Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on January 21, 1948 · Page 2
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 2

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 21, 1948
Page 2
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PAGE TWO. THE POSTVILLE HERALD. POSTVILLE, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY J Ludlow Taxes Near 1947 Level (Continued from page I) 1st Half Tax Helming. Albert 106.87 Helming. Carl 8.06 Helming. Paul T 73.04 Heiming, Edgar 6.65 Henning. Heten H 20.27 Henning. Theodore 42.27 Hermeier. Edward 1-1.44 Hermeier. Elmer 16.94 Hermeier, Florence & Fred.... 37.99 Hermeier. Mrs Mathilda 77.44 Hesse. Paul 26.27 Jeide. Casper 100.41 Jenkins. Herbert 141.38 Jenkins. John W Est 15S.32 Jenkins. Mary 108.40 Jenkins. Mary 49.18 Kiesau. Walter 31.25 Klein. Albert 90.18 Klein. Fred Est 132.87 Klein. Mrs. Fred S.30 Klepper. Charles Est 64.97 Kleppcr. Edwin K 4.37 Klepper. Helen 64 Klepper. Mrs Henry 42.37 Klepper, Mrs Lydia 2.06 Klocke, Albert 42.74 Klocke. Charles 6.00 Klocke. Clarence 21.94 Klocke. Elmer 38.22 Klocke. Leo L & Dorothy 34.68 Klocke. Reuben 55.30 Xlocke. Robert 35.19 Knuppe, Oito & Lydia.. 36.43 Koehring. Charles 82.86 Koehring, Charles 1.25 Koehring. Otto G 63,20 Koehring. Roland 11,86 Kostman, John 53.00 Kostman, Paul 59.92 Kostman. \Vm 29.14 Koth. Harold V 21.21 Krambeer. Lawrence 13.01 Xrueger, Alfred 1.53 Kruger, Ruben 17.39 Kruger, Willard 19-73 Kruger, Alvin H 39.10 Kruger. Curtis, Nyles & Donald 09 Kruger, Elmer F 54.92 Kruger, Paul & Luella... _. 62.76 Krumme. August 18.50 Krumme. Edward 69.50 Krumme, Ed & Wm 2.24 Krumme. Eldo 12.14 Krumme, F \V 53.20 Krumme. Fred—(Assessed to M Krumme) 43.14 Krumme. Fred—(Assessed to A Krumme) 35.02 Krumme. Wm 78.64 Krumme. Milton 15.12 Kubitz. Robert 11.90 Kugel. Carl 9-83 Kugel. Mrs Clara 95.97 Kugel. Fred W & Helen 33.7(1 Kugel. Robert H- 72.55 LeClere. Harold 33.S4 Leithold. Amanda Est 27.48 Leiihold. Harold 9.48 Leiihoiri. Henry J 2.50 Livingood. VviUard . .. 15.76 Ludektnc. David - - 19.39 Ludeking. Mrs Emma C 69.35 Ludeking. Ceo A 12.56 Ludekinc. Ji-cob 1257 Ludeking. John A 65.23 Ludeking. Lloyd 10.04 Ludekina. Sophia 113.99 Ludeking. Willis .. .... 10.92 Ludlow Creamery Co 20.84 Lydon. John 91.86 Lyngaas. Eert 107.42 Martens. Edward 10.69 Marters. Fred J . 70.92 McCabe. Cora & Ang Teeple.. 101.16 Meier. Amelia, et a! 101.53 Meier. C H Est ...« 5.53 Meier. Henry 59 24 Meier. Fred 66.26 Meier. J E & Minnie 11.55 Meier. J E & Minnie 86.39 Meier. Paul 45.00 Meier. John 77.3S Meier. Martin E 15.07 Meier. Paul .. 32.37 Meier. Paul (Art Fiet Contract) 85.66 Meier, Rueben 9.89 Meier. William 30.00 Meikle. Miss Jessie 65.23 Miller. Dewey . 53.01 Miller. Frank C 5.04 Miller, Frank D 64 .77 Miller. Laurence W 4S.58 J Miller, Leonard 4-55 Miller, Roland 10.91 Miller, Roy '69.52 Moe, Bert D & Viola A 53.29 i Mullaney. T W 64.36 Nagel, August 35.44 j Nagel, Clara et al tR Meier) 60.71 Nagel. Mindert 6.61 Nagel. Paul 11-74 Nagel, Mrs Sophia 24.19 Neverman. Earl 4.21' Nolte, Wm 66.73 Nolting, Calvin A 73.55 Nolting. Herman 49.80 Nolting. Melvin 57.80 O'Brien. Kenneth 36.65 O'Brien. Lena 34.95 Opfer, Edward 25.66 Opfer. Henry F Est 108.32 Opfer. Martin 1.22 Pausch. Carl B 8.85 Pauseh, Charles Est 100.48 Pausch, Florence & Harvey.... 35.72 Pausch. Henry 24.28 Peterson. Wm E (J E Schlitter) 68.64 Piggott. James E 78.12 Piggott, Owen Est 46.07 Rissman. Cora & R Renna 12.18 Ruggemeier. Ed 34.88 Ryan. Elizabeth & Thos 109.19 Sanderman, John 110.21 Sanderman. Lydia &.Minnie.. 13.37 Sanderman, Otto J 103.39 Schlitter. J Everett 17.63 Schroeder, Henry 106.37 Schroeder, Irvin 7.00 Schroeder, John H W 62.02 Seibert. Henry 71.31 Seibert, John 4.29 Selberg, Mrs Lillie 42.76 Selberg. Walter 59.01 Shafer. Albert & Raymond... 46.20 Shafer, August Est ;.. 12.50 Shafer. Carl • 56.30 Shafer, Edward 74.00 Shafer. Elmer 5.12 Shafer. Gustav 61.82 Shafer, Reuben 7.47 Shafer, Paul 58.75 Shafer. Paul 67.56 Shafer. Ralph 6.60 Shafer. Wm F 55.04 Sherman, Louis 101.68 Sherman, Paul 11.06 Shindoll, Aaron 12.01 Siekmeier, Charles 56.92 Siekmeier. Charles 22.85 Siekmeier. Dorothy 18.93 Snitker, August 75.99 Snitker, Albert G 80.77 Snitker, Oliver 3.04 Snitker, Alfred 10.78 Snitker. Calvin 3.55 Snitker, D F 38.66 Snitker. Daniel T 47.08 Snitker. Elmer H 69.01 Snitker. Herman 64.74 Snitker. Raymond ..... 9.53 Snitker. Reuben 70.60 Snitker. Simon W 17.48 ! Snitker. W F iBaumgartner) 58.11 j Stock, .Arthur & Emma 12.94 | Stock. "Edward 62.38 Slock. Mary and Marjorie Miller 65.53 Stock. Martin E 41.73 Stock. Robert O 11-83 Stock. Reuben .• 72.44 Stuekman. George 59.67 Stuekman. John 28.69 Stuekman. Roger 99 Sweat. Merrill 4.27 Teeple Sisters 9-86 Thiele. E H 148.41 Thornton. Lloyd : 18-88 Todd. Frank & Melva 50.20 Trocndle, Cornelius 16.07 VanWey, Lester 5.16 Walby, Alwin S 23.10 Walby. Leland 2.39 Wallace. Everett 7.49 Wallace. Mrs Martha 69.84 Waters, Waters, Waters, Waters, Mrs Belle 114.82 Fred ' 43.87 Geneva 74.33 George' A 98.16 •Waters, Keith 44,93 Waters, Mary C Est i 125.42 Waters, Ruth 73.29 Waters, Ruth & Geneva 29.01 Winkie, Albert R 61.60 Winicic. Ben 69,35 Winke, Clarence 75.96 Winke, Emmet 42.27 Winke, John 31 Winke, Reuben 71.34 Winke, Walter & Helen 66.80 Ludlow Telephone Co 36.34 German Aid Recipient Hgd Family Annihilated We have translated many letters Germans wrote to local people in acknowledging gifts of clothing sent from here. But the following is perhaps the most pathetic coming to our attention, because the writer, Eugene Steigner of Pforzheim, Baden, returned home from a prison er-of-war camp only to find 12 members of his immediate family killed by the war and two others missing. The letter was written to Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Miller and a literal translation follows: "First of all, I wish to be excused for taking the liberty of addressing this unexpected letter to you. It is, however, in answer and a thank- you letter for the men's coat I received, in the left hand pocket of which I found your self-written name and address. Hence this letter to you. "As so many others, I served as a soldier during the dreadful war from beginning to end; and the last two years I was a prisoner of war in a French detention camp. When 1 became sick, I was released the end of March this year to return to my home city of Pforzheim. Re turning there I saw the awful havoc the war had wrought, the suffering and sorrow that struck our city. In it 80% of the city was irv ruins; about 40,000 persons lost their lives in it. Among these were my be loved wife and three children, in addition my own mother, my brother, my sister and her five chil dren. My mother-in-law and one brother are missing in Russia since 1944. '•So you can readily understand the horror with which I, reached my home. I had long keenly anticipated my homecoming to my dear ones. But it resulted in tearful eyes and much sorrow when I beheld our own home in ruins, the home where our family had spent so many joyful years. All was so futile and I could not realize that I would never see my loved ones again, my wife and children, my mother and brother and sister. "There I stood with empty hands, only my heart was full to overflowing with pain and sorrow. I had nothing to eat. no money, no roof over my head. So for the first night I found refuge in the Red Cross quarters, and the next day I found a place to sleep with r,n elderly lady, where I am still staying. She had only the ration stamps for her own subsistence, so she could'l ofTer me nothing to eat. But I was grateful that I had a place to sleep. "Yes, this is how the war brought only suffering and want, and sorrow to me. as it did to so many others here. What the conditions are here now would be most diffi­ cult to write or describe. What one can get for the ration coupons is barely enough to maintain life. "I immediately after release placed an applcation for clothing, since I had nothing to wear when released from prisoners' camp except the few clothes I wore—and these were badly torn and the shoes were much patched. Up to today I have received nothing—no coat, no suit, no shoes, nor head covering, only a shirt, under-drawcrs, a pair of socks. These three items are all that I possess. "Through our pastor and the church board I received the coat in which I found your name and address in the left hand pocket as I stated before. I said to myself, I must write them and thank them for their graciousness. I am so "I see where I gotta telephone WATERS' NORTH SIDE DAIRY' to leave more milk. That little angel of Hint isn't going- to grab off my share, not while Snooky is in his right mind." For Pure Pasteurized Milk, Cream, Chocolate Drink and Cottage Cheese Call 38-F-62. Amona Trees**- Arm \ A rrmana HOME FREE IERS f You Will Live Better; You Will Save Money; You Will Save Hours of Kitchen Drudgery; You Will Be Amazed at the Convenience an AMANA HOME FREEZER will provide in your home. We invite you to call and inspect this greatest invention since the horseless carriage. MEYER'S Four-County Hatchery Telephone No. 234 Postville, Iowa glad it is this gift that is the only thing I possess to this time in clothing. "Should you receive my letter, I pray that you will have the goodness of heart to answer it. I would not like to wear out your kind gift—however, if you have any item of clothing that has been discarded no matter what it is. 1 beg from all my heart you think of my need. "The God in his heaven I ho|K' will always project you from the want and sorrow I exporiciiccr;, and I wish for you for all lime health, success and God's blessing, at-.d in advance I give you my hearty in-! net-most thanks. Respectfully, E'u- | gen Sieignei'." < . I .—, — I Price premiums go to poultrymen i who produce clean eggs. Central Life Assurance Societ MOINES. IOWA . > ONE OF THE BEST A Policyholder Company .. . ... A Dividend Paying: Com, A Company That Is Recognized Evervuk, In the Good State of Iowa ' Policies from one day old to age sixty Life Insurance saves what you meant toaL.""^ A. H. OELKE, District AgentR* •Telephone No. 43 MONONA, ICHVA KEmES 'ENTATIVE OF THIS COMPANY FOR 25 y Sun vtiiJerniPti 1 far*/tf&Vfo48 TRUCK Ft Bonus* Built —THE AMAZING RESULT OF AN ENGINEERING PRINCIPLE THAT ASSURES WIDER USE, LONGER LIFE ... and ONLY Ford Trucks Have Iti E VERY single one of the great new Ford Trucks for '48 is Bonus Built . . . designed and built with extra strength in every vital part. But that's only part of this vital truck engineering principle . . . 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FORD TRUCKS LAST UP TO 1f.*% « RUCKDASCHEL WOTOR TELEPHONE NO. 152 POSTVILLE, IOWA

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