlm**t| Lumber told cheap In Pottvllle. Sanden ft Kapler keep on hand in their yard a general assortment of all kinds aauia time and renowed his list of three | of lumber, Including the muoh eel*- "p»p» r i. He ha* taken three and some-1 time* four copies for several years, BIDS the milk That the Newman Bros. Organs with the patent Air !l^ b V ,, ^i^T U . , !.« r .„^.„?i^ Circulating Reed Cell and the Standard Sewing ^sS^rL't Machine with .its Rotary Shuttle, are the best instru ; Xie?rHenry,Vf Cox Creek townihlp, w . <»" has a full grown pig wbl*h has six brated Arkans** yellow plie celling, ^M ^m& ^J&MvxB ;M tt 'Z?hV ,who..»owo»t.t 8nc- -Jouupy MoQullleu, au oJ(1 p olUll „ .homW.. Wnsh.ugun. I. a,,oth*r friend .,^. U .^ T^,^..*; ,. J*n .;Uv W d th«.nt^;ni,»|; brought * 5 6 7 8 o i« u 13 is w loandii ments of their kind in the world, andmakes the mostj •i p'oslviiio cooperative*ry co. appropriate Christmas present for wife, daughter or win b* received up to neon of tatur- sister, and we have them for sale. LltU of the pat ran* on eaeb routo. and blank coo traots, oan be seen at the UBVIIW office though n<?t •nOjUgh lo WPP'X *!»• on*. *wtn»to bf WWlW^ wSrfM &lv.'"' -V' G n §mf<MI 0 n|«iraJA m§ •is at any time, or at the offlec of Secretary after 4i80 o'clock of «**h day. Seajed bid* may U« lof.t at th* RBVIBW office, or mailed to the gti»r*taiy. The company rwerv** tho right to reject an/ or al| .bid,*- I Etuaofc pan, Se o. rrWf ask ih« r.ea^»r tocompir* both Highest Prices Paid for Live Poultry Wi HAKI IT PAT TOU TO COMI A kOVO DISTANCE TQ.TVAPi WITH U«. A complete and full stook of Lumber, Lath, Shin-' gles, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings and Building Pa-, per, yellow pine Flooring and Ceiling oak, ash and maple Flooring.' • . » , ... r ,„ All parties intending to do any building the coming season will cdwulV their own interest by obtaining figures from me, Particular attention to filling bills/ Best ofgrades only handled, i" .^sfr^nr • . . ... Watches, Jewelry and Silverware ! While we do hotpretend to be as extra polite as the manlwho held the umbrel-, la (Jver a duokin a shower;, still we are always pleased to show goods- whether yoapurohase or not Jslfull line,the Lowevt fWde, and a ReliahltV Guarantee. mwm&i :i

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