The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 26, 1927 · Page 1
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 26, 1927
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[4ft^r Seritenie to St Penitehtiiaiy, Judge Forresjt GiajitS Hi? Applicatioti for Parole.» iJouis Hartmftri, convic Ifourth degree jlor hioTid Wihkis, 15 the bf Humboldt, Aiigiist 23, 19 was'sentenced tq jthe state peniter trici JudgeJFra^k Ithisj' afternoon^ p'ble^ a short tine ' Hairtman shot Decorator fatally,: wounding Ray- yi charge bianslaugh ears old, Hartman farm, northekst tiWO years tilary by I lis 25 in R. Fonlest Jle was later, j Winks when have attethdted at the Hi :N QUA FOR; Thosu i'liBlbli' foH the primary eli-ctlo janno^mcod today \ii jtity c-lerk, are: ('( jFlnance, A- H. IIec4x j«rid O. \V. HoImeB.- yation. W. E; H 'lor, \k. R. Sleep'?'' iSrhool Board, ^^elv EDITOR feEATEN BY MM p 'Outii Is alleged \a itfi 8t|«al watermi'lo 'man I farm. - Ti'si!Hon|>' dnrinjr n^urdor trial'broiig it il |ai !lhp. youth Vra hid licrt'tht' Ifarltii.-ti ill u| car -parlji'd lilfihway. Lii|<t Katii'rduy t) ri nvan -K nttocix^y i'«r ' iit-nWl. Vlrtiittlly i-i;no<|iii wHH tiikru' ii] IcbdiiiK lip to <ii' ]iHrt[ii»n, ^tid tut< iiiitlwi fiif iinroli\ out the >|hot aft PI I rttrni i\ai\ f' II I lIU) \ pii FARMRELI VETOBRIN DISCUSSIONS ba­ the Kib^rt Futtrrson dPiire on Dupoiit (Circle; IVa^h- tiiiriuii, is Meiiifc **pr<>((,ie«i np" priori^ Us M-i-upaiiry by^resl- dent und >irs. C <)ondRi> m a li'hiporary White lloiisp. iMIss (.'pnpvlrve HendriekN, of yiixAU sun, yi\s^ pictured above lis In clinnre of r(*decoriitlnir. Avalanche! of Coiniiient For and Against Move, With Prediction! it WillBean Issue.. WaRhingtonJ Feb. 26. Preptdent Coqlidge's veto .yic.Vary-Haug^n farm relief bill ha.s met with |in avalanchf of com ment of approval and disiipproval with predictiiins that th practif-ally dead as tar as si in of t'ongrfus i.s coiuesned wil be presented and probably 1928 poljticaf ConKieasional presi'len) fAP)- of the issucj (his ses Ableson Cleaners Build New Mbnti Soon ConlUct for Structure Was I^t; Yesterday T HI contract was let jjesterday afternoon Ito John A. Griffith of Ipla for the constrjicljion of new biiilt ingjat 110- lact hi' UH lie rl- i.ft- leHt liy 11 I 'w I rial of liilM n urKninitiiii* »|i -nten<ilnK( III 11 nut (if pll- .ECTIC)N r oininatloil MarcJi S. i. L. .Ml-: itpmisKione J. I). Ar loard of- .1. n. Si Treasureii Pronk. in ED MEN Soperton, (5a.,; jfebl 26. VAff) n. M pftoii. Flande.--!*. ledJtor <if the Sop- N 'ewH. : wais .Jseifsed by t^ree hifiod'ed nii>a ' last r|)iii' - - • tfn, Tlip l-iWn his gerftJ .from -Bwai and beaten i] affair was, the result :cji' aif eiUtorla hewspaper a lackinK hnot|i light while ibojro, to So; ito Insensibi 'lie fed to I IMMIGRATION ACT THREE WILL FAGE^CHARGE OF in < as! i..i, ! of U'lt dii- ad- of Samuel Ipsull, Schuyler At^d Cunningham Will Face Citations for Coniempt of: ('ommittee. WiisiiiiiKiiiii. I'i'ii. :;6. (.\pi—. .-Siiiiuu'l iiis.ill. till-fliiiaKii iilil- ify <ipi'r:i(iir. Iiis ;it(<irnv.v..Dan­ iel.!. Seliuyier. ami Tlinniiis W. Cii^iniiiKbaln u( I'liiiaili'liiliiii. will be cited to tlie senate ny.\t •U "el; for ('(iiilenipt liy. th« senate crinipui);!! funils <'Ot:intittee. terM, huilcil hint a.s I live iif llli' fa lion wired to lisii iioininati' j'liiwa legisla en- [)er- ity. ave in eg- jMAY BE POSTPONED wliidi would hi^v iMitidn original ciilusej this !was recalled' (AP)-|The tOr iWashington. Feb. hous|» imriiigratiofi • cjoininittee day approved a ncnatej resolution to postpone appli'catiin of the nalion- jal origin provisioi oflilie Inuni ;ra- '(ion] act for one yeir. Receptly the pommittee approved a; i ('liristianslMirg, Ky., T1 )u<ie pasHenKers ai ittfti were hurt, < n»' iliiv.;wheu thf» Fl fast ipnssengflr Ir \Ille| and Na^livill swiped a string of H I I II IIH here. IK A NSASPI lie llliiioi.'; luagnale was one of supporters of Kjaiili L. Smith the Repiihlicuii^ .>:enatoriiil uoni- itia(ion and (lie committee .sought to <jii(!Sti'oii liiiii (urtlier in its eon- sidjeiaiion of the'validity of Smith's bill j iTiMiei'iilals as a senator. | the Iile refiisid Tlally to tell whetlier litil Ihc'liorrowrd troiii liis C^inunon- I wi-jiHi Kilisoi) Company aiiy part lot (lie Iti.'i.diio wlilch lie coiifribiKed jforjllii' ("ooli i -oiiniy imliliral or- TV TU A ITtr inu A tu i "i.''"-' Illinois primaj'v irs xnAlirt V>nAp« spnuK. T'"- refii^al. was made OIl .-l 'lllC HllVicij fit Ills I'llllll^l 'l, Cili\Pi; be FIVE INJURED Wi'lhila. Kans;, hyilHiiin Knle: ST. M -r i'onnty and nijthe lliili;.: president iii Refliiing' company Iter an illness Mr: Rule settled i ,n IS?!) ami was at (jne'iinu' jmasjer at .SharonJ in frcl |epealed enlirely. seriously Feb. 2C. ( d two lr|iiii- to, a lis- i\f n II inihgo Anife br the tA>\ « rhilroad A ght cars i! bNEER, DIES IN WICHITA Fejj. 26. (AH) pioneer of J o^ Eiber fJoIden rtule d he /e to ieveral. vejirs. ji .M,edi« iue l .ol P' th di JIOllrSE NO Pitsbnrg. Kan.. Fd). 2fi. (AIM— I The verdict of! (he <-oroner's jury, ar- I uiiljiwing ilie !in<|iu'st into the death S|'in lip e.tplo.sion of Florence Mar- liei^ .Mayiierry and i;:ari Robert flay 1 Ma>|»)erry. cliililr.'n of .Mrs. Lena" .Maylicrry. ;il llit-ir iioiiie her<' Hie lK":|niBh( of Fi 'liruary H. was that ilie 1 explosi'on was j caused-liy a person or persons unknown to the jury. CUT ARMY BI Washington. F*^: 26 (APl^frhe jhouBe today ilisaKr.e«d to the : en- jate's ^2.000.000 reduction in the ; fir- iond army housing hill, and sen|t it l(o conference^ As passed by the jhouse (he bill Icarried approxU lately JS.tiOO 000 jfor new construe ion.. The senate rut J6,51B.0{*1. iTO men and wpnit n| organized small'town locf ti^d sixteen ab()ut nine p'cl^lc captureti who <;onfesfied to robbery Robbery of Ottawa, Kail., Feb. 2$, (AP)—A of aloiit fifty jin |cnpU «re. The foiir were cai|ry- iut; suit cases co itttining wcyn wearing apparel of several ' dr^d doliarB taluf. LTbe men »l \yashiuston. Feb. 2li. lAl 'i -On advice of counsel. Samuel| lii.>iill. raulti -njillionaire utilities operator of IChicago, i^gain defied-ilie senate; canu'aigiir 'fundscoinmiuee lo-| (la.y by lef'uslnii to an.fwer fliles- (ions aboiit the financing of tha Illinois Ki-|iul|ilii ail " campaiKU of "; . Xar.v -Haugen 1 isull again refused (o give the endorsement nai lea of tUi' lour men to whom he said. $40.0110 dining the Kepubli-j Representat priniary. Il<' will be ii(ed to senate fur iWnli 'iiipt proceed- again next December be carried iitto th campaign. | comment on th s nie.s.sage, whi'h wa backed up with ah advers • ^pinio:, by AJtoi lev Cieneral Sarg 'njl as t6 the bill's conkitulionality was dl-i videil along the lines i eveloped during the ftghC lor jia sskge in botli liouses. I ' While middle western agricul- '. turai leaders {expressed 1 een disr iapDiiiniineni a|id criticized the vetoi, I prfiTc .s i)t whtjiit, to'rn nii I cotton, ilirei' of the six basic cbi imoditlek affecled by th|' bilil'rallie 1 strongl- 1^' on the f'hU-ago jboard of tradt. • I''rank (1. llowden, for ner governor of IIIinnlH, und a ciider 11 ('III' farm rellk moveniui (, camb Itilo lije wesjern polKic il spol- ilKlil aliiiosi a|s hoon us.rrst word of iti<> veto r<J|aclied the liirni cen'- H'xiy-oiiij loWM I'glHlalnrjH Hie real vi presentn- riiier, and ui b petl- iho forme- lllinoiH executive, reiiiuesied he "nter the race for the Hepublicuu presldenl- n next yi nr. The uru' also i livpted a- resolution asking congret' i to pati-i thti bill over thC; preside il's veto. Mr. Lowden. reached a the Sail .Marcos desert; camp in A ikona, as he was- about to go for a horse- liack ride, declined to com nent 8a%*- ing he had ['made no , <latement .land do not anticipate mat ing one.!" I Forecasts that the veto would af- jfect .Mr. Cooljdge's suppc r( in thje west were given streiigtl in comment by leaders sympathetic to the bill who emphasized it wc iild prove iliiphiy (iisappointiug to tie people "f .that .section. j I'r ^fidehi (rooiidge wo ild sign the t'urfis-Crisp farm relief bill if pa.ssed this sijssion. Repr 'sentalivc Crisp. Democrat, Georgia told th* liouse. j The last paragraph of bo preRJ- dent'8 message vetoing |the Md- ga* can the ingB. 'Ii the for bill was "paflpably an lieii i-:. Purler. r -iariler In (he week Ilje jwilness ha< failed to uivc lestiinony ihe lor^illilttee asked lor, and a recess was taken iilitll Imliiv to; permit lilm to seciiie fiMthiT ijVideiice fiDJn Cliliii^'uJ ' I . NO ONE NAMED IN ' DOUBLE MURDER mittee meet agreement to Crisp bill. , "It is (ime tics," he said 'bill (hat the oi'ly too. glad surpi-ise Griffith, lola Contra rtw-—To Be S^mii-Flre- Proof Building. ^ ^ 112 Soiith Washington avenfie .son Cleaners. This a'nnoiKtcemcnt was made tj>-^ day by dharles Able.«on. ft will n<it oome as la surprise (o mos( people who' keep in touch with building q' tivities because .Mr. Ableson bought the locaiion and the old building j upon it almost aiyear ago with tlie intentioii of building a ntw ' home for his'cleaning and dyeing establishment, as soon as he could arrange to do so.'. He has been working on his plans ever since that time anil just now has' got them tn shape fcir a construction contrapt to be let,' I to be the new home bf Able- iinenl will be rece: ived Although it does not coine as a however, the announce- BANKINdBIE IS AMENDED BY with satisfaction indj pleasure by ever>body who is interested in the iidvanceiheiit and progress of Ipla, because !it will ni «nj replacing one of the oddest bus uens buildings In lola with a new andnp-tp-date one. {The south half of the bid building-is howiocciipied by the McKenna Grocery: and the north hhlt Was vacated onlyltoday by the Kessinger Tire' Shbp, Good}|ead Tire Agency, whidh i.«J taking up itfe new location in the pld Regi-sijer building three doors north'. ((Continued on John A; noiie the less iPade 2, Xi). 1.) NOGLQTPRE Gi -41 su jjects. have autt in Pilesident th against (We British action .sending a as nationals Feature Would iRequife Prijvate Banks to Ol^ain a Charter rom State In Future. Topekii. The gen| amended i|uire prlj ters and mittcje of] Kan.s., Feb. .26.•(AP)] leral bunking . bill w today by ttie senate to.ift Ivate banks to (»btain ch then approved in co the whole after two hoi delibernt|ion on » h e, propo^ changes The bill (be banjcs. es of his bi 1. Crisp of Kari- ve Tincher -sas, a men>be^ of the house agri- citltural committee, annoiiniied he w .-is endeavoring to have the coiri- .Monday under an report the| Curtis- |to quit pla "and pas!^ president Ito sign. ing poli- a relief Would be "The only Reason we c innot gat relief legisiat on throiigli is such pulitical actioiis a^ take i yeateij- day by a niiddLeweslern stjate legi«4 laliire.'^ ! AN AGED COUP MARRIED TODAY ,E MAN RUN DOWN ' BY CAR; KILLED Wellington. Kans.. Feb. 26 (API A inidille aged man, - between 45 and .10 year.s of age, was falall.v injured' last evcniilK about .'>::t(i o.- clock when struck by a passing nrn- tor car. ten miles nordi of this i cit.v; Papers in his pocket reveai- ' ed that be Was 11. C. McMalian. of Wichita. St. .loseph. :.Mo., Feb. 2l (AP)-r T. .1. Shisler. of Statrberry, Mo., 8|l years old, anii TATB. Kuth U. .Moiorci of Clarksville^ Ark.. 6.1 jjears old und wearing I bobbetl hair. w< re iiiarrieil in S (i. Joseph today. Shis Icr. who Is 4 Civil Warj veteraii, met-.Mrs. .Moore wlifu she vihitcA at Stanlierry i recently. They met liy agreement at Union S(a|(ion her^ loilay and weiu at once to the cour house, where: pre-nuptlal] papern were signed by each, waiving idain to the property of the othjer. Eotl have extensive real estate hold ings. .1^ WATERLOO. FLO OD Posse of Fffty Jk'eii and Women Capture Four Men Who Confess Osawatomie Store by the marshal of Richmond, a (mile!? .south of here, thi.v morning three n(>gro«^ and a white man lof a general store and the theft of a motorcar at Osawatoipie, 25 miles .southejtst cjf here in .Miami cpuhty last night The quartet h;^d abandoned jlhe* jrar near Richmorfil 'whon it ran f gasoline. iPraiwIln county p< ioftlccrs arrived (n time to as; liiut lice iHt n s hlin- (ur (hi gavjc P,oi: melt Arl tied over to Miami ji -oiinty au- illes for prosecul nil. They their names us Raymond ne, 20, chlllicotbe. Mo.; Em Richardson. 21. little Rcn-k. I >'C Fli>'«crK. 2.">, .Mayfield. KyJ: all colored, and F. kf. Hrohain. |ere|25.:Dullaii, Texas, WUilu man. WATERS RECEDE AV.Vterloo. Nebr.. Feb. 20. (AP )-4 The ice gorge in the Elkhtrn river "broke" at 2 p. m. today and the flood waters which hav^ i lundatea the village began (o recede with ai rush. The river level dropped nearly five feet in a few minutes • Breaking of the gorge definitely relieves (he flood sKuation and will clear tlie streets an^ housed of water .i PLAN LOWDEN-FOR- j PRESIDENT CLUB r- in- :rs ed |in the state banking la^s. already has been paasjed by the ijouse. • The house had rejected clause relating to private b in offering the amendment. Gedil of El Dorado said "no Iviuk shotlld be perijiitted to operate without strict s ipervision." Senator F le.v of dhanute added. "iT co-opei-a- (ive-baiks'are alioiy^d to op.erate without supervision.'a ti-emenddus crush will come one . of th^se days."' Allot ler anieiiiiment Accepted by the eeiate will raise the minimum capital stock requirement of b.anks (o'$20,()0H. The provided for |i.5;000 Actiin on the bill and consideration of otheV banking measures were tielayed until Slonday, the senate adjourning because of the absehc^' of many members. as MINE CONFERENCE SEEN BY DAY I Waslj'nK'o" 26l (AP)—Af er a conference between labor depa't- mept ojfficials und John L. Lewis, president of the I'nited ;.Mine Woik- America today.! Secretary [issued a statement sayi ig was hopeful that anotl cr conference Detweeti mine work* rs ;und bliUininous operators might Jie heiih prior to the expiration of tie prespntj wpge agrcemeiit, March fl. ers; of Davis tlrut h BLACK HAND AFTER A FORMER JUDGE >Xew ceipt 0 aged b; take h Guards! former and at he has Senate Refusal Measure and [For disabled Office rs Today Washington, JFeb 26. (AP'i - (?onL 'r *.SB is cbmiAg Into tin home stretch to th« ment Of increatiing Uie senate to iliili tiering habit wJKh _ threats oi a gener: 1 lllibusler in the hodse, which thuy. far has escaptd'from such delaying hahitk. Three pe(i- (ions to limit' rleba e are pending in the senate. Comes on on Bill Woshingtd ator fore^n rela ized this to Vl.Slt summe Af etim pend As lion tee t Bora was ilurlii er a ••d rii .•icnati Ucconipani- a.ttempts in (he filibus- ciotbre and 1 ilegislative Washington, Feb'. 126. (AP>— Twice within a half hour (he senate refused today to ins day.'ji of its s'ssion'by invoking it.-< .'dra.<|tic cloti re -tile, designed' to lirenk up filibfistei s. i (^•erWhelmingl^ it defeated an effort td put the] ruh into, force (o <^ajpel nction on the Ronlder C^n;- yon'dan^ bill, which recently eVoked |)t the senate York, 'FCC 26. (AP)—Rea fourth "bikcfc. hand" letter has caused former Judge John PalmieH. whose' home was, darn- a bombi Tuesday night, to I s family to the country. were st itioned about the Jurist's jiome In Brooklyn th« World building, wheife his law offices. FLIERS ARRIVE At BUENOS AIRES The : cloture pctitipnn remain pending.] One would aipply the de- batn. limitation to tlie; administration's prohibition -eorganization bill, and UOO >ubl TWO CHILDREN ; BURN TO DEATH BORAHVISIT (LAiiKIliEII BY JENAIORS Foifeign JRelationsj Gr )up Squek hes Matter ir jComn ittee Meeting After Kellogg Reply, i .Washington. Feb. 26; (APl-l- .M (ndful tliat Rritish and Ital :i|ii re is ni Generosity Pays red II as Ahierici n property los4«,'s the Nichraguan distyrbanrfiis Coolidge •believes ) room for :« prot< a possible refuge for Britkli Uorah'i parti iient of aryi j<ellogg| tho il tion about the {:ommtt oiizijig a to revise jitril .w war ship to; Corii n that country in. Feb. 26 (AP) proposal t(« have ions coiuiuitliee au^ Mexico aiid.-Vicari was siiuelcjied ^Sen-i Uie or- ;ua Mlay I by tlie coinulittee itself. er' bcal'iug several • state icials. sent by Se (6 give the ciiiiiniilfec dminisilratiou's latest Info iua- Mexico und Nicarigua •e members decide j to •naie ftom Senator i i'.orfali's ng rcsvliidoii the clJUse d I sit (llirrnK lilt iigiessl receiis and II, who llrecti Ig th< avora Lsolutl licitr wlliiessi'S. Seiil Is coillliiittee clial.i'liiaii. to poll llii- coiiliulttei' (liiy If> determine-whleth- NKFARAGUA IS I BEHIND DIAZ Managa, PresHlent E|laz of the Cohservjjtive regirtte her was given-'a votp of confilence. 45 to 10. by congress after his .nddress yesterday! in which be ofitlined the tfeatypro- to the I'nited States. Iiackinft. Diaz ant his awaiting the realition posaj made Wifli tlii.s| cabipet are ease the dos- !"''•"! the e I'nit* proposal, which in! exchange for jAmericiin guarantee; of 'eignty and- i ind years would! gua^a aguan sove ence for 10(| the] United ! Nifsaraeiia right of tb4 to ^ntervenij American c, the other to the |12."..O0O,- tc buildings lili. Algona, Iowa. Feb. 26. (AP)— Glenn Oroiich, six y Leonardi Crouch. U, to death early | toda:^ father. ! Harvey Crouch poured kert^sent} on thej fire stove at,'their home. _^ ploded and the {blazii g liquid, was thrown jinto the roojn -where the boy.t were sleepingr- jmade a idesperate effjort to rescue ;(h6 hoyn. ITALIAN ARRIVES AT RIO JANIERO Buenos Aires. Argentine, Feb. 26. rAP|i—The American army good will aviators arrived here early (his aClernobn from .Mar del Plata. Des Moines. Iowa. Feb. Organization; of a President club." went here (oday under the lead A. C. Gus(afson, chief cleijk of (hd House of Represen{a(iv's. whd sponsored a; petition requesting; Frank O. Lowdi'n (o beconi didate for president 26 (AP) LoJKden-fo^ forward i^rship of e a can ATTORNEY FACES BOOZE CHARGES 26 (AP)] hands 01 for th0 Poplar; Bluff. Mo.. Feb. Two wuranlK were in the authorities this ihomlng arrest of B>'jron Kearbey. prosecuting atorney bf Buder coni^y. charging him with transportV ten gallons of whiskey, ^nd wItU pnij^ury. Kearbey Is exwcted to| go before Jastice of the Peace E T. Tlmmons this aftemooo^ and filej bond for his release. Stdpe Charity Bip O^ts Lease CiiLife When COmntittee Brings Measure tJpifi Senate 0,ueMore I • • : •'^ i i ! TJdpeka, Kan., Feb. 26. (JAP)—The state charity bill, rejected yesterday by the senate, was re-intro^uc ;d by the senate Ways anii means commitleeV; It was revise d to include as beieficiaries private ho.«!pitals exiiept those tperated for ars Old, and were butned when lliflir |n the kitchen The oij ex- ATTEMPT; FA a filibuitter thai ke in (.esslon for thirt* hours without: a bj^k. A two thirds major-, Ity would be require I, but only .12 j BANK |10BBERY senators voted for cl^iture while ."i!^ oppo.seid it. A second vote wa^ on applying the rule to a bill t» give emergency AVorld War arr ly officers the same disability rctliemont privil- trges as; regulars. Phis time SI vcted for cloture, wiLh .16 agaiftst. only ihi^^ee less thanj the required two^lhir^s. llolcdo. ( Onii man woijndPd he^e today in'(lie fii|s^ (en: Toll some time aco announced a Ing bers, dead i>r alive. As We do' rie^ reward bra ich. opii knc KOdJ. ed. [wn to fell. BRITIS itr abriiail. ^1, iKiwever. Ih .e rei|filli ulil permit till- coiiiiiiilt- le report iiii tlie aiii could be iiiaite ti^ I •St in i de- tet- tilb- lia'l ill or mi- the B«eaus <t shel was always ready to do relief! duly in other die- partnients than Iter onn, .lliiis Tr iiiniye Veiil (ujiove) " ro ie fruni the Jvili of stenograph T to fffsf assiMiint treasnrer >f th' state of I Kentucky. By sn tr bl 1^ for other enp'loyes tre i.^' er Misly, she! learned all of t le piigles of-(he treasurers offl-e nitil >von snjift pniniollon. MOTORGAR Efforts to Override Veto ; Of President Goeis Over Because bf Other Me^sureis j Up Today. Washington, Feb. 2G. (AP).' The senale vote m an attempt toi override thet presiilent's veto of the Mc]^ary-Haugen. farm! reh'ef bill went over today until Monday. | Chairman McNar.vj igWculture thit because of thii other legislation in 5 the senate, Ba| hail agreed to def^n action until next weeki _ I'hders the original piaii a vote would iiivve been called for toiioy.' 4 . : 4 of the Benatej Conim'it^tef, esptalnedj- Yi pressure ofi BILL IS UP Melasure Would Exeriipt Motor;Cars from Gen- (jral Property Tax I Licehse Fee Is • Purchased. icaragua, Feb. 26. ( I AP) i ;d Slates government to States canal; rig iind arknnWiedgtj American^ gnveniinent. at any (iine'ta.if Itizens. jbio; jwiis Feb. 26; probi^bly (.A|P|> - «allv p(cd bajnk robbeiy sine 'ring :(ssacjia^tion of $2,500 (in baplf Tlhree mi n • entered^ a branch tlie| Coniniei cfal Savings Ban TrUst (;omt any with !lrawn 'they sle iped tliroiigh; the ley Brellbeck. manager of ineii fire. One ;)olice as Felix Tlie ill her two RELEASED ON BDOZE CHARGE P iil.idel||li cap ain am crey: of (in amds; beldS .smuggling c in ia, Feb. 2C, (AP) fifteen niemlH-rs British steanier (| ai'ly today, on large. Were disc'hhrped i Rio .Taneiro. JBrafeil. Feb. 26. |(AP)—Commandet Francesco de iPineflo. j chief- of th( Italian air iforces. who Is eiigagsd in a flight ifrom Italy to. Sputl and North jAmerica; and retirn, arrived here) !today from-Bahia^ he ;Unit'1 States ^iistrict her^ for wa it of jurisdiction wen the anct at Treiton, N. J. je soon same clil fterward arfesti [arge for their aj IT'S Newark. profit ^ The appropriation was $30,0(0. , The 'enate passed and sent in.y. the boise the Kiting bill permitting high ijchool pupils living yi one disU-ict to attend scboolin another w Ith the consent of the county 8U[ erint<indent of instructioi). The pi pllfe f'home*' disrict 'wouid be reqjiredj to pay |3 'tuiticin weekly for each putiil. increased from The not be first st£te capltol on the military reservation at Fort Riley, will tadt- be repaired. The .house ways and means; committee today refiiEedj to approve a $5,000 appropriation for that purpose.! ; required Teachers in tiublic schools wi^l to Uke an oath of allegiance to the I nited States. Tlie house .educatn ii committee Killed the Rees bi|l | roposing such a reouirement. ! Kansas will have i| state flag, as j*-el| jas a stale banner.; At (heJT.e- luest of the National Guard, the louse {passed thej tbill adopting a lag tdr iise with the military colors of jthe i;ut>rd 1 leadquarters, and i >n oCckslons whe i the State is officially representid. Col tioit .is 000 Poift the Ira L. admini poppv-ci cases of .Vewarll British Tfipeka. Kans., Feb. 26. (A Exemption! of all motor veh the general property tax proiiosed' Ipday by Represeiit^tive Jack.soii of j Comanche ^county, rnian (if r;iie state affairs ^•om- ee. Jackson prepared that purpose hoping to abolit its enactment in timei guidance-oC assessors, who wil cha mit for gin taxible hoii be taxation committee uriani-{open town," as on (ind- LS at-l.', thi pay e»t sale puii cau wo 111 of and giins. <^oor, (be j n pun I ami s<-a|i- ialiid sa.'j -The if the lack- f'DRY" HEADER SAYS POPPY-CO J.. F L 'I). 26t (API- Reeves. sta(i' prihibi- trator. today br tnded I 'k" Ihe "story Ih: t 10.- lii|uor wereilanteil at on Febniarj' IT steamer ('hickai $10,000 to j A tx^ition 8lgn«d by 989 citizens pf Ora irford coun y who favor the bill jtd legalize Sunday picture shows in Kansas MTB ;^ presented in ihe bouse by Rep-ieaentative Scott.; GALE THREATENS l,OdO FISHBR^[EN Seward. Alaska. Feb. 26 ( Wifh the li>es of nearl^ a take, the world'.sj and est tied and sw^pt fiercely across the nortfl Cifil from the fie l.=iO rea TED MA SON FOUND! fxUILlYOF MURDER Te ^l men at halibut ijisb'ing fleet i'toda against .snow.slqrm of unusual N'o w of (he ^ h port. prd ha;! been' rc^eiveil ( and reports in licate TO boats;, may [never huyleri Masoii, horse (rafferl timnte" faoii wi(H er, Fi-anjc TSie elder triajl that he girl as the a ifivorce. destruction i as d COOLIDGE BELIEVES i PEOPLE LIKE VETO taaal thej 1 Washington. Feb. |iG (AP)—I»res- idi'nt Coolliige bellies his.vcto off the .Mc;Nary-IIaiigeu; biien favorably received Anierl(ran people. , Telegrams on the' Into the White Hoii f'aijd today in a .voliiii s.ilil esiabUshjd a i4c (ird. iThey declan -il showed support for] Kiiind from iill sectili try . . (urni bill by subject poured e last, night e that officials he messages | (be president's I tis of ili^'coun-i FLAMING YOUTH FOR BLUE LAWS ; CllicaKO, ' Feb. I m.uch-abiise_d flamlj ^)—.jtitrncd .Tiis'ader foij cles 1 '"*d wpn a ballot v was 1.. (AP)—The; g youth has the blue lawsj •tory. • It was at La Grange, III., a suburb, yesterday. The question atj i.scue was: "Shall IfU Grange have Sunday movies".'"; J Th'.' youth of I,a (j|*inge, released I from high sihool jiclasses, com- Ijring i mandeered par.ents! motor cars. bill for be- rouiided up voters,'* and tookithem to the polls. The students fought „, . , ,- I „i(he S:inday (:inema: on the ground Tuesday the annual listinjg ofi^m ^ ,,.o„,j "eh<^pen the town. Thei^^nd serve as a iw^lge for a w^ide p.ersonal property. moiisly recommended the imealsure tor passa'ge. il an automobile owner failed Ito jiay the motor registration! feei, he ivoulil bo denied the tax exemption ][ I'lie automobile owner is i^ver- laxtid." Jacikson remarked; '"He is ug at least four-or five dii'fer- laxes. • He bears th© fed s tax. which is added to; base ct?st of every new riieh iie, pays the lic'ense tax. era I the cai-. and wlit )n<K-tr ho uses the car. he iiusi pay the gasoline tax. An autiimo- , bile has bec 'omQ a'necessity on the »'"''-I fari 1, and ;a part of nearly, ek-ery ' lioujiehold in the city. So reiWoval of'tjie gen^-ial property tax w[ buld no hardship, \iiid It certi inly be a step toward ijioro eqiijtalilo taxation.' cords In the office of tho litate tor .'ihowia total vaiuiitlo t of jiO.KOO dollars was placed iitonioblles and trucks in 1 jwlien tho last assessment maiile a y'ea:r ago. NO 1^in ill CHANCE FOR U. S. DEBT PLAN ime for the ris. Feb. pi. (AP)—"Some i2N • or latf-r. after elecd'ond rum:a''"Jw ihaijibiir of deputies, is jearliji 'sfj ilatV". it which ratification 'of j till' American debt ngreenient can )ie .taken jip, in the opinion pf political circles. These commenta- toijs |say thii political situation court but d : on pear- MASTCOI^vitcTED ; ON FORGE RY COUNT on an- was HOLTON MAN KjILLS SELF OV*^'* i of them put it. City, j -t'b. 28. (AP)—' Pliillip (;-. Mast, c ihiinercial artjst,, who "returned fro i the grave" re-j- ctjutly. todai\- wa.< -icntenced to five; years in the pen (entiary onbisf plea of guilty of isevoiid degree! t'tirgcry; = A bofly identlfiei las that of Mast was taken ;fron^;tl ij .Missouri river h?re last Septcni H'r aud burled,' aftei* .Mas((li.'iapp "tired, leaving a note lie was goiiu ]to commit suicide, in the river, i The body was identified as Alfr jd Seltz of St. Joseph, .Mo., after last reappearc^^ The forgery < h iigo was basM on tire cashing of ij spuri|ou8 check; bj- -Mast- shortly liforeilie disap -v pijarj'd.' ; ) at •thfl jpresent' time is such, ithait a thfiriy question like the debt ;K" C!Ol'd tioii. stands little chance of at from lias. F ARM PRESIDENT T)<is NToines. Govti>-nor .lohn kP)— ijhous- larg- bat- gale fury 1 Pa- ebr., Feb. 26. .(; P) l28 year old Gypsy was found guilty;of Imurder b.v a juiy to- shot and; kille I his e. Fame, as sh! sat firs; degree day .MasonI t>ro her's wij in I barber'ti chair at^ Leigtt De<jember "because she w'as ttto In- last old his sixty j year; Mason. ; [Mason testified «(t the had planned to itaarry loon a.s she coull get Tlammill of It: leader ill the 'corn -beit moven ent for llarm aid. today issued a st ite- meni declaring: he was confident that "a Special effort" would madt at the next Republican tion; I convention tn select; a n im- inee for thfr presidency who w» uM he legarded ;is sympathefii: vith agri< ultural: interests. The ( ov- erno • decliiied to say whether he reteired to..'x;bo6m fo.!* Frankj O. Lowiien of.illihois. WIL BE SOUGHT la.. Feb. 26. (.Vlfi—I Precipitation Holton, Kan...F. 26; (AP)—P^' .M J Haas. 6i). farm loan agent heraf and; director ior a Topelja life In- . surance company, cbm matted. snl--, citje today, shootir himself. Tbm famlly-saiil h:e liai -beenj worrylhs. about financial aff lirs. THE WEATHER FOR KAXSA.S: er tonight anil Suaday; | not mnch ac-|chanee in teiiiperij i Temperature—II r.2. at -1 p. rn. itire. hest yesterday,' lowest last nigb.i; :iO| at 4 a. m.; n{ rpnal for today,; excess yesterirljiy 4;" excesa .^i since .laniiary Ist. date last year—'hiili wa. be na- foil ni e. 1-47: deflc-' •jl. 1.31 inches.; • yj at 12 nooa cniliiig nt < 7 a. for this year to tja iency since Jannarj -Reiad've' humidii ye${erday. 41 per (e'nt; 7 a. m. to-" day, 74 per cent: 1 a'rometer reducr edjtor sea level. SP oi) inches. 9un rises 6:SS s). ^m.; sets 6:13 p. ;m M'eather ai di Roads. rifjndv except Kjfiporia. Hutch , insor. Pittsburg, p irtly cloudy; all. j roadi good. Vienna, Feb. 26. (AP) —The Catholic episcbhacy of Austria threatens ex-communii latiori for Catholics ignc ring thej clergy's appeals for; abstention danies. •Phli periodicil of the Vienna hit- vvsc says the :|s^embl<;il bishopi of AustH.-i - denounced all dance.-^ of "exotic origin.: tending to arfflisi the ^jenses ,)jy t|ie attitude of the danc Ts. the < r^ss of tho wot len and the 'aricoinpaoying . sensuuns negr > hiusic." Objectionable dai res menUoned weri the fox-trot, tango, ustria Catholic Episcopacy of A Frowns on ModernpancesatidHas Threatened Exccfmmunicatioh-\ one-step. Bhimmy which were^declar^d! to be "Incom-, hie with Chri tnorals, and' considered as sinfii^' nuisance." ' 1 'he dancing crtjzt pati anil i^niia with unab^t^d zest at vMe and public finctiooa.. RMONEYS ?|isetiled "nreathi. 15 degrees; this, est 47; lowest ' I ' r\ :the 24 HonrB. •today. 0; total' .vho persist in |rpm modern. aPd CHiarleston, an doctrines [ be" and a puhlia continues In! - prU

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